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Biographies for "The Merfolk of Valaria" Role Play

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The following are Biographies submitted for Role Play in the "Merfolk of Valaria". As Part of the DeLaRose world these characters can in theory interact with those from Iron Dynasty should they ever come into contact.
These Biographies were submitted on the IMVU Group Page set up for the Role Play, and reposted here.
Below is the Link to that page.

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This Bio is for my own character and will be played by myself, account name 'DayaAutum".
Copied from the IMVU Group Page where it was originaly submitted

Full Name: Vexylla
Shortname/Nickname: Vexylla
Age: 322 years
Age appearing: 25
Status: Mermaid, she is considered an adventurer and one relied upon to punish evil.
Occupation: As one considered especially gifted she is often called upon for difficult problems or heroic efforts , particularly to kill evil characters.
Race: Valarian Mermaid
Embrace: None
Elements: Water and Lightning
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Marital Status: Single.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral , however Vexylla inherited her Grandmother Morgylla's fiery enthusiasm for punishing evil, which can push her alignment ironicaly towards Chaotic Evil.
Deity: Leviathan
Allies: Leviathan and other Merfolk, those from the Divine and Divine Higher Gods
Enemies: Those who are evil and selected for punishment, those who hunt Merfolk due to misunderstanding their place and purpose in the world.

Father: Heram
Mother: Tresia
Grandmother: Morgylla
Siblings: None
Children: Varylla
Spouse: None

-Physical Description-
Height: Her total length is eight feet long. Her upper body is the size of a six foot tall human female from the waist up.
Weight: None of your business.
Eye Color: SIlver. As with all Merfolk she has slitted pupils.
Hair Color: Black  and long
Distinguishing Marks: She has natural black markings about her eyes and black lips.
Appearance: With long smooth but volumous black hair, even pale skin, sharp and crisp black markings about her eyes  and striking features she is a beauty. Her eyes are a dazzling silver and dark around the iris. Her nails are long and jet black.
She wears an abundance of black pearls and a circlet and rings from a ship wreck of an alloy of platinum nickel and iron set with black stones. The items were imitations of jewelry from a distant land belonging to undead royalty. Vexylla having been taught the history of that Royalty wears the jewelry as an insult and taunt to the evil said Royalty has defeated through out their history. Her tail and fins like Black Merfolk are reminiscent of a predator, in her case they resemble that of a barracuda, triangular fins and tail with strips of black and silver with salmon pink highlights.Her upper body is athletic with full breasts and curvy hips.

-Other Traits-
Phobias/Fears: Vexylla has a fear of the water in the environment drying up or draining. away.
Likes/Obsessions: Black pearls and dark crystals, brilliant sun sets. Sweet crisp fruits like apples or pears, raw eggs, and human eyes (to eat) Despite her legacy of being among the most dedicated and 'enthusiastic' punishers of evil, she is fond of humans and especially dragons who turn from it and seek to make the world better.
Dislikes/Peeves: Humans and Dragons, High Society. Cooked foods, greed, she has a particular distaste for those who use the law to nefarious ends, or those who keep strict rules unfair to others.
Common Spoken Languages: Common Language of Valaria
Uncommon Spoken Languages: Draconic

Physical: Well trained in the use of tridents and spears. Like all Valerian Mermaids her body can go from the high pressures of the oceans abyss to light atmospheric pressures with out damage or discomfort. The same holds true for freezing temperatures found in the polar ice caps to the heated waters found at thermal vents. Her race was created by the higher gods specifically to aid the Leviathan in the seas and they were created without organs or body chemistry that would react poorly to such changes. She and all Valerian Merfolk have excellent senses, particularly in ways beneficial to living in the sea. Eyes are slitted and can adjust to the bright sun and the darkness of the abyss. Eyes also are lined with reflective crystals much like a hammerhead sharks to give them excellent vision even in the darkest conditions. Strength and agility are similar to that of elves. She is also immune to poisons, a second their attribute. Her nails are black long and very strong as some Black Merfolk may have and sharpens them upon rocks.

