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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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Anaya tilted her head as she looked to all that were around her “Samuel!” she called out as she knew that in the dinning hall to the side he would be able to hear her. And as she had assumed he had come out with half a leg of something in his mouth, it looked like a boar or some sort of hooved pig. His bright green eyes flickered as he looked around there was blood and strangers and oh that is a good thing the slave boy was almost dead, maybe he could finish the slave boy off. Samuel took another bite of his meat leg and then walked over to the throne tossing his backside into the throne to anayas side and then kissing her on the forehead showing he was her mate to any needed strangers. Anayas eyes did not move from the guest asking for gem stones and acting and feeling a bit off. She did not like the feeling she was getting, and it made her holy aura flicker, larger, then slightly smaller then back to larger, she was pulsing and the feeling was unseddleing. “you wish gem stones for what reason, our stones are not cheep to gain, what do you have in offer of trade for a royal stones?” she asked sternly her red eyes not leaving him as she moved noki to the side of her lap more to her hip then to anything else. But then she paused and moved Noki down to the floor to cling to her brother. Both little ones together in a heap sleeping at her feet allowed her more room to be able to move and act if needed. As well if she could not do something she knew Samuel would be on his feet before anyone would see it coming, wyverns and there speed was astounding. Anayas eyes then moved to sona and the man that had basically dragged the bleeding boy in. “come now, give sona to me and we shall get him healed it is good the blades are gone” the man nodded his head and brought sona over the floor after the queens sister had removed the blades from the male that had saved him. “i h..hope he will be alright , miss” john said softly as he backed up allowing Anaya to take sona in her arms and drape him over her already blood covered body. Dragon blood was already a magical thing, so being blood covered by her own golden dragon babys was going to help the healing and make things move faster. She looked at sona for a moment “dumb boy” then looking back up over to samuel “if there are dead or living men in the grounds i want them removed and cleaned up we don't need blood on the grass to draw in the evil. Samuel once this matter of gems is handled and our guest is gone you are to go clean them up and handle that matter yourself. ” sam nodded as Anayas red eyes looked back to there guest that was asking about gem stones and at the same time making her uncomfortable.

Guest_Vestrel: ~Verial reacted immediately to the being that entered the room. Its senses seemed heightened and as with all things interaction even on a scale that was sensory was not lost upon him, he felt the attempted intrusion yet did not respond. The amulet pulsed in recognition of this fact trying to gauge the creatures output. The chaos within flaring momentarily its effect would be to seek to block any attempt to gauge him mentally. He stepped away as the creature approached him its intention it seemed to be subservient he assumed to the creature he was addressing. The visual remained intact as he moved casually to the creatures left extending the distance between the creature and this illusionary form. He studied its energy signature trying to work out its intention as it began to kneel. Not very careful to engage another with sense and assume the engagement would not be felt. He gestured at the artwork upon the walls and spoke~,’’I imagine a land with such riches is abundant in such stones?’’ The words fell away smoothly in a perfect opposite to that which simmered within. The flow of energy within this chamber constantly being weighed. The chaos within still held in place after all it would not be wise to let loose in this structure. He sought answers to things that numbered more importantly than chaotic interaction among the assembled creatures as good as that thought would be he was intent on finishing the task in hand. Verial smiled at the kneeling creature while walking away from it the easy smile held almost a knowing hint at the unspoken interaction. ~ ‘’Does your land hold such artefacts? I would be happy to barter for such’’ ~The energy changed quickly then as did the manner of the being in white. The aura of it seemed disturbed still he was there to barter and he held to this fact whilst inwardly preparing should things change quickly. The hidden amulet beat faster now, if it could be seen ripples of its power would be seen reverberating from him. Shadow binding upon the hidden form, its build up still hidden visually yet definitely perceptible to any that were trained to see or indeed feel such force. He positioned himself to better see the host he was speaking to and the unknown creature that had entered the room and that which she spoke to. Whilst making his way towards a chair to take a seat, of course he would assume as was his nature that this would be accepted as hospitality from this host of sorts~ ’’What trade do you require? I deal in many things’’ He gestured towards the seat in a questioning manner. The chaos within building with each moment~

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragonGuest_SonaTheShadowDragon Whisper: "Satanael... Is darkness wrong?" Sona looked down, the Queen's words echoed in his head about how 'darkness was evil'. "Darkness... Darkness and Light are the very essences of life, with light, there is no Darkness. And without Darkness, there is no Light..." The dragon spoke in a slow and dreadful voice as Sona stood there and listened. "Then why is the Queen so obsessed with purging all that is related to Darkness?" Sona asked the dragon, in hopes of getting an answer. "The answer is quite simple... Light and Darkness are in a constant fight. Holy beings exist to purge the Darkness, and the so-called Unholy beings exist to purge the Light..." The dragon paused as he noticed Sona's confusion. "It's basically like Demons and Angels..." The dragon added up to its sentence as Sona nodded quietly. "So I'm supposed to purge the Queen...?" Sona looked up at the dragon once more as he got a little worried. "That depends... Do you hate her...?" The dragon tilted its head as Sona thought about it. "No, I don't..." He replied with a quiet voice. "Then you don't have to even think of killing her..." The dragon raised its head proudly as it looked down at Sona. "I shall see you here next time you end up in the same state... But let's hope you don't..." The dragon said to Sona as it nodded. Sona was about to leave the Velvet Room as the dragon stopped him. "Oh and... Good job, today you made a huge step... You've become something that the world has never seen, you're something unique and beautiful... Not human, nor dragon... You're an interesting specimen indeed... You can go now..." And with that, everything started fading into the distant darkness, soon Sona had regained his consciousness and he had come back to the real world. He slowly opened his eyes, only to feel the same warm embrace, it was the Queen, he was once again in the Queen's arms. For some reason, Sona thought that he couldn't be happier than that, he smiled quietly and tried to move closer to her with the little movement he was able to do, after all, most of his bones were broken, or cracked, though mostly broken.
RavenDeLaRose: Having her sister take over made her feel a bit better as she knew in her hands the boy would die no doubt. as stated before she could not heal, but she was able to remove that which stop her sister from healing him some she felt good that she could help the edge of her dress though was now a bloody mess and it was hard to get up from where she was, she did get up but was a bit wobbly as she did so. some things are just easier with four legs she thought. Looking over as she walks back to her chair she saw the man talking of some sort of jams she was not sure and it being not polite to ease drop she did not try to figure out. Seeing Sam there made her go timed again and she was quick to take her seat again. Normal she would hide her face in a book but with none to her found she just lowered her head as sat quite as not to draw any attention to herself. Mystic was still napping but boredom was beginning to kick in the children in no heath or want to play mystic got up and started to roam around the throne room looks for a guard to play with umm yes. She like to raw and look at which one would start to shake at her baring fangs this alone amused her even every so often snapping at them as if to bit them she strong and brave one stood still but there was a few that jumped and even scream like a girl those mystic like to .Play with most. Her tail twitch as she hunted out who was going to Play with the kitty.

PayneZileQueenPayneZileQueen Whisper: Seeing as the Lady was too occupied, with both the Slave, and the stranger that stood next to him. Damon remained kneeling down. He sensed the Dark from the stranger, and it knew that Damon sensed him, a soft smirk appeared on Damons face, knowing that he was right about what he had felt. And when the stranger moved, seeming to be wanting to avoid Damon. Damon simply moved his head slightly to keep an eye on the stranger. Who's aura was starting to ripple. It sure was noticible, and Dark. But it wasn't attacking, not yet at least. Damon moved his left hand, resting it on the floor, flattening his palm. Then he raised it slightly, as if it looked that he was still resting his hand on the floor. While in actuality, he was forming a flame on the inside of his palm. He hasn't shown his skills when it came to his element to anyone in this particular place. But that would soon change if the stranger did attack.

SahlielxInteritio: Drip..Drip..drip the sounds of the condensation building up and splattering on the moist cobblestone in the darkends closet was rythmatic. Its sounds was easy enough to lull anyone into a deep sleep. Thankfull for the clothes he had grabbed he would be cold and chilled to the bone. Drip.. Drip..Drip.. the sounds continued throught the night not disturbing his meditative state but only for a moment. Then it was gone. Asleep his head rocked forward and he was gone. At first it was nothing. Darkness and the void.. Death? No he did not die was merely asleep. Deep and deep the sounds echoing in his head. Drip.. Drip.. Drip... then silence. Drifting in his own mind in the void that was without dreams that all consuming silence. "Waxing and waning drifting between worlds the darkness it too much. Take it away." he spoke but no words came out. "Haku!!" the sound of a girl pierced his ears. Cries began to echo and fill the void. "Make it stop make it stop make it stop." he screamed out only to find it was his own screams being echoed back. "What kind of madness or hell is this. I have done nothing wrong." he whispered. "Why my dear severn I need you to fetch me some sandalwood shavings from the mill, Some jasmine and myrrh from the apothecaries. You will do this for me right?" echoed back in the darkness. The voice was totally different from the voice before it was dark sounded evil. Malice filled the void as pain unlike ever felt in his life. Splinters like cracks streaking across the darkness in his mind. It felt as if He himself would explode. "Wh...kii? kii? kii?" he screamed grabing at his head in failed attempts to bring himself out of this hell. Drip..Drip..Drip.. Then it was silence once more. Waves upon waves of emotions not his own came rushing forth from the darkness. A torrential wave of feelings the malice returned this time heavier. Glee? Images filled the void white lilies stained red with blood. A yound girl crying slowly fading to black as the sobbing returned. The emotion of happiness over death? Why? Who would be happy of death. Drip..Drip..Drip A tear fell into the void causing ripples was this the cause of the girl. "I do not know you why do you tormoent me? He screamed only to find it was his own tears that was being shed and he was alone. The ripples returned this time in front of him the darkness showing him the figure of a man. Tall, and proud his vestements declared him royalty. He touched at his face wiping away the tear. Suddenly the face was covered in blood not his own smiling back at him. "Who are you?" they both spoke at the same time the one person maintaining the wicked grin as blood dripped from his hands. The figure reached out for him the blood on his hands pouring out and evil laugh filling the void. Drip..Drip..Drip.. Then it was gone. He was back in the silence that was the void. "You did this it is all you fault." Voices screamed as he started sobbing "Make it all end... No more please make it all stop." he screamed back but there was nothing to reply. The dreamscape changed from void and darkness. To a beautiful forest with a open feild of white lilies. The same man with the young girl dancing on the top of his feet. Laughing and joy. Spinning around kicking up the petals of the lilies in a beautiful masqurade. Drip.. Drip.. Drip.. then it was gone. Again he was drifting in the void his face wet with tear not of his own. "Who.. what have I done?" he cried to himself. "Our contract is now complete" spoke a very sinister voice as the darkness changed to a dimly lit room. Some kind of shadowy shape before the man Collecting the human remains of a girl and what seemed to be a guard. "What kind of horror is this." he stiffled his shock. The shadowy figure immediately spoke. "We are being watched!!" it spoke and without warning it lunged at him. " No!!!" he screamed. Drip..Drip..Drip.. then it too was gone. Warmth filled the room and slowly stired him from this god aweful nightmare as the void began cracking and peeling away. Finally freedom was within his grasps. Light poured into the void as he opened his eyes. Drip..Drip.. Drip.. Nothing had changed.. Was he to be forever stuck in this hellish prison forever tormented on things he had not done. Drifting forever in the dark. Then with a flash he felt the cobblestone floor. He was awake again. The light of day filling the hallways. "How long have i been sleeping?" he muttered to himself. Thankfully it was only his voice to be heard. "What was that dream?" He wondered to himself as he slowly got up the soft clinks of corsain filling the room. He walked over ot he hole in the door and reaches for the handle. Roatinging it till.. click.. the door eases open out into a beautiful hallway. Yet familiar to him. "Yeah i was dragged down here to the throne room. Ohh what fun" he muttered as he started to walk in that direction.. The faint echo in the recesses of his mind.. Drip..Drip..Drip..

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