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How To Handle & Actively Avoid OOC Drama (For Admins & Members)

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How To Handle & Actively Avoid OOC Drama (For Admins & Members)
August 24, 2016 05:13PM

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Info used due to i found it personaly very helpful.

Roleplay Guide: How To Handle & Actively Avoid OOC Drama (For Admins & Members)
I get questions all of the time about drama in roleplays, usually from admins. They ask me how to handle these situations, and often times my advice works rather well. So, I thought I would share how to handle OOC drama with care and grace. In this guide, I will touch on how to also actively avoid OOC drama for the future and how to handle issues you might even be having now.


No matter what kind of roleplay you have, or how long it has been around, you are more than likely going to encounter at least ONE out of character issue that needs to be resolved. This is otherwise known as “OOC drama”. OOC drama typically effects and involves numerous members. So much so that it has been brought to the admin(s)’ attention. If you find yourself in the middle of this, stay calm and collected. Remember that you are in charge, and as such you need to set the example for your members. You are their leader, and they need to trust you with their safety and well-being.

Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected. Lowering yourself to the problem child’s (or children’s) level is one way you can believe people will hear about it. Being the admin who is a dick is not something you want to be known for. It’s the number one way you will not only lose members, but gain the reputation of being a douchebag, which will follow your roleplaying career around here for awhile. Instead, be the example. Be the rule, even if others are being the exception. Show leadership during these hard times. It will prove to be a favored move, and ensure that the rest of your members can trust you in these hard times.
Your rules reflect the safety level. Rules are the number one way you can avoid OOC drama. If you are dead-set on having a welcoming place where writers can safely convene, then your rules must and NEED to reflect that desire. Often, having OOC rules is what is most used to prevent drama. It typically lists what is punishable for the members should they do them. It is a clear way of getting your message across.

Warnings & Terms. Allow your members to know their rights within your roleplay. It is yours, and a place you have built. Because of this, terms and agreements should be made so members and potential members know what kind of manners are expected and condoned within your community. I, personally, setup both a Warning System and a terms page, for my rp. I do not expect you to take or use either, but they have personally proven to be effective ways of dealing with and getting rid of bad apples.

Warning System (Explained). The warning system was adapted for imvu roleplaying from forum roleplaying. It is an alternative way of handling OOC drama. Warnings are good things to have in your back pocket should someone say/do something that derails the safe environment your roleplay desires. It is a detailed expression of what constitutes warnings, as well as a more fluid explanation of why/how people get them.

Removing the bad fruit. If there is a huge problem going on, suspending someone or removing them completely from the roleplay is a god-send for resolving it. Do not be afraid to do either of these things. When it comes down to it, getting rid of one (or a few) to protect the huge number of others within the group is what is important. As an admin, and essentially a leader, it is your duty to ensure that people are SAFE. Safety is what matters. Playing favorites or giving people leeway when they make huge mistakes that can effect the group and cause drama is nepotism, and is not the mark of a good admin/leader. If you are going to say, “But I love roleplaying with them”, at all, then DO NOT BE AN ADMIN. Making hard decisions for the good of the group are what separates the men from the mice.

Mediation. Mediation is explained in the warning system I provided as the next post down. It is essentially a side blog used for all members to discuss a topic problem. It can be an open discussion that involves everyone freely voicing their opinions on the matter and giving ideas of how it should be handled, or a closed mediation between certain member(s) and the staff. Remember, do NOT be passive aggressive with your members, ever. That leads to hidden/obvious resentment and uncomfortable situations. Be calm and assertive.

Be professional. This ties in with my first point, but I feel it should be mentioned again. Remember that when shit pops off, everyone is looking to YOU to handle it. They are entrusting their safety and their experience in YOUR hands. You might have the last say, but your last say needs to be what makes logical sense for the good of the group. Do not be selfish with your decision making.

Involve the other staff members. Get their advice before handling a situation if you do not feel like you properly can. Allow them to give you as much feedback on the matter, in private, as they can before anyone of you handle it.
Take your time. Often, admins get riled up and start berating people. It’s not a good look, as I’ve said. Before jumping into it, take a breather and collect your thoughts.

Keep it out of OOC and away from the main. For the love of Fu**king HELL KEEP IT AWAY FROM EVERYONE ELSE. Even if it was started in OOC, address the problem privately with the person/people causing it. DO NOT bring it into OOC and create a huge awkward ordeal. There’s no reason to do that and make people feel uncomfortable. Ever. There is also no reason that people following you who may not even be in the roleplay itself need to hear about it on the main page. Note: If you have a member that has proven to have stolen something from someone else in the RP community, you can freely and tastefully make an announcement for other roleplays to be on the lookout for that person.

Knowing your rights in the roleplay you are participating in is half the battle of avoiding OOC drama. As a member, it is you that is essentially a poster child of the roleplay. You are an independent representation/reflection of the group, and as such you should recognize how you should behave.

Do not bring problematic material to the OOC group. From politics, to social justice issues, to people not responding to your open paras — if you bring these up in OOC, you’re a douchebag. Unless of course, the admins are simple-minded people and allow that kind of thing. These issues/topics can result in awkward feelings and verbal attacks if the situation gets heated. Avoiding awkward situations at all times is a MUST. You need to be mindful that it is not just you in that community, and not everyone feels how you feel on everything.

Help the staff. See a problem? Tell a staff member. Take a screen shot of what has happened and show them that, if you must. Admins are there to help you, not play favorites and be giant babies. They are there to make sure you, as their community member, feel welcome and safe in their environment. Off-anon, bring up issues privately to the staff so they can resolve it right away. This is your community, too, so work hard in protecting it.

Do not engage. If some drama pops off, the best thing you can do is to inform the staff members and leave it at that. It is not your duty to attack anyone or be the hero for everyone else. You might feel like it is, but it isn’t. And, you risk being kicked out along with the offender(s). Sit back, stay quiet, and do not engage.

Tell the staff. Have a problem? Tell the staff. Feeling ignored? Tell the staff. See something that might be detrimental to the roleplay? Tell the staff. Keep involved in the community by HELPING, not aiding to it’s detrimental path. Sitting there in silence, or bringing it up to members who cannot help you is NOT how you go about working on the issues.
Know your rights as a member. Knowing what you can and cannot do within that community is the first step in actively avoiding confrontation. Do not cross those limits, and if you feel like you need to do/say something that might, take it up with the staff before posting or saying anything. Again, this is not a roleplay about YOU, and you are not the only person in that community that matters.

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Re: How To Handle & Actively Avoid OOC Drama (For Admins & Members)
August 24, 2016 05:17PM

What warrants a warning?

Typically warnings are administered by a staff member due to failure to respect other RP members. The criteria for a warning is that the ill behavior towards another member must occur on the RP; post, through inbox, or OOC, If the slander is anywhere on the group then any member is free to report behavior towards the admin/s that they felt was rude, trolling, or a malicious attack towards them. Posting advertisements, porn, and other inappropriate content that is clearly banned in the rules is also permissible for issuing a warning. A staff member will message you regarding the issue and you will be asked to respond to the issue. The staff member will also remind you that mediation is available at any time during this conflict.

What is Mediation?

A public mediation is a “thread” set up by a staff member addressing a member’s complaint towards another player’s behavior or an appeal to their warning about breaking a rule; it is also a system we use when the admins would like the current RP members for help on any given topic they so choose. If it is set up for a complaint, members are offered this on every single warning, it is public, and all other members are allowed to participate and comment on the issue if it is an open mediation. If the mediation is closed, which is indicated by these brackets: (Closed) the mediation is between the members the warning was issued to and the member that reported the warning and staff, however, it is free for the rest of the RP to follow and read along with. Mediations are intended to allow everyone to express their feeling about a subject and include the rest of the RP who may have also been affected by player conflicts. They are guided by a staff member and inappropriate/flaming posts are removed as seen- they are kept under control and you are not allowed to say *anything* you want, you still must follow the rules.

△ 1st Warning

The player who has violated a rule is messaged by a staff member who cites the specific rule that was broken. If the player has harassed another member the concerned are raised and the players are encouraged to resolve the issue through PM. A closed or open mediation thread is offered by the staff member. If the individual chooses, the mediation thread is created. One point is put on the player’s record.

△ 2nd Warning

The player who has violated a rule is messaged by a staff member who cites the specific rule that was broken. If the conflict is over player conflicts- and is reoccurring from the first warning- a mediation thread is strongly advised. A closed or open mediation thread is created if the individual chooses to do so. One point is put on the player’s record, and they are reminded this is their second warning out of three.

△ 3rd Warning

A mediation thread is created by the staff on the issue. A message is sent regarding this action and the rules that were violated that led up to the mediation thread. The player is expected to participate in the mediation, and they are reminded this is their last warning. If another warning is gained the staff makes the decision to ban the member, there are two types of bans:
1. A long term ban that is permanent, forever, and will never be removed.
2. A time pending ban that the staff will agree on- the ban may last for a week or up to a month, but after the time is given the player is allowed to come back.

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