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[Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?

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[Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 19, 2016 03:59AM

Hello! You all don’t know me but I have been given permission to open up a topic to open a discussion about a potentially dangerous subject, the Multiversal concept in role play.

But who is this person who has opened such a topic and threatens to destabilise many roleplays with a counter argument to a concept so embedded people do not know anything different. Well no one really, just someone who has been doing this for a long time on this client and other places, who has the experience to consider not only the positives but negatives of it.

What is the Multiversal concept?

First of all let’s get this out of the way and determine what is meant when I say Multiversal concept. I am not talking about the scientific definition here. I do not have the depth of knowledge to start discussing the pitfalls of such a theory. Instead I wish to talk about the way it is used within roe play as a means to open up our worlds to the outside, to allow characters to be able to interact with others not part of the same role play, setting or scene.

What do you expect to achieve?

Nothing! This is not intended to change the way people role play, only that a concept which hasn’t really been challenged is considered and an objective viewpoint is raised. If you don’t agree with what I say that is fantastic, I encourage and implore you to comment with your own experiences and musings so that a healthy (and not offensive) debate is raised.

This is a community and every opinion is not only valid, but important!

Down to the nitty gritty!

As you can probably tell by the title of this thread my opinions on the subject is that it actually doesn’t work. Having a multiversal concept where all characters can interact with each other whilst a fantastic, even philanthropic idea, is generally a cause of more issues than it solves. Whilst in theory it allows for every character to interact thus bringing the community together, I believe that there are certain issues which when reduced down to their basics can be linked back to this one concept. For ease of reading I am going to separate them out into different headings.

Forcing a square peg into a round hole!

The first and probably most apparent to anyone who has even considered the subject is that not every character will fit into every setting. This is really common sense but it needs to be mentioned. How many times have you had a character enter into your storyline and find that it doesn’t suit the general setting? It could be that the character is aggressive when the role play is peaceful, it could be that the character is alien whilst the settings is specific, it could even be the character is too powerful whilst the setting calls for weakened characters. There are many different variations of the same thing in so much like said above, not every character will fit into every setting. Allowing something to be multiversal automatically accepts such characters without….

It’s out of control!

…. Control! Anyone with experience in writing novels or even playing in a role play environment if it be table top or creative writing will tell you that it requires a Game Master, a storyteller who will drive the role play along to hit specific points in a story. Some will already know this; others will have been doing this automatically. It basically means you control the role play, ensure that character development happens and to make sure that certain events happen to keep the role play fresh. This of course requires control over the setting the characters are placed in to a certain point. Allowing multiversal wanderers to come on in can cause massive disruption to the setting, not only due to what I like to call ‘one-shotters’ (those that come into a setting, offer a few posts and then leave never to be seen again, often destroying a story element) but also to those characters who simply do not understand the general politics or subliminal plots that have been built over a long time. This can destroy a plot and break any relationships (general friendships or lust filled) which have taken weeks if not months to build. It disrupts more often than not the atmosphere that the GM is trying to achieve.

Where did he come from?

This is an odd point often brushed over when role playing but it is vital. Where did that multiversal character come from and how did they find your role play. Often we see such things as portals being made or accidentally wandering through wardrobes and finding ourselves in this strange new world. But what if this world doesn’t contain magic? What if it was hidden from view or doesn’t acknowledge such arcane coincidinks? Allowing a role play to be multiversal opens it up to all manner of actions and reactions which simply shouldn’t be allowed, leading back to the ‘It’s out of control’ heading. But it also leads onto the next point.

It’s easy to ignore the rules when they are subjective

This one is probably more something which bugs me more than other people and something I see more and more off. (Perhaps a new topic should be made) That is metagaming and mixing. If you do not know what these words mean then I suggest you look for a definition on the group but for now I will assume that you do.

Both of these terms of subjective in how to enforce such a thing, anyone can come up with a reason for a character to be there but that does not mean that both of these rules can be ignored, opening a role play to a multiversal settings allows people to bend these rules to suit their own gains. Let’s give an example to prove this point.

Say Sally plays a god and Billy doesn’t like that Sally has a character so powerful. Billy comes up with an obscure reason to go after said god like character, possibly because his character has heard about it due to them being a god and worshipped. Whilst that in storyline purposes would seem valid on the surface, we know the real reason that character is going after the god like character is because Billy doesn’t like it. This is both mixing and metagaming, all be it hidden.

