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IMVU Rp Tools

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1 IMVU Rp Tools on Wed Oct 26 2016, 22:07


These are some RP tools to give a more authentic feel if you should so want it. There will be more added to the list for your roleplay enjoyment.


Eilistraee Drow Translator
Rhefugi Demon Translator
Draconic Translator
Tolkien based Elven Translator

To make a map of your roleplay lands:


i used this site mostly with others to help with my writing and putting together my new RP. How it can help someone as it did myself...

This is a fun thread, going to have to open up my bag of goodies on this one.

Various Generators I -
Various Generators II -
Map Making I -
Map Making II -
Tavern Menu Generator -
Character Creation / Organizer -
Tips & Tricks of the Trade -

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