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The Vision

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1 The Vision on Wed Oct 26 2016, 19:50



I got asked, “what do you aim to accomplish with this, it has bin done, it will never get up and off the ground“ now I am not going to say who said it only that it was said, and has bin more then once.

My own personal thought about rp on imvu is that it needs a pick me up, a big one, and someone to start it and a team to keep it going. Role play to me on imvu is dieing, there is so much hate and unknown out there so much judgment to other players so much difference that people see as a bad thing and not as what it is just something different that needs to be understood. Myself, I own a reptile rescue in the real world along side my amazing man, now we are not big but I have worked actively in the zoological field for the past 17 years with everything from crocodiles, snakes, arachnids to even arthropods. And one thing you have to see is difference, things that are different then you may not always be scary or dangerous, they are just different and have both strengths and weaknesses that you just need to look into better. Different rp groups here on imvu are the same, some have more rules some have left rules some have different ones and some have none at all. Some are a bit more rp in depth some are a bit freer, but that does not make them bad or one worse then the other one.

You see I run a para rp, so posts of high volume happen all the time, and for me in truth it is much harder to type out a one line or two then it is to type out a forum post that is pages of work. So sometimes I go outside of my rp to relax a bit, so I go to other rooms and sometimes, (more now then in the past) I get the, “you are a para rper oh you are bad, worst thing on imvu T1 is” and in truth this is hurtful as it is aimed at me and it should not be, I am not bad and t1 is not bad and para is not bad it is just different then what others are used to, but hell I enjoy it and many others enjoy it or we would not do it. And the same goes on the other foot, I will go to a friends para rp and I hear them saying bad things about light rpers and light rp rooms, “lite rpers are the worst, stupid, arrogant, uneducated don’t know how to rp right” who are we to see what the right way to rp even is? Who are we to push what we think as right or wrong at other people, if they want to rp a line go nuts let them rp there line, you can do your 40 were it fits in.

Rp is ment to be fun and so much now it has bin turned into a job into a ego contest into a way to see who is a top dog and who is underdog, you know something you are all top dogs out there, you light rpers med rpers and para and no one has the right to tell you other wise. And that is what this group stands for, equality, unity and the ooc right to say we can give rp to the world we can show rp to the world and we can make imvu something better then it was, bring back the old hub place the old coffee shop were everyone no matter the color would go to sit and jabber about rp and how it is done how they do it, what’s going on in the world around them and just how their days have gone and what they want to see in rp. And most of all, we want to be a place for the new generation, for them to go, be sent to by there leaders to go “hey, you go here, read this, look this up, they can help you” cus guys we can help you, we can show you all kinds of things teach you all kinds of things and change a world for the better and not let old things be forgotten to time. We will have it all, we will grow, our shelves will get stocked, our room will get full, we will be the imvu library, athenaeum, bibliotheca, our beloved book room, were everything we have is in one place. So our vision for the future is a big one, but with your help, you the community we can make this work, and we can make it work right. So led me your fingers and give me your thoughts on how to make this all right and make it work.


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2 Re: The Vision on Wed Oct 26 2016, 19:54



Re: The Vision
June 19, 2016 02:40PM

A mind after mine own heart. I agree to this and I too know the feeling of being frowned at for using t1. Imvu's roleplaying community is dying and has been dying many in thanks to Imvu TOS and many people abusing roleplay to harass, manipulate and control they use this medium we enjoy to bully and stir up trouble. If your a really roleplayer then stand up to imvu's TOS stand up against the harassment of those that abuse T1 and all its forms. if someone doesn't. then Roleplay is going to truly die for good.


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Re: The Vision
July 17, 2016 10:38AM

Truly the point of role playing has been lost to many by this point.
As you pointed out: It was meant for fun. Still is.
Whither you type a short story per post or simply a few words.
I see too many people so unsure if what they are doing is the right way to role play, if they are posting too long, too short. So many times the word sorry comes up in ooc and it should not. Not for these reasons.

With this I'd like to offer to anyone whom has the drive to learn or want to better their role play skills; come find me anytime. I've taught on imvu for several years how to do many kinds of this thing we call role play along with a mass amount of English help and while I do have my preferences, dislike certain things, that doesn't mean they are bad. I won't tell you Paragraph is the best -- that's only my opinion nor will I try to force t1 down your throat. We'll talk things like grammar, crazy ideas, character development, online tools to aid you, and maybe find a place that you'd love to rp in too if you don't have one. :3

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Re: The Vision
August 21, 2016 03:36AM

I don't know if I would say that RPing on here is dying, so much as I think it's the people involved. If someone is a jerk and you give them a lollipop, chances are they are still going to be a jerk at the end of the day. I wouldn't blame the lollipop for the person being a jerk, I would blame the person for being a jerk.

One just has to look around and not turn the blind eye to see it's everywhere.

"I want a fancy title, but have no clue, nor do I want to be bothered by doing some research."
"WHAT!! you don't agree with me, I will take it out on your character."

The same kinds of things happens in other venues as well. Take a look at sporting events, MMO's, the list goes on and on. I wouldn't say any of these things are dying, just the people involved have become more egocentric. Instead of trying to create an environment that is fun for everyone involved, it's about creating an environment that is fun for them and who cares about the other person.

"My team is better than yours"
"Only such and such would play that game."
"Only such and such would do it that way instead of this way."

I suppose it all comes down to how one chooses to view it at the end of the day. In my opinion, I don't feel that Rping is really dying. Just people have changed and Rping is the scapegoat.

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