The above example is going to cause more harm than good to any multiversal setting, it will not drive a story past Billy destroying the god-like character (and probably destroying the story line and role play in the process)

That’s not what I believe!

How many times have you seen an argument arise because two people have a different lore and backstory for their character which contradicts the other? How many people play death (a known solitary figure) or a different type of vampire? (V:TM and Anne Rice’s adaptions spring to mind.) That’s all that really needs to be said to gain an understanding of how this can cause arguments and issues.

The scales are tipping!

Balance is also a major factor and brushed upon earlier. A good role play will have a good range of characters which balance out one or the other. This helps to encourage interactions by making them fair. a character can be aggressive because the two typists behind them know that they could kill the other. It produces tension, suspense, intrigue and drama (the good kind) because it makes the character s think on those actions. (Without fear that one false move could bring down the wrath of a powerful character that does not fit within the setting.) It encourages people to consider and look for alternate routes to allow their characters to gain the results that they wish to achieve. This is the reason why Table-top games such as D&D and V:TM have a points based system allocated not only to allow progression but ensure characters start on the same base line. Introducing a character from a multiversal setting which either hasn’t considered these points or have progressed way past that baseline in another role play will tip the balance in their favour; any interactions they make will be without fear of repercussions reducing the overall atmosphere the GM is trying to achieve.

Of course there is a counter argument to this, certain characters could be introduced to actually drive a story line or to play the antagonist. This requires a certain amount of trust however, the antagonist is almost always beaten by the heroes (often by exploiting some obscure weakness the novelist has designed and defined when plotting out the story line.) Could you trust some random person who has entered riding a thundercloud of fury to allow that to happen?


Whilst the multiversal idea is a great concept, in practice it requires people to hold a certain amount of respect for people within those settings, to integrate rather than segregate and accept concepts in which they might not believe or not make sense to their own character. The flaw in this system is the people around it, we can’t trust that people will not only play their characters true or accept the story line and setting they are involved but also it is widely known that others have ulterior motives.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to reading your opinions.

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 19, 2016 10:46AM

A very well thought out and insightful post. I am pleased to meet you also, I hope that the nature of my game does not trouble you
Personaly I feel a multiverse would be good for two things.
1. To make a more light and comedic RP with no combat just for fun.
2. To explore old questions like "what if.." for instance what if two different but similar worlds ever came into contact with each other?
A multiverse might be fun! If handled properly that is...

That said, I do not feel that a multiverse would be good for all RP's. In fact, most of the time it is just plain bad for many of the reasons you have stated above. It takes great skill and a lot of work and VERY careful negotiations to take a single charcter from one RP and introduce it into another even if the two realms are similar and the poeple involved have similar ideas and beliefs about RP, Let alone the difficulties and careful thought required in merging two different but similar RP's. To do this on a massive scale for many different Role Plays who have never interacted together, when the GM's for the individual Role Plays have never hashed out the mechanics, is not something I would recommend for any Role Play.

One of the many dangers in such a proposition I see is that of a massive take over. That one that proposes such a venture may have alterior motives in their actions. That they do not care about the RP's or their players and simply wish to dominate as many Role Plays as they can regardless of whether or not it is helpful at all.

A much better suggestion I think is for each Role Play to remain autonomous and independent. This allows for great diversty and freedom. It will give Role Players a broad spectrum of worlds to choose from. It will force the GM's to make their RP the best that they can make it in order to attract new Role Players, to hit that balance between allowing the greatest amount of freedom to a potencail player and maintaining the integrity of the world they create. It also allows for people to be able to create new and interesting worlds and races without outsiders interfering or placing rules or standards that they never asked for forced upon them. Or having powers and characters disruptive to the emerging Role Play forced upon them.

I could go on and on over this topic, but I will stop here for now and allow others thoughts on the matter.

Write and be creative, and above all else, be free!
Daya Autum

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 19, 2016 03:14PM

Multiverse Rps

This topic for many is like fire and lava all tossed together, SO MANY people want to make this word come into reality but in the end it is just a mess every time. But it has its pros and cons and many have bin said over head so I will try not to recap to much there with my own point of view. Myself, personally, I don’t believe in the multiverse idea one bit and the main reason for my not believing or even supporting it is simply put there is not enough really good rp leaders that have enough time to spend doing all the day to day workings of something on such a mass scale. This library group is at times a challenge for me and I spend most week days doing nothing. But in the main of why this whole thing of multiverse is just a bad idea is one thing that trumps all in my eyes. The cluster Fu*k of things and confusions.