-Can block telepathy and her mind can not be controlled by any means.
-Can detect magic, magical preps and casting as a natural ability with great detail about the magic.
-Not affected by fear inducing effects.
Vexylla has a keen and strategic mind and much training for the type of work she does. She would make a most excellent general for an army, she remains aware of the tiniest details that can give the advantage in a fight both in single combat and for a group of any size. Her sense of timing is superb. Her loyalties to the Merfolk and their purpose however would almost never allow her to ever seek a military career in an army, unless that army was specifically made by merfolk or the Leviathan, or allied with them for some purpose.

Spiritual: Her magical powers are water based with the exception of lightning.
Like all Valerian Merfolk she was born to wield magic, she needs no incantations or rituals to do her magic. Merely to think or will it.
-Can create whirlpools up to 100 feet wide and water funnels up to 50 feet tall
-Can either control the static electricity in the atmosphere and channel it as lightning or summon lightning targeting up to five targets.
-Can summon Hammer Head Sharks or Kracken.
-Can dispel magic by means of three separate abilities, to counter it, to drain the power behind it, or by redirecting it.
As with all Valerian Merfolk she can influence the evolution of aquatic life.
-Crush and Collapse, an ability that implodes projection is the water at a rate of one twenty foot cube per second. Which is more then normal as she has earned second tier. This ability normally does not work well with freezing projections but may reduce the area effected.
-Water Hardening. A second Tier ability that can turn a twenty foot cube of water into a hard gel under her control. Simple shapes only such as a blob or snake like shape. Only one such spell may be active at a time.
-Can cleanse up to a twenty foot cube of water of impurities or harmful effects as described in the racial bio.
-Detect magic
-Detect magic preps and casting.

-May influence one to feel like they are being hunted and cause light paranoia.
-Water and Air Cleansing, up to eight feet distance from her.

Weapons/Armor: Vexylla has no armor. Her weapons are a trident and a dagger, although both are as much tools as they are weapons. Both were carved from the beak of a dead Kracken and hardened in a thermal vent at the bottom of the sea blackening the weapons. Kracken beaks have microscopic plates that run through the beak that are even harder than the rest of the beak. It was an adaptation to make the beak self sharpening. As the beak wore down, the softer beak material wore away from the hard lines within the beak creating a razor sharp edge much like how rats teeth stay sharp. This characteristic is used when making these weapons giving them self sharpening edges that are razor sharp. Kracken beak when tempered in heat like what is found in thermal vents become as hard as the hardest metals and is as strong as the strongest metals but are incredibly light and remain flexible enough to bend under incredible strain. Vexylla’s trident is in total six feet in length. The outer prongs are ten inches in length and the inner prong is twelve inches. The prongs are six inches apart from one another and have outward facing barbs. The pommel end has a point that can be used when deeper penetration is desired. Her dagger is eight inches long and is a kris blade sharp along one edge. Both dagger and trident are all one piece. Such weapons and tools are the mainstay of Black Merfolk and while the Blue and Gold Merfolk both make their own weapons and tools from other sources, those made from Kracken beaks by the Black have are considered more desirable and may be used by the other color Merfolk as well when they have the chance to procure them. Kracken beak weapons are unaffected by magic or weapons that shatter or cut through other weapons as a magical ability or trait.  Krackens are unaffected by magic and weapons made from Kracken beaks retain this trait.

Personality: Vexylla towards other races can be cynical to the extreme at times. Towards dragons in particular she can be sarcastic and even antagonistic. She feels no need to explain herself to land creatures at all, with the exception of a rare few, mostly simple fisherman who know the Merfolk and are willing to listen to their advice when it comes to fishing. Towards them she can be far more friendly although still will not explain the ways of the Merfolk to them or give them any wisdom. She is practical and warm to those of the sea (excluding sailors and most fisherman) especially towards family. While on a mission vanquishing evil she tends to be more about business and keeps her mind occupied with the pleasures a Merfolk's blood thirst against wicked and lost characters give her. Towards the outside world she be harsh and brutal, obeying the ways of the Leviathan and her own inner nature as created by the divine for the purpose of aiding the Punisher Leviathan and walking in his ways with a knack for emphasizing the macabre whether by her words or her actions.

