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Greetings and welcome, only go forth if you are over 18 years of age, if not please turn back now. if you are over the age of 18 feel free to view and register for the fourm. thank you so much for coming to see us if this is not your first time here please log in.
Welcome Everyone Feel Free to Register Post and Partake We Are friendly Please Fill out the Rules as Soon as You Join After Please Read and Sign the Policies You May Then Browse at Your Leisure If You Need any Help Please Contact Anaya the Admin or Any Moderators it is Our Job To Help You

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Welcome Click Here First

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1 Welcome Click Here First on Wed Oct 26 2016, 19:16


[size=18px]Welcome to the Library, Were Books Don’t Judge. [/size]
Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. -Peter Drucker.

Some ask “why was I invited here?” well I will be truthful with you as I aim myself on never lying to a fellow human being. Most in truth have been cherry picked from other role play groups I am a part of or your name was just picked from rooms i hop to in my every day imvu hoping. But one thing on top of it all remains the same, every one of you were picked from the areas around for a reason. We are all role players, and we are all community.

Some of you I have gone out of my way to hand pick, leaders of role plays parts of the community I feel hold influence to others and the community as well as people I overall respect and want to have around me. But every single one of you matters, even if your role play has 4 people I don’t care you are role players and be proud of your roleplay no matter the style amount or if you lead it or follow another, your role plays matter and we need them within us. So this is your welcome message and a nice little guide to what you need to do upon getting here.

1) Read the soap box first thing as well as scroll down and keep reading, the soap box has our rules and who the mods are, if you need help go to me the owner Anaya or them, it is what we are here for. as well as lower down is a guide for a bit more in depth for rules.
2) Step one – go down to the thread called button info Right Here, Click Here and put in your information so I can give you a button here on the hub, this will raise people knowing about you and as we grow you will grow with us, it is a great thing as we are growing fast and you want to get your name in as soon as you join, and free advertising never hurt anyone.
3) Have a peek around there are many threads on here for you to look at and post on, we offer many things to help you learn, no one is too old to learn or give their thoughts/opinions.
4) Post on ANYTHING you want to, as well as you can even open new threads, what is mine is yours so please have fun and if you have something to post please do. And all I ask of you when posting, don’t break the soap box rules.
5) Have fun

Everyone here is a friend, be we know each other or not, be we have a past or not here you are, friends, with everyone, and there is no harm or foul here. I know sometimes we have differences and to you, this is a new place but please come under the wing of the Library and be active with us.

you can lead a mare to water, you can show that mare how to drink, you can even put the cool liquid into its mouth, but you can't force her to swallow it -Anaya

[size=18px]Group Rules Explained

Dont Bully, Harass, Or Bash Other Players this rule should speak volumes, don't harm others, don't talk negatively to others or harmful to others, this involves things like,
- Name calling
- Insults
- Slander
- Cuss words
- Words against Race, Sexuality/Gender, Nationality/Ethnicity, Religion

Being a Bully here will only gain you being removed, it is a level that will in no way be tolerated from anyone in the group no matter their place in the group or influence. from as small as calling another player stupid or feeble minded to larger cuss words directed at another individual it can result in full out removal or a warning depending on the harmful action taken. now there will be discussions and in that people do not have to see eye to eye, and constructive criticism is allowed and fully alright. as well as others can get heated but know that that tension must be kept under control. a heated discussion is alright till words like daggers are tossed, then the ending result can go as far as you becoming blocked from the group page.

Harassment as well will not be dwelt with, if it is brought to the owner or a mods attention that there is a person in this group stalking another player to harass them in other locations that person will be removed without warning
and if it persists or their attention is turned to the group as a target they will be blocked as well with no warning. harassment and stalking are not promoted or suported.

Dont Overly Self Promote, Don't Brag we all know some people may hold influence in the Rp community, or hold grand fights or accomplishments they hold at high regard under their belt. but even if you are a king, god, demon lord, anything here you are another human being, a player, nothing more, all players are equal as we are all human behind the computer, don't brag about your achievements some may find your bragging as rude or some may simply not care about them. in the end, unless the things you wish to brag about are brought up, don't bring them up.

Self-promotion to a point is allowed but don't over do it, as over doing it makes you look arrogant and self-entitled and over self-promotion will be removed. promote your groups, not yourself there are areas where you are able to advertise what you have made which is more than welcomed.

Be kind to everyone at least try to, and if tempers flare, agreeing to disagree and letting it go is what is advised.

This is a GA group please do not post anything like.
- Porn/Smut
- Logs about anything in a sexual manner
- sexual poems, storeys, posts
- No Sexually Explicit images
- If you have a role play that is AP or Open to Sexual activity and you wish to advertise or talk about it, pick your words CAREFULLY, you are allowed to post it, but if seen to be too sexual or AP it will be removed.
- No Gore
- No Drugs, Alcohol, Racism, Real world Gang signs
- if Imvu Sees it as AP talk to Anaya Before Posting
In Regards to Gorean Rp
Many have told me that gorean rp can't even be mentioned in a Ga group, now, the topic of gorean rp is for sure an AP one but if gorean rpers wish to advertise their groups in our rp seeking or searching thread they may if they pick what words they use carefully and ask Anaya first. DO NOT include things like,
- Slave papers
- what slaves or Masters/Mistress's you are wanting to find
- Slave anythings
- Sexual activities or sexual talk.
- No Master or Mistress talk

What you can include as a gorean rper advertising your group.
- landscape and area around your city
- what your city/home stone stands for
- what level of rp you do light, med or para
- other info you view as GA about your rp

Leave Drama and Past At the Door there are hundred and more in this group it is for sure there will be one or more people in this group that could possibly be on your personal bad list or even on your block list or on a friends list. but leave that at the door and don't go out of your way to attack or bash at them. as well as it goes the same for people on the other side of the coin, there may be a person in this group that has blocked you, or you have had past fights with, don't bring it up to anyone other then a mod or owner if you feel you must. this group is very large and grows more every day so keep that in mind when growing, if you truly fear to come into contact with a past threat, enemy, or old rival and feel that no matter what a problem will pop up if you see them be it you having ill will against them or them you. then please leave now and don't keep reading.
dont be the first to attack/harm another no matter who it is, and they will not attack you
If you don't fear and understand and will stay joined, don't let fear of past drama stop you from posting in this group, post regardless of the past, let the past be the past, as long as you don't go out of your way to call out the person, or attack the person you will not be attacked.

If you have a problem or concern bring it up to a mod or Anaya if you have a problem with another player, don't want to be around another player or wish to bring something up to the mods or owners, bring it up to them. the mods and owner are here to help you, holding in your problems and concerns is only going to harm you.

In a conclusion of the rules listed here over time some more may be updated depending on the players and if somethings are miss understood they will be brought back to the rules to be clarified. thank you so much for reading and keep up to date with the rules.


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