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Bio's for Stoivania

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1 Bio's for Stoivania on Thu Jan 26 2017, 16:08

Here is the Outline for All To Use 

Full Name: 
Age: ((How old is the character total?)) 
Age appearing: ((How old does your character look?)) 
Status: ((Are you an Emperor, Empress, King, Queen, Advisor?)) 
Occupation: ((This would include your responsibilities within your Empire/Kingdom/Roleplay.)) 
Embrace: ((Do you suffer from a disease such as Lycanthropy, Vampirism? And when did this occur in your characters timeline?)) 
Elements: ((If applies)) 
Orientation: ((Sexual orientation of your character. This will help us to better understand if a woman is hitting on a woman or vice versa)) 
Marital Status: ((Of the character. Do not name spouse here, if married. If Divorced or single, that is ok too.)) 
Current Marital Status: ((If differs from above, such as if Divorced or Single. If divorced or single, are you seeing someone?)) 

Allignment: ((Are you good, evil, neutral?)) 
Deity: ((If applies. If not, leave blank, or say none. Give a brief description of who your deity is if not a common deity.)) 


-Physical Description- 
Weight: ((Optional for women, as I know they do not always like to add this.)) 
Eye Color: 
Hair Color: 
Distinguishing Marks: ((Tattoos or scars?)) 
Appearance: ((Under your description of your characters Appearance feel free to add a Picture of your Character.)) 

-Other Traits- 
Dislikes/Peeves: ((Character's Dislikes and Peeves. Not your personal Dislikes or Peeves.)) 
Common Spoken Languages: ((English, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc...)) 
Uncommon Spoken Languages: ((Drow, Elvish, Dwarvish, Draconic, etc...)) 

Physical: ((physical abilities such as martial arts, shape-shifting, etc... Here is where you would describe each of your abilities at length. If you are a shape-shifter, please sub categorize your forms under Shape-shifting.)) 
Mental: ((Mind-reading? Though that one had better not be in a biography.. Telepathy would be better. Dreamwalker?)) 
Spiritual: ((From where is your magic derived? Is it Divine or Arcane? That would go here.)) 
Auras: ((Do you carry any aura around you? What for?)) 

Weapons/Armor: ((Please state if the weapon or armor is not derived of your race and the reason for such so that I do not question this List each weapon, ammunition, armor. Where you got it, or if you made it, etc...)) 

Personality: ((Be as descriptive as possible.)) 

((List any special defenses your race uses. Does your character carry a special artifact or trinket for protection? Where was it received, or made?)) 

((List your characters weaknesses. And "???" Does not count. ALL creatures have at least one weakness. This is not your characters passions/vices...)) 

((If your race is an uncommon race, give a short synopsis of the society. Is it Matriarchal, Patriarchal? How well does the society function? Where is the race founded?)) 

Character History: 
((This section is the most important. It gives a better idea of the trials and successes of your character. Be as detailed as possible. Include any event you find important. Tell as much as possible about you so that others will best know how to interact with you.))

♥Anarial ♥
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2 Anarial, Queen of Stoivania on Thu Jan 26 2017, 16:09

Full Name: Anarial DeLaRose 
Shortname/Nickname: Ana 
Age: 128 
Age appearing: 16 
Status: Adopted child to Anaya DeLaRose 
Race: Wood Elf 
Elements: Ice/water/fire/earth 
Gender: Female 
Orientation: Bi-sexual 
Marital Status: single 

Alignment: neutral 
Deity: Corellon Larethian: leader of the elven pantheon, and the god of Magic, Music, Arts, Crafts, Poetry, and Warfare 
Enemies: None at the moment 

Father: unknown 
Mother: Anaya (Adopted) 
Siblings: jeff and talon DeLaRose 
Children: None 
Spouse: None 

-Physical Description- 
Height: Six foot four 
Weight: 160 pounds 
Eye Color: Light Grey/blue 
Hair Color: Snow white 
Distinguishing Marks: Scar on her whole back and legs. Black forehead bindi that is an upside down the moon. 
Appearance: Fair skinned. Long straight white hair. Wears little to no make-up. 

