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Grand Revelations Role Play Academy

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1 Grand Revelations Role Play Academy on Wed Oct 26 2016, 19:13




Visit Our Website here:

GRRPA Website

Grand Revelations Role Play Academy Group Page

Teachers are able to Open new classes that are NOT on the list, so long as they speak to a Head Mistresses and discuses how the class will work and the details.

нeyy everyone, grand revelaтιonѕ role play acadeмy ιѕ now open. we are looĸιng ғor тeacнerѕ тo тeacн oυr claѕѕeѕ, we нave 5 ѕтageѕ ғor people тo тeacн. ѕтage 5 ιѕ тaĸen вυт a вacĸ υp тeacнer/ aѕѕιѕтanт ιѕ needed

Please message me for more information

нow тo вecoмe a тeacнer: ѕтep one: conтacт нead мιѕтreѕѕ хdυтcнх ѕтep

тwo: yoυ wιll вe evalυaтed вy ѕĸιll and ĸnowledge ѕтep

тнree: we wιll нave a тalĸ aвoυт wнaт yoυ woυld lιĸe тo do and oтнer тнιngѕ

нow тo enroll: ѕтep one: conтacт нead мιѕтreѕѕ хdυтcнх or adreannadeѕтella

ѕтep тwo: we wιll нave a тalĸ on yoυr ѕĸιll and ĸnowledge ѕтep

тнree: ι wιll тeѕт yoυ on yoυr ѕĸιllѕ

Stage 1:
Starters, for people who have NEVER role played before and that wish to learn
-RP verse RL
-Meta Gaming
-Overview of role play

Stage 2:
Breaking it in
-Bio break down
-How to create your Character
-How to use your Race
-Proper way to set up a Bio
-How to use your character in role play

Stage 3:
Lets Do This
-Small Sparing
-Learning to use your environment
-Learning to write longer and bigger
-Learning about the T's

Stage 4:
Lets Fight
-Hand to hand fighting styles/skills
-Magic Skills/ how to use it
-Weapons training

Stage 5:
So close to being Experts
-Learning about RP groups ( Kingdoms, Empires ECT)
-Overview of what you have learned
-Finishing your Bio History
-terminology Overview
-Hand to hand combat
-magic combat


Other Classes To Join:

Your Characters History
-Review of making one
-How the history changes them

Fashion Class
-Learn the creators
-Learn to dress
-Learn the classes of dressing
-info on av scalars
And much more

-How They work
How to manage one
-Whats the difference
-Whats a royal
-How Should I act
-Positions, Management and Alliances.

( If you have Anything you would like to see Adding, please comment )

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2 Re: Grand Revelations Role Play Academy on Wed Oct 26 2016, 19:14



Re: Grand Revelations Role Play Academy
June 23, 2016 09:09AM

This seems all very combat based which to me should be a very minor part of your learning experience in what role play actually is and how to respect that craft.

Where are the classes on character development? (within a story)
About the creation of personalities and how this fits into the role plays you wish to take part in?
How that character takes a life of its own?
What about storytelling and how to write such things which include the entirety of the group rather then a group of characters simply there to monologue their events?

I am sorry to say but this to me is where role play is falling down, there is no focus on what role play actually is. Only how to create a character and then how to fight with it. The above should be installed in a student at Day One, not ignored entirely.

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Re: Grand Revelations Role Play Academy
June 23, 2016 10:24AM

Hello Nameless,

To answer you question. Even though we have a list, though out each stage the professors have the ability to choose what they teach. This gives them the freedom to developed a lesson plan around each stage. Those are the suggested topics that they should be taught.

For example, I am one of the professors for Stage 5 and have already thought about what I would like to teach before the students graduate. I have also thought about the same questions that you have brought up and decided that it may be best for those topics to be handled there.

We also have a place on the academy's group page to suggest classes that professors and students would like to see be taught.

You have brought up some very great questions and those topics shall be added to the list.

Thank you for your input and suggestions though.

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Re: Grand Revelations Role Play Academy
June 23, 2016 01:13PM

Regarding some suggestions that have been made, I have added and or changed the classes some. We are still seeking teachers for theses classes and if anyone would like to apply to be one then please feel free to send me a message.

Thank you

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