Her primary defense in magic is her dispels and barriers. SHe has barriers that can protect her from melee  as well. She usually will carry a vial of Kracken ink which will neutralize magic and stop fires. Physically she has her trident and her speed and agility and is immune to poisons. She can also summon the Hammer Heads and Kracken to her defense.

She is primarily offensive in combat. Her body is normal flesh and can be injured like any other creature of flesh with the exceptions of pressures and temperatures found in various parts of the sea. While she has magical defenses which can be used, freezing can be problematic for her.

Race: Valerian Mermaid. She is a Black Mermaid as she was born in the Abyss.

Character History:
Vexylla was born in the Abyss to a small and frail Mermaid of no particular strengths or abilities. Her mother Tresia , while well liked and beloved by those who knew her, was a small and frail Black Mermaid. She was grievously injured during childbirth and died a week latter leaving her to be raised by her renowned Grandmother of exceptional abilities. During her childhood she was well educated and trained to use her own substantial abilities to their maximum potential. Her grandmother was herself quite the heroine among the Merfolk and taught her many tricks and shared her wealth of experience with her. She was brought up with high expectations and practiced constantly till she had become the embodiment of excellence not only in magic , maneuvering and melee, but tactics and out witting an enemy.  When it came to the skills she would need to follow in her grandmothers footsteps, nothing but perfection and excellence was expected and accomplished even at a young age. When she was thirteen years of age her father died, but not before selecting the villages where she would go to continue her upbringing as was the custom among Merfolk. Her father selected villages that were rare as they had the very last of the White Merfolk who would as White Merfolk  did in the age to keep their minds rooted in this world, teach. He felt Vexylla needed more than skills to punish, he wished to expand her mind and heart to learn much more.  The end result was that she did learn much more but the blood lust within won out, and the superb education she was given served to become an encyclopedia for her tactical mind to employ. While she gained an appreciation and knowledge of far more, it did little to curb her following her grandmothers ways.
When she had completed her education and had left the Leviathan, equipped with a most desirable set of abilities and able to call the most desirable of creatures to her aid, namely the signature creatures of the Black Merfolk, the Kracken and Hammer Heads, she went on her way earning herself a reputation as a mermaid relentless and brutal in her efforts at punishing those of the land who caught the attentions of the Merfolk as hopelessly evil and in need of 'punishment'. She would return to her village a young heroine for her efforts and mate with different Blue Mermen and give birth to strongly gifted daughters whom when they had completed their education, roam the sea with them at times to walk the paths of the Leviathan. While Vexylla became powerful cunning and capable, and has gained quite the reputation, her fame is no where near the renown of her grandmother who can spread word and rally large armies of merfolk eager to follow the renowned Morgylla on what promises to be a feat of legend if needed. While proven, Vexylla is still no where near that level of fame and influence. Some, pleased and most impressed with her progress, wait eagerly for more stories of her exploits and grander spoils against those who spoil the world, while others look not to relive an age of famed merfolk. Still others look for new names instead of another Morgylla in who's shadow Vexylla falls under in their eyes.

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This Bio was turned in from Isa Autum, better known here as Mystic the Cat, Account name 'FiliaIsaSaton' and the original can be seen on the 'Merfolk of Valaria' group page on imvu. I am reposting it here as it is seen there. I edited this bio in order to include the photos seen on the original. I have in no way altered the text from what was posted by Isa.


