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Biographies for The Valley of Ignoros

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1 Biographies for The Valley of Ignoros on Thu Jan 19 2017, 12:31

Biographies are a necessary tool of the RP and thusly, you are expected to use the following RP skeleton application for creating a biography to match the character you intend to play. With that being said, please be reminded that overpowered characters and Mary Sue’s/Gary Stu’s are not a piece of the accepted RP and will be asked to be recreated. If you have questions about what the above character types are, please feel free to do your own research or ask a DM for more information. 

If you have any questions (which we encourage you to have) please feel free to ask. 

Some sections of the bio can be removed, depending on their relevance to the character (example: a human may have spiritual abilities but not racial abilities, whereas a Dragon has all three abilities to complete.)

We request only fantasy art only, no anime images, IMVU Avatar images or real life images. The image should be tasteful, and meet the physical size limit of 500x225. Pleas edit the image to meet these parameters, and show what matters on the image, you are welcome to host via the forum or use a site like Photobucket as an image host. Image editing software like Photoshop, or GIMP can be used, or simply taking time using a site like PicMonkey can be used. 

Keep a copy of the original image for yourself, ask for help if you need it. Images can be updated at any time.


Consider the setting and the importance of a name that will stick, and matches with the world around you. If the character uses a nickname in lieu of their usual name, be sure to add this in parentheses in this portion of the biography for later recognition. Be sure to choose a last name in accordance to the world and its important families.


If you are unsure of races within the world refer to the appropriate section with the information pertaining to the races within the world. If hybrid races are permitted, please discuss with your DM with biography explaining the use of said race within the world. Some races are specific in number, so if you wish to make a character of such a race, bring it up to the DM to see if you are allowed before proceeding. Each race has abilities which must be addressed.

'Last Member of a Race' tropes will not be accepted as a home brew, so please keep this in mind.



The other section can belong to any things outside of the general norm of "family'. This can include, close friends, godparents/godchildren, teachers, familiars and others your RPC might consider worthy of frequent interaction. 

Please remember to keep this updated with new information.



This can refer to scars, piercings, body markings or parts of your RPC that differ from the average Joe. Of course, there isn't any need to explain reasons for piercings, but any abnormal changes which occur due to physical anomalies on the body during particular action (i.e. birth marks lighting up upon activation of energies, or eyes changing color with shape shifting.) should be documented for later updating. Please answer any questions the DM might bring up to maintain realism in regards to your RPC.


Here is where you're expected to write out the history of your character, and sometimes summarizing isn't enough. With long term events that change your RPC please go into detail, though with non-important details please abstain from explaining. Keep up to date with story line, changing your characters relevant history should keep everything up to date.

If you are unable to understand and add syntax to your biography, you are encouraged to ask a DM for aid. Likewise with images, as there are specific size parameters expected for each image, and hosting is available upon request. If you do not add syntax yourself, your bio will be edited to include it, likewise with your image, so to match the other biographies of the roleplay.

You will be notified if the biography is in need of editing, or if it is removed. You are asked to keep a saved copy of your biography at all times just in case of misplacement, deletion or need of being re-uploaded to the forum at any time. 

You are responsible for keeping your Biography up to date.

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