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Rp Happens, Show What You are Proud Of

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1 Rp Happens, Show What You are Proud Of on Wed Oct 26 2016, 22:35




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Rp Happens, Show What You are Proud Of
June 08, 2016 03:47AM

From time to time random rp happens that we want to show off, this rp is just for fun and sport, some of it is funny and dorky and we really enjoy it, so I thought when it happens I will share allow people to share, you can comment on it if you wish or pop an inbox over to the poster see if you can join in there rps. a good way to show what you can do, be it just one post or a whole log, it is all good rp it is all good fun and no one will judge you for it here, on this thread, no one messes up any rp is fine rp.

you can post
-single posts you did you want to show off
-logs (as long as there is no bashing OOC junk or anything that is mean to other players oocly)
-rp stuff

please don't post logs and things that bad someone else, this is just cruel to publicly show how someone messed up, everything posted here will be looked over and if there are harmful things in it they will be removed by mods/owner and it will be edited and stated at the bottom why.

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Re: Rp Happens In The Library
June 10, 2016 05:50PM

Friday nights 06-10-2016 Gothic Victorian Mask Ball for the opening of the library, posting the opening speeches for all to read.

ZandiraAurelianus: Anyway as you know we have some things going on in the Grand revelations Library group and well my part is hosting events and providing event services on IMVU to other rp groups. It is my second passion after roleplay. I have posted information about the services we will be offering and we will also be hosting events like this in the future. This gives roleplayers and roleplay leaders a chance to meet and well it is a good way to grow rps and make new alliances. With that said my other link to this group will be the Sandoval Academy, it is a place for people to come and learn how to roleplay and improve what they already know. On the group page there is a thread all about the lesson plan and the rules. If anyone is interested in teaching or knows some people that want to learn send em my way. At this time I will let your group leader Anaya take over.
Conjur: Word.
JamesSavage: Sounds like a jolly good time
ketzia1954 has left the chat
HereticalSinn takes another swig from the bottle of jager he never bothered to put back, AND is smart enough to keep his mouth shut
AlucardRoseblood has joined the chat
Conjur isn't smart enough.
Anaya: -pats james on the head and stands up - first off hi there, and thank everyone for comeing
Zydros has joined the chat
Anaya: i will let Alucard load before i start with my speach reall fast lol aswell as new people
JamesSavage: I've stabbed people for less. -chuckles-
MrDraevynEien: -shuts up-
Conjur goes and grabs a beer.
AlucardRoseblood: im here now~chuckles~
JamesSavage: Take your chair with you.
Anaya: wonderful hun come on over and find a chair
HereticalSinn starts fidlin with the plant on the table
Anaya: Greetings most admired and valued guests. Many years ago I had a plan in imvu, to bring us all together as friends, as typists and as people. To leave our past our hates and our fears at the door and fall in love with the knowledge around us. Back then that dream that wish, seemed so very far away but today it all seems so clear and new, like I am doing it for the first time and at long last at the right time. Imvu has become our escape, our hide away from the things in the real world that make us hurt or cower, on here we can be anything we want, dragons, knights, guards protecting the ones we love or in my case a darn unicorn.
Anaya: We all see imvu as our home, family, community, we have brothers sisters children everything we could want a family to be, and so much I find people hiding in there own rooms, and before now I did the same thing, hidden under my rock of a room for the past three long years hiding from a mistake I did many years ago. But I want to end that distance with us, bring each of us closer, stronger, more together and unite us all under the banner of friendship in the real world, and today we start that. Today the library doors are made open forever never to close to anyone needing them. And no matter the hate, the pain or the slander we face I will personally hold the doors open even if my hands bleed from people forcing it back upon me, and I am left alone in what I stand for. We are a community, a group of the same people of equal people, and we need not hate one another for petty things or hide in our holes due to another’s reaction to us. Today marks the day we start as one, start coming together and start our real first getting the community together as one and not just talking about it behind closed doors. So to everyone here, it is my honor to have you and this humble librarian could not be happier with the group she finds herself in, you are my honored guests and every single one of you is loved and treasured. Thank you so much for coming to this event and we aim to have many more and just keep getting better as we go. So cheers, to friendships and the start of something bigger, a better imvu, a better role playing community, and a new start for everyone.
HereticalSinn holds his bottle in the air and takes another swig
AlucardRoseblood: ~he would smile as he listens~
JamesSavage: Hei- here, here. -coughs-
Anaya: so for us all, lets get to danceing and music, if anyone would like to play a mix feel free just all i ask, no "club" music if ever so posible but rock is alright, and i am sure there is enough drinks to make the night last long. and i remind everyone to be kind to one another, but i think that part we are doing very well at so far
HereticalSinn: you know...i feel wierd bein here instead of Card. thanks fer havin me though, its cool to be here, takin part.
JamesSavage: So far, so good.
AlucardRoseblood: ~he nods as he would twirl his fingers and a glass of crimson fluid would appear in his hand as he sips from it~
MrDraevynEien: Very well said hun.
ZandiraAurelianus: group dances on the sides by the tables, where the fog is, couples in the middle

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