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Cyber bullying and Stalking

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1 Cyber bullying and Stalking on Wed Oct 26 2016, 22:35


Cyber bullying and Stalking
June 08, 2016 11:08PM

Cyber bullying and stalking, typed on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 by Anaya

In this online world we play in there are dangers in the night and corners of our little rp homes community’s and safe zones. And when we think it is safe someone who’s up to be a friend that we really believe in, one look, one little thing can just make everything explode in a fray of temper and flare.

Three years ago I myself personally faced the wonder of a stalker, now here is the story and I can a sure you it is scary truth. I met a man online, I will not tell you his name for now we will just call him Leo, his full account name I will not be giving out. The three years ago I met him in a chatroom club that a friend was in, in full we talked a full of 6 words and a time lasted of 20 minuets, I was there with a friend so really was not paying attention to him.

After that first meeting he came to my room when I was afk, talked to my friends and just seemed like your normal guy, we talked again a bit more in depth for about an hour. After that he came to my room more often, never really said much just parked and I am guessing watched or…..other stuff. Now the about sixth time he proceeded to tell me how he had a undying love for me and how on our first meeting he just felt this connection between us and that we were meant to be, I kindly told him I am sorry but I have a man in the real world I am seeing in school and I wish you be left alone. He did not come back to my room again, but he did send me love mail every day for the next month, I ignored them all and deleted them, then he went silent for 2 weeks and I thought well he has not messaged me every day so he musty have at long last gotten over it. About a week after that I got a email, NOT a inbox a email from him….yes he had found me and I was in truth scared, not to to scared I did not take much if it but it did worry me. Now this email went into detail of some dirty topics I will not elaborate on but basically it was in depth of himself doing, things, to himself and thinking of me, then at the end it put words that melted into my mind “I know your face book -my real name here- you have beautiful red hair and I know were you live”

I was terrified, and I spent the next hours freaking out and wondering how it was possible I was found, my imvu is not linked to my Facebook hell my email is not even linked to my Facebook how did he find me my Facebook is on another email, a dead email that is long disabled. But I talked to my mom as I lived with her at the time and she told me it was hogwash and I calmed down. I had bin hacked and found by a person from the other side of the country. Now we did not pay any mind I got a couple more dirty emails from him but I blocked him on everything I could and enjoyed the silence. About a month after I got a letter….from him… my mail box. A hand written letter saying his love and how he would never stop loving me, and it had a bit of his…hair, in it. I am not kidding I still have it in my files just in case things ever start again.

my mom and I scared went to the cops for them to tell us it was a joke and to wait it out, we did, the letters kept coming, weekly and starting to grow more violent and if he was really wanting to come to my home and find me to as he put “rekindle our lost love” after about 20 or so came to us we took them all to the cops and said something had to be done as the last one was talking about him finding me to come get me and kill the man I was with, witch he mentioned by name. as he put “if I can’t have you he cant” the cops handled it and we found out it was an American man who was 38 who was only doing it to scare the crap out of me cus he had no life and nothing better to do then hack a girl in Canada to scare her. Well it worked, and I will not forget it. We never found out what was done with him but all we cared about was the letters and threats and love crud stopped and I was able to get back with my life.

Things like stalking do happen on imvu, some take it lightly and are like well block them, but people make ault accounts to keep up the stalking they go to your friends and it puts you in real harms way. Now some say it is just a game don’t be so stressed out don’t take it to heart. How can you not, you have this person coming around, following you wanting to know your name your info or finding out this information from friends or people you “trust” you never know a person on here, this is the internet after all. But what to do if you ever find a stalker or someone harassing you/bullying you.

-block them right away
-do not make contact with them
-distance yourself from the harasser
-make sure your close ring of friends knows about it
-tell friends not to give out your or their personal information
-do not give the person hurting you or stalking you reasons to keep doing it
-don’t taunt, bash, slander or openly tease the person hurting you/going after you, they could get more violent and it could push them into hurting you more or trying to hurt you more.
-don’t be a hero
-don’t let your friends be hero’s
-it the person makes more accounts, Boot block and more blocking, make sure they can’t get to you

Some people on imvu have crazy story on how they were hurt, how they were stalked, how things in bloody horror movies happened to them on here cus of here. I believe last year or a couple years back no joke imvu got sues by a family cus a girl killed herself because of imvu junk. This stuff DOES happen and if you are not careful it will to you. Please head this story this long thing to try to keep you safe. Don’t give out personal information to anyone unless you REALLY REALLY trust them and even then wait a bit longer. Don’t fall in love right away, get to know the person you are with you don’t know who they may be. People lie on here, and if people on here are reading this and know they have hurt others. Please don’t hurt anyone else, we all mess up, we are all human, and we all learn. please act responsibly online so you don’t end up hurting.


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