Re: Biographies
November 10, 2016 11:47AM

Full Name:Alana
Shortname/Nickname: Ala
Age: 150
Age appearing: 20
Status: Mermaid
Occupation: Scout
Race: Blue Valarian Mermaid
Embrace: None
Elements: water
Gender: female
Orientation: straight
Marital Status:single
Current Marital Status: single
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Leviathan
Allies: other mermaids and sea animals
Enemies: man
Father: Hergonis
Mother: Saharna
Children: none
Spouse: none
-Physical Description-
Height: Upper body is the same size as a Five foot 6 inch tall human. Total length with tail Seven feet 4 inches
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: blue green
Hair Color: blue green
Distinguishing Marks: there a large scar across the left eye and over her nose and then leads in to her right eye
Appearance: long blue green tail with its hint of purple on it and her blue almost gray green skin. She is covered In random scales and she has long wavy blue green hair that curls at the tips, her face has a scar the run across her left eye and leads in to her right eye . her eyes are green and foggy in the centers.

-Other Traits-
Phobias/Fears: Nets and other objects too close to her face
Likes/Obsessions: She loves to collect flowers from the surface.
Dislikes/Peeves: Trash thrown over board ships and into the ocean from shore by man
Common Spoken Languages:Valarian common
Uncommon Spoken Languages: Draconic
Physical: Her body is able to adapt to the differences of pressure from the deepest ocean abyss to light atmosphere quickly. The same is true of extreme temperatures from the heat of the seas from thermal vents to the polar ice caps. She is as fast, agile and strong as most elves with exceptional senses and slited eyes filled with reflective crystals for unprecedented night vision. She can breath both air with lungs and her throat is linned with special gills, when breathing under water water passes both in and out as she breaths.
Mental: Unable to be mind controlled and can block telepathy.
Spiritual: Water based abilities
She uses no incantations or rituals for her magic, she does them naturally at will.
Able to summon Rogue waves
She is able to sing the Siren's song to lure creatures of the land irresistibly to her.
She has a variety of counter spell abilities.
She can call both a common dolphin and a pelagic stingray [].
Auras: One is mystified by her presence and wonders of the origins of life.
Weapons/Armor: she has a spear made from whale bone, seaweed and a sharp slate rock for the head.
Personality: After her ordeal she took and became very stand off ish. She has learned to over come her blindness but it all so made it hard for her to become close to any one. She would often be found alone and would separate from the others in a given group.
A dolphin and a sting ray at her side, she believes in trying to always first to attack before being attacked. She keeps her spear, and her power over the waves.
being a loner and not wanting others to close she often has to do things on her own and despite the power to friend sea animals she often dose not try as she dose not want help from anyone .. this making her think if she asked she be thought weak. No healing abilities.
Race: Blue Valarian Mermaid
Character History:
Though her sight was limited she was not entirely blind, this did not mean that the memory was not any less frightening. This dell in the back of her mind every time she breached the surface an. But she was also very careful her spear always in hand or cloths to her body. It was many years ago though she never would be able to forget one detail as it bands in to her memory like a brand on a cow. The nets, they often caught sea critter and this was all so many times the end of most of them. She could still feel the burns on her scaly skin as she squirmed and fought to free herself. But 5 at the times, and full of spite, like all little ones they think they are as able as the elder ones. It was this pride that landed her in that net that day, the sun was bright and she cried out as she fought with all her little might. The net on the other hand just keep pulling her up higher and higher as she was rose above the water as this happen she could feel all the water rush out and pore from the net as if it could not escape fast enough. Her poor little heart pounded just as fast as the other fish in the net with her and they to cried out in fear. This was traumatic enough but then the net spilled out on the deck and she rolled out her body hitting hard on the rough wooden deck of a large ship (at the time it was large to her) holding her tail she cried in fear. This was also another lesson to her There was no kindness given to her and she was not thrown back to her beloved sea no the man creatures never were known for that. They instead grabbed her and went to tied her down, in which she screamed and cried in a loud high pitch. As she did the man creature walked up to her and smacked her across the face his ring scratch her eyes and things became slightly blur. As his hand went across her face she bit in to his hand and he yelled out in pain. the sound threw off the man creatures that were trying to hold the little mermaid down. She did not need to think twice about taking advantage about this as she slid her body across the deck. Her hand lifted her over the ships edge and she leaped into the water.Trembling as she swam deeper into the dark blue waters she called home. Now a day her sight is cloudy though in some lights she is not able to see at all. Not that this stops her they say when one since is weaken the rest steps up and become stronger