So let’s break it down, I will use the library as an example just to put what I say into a role play setting perspective. (note the library does not really have rp in it so no worrys there XD) so ok you have this building a library, its area is grass, forest, water, plants a small town to its side then around that spinning black void space of nothingness. This mass of nothingness is the time and space walls, now in this land we allow everyone, everything, every time, every space, and everything we can think of can just cus in cus we are friendly and hey a world for all would be great right.

Wrong, when you allow everything in it gets nuts fast, this is imvu, for the most part as some of us know some people are a couple spoons short of a set and not all there. So a person comes into this wonderful rp the leader loves some of the leader’s family loves friends hang out in, person comes in “what is your race” leaders asks. Person responds
“I am a time and space jumping wonderer, I am called a chaos space marine” now anyone like myself knows what this is but some don’t, chaos space marine a war hammer 40k super space soldier with power armor and lasers and guns can’t forget the gun’s big gun’s. so leader goes “all we welcome here come on in we are peaceful” that person tells its friends, everyone is welcome here just use any sort of made up portal and come on in. now some can say we don’t allow combat here but really what can you do that is not breaking the meta gameing 4th wall to stop a person from say shooting another person that angers them. Nothing. So mister Chaos we will call him, is a super space, futuristic videogame toon made to kill aliens and other space marines and has a gun bigger then even the people around it. And he just got mad at a dude for, looking at them. (or there could have bin hidden motive to why the guy even joined but we will talk about that at a different time) so now you have an angry space marine and nothing strong enough to stop it other then a boot button. Then things just go downhill from there and I am sure you can imagine the cluster mess that will lead to.

As well as in a multi verse rp there are no race rules, you can be anything, now rp limits are not existent for sure but rp does have logic, that is why there are game masters in place, to keep things from getting out of hand to set world parameters and just keep everything working properly and fairly. But with a multiverse were everything is welcome think about it.

-a unicorn with the power of time and space
-a god
-chaos space marine
-medieval knight
-time lord (yay doctor who)
-vampire supreme over lord of Kalamazoo (that is a legit place in Africa I think XD)
-vampire/demon god
-god/elf/angel/vampire/demon/dragon/tiger/parakeet hybrid

Everything is welcome so even the nut ball things are welcome, things that can royally toss story line off the boat side and ruin other player’s fun. Rules I know is a hard word to deal with for many, but they are there to keep things safe, fair, and fun for players, a place with rules may have them, but a place without rules and guidelines is just a Cluster Fu*k of mess and confusion for everything and everyone involved.

My thoughts Anaya

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 19, 2016 08:59PM

Anaya Wrote:
> -vampire supreme over lord of Kalamazoo (that is a
> legit place in Africa I think XD)

-facepalms- Anaya, Kalamazoo is a town in south western Michigan you nut! XD.
I have been there a few times. No vampire overlord is there, I was thinking about claiming it for myself

Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 20, 2016 01:06AM

(that is a legit place in Africa I think XD)

Khatmandu (it's in Nepal.)

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 20, 2016 12:35PM

my bad XD did not look it up before I put it in there was a guess XD
and we see how dorky a vampire overlord would be in Kalamazoo XD

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 20, 2016 03:49PM

Some RP's don't allow for multiverse. Gorean role play is one of them. I think there is always a time and place for such voluminous role plays. In some, there is no way the rules can bend to allow other aspects of another role play to interact. Besides, if it is fun, just do it.

Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 23, 2016 07:21AM

universes that work mostly off D&D universe or similar type media tend to be strict as well

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
June 30, 2016 02:35PM

I for one have been a part of and ran these "Multiverse" rooms my character through a vast library of books can open multiveresal portals. The only big complaint I see against it is you cant control it. Well not every RP is a guided rp some of us simply open and keep a general order, but there is no big grand plan or story line. It is what is called a general RP it has to set direction, there is no real Game Master, but the owner and those they entrust to do so do keep things from getting too out of hand.

There is a logical limit to things, true god like characters are banned on basic principle. Gods with weaknesses (think Thor) are ok insane hybrids don't work because aften they aren't compatable and would die and often if you explain that to them the typest will rework their character, or you ask them to leave that easy.