-Other Traits- 
Phobias/Fears: spiders. Snow. 
Likes/Obsessions: Swimming, snakes, lizards, hunting, exploring, traveling. 
Dislikes/Peeves: Childish behavior, most other females. Humans. 
Common Spoken Languages: English 
Uncommon Spoken Languages: Elvish 

Physical: specialize in long range hunting and fighting with a bow and arrows. 
Mental: None 
Spiritual: Arcane magic 

Weapons/Armor: Daggers, throwing stars, katanas, the long bow. Tends to dress in light leather armor, hating anything heavier. 

Ana is shy at first. Once she warms up to people she tends to be a flirt. She is very private and tends to keep to herself, trusting very few. She can be very short tempered when she finds someone annoying or childish, being known to simply get up and walk off in the middle of a conversation. She tends to highly avoid contact with the human race given her background. If she has no business with someone she is known to simply walk away from them or walk past right them, knocking them over if she has to. 

None at the moment. 

Dark magics. 

Wood elves are the most common race of elf. They see themselves as the guardians to the forests, however, Anarial is the daughter of a Royal family that use to reside in the forest. 

Character History: 
Anarial was originally born to her parents in the middle of a harsh winter. She was only with them for a roughly five years before humans found her village and killed off most of her people. She was taken and sold into slavery where she stayed until she reached the age of 13. Through her eight years in slavery, she was passed through many different Owners. Many of which were cruel and beat her for next to no reason. At the age of 13, she got sick of it and her rage overtook her, she plotted and carried out the plan of murdering the entire human household that was currently holding her as well as many of the other slaves in their possession. She killed them all, from the old to the youngest child. She didn’t care. After she was done she ran away in the dead of the night. For the next six years, she’s spent moving about, hiding in the forests. Fighting and killing any humans she came across. She learned to live off what she could gather and hunt in the forest, quickly perfecting being able to slip around without being seen, making it easier for her to gather information and avoid large groups, as well as be able to sneak up on her prey. She quickly perfected being able to shoot a bow and arrow and being able to kill things in one silent shot. Roughly six and a half years later many of the townspeople in the area around where she had come to call home noticed the spike in killings and missing people. After they had gone to the Queen she was set out to be trapped, preferably alive. It took them two years to catch her. She killed many of the guards and men that came for her. Any that did see her were killed so they could not get reports out of what she looked like. After two years when she wasn’t feeling well was when she was captured. They had caught her off guard. She was drug back to the Queen in shackles and at knifepoint, her weapons taken and she was beaten repeatedly to keep her from fighting back to much. Once at the castle the Queen decided to give her a chance, she was put into slave chains and a collar and forced to work for the castle, working her way through the ranks and earning the trust and care of the Queen. However, her working in the castle caused her to learn every nook and cranny of the castle. She knew the back ways to everywhere and how to get around without being seen. She made her way to head of the maids, and well in that position she kept the castle spotless, nothing was every dusty, the fire pits always clean, and the food always perfect. After several years of this, the Queen gave her, her freedom, adopting her as her own child since she had none. Anarial was honored by this and spent a few years as the daughter. Making herself known to those at court but otherwise staying in the dark. She ended up leaving in the middle of the night and disappeared without a trace, most just assuming her as dead. She returned when word reached her that her crazed brother had returned home and she felt the need to make sure her mother was safe and well. When she returned home she discovered her mother had laid eggs and her brother was in fact home but not as crazy as people made him out to be. After watching several people get murdered she felt the need to leave again, going back towards where she was originally abducted as a child figuring it was time to learn more about her people. After several days of searching, she managed to find the home she had been abducted from. She found the library and started to study the works she found she then managed to find the books that taught her how to wield all five of the base elements. Fire. Water. Air. Earth. Ice. As well as a few books on holy and dark magics. She starts to carry the books around with her, reading and studying them and working to teach herself how to use them. After more digging, she locates the location of the mother tree and works to sort through more stuff. She takes many of the books, ranging from the history of the head family, her family, to maps and letters. She then leaves, mounting her trusted familiar and heads off to the mother tree. Once she was there she spends days meditating and studying at the mother trees base. After all this time the mother tree comes to her as she was meditating. It saw the good in her, how she strived to protect people and animals that could not protect themselves. The mother tree blessed her, placing a pure ruby into her right wrist allowing her to harness the power and energy around her. It allows her to summon forth an energy bow and be able to shot energy arrows that could be manipulated into different versions. Some of the arrows could cause explosions, some could light fires, some could freeze people and things into solid ice. The bow and arrows tapped into the energy of nature around herself and if it absolutely has to, she could tap into her own energy which would drain her rather fast. She spent several days practicing using the new bow, learning to harness the energy around her to use it as a weapon with the bow. After a few weeks, she heads towards home, not realizing how long she had been away. She ends up being sent away as soon as she gets home, being shipped off to Stoivania to rule over it.