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This biography was submitted by PersphoneLuciano on the IMVU group page listed above for this RP, and reposted here by myself

Full Name: Caprice
Short name/Nickname: Capri
Age: 250 yrs. old
Age appearing: 25
Status: mermaid
Occupation: asserts herself where she may be needed to use her gifts to ensure the safety of her people.
Race: Valarian Mermaid
Embrace: none
Elements: water
Gender: Female
Orientation: straight
Marital Status: single
Current Marital Status: single

Alignment: chaotic neutral
Deity: Leviathan
Allies: Leviathan, and other merfolk
Enemies: anything or anyone who threaten the safety of the Valarian mermaids or our Deity

Father: Raider
Mother: Dawn
Siblings: none
Children: none
Spouse: none

-Physical Description-
Height: 8 ft. tall with tail and upper body combined
Weight: Don't ask
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: sea green tipped with silver
Distinguishing Marks: elaborate design on her face next to both eyes, crown of scales along her forehead
Appearance: beautiful female features with pale bluish green skin with green scales on most of the body but only cover forehead on the face, long sea green hair with silver tips, slanted green reptilian like eyes, green leaf pad covering breast with a tail that matches at the waist and gradually darkens to match the hair closer to the tail fin with light brown translucent fins on the tail and arms.

-Other Traits-
Phobias/Fears: dying at the hands of humans, all the water of the plant to dry up and leave all underwater creatures defenseless and suffering.
Likes/Obsessions: clams, shrimp, and human tongue (quiet delectable), all animals, tsunami, hurricanes, and tropical storms
Dislikes/Peeves: humans, trespassing, jelly fish with their temperamental attitudes and stinging tentacles
Common Spoken Languages: Valarian
Uncommon Spoken Languages:

Physical: Well-trained to use a spear to hunt efficiently and with deadly accuracy, able to move through all depths of the ocean without being harmed by water pressure, body is able to adjust to any climate or temperature change, acute senses, excellent vision, can see in the lightest and darkest waters with ease, strength and agility
Mental: block telepathy, can’t be controlled, influence over animals of the sea
Spiritual: water based magic with think and it shall be done complexity that anything is possible as long as the brain can create the way, able to produce massive tidal waves up to 50 ft. with enough destructive force to wipe out entire villages, has a siren song that lures all who hear it into the depths of the sea, influence aquatic evolution
Can summon Orca's and dolphins

Weapons/Armor: Spear made with crushed and fused clam shells and sand, arrowhead shaped at the top of the spear while more dagger shaped at the end light weight and 6 ft. in length from tip to tip, razor sharp nails and teeth.

Personality: She is shy when you first meet her but don’t mistake that as a weakness, while you aren’t looking she’s always watching studying and learning and waiting for the perfect time to strike. She's elusive and has a tendency to wonder off from the group but is never alone because she always has a friend nearby. She hates all things human, hunters more so because her love for all animals makes her kill them with extreme prejudice. She is a great hunter in the water with the ability to blend into the surrounds with a little help from her aquatic friends. She is warm to her friends (animals aquatic or not and all merfolk) but can be a bit blunt and feels no need to apologize because she is never wrong even when she is to those who don’t belong to the water.

She has her double bladed spear, her magic, her ability to influence animals to aid her, speed, strength, and agility

She can be injured same as other creatures.

