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World Maps, Valeria Rose Has Thorns Part 2

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1 World Maps, Valeria Rose Has Thorns Part 2 on Mon Nov 21 2016, 06:42


Main Map ~ Rose Has Thorns Part Two

City Flags and Crests

"The Iron Dynasty- Owner Anaya" " Vandenburg Coven- Owner Sephiria
"Terra Avesta - Destroyed ""Frothmire - Unowned"

"Avalon - Unowned " "GalandorPeak - XaeiDeLaRose""Inforos - Owner Lunaria"
"Clovers Stand - Unowned""Braidwood -Owner Xirelian"

Base Locations of Towns and Castles

Lands and Areas Controlled by the Iron Crown  Friendly - 100%  Ignoros, %75 Terra AvestaUnfriendly 90% Fothmire  59% Roselake

  • Mill Mire
  • City of Iron Stone
  • Ruins of Old Iron Keep
  • Izen Hort
  • Delmdge Temple
  • Island of Corn

Lands and Areas controlled by Terra Avesta   Friendly - 60%  Iron Capital, Fothmire - 80% Unfriendly Ignoros,  - Natural, Rose Lake

  • Eagles Watch

  • Ruins of Old Terra Avesta

  • Ruins of St Gorge Church

Lands and areas Controlled by Ignoros    Friendly - 80% Iron Capital, -  Unfriendly 100%  Frothmire, 60%  Rose Lake  67% Terra Avesta

  • Fire Guard Tower
  • Inforosa
  • Heed
  • Town Under Heed

Lands and Areas Controlled by Frothmire   Friendly 70% Terra Avesta  52% Roselake  -  Unfriendly, 100% Iron Capital, 90% Ignoros

  • Cufaer Ville
  • Bevale
  • Clover Watch

Lands and Areas Controlled by RoseLake  Friendly -Has Bond With the Mermaids - Unfriendly, 80% Iron Capital, 60% Ignoros  - Natural Terra Avesta

  • Epipton Sea Watch

Lands and Areas that Own Themselves

  • Demoor Island
  • Mermaid Lands and Villages

Lands/Kingdoms that Own Nothing Right Now

  • Braidwood
  • Avalon
  • CloverStand
  • Galandorpeak
  •  Vandenburg Coven

  • White Raven Castle

Lands that Have Bin Destroyed

  • Terra Avesta 

Iron Stone City

The City of Iron, who's True name of Iron Stone was founded once the land was taken under rule of The DeLaRose family. Once a broken slum bucket of a town based at the foot of a large hill, filled to the brim with the poor, smelling of death and ale, now has become a busheling keep filled with merchants and even song, as you walk the stoned streets laced with the crowns banners. Resting in the distance of this rich and fruitful large city is the shadow of the empire building its self the leading and ruling force all through out Valeria, if you look hard enough you can see the banners from the towns base.

Iron stone is known for its inns, brothels and its clean well kept outside were even in the hot sticky summer months you can not smell the gunk in the sewers.... that much.  

On top of it all (other then the brothels that is for sure number one, then girls are beautiful!) the leading industry is the market booths, always selling at a understandable price, you can get anything your heart craves from apples to slaves, there is even one stand that one day a week sells elephants right from the southern lands. and all sweets are sold on Mondays be sure to grab your favorites from candied rats to crisp caramel toads, they even coat fruits with candy, who would have thought!

Inforos Map

City's Within the Inforos Rule
Main City Ignoros

  • Cobble Stone
  • Cobble Stone Watch
  • Tarrin 
  • Over The Stone Guard
  • Summer Vale guard
  • Clear Water Pond Tower
  • Lancaster Stronghold – Castle
  • Creed
  • Orkney
  • Iolrath Petyra
  • Taredd Dorra
  • Swindmore
  • Sea of Sands Watch
  • Warrington  - Castle
  • Wars Hold
  • Whaelrdrake Watch
  • Fire Guard Tower
  • Inforosa
  • Heed
  • Town Under Heed

Firedor Map

City's Within the Firedor Rule
Main City Frothmire

  • Cufaer Ville
  • Bevale
  • Clover Watch
  • Lockinge
  • Silverkeep - Castle
  • Penance
  • Widows Watch
  • The Crows Nest
  • Glarnyraefon
  • The Wall
  • Macar Tower
  • Ogars Stand

Rose Lake is to Small to Hold a Map


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Unexplored landscape, properly named Signus and also known as "The Dark Side" of Valaria. this area is known to some outsiders.
As more is found out more map will be filled in.

  • Castle Stoivania (Ruler LilDolly)
  • Town Farquad
  • Ragnarok -Gray Elf Zone

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Iron Capital Points of Interest
-Iron Castel
-The One Eyed Brothel
-Hogs Water Tavern
- Elagors Giving of the Egg Monument

-Temple Of Contemplation
-Taste of Heaven Cake Shop
-Newworld HobGoblin Gold Holdings
-The Golden Gladiator Coliseum
-Mytylk Edge
-The Bottom's Up Brewers
-Mountain View Cemetery
-Misty Wood
-Lexicon Library
-The Dwarven Beard
-Cures and Curses
-The Pointless Bells Pub
-The Longing Toad  Tavern
-Iron Redoubt Watch Tower


“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
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Castle blue prints, Layout

Atic Layout

Dungon/Catachoms Layout

Castle First Floor Layout

Castle ground Floor Layout

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All maps updated as of 26.11.2017

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