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[Discussion] When people just don’t get it, what to do?

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[Discussion] When people just don’t get it, what to do?
July 18, 2016 09:48AM

Discussion: When people just don’t get it, what to do?

What do you do when people online don’t get the point? So we are all on imvu, it is an online game/chat program, sometimes real world things come up and some people just can't seem to take a hint. So I will start with the example that started this topic.

I left imvu for the last weekend, I was gone 4 days in full I went on a real world vacation with my real man and my niece. We took a trip to Toronto and had a blast together. So I get back half asleep and fully worn out from 5 hours of the trip back and no sleep on the way cus my man does not like driving alone and I was the other person in the car that had to keep him awake. So in pain and half asleep I check my email before I am about to pass out to see not one, not two but six YES SIX inbox from 2 people each having 3 messages to me that go along the lines of
- Hey I know you are gone but hi I miss you
- Hey Naya, really want you back I miss you, getting lonely
- Hey, Naya I really miss you come home I thought I mattered to you? I guess I don’t matter to you, talk to you when you get home.
So clearly this person I am not naming, knows I am gone for the listed days I have put on both my imvu pulse, told them, as well as popped up on my skype. So the people in my life online are informed to me being gone as I do care about my friends. But what do you guys do when a person does not seem to understand?

We all know real comes first, but what about the people online in our lines that don’t seem to get that they come second to real. What about the people that are clingy to us and can't seem to get the point of I am busy don’t bug me till I get home. What do you all do, I know myself I most of the time let it slide or I just kick the person out of my life when they become too attached to me that it goes past the normally acceptable level, but what do others do about this growing problem some have and I know I have had for a very long time and have grown rather sick of personally.
As well as, what level does it need to get to for you to class it as creepy, obsessive or just not acceptable. What is your line you draw in the sand?


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Re: [Discussion] When people just don’t get it, what to do?
July 22, 2016 05:33PM

Love this sis

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Re: [Discussion] When people just don’t get it, what to do?
October 04, 2016 11:35AM

I just block them, but then again my stalkers just make the plans to come over uninvited or want to visit me or move in with me, I made the mistake before of giving out my phone number to someone on imvu that told me she could see my location from my phone number!!!! that she wanted to visit me and stay at my place for a while, and another told me since we were in the same state and within driving distance she could come visit me in less that 3 hours as for your stalkers go, if its me i wont stalk you anymore I promise xD, some of my stalkers even had me investigated as to even knowing my credit card information, I have so many stories I can relate very well to your situation.....don't I ever....

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