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[Discussion] Ault Accounts, There are Hundreds of Them

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Ault accounts, there are hundreds of them

So it sparked a discussion in me, this past week I was contacted by a guest account threatening me to tell my “secrets” to my friends. Now I had no idea who this was and after some snooping and hard remembering I figured out it was a guy that 3 months ago I had turned down from dating me and he is bad at holding grudges, he aimed to tell family and friends online that I showed him my ta-tas which never happened.

But the thing is, Ault accounts people use to harm others or cause drama, what do people think of this? Have you ever done it yourself? Used an Ault account to gain information be it in ill intent or not? What do you all do to stop people from bugging you on Ault accounts or guest accounts made on the spot or days before? What do you think imvu should do about Ault accounts and the harassment they can and do cause? I would love to hear people’s thoughts on this hot topic, as I know many, myself included have and use Ault accounts be it normal day to day uses (I used mine to date myself and for role play XD) or be it spy work or things that are on the gray zone of right or wrong.

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Re: [Discussion] Ault Accounts, There are Hundreds of Them new
October 26, 2016 04:08PM

I don't mind Alternate Accounts as long as you don't go around using them to start drama. In fact I use my two, one to put groups pages I don't use but don't want to delete on and the other to roleplay in rps that friends own but I know certain people don't like me there.

Like if a friend REALLY wants me to rp with he or she but he or she has a few people who dislike me but are still really good roleplayers then I use an alternate account to roleplay there so I don't cause drama or cause the decent roleplayer to leave.

Then my Hextilda account I use to hold old group pages because sometimes the work is good or the rp could be revived and I would rather already have a group page I just have to edit then restart. Though a lot of people get accused for having 10000 alt accounts when you are close to someone who doesn't get on alot, then suddenly they are your alt account and people go and spread the it can still cause a lot of drama.

I know a few people who use alternates to go around and spy on people who blocked their main accounts or who they don't like, of course this is after saying they are adults and are above such petty business. THIS is when using an alt should be a no no, be an adult.....if you don't like them leave them be. Don't stalk their rooms and then send in an Alt account or a friend with an Alt to bother or spy....just move along and use your alt for positive things, it's a thing.

So I guess it depends on if the person with the Alt account is using it for good or bad,to be mature or be petty on if I agree or not.

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Re: [Discussion] Ault Accounts, There are Hundreds of Them new
October 26, 2016 04:34PM

Alt accounts is a subject i here about a lot. My response is always the same. I have no issues with alts, I have alts of my alts is used for outside of RP.. My others are RP only and I do not use them for spying or what not. That said it is petty if someone does. However i admit I have done it before..but in that case it was to find out if my ex was being loyal or not in which she wasn't. Have i used an alt as a spy or whatever sense...If mean an RP spy for RP reasons then yes otherwise no. Dont get me wrong i have played with peoples minds using alts but never meant anything by it except for friendly fun and to see how long takes someone to figure it out it is me..Cause honestly have no motive to keep my alts hidden. So yeah have no issues with alts as long as not used for petty issues that are not needed.

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