Now yes some characters just don't work in some setting but some don't work outside of their special setting, an example a DBZ based character wont work anywhere else because 1. powers don't mesh well with anything else and they will always try to be OP. 2. The lore is far far to specific and clashes with almost all others that still mesh ok.
Naruto based RPs are iffy because if altered for general RP use then it is fine if it is only "inspired by" like the hand signs and energy needed to use your magic that is a good mesh in most and actually is a good character limiter.

So to sum it up as someone with 4 years experience in the multiverse RP it works fine for general RP but not directed or story line RPs.
and as long as the lore doesn't clash to hard and cant be explained from multiverse travel or a branching of the race then the RP will go fine.
an Ex of a rce branch. Vampires. Chara A is the standard Vampire, fast, strong, drinks blood and burns in sunlight and was originally human at one point.
Chara B. Is A Vampire that was born human with a part demon ancestery but the demon traits are dormant. They then get biten and turned into a vampire and the turns activates the demon genes and so they are still a vampire, and are strong, fast, and drink blood but they aren't hurt by sunlight, and can possibly use magic since demons and in fantasy so can humans while most vampires cant.

If you have a logical back story for your race or your character that explains why they are different from others of the same race class then the character will work fine.

Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
July 01, 2016 02:45PM

So I left this a while so I can see what sort of input it would get.

I'll respond to what I feel needs responding too (not because the posts were any less important, but because I feel they require a response from me who put forth the discussion.

I'll start off by saying that I have played and still do play multiversal characters in such settings so please do not take anything I say as me condemning it.

1) There are closed universes / RP's

I am aware. This is mostly down to a balance issue or the world being made for a particular set of characters / races. Take characters away from D&D and more importantly dice rolled abilities then they become super powerful super quickly. The element which holds D&D back (apart from the storyteller whom will match that particular adventure to the characters) is that each encounter has an element of chance to it, that you may not get that dice roll.

Translate that into something text based and we cannot trust just anyone to include them dice rolls in their own posts, skipping them and assuming the character can just do what it says in the book without thought or prep.

2) Freeform does not include GM's.

Every RP has a GM even if they do not drive the RP as methodically as someone with a set storyline in mind. If you wander into a setting that isn't your own, the person who has created that setting is the GM. If you have created it, you are. These are the people who will add in elements to keep it fresh, otherwise you will simply have a few characters that meet and greet and don't really do anything other then shoot some of the proverbial brown stuff.

3) Logical limit to things.

This was slightly off topic given that I would assume these are hard limits for any RP, multiversal or not. But to answer your gripe in there, no the biggest element is that it cannot be controlled, but that it introduces balance issues.

5) Lore clashing

Whilst I understand your point the examples you used were not relevant. Chara A is a vampire, Chara B is a demon. Thus this does not conflict. A more apparent example would be a coven of vampires who are weak to the sun and one that comes which isn't. This is not fair on those with the weakness who are playing the same sort of vampire. Of course there could be reasons why that vampire does not burn so easily, it could be much older for example, but the nuts and bolts of it are that certain variations of the same thing does not work together. Another example would be Kitsunes who are very open in interpretation, Demons or Fallen Angels? Werewolves or Lycanthropy? Pretty much every race you can think off has 20 different variants, all unique within their own right and most likely come from a form of medium where they have been balanced against their counterparts.

6) Logical back stories.

Sorry, don't buy that one at all and to me can be a major issue when coming across multiversal characters. Whilst I am sure you are one to ensure a character develops from something small to something big. Others are not so patient to have three to four years on the same character behind their belt before developing into something stronger. Just because you have written a huge backstory regarding how and why your character came to be the god like character it is, does not make it legit. It stifles not only progression but cohesion and creativity with other players. What do you give the character that has everything already?

Sorry but to me that glosses over the actual issue that is being discussed. I do understand that multiversal role plays still exist, I take part in them myself but I ensure when I do that the character I intend to play not only fits within that setting, but the players involved know what the character is and why he is that way. I do not believe that everyone takes such precautions, thus is why I offered the argument, does it really work?

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
July 08, 2016 05:42PM

Hi there!

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am El, run the Medieval Meet and do mostly Medieval fantasy rps.

I came from the Multiverse and I realized that I didn't actually fit in and was actually a Medieval fantasy girl without realizing this. So from experience I sometimes notice some people don't actually know their true genre and so can sometimes have a character fitting a certain genre without knowing it.

Though I do know many Multiversal characters who are forcefully crammed into a setting they just do not need to be in. I think people should first read the rules and then everyone else's biographies. Reread even and then look at their own. They should be able to see if their character is fitting or not.