Race: Valarian Blue Mermaid

Character History: Caprice was born in tropical waters where the waters are warm and keeps various shades of blues and greens making it possible for her to blend in unnoticed with the water. Her mother Dawn is a good natured woman who enjoys tending to the merchildren, teaching them the ways of the merfolk and tending to the wounded (mostly the mermen and the occasional animal) Her father Raider is a strong minded survivor who enjoys the hunt and providing and protecting his merfolk. Caprice's father teaches the young how to hunt like the deadliest predator and how to survive on their own because "you never know when you will find yourself in a situation where you have no one else to hold your hand" her father would always stress the importance of using everything around her to her advantage that everything can be used for something. Her mother would stress that all life is precious and to never take anything or anyone for granted. Even though Caprice was the only child she was far from spoiled. She tended to the wounded with her mother and she hunted with her father and when she found herself needing a place away from the group she would always go to the reef and mingle with the creatures that called it home. As per customer when a merchild reached a certain age they would be sent to join a new village to learn from them new skills that could be useful to the village they are from. Her father scouted many villages and found one he liked the best and sent his only child out on her own to find it. She had never been on her own and she got lost a few times here and there but she would finally find the village she would call home for a time. She would learn new skills to add to the ones she currently masters and when she returns home she will make her family and village proud. Thus her story begins anew and her new life awaits.

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Full Name: Kain Fatalis
Shortname/Nickname: Glasgow(Glas), Hyde, Lex
Age: Unknown
Age appearing: Roughly 25 
Status: Wandering Mask Maker 
Occupation: N/A 
Race: Weapon Class Reaper
Embrace: N/A
Elements: Lightning and Flame 
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual, mostly into men
Marital Status: Single
Current Marital Status: Single

Allignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Unknown 
Allies: His brothers
Guild:  Tribus
Enemies: Unknown

Father: Shura Fatalis
Mother: Nora Fatalis
Siblings: Alystair Fatalis (Twin Brother), Kyo Kuza (Brothers-in-arms that adopted each other)
Children: N/A
Spouse: N/A

-Physical Description-
Height: 6'7" in his normal form
Weight: 167lbs 
Eye Color: Left pale yellow while his right is icy silver
Hair Color: Varies from grey, white and black usually
Distinguishing Marks: Many rune and alchemic style markings cover the man's body 


-Other Traits-

Phobias/Fears: Centipedes, spiders, cuccos, being confined.
Likes/Obsessions: Mangos,  pears, smoking, mask making, artifact hunting, protecting those around him, tuna, dark places, music, sparring, messing with people, being devious, psychology, sociology, observation, experimental reactions, deals, bets.
Dislikes/Peeves: When the bite doesn't match the bark, bright light, heat, cages, restrictions, pickles, green olives, loud personalities, children, those who are extremely close minded, overly perky people, people.
Common Spoken Languages: Common tongue 
Uncommon Spoken Languages:  Draconic, elven, bit of latin


Physical: Kain has studied a variety of hand to hand combat styles ranging from various forms of martial arts to boxing, he prefers to mix them during combat.  Enjoying new things the man likes to use a variety of weapons or even just use what's around him, in his mind a bit of an on the spot challenge just adds to the entertainment.  
Shape-shifting:  Able to change his form quiet a bit.

Dog Form:  About the size of a dire wolf this is something he picked up as a kid, it's not used in battle.  The appearance is what looks to be a large abyssal black dog or wolf, it's unknown what specifically it is.

Weapon form: Being what he is the man can form a blade nearly anywhere on his body, he can form a shadowed version of his true weapon form naturally this isn't as strong and then there is his full weapon form which is exactly as it sounds.  With the blades made up of his aura getting cut by one not only cuts flesh but tears at the soul, with his toxic aura regeneration of the afflicted area is slowed down.

