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Zones on IMVU

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1 Zones on IMVU on Wed Oct 26 2016, 21:21


September 18, 2016 10:15PM

Zones, What are they?
What are “Zones” on imvu, Not many other places have this as much as good old imvu does, and there are two sides of the Zones coin and we will get to that right after what Zones are all together. So Zones are a limit rp owners can place in their rooms on imvu, most of the time they are found in the room description, other times the owner or a person with a welcome message will tell you once you enter the room. Zone limits can limit things like violence, particular actions or even say that they don’t allow rp all together and are a full Not rp room.
Some Zones I have kNown and found on imvu as well as some I have researched and found.
All Zones Up: means that (for the most part) all Zones are active this (most of the time) holds true for combat-related Zones.

NFZ: No Fight Zone
NKZ: No Kill Zone
NFC: No forced collaring
NAZ: No assassins Zone
NRZ: No roleplay Zone meaning No role-play of any kind at all unless it is lifted by room owner
NRPZ: also means No RP Zone.
NDZ: No Drama Zone
NDZ can also mean No death Zone, which means, you can't just come in and die,
NWZ: No Weapons Zone
NMZ: No Magic Zone, No Magic is allowed at all, everything is modern or hand to hand
NVZ: No Violence Zone
NTZ: No touch Zone
NYZ: No yiff Zone (yiff = furry naughtiness)
NFZ can mean No Furry Zone
NEZ: No emo Zone
NGZ:No Goth Zone
NMZ: No Multi Zone
NSZ: No sex Zone
NPZ: No party Zone
NCZ: No clubbing Zone
NTZ: No trigger Zone
NPZ: No Pet Zone
NPZ/NSZ: No Pet/Slave Zone
NMZ: No magic Zone.
NCZ: No cyber Zone.
NBSZ: No BS Zone.
ND/sZ: No D/s Zone.

KZ = Kill Zone
FZ = Fight Zone
FC = Forced collaring

Two Sides of the Zone Coin

Zones are a very heated topic many feel very strongly about many feel that zones keep their friends and rp family members safe and without them there rp friends may get hurt/harmed in role play or lose their rp characters forever. The largest zones like NKZ and NFZ (No Kill Zone, and No Fight Zone) are what most use to keep there rp rooms safe in their own eyes, or some just place all zones up to cover everything they can think of. But the truth behind it is that zones don’t need to be there to keep players safe, players can keep themselves safe by just knowing their rights as rpers. Just say No, it is as simple as that, if a person comes in and is doing any rp that you the player don’t enjoy just say NO and tell that person you do not wish to play with them in that fashion be it combat or any other kind of role play. You the player have the power to say no to anyone or anything you don’t like and as a room owner you have the right to say no to any rp you don’t like or don’t want in your rp room, if a person comes in trying to harm anyone they can say no, and you can say no and just remove them from the room if they put up a fight, your room your rules no need for zones if you just simply know how to say no. and if worse comes to work and a friend gets killed in your room, say no to it, you say no and they say no and it never happened at all, not valid, never happened, simple as that.

But that is the side that tells people “zones are ok and needed” many believe as stated that zones keep their rps safe, keep assassins from harming people inside there rp, or keeps drama from happening. But my 11 years on imvu has shown me that more fights and more drama happen over disputes/discussions over zones, then zones protect people from it.

The second side of the zones coin, Zones are a form of godmoding and meta gaming. Some believe it is a form of godmoding known as pupating, so controlling another player’s actions or rpc without their consent. And some a form of meta gaming as it is an out of game player putting a limit in the game so placing an OOC boundary in an ic world which is meta. Myself (Anaya) personally agree with this standpoint and it is my own as well personal view that zones of any kind are a form of meta gaming.

Now with both sides of this coin worked out and put down, are they both wrong or right? Which one is wrong and which one is right? Well, that is not up to me or up to anyone to deem such. What matters is how you play the game and how you run the game if you are in fact the game master of your rp. It is just that your rp and be you believe in zones, be you not believe in zones that is fully up to you.


avpic Cass banner1CassCassiopeia 2InfiniteSymphony-BadgeYusukej9jC
Re: Zones
September 18, 2016 11:04PM

The more and more I see of this topic.. the less.sure I become of my own stance on zones. I guess for now I am in the middle and it really just comes down to what zones are being put in place. Some I am okay with and others I am not. Though I do agree with it being a form of godmodding/meta gaming. Though for me.. if you enter a room that has zones in place such as a no fighting zone or NKZ.. then you, by entering that room.. are agreeing to the rules that have been put in place by that zone. It's no different then agreeing to the term and conditions of a website. By clicking yes (enter) you are agreeing to abide by the zones that have been put in place. If you do not agree with those zones then simply do not enter. It is in the end as simple as that.

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Re: Zones
September 19, 2016 02:47PM

Thanks for the post Anaya, as usual very informative. I agree with waffles yet again, that is why i always read the room info before i enter a room, specially if its a new rp or one i dont know about, just make sure you agree with whatever is stated before you enter and i think that would take care of it, as long as there are no made up zones you dont understand, then i think if you really want to join that certain rp just ask what the (new) zone means? lol idk just a thought. There are plenty of rp out there to join doesnt have to be an specific rp, js

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Re: Zones
September 19, 2016 04:50PM

I have seen over the many years that some zones are up and I have never heard of them because as they said "Its new" which means they are making their own. This is why I stick to my rooms and have no problems explaining what I don't allow and if they wanna join the rp then by all means join. If not do not sit there and tantrum or threaten.