Secondly, I have had many Multiverse rps try and make up reasons why they fit into my Medieval fantasy setting. YES there is fantasy but also people have their own lore,regulations,standards so don't push it. If you are told no, then no..the end.

You can however edit your character for that setting,yes I get all that hard work out the door but if you really want to roleplay somewhere then adapt which is what every roleplayer should be able to do. If you or your roleplay is not willing to adapt then stay out of the universe. Simple as that. There is no reasonable excuse to barge into a setting where you jsut do not fit in or are not willing to try to fit in.

I have had far too many people come in with concepts and lore that will not fit,yeah I am willing to sit down and talk about it and I love cultural differences but the Multiverse just has far too much going on for the most part to fit into any other setting. So if you are a Mulitversal rper who is not willing to edit or adapt, I think you should just stay where you are and not come off as rude or pushy or ruin someone else's roleplay selfishly.It really is that simple. A genre is a genre for a reason after all is it not?

All in all, Multiverse rpers should just ask firstly and not assume they belong just any place,if told no then they should be the mature roleplayer and accept this and move along.It's like trying mix vinegar and olive oil,though sometimes it works if the people involved are willing to get together and talk it over a lot to make it work.

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 20, 2016 05:57AM

I would even go further and say that more often than not characters of the same universe don't necessarily work together. As a Vampire: The Masquerade player, let me just describe the problem:

Assume there are several V:TM groups in IMVU, which there are. I know one group that works with a harshly simplified and homebrewn rule set. They still roll their D10s, but the amount of D10s to roll is calculated in a completely different way, there characters are build in a completely different way and so on and so forth. So if one of those characters would come in one of our rooms and would start a fight there, this character would be god-like and unkillable.

Not even this but also the way the game masters handle the game in one group and in the other group are hugely different. In some groups things are fine, for which in another group your character would be sentenced to death. There are systems in place in one group that don't even exist in the other group. There's a huge amount of difference to the RP from group to group and that is a good thing in my opinion, but it makes taking your character and playing him or her in another group impossible. The character has always to be reworked.

Just my two cents

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 20, 2016 04:56PM

@ElaraVitalis - Your statements here are so true, people should always read over things like bios and rules before joining into a rp fully, for sure if you feel settled enough join in before getting the group invite but always post out so not becoming locked into a story line you may not fit in. put your rpc at a tavern or something most kingdoms/rps have towns around them or use horse back, space ship something depending on setting to get to a location that is not a bed inside the main hall/building. so if you see once you join the group. all players there are mix races, what you view as non-logical, space or future tech and you are a medieval knight, well you may not fit, or you are a war hammer 40k rpc well ya you may not fit there. even if the rp owner states anything is allowed, that does not always mean anything should be allowed or you should pop your rpc in there.

and for sure every place has its own rules, some places have the standard rules but some places have very specific rules and regulations, if you get told no your race is not valid, it sucks butter cup but no your rpc is not valid even if you look at the owner and say "I am a multi verse rpc I can fit anywhere" owner said no, deal with it, it is no. unless the owner as you said is willing to sit down and talk to the other player and that player is willing (a lot aren't) to change their rpc to fit the setting and rules of that particular rp.

Multi verse rps just have too much going on, for an example, I went into a rp last week, it was a multi verse tavern floating in its own dimension where anyone could use portals to get into it. now I never joined in just watched as I personally don't believe or even use portals in my rps or in my rpcs I find them a godmod as they bend time and space but that is another can or worms lol but I watched and no joke this is how it went.

-there was a war hammer 40k space marine sitting at a table with three of his buddies haveing a medieval ale
-A "pure blood" victorian vampire queen was trying to seduce the astronaut cowboy furry deer (i think it was a deer it had antlers and brown fur) bartender
-a couple of elves were playing Chinese checkers
-and for an unknown reason, the tavern had a lycanthrope guard with a laser gun

Now hear me on this, IF this rp was done well it would have been an AMAZING misfit guardians of the galaxy space futuristic setting rp, like amazing, but sadly it was not and there was no point or plot, and the room owner like most places on imvu was silent dealing with other people wall parking in their room doing nothing but responding every 20 to 30 mins saying I am alive. and what most people don't get, if you make a space futuristic rp you can have any race from any time, you have time machines and cryogenic sleeping pods, anything is possible in the future that is the fun part of it lol pop a dragon into a cryosleep chamber, then it wakes up in the year 40013 that would be amazing.