Mask Making:  He occasionally wears masks that alter his appearance
Mental: Kain loves mind games, anyone trying to get in his head may be in for a disturbing surprise. 
Spiritual: Kain can use a variety of magic, his main uses are weilding the element of lightning and also flame which he is still training with, the other type is his clan's sealing magic used to bind entities into masks.  The runes and markings that cover his body is the written technique used by the Fatalis clan in order to draw the spell quickly. 
Auras: Kain tends to keep his aura in check due to it's toxic nature, should he chose to wield it it's appearance is black and grey with flame-like movement.  It's wise not to let the aura come in contact with flesh as it is rather toxic and can slow the healing process.  It could either be used similar to his elements or in the construction of his blades.
Weapons/Armor: The man's weapons usually involve twin rapiers, several bags of shrapnel and metal powder, as for his armor he tends to stick with minimal things such as metal shin guards and arm guards to allow for agile movements.  Technically whether he is carrying a weapon or not he is always armed.
Personality: Capricious, he can appear to be rather whimsical and playful yet his actual reasoning and intention varies.  He has a tendency to get cold and serious especially in dire situations.  He tends to move with tact and a goal in mind whether to gain favor or to get information. 


Resistant to Cold:  Kain quite enjoys the cold, able to withstand temperatures others may find to be uncomfortable.  This is nothing major, for cold to effect him it would have to be harsh.

Lightning element:  Being that he can use it himself extensively he is resistant to most forms and levels of lightning.

Resistant to Poison:  Kain has high poison resistance, it is very unlikely that there is one strong enough to kill him however other results such as extreme illness and immobilization are possible outcomes.


Bright Lights:  Having the ability to see in the dark bright lights near blind him.

Heightened Senses: He has sensitive hearing and sense of smell.

His regeneration is at a fair pace and within reason, large amounts of damage will do the trick, there are plenty of ways to bring him down.

Race: Weapon Class Reaper

Kain is a Weapon Class Reaper, this means he is a reaper with his prime function being a weapon.  Classically reapers would work in pairs, one a wielder and the other a weapon.  This allowed for the team to protect one another while also grow stronger, the Fatalis clan was primarily known for their mask ceremonies and preferred to keep to themselves fond of their mystery.  In Kain's case his twin brother was a Wielder Class, naturally the two paired up. 

Character History:

((WIP-  This has been put off for a ridiculously long time.))

Other:  Kain had enjoyed visiting all sorts of places especially ones that grant a change of scene from his normal travels, during this expedition he was given the task to put an end to a frenzied sea serpent that had sunken a growing handful of ships.  Always enjoying the odd jobs as they did provide a fair amount of entertainment the man had set on his task, having a wary crew take him out to lure the creature to him before diving into the depths to face the creature with one of his recently acquired masks of a river spirit that had taken the form of a dragon.  With this mask he is able to take the form of the dragon, in this case a long tube-like creature with silver scales covering it's body with a pale blue mane running down it's spine from head to tail tip.  Stretching to the length of thirty five feet, the main abilities gained from this mask besides the form was the ability to fly/hover and maneuver/breath under water.  His own magic he was still able to use in this form.  With the sea serpent being on the larger size around sixty feet in length the fight lasted a fairly decent amount of time before the man had weakened the creature enough to remove his mask and draw up his sealing circle to bind the massive thing into a blank mask.  Once complete the man returned to the surface with his new mask in hand, quite battered and bleeding from the battle; the crew had watched the battle from a safe distance and picked him up when he resurfaced.

Since then about fifty years had passed, continuing on his wanderings the man had returned in hopes of branching out his wanderings to the sea as well now that he had refined the sea serpent mask and worked with it to perfect it's take over effect.  Once the man places the mask over his face the item seems to merge and disappear with his head as his body transforms into a half form that stretches twelve feet from head to tail tip, his scales and fins all a mix of black and pale slate blue with flashes of silver when the light hits it.  The man's hair grows in length and shifts to a low vibrancy blue shade, aside from a pair of long horns matching the serpent's he still held  a prominent resemblance to his usual self.  The abilities of this mask alter the appearance for underwater maneuvering, Kain can still use his magic but can not be wearing a mask when sealing a mask. Beyond exploring the depths of the sea and what dwells within it the man is also curious of his mask to see how long he can wear it in one go along with discovering any other abilities hidden within it.

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