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Sahliel Xaeclaeus Interitio (Reborn)

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1 Sahliel Xaeclaeus Interitio (Reborn) on Wed Jan 11 2017, 15:48



Name: Sahliel Xaeclaeus Interitio  Or Sahl

Species/Race: Former Chaos Dragon, Reborn as  Divine Black Gold Dragon Due to (IMG- Increased Melanism Gene Which means He is pure black.)

Climate and Terrain: Ruins, Grasslands, Mountains, Steppes

Class: Caster/Tank/Attack class Depends on form.

Frequency: Very rare

Organization: Former Kingdom Of Interitio

Activity Cycle: Night

Diet: Meat, Ash, and precious gemstones

Intelligence: High

Age:  5430 Dragon years.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

In a time not yet come Sahl was a simple man and a loving father, Or at least he felt he was up unto a point. He had a loving daughter and a pretentious son. The both of which got along perfectly, or so he thought. Like all siblings they had thoughts of ruling and tearing the other down.  Sahl cherished his daughter and spoiled her and cared little for his son he felt that in time  a cruel treatment would make him tough and worthy of the name Interitio. His daughter ruled her kingdom with an iron fist. Not tyrannical but firm. Everything was good and the years rolled on without a hitch, Haku grew more and more a nuisance as Anaya grew more and more reliable. "Hmm spoiling the girl made her tough and reliable as for the boy he is useless all he wants to do is bring his inheritance to rubble. That is if he live long enough to inherent  it." Sahl lips parted in a cruel smile  and gears began to move like a clock ticking off to midnight. "That is perfect!!" He laughed as a wonderful idea sprang to mind.  Sahl in his own right was evil or at least evil to a degree of caring for his own kingdom. He would rather the blood be on his own hands than have a useless bastard take the crown and drive the kingdom into the ashes. "So many things to set up I need ingredients and blood lots of it... hehehehehe" he softly chuckled to himself. His finger traced his cheek and gently tapped his jaw as he pondered for a moment. "Serving wench.." he bellowed through the halls getting the attention of guards and servants alike. A few moments passed as a small thin woman briskly walked into the room.  She was  about 5'6 very thin with pointed ears. She had a very beautiful face marred only by a wicked scar tracing along her jaw. She had dirty golden hair from working within the kitchen so long. Her jade eyes darted around the room never setting upon her lords face. She bowed courteously and quickly as she spoke her voice trembled a little bit.  "yy-es my-lord..." Sahl simply smiled Severn was his most loyal servants. She was loyal to him for he spared her hands from the chopping block, for theft of bread for herself. Even in his kingdom there were people living in squalor not because they lacked jobs. More-so because the whore houses did not keep their legs shut and released these miscreants onto the streets. "Ahh yes sevren... my dear dear sevren.. I need you to do me a favor more of a collection you see and this must be between you and me... You will do this for me won't you.." he smiled and slowly left his throne making his way toward the young girl. "W-what is it ya ask of me m-my-lord.." she squeaked softly as the overwhelming presence enveloped her. "Why my dear sevren it is simple... I need you to fetch some items for me." he whispered into the young girls ear his tongue tracing along her earlobe. This sent shivers down her spine she knew the lord was serious and was toying with her at the same time. "y-yes my lord, what would you like me to retrieve?" she shut her eyes trying to find a happy place her inner thigh moistened as sahl toyed with her more. As abruptly  as it began it stopped. He felt her temp rise as her ears burned bright red. He chuckled, "Why my dear severn I need you to fetch me some sandalwood shavings from the mill, Some jasmine and myrrh from the apothecaries. You will do this for me right?" He knew she would not deny him as his clawed fingers wrapped around her jaws and wrenched her head up his Emerald and crimson hues piercing hers. "You will do this right?" She shivered she never seen such a vicious stare almost peering into her. She was scared and full of fear it was clear to see and she lost control of her bladder. Tears welled up in her eyes and she pouted and sniffed. "Yy-es *sniff*my-lord.." she whimpered as Sahl released his grip upon her. "very good that is all sevren, also on your way out fetch a maid to clean up this mess, and remember this is between you and me.." he smiled bearing rows of sharp teeth.
Hours passed maybe more. His patience was getting the better of him. "Guards!" he growled. The Guard heard him clearly but was afraid to enter despite incurring his majesties wrath.  "Yes me-lord?" the guard meekly calls out from the hallway. Sahl at this point became more and more frustrated. "I need you here! not out in the hallway you blithering buffoon.. What do I pay you for?" sahl growls through  his teeth as he descends the stairs to his throne his loosely draped cloak billowing behind him as the pads of his bare feet clap against the cold stone floor. *Clap clap clap clap* "yes my-lord coming my-lord you needed me my-lord?" the guard rushed in hurriedly not wanting  to anger him anymore than he already was."Also my-lord you do not pay me.. you let my family live as payment for my services in your army, also because I was a criminal." the guard said as  he fell to one knee his sword clanking against the floor. "Ahh yes I remember. Well boy I need you to do me a favor. It has come to my attention that my loving dear son of mine has been causing his sister some heart ache I am sure it is all in good nature and fun, but do pass this on to his ears and his ears alone do you hear me? If anyone else catches wind of this your ears will be the price along with your families heads. Anyhow, tell my boy haku to take his sister out to the forest to the fields of white lilies. I want them to get along and makeup. Also tell him I have news for him and I will be there." sahl chuckled softly. "Yes I will be there. Now go, report back here once you have finished. I might have another task for you." Sahl's plans were coming together the ground work for one of the best untold assassinations in history was unfolding before him. "Ahh yes I do like the sound of that. Tis a pity history books will not know who or why haku perished. I am sure anaya will not miss him much. As for that whore he called his mother I am sure she is dead in a ditch somewhere so I doubt it will matter much to her." Sahl  thought to himself as the guard rushed out. He slowly rocked on his toes and heels before pivoting back and taking up his throne in a few strides. To some of the maids it almost looked like he was dancing with glee, but they all knew he did not like to dance. "Ahhh what to do now. Yes chalk i need chalk for the summoning circle.." he muttered softly as he placed his jaw upon his balled fist. He began to whistle a merry tune to himself as his aura whisked and danced around the room beautiful colors and hues of purple and shades of black hardly seen in nature. He mainly did this to amuse himself. He yawned as the dancing stopped seemingly in tune with his whistling. "Ahh might as well get started the guests of honor will be arriving shortly, and the stage must be set for the final act in my grand play." He laughed as He pressured his mind and thoughts into his aura taking a more dominant stance over it instead of letting it move about it it's own. Slowly the shadows colluded together forming what seemed to be a hand as he began to trace along the ground it etched and gouged the stone surface with runes and sigils most to normal people looked like scribbles.  Within those sigils and runes he applied another layer of sigils and runes of varying types each with a independent meaning from the first set compressing the summoning circle into another summoning circle. with each gouge and mark resounding amidst the castle halls driving some people insane. 
~What the seal looked like once finished and cleaned of rocks and pebbles~


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