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 20, 2016 05:21PM

Eh, most of the rps I have ever been a part of were multiversal, little to no character restrictions, always been kind of fun even though the rp its self was [as in most cases] was a medieval setting or even some where around the Victorian era. This is besides my original reason for commenting, I'm doing this as a response to the tavern. While some taverns are connected to an actual RP world/theme/location, some are not and are simply there for people to enjoy a tavern like setting while telling stories of their characters exploits to other rpers in an rp like setting. Anything can go here, no lore rules, restrictions, set backs or road bumps.

Just come on in sit down and shoot the sh*t with each other. None of it has anything to do with any characters canon so it does not matter how jacked up everything is in there. It is simply there for a bit of fun and nothing more. Though I guess if you ever wanted something like that to be canon for your rpc, you could just have them say that they had a really messed up dream the previous night. And keep it at that, it was nothing more than a dream. Then again for all they know they could have been drugged up and transported to whatever strange jacked up world that tavern was in and same goes for most of the other rpcs that had been there.

Anyways that's my 2cents, have put them in in a while so there they are.

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 20, 2016 10:37PM

As a side note... that just gave me a great idea for an rp. Already thought of most of the details in the last 20 minutes. If my ideas work well enough it would be able to break any lore and restrictions for a set characters rp world and allow them to find the place and even enter. I ain't the most scientifically or sorts... but I think it might just work.

I'll do up a rough draft of the principal behind this tavern when I get home from work. I'll gladly accept feedback and idea inputs for alterations.

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 26, 2016 11:10AM

Anaya Wrote:
"> -there was a war hammer 40k space marine sitting
> at a table with three of his buddies haveing a
> medieval ale
> -A "pure blood" victorian vampire queen was trying
> to seduce the astronaut cowboy furry deer (i think
> it was a deer it had antlers and brown fur)
> bartender
> -a couple of elves were playing Chinese checkers
> -and for an unknown reason, the tavern had a
> lycanthrope guard with a laser gun"

Wow. Now that sounds like a party. While I don't normally do multiverse I honestly would love to just be a fly on a wall in that tavern.

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 26, 2016 02:09PM

@Morbius IKR, it was so epic for what was there it was just such a shame it had no plot, point, or structure to lead it.

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 26, 2016 02:31PM

Okay... so I came up with that rough draft I mentioned, only it's not a rough draft. Creative mojo kicked in and I basically typed out a bio for the tavern and how it came to be. Will post it once I actually create the room..

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along?
August 26, 2016 02:42PM

pop it in here or in the discussion thread and we can move the talk over there cant wait to see it waffle

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Re: [Discussion] The Multiversal Concept: Do we all have to get along? new
October 26, 2016 07:13PM

Personal experience plays highly into how the concept of a multiverse roleplay and a multiverse character works. Though Im sure each person here has their own experience with it, aware or not.

For myself, the first roleplay I was a part of was a lax medieval fantasy. Magic, monsters, and honestly anything else a person cared to use. I wouldnt have known to call it a multiverse setting then but looking back now almost anything was allowed. Futuristic, alien, we had splatterings of just about everything.

Time went on and a few years later I had my own roleplay, recalling how much I enjoyed the first since everything was allowed, I made mine multiverse friendly. By then I knew what it was so as long as a character wasn't a flat out god mod it could hang around. Unfortunately keeping a story going with all the oddball distractions was a tad difficult at times but overall I enjoyed myself.

Life moves on and soon I was back to looking for a place to roleplay. I had a character in mind and designed him to have plausible means to enter a wide variety of roleplays. He was a multiverse character, moving from highly advanced future settings to low tech medieval eras.

Having said all of this, here is how I view multiverse roleplays. You welcome pretty much anything in. This isnt to say everything that shows up works how it should. It can be a setting where magic does not work, meaning should a character show up they are stripped of powers simply due to the realm itself. Vice versa as well, highly advanced tech suddenly stops working but the character can now learn to use magic within that realm. There are various ways to have a multiverse roleplay, just make sure its clear to those who poke there head in.

A multiverse character is a little harder to manage. They need to be adaptable but have a reliable means to move about the multiverse. You should be prepared to adjust how they work if you really want to use them in various realms. I personally enjoy having a multiverse character, they grow in more ways than I could have ever planned, and it keeps me well on my toes.

Thats all I really have for input. As always, enjoy your roleplay.

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