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IMVUs Take on Role Play Combat

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1 IMVUs Take on Role Play Combat on Wed Oct 26 2016, 20:42


For the longest time I have had people come to me saying "T1 and combat are not allowed on imvu, it is Against TOS (we have the imvu TOS on this group page if you would like to read it over feel free, please note role play on imvu is not mentioned at all in it.) to fight and kill people on here" so to clear this up I thought I would post for all to see imvus take on rp combat and fighting, this information is taken directly from the forum and was posted by Jackalope(when he was a mod, he is not anymore) on Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:32 pm

Original post here =

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:32 pm Post subject: IMVU's Take on RP Deaths/Killings Reply with quote
IMVU does not police nor enforce RP rules. That being said, RP on this site still has to stay within the ToS. The ToS trumps all RP rules.

You do NOT have to accept an RP kill. There is nothing in the ToS that says you have to. No one can force you to give up your avatar or username. Avatar outfits and name changes are bought with credits, which are bought with actual money.

If a character is validly killed (ie during an agreed upon RP fight, with the possibility of death made clear in advance) in your rooms/RP-universe you CAN choose to block that person from coming into your universe/rooms and see their character as dead, but that person does not have to accept this death for any other rooms/RP-universes.

Attempting to force someone into accepting their character's death in all RP rooms and universes is considered harassment and is against the ToS.

This topic is locked, as there is no need for discussion, since IMVU will not change its stand on this.

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