♥Anarial ♥
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3 Re: Bio's for Stoivania on Thu Jan 26 2017, 17:10


Full Name: Diliria Goan
Nickname: Ria
Age: 217
Age appearing: 20
Occupation: Warrior
Race: Arctic Elf
Elements: Ice, Air
Gender: Femme
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Married
Current Marital Status: Separated
Allignment: Evil
Deity: Akadi of movement, speed, and air elements
Allies: N/A
Enemies: Siffrella Goan (Sister)
Father: Eli Arelion (deceased)
Mother: Jezel Goan 
Siblings: Fraternal Brother Jacon (deceased); Twin Sister Sifrella
-Physical Description-
Height: 6’9"
Weight: 174
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White as snow
Distinguishing Marks: None
-Other Traits-
Phobias/Fears: Water
Likes/Obsessions: Sex, travelling, manipulation
Dislikes/Peeves: Other Elves, strong/independent female types.
Common Spoken Languages: English
Uncommon Spoken Languages: 3 Elven race languages
Physical: Enhanced sight, enhanced hearing, enhanced speed, enhanced intelligence and a hardened skin.
Mental: Empathy, ability to manipulate desire/thoughts of wants/needs, enhanced intelligence
Spiritual: Arcane ability to control that of ice/water/temperatures below 20 degrees
Weapons/Armor: No armor as skin is naturally supernaturally hardened. Swordplay and archery learned under husband. Retractable sword created as duplicate of sister’s. Bow of Dark Elven bone and arrows of elder oakwood with tips of sacred of ice, freezes in passing and contact.
Personality: Sassy personality, very manipulative but is as sweet as honey. Her agenda is always more important than anything and she will do anything to get whatever she wants be it big or small. Her loyalty stems off of how much she likes you or how useful you are to her.
Necklace that holds water from a deity’s lake. She does not use as much magic but it protects her from dehydrating when she does use it.
Extreme heat can kill her due to being prone to dehydration, weak hand to hand skills.
Patriarchal race where birth rates give way to men mostly. Women are treated more as wife/mother and are not allowed to do anything outside of what is considered womanly duties. Race tends to be mischievous or shady. 

Character History:
Born as a triplet, i was one of two daughters along with a son. My brother died as a child due to a weak countenance. My sister and I were close until we were of age. I saw her becoming a very popular maiden in our homeland, having caught the eye of the Patriarch’s son. Jealously, I drove him to believe that she had betrayed him for another and he did not need her, rather he needed me. I married him and continue to manipulate him by my will. I have even coerced him into tracking down my escaped sister and allowing me to roam as i please. My sister's new life is not something she deserves. I should have been allowed freedom from this twisted reality first. I now find myself looking for her myself, awaiting the day i confront her and take everything she has once again, making her bow to me is my ultimate goal. She i no better than me and will know it. My dear sister.