Re: Zones
September 19, 2016 05:12PM

I always found it really annoying to see rooms that are No Kill Zones or No Fight Zones or any variation of them, yet they are recruiting guards or personal protectors. So pretty much they are talking statues at that point and the title and rank is meaningless. Kinda hard to protect or guard anything if there is no fighting allowed. Even more annoying than that are rooms that allow it for their own people but not newcomers or people just passing through. From my unfortunate experience its just people trying to set up these rules to control other people and yes I understand that people have the right to set whatever rules they want in their room, but the point of a public room is so other people can enjoy it and so the thoughts and feelings of those people should also be considered.


avpic Never forgetJerryMcLane - BlutengelDGAF worldShop My CatalogWonder WomanSuperMan
Re: Zones
September 19, 2016 06:10PM

I agree, if you are going to have a public room why limit it to just the rp members thats pretty lame, dont say recruting if the new joiners arent going to be able to really *join* just kept as outsiders, if you want a private rp limit it to your friends and if not vip and cant have that feature then just say so in the room info, there are many ways in which to do things without controlling and taking the fun out of it all.


avpic Cass banner1CassCassiopeia 2InfiniteSymphony-BadgeYusukej9jC
Re: Zones
September 19, 2016 07:57PM

I was in an rp that had the NKZ and NFZ attached to it. Was mainly just used to try and keep people from popping in and just slaughtering everyone. But if the rp lead up to a fight between the guest and a normal member.. or two guests, the room owner sanctioned the fights. Had guards too and they actually needed to know how to fight just for that reason. While the owner liked peaceful none violent rp sessions, they were not opposed to allowing fighting to happen in their room and it was never restricted to just members

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avpic Hardcore GamerThe Iron Rose, DeLaRoseIron DynastyAutum Aliance Badge 1Autum Alliance Badge 2No F*cks Given
Re: Zones
September 23, 2016 03:07PM

I am so glad this has sparked a discussion i personally don't believe in zones at all, and not for the fact i view them as meta or godmod or just that junk, i just find them unneeded, don't need a zone when people can just say no. every person can turn down rp they don't find enjoyable or find they don't like or support. so if a room owner don't want combat just if a person comes in the room owner can just say no it is not welcome here, or the players themselves be they don't like combat or they respect the room owner and know the owner don't like combat they can turn the rp down by just magically saying NO. i have always viewed Zones as a crutch, something people have clung to thinking they need when in truth all they have to do is build a bit of confidence and instead of clinging/hiding behind "we have zones so they prevent you from doing combat" it can just be "No"

In my own room we have no zones, never will as DeLaRose its self-was built on allowing others to do combat if we want to do combat, as well as if a person comes in saying well i am a power chara and chaotic evil and just want to start shit as soon as they walk in the door i just tell them to leave or change the alignment of the rpc/ what the rpc is going to do. people who have something to prove do combat as soon as they walk into a room, same with people posting their entrance as killing a town/city/army they are trying to prove they are good at something when really all they have to do is ride their horses/whatever up to the door and walk in and it proves the exact same amout. so when people who think they have to prove they have a larger D*** then other people come in we just tell them to go to another location don't need zones to prevent anything when we can simply say no, or get out.

But note that is my personal view on zones, it is not saying zones are bad for others who like them and find use for them.



avpic Never forgetJerryMcLane - BlutengelDGAF worldShop My CatalogWonder WomanSuperMan
Re: Zones
September 24, 2016 11:09PM

I have never used them myself and since i dont rp/room hop anymore i rarelly see them anymore, if Im honest, which i usually am, i didnt even know all of them or that there were so many of them, i am glad they havent change and the ones that motivated me to ask was BS, now i know if i ever were to see that again

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Re: Zones
October 04, 2016 11:30PM

Just my thoughts . I really dislike zoning . onliy because it can limit the story line in an rp . -end of thought-

avpic SISTERS B4 MISTERSThe Iron Rose, DeLaRoseIron DynastyCreepier is BetterAutum Vampire 1Autum Vampire 2
Re: Zones
October 10, 2016 12:21AM

I have seen lots of strange things happen in RP's.
I was a noob once (don't laugh so were you once, we all were starting out)
Back in those days I saw someone come in and post something like this..
-walks in room-
-stabs (So and so) 509423823754823730570231071309430348 times-
They actually thought that they made a legit kill. Even as a noob I wasn't about to let that one slide.
I informed them that the entrance requirement was 3 lines minimum (as posted in the room description)
They left without saying a word.
That was when I started to use zones, to keep silly stuff like that from happening.

I have since gotten a better understanding of how RP actually works, what rights we as RPer's have and have taken the zones down. Today none of my rooms have them.
They are not needed. If someone wishes to "protect" their RPers the very best way is by educating them as to their rights as RPers, not by using zones. They will be "safe" in every room that they enter that way.

I have since thought more about them, and while I firmly believe each GM has every right to make their RP's according to their own good judgement, and would never slander or demean anyone using them, there is an inherent problem with zones.

Their existence gives the impression that we do not have the right to refuse RP we are not comfortable with. Or that an RP can not be moderated. It leads one to believe that bullies rule all RP's and that there is nothing to stop it from happening.
I believe, we need to stand firm on the rules, they are designed to give people the liberty needed. I believe that by educating people about the rules of RP we will in fact end the silliness. Zones are confusing to new players, because the natural question then is ' If we have the right to refuse combat, then why do we have zones? '
Zones teach the opposite of the Rights that we, as Role Players have.
I say drop the zones and post the Role Players Bill of Rights instead. Educate your people!

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