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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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----Meanwhile outside the castle----

Sitting against that tree, his beloved had left and his eyes seemed to close he had fallen to sleep, and now alone at the tree the mind did wonder. What was he now? Once a grand man possible to own lands and be a king to his people, once holding a place here with a bride he  did what more then anything, kidnapped away from her family and home land, be you what you will but even if it was her choice to go with him what person would be so willing to just trot away with a stranger into the darkness never to see home again for what, diplomatic reasons, yes a grand lie to tell the mothers and father of the girls life so she could be plucked like a fruit not ripe yet from a sweet smelling tree. And now what was he, a monster? A thief in the night? Nothing more then a low life scum bucket fit to spend the rest of his days hauling troll shit piles from the stable in a waggon with one broken wheel, yes that was the life he had given himself. Talking to Anaya about the job she needed to do what place did he think he held, well whatever it was was long gone now. One fowl word before the queen and her daughter and it was like the world he believed in was ripped away and turned mud at his feet. Pathetic it is to stay here clinging to a memory better left forgotten. It was time to go home to the land he once knew, maybe there would be a place there with a woman he did not feel he tricked into fucking him, sly words from a silver tongued elf was all it ever was. 

Getting up from the trees his boots dug into the ground to the sound of a trolls bowls revealing themselves, no he would be better in a ditch then here doing things the pond scum should do for him. There was no glory in this no grand prize no crown of gold on his head, this was a crown of thorns in a world that seemed to always want his head on a platter. But it was safer here the world beyond was far worse, they had seen it him and his beloved Relia, seen it all upon the trip to get here. Witch they hardly got out of alive and unscathed. He nodded his head “best to sta…” the horrendously gruesome sound of that troll stuck upon the dirty heap they called the shit pit trying his hardest to pass a scull or two…or four. The trolls grunted cry’s rang in the yard as the reeking stench made it to his sensitive nose. “nope I m out of here” Damon muttered as he did not even c are to inform anyone or grab his things to leave. All he needed was his wits and his voice and he could make it anywhere. 

Turning around he was on his way into the woods the grunted sounds of the in pain troll followed by guttural laughing of his comrades chocked the air as if he was still in range of the toxic gas that was troll shit and god knows what else. Oh how he wished upon dragons wings to grant him safe passage but how could they he was turning his back on the highest of holy, even if at times she acted nothing like it. But he needed his mind sharp here in the darkness, night had ran up quicker then planed on him and he had yet to make camp. 

The low grumble of wolves rung off the tree trunks and made it sound as if there were hundreds of them. wolves did not run in packs like that he knew this from tines well learned around them around here they stuck to three or four. Stabbing yellow eyes priced out from the darkness, two, four….five what? There was only one body and five eyes it was deformed, demented, rearranged, like it was a filed toy put together upside down and backwards. Its long dripping green grey as if fur covered tongue lapped against a Deranged jaw, segments broken down the centre like a cursed hound.  He did not even know exactly how to make due of what was standing before him, it was a abomination how was it even standing, he thought to himself as he moved his hand to his hip were his blade would have been...if he had grabbed it. Foolish thoughts of needing your wits to save you, wits were not going to work him out of this one, wolves did not understand things and this one, oh this one did not look like it even could hear, it did not even look like it had ears at all. The loud snapping of its jaws clunked together as he waddled foreword almost falling over, maybe a nice flame blast would cure it of its illnesses, when all else failed fire would purify the world and this stage to rid him of what was here to end his time. Damon’s fingers ran together as sparks started to fly, a fire ball large enough to do the trick in one blast formed in his hands. Then was tossed at the wolf before him.

The wolf started to yowl and catch flame but then the flames died and it stood there shaking its head as it to taunt, flame did nothing, it had fur why did it not go up in flame, why was it still standing there. It took some more steps foreword as it started to cough grey flam spiting from its jaws as some of the goober hit his foot, he never grabbed his boots so the glob of green unknown something made him gag as he kicked it off. As he backed up he almost fell, this was not like him, to be such a cluts to be so...dizzy. His world was spinning, what was this, what was hitting him so fast was it that thing that now just stood there waiting, knew it was not rushing him like i wolf was, how could he have been so blind to its clear pause, its waiting its time. Air born toxins had festered into his lungs drilling into the soft tissue inside and starting to expands into tumours under the skin,  the lumps were not clear as of yet but it would not take much time till they were. The glob that landed on his bear foot had been partly absorbed into the skin and that is all it took to fast track his now immanent down fall. Damon was screwed and he knew it with his hand flying into the air he turned around to run but due to the now swelling of his legs and outer extremity’s he was burdened by himself and tumbled into the grass. His face hitting the grass his thoughts a blur he could not even see anymore his eyes were swelling and starting to bleed, tears of blood running down his face and cheeks staining the grass around him. This world was not fair his life was ending how could this even be he had a plan he had a goal he had things to do, but it was all over now, cut short by a foolish animal that did not even have a brain half the size of his own.

Looking up he could feel it, teeth slamming into his bubbling legs the pain raking up his body and drilling into his dieing mind. “i did love you” he was able to cough out blood covering his teeth before he could whisper out her name, last words were not in this death sentence and out in the woods no one would hear a call for help anyway. His face swollen as his pours were bleeding his very skin bubbled with tumorous lumps  now spreading over his body and cutting off his air flow. He would suffocate before he bled to death what a way to die. He should have stayed at the castle, the castle was safe, even if the ruler was a tyrant her aura alone kept this kind of thing outside the gates. As his eyes started to go black and the pain died down he felt cold. How ironic, the elf of flame at his death was, cold.

Credit for the creation and thought of the newly made beast in the DeLaRose role play -link to bio will be posted here when bio is up- the Asbestos Wolf is given to Patrick.S.
Typist behind the post is - Anaya

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Away from Everything With Rage
Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

Rage followed the the singular direction given to him. It took him just over a day’s journey to reach a massive arena like dome. A single entrance before him with massive golden runes above the archway. The path hazy as if looking through a curtain of water. He took a deep breath and pushed his way in to see someone sitting on the other end in a large stone throne. Once inside the archway collapsed leaving no escape. Despite having no clear sign of lighting, there wasn’t a single shadow in which to hide in.

The other figure rose, standing just over 7 feet in height. His hair a deep blue that ceased its cascading flow at the male’s waist. Eyes glowing red pools like polished rubies. His muscular skin having long been kissed by the sun’s rays. Across the broad torso burned runes that glowed with the same crimson aura as Rage’s. They furthered their decent along his left arm.

“Zidourious, my grandson. I was worried you wouldn’t show. I am impressed, you are not as pathetic as I had figured you to be. Though this action alone is not enough to prove to me your worth. Not anymore...” The male’s voice was deep, ominous, and sang with and underlying tone of blood lust.

Rage scoffed, “Grandfather, I knew that was you. What do you want of me?!” Rage tensed his body.

“You are weak. You hide your family name, restrain from embracing your power, and more longer do you fight with purpose. You are worthless and unworthy to hold the name Remembrance. I am done letting you ruin our name. Today you will have your final challenge.” Zidourn took a deep breath and then exhaled. His own muscles bulged as his stance took one of battle, “Let me see you want to live.” He lifted his hand and beckoned for his grandson to come.

Rage bellowed and took off without hesitation. He launched his body and began slamming his fist viscously at his grandfather. The heavy thuds filled the dome as he swung hard into his torso. Each strike resonating with the mocking laughter of his grandfather who only glared down and watched him. Rage would leap back to see him still standing and laughing.

“That’s it? I give you the chance to open and you don’t even strike with an intent to kill? Pathetic. Can’t stop anyone if you want to hold back so much. How do you plan to protect that castle with such worthless attempts?” He shifted and launched himself forward. His right arm came with an obvious hook from the side. Rage scoffed and lifted his arms only to drop and began to vomit on the floor. His eyes falling to the left hand that he had struck with into his abdomen. “And to fall prey to such obvious tricks? You are not just a disgrace to me, but all warriors. That human blood...” he spun and smashed his foot into the back of Rage’s skull, forcing his face to bury into the earth, “Makes you a waste so meaningless that a sack of worm shit would be a better opponent for me.”

Rage rose up shaking and gagging. Mouthful of blood, bile, and rock fell from his mouth. The pain stinging through his entire body, “ did you...”

“Training, drive, and I fight with intent to kill. I have something to defend.” Zidourn spit at Rage’s body, “You clearly can not. Get up and die with some form of pride you disgusting human waste pot.”

“I..I fight..” his words were cut short as his mouth was filled with Zidourn’s kneecap. He was then thrown to the right with a sudden kick.

“Follow through...that was the first lesson I taught you, boy.” He shifted his body, “The second lesson...” the runes would begin to glow on his body as he focused his energy.

Rage looked up and began to try and mimic this, the runes of his arm glowing, “Runic art...Defensive wall.”

Zidourn smirked, “Runic Art: Siege Breaker” His body was a blur as he launched himself forward and sent four violent blows all aimed at the chest.

Rage felt them strike, his guard shattered after the first two as the final strikes slammed him back down into the earth. He coughed another mouthful of blood onto the ground. “I won’t..” he was flung across the ground with another strike.

Zidourn shook his hand as he finished backhanding the boy. “Live...the word you seek is live. I won’t let you sully the Remembrance line, nor endanger those people with your pathetic attempts to play warrior. I watched from a distance at your growth. You have no real purpose, no goal. You can fight what? Drunks and other powerless humans? I suppose among the weak, you are some what superior.” He walked up and lifted his grandson by his hair, “But when it always fall short. I am certain they are all sick of you now. I know I am...” he sneered, “One more shot...if you insult me die here.”

Rage balled his fist until his fingers tore into his flesh. He let out a yell and slammed it into Zidourn’s face with all he had. The runes flickering then fading on his arms as he tried to laugh at his hit. He felt the grip of his hair release, “I am not...” the words cut short as the hand was now crushing his throat. Zidourn’s eyes burned with anger.

“You are not my are not a warrior,” His own runes began to hum, “You are not alive...” he sent his fist into the boys chest. The thum filled the air with the sounds of cracking bones, “Waste of my time even killing you.” He dropped the broken body on the ground as he placed his foot on Rage’s skull, “I’ll make sure someone can find your broken corpse if they get an urge to even find you.”

Rage felt a tear on his check. He was too weak to make a single sound as he laid there. The cold heel of his grandfather’s boot the only thing he could feel, as well as the last as the foot shoved down. The popping sound filling the air as his blood sprayed out over the floor. “Perhaps the next time I have an offspring...the bloodline won’t be so disgusting.” Zidourn drug the excess blood from his boot onto the back of Rage’s corpse. “Farewell human, thanks for wasting my afternoon.” The arena collapsed around them as Zidourn left, leaving the corpse to rot where it lay...

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VincentKaos  The robed figure waddled along the trail and looked up to the castle. He held tight to the massive scythe in his right hand. His body all concealed, save the golden hues of his eyes and the silver flesh around them. His white brows shifting into an arch as he began talking a loud. “Mr. Slice, lookey lookey. It’s a people keeper. A big one too, that it is. DO you think we can make new friends?” he moved and shook the scythe as he spoke in a slight deeper tone, “Oh yes. Lots of new friends for Mr. Slice and Jace.” the figure began to cackle wildly as he spun the scythe around until it was replaced along his back. His fingers trailed along the small vials and scroll on his hip. “Let’s go say hello then, eh Mr. Slice.” he would twist his torso as he kicked off and began running as quick as he could. Rapidly he closed the distance between him and the castle. Once close enough he snatched off the scythe and slung it into the wall and snatched himself up. Twisting his body to keep the process going until he was flipping over the top. He hit with a heavy thud and began to roll his way forward, kicking up to his feet as he began to laugh and giggle while darting around the guards. “Oh this is so much fun, isn’t it Mr. Slice.” He cackled again, “They can’t catch Jace. I’m too fast.” his voice got high pitched as he would leap and barrel through the door, rolling along the hallway with more fits of laughter. He stopped on his back kicking and laughing, “So much fun. Jace is best at Tag. I win now, I made it to safe zone.” he jumped to his feet and looked around, “I’m thirsty, are you thirsty too Mr. Slice,” he jerked the scythe in front of him and spoke again in the deeper voice, “No, Jace. I’m all good.” “OKIE DOKE Mr. Slice.” He replaced the weapon and sat down as he began to hum a large spectrum of random notes that were more of an annoyance than an actual song.  

JesterKimonHravart  Krograg waking up in a bush from a busy night unsure what he is doing in said bush but he has a bag of turnips and carrots, his stomach would growl but he has nothing to cook with. He looks into the distance seeing nothing but trees and hills. Mr Tweety the imaginary bird that talks to him would wing palm thinking what an idiot as it points the other wing behind him pointing towards the Castle, the bird gets rather annoyed and flies infront of his face and slaps him causing Krograg to spin around and see the castle. "Ahhhh big cave look good, they maybe fire" He would smile picking up his back and hammer walking towards the castle, he makes it to one side of the building seeing an open window he throws his bag through it then swings his hammer up hooking onto the lip of the window then climbs up. After spending about ten minutes wiggling trying to pull himself up he would make it through the window lucky for him it was the kitchen unluckily for him it was also with a loud crash. "NO ONE HEAR KROGRAG!!!"  

TheLadySif: She had been spending most of her days outside of the castle, training her body in practice to protect the castle, and training her mind for enduring the changes of season. Sifrella stood, muscles taut and eyes trained on her sparring partner. Her spear was gripped in one hand fisted at her hip, the other hand out in front of her, palm down. The spear laid on top of the back of her hand as she formed ice at the tip. Her concentration and thought was broken as one of her lead guards came running towards her calling out about an intruder that had taken the wall with great ease. Without hesitation nor a word, Sif had turned and begun sprinting to the front of the castle, sidestepping servants and leaping furniture as she cut straight through the kitchen, study, and halls between, not even catching the sound of the crashing entrance as she was already focused on one goal. The elf came to a sliding stop as she spotted the visitor happily humming on the floor. She straightened, her cool unreadable gaze falling down upon him as she slowly stepped closer. Setting the tip of her spear to the floor directly in front of him, she leaned down. Her ankle length white hair trailed down to the floor as she lifted her spear to tap the intruder under his chin. Ideally, he would look up into her eyes as she spoke in a calm yet chilling voice. “Who are you.” Her expression was blank, posing no threat but clearly not asking this question with any other expectation but an amazing explanation of what he was doing there.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the man as he droped to the floor and that other one known as Volly had left to handle other things or just move away from her for the time being, he surely would be back but she had no idea when she looked to the man on the floor. The thought crossed her mind to kill him there but at the same time he was rather amusing and she made him court jester and she liked to be amused but a man a sleep was not overly amusing. Picking him up she walked with him in arm over to a sofa were she placed him down in hopes out of harms way, in truth she cared very little if he were to fall to a anothers blade but she was not going to be the cause of it herself this time. She moved to see the door fly open and there stood a orc yelling that no one could hear him. Oh boy what had this day opened up to and she was far from the mood to deal with it but the look on Nokis face made the day brighter. Noki stood there in aww of the green skined male with tusks and dirt covering his body, like he was a sort of beast out of dreams made reality “mother what in sky keeper is that thing!” she called out as she moved to run over to it but was stoped by the swift hand of her watchful parent “that is a orc, they are simple stupid beasts that like to smash things they dont know, dont be so fast around them it may hit you” “but mother i am fully ok with being hit by that thing, it is BEAUTIFUL” she said as she was almost drooling at it. Anaya was unsure if her drool was out of hunger or out of aew but reguardless her daughter was not going near that beast. Noki wanted to be around it she had never seen a thing like that before and knowledge was a drug to a younge one and new beasts were amazing to the small blue eyes of the bright hearted child. But as mother had told her she stayed close to her seeing the other person there to but turning with anaya to walk back to the throne. “come in everyone!” Noki called out in her nicest voice as she walked back with mother to the throne and hoped on her mothers lap to watch the guests keeping a smile on her face to do her best to be strong and keep mother happy to.

TheLadySif: Sif blinked rapidly a few times, the slight glare gone from her eyes but the same cold stare ever present in the blue irises. She raised up as he hopped to his feet, tilting her head a bit and turning away from him slightly as she eyed him. She tensed up as he touched her hair then narrowed her eyes, “I am Sifrella Goan, knight of this castle…” She waved off his hand pausing as he showed her his own hair. It was easy to recognize that he wanted water, but she could tell he was harmless and for sure needed a bath. With a glance to the guard that had failed at keeping up with her, she sighed. “Send someone to get our guest some water, and food, whatever he wishes to eat.” Sif set her gaze back upon him briefly before turning and walking towards the throne room. “If you want the water and a place to stay for the night at least, you would do well to follow me. And do not fall behind, you shall meet the Queen.” Her shoulders had relaxed but her long elven ears twitched at each step he took. He was quick, she knew that with how he must’ve gotten past the castle guard, but so far she would trust his character. As she so often did, she simply headed to find Lady Anaya, making sure he was right on her trail. Sifrella padded barefoot, having been out in the grass training, she would often wear as little clothing as possible to move faster and feel the wind. Since she had decided on her feelings about the man, she set her spear to the clasp on her back and sauntered off.

VincentKaos  His eyes would light up at the mention of food as well. “Oh we likes the tasty bits of the four legs. They all so tasty. A little better too when the fire changes the color. We don’t like it all the fire color. The red juice it holds is also super tasty. The fire color takes it all though.” he rubbed his belly then quickly began bouncing around behind Sifrella. “So I following you means you are Jace’s friend now right? And you’ll play games with Jace? I haven’t got to play since Brother Majere said the bye.” He sighed heavily and although he seemed eager to want to run off and get into other things, he kept close to the elf guard instead. He would occasionally laugh and mumble to the scythe on his back that would either be followed by more laughter or brief silence. “Who is ‘The Queen’. Silly name that one is. Is ‘Queen’ a common name for people? “ he grew silent again as he pulled off Mr. Slice as he ‘spoke’ in his slightly deeper voice, “Silly Jace. Queen is not a name.” He shook his head, “She said so Mr. Slice.” “Silly Jace, Queen title.” he laughed, “You don’t say, Mr. Slice.” He darted his way up to Sif’s side, “Hey hey, new friend. Will Queen person be Jace’s friend too? We all play the fun games?” 

Xirelia: The warm air around Relia woke her up, and when she looked around she'd see that Damon had gone. "Damon?" She called out, standing up from the tree she had been laying against, clutching his coat tightly in her hands. "Damon?" The young princess called again, but after a while of no reply she sighed heavily. Was searching for him a good idea? Perhaps the Queen had him on an errand, Relia would assume. "Maybe if I wait in his room I will get to see him again..." Patting her hands down against her dress, Relia tidied it. "How long have I been asleep?" She asked outloud, expecting Damon to be there to answer her but was met with silence again. The courtyard appeared to be quiet, with a few wandering around. Two people who she did not know where walking up to the castle entrance, the one ahead, going by the womans selected attire was a guard of sorts Relia would assume. "Maybe he is inside..." Relia hoped and drapped Damon's coat over her shoulders. The day ahead would be a task in itself without him, what was there even to do while she waited for the crow to return. Her father could ride over the hill any day now, with his demands and questions. A dreadful day that would end up being. Sighing once more, the elf made her way up to the castle, hopefully things had since calmed down and she could talk to the Queen peacefully once again. But, Relia decided to change her clothes instead and would take a bath, after discreetly walking up to her designated room. It was a short while again before Relia reappeared in the hallway of the castle, still no sign of Damon she would notice. Walking down the steps, the young woman found herself in the main hall of the castle, and she made her way to the throne room, waiting quietly to be acknowledged, unsure where she might stand with the ruler considering what happened last time she met with her. Damon's coat had since been placed on the end of her bed in the meantime.

Anaya looked around seeing the people moving about the orc had run away more then likyl shocked by her daughters advances, darn simple beasts you never knew how they would react to even small things and changes in there lives. She looked out as her knight Sif came forth with what seemed to be a crazy man talking all kinds of things “miss Sif have not seen you in sometime, what...have you brought there” she looked at the man a sense of puzzlement on her face as she furrowed a brow. “oh and Sif Samuel asked about you the other day saying he needed to see you over something i am unsure what, he is outside doing, i am not sure but be careful around him if you go to see him” her voice seemed saddened as it was true that Sif would have gotten word of the prices death that morning the whole castle was talking about it and Anaya could not seem to make them stop even if she had threatened there lives with it. She took in a breath as Noki nuzzled her face into her mothers chest knowing the pain her mother felt was the same as her own. “i like new friends” Noki said keeping a smile on her face as she looked out to the one that was calling himself jace queen something mister slice “but that friend seems broken mother” Anaya could not help but smile, her daughter calling a guest nothing more then a broken toy to toss away, poor thing that girl was so sweet Innocent and cute in her childish ways but at the same time she was growing up and it was a beautiful sight to behold. “they are not broken Noki, just Damaged a little” she wondered if it was even the right words by all reality’s that person was yes as Noki put it, broken.

TheLadySif: With a raised brow, Sif slowly looked over at him. He was a strange one, almost like a child warrior stuck in a full man’s body. They had already made it into the throne room as he asked his questions, causing Sif to avert her attention to the Queen. Sif had been ignoring most people for the majority of the day and had mostly been keeping herself out of sight from everyone, Sam mostly, since her sister’s visit. Sifrella bowed deeply before the Queen, one hand over her chest. “The man’s name is Jace my Lady, i have arranged for him to eat, drink, and rest after your viewing…” She paused and rose again at the mention of Samuel. Her eyes darting from the Queen’s for a brief moment. “Yes, my Lady. I will see to his Majesty immediately.” Her head turned instantly at the break of the scream through the castle, her ears lifting in alarm. She continued to stare into the distance towards Pinky’s room, having recognized the voice and a dread creeping into her heart. After Noki disappeared down the hall, Sif looked back to the Queen. So many things were on her mind, but she simply bowed again and turned, walking off outside again.

VincentKaos  Looked up and then heard a small voice mention he was broken. His head tilted and looked to his scythe, “Mr. Slice isn’t broken. He still good as first day.” he shook the scythe talking in the deeper tone again, “That’s right Jace. I’m Aaaa okay.” Jace began to laugh wildly as he put Mr. Slice back in his place on his back. His golden hues shifted onto Anaya, “So which one is supposed to be the person called Queen. Queen is still a silly name, isn’t it?” he looked at the Scythe, “I know that, Mr. Slice but we don’t have a name for our new friends yet.” He watched as Sif left, “OH oh bye bye Siffy. We play later okay?!” he turned back again to Anaya and just blinked out of order, “So...we are friends right? We can play games later? Not all the games, not allowed to be it for tag. Mr. Slice bites. But hide and seek is fun. Can we play games then?” he began to laugh again as he sat in the floor and began humming in random notes as he made his hand into a little rabbit and let it bounce around happily in the air. His attention had been completely stolen by his own hand being a bunny. After a few seconds he began having a strange conversation that seemed to involve a tea party with a glow worm and a flower…”Not that tea. That tea is eww..bad bunny.” he shook his hand, “Bunny dead, he has horrible taste.”  

SeraphinaDeLaRose: It was the young voice that brought pinky back as she clean the tears from her face and placed the chain that held her crystal back over her head and around her neck and with a voice that seem to hold back a sadness and cracked as if trying to be stronger then it was “ I..I’m. ok princess, just.. just was spoked ...yes spoked “it was not quit a lie at lest that is what she told herself. Dimming the candles as she pulled back her hair and refolded the tattered map then placing it in a dresser as she walks to the door. “I am sorry if I disturb you ill try not to get that loud again” pinky said as she opens the door she would make a fake smile as if to try to say it was all ok though her smile was weak and not as reassuring as it was meant to be. In truth she was lost inside having no idea what more she can do or where she belonged so much ran threw her head she wanted to run to her brothers tore and dismembered body but she knew not only was that dangerous but there is nothing she could do for him now her only family now gone. “gone” the words escaped her lips as she sighed while looking away a minute then turning back to smiles her fake smile to Noki “you look lovely this evening” though this is not in pinkys character normal loud she was timed and soft to Noki at this minute. Not that pinky was not a kind person, but she lacked the lady like skills most of her statues were born with. But tonight, she seems settle and soft nature perhaps it was the shock of what she had just saw. Then again slowly as she had settled in to the castle she taken in more lady like manors she had even been wearing dresses around the castle much like the one she had on now its pink lady like style fit like a glove on her frame and made her feel sexy witch was some thing she never really thought about.

Anaya: Samuels hand was inside of a tree as blood ran down his fingers, he had smashed two trees now in the forest and he was getting a little bloody in his rage. Ripping his hand back shards of splintered wood jabbed into his hand and wrist blood dripping down more as he pressed his back up against the tree. “everything was good for a bit, he was growing he was alive, he would be the king here, now we are left with the daughter that is just like her mother. I have no heir anymore, Anaya is a tyrant and now will not even deal with me touch me or hardly talk to me. What is the point of even being here now.” he looked to a dead bird that was spread open winged on the ground, the raven that was sent to the north he had captured it and killed it there on the ground “no one is up there now. I can go there and live who who ever rules it, just me, in our cave, alone” there were tears down his face as he sat there thinking of what was gone the memory’s pooling in his mind of everything, his live , his children, all he had lost and in the end it was cus of her, cus of this place. “it is holy ground but it is cursed, this whole place is cursed. ” back at the Castle Noki looked at pinky as she opened the door, Sadness was in her eyes, the not overly old tear stains down her face the emptiness lost sound in her words “no one is really gone, Ryu my brother he is dead but he is not gone, he lives within me and within mother and within everyone that touched him. No one is really gone they just change, change shape change form like us dragons do. When i learn to change more i will be able to become a fog of white around on the ground to take form someplace else at will. Think of it the same the person just took the shape of a star and now is to good for us to touch them anymore, the sky keeper wanted them so now they live with her, dancing upon blue feathers” Noki moved and in a bold action wrapped her arms around Pinkys waist line “it is ok, i know what pain looks like, you don’t have to hide it” at times it was hard to believe Noki was even Anayas daughter but at the same time you could see anaya within the girl, the golden side of Anaya within her daughter but Anayas mind had been broken more then once so she no longer acted like a golden dragon but with Noki a golden dragon was hre in pure form. And out of every dragon golden dragons cared for there people, and at times were even sensitive and sentimental with raw emotion.

Anayas eyes moved over to Jace “the title is queen, the name is Anaya, Anaya DeLaRose and i am the queen here. Are you a child within the shell of a man” she did not enjoy children but knew that this one was a man like every other so he was not to be harmed here but that did not mean he was not going to be kicked out for the world to kill beyond the gates if she found him anyoing and a waist of time. “Jace you said your name was, what are you doing here at the castle. Is there something you seek here?” she said softly as she leaned foreword looking at him and at his body.

TheLadySif: Sif stood at a distance, having been silently watching him. She flinched slightly at the sight of his bloody hands and looked away as he crumpled. He seemed a broken man, and she hadn’t the courage to approach him. After avoiding him for weeks, then hearing of her own failure to protect the family she had sworn to serve, there was nothing she could possibly say. After a moment of pacing, turning around then turning back, she made her decision. Taking a deep breath and clenching her fists, Sif thought about her promise to the crown. Her own feelings meant nothing, only her duty. She didn’t even know when she had let herself get so far involved. Steeling her shoulders and closing down her emotions, she turned and stepped up to Samuel, bowing down to one knee and laying her hand over her chest a few feet in front of him. “My Lord. You hailed for me. How may I serve you.” Sifrella’s eyes cast downwards to the ground where she knelt in her training clothes, still barefoot for comfort and her hair still loose and not pinned up as usual so it became a protective curtain beside her face. Only her jeweled ears seen as she bowed.

VincentKaos  tilted his head at the question, “Jace is Jace. A silverling. I don’t have children in me. That’s impossible. Unless I eat them, but I haven’t. I was told that it’s bad eatting people and I wasn’t allowed to do it anymore.” he would leap up and hang upside down on the door frame and begin to swing himself. “Jace and Mr. Slice was thrown to the woods. Big brother Majere said we were playing a fun game. But I can’t find him. I felt all alone and sad, then I saw your people keeper. And we wanted friends. Lots and lots of friends.” He moved his arm to let Mr. Slice ‘speak’ “But we not allowed to be it. I have a biting problem.” Jace let out a maniacal laugh, “That’s right Mr. Slice. A bad biting problem.” he dropped down, “But Jace can be useful. Brother Majere said Jace was best at fetch and tag.” He nodded his head, “And I climb. I’m good at climbing things. Mr. Slice helps though. And...” he looked around and leaned close, “Jace nose can smell all the things. I have a great sniffer.” He lifted his head stared at the ceiling before falling backwards and humming some more only to break into a poorly tuned song of “Jace bored, bored bored...So bored, Jace bored...” The description of him being broken seemed quite accurate as the poor man seemed completely insane. He lifted his feet into the air and began talking to his shoes. 

ScarletEveDeLaRose: From the village not too far from the castle walked a young girl with dark brown hair and dark eyes, she was wearing a royal purple dress that was a bit big for her and her skin was a pale tan color that blended with the season that turned her into the spirit that had to take over this small form, the spirit was that of Scarlet, who had used one of her spells to push her soul out of her original body before it gave it’s last breath earlier in the crystal caves that she had tried to get to before this happened, she knew she should have put herself into that deep sleep before the winter even started, but there was trouble within the castle that time and she kept herself awake until it ended, this ultimately cost her the strong huntress body that she will dearly miss as it lays frozen in the crystal caves, now she is cursed by the heavens because what she did was against the rules of the spellcasters, and she is temporarily stuck in this body of a ten year old until she is able to grown to her original size in the next winter, Scarlet sighed to herself as she made her way inside of the castle through a backway that she only knew about, “this will be awkward,” She thought to herself as she lifted the bottom part of her dress and quickly made her way up the stairs to her room so she could think of an explanation if anyone were to catch her in this form.

Anaya: Samuel's eyes looked up from the dead bird at his feet she was so guard so knight like and a part of him hates it, she had to be so closed up when all he needed was her arms around him just to make the pain go away for a little bit. “i just wanted you to have to see me, you have been avoiding me since i offered you my heart, you accepted but then backed off and i have waited for weeks and now you don’t even look at me” there was anger in his eyes, swelling up within him as he stood up from the ground “if i tossed my crown in the sea, if i was no longer a king would you look at me then Sifrella, would you take my offer then and look at me with anything else then a cold your lordship glare!” he snarled as he turned his back to her giving a sigh as he put his head on the tree trunk “if you don’t want to be with me just say so, i will except my life as the queens slave and go on living it without hope of having you back in my arms or making a life, a family, with you again. Tell me so i can go and do what i was to do here and not think of brighter days and dreams” he pushed his head into the tree to try to hide the tears down his face, acidic tears that burned into his skin and down his cheeks. It was as if she was dieing all over again in his heart, like watching the one you have always loved walk around a ghost cold to you, cut off from you. “just tell me so i can figure things out” he was angry, broken, sad, hurting, and he did not even know what to do, smash the tree, cry into the tree, hug the tree, feelings were painful maybe he needed time in that dungon to revert to being a wyvern again and be less of a man. Anaya did not even know what to say to the man now talking to his shoes so if he was a broken child like being she would treat him like such. “would you and your.... mister slice like some food?” food everyone understood food maybe if he ate he would fall a sleep and stop talking and leave her alone and she could shoe him out in the morning to get the first cart out of here.

IIdarkfireII: The jester slowly begins to wake up as him and his demonic partner begin to get off the couch and slowly stand up. As the demonic duo look for one of the servants in the castle. - Ughhhhhhhh our head. -A human and demonic voice speak in unison- He is seen wearing ragged jester clothes and a hat and he wears an eyeglass over his right eye and adjusts it to focus on a target from far away. He also wears some sort of gasmask covering his mouth. Without his ragged outfit the signs of demonic possession are more prominent on his body. He has black shadows crawling up his skin and a demonic symbol on his chest. – The jester also appears to be carrying several different weapons on his person including, 6 poison throwing daggers strapped to his left arm able to induce vomiting, blurred vision, paranoia, and insanity, he also has two demonic blades that are capable of rapidly siphoning the energy of an opponent at close range but this requires contact with an opponent’s blood as the blades are powered by blood magic and require blood contact in order to work ( this method does not work on creatures that do not have blood and they are not really meant to kill but rather weaken an opponent and render them helpless) These demonic blades cannot be broken by normal means and requires divine or some other kind of holy magic to break them.- Now we just need to get to the forge right shade? -the jester unretracts his blade showing a shadow demoness instead of his own reflection. She has purple eyes, skin black as midnight, red hair, and horns and a demonic tail. Yuppers now let’s just find out where it is so we can craft something to counteract this divine magic surrounding the castle. – the demoness replies, and the jester looks around asking one of the servants for directions as they tell him the location- Thanks for the tip. -The jester then begins to try to draw the shadows to him managing to gain just enough power to get to the forge as they step into the shadow but in their weakened state it does not quite work properly and while they end up in front of the forge they fall from the ceiling and land flat on their face. - Dammit! -They quickly dust themselves off and begin working on a rune to counteract the divine magic surrounding the castle as hammering will now be heard throughout the castle- Ok let us see first we need a paladin’s seal………… as it is pure and cannot be corrupted naturally this might be difficult now steady. -The jester holds a hammer and works to add a pinch of shadow essence to the paladin’s seal. – Steady and……….-it creates an explosion knocking the jester back and badly burning him- Dammit! -the jester then reaches into a shadow cast by the light from the forges flames and his burned skin quickly begins to heal itself, so he goes back to normal as he finishes his work and the corrupted rune has been created- Now where to put that rune. -the demonic pair look at their burned outfit and reach into their hat pulling out a sewing kit and make a new outfit hemming the rune into the seams of it as they put it on and a good portion of their power returns- And done………. hopefully the queen is not too upset about the explosion.

VincentKaos  flipped back up, “Told the one person that friend Siffy spoke to. Told them I like the animal flesh I did. But only kissed by fire. I like the taste of the red juice inside. The fire takes too much for itself, doesn’t leave any for Jace.” he sniffed the air, “But I don’t smell any. I’m going to play now. Bye bye queenie.” he turned, “Oh, and Mr. Slice doesn’t eat as often as I do. We only likes fresh meats. That he does.” He began laughing and went to run off, quite literally bouncing off the walls again. He would snatch a guard’s helmet and dart off with it laughing, “Keep away. Can’t catch it.” he laughed as he jumped from a window, “Weee...Jace fly.” he slammed to his feet, rolled and took off through the courtyard waving the helmet in the air clearly amused at this game. “If no one can take it, Jace keeps the head bucket.” He stopped as he caught sound of an explosion, “Boom? Brother Majere? That’s not his boom..” he seemed confused, his iris and pupils shifting into a brilliant orange as he stared in the direction of the sound. His focus on the ‘head bucket’ seemed gone now. The pupil now turning a deep blue as his arms fell limp to his side and he let out a big sigh. “Jace miss brother.” he mumbled. He slammed Mr. Slice into the ground then sat down throwing the helmet into a random direction, “Mr. Slice...You won’t leave Jace, right? You Jace best friend ever.” “That’s right Jace. Best friend.” The odd man then hug the bottom of the handle and sighed contently.  

SeraphinaDeLaRose: Her head leaned against the girl as she smiled “you are very kind,its not all a lost my journey lead me here. The queen and you have been very welcoming to me “ pinky let out a small breath as if to let out the fears and sadness “ you knew what I saw don’t you Noki I mean you just talked of the lost of your brother..soo you know don’t you that … my brother ..” pinky hald her hand to her chest as she lowered her head and in a ramble of how she looked though her crystal too see her brother body tore by beast she has never seen before. “ I ..i wish I never looked” she said after and then she stepped out of her room smoothing out her new pink dress that was more lady like then she was use too but she like none the less, and with her hands and tighting her belt she wore around her waist. “I think I need some air care to walk with me princess?” pinky hoped she would as pinky did not wish to be alone she had been alone all too long in her life and what she needed most was a friend and a sort home she had never had. Her head would lift a bit as she took her ahand and pulled back her soft pink hair then she smiled back at Noki and this smile was real still with a bit of sadness but it was real “ I am greatfull to be here?” I know now what I am and who I am .” she turned and sighed “ at lest I gain that.” Her head would them lower back to her side as she turn to walk away hopping Noki would fallow and they could talk of other things , happier and more joyful things.

Anaya: Noki looked up at Pinky and smiled “ya, i know what brother sadness looks like, mine is gone to, Father said that we don’t know what did it, i want to find out what did it, but maybe you are right, it is better we don’t look. Mother keeps the darkness away from here, away from our halls so we just cant leave the gates unless we want to find that darkness. Everyone holds loss, we all dace death some more then others, some never see death in there life times, they hide but we grow and learn from the fall of others. Knowledge guides us all and even in death of our family we gain strangth in others” her big blue eyes looked up at Pinky. She was her mothers daughter and a smile came over her face “we will take care of you here, you are my friend, and even if Damon, and Ryu are gone, you and I are still here and they are with us inside” she nodded her head like just to reasure herself it was truth. She let out a breath “there is good in the kitchen want to get some the cook gives me the best food i will share it with you” she smiled cutely as she moved her clawed hand little golden claws moving up to grab a hold of Pinkys arm and lock arms with her so they would walk beside one another. Anaya could feel the happyness in her daughter as she let out a breath and slumped back into her throne. She watched the one known as Jace bolt away talking crazy and she looked at the floor. It was so hard today to hold her head up just to be strong about it all and now that the hall was a empty she did not even have to look at anyone. Picking up the leather book from the side of the throne she looked into it. At least the stupid water pipes were fixed now she could have a bath later and relax.

TheLadySif: Sif slowly rose her head, staring at the back of her King. Simply swinging her hair over her shoulder and sitting on the ground with her legs folded underneath her, she watched as his back rose and fell with his breathing. After blinking rapidly, she rose her fingers to her cheek and realized she had been crying. With a sniff, she spoke up, “What can I do… what could I possibly say to you. It is one thing to admit to my feelings and want you. But it is another to abandon all i have achieved thus far. And now the heir has fallen. My own blood and kingdom still after my head. The castle is barely protected as it is. If I am to allow myself this distraction…” Sif rubs her arms, hugging herself and falling silent before slowly standing. Her expression had softened only because he could not see it. Quietly, she closed the distance between them, tentatively reaching a hand out to touch his shoulder then the other laid upon his other shoulder. Sif pressed close to him, her forehead at the juncture of his shoulder blades touching ever so briefly before she stepped back again, her voice and expression steel and cold again. “If you are to need anything else… anything at all I will be there my… Samuel."

VincentKaos VincentKaos  Narrate Jace would yawn and grab Mr. Slice, “Let’s go and see the dream place. Always fun there Mr. Slice.” he would climb his way up the side of the walls with the aid of his scythe until he had pulled himself into a random room. He didn’t seem to care where he was, just that he was in a shelter. He would curl under the window and pull the scythe close to his body as his eyes began to close, “Just...short sleepy time.” and with that his light snores would begin to permeate the room signaling his deep slumber. One could drag him by a leg at this point and the male would not move. His slumber deeper than most coma victims. He would occasionally mumble about games, his brother, the magic gnomes in the trees, angry squirrels, and having his own head bucket. The grip on the scythe was ridiculous, and near impossible to remove. Pulling it would most likely involve dragging his entire body with it.  

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet began to pace from left to right in her room as she thought of what she was going to do about her new situation and the next one that will soon be near, “Now if I say that I was reborn...maybe spellbound by...maybe that’s not a good idea…” She really wanted no one to know that she had lost her life a while ago, especially since the Queen was not around to see her leave and it was not as natrual as everyone would believe, “ did I not know about my condition...that infection must have been worse than I thought,” She remembered what had happened to her before she arrived at the cave and went to her knees, she looked at her child hands then closed her eyes to go back to thinking about what to do about herself, “I will be of no use in this form...I must stay hidden until I can grow into a teenager,” She noticed that her door was slightly opened then she ran over to shut it and kept her hands to the door, she put her ears to it to listen out for anything as she sat herself on the floor. “I better watch what I do from now on aswell,” She looked up at her window with her symbol painted on the glass knowing that they could be watching her from now on.

Anaya: He felt her touching him, felt her forehead upon his back his body stiffened as he did not move “the only thing I need in this whole world is you” he knew her world had been turned upside down, so had his, the fact his wife was within her made his mind a true mess, everything here in this land meant nothing to him, he would toss it all aside for her just to have her in his arms, in his toxic embrace just have her with him, she was his everything. “All i will ever need is you” he knew she was hurting, knew they all were this castle was falling apart and really he wanted to see it burn and for Anaya to sit a top of the pile of ash it left behind. Sif held so much in her hands in this moment, in the next while she held more in her hands then she even would realize. His face turned around there were green tears burned into his skin, he had been in tears for hours and the light in his eyes was burning there was rage and pain within him and it was never a good match up “i need to know if you love me, or if i am just a lord to you, a job. My son is dead, my only son is dead, my mate would laugh at my dead body and feed it to the dogs, this castle is built on the bones of people she has tossed into the dungeon pit and everyone ignores it, my daughter is the spiting image of her demented mother with a heart of gold, it sickens me. You are the only thing i know is worth my staying here. The raven came back from the north this evening with no word in reply it means up there is empty, give me a reason to stay here Sif or i will leave tonight and never look back and you will never have to deal with your feelings again, she will hunt my hide down and have me chained in the dungeon for it but i no longer care, my life time in the dark is better then a life time of watching you serve like there is a silver collar around your neck.” his words were extremely snappy, filled with malice and pain. He did not know what to do anymore it was stay or go, stay live his life as a slave to a tyrent empress, kill there female child and put his mate back in heat again to get another son and start over ignoring the fact Sif was his dream, run away with her, kidnap her to the now empty north and be hunted down like an animal and place her life in danger. Run away alone and enjoy the cold on his skin once more and lay with the body of his daughter and wife knowing that his end would be coming soon. So many options he had no idea what to pick. “will i be a man, or a monster”

TheLadySif: “I do love you.” Sif breathed out the words without a single thought, and meant it. With a sharp intake of breath she stepped back, biting her lip. “You have always been more than man in my eyes, and the most beautiful monster I could have ever foolishly fallen for.” She ran a hand halfway through her hair, letting her hand sit upon her head as her eyes watered again. Sorrow and a heavy guilt had set upon her stomach since hearing of the news that morning. “I could do nothing to save your only son, the Prince is gone. What have i done do deserve…no…” She dropped her hand and looked to him, eyes almost hot with her glare, her eyes taking on an entirely different light, the warm hazel that they had taken on with the change of the seasons almost burned with a stronger spirit that had not been present since her sister resurfaced in her life. “I will not let this castle fall, whether you care to keep it alive or not. This is my home, our home. Even if the Queen would collar me with her own hands I will always belong to you.” Her voice fell to a whisper at the last few words. “I cannot imagine the broken man you must feel at this moment…but…” Sif rolled her shoulders and swiped the tears from her eyes with both hands, her gaze calming. “Are you a King or not?"

SeraphinaDeLaRose: She laughed and her smile now taking over her face “that sounds very good Noki “she walked with Noki to the kitchen and sure enough there was many good things to snack on and the cooks to must have known of her brothers passing as they seem extra kind to the both. pink was even given a little cake that was layer with many flavors and iced with a cream that was a sweet as honey it looked like a piece of art and tasted like it was made for the gods “this is delicious “she says as she took another bite the cook grin and with out a stop in breath blurted out all the work that went in to the little treat. Then before pinky could finish chewing the bit in her mouth the cook set another treat before her she smiled and took a bit oo it was a truffle and it melted in her mouth who one could live on such treats made her wonder as they were all too good. Pinky never know such things to touch her pallet but now she wish to enjoy every bite “this is a wonder of sweet ummmm… chocolate right it’s a chocolate ?” pink had never tasted chocolate before but she had hear of it and with the nod of the cook she was trilled she had got to taste it. “its wonderful” she say as she smiled at noki and then take another bite “ I can see why you come here Noki you have the best of cooks “ hearing this the cook smiled and patted her on the head “ I like this one you bring her back any time Noki “ the cook would say as pinky eat the treats laid out for them.

IIdarkfireII: -A servant rushes in at the sound of the explosion and runs into the jester. - Oh good you’re here. -the jester hands them a broom and dustpan and walks off leaving them to clean up the mess and disappears into a shadow emerging out of another shadow cast by the light as they make their way to town. They decide to get some fresh air taking a shortcut through the forest when they start to hear voices and blend in with the shadow of one of the trees looking like any shadow on the ground cast by a tree obstructing the light- The jester and his demonic partner begin to listen in gathering what information they can as he stays silent with his demonic partners voice talking to him in his mind. - //Well that is an interesting morsel of information to reach our ears. // -The pair decide to wait until the conversation is done and do not risk making any movements until the two people leave the woods as a moving shadow would not be the subtlest and they would notice if a shadow suddenly disappeared. This way the play it safe and look like any normal shadow just listening in and gathering what they hear. They would have no way of knowing that the jester is there with them or that something is watching them in the shadows. After all who would suspect a shadow in the forest since there are so many trees here. There would be absolutely no way of knowing but at the same time the jester is nervous knowing that they would kill him and his partner if he was caught. He decides to stick to stealth and will not move or make a sound until the pair have left as they simply wait. -

The tears in his eyes fell to the ground as he looked at her. She was everything he wanted, everything and more and her words gave him a reason “i was never meant to be a king, to rule to govern a castle that sat on a hill, I was never meant to be that person, dragons don’t rule lands we concur them, we mindlessly destroy and lay waist to city’s not make them better. The day you were taken from my arms was the day my life ended, i have been broken for years, simple plotting for the way to make this whole place burn and make it pay for what it did to our family. Revenge has been the only thing on my mind for over a hundred years. And now, now the only thing on my mind is how to make this place shine because you are inside of it, because it is your home, because you being here makes it mine and i never understood that till now. In three days time i will call you here to this spot under this tree were i will carve out half of the beating heart from my chest and offer it to you to be placed within you. It wont hurt i promise, then we shall spend the night under this tree in embrace and i shall make you mine for all time as i am already yours” he knew he could not touch her with his bleeding one hand so he moved forth with the other one clean and without blood on it to clean the tears from her eyes. “i will make this castle right, i wont do what i was going to to watch it burn down around everyone, i wont ruin what you love and make you hurt anymore. I will make this place better, i will fight to make it better, and fight to protect it along side you. I promise” he wrapped his arm around her and held her to his chest every bit of love in him on his sleeves “just don’t avoid me, I love you Sif, My white dragon of ice and snow” he put his forehead on top of her white hair she was so perfect in every way.

Amnaya: Noki grined ear to ear as pinky enjoyed the food and Noki was given a simple glass of chilled water, dragons in reality did not eat all that much Ryu was just a glutton and Anaya was addicted to eating and pearls, and father was a pig, but she was a Noki and was learning to be a true dragon and not just a child anymore. “yes i love the cooks here the castle has the best foods, eggs, milk, chocolet in white brown and even pink, ya we get pink chocolate from the southern trade ships when they pass but it dont happen often once a year at most in the summer but summer is comeing so we can get some and you can try it, it is really good to” Noki smiled and ran over to a chair and pulled one out for pinky and another one out for her so they could sit down and eat. Anaya got up from the throne holding her book and made her way to the dinning hall were she walked in moved over to the small table grabbed a small green clay dish of pearls and nothing more and then turned around to go back out to her thrones. Nokis eyes watched every move her mother made “you know pinky i have a feeling things are going to get worse around here”

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IIdarkfireIIIIdarkfireII Whisper: -The jester having now heard enough disappears into the shadows and steps out of another shadow in the castle hall and make their way to the throne room. - Hello, your majesty we have something to share with you but not here. I think you might be interested in what we have to say. -The jester looks troubled and clearly has something urgent to tell the queen- We are afraid this matter cannot wait and that you must hear this. -They go to try to whisper in her ear telling the queen everything they heard in the forest and urging her to come downstairs with them to decide how to approach the matter. They mention that they went to go get some fresh air and they heard the conversation between the king and Sif as they move away from the throne room and walk downstairs.- The jester has a good idea that the queen is going to be furious by this news and they really do not want to stick around for that as they make way downstairs and wait for the queen to meet with them and right now the jester is relieved he was never caught for he would surely have been killed.- The queen will be pleased which is good for us. – they mutter to themselves as they wait for her with their bronze eyes beaming with delight knowing where a dragons gratitude could possibly get them and the jester is glad they outsmarted the king and Sif who are some high ranking members of the castle. As they giggle to themselves and wait for everything to go down as it is just a matter of time until they get back and face the queen’s wrath. -

TheLadySif: Her heart was a wreck, but she nodded in promise, knowing that nothing would stop her again. The love and care she had for her new home had blinded her to her purpose for fleeing her homeland and fighting so long. She had searched for happiness and had almost run from it entirely out of fear. The cowardice and weakness that she had shown lately made her furious, and half wanted to go kill something, but the embrace of her King warmed her ice just enough to still her rage… for the moment. Ice spread from her standing spot and froze the ground at her feet solid as she didn’t dare move from him but a storm raged inside her. Eventually and reluctantly she pulled away. “ I must return to the castle, I cannot go cavorting about in this ensemble all day, and I still have responsibilities to attend to. I would suggest you remain out here where it is safe for you to mourn. I would hate to see the castle burn before its time."

SeraphinaDeLaRose: pinky tasted the chocolate “this is really good” pinky was about to laugh but then she watched as the queen came and took a plate it was more Noki expression pinky watched her lips drop into a calm and soft look and as Noki spoke pinky set her hand on Noki’s arm “you say you’ll take care of me here .. do not worry I promises you the same. With a vow of a sister to a sister I not let anything happen to you or your mother.” Pinky’s eyes meant it and she looked straight into Noki’s with those eyes before speaking again “I don’t have family and I guess you are all I got I will train myself to be the damn best fire elf warrior, so I won’t lose another love one or family. tired of losing noo, more Noki bring what may you and your mother have shone me nothing, but kindness and I won’t lose ether of you I swear it … “she lowered her head and mumbled out “I swear it “to herself then she lifted her head and smiled and till them there will never be a dull candle here “it was a bad attempt at a joke and her corky smile probably did not help. But she would pull back her pink hair and ruff her hands threw it giving it a bit of a messed-up look and then tilt her head as if to work a laugh from Noki or at lest a little giggle. Mean while the cat was not gone on no out of the way but not gone mystic though old and not a kitten any more for some reason did not feel or look her age perhaps it was the magic that made her the panther size she is, or hell could not handle her level of kitty cute evil ether way she was on her way up the throne room to cause some trouble

As the jester came into the castle he got close to anaya and she was silent for everything he had said, dead silent as she rolled a pearl along her tongue in her mouth, her teeth cliping ageinst the pearl as he ran off to the basement to go over things, he was only able to get so far down there and the guards would only allow him into the meeting slave room and nothing more so that is were she went. Her feet hit every step as her mind was a blur due to the pearls influence on her. Walking into the room she turned around still dead silent as she shut the door with a clip “so you are telling me that the king here that you have never seen before is having an affair with my knight. You have been here for only hours and you have brought me this information as you what wondered around and so spotted it” her aura started to rise, the room was getting brighter as her red eyes looked around at the male before her her face starting to crack as skin parted showing white scales under it. “if you vanish away out of this room i will uproot mountains to find you you bring me such a lie, you bring me a lie so profound, you bring me a lie on this day, on this day that i held my dead son in my arms, my flesh in blood and you tell me that on the day our child lay dead my mate is consorting with a ice elf!” her head cracked to the side as her fingers started to turn to claws and in a blink she was at the jesters neck, a large red eye looking at him as her face cracked up her nice human teeth no more and there only being sharpened to a point rows and rows of pointed fang like teeth. “this is the only warning I will give you, I will not shed blood on this day, death has saved your life this day but if i find a reason, i will make a reason to slaughter you tomorrow, to string your insides of shadow and disgust across my halls as fucking seasonal decrements. I exist on this earth to kill your kind i have been kind and given you resort here in my halls and you mock me so. If i catch you here at dawn tomorrow morning i will slaughter you and everything you care for and keep your nice little eyes as trophy’s” dragons were not kind and he was a stranger to her, a little shadow lier, a sneek in her halls, her fist came smashing into the wall beside his head as she looked at him her claws crushing the stone rocks within them as she smiled the whole time not breaking eye contact. Samuels eyes looked up “fuck me” and within moments he was back in the castle, wyvern speed was wonderful at moments like this. Anaya was pissed you could feel that for miles, and he knew what her anger felt like, it made all the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, it made him feel so on edge like the ground under him would just fall out. When in all reality it just could if Anaya so wanted it to, pull up the ground under ones feet to make a landslide upon them or have that same ground rain from the sky rocks as rain were far from fun and Anaya could do it all and who in there right mind would piss her off right now, why today, of all days they pick the day the ruler is the most unstable. “Anaya!” he called out as he walked into the halls looking for her, he knew she was in the basement he could follow her aura like a blood hound “Anaya” Sam said softly as he bolted for the bassment door to the stairs and to the bassment door to that small room she was in with the jester. She was not alone he could smell someone else in there, surely the one she was going to off. This catle could not explode now, not after he made his promise. Play the part sam you hate her but play the part “Anaya, open the door, who is in there with you” he called out softly hopeing she would open the door for him.
Nokis eyes looked at Pinky as she was shaking “i am not worried about mother pinky, no she is fine, mother is a god among dragons, nothing in its right mind would be able to harm a scale on her hide, it is that one in the wrong mind i worry about, as mother has a hard time doing small attacks, when you get so large size is what dooms you and everything around you. If she uses one attack this whole castle can be destroyed. And pinky, my mother, is not stable, she is broken to” her blue eyes looked to Pinky softly “please dont leave this kitchen, stay here with me”

IIdarkfireII: “Fine don’t believe us but what point would there be to killing us? It will not change the truth and we will stand by our conviction. You really think we would be stupid enough to lie to a dragon? -The jester stays calm even when being threatened and truth flickers in his eyes there is no quick beating of his heart or any signs of nervousness. - We will be gone soon enough but instead of chasing us perhaps you should consider chasing the truth instead? -The jester muses clearly not phased in the slightest by the queen’s threats- In all likelihood you might kill us anyway, so we really have nothing to hide here. Why not send someone to keep an eye on your knight and prove our claims? – The jester suggests- If we are lying you would know and slit our throat but if we are telling the truth then we are free to go. -The jester rhymes- Save your rage for another time fair queen until the truth you have seen. – the jester pulls out his flute along with his demonic partner and plays a melody- We have showed our hand and played our song, but you have yet to prove us wrong. -the jester plays his final tune- We sing our song so listen well will you find the truth? Only time will tell. We will heed your request and move through the night watch us as we vanish from your sight. – with that the jester vanishes after hearing her warning and giving his reply without another word hoping him and his demonic partners words have been considered and the jester steps out of a shadow far away from the castle past the woods and past the river he sees a cave and decides to walk toward it. -

he stood there and played a song, it was seen as nothing less them mocking in her eyes. But he was gone none the less and she did hope he would not show up again. The man was a liar, he was of darkness and all darkness ever did was lie, all it always did was lie and she hardly could handle this castle as it was right now let alone his words be truth, have her son die and her mate be loving to another to the point he would give all he had, his heart. Sams voice made the door to the room shake slightly as the door opened and Anaya stood there breathing heavenly. Anaya looked to Sam tears welling in her eyes as they fell like rain. Holy tears from her eyes as Samuel's arms wrapped around her not a word from his lips he needed not say anything, Anaya hardly could hold on she had been strong all day and now all she wanted to do was break down, become a puddle on the floor and see only darkness “Anaya..” sam said softly as he let her head rest on his shoulder “what ever you need i will get for you” Sam said softly running his fingers into her hair “he said you loved another, that you were going to give your heart to another, half of your heart. But shadows lie...” Anayas wet eyes looked to Samuel “right?” Samuel did not skip a beat as he moved a finger to move her tears away his voice almost as if he had practised “no one will ever replace you in my heart Anaya, you are the mother of our amazing daughter and you are the mother of our son be him not with us now he will forever be in the sky keepers wings now. Who told you such foolish things my sweet?” Anaya put her for head to his chest as he reassured her he was hers and hers alone. “just a stranger court jester that came to the doors today needing a place here. Some fool that had been here for under a day. A nobody, we sould not see him again. If we do, kill him” Samuel nodded his head as his words whispered in her ear “Anything for you my queen” he held her softly as he moved looking around the gross dark chamber they were in “You are needed upstairs my love, you need to be strong for this castle, we both do, wise words were told to me this day, i am a king and you are the queen, so we are to act it, to make this castle what it is meant to be no matter what loss we feel” Anaya nodded as she cleaned the tears from her face “the workers fixed the pipes down here, and the Pire will be in a couple hours i got told it is made, things are looking alright” Sam nodded “And Anaya the raven from the north came back no word, it seems no one got it up there and it just turned around and came back” he said softly as she walked past him and moved up the steps “i will be sure to inform that princess that Damon brought back here that no word from the north that her home seems to be empty or something may be a stray” Sam walked up the steps behind her as they both made it to the top and left the basement of the castle to handle matters upstairs.

TheLadySif: Sif spared a glance back as she rounded the path from the forest but saw that Samuel had disappeared. She assumed he went off to let out his pain more. As badly as she wished to console him, she had already risked too much having stayed with him and spoken freely in the middle of the day. Sif sauntered on, instantly being informed of the Queen’s relocation as she stepped inside. Sifrella had missed the banging on the door, the jester’s words, and Lady Anaya’s tears. What she did catch had her stopped by the door before turning the corner. Furrowing her brow, her sensitive ears caught only the middle of the situation. “No one will ever replace you in my heart…” That alone gave her pause, not knowing what had happened or even that the Queen was upset had her heart and mind confused. She should know better, or at least assume there is a reasonable excuse… but in true, cold, elven fashion… she was furious. Before another word was said, Sif was backing back down the hall slowly until her distracted mind realized that Samuel and Anaya were exiting the room. She turned on her heel and walked off, heading straight to her chambers to change as she had said she would.

Anaya: He could feel that slight hint of cold in the air Sif was not far from him, but then it was gone, she must have gone to her chamber room to change her clothing as she said she would. He made a note to go up there after getting Anaya to the throne area without the castle going up in flames. It took a moment or two to get there but Anaya was placed in her throne the claw dish of pearls at the side of the throne as she picked one up and put it in her mouth to help in her relaxing a little and dealing with the days stresses. Sam kissed her cheek softly to reassure her all was well “i am going to go check on the upper levels, do my rounds, i will be back shortly” he gave a smile as he turned and moved up to the stairs the blood on his hand dryed and as he walked upthe steps he grabed a scrap of some sort of fabric hanging around and cleaned it all off. Walking over to sifs bed chambers he did not knock on the door and opened it a little to peek in.

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~Volly would awake in a Tavern as a day would pass, his vision was blurry as he would look down at his palms as his back was pressed against a bed only to speak under his breath yet his words were full of sorrow for the first time of since the Fae’s curse would have been lifted.~ You and I are both seeking the very same thing, you an I are the same.. We are both motivated by our desire for peace and justice. Everyone feels the same pain when losing something dear, for you and I have both experienced that pain. ~His words were filled emotion, something that wasn’t shown the day he arrived.~ You strive for your justice… And I strive for mine. ~His body would shift forward as he would slide his legs off the bed as he Mithril coated Hardened leather boots would click together touching the wooden floor. His vision would come to as he would lift himself the bed. Reaching down his fingertips would wrap around the hilt of his sheathed Katana named “Astroth” A mere 1.5 meters long. Strapping it to his left side against his belt. His aura was no longer evil and filled with Chaos, it was full of harmony as if he was released from such a heavy burden. Walking forward his footsteps were gentle against the wooden floor as he has a smile on his face, his fingertips running through his long silky red hair. Volly would reach for the door still slightly weak the curse being lifted overnight by an Elder Lich of the name “Gashmear” Appearing to him in his dreams, the Lich wanted to take the curse in return Volly was to give up his Vengeance and hate for his own kind and let go of the Fae that he failed to slay. A deal that conflicted with his pride greatly, however he wanted his power back to the point he craved it. Volly struck the deal, there was no harm in it. Not for Volly or anyone around.~ I wonder how long it will take for my power to come back to me? ~He would chuckle under his breath as he opened the door that would lead in to the bar. He would head straight for the door that lead outside. Reaching outside his body shifted left as his vision went blurry for a second. A result of the dark energy the coursed through his veins, it would take time for him to regain his strength. He continued forward as sweat would drip from his hair, his ears were ringing, to him the ground was shaking with each step even though it wasn’t. The Curse took a toll on his body for plaguing this long. Stumbling with each step he would slip into a shadow step and ported a total of 45 feet hitting the against the side of a tree. Regaining his balance once more he made his way towards the Kingdom doors, pushing the left one open it was clear he was in weakened state as he would grip the side of door he would look vision going in and out. He exhale slowly as his Katana bounced against his waist making a loud humming noise for a few seconds until he clicked it back in the sheath.~ Greetings everyone. ~A smile appeared against Volly’s lips as sweat would drip down his face, he was slightly shaking as his Celestial Energy began to pound underneath his chest as he continued to use the door to hold himself up as closed his left eye as it became a habit to hide the one thing he despised more than anything it was that Curse. However, it’s been only lifted for a day he hasn’t gotten use to not relying on Dark Energy to help his body move. He was now 9’7ft tall it appeared he grew since the Curse had faded, his horns had cracks as they would shine pearl white. Wearing all Mithril coated Hardened Black Leather armor. Light, and fit for an assassin. Daggers were covered up his sides. A total of 60, 30 on each side. They were made of Titanium Alloy and sharp making it easy to slice through bone they were also light like his Katana. His boots would click together as his right hand slipped in his pocket playing with a Ebony Crest made from an Elvish smith as gift for Volly he acquired on his journey. His Long silky red hair would flow over her face as watched everyone to see what would happen next.~

TheLadySif: The door to her room would creak a bit as ice frozen over it would crack and fall to the floor. In the middle of the room facing the mirror was Sif. The temperature in the room was edging towards freezing, so her temper was managed. She had finally pinned her hair up, having twisted it into a much shorter braid-style. She had donned a newer set of clothing, the lightest blue like a sheet of ice, sheer and sparkling. Her eyes in the mirror were already set on Samuel’s, glowing an ethereal yellow instead of the usual blue or hazel. They glistened with unshed tears yet a soft smile set upon her lips. “Greetings, my King.” She turned her head slightly, peeking over her shoulder slowly then looking down for a moment before looking back to the mirror. A light snowfall speckled the chamber, spiderwebs of ice creeping across the glass of her mirror. “Please. Come in."

Anaya: Samuel walked in as he moved into the ice box that was her room. He let out a breath god this room felt good, it felt right, he shut the door with his foot as it clinked shut and surely was re-coated in a layer of ice. His clawed fingers moved behind her as they ran up her shoulders and along her dress “you look flawless, like the clearest of glaciers in the evening moon. ” his fingers moved around her as he could feel her temper within her “that heart of fire you have, it makes it so i can hardly keep my hands off you. I can not wait till we are at last one and i can quit lieing about it” he wanted to be with her so badly it hurt inside and he knew that once his heart was hers Anaya could not harm a hair on her head, Anaya could toss a fit surely but she could not cause lasting damage to Sif and that is what mattered, if Anaya hurt Sif it would hurt Sam and in doing so, it would hurt there daughter, and it had dawned on him that that kid could be used more so alive then it could be dead.
Glazed over red eyes looked up as she rolled a pearl on her tongue and swallowed it hole her teeth grinding slightly. She let out a breath as she looked at the doors, that dragon male was back the one with fake decor on his body to look more dragon. But now he smelled not of Fae, he had had his curse lifted since behind here. “you have changed, Volly was it your name?” she asked as he walked into her halls. Noki bolted from the dinning room doors to run and jump on her mothers lap with a bright wide smile on her face “mother!” she called out as she wraped her arms around her “are you ok, i was worried, i could feel you all over the castle, like you were the castle and the castle was mad and upset, no one is dead right?” Anaya could not help but laugh at her daughter as she pressed her forehead to her little girls “no my sweet all is well, you keep me grounded” Noki smiled brightly “ya if you made this castle explode i would have no place to get food and eat” Anaya let out another soft laugh as she lifted her face back up to look back to Volly.

TheLadySif: If she wasn’t so cold, she may have blushed, her body tensing as he came closer and touched her. The moment was brief, but her eyes faded from the yellow causing her to blink rapidly before they glowed again in yellow. A slight sneer wrinkled her nose as she took her eyes off of his face in the mirror and looked upon her own. She rose a hand to her cheek, tilting her head. “It is a shame this form is too weak to kill her.” The instant the words left her lips Sif gasped sharply and stiffened, her eyes cooling to the usual hazel and the snowfall ceasing in the room. In an almost drowsy manner, she reached a hand up to Samuel’s, looking at him again in the mirror in a daze. Her eyes widened briefly as she stepped tot he side, stumbling back until the back of her legs met the bed causing her to inadvertently sit down. Her doe eyes stared up at him, then she shook her head lightly and looked away. “D-did you need me for something my Lord?"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet got up from her spot and walked to her window to notice something was off about the outside, She looked to the northeastern part of the forest and quickly walked over to slightly open her door so she could peek out to see if the coast was clear enough for her to leave out, “Oh skirt,” she quickly stepped back into her room so she wouldn’t be caught by anyone and looked towards her window, “looks like I’m going to be using that way to get out of here,” Scarlet took two sheets from her bed, then she opened her window, tied the sheets into knots, and threw them out in a straight line before she quickly but carefully climbed herself out to get the the ground, when she finally touched the ground with her feet, she immediately darted towards the forest where the crystal caves would be located, “I’ve got to get there,” Scarlet’s hair flowed with her speed as she took a shortcut through the woods to get to the caves, the shortcut was less thick but smaller than the original path that she would take, when she arrived at the entrance, she looked around and yelled “Hey, who is here at my cave?” She decided to enter the glassy looking cave that mirrored her every move when she walked deeper into it, the mirrors revealed a dark bronze haired woman with earth brown eyes stuck inside of a pre teen girl with dark brown hair and dark green eyes, she looked up and shivered before taking a breath as she looked at her original body that was now frozen within the cave as if she was sleeping,Scarlet got on one knee and bowed to herself as she promised, “until you are awaken, no one will know and I shall make sure of that,” she got up and leaned her back against the walls of the cave, still feeling the presense of someone or something near her.

Guest_SpiralLotusGuest_SpiralLotus Whisper: ~Volly would push the door further open a Celestial Energy would pulse beneath his chest, it was clear to those who would sense magic, he was in a weakened state. His energy to surge through out his body it seemed to slowly be regenerating back to normal. His left elbow would bounce against his hilt as the blade once more let out a humming as if it were a cry from a Phoenix in pain. His eye's would click pure white as his pupils would begin to fade, he would continue forward as his hands now in his pockets, his eye's would close as he began to twirl the pendant in his right hand. His left leg lapped out the right as his thighs pressed against one another. He would lean his body forward bowing as the pain increased in his body. Keeping his balance and composure he spoke.~ Yes, I am Volly Esrial. For what you had witnessed the other day way simply a misunderstanding. ~His left hand would slip from his pocket as fingertips would intertwine with his hair. Raising his head, his eyes would open as they were pure white. The Elder Dragon slowly start to grin as the pain slowly began to fade as his strength slowly came to.~ I am an Assassin. I also have a partner she is not of our kind, but also very talented in her art of murder. ~He would tilt his head a bit to the right as his long red hair flow against his pale skin. His energy was , second to Holy. His eyes would shift to Noki as he would speak lightly.~ And how are you young one? ~He would smile lightly as he lowered his head.~ My partner and I wish to Join you as personal Assassins. She should be arriving any day now. I am a Mithril Elder Dragon, under Tiamat. Us meeting here today is truly my pleasure.”

Anaya: Samuel's eyes looked at her as a smile came over his face her voice, her eyes, that look that everything she was there, he could feel her as she sat down he hit his knees before her his torso and face still being at her eye level seeing he was so much taller then she was. Sams for head pressed ageist her own “Three days and we can be together again, three days and my power will be a part of yours, i will find a way even if it kills me for you to have your body back my love, for you to live again for you to be stronger” there was more then one way he could achieve his goal but no way was going to be easy, get a wish granted and pay the price for it, find a necromancer, but that would come later right now step one was to give his heart to her, he may have to rush it if Anaya was to become more aware but that would not be hard “my heart belongs to you, we will figure everything out” his arms wrapped around sif and held her to his chest in the end she would be his or he would die trying. “and you know now that you mention it, i just need your company for a moment, just to make sure you are ok. Everyone in this castle is hurting you as well, our home will get better Sif, it will, and so will you” he moved his finger to her cheek “you are the only person in this whole castle i am not playing the part with, you are the only one here i don’t lie to every day to make them feel happy, i truly love you, don’t forget that for a second”

Anaya: Noki hoped off Anayas lap and walked over to Volly as she looked at him “Noki....” Anaya said as her daughter took charge and walked forth still “it is ok mother, he is a friend” she looked at him “you are a friend right?” she asked as she moved her little clawed fingers to touch the bottom of his coat. She still stood a good 6 feet tall but he was still much taller then she was. “you are weak i want to help, can i heal you?” she asked but at the same time she did it, it was weak and not overly powerful but what did you expect from a yearling. Her little sparks of healing energy made small white butterfly’s form in the air as they touched Volly healing a little of him, enough to make a dent but not enough to truly put him back to himself. “oh i.....sorry i asked and then did i hope it did not hurt” her red hair fell in her face as her blue eyes looked to the ground. Anaya ever vigilant letting her daughter handle there guest who had outright stated he was a trained killer. She was knowing that other dragons would be foolish to attack or harm a golden baby, they were so rare now that to see one was a dream come true let alone have one within touching distance. “you will need to work on that if you are to become queen one day Noki” anaya said with a smile on her face. “i thought Ryu would be ki.....oh, ya..... i am going to be a queen?” Noki turned around turning her back on there guest, yes Noki was a child there was so much for her to learn still “yes you will be but get to handleing our guest we do need assassins and new fighters” she leaned forth and whispered to her daughter knowing very well that Volly had ears he could hear it. “maybe if you are nice you can get that personal guard you asked for” Nokis eyes got all bright as she turned around with leaping vigor. “i will pay you myself be my personal guard and we can be friends? I mean” she let out a cough and made her voice more queen like even if she still sounded like a 15 year old girl. “will you Volly be a personal guard to the castles princess and assassin of the crown, you and your partner shall be able to use the castles treasury funds for anything you need wall you stay here.”

IIdarkfireII: -After hearing the voice yell into the cave, the jester decides to have a little fun and melts into the shadows slowly creating four Shadow clones of himself controlled by him and his demonic partner as the real jester turns melts into a shadow cast by the light and slips out of the cave, so he can sneak up on her from behind. The clones have gone in different directions calling her from all sorts of different locations. - Who is in your cave? Perhaps we are left or right, or further in? -the clone’s voices come from all those different directions as one of the clones moves in front of her then another appears to her right and one to her left before all disappearing- Or maybe we are right behind you -The jester moves to tap her on the shoulder and his reflection in the crystals are not his own but that of a female shadow demon with purple eyes, skin black as midnight, and demonic horns and a tail- Like you we wanted to get far away from the castle after what happened. It appears there are some truths the queen does not wish to hear. She said she would kill us if she saw us again. -the jester muses- Perhaps an introduction is in order though. -the jester reaches into his hat and pulls out a flute and begins to play- We are the one that goes by two names, the young Fortunato and his fair demon Shade. We are the one that brings all the cheer and we may be demonic but there is nothing to fear. We are the one that stalks the night. We are the one that gives shadows life. We are the one that has so much to say so what can we do for you today? – the song number is filled with all kinds of flips, shadow puppets and acrobatics and is very impressive as the jester does a backflip and lands right in front of her before taking a bow- Now to answer your question as why we are here in your cave……. We can answer that. -they tell her what happened back at the castle and what they saw in the forest- We tried to tell the queen, but she would not believe us and thought we were lying but you we can still work with since you are here. Perhaps you can be our eyes and ears and succeed where we failed.

TheLadySif: The room remained cold but obviously the constant drop had ceased. Her anger was gone and so was the violence that she had been shoving down for so long. Sif held her breath as he embraced her, so many thoughts running through her mind. She felt that if she breathed too quickly that she would blow away this moment. The one thing she was sure of: she wouldn’t be crying again. “Sam, I have failed you today my love, but never again. If need be, I would lie straight to my Queen if only to keep you.” Pulling him closer, she relaxed a bit, closing her eyes. “The pain of the castle this day has worn us all to the bone. Simple rest will do me well and I will be fine. You should remain in the Queen’s sight as mourning continues for your family. Should anyone find us this way all of our plans and dreams will be destroyed. Please.” She would open her eyes and push him back gently. “Go.” Sifrella would close her eyes again and cover her face with one arm over her eyes and a sigh, sinking into her bed i exhaustion she hadn’t felt in decades.

IIdarkfireII: -The jester vanishes into a shadow beside her and steps out of another shadow by the entrance before she even moves. - Ok at the entrance like you said. – The jester smirks and raises a finger creating marionette strings above her from the shadows that try to latch onto her shadow to pull her toward him- Come on then! - Childish laughter echoes throughout the cave as the jester tries to pull her closer making the trip shorter- Glad you came to play Scarlet. -The jester laughs more- Though we wonder what brings you to a cave in the middle of nowhere? I mean you don’t seem lost and you know where this place is. – The jester seems to be interested to know more about this strange little girl as the beings bronze eyes flash for a moment and Scarlet would see glowing eyes in the dark with green smoke coming from them as a purple aura surrounds the jester- Gotta say we are so much happier out of that kingdom right now. That divine energy stopped us from being at full power until we made a rune that is now hemmed into the seams of our little jester outfit protecting us from such divine magic. Granted it caused an explosion and burned us but we healed ourselves just fine. – The jester looks to her and smirks again- So we look forward to our meeting with you just further down little one……. Into the depths of shadows and darkness. Will you follow or resist it’s call we wonder? Only time will tell but you could be our ally. The shadows hold such secrets and secrets that we would be happy to share with you if you come along. -The jester’s voice sounds like two voices at once now as their true nature seems far more dangerous than they are letting on- Guess we can drop the façade of the fool now huh? No need to worry about our performance since the queen got angry with us. We will not be there at least not physically. But we still work in the shadows and there is no where the truth can hide from us. -The jester laughs sounds more demonic now- The queen will see what a fool she has been for failing to heed the truth. – The jester laughs more- We will show them all that we did not lie.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet felt him pull on her shadow that was also part of her own powers as she felt her feet leave the ground, the crystals of the cave began to move forward as she flew threw the air with her arm atretched out until she was at the entrance looking at the dark jester infront of her, “How did...wait a second.” Scarlet knew that she had sensed that familiar power for a reason and let her green eyes glow, “Yep you can stop now. Looks like I sensed your powers before you even appeared,” She flashed some light into the room then watched as it slowly dimmed away leaving only a cool breeze, “I know what you know aswell about them too...exactly how do you expect the whole scheme to work completely with my help?” Scarlet was starting to feel questionable about the intensions of the stranger that had just met her, “If I am to be your ally in this plan, we will both have to be careful and I must keep my distance from them,” She knows what will happen if any of them gets caught.

Anaya: Samuel gave her a soft kiss on the head as he pulled the blanket around her “you could never fail me Sif, all our dreams will come true, i will make it happen” he smiled softly happy with her laying there, happy with her as his and his alone, he would make her dreams come true he would make there world a reality, he would bring her back from the head and turn this elf into a dragon even if it killed him. She would be his wife again.

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----Later that evening----

IIdarkfireII: -The jester was once to be lurking in Scarlet’s cave far away from the castle, but he is ready to put on his final performance as he and his demonic partner prepare for the closing act. The demonic duo moves like a shadow closer to the castle and peek through the window of the main hall gathering what they can before ducking down. - Hmmmmmmmm no sign of the queens wayward knight…………….. – the jester silently whispers to himself before Shade his demonic partner chimes in- Perfect opportunity to strike. -The demons laughter echoes through the jesters mind as the jester quickly retreats back to the cave before creating an exact duplicate of Sif complete with her voice and uses shadows to make a duplicate of her armor and weapons as well. Not a detail is missed as he makes the clone walk through the front doors of the main hall hoping to attract the king’s attention and draw him out into the open. As the jester waits to watch through the shadow clone’s eyes. The jester mimics everything from Sif’s walk to her mannerisms. As he lies in wait for the king to address the clone as the last chess piece begins to fall into play and soon it will be curtains for the king and his wayward knight. The jester knows Sif will not make a sound unless addressed like a true lady of the court. He just needs to have his clone wait for the king to come and the jaws of the jester’s trap will slam shut with no way out. The truth will be exposed, and the jester will be victorious in this dangerous game. The hand is dealt, and the cards are played and now all he has to do is wait for the king to spring the trap. -

Samuel moved to the stable as he brushed some fresh hay for the horses and trolls as beding or whatever they wanted to chew on, they were getting thin and they needed to eat and he felt pity for the beasts. Softly he turned his head spotting Sif walking to the castle, he moved forward his nose in the air and could smell that sweet ice like chill that drifted off her back “Sif? ” he called out softly as he looked at her, her hair was flowing in the breeze and she looked ravishing as normal. His poison tipped claws wiggled as he wanted to touch but knew better he remembered Anayas words as they could not talk in the open as sutch he remembered everything Anaya had told him in the evening that that fool tried to expose him. He still needed to find that stupid being of shadow to sniff him out, but Samuel was a elite tracker so it would not be overly hard, hundreds of years in the wilds you picked up many a thing. “Sif, your horse is fed” he said softly as he looked at the stable to a black steed eating its hay hoping that his dear knight would come over to greet him in his normal fashion.

IIdarkfireII: -The jester has the Shadow clone of Sif say thank you and nod smiling and batting her eyes knowing the King has already fallen into his trap. Now all he has to do is wait for Anaya to catch them all googly eyed and sneak in a kiss when she walks into the room, so it looks like what it is. After that he can make shadow Sif say some cocky remark like gotcha and the clone will vanish. Now to wait for Anaya and have her say those cheesy romantic words he heard Sif say in the woods. Either way the King is now within his grasp and the jester’s plan will soon rock the kingdom to it’s core. It is time for a final curtain call and the finishing act. He just has to wait till he hears Anaya and have the lady knight kiss him knowing the king will not be able to resist returning the favor and he will have outsmarted them both. It is curtains, and the final act will be the jester’s greatest performance yet. The jester himself though is far from the castle in Scarlet’s cave though he will get to see how his whole performance plays out through shadow Sif’s eyes. The jester is laughing to himself in that cave while the shadow clone acts normally. It is time for this game to end and the jester will win at all costs. The final act is about to begin as soon as the queen enters the room and the jester outsmarts everyone. It is too late for the king to realize the deception. There is no way out of this and soon this tale will be told for generations of the fool that outsmarted everyone. The jester can barely wait as he watches in anticipation. -

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~As Volly's back pressed tight against the left side of the Kingdom wall, his Celestial white eyes would glow a Gold for a second as they shut.~ I see, so this is what your energy feels like my Queen. ~His words were soft, speaking to himself as a Chaotic grin would kiss and tear at the edges of his cold lips. His skin was usually cold but for some reason it slowly became warm. Fingertips would glide across all his Titanium Alloy daggers as he they would hum with his touch, it was as if they became blessed with by an unseen force.~ Now, give me a reason. ~His eyes would open as they would spiral on gold, as a white mist would flow across the Red designs across his face, as if it was tracing his skin in an unusual pattern. He would not make any eye contact, only listening and examining his surroundings. His energy shifted to something he wasn't use to, it was Draconic but it wasn't his own for a second he thought of Tiamat. Shaking his head with a grin, he soon understood what was really going on. Feeling the effects of this Energy he would embrace it for the time being. His left leg would lap over his right, as his hands slipped in to his pockets as they became warm, as he shifted his body forward. Volly would tilt his head as he could smell Noki ] not sensing any danger he was as ease, though he did not deal to be her Assassin only due to him waiting for his partner to agree with him. He seemed to be fixed on the child, in a sense he had a duty to protect her. He would wait silently as this Energy slowly grew inside of him, it wouldn't last forever but he knew he would have a chance to use it.~ Well then, I see you're doing fine child. ~Speaking to himself, his left hand would rest on his hilt of Astroth as this energy slowly wrapped around it. Shifting his eyes towards that 1.5 meter long Katana.~ Feed, consume, and devour all that I give you. ~Astroth would shake inside the hilt hearing it's masters words, Astroth was not use to just a single Energy.. Atleast not this pure, so he was devouring it like a Catalyst. And this blade lusted such an energy. Still though, the Cold hearted Assassin didn't pose a threat to anyone, or so it seemed. Waiting for a sign, a reason to act. Volly was growing bored of waiting, but he continued to do.~

Anaya: Sam lifted a brow, when did his Sif bat her eyes at him, when did his sif stand there almost loving, were was that chill in her heart that ice in her veins. He looked to Sif as he moved his arms around her to touch her back as he took in a large breath of air. She smelled of stone, limestone, sandstone, water and grit, solid feet had picked up things from there and brought them over here. She must have been hunting...or it was something else, Sif never left the castle to go anyplace her post was here, why was she coming from the forest to here to the castle doors and not her chamber door. He moved softly and looked at her “you smell wonderful Sif i cant help but notice you did hunting today? Oh yes and i have something for you i really though you would like, picked it up from a trad caravan that came in yesterday, you saw it right, you were at your post at the wall?” he moved and took a step from her “stay here i will be right back alright, i am just going to go get the gift i promised you, you will really like it and i will put it on you myself” he gave a smile as he moved and darted away really hoping she would stay right there.

Walking along the wall he spoted that assassin they had made a contract with, being a tad bold but with reason he grabbed the mans arm and pulled him into a room fully out of ear shot. “go to the mountains in the north there is a large cave there with green stagnum moss, it is all over the entrance. In there you will find an assassin mark that the queen left on the notice board this afternoon. The little shit has placed the lives of this castle at risk and i don’t wish my last daughter to be harmed by it, it is a shadow jester, i am aware you gained blessings from the queen this morning it should be no problem for you to handle, be covert and don’t get seen, last thing i want is the shit vanishing away, Anaya was clear it uses shadow walk a commoner pour mans ability, it is scum i do hope you can handle it Volly” he hoped he got the name right as it was there first meeting, he had no idea if the fighter would even do as told but hey it was ordered by the queen the other day so it was a ok target to kill around here were you would get a don’t go to jail free card at the end and maybe even something shiny for helping the castle and the crown out and protecting the lives of the people and children within the walls here. Sam knew that the thing outside fakeing to be sif was not sif , it did not act like her it did not feel like her and one thing it did not have that only she had was a soul within it of Kadance his dead wife. And he could feel kadance within her since the other night when Kadance even talked over sifs voice, that beautiful dragon soul within sifs body that would in due time be in his hands once more, he would have the love of his life agein but Anaya would not know till it was to the point sif would not be harmed due to it. But the jester and his whatever it was did not know this, they did not know the inner workings of this castle the people the good people within its walls and that was this mans downfall and what gave him away, he no matter how he wanted did not act like them he just acted how he saw and he never saw enough in his short time to put the wool over anyone’s eyes. Sam smiled softly turned around and picked up a blue rose form the garden rose bush, holding it in his fingers he walked back over to Sif and looked at her with what was love in his eyes. “i got a rose for you my sweet sif, it is the color of your ice, and you remember our trip up to the sea to see my adopted daughter you remember her name right? The color of your hair in the wind” he moved his fingers to place the rose in her hair tenderly.

Zakura: The weather was too nice, something she disliked. She had just finished doing her usual snipping at the shops in the town before opening up a dimensional portal aimed for the castle, the portal tagged to her master Volly. Of course, with this being the case, a black hole began to form in spirals next to Volly before opening up as a vacant hole of darkness in the size of a human body. "Ahh! Shopping's done! Don't worry, I left the stuff we needed in a proper spot- and yes! I remember which one it was!" Her voice, high and jittery came out from the hole before that white haired demon came out, the horns attached to her heels clacking on the ground in the portal like heeled shoes, hugged tight by a leather strapping that hugged up her calves. Her white hair was evenly parted and long - Tied loosely into braids over her shoulders and met with her hip-line, black small horns chained peeking up from her midsection of the sides of her head, bent backwards. Her skin was a pale peach, eyes golden and apparently bright against the black eyeshadowing around her eyes, ears poking out from her hair seemingly to twitch every now and then. She wore a black collar that wrapped in leaether around her neck, covering it mostly and with a set of stairs attached to it like a necklace, a black crop top with tight long sleeves meshed and a leather bra underneath as well as a waist-high black skirt of leather, belted chains attached. Each shoulder had a skull on top, three spikes underneath the skulls as well as a set of black roses to match, giving her more of an air of evil of sorts - her rumors matched her all to well. Many know her as the Witch, being she was an inter-dimensional demon, but she seemed somewhat aloof at this time. "Oh!" Her face brightened up, grasping the cloak that hung only on one shoulder and placing it behind her. "Have we a contract now? Where do we go and who do we kill? I'm so excited for this!"

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~Volly wouldn't even speak to the man, snapping his arm forward breaking to hold. Even though it wasn't a tight grip. Stopping in his tracks as he could smell and sense an energy that made his heart throb. Biting the bottom left half of his lips, breaking skin, licking the blood off his lip he would grin deviously.~ Fine, contract accepted. ~Watching this portal open, he would reach forward as fingertip curled and intertwined with her collar. He would look down at her as his eyes would examine her slowly.~ Well, as long as you didn't forget where you put what you bought this time! ~He would laugh lightly, pulling her forward as he rubbed her head gently. That grip around her collar would loosen as he flicked her forehead.~ We have a target, do as you please. All that matters is that we gut this Festuring Cur my dear. ~His words had no emotions behind his tone, his eyes were that of a dead mans. Yet not Celestial white, they were gold being blessed by the Queen he would have he would have blessing of divine hands (hands and grip are +15 strength, no demonic shadow or evil energy can pull from his grip), bless (added +4 to attack hit, he would hit harder) and Blessing of the Devine (He was now clad as a holy being for one day, his whole body now is holy as well as what you touch is made to have holy energy flowing from it. he is now encased in a bubble of holy around him, tight to the skin) He would continue walking to forest as his footsteps were gentle against the gravel as his fingertip slipped against a 3 daggers in between his knuckles, pulling then out in a slow manor. He was a trained Assassin, however his partner was that of far on scale he had not reached. That soon would be shown in the events to come.~ Come, we have some... Fun.. To deal with my dear. ~These two were close, and could not be separated regardless of the price, or reason. Bound to each other by the threads of fate, he had no doubts in her. Still though, Volly would tilt his head back only to look back at his partner and smile as his Golden eyes locked with hers.~ Just.. Don't hold back, okay? ~He snickered under his breath as he would wink at her. Moving his head forward as his long Red hair would flow against his skin and over those cold eyes. They had a contract, and Volly wasn't stopping, not for anything till this target was dead.. And possibly worse.~

IIdarkfireII: -The jester mutters dammit within his cave and decides to have shadow Sif say I would be happy to answer that once I get back from the bathroom. Shadow Sif leaves and he has the shadow Sif go to Sif’s room to find out this information. Surely, she would keep her daughter’s name somewhere as the jester has the clone look through everything in Sif’s room. Come on it has to be somewhere just wait a little while, but he has me in the ropes here the jester thinks to himself. The clone rifles through Sif’s belongings hoping to find a note or better yet some actual evidence. Wait that is it just find some evidence of the affair in the room somewhere. The jester has clone Sif look everywhere where these things could be hidden while the king would think Sif was using the bathroom or something. The jester does not know since Jester could not figure out a better excuse. So hopefully he finds the evidence before he finds out Sif is not in the bathroom. Hopefully he can finally find some dirt on the king and Sif before this all comes crashing down on him. The jester is determined to expose the truth and get out of this alive, but it is only a matter of time before it is either curtains for him or for the King and his lady knight. The jester just needs a little bit more time before anyone gets too suspicious and he can finally win the game. It will be over soon and the evidence will turn up eventually if he takes enough time he can find something…… anything to prove his point about the affair. There has to be some evidence to get the jester out of this jam. -

Anaya: Samuel watched the clearly not sif turn down his gift, another thing sif would never do, aswell as this sif never called him my lord or stuttered around him it did not act right and it was clear as day but he needed to keep it occupied for as long as posible so the assassin could do its work. “Sif!” he called out as he walked inside the castle with a smile on his face “your lord requests you!” he now could smell it he had hung around it enough it smelled of shadow, that foolish jester it was the shadow being that had been spying on them, as time was going on he was able to track more of this shadow and now he was learning the individual shadow signature of the clone that was faking being Sif and learning the ability’s that it had. (within Sifs room you find a small book about cooking, her coin bad with six silver in it, a picture of the sea, and a lot of ice everywhere and standered bedroom junk like bed and dresser and junk)

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~He would tilt his head back at her, slipping his hand in his pocket. Pulling out a Gem that was imbued with Demensional Capability as he would fall back, his body sinking in to a portal slowly being made by this gem. Tossing it to her as it closed behind him.~ Forgot, I took this from your bag last time we were out on a journey. Enjoy. ~Kissing her cheek, the portal would close as Volly vanished in to thin air. Leaving behind her Gem, it appeared the Dragon was un interested in the subject now. Knowing his Partner would not fail him in any means, her power alone could possibly kill Volly. So, with that fact alone he didn't have a single doubt. Giving her the contract, he hoped she would Impress the Queen beyond pleasure.~

Zakura: She chuckled as she felt his fingers tug at her collar and pulled her close, a grin on her face as she looked up at him. "Of course not!" She laughed as well before rubbing her forehead where he flicked her. Her eyes lit up at the word 'Target' being spoken before her demon tail popped out from it's hiding place under her skirt, flicking back and forth much like a cat in excitement. "Yes, of course, my dear master." She purred softly as she grinned, showing her fanged teeth. She would glance back to the other two, watching as a girl had left to the castle suddenly before quickly following after Volly, her footsteps quickly catching in-tune with his, although hers being more of an excited skip to her. To some, she would seem like a child with this behavior, but she was just so giddy with excitement at this point that she couldn't hide it. Pulling from her backside belt, she revealed a whip, curled up in her hand, an empty slot on the hilt showing something that was meant to be there was missing- Then he tossed her a dark violet gem. This gem was the source of her dimensional power - Something not of this world, either, a gift to her. "Aw, jeez! I was gonna have this put in my whip!" She huffed before smiling as he kissed her cheek, watching as he left, slipping the gem into it's proper slot on her hilt, before taking the contract he handed to her. She took a quick read over before smiling up at. Her excitement grew too big, quickly dashing forward as she extended her senses outwards, letting her own presence being known to any close. "I'm going on ahead! I'll find him real quick, no worries! You can sit back and let your little take care of things from here!" With that statement made, she focused her energy into her legs before leaping forth with massive strength, causing her to fly up high into the air straight towards the mountain, the destination ahead. She made use of the horns on the balls of her feet to catch onto branches of trees with quick precision, using them to swing around back into the air, spotting a cave in the mountain side as she flew up higher into the air again towards her destination. With the location set in mind, she put away the contract into her top before precisely catching herself during her fall into the trees to bring herself quickly and carefully down onto the ground, then proceeding to dash forth, muting her powers enough to not be detected on her way to the cave as she made her way up to the cave. With careful jumps and steppings as a demon, she made her way up to the cave entrance before putting her back against the wall on the outside. She peered inside for a moment to check for a clear, glancing at the moss that had gathered around. With this confirmation of her destination, she quickly slipped inside without hesitation, her golden orbs glowing in the dark, a sinister grin on her face.

Anaya: his patience was growing thin as it took the copy more then the needed amount of time to get down to see him. Really it had to be instant at this point the fact this shadow being was mocking him in such a way was getting on his last nerve. anything that faked being his sif was to much, this was all right mockery and it had gone on long enough. He wanted to get this going faster as it was taking to long for him. As he saw the shadow clone of Sif walking down the stairs he stood there at the bottom there was a bathroom on the main level why would it need to go upstairs, (sifs room like all bedrooms are on the upper level.) he did not care it was going to end now anyway. As its foot hit the first step down to him Sams speed kicked in (Wyvern speed not raging 70 feet a turn) as he pushed from the ground his arm going into the shadow clones mid segment ((NPC hit shadow clone destroyed, auto hits valid on NPCs)) the clone turned to shadow as he rung it through “you make a shit copy of Sif” he moved his bright green eyes to look at a window “next” within seconds he bolted to the window smashing into it at such a speed it left a hole and nothing shattered just the hole like if a clean metal spike went into it shot from a cannon. Anger was kicking in (Rage activated, movement speed increased, 230 feet a turn) Within minuets Samuel was outside the cave he had been to more then once, Scarlets hidden get away. The assassin was already there he guessed and on his way inside with his partner. Sams hand shoved into his pocket he pulled out a golden gem, one of witch he took from Anayas study days ago and had not changed his pants since. Taking the stone he gave a breath over it the stone starting to shimmer brightly as he slammed the stone into the ground the big words hovered over head “holy ward” Sam smiled at the stone that was now planted and took root into the ground that stupid little snake would not be able to vanish his way out of this open and Sam stood now at the entrance of the cave so if anything came out other then the assassin it would be destroyed as soon as his eyes hit it. He snorted as green tar started to fall down his nose standing, waiting, it was taking so long, so very long. (rage lasts 4 turns) (holy ward will last 6 rounds, once done holy ward will shrink and pull all demonic in nature beings into the gem space)

IIdarkfireII: -The jester is now really annoyed and nervous and decides to retreat further into the cave rather than come out into the open. “This cave does not do well with strangers” the jester remembers hearing from Scarlet and him and Shade know it gets colder as you go further in. He will wait as he knows someone will be after him by now as he retreats into the much deeper parts of the cave. Hopefully he will be followed there and there in the darkness the first person to come in will be blind slowly freezing to death inside the cave. It is only a matter of time but the jester just needs to buy more time before the curtain closes. Now that he and shade are cornered they get their weapons ready as they have, retracting dwarven blades able to withstand 1'200 pounds of pressure, 6 poisoned throwing daggers strapped to his left arm able to induce vomiting, blurred vision, paranoia, and insanity, he also has two demonic blades that are capable of rapidly syphoning the energy of an opponent at close range but this requires contact with an opponent’s blood as the blades are powered by blood magic and require blood contact in order to work ( this method does not work on creatures that do not have blood and they are not really meant to kill but rather weaken an opponent and render them helpless) These demonic blades cannot be broken by normal means and requires divine or some other kind of holy magic to break them. Feeling the holy magic in the area they know they will have to rely on their wits and their weapons rather than their shadow abilities. The first person to come better be prepared to have a cut artery. All there is to do now is to retreat further into the cave and wait. When the time comes all the next person coming in this cave will see is a blade in the dark and their head will serve as a warning. This time the jester has the urge to fight. No more running away and no more being afraid. This time it must end. The chaotic pair laughs and the laugh becomes more sadistic and the jester sounds like psychopath as demonic corruption spreads further up his body. Somethings happening with the jester usually the jester does a ritual to keep this part of his demon contained. This time the more sadistic side will be driving as the jester gains the mentality of a psychopath and becomes more dangerous. -

1. Zakura: She saw him duck, quickly reacting by flipping up her whip , her hand raised up as her whip came back, dodging the cut to it in the process, saving her whip without intentions to do so. She merely chuckled as he came at her with a dagger tipped with poison, the scent obvious to her. Instead of doing a normal dodge, she let her back fall backwards in a bending motion, tilting her head once she was out of range of his blade. Once this was done, she quickly kicked her leg up and aimed to catch a hold of his arm by folding her leg over it. At the same time, she made a sideways whipping motion so as to tie him up in her whip including his other arm into his body. Once these actions were successful, she slowly pulled herself up, a grin on her face as she looked him into the eyes. "Unfortunately for you.. I don't really care. I'm much too strong myself for anyone else to take me on so easily- I'm a force to be reckoned with. As a demon, I care not for humans and their actions, be it cheating... The only thing I care about is my contracts and my master, for he is my beloved and he brings me my contracts and lets me do as I please to my contracts... What say I had some fun with your body while I am at it? On another note... I don't know the King, I don't care to know the King, I am merely an assassin doing his bidding until the contract is up." She would twist her leg further until her foot was under his arm before snapping her leg sideways, snapping his arm backwards and breaking his elbow in the process, a sinister grin on her face. "Scream for me.. won't you?" She cackled as she brought her free hand up to his chin, her fingers lining his jawline. "I want to hear you scream for mercy..."

2. IIdarkfireII: -As soon as the jester sees her kick her leg up and try to catch his arm he uses his other arm and unretracts his blade aiming it upwards to spear her right in the artery in her thigh and uses her grip on his other arm to pull himself upwards out of the direction of the whip so the whip slides underneath him and he would kick her straight in the face and break her jaw. At this point she would not have a free hand because she is focusing on using her whip so as his arm would snap she would be hit in her artery and quickly bleed out if this works. At the same time her jaw would be broken, and her neck possibly snapped due to the force from the kick. This is an all around bad situation for his opponent if this works as it would leave her artery sliced open and her neck possibly snapped in two quick motions. It will be a brutal way to die if this land and her only free hand is focused on her whip. She may have just made a fatal mistake here as the jester will be taking out two of her vital points. Even if she were to survive the knockback from the kick her artery would be sliced wide open and she would be dead within seconds. If this works, the jester will have killed his would-be assassin instantly. There is very little room for her to dodge in this scenario as it might be either the end for her or for him. Still the jester would be injured a broken arm perhaps and it is only a matter of time. It might kill her or she might accomplish her move and kill him. They might end up killing each other but the jester has to try.-

3. Zakura: She brought her free hand to catch his oncoming hand, locking both his arms at this point in some shape or form before he could successfully cut her. With the use of her energy, she kept a rather tight lock on his wrist and on his arm, chuckling as she twisted her hilt around in her hand before jabbing it upwards into a specific pressure point in the elbow that she held the wrist of, aiming to make his arm useless and to even drop the dagger in his hand. Whilst doing so, she proceeded to snap his arm in half further in her leg before pulling it out roughly of it's shoulder socket with a rough pull of his arm, then letting go of his arm with her leg, swiping down her leg at his leg as he attempted to kick her, to knock him off balance. She would then proceed to move back a step before flipping her hilt in her hand once more and then proceeding to lash the whip at him, aimed to slash at his legs with the stated whipping motion with her whip. A cackle launched from her as she continued her onslaught at him, swinging her whip at him even if he tried to move away, stepping forward after him only so far into it. Her aim was to lock him in a corner and leave him immobile, aimed to cut up one leg so bad he wouldn't be able to stand anymore; not much he could do anymore anyway with both arms having lost use due to precise motions. "It's over, you little jeester! This body is about to be dead, I'll have your head..."

IIdarkfireII: -The jester swipes one of his legs to the side as she swipes downward which will likely hit her square in the stomach knocking the wind out of her and causing her to drop his other arm. Also, while she cracks her whip forward that leg would come from the side as he moves his other leg sideways but further up so it would hit her in the side of the jaw. One of these would knock the wind out of her while the other would break her jaw. As the wind is knocked out of her he could wrap both legs around her neck and make a quick snap potentially ending the fight. This is the jesters last chance to kill her before the end. Either way he wants to have the last laugh as he looks her in the eyes in that moment and says one last thing as he does this. “So the king could not kill me himself huh? That is more cowardly than hiding in a cave. “-The jester’s words and laughter would echo through the cave so whoever is on the other side can hear it as this motion hopefully connects before she can render the jester immobile. At this point the jester could not care less if he lives or dies. He only cares that the king can hear those words. He assumes that is who is casting the divine magic. The jester is just laughing at his final insult as he delays the inevitable and him and shade know it. - “I know there is no point to this but we want it to be said that we went down fighting.” – With those final words he moves his hand slightly to cut her with the poisoned dagger as she holds his other arm, so it would only be a matter of time and even if she kills him she dies slowly and painfully because the jester developed the poison himself. And with his arm locked she was hoping he would drop his dagger as his other arm was broken but he fights through the pain and moves downward to make just a single cut before the end letting the poison work through her at the end. At this point the jester knows that he is struggling against fate. Hopefully this last attack works, and the jester can have the last laugh. All it would take is a single cut for the poison to make its way into her body. With one quick stabbing motion she would have no time to let go or snap his arm before he makes at least one cut and the jester smiles a wicked smile looking at her and laughing instead of crying in pain like she wanted. He will not let her have the satisfaction of having him or his demonic partner beg for mercy and he hopes to make that cut on her arm. There is nothing left for the jester as he laughs knowing his show is about to end one way or another.-

Zakura: Due to his not dodging her leg sweep, she had successfully knocked him off balance, his kicks becoming nolan void. Her whipping at him after taking steps back were successful as they were not successfully dodged, cuts seared deep into his thighs, making it impossible to walk at this point. With him laid immobile on the ground now, she felt her job complete, a grin on her face with having painted him red with his own blood. With this done, she turned and headed back to the barrier, peeking off to the side to see if she would be let out. "The job's done. He can't move now~ I think I'd like to watch him suffer with this barrier." She grinned with a piping tone.

Anaya: Samuel was half a sleep at the frount of the ward, his rage had drifted and there was that assassins partner looking at him, the ward was shrinking as she pondered a moment to even let it out, he thought well if it is here that jester is gone so it was a job well done and even the wyvern had honnor. He moved his hand to put it into the berrier and with some unknown words in a anchent laugage he made a small door for her to exit. Once she surely did he moved his hand as it closed back up the ward shrinking smaller and smaller the body of the shadow jester calling out for aid as his body burned into the walls of the holy dome that had been caste around the cave. Anything else of darkness within was sucked up as well some demon bats and what looked like a dog thing were draged from there sleeping hole and sucked up with no mercy given into that gem still rooted into the ground. Once the screaming and kicking and the smell of burned skin came to a end and the ward and all within it were back in its safe holding gem sam moved his hand to pick it back up and dig it from the dirt. It was no longer a live its job was done “shit how it is only one use, i do hope Anaya has more of this, i think she makes them” he turned and looked to the little girl, she was rather cute for a demon “so who are you anyway and so sorry for the ward, that assassin never said a demon was his partner or i would have come up with something better to target only shadow. I will let the queen know of your and your partners actions and you will be handsomely rewarded i know she will be very happy to know her child’s life and people are no longer in danger from whatever that thing was” he put the gem back into his pocket, safe and sound and everything trapped within it, it would surely go on a shelf or something inside the castle were the other hearts in jars, and litch or waythe jars were held.

Zakura: She merely chuckled as she slipped out the exit of the barrier and turned around to watch as the Jester began to squirm about in pain as the barrier closed in on him. She let out a sigh with her hands on her cheeks, a look of content on her face as she listened to the screams and growls of him as he was burned by the holy barrier. "Ahh.. The sweet sounds of pain.." She then tilted her head before looking up at the King, her cheeks pink with amusement at his words. "Every demon is cute! You should know this! Ah- Thank you for your time. I should be catching up with my master now. You have a great day!" She would smile as the gem on her whip began to glow softly, a portal opening up behind her. She then started to step back before slipping into the portal, disappearing into the darkness before the portal closed.

Anaya: Sam gave a smile as he watched her go "it is true every demon is cute and every dragon worth being one knows better then to mettle with them." he gave a slight chuckle as he humed his way back to the castle to go fix the broken window and explain everything to Anaya and he would have to do the same to Sif the next time he saw her as he was sure that stupid shadow clone of her did some work in her bedroom or well in someones room.

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