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4 Re: Bio's for Stoivania on Wed Feb 15 2017, 01:15

Full Name:  Lorentius Naldemio Valencari    
Shortname/Nickname:  Loren
Age: 274  
Age appearing: late thirties  
Status: Wanderer  
Occupation: Spellsword  
Race: Halfling (Shadow demon/ Human Sorceress)   
Gender:  Male
Orientation: Straight      
Marital Status: Single    
Current Marital Status: Single  

Allignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Erebus, was often conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness; for instance, Hesiod's Theogony identifies him as one of the first five beings in existence, born of Chaos.
Allies:  Vergil Excalus Valkiri
Enemies:  Various

Father:  Shausk Benysari Black
Mother:  Maescia Feriae Valencari
Siblings: N/A    
Children: N/A
Spouse:  N/A

-Physical Description-  
Height: 6'7
Weight: 265 lbs  
Eye Color:  Green
Hair Color:  Silver
Distinguishing Marks: Various magic circles on different parts of his body, A large one on his back, and one on each arm, an "Exile" tattoo on his left side reading "Exilium"
Appearance: ((Under your description of your characters Appearance feel free to add a Picture of your Character.))  

-Other Traits-  
Phobias/Fears:  Aviophobia (Fear or flying)
Likes/Obsessions:  Music, art, things that would help express his mind
Dislikes/Peeves: Being treated like an idiot, being lied to
Common Spoken Languages: English, French  
Uncommon Spoken Languages: Elvish, Latin  

Physical: Trained in various martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Combat Sambo, and kickboxing  
Spiritual: Arcane magics such as Pyromancy (Fire Magics, Left arm magic circle), Terramancy (Earth Magics, Right arm magic circle). And a single Caster Magic known as Crash magic which enhances the physical abilities of it's caster, though it takes a toll on the whole of the body   
Weapons/Armor: The only armored pieces he wears are his trousers and boots to help induce more damage while fighting with martial arts, and the only physical weapon he carries is a large cleaver like blade that he had made while travelling the lands

Personality: A mostly care free personality he tends to keep to himself, but when approached by someone else he exhibits a rather warm and friendly demeanor, always open to other people and their views on the world, the only exception is when engaged in combat, once he begins he exhibits a cold, distant personality in which he is mostly mute all to examine his situation and come up with the best course of action to get out of it.

He carries a trinket given to him by his mother when he was exiled from his homeland to help keep certain memories he wishes to keep for himself in case his mind was ever raided.

-Weaknesses-  He is prone to being to trusting of people at times which can result in himself getting hurt or in some cases almost dying, his human side means he is susseptible to diesease and various poisons.

Character History:  
Lorentius was the spawn of a shadow demon and a human sorceress, his father had left him and his mother when he was very young, but was otherwise raised in a very loving household. His mother had found that Loren had an affinity to the darkness and the magical arts, and to begin his training he had to find out which elements he was best suited for. The training was harsh and took many years to master, but when he was done he had a use for three different types of magic, two arcane, and one caster type.
However all was not well within the small village where Loren was raised, it had come to the attention of the elders that his father was in fact a demon, a being that was forbidden to enter into the grounds and was thus exiled from his homeland, given a permanent marker on his body to solidify it. After he had left his village he wandered for a small bit, stopping here and there for odd jobs before he was pushed away by them as well, it was in his travels that Lorentius had met another boy by the name of Vergil, the two made friends quickly and began travelling with one another as a pair, earning each other's trust along the way, battles were fought, some won and some lost, pacts were made, and eventually they were like brothers to one another, Loren even trusting Vergil enough to tattoo the proper magic circles on his body that he used the most of.
On a sunny day in mid july he had been out hunting with Vergil when his companion had spoken of going off on his own to find his father and make him pay for what he had done to his mother, Loren had thought about seeking out his own father but decided against it, if his father left him then it was for the best, however when Vergil left Loren, it left him feeling a bit empty. On his own again he decided to become a wandering sorceror, roaming the lands in search of a place he might call home, and to learn as many magics as he could along the way, having come and gone from many places he started to grow homesick and began to try and find a place to call home, which brings us to now, still in limbo in the world, and still trying to find a place he belongs.

