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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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----Meanwhile outside the castle----

Sitting against that tree, his beloved had left and his eyes seemed to close he had fallen to sleep, and now alone at the tree the mind did wonder. What was he now? Once a grand man possible to own lands and be a king to his people, once holding a place here with a bride he  did what more then anything, kidnapped away from her family and home land, be you what you will but even if it was her choice to go with him what person would be so willing to just trot away with a stranger into the darkness never to see home again for what, diplomatic reasons, yes a grand lie to tell the mothers and father of the girls life so she could be plucked like a fruit not ripe yet from a sweet smelling tree. And now what was he, a monster? A thief in the night? Nothing more then a low life scum bucket fit to spend the rest of his days hauling troll shit piles from the stable in a waggon with one broken wheel, yes that was the life he had given himself. Talking to Anaya about the job she needed to do what place did he think he held, well whatever it was was long gone now. One fowl word before the queen and her daughter and it was like the world he believed in was ripped away and turned mud at his feet. Pathetic it is to stay here clinging to a memory better left forgotten. It was time to go home to the land he once knew, maybe there would be a place there with a woman he did not feel he tricked into fucking him, sly words from a silver tongued elf was all it ever was. 

Getting up from the trees his boots dug into the ground to the sound of a trolls bowls revealing themselves, no he would be better in a ditch then here doing things the pond scum should do for him. There was no glory in this no grand prize no crown of gold on his head, this was a crown of thorns in a world that seemed to always want his head on a platter. But it was safer here the world beyond was far worse, they had seen it him and his beloved Relia, seen it all upon the trip to get here. Witch they hardly got out of alive and unscathed. He nodded his head “best to sta…” the horrendously gruesome sound of that troll stuck upon the dirty heap they called the shit pit trying his hardest to pass a scull or two…or four. The trolls grunted cry’s rang in the yard as the reeking stench made it to his sensitive nose. “nope I m out of here” Damon muttered as he did not even c are to inform anyone or grab his things to leave. All he needed was his wits and his voice and he could make it anywhere. 

Turning around he was on his way into the woods the grunted sounds of the in pain troll followed by guttural laughing of his comrades chocked the air as if he was still in range of the toxic gas that was troll shit and god knows what else. Oh how he wished upon dragons wings to grant him safe passage but how could they he was turning his back on the highest of holy, even if at times she acted nothing like it. But he needed his mind sharp here in the darkness, night had ran up quicker then planed on him and he had yet to make camp. 

The low grumble of wolves rung off the tree trunks and made it sound as if there were hundreds of them. wolves did not run in packs like that he knew this from tines well learned around them around here they stuck to three or four. Stabbing yellow eyes priced out from the darkness, two, four….five what? There was only one body and five eyes it was deformed, demented, rearranged, like it was a filed toy put together upside down and backwards. Its long dripping green grey as if fur covered tongue lapped against a Deranged jaw, segments broken down the centre like a cursed hound.  He did not even know exactly how to make due of what was standing before him, it was a abomination how was it even standing, he thought to himself as he moved his hand to his hip were his blade would have been...if he had grabbed it. Foolish thoughts of needing your wits to save you, wits were not going to work him out of this one, wolves did not understand things and this one, oh this one did not look like it even could hear, it did not even look like it had ears at all. The loud snapping of its jaws clunked together as he waddled foreword almost falling over, maybe a nice flame blast would cure it of its illnesses, when all else failed fire would purify the world and this stage to rid him of what was here to end his time. Damon’s fingers ran together as sparks started to fly, a fire ball large enough to do the trick in one blast formed in his hands. Then was tossed at the wolf before him.

The wolf started to yowl and catch flame but then the flames died and it stood there shaking its head as it to taunt, flame did nothing, it had fur why did it not go up in flame, why was it still standing there. It took some more steps foreword as it started to cough grey flam spiting from its jaws as some of the goober hit his foot, he never grabbed his boots so the glob of green unknown something made him gag as he kicked it off. As he backed up he almost fell, this was not like him, to be such a cluts to be so...dizzy. His world was spinning, what was this, what was hitting him so fast was it that thing that now just stood there waiting, knew it was not rushing him like i wolf was, how could he have been so blind to its clear pause, its waiting its time. Air born toxins had festered into his lungs drilling into the soft tissue inside and starting to expands into tumours under the skin,  the lumps were not clear as of yet but it would not take much time till they were. The glob that landed on his bear foot had been partly absorbed into the skin and that is all it took to fast track his now immanent down fall. Damon was screwed and he knew it with his hand flying into the air he turned around to run but due to the now swelling of his legs and outer extremity’s he was burdened by himself and tumbled into the grass. His face hitting the grass his thoughts a blur he could not even see anymore his eyes were swelling and starting to bleed, tears of blood running down his face and cheeks staining the grass around him. This world was not fair his life was ending how could this even be he had a plan he had a goal he had things to do, but it was all over now, cut short by a foolish animal that did not even have a brain half the size of his own.

Looking up he could feel it, teeth slamming into his bubbling legs the pain raking up his body and drilling into his dieing mind. “i did love you” he was able to cough out blood covering his teeth before he could whisper out her name, last words were not in this death sentence and out in the woods no one would hear a call for help anyway. His face swollen as his pours were bleeding his very skin bubbled with tumorous lumps  now spreading over his body and cutting off his air flow. He would suffocate before he bled to death what a way to die. He should have stayed at the castle, the castle was safe, even if the ruler was a tyrant her aura alone kept this kind of thing outside the gates. As his eyes started to go black and the pain died down he felt cold. How ironic, the elf of flame at his death was, cold.

Credit for the creation and thought of the newly made beast in the DeLaRose role play -link to bio will be posted here when bio is up- the Asbestos Wolf is given to Patrick.S.
Typist behind the post is - Anaya

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Away from Everything With Rage
Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

Rage followed the the singular direction given to him. It took him just over a day’s journey to reach a massive arena like dome. A single entrance before him with massive golden runes above the archway. The path hazy as if looking through a curtain of water. He took a deep breath and pushed his way in to see someone sitting on the other end in a large stone throne. Once inside the archway collapsed leaving no escape. Despite having no clear sign of lighting, there wasn’t a single shadow in which to hide in.

The other figure rose, standing just over 7 feet in height. His hair a deep blue that ceased its cascading flow at the male’s waist. Eyes glowing red pools like polished rubies. His muscular skin having long been kissed by the sun’s rays. Across the broad torso burned runes that glowed with the same crimson aura as Rage’s. They furthered their decent along his left arm.

“Zidourious, my grandson. I was worried you wouldn’t show. I am impressed, you are not as pathetic as I had figured you to be. Though this action alone is not enough to prove to me your worth. Not anymore...” The male’s voice was deep, ominous, and sang with and underlying tone of blood lust.

Rage scoffed, “Grandfather, I knew that was you. What do you want of me?!” Rage tensed his body.

“You are weak. You hide your family name, restrain from embracing your power, and more longer do you fight with purpose. You are worthless and unworthy to hold the name Remembrance. I am done letting you ruin our name. Today you will have your final challenge.” Zidourn took a deep breath and then exhaled. His own muscles bulged as his stance took one of battle, “Let me see you want to live.” He lifted his hand and beckoned for his grandson to come.

Rage bellowed and took off without hesitation. He launched his body and began slamming his fist viscously at his grandfather. The heavy thuds filled the dome as he swung hard into his torso. Each strike resonating with the mocking laughter of his grandfather who only glared down and watched him. Rage would leap back to see him still standing and laughing.

“That’s it? I give you the chance to open and you don’t even strike with an intent to kill? Pathetic. Can’t stop anyone if you want to hold back so much. How do you plan to protect that castle with such worthless attempts?” He shifted and launched himself forward. His right arm came with an obvious hook from the side. Rage scoffed and lifted his arms only to drop and began to vomit on the floor. His eyes falling to the left hand that he had struck with into his abdomen. “And to fall prey to such obvious tricks? You are not just a disgrace to me, but all warriors. That human blood...” he spun and smashed his foot into the back of Rage’s skull, forcing his face to bury into the earth, “Makes you a waste so meaningless that a sack of worm shit would be a better opponent for me.”

Rage rose up shaking and gagging. Mouthful of blood, bile, and rock fell from his mouth. The pain stinging through his entire body, “ did you...”

“Training, drive, and I fight with intent to kill. I have something to defend.” Zidourn spit at Rage’s body, “You clearly can not. Get up and die with some form of pride you disgusting human waste pot.”

“I..I fight..” his words were cut short as his mouth was filled with Zidourn’s kneecap. He was then thrown to the right with a sudden kick.

“Follow through...that was the first lesson I taught you, boy.” He shifted his body, “The second lesson...” the runes would begin to glow on his body as he focused his energy.

Rage looked up and began to try and mimic this, the runes of his arm glowing, “Runic art...Defensive wall.”

Zidourn smirked, “Runic Art: Siege Breaker” His body was a blur as he launched himself forward and sent four violent blows all aimed at the chest.

Rage felt them strike, his guard shattered after the first two as the final strikes slammed him back down into the earth. He coughed another mouthful of blood onto the ground. “I won’t..” he was flung across the ground with another strike.

Zidourn shook his hand as he finished backhanding the boy. “Live...the word you seek is live. I won’t let you sully the Remembrance line, nor endanger those people with your pathetic attempts to play warrior. I watched from a distance at your growth. You have no real purpose, no goal. