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[Discussion] To Change the world

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1 [Discussion] To Change the world on Wed Oct 26 2016, 21:48


[Discussion] To Change the world
August 10, 2016 07:19PM

To Change the world

If you have been on imvu longer than a couple months you have for sure seen or known of or even been a part of one of the “make imvu better” groups/councils/meeting groups but all want to do the same thing. Bring imvu back together/Stop combat or wars/Get rid of T1/Unite people. Now I have nothing against the bringing people together or to unite people in a community, that is the main goal of this group. But what I have found is everyone does this group idea but in the end when you say “why not just join in under this group, so what if you don’t lead it, what matters is we all want the same thing right” they Back down for some reason or another.

- I am not ready for it (which makes no sense as they are doing the idea in the first place)
- I don’t want to follow another person
- we want different things
- they change the topic and ignore what you have asked

The thing that bugs me is why does it matter so much if you are the leader unless you want the fam and glory behind it, want to be the next big name. for myself on why I am doing the library is not to be a big name, that is as far from what I want as it can get if anything I want you all the people to be more active then I am. I want you to lead and for me just to be a name and nothing else. You plot our coarse I just own the ship you drive. So how do you the people feel about it all, what’s going on currently. What would you do about a group that came up in your view that wanted this or wanted something you did not agree to or stand for.


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Re: [Discussion] To Change the world
August 22, 2016 04:42PM

Well said.

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Re: [Discussion] To Change the world
August 30, 2016 01:21PM

i have been roleplaying here on IMUV for about 9 years now...i see people come and go on imuv...but i am amazed how many come back and remember me

the really amazing thing though is how many hearts i have touched through role play

changing the world is touching others one heart at a time

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