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5 Re: Bio's for Stoivania on Mon Mar 20 2017, 17:31

Full Name: White Tree
Nickname: Tree-dude, Whistler, Freaky plant guy
Age: 1250
Age appearing: Hard to discern
Status: Monk
Occupation: Druidic Monk
Race: Tevi
Elements: Water, Nature
Gender: Male
Orientation: Unkown
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A
Spouse: N/A
-Physical Description-
Height: six foot six
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: nonexistent
Distinguishing Marks: light blue marking that glow on body
Appearance: Navy blue skin that seems to have gills on parts of his body as well as strange holes that seem to let out air.
-Other Traits-
Phobias/Fears: Lightning magic
Likes/Obsessions: Water, knowledge, people
Dislikes/Peeves: Lightning, those who are bigoted or ignorant
Common Spoken Languages: Can understand all languages but can only speak Tevi
Uncommon Spoken Languages: Tevi- sounds almost like a birdcall
Physical: Martial skills- having grown in the wilderness the Tevi’s body tends to be a bit stronger. Dexterous Body- Having lived in the water for so long its body is used to heavier pressure making it quicker on land.
Able to breath underwater.
Able to meld with water for his job
Mental: Connection with nature
Magic Words- Ability to write words in the sky using his magic and finger in order to write out messages people can understand.
Spiritual: Nature
Auras: no obtainable aura to be seen
Weapons/Armor: No armour as its body is sturdy as well as dexterous to dodge attacks
Personality: Very kind as Tevi’s, tend to be quite docile creatures that seek knowledge. Due to their inability to speak they tend to be very expressive with their bodies as well their wanting for both kinship and friends.
Immune to Ice and Water attacks as it only bolsters its attacks
Race: Tevi are sentient, bipedal, ambulatory plant creatures who have the amazing ability to comprehend all languages. They can only speak their own language, (Tevn) which is similar to birdsong, as they vocalize through four nostrils located on their throat. Tevi have extremely angular features and tough skin that comes in a variety of colors, and each individual is born with a unique marking that appears on each of their shoulders and the backs of their hands. Their legs end in a series of roots that they form into points and wrap with cloth when not rooted in the ground. This causes them to walk slightly slower than average, but they more than make up for this when in their element. Tevi do not sleep. Instead, they spend around eight hours per day buried up to their knees in dirt absorbing nutrients. They are alert for this time, but also immobile for obvious reasons.
Legend has it that long ago when magic was wild and untamed and the aftermath of wars scarred the very earth, a race of sentient plants set out to try and bring about peace by diplomacy. Kind-hearted and good, The Race Whose Name Was Lost sought to learn all of the languages of the world, even the elemental tongues of the sea and sky, fire and earth, heaven and abyss. Vāc, the goddess of language, looked down upon these people with growing disgust as they sought to overcome her triumphant creation. When at last a single member of that race learned the last word of the last language, Vāc flew into a rage and tore her face from her, making her unable to speak. She did this to each of the members of this race in turn so that they would never again speak a known tongue, and their race was named Tevi by an unknown (probably human) individual. The Tevi were crushed by this, but vowed to continue their work to bring about peace in other ways by turning to music and magic, the patron gods of which took pity on the Tevi. Today Tevi can be found almost everywhere in small numbers and are nearly universally beloved by the races of the world. Only the most severely mad or bloodthirsty can bring themselves to hate such kind and gentle people.

Character History: Long lived are ocean Tevi as they do not leave their abode except for the most heinous of reasons. White Tree is one of them, he chose to leave not out of anger or need but out of curiosity, he wanted to know what the land above was like as many of his brothers were not as interested in those affairs. Thus he wished to know more. While being above that age most Tevi lived he was one who had become on with nature and that was a speculation on his increased life, which some speculated could reach up to over two thousand or more given the rate he was going. Yet not much is known about this plant man as he is unable to speak common and thus simply plays a small lute he carries with him in order to tell stories accompanied by his whistles that come from his body. Almost like magic his songs paint a picture of the sea itself giving people the ability to see what he saw.

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