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Writers Block

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1 Writers Block on Thu Mar 23 2017, 21:11

I am suffering from it as well. So heavy is it that it makes the drive and passion we and I used to have long ago flicker like a dying candle. Needless to say anyone got any ideas on how to alleviate this?

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2 Re: Writers Block on Fri Mar 24 2017, 04:14


when I have it I just type about stupid shit, like no joke, fully change the topic to what you were doing and do something else for a moment. so example

-is working on a rp in iron gets typist block has no idea what to do-
-move away from it and do one of the following options
- get up get some grub/something come back then go back to work on it haveing taken the time to think, breath, and deal with what I was going to do next.
- change posts, type something FULLY different so if I was typing for iron I am now changing topics typing something stupid like a dance in a strip joint where I am a shape shifter and just going with it. then come back after done giggled a bit and have a fresh mindset.
- close my eyes and imagine I am my rpc and think "what would -name here- do"
- if that fails think "what would jebus do" giggle, feel better
- get a drink or take the dog for a walk, don't forget to say brb in chat so people don't freak out and think you died
- touch yourself, no joke this helps, it allows the mind to give off feel good hormones and you no joke will come back with a new mindset and the typist block will be a thing of the past lol

if none of this works take time off, you need it cus you are now in a rut, take a couple days or a day to get yourself in order, figure out if you even want to do that rp or if you need something new to get that spark back. try something new, step out of your normal zone, be foolish, attack a kingdom for sport, laugh, make fun of people, make new friends do whatever the hell you want to make yourself happy, get out of that darn rut cus you know you don't like it, no one else likes it, so snap out of it and be happy and rp. and overall just have fun daddykins, laugh with friends, talk OOC, be a dork, even if you don't rp, you know you have friends that love and support you no matter what, and the only thing we want is to see you happy, and if you need a rp buddy tell me and you know I will put my rping boots on and get my ass over there to rp with ya. it is ok to ask for help sometimes when you are stuck in a rut.

Love Naya

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3 Re: Writers Block on Fri Mar 24 2017, 18:13

So esentially you are telling me to shove my mouth hole full of yummy stuff till it goes away..... Walk my dog..... Masterbate... Then repent once I am done..... darling I do all that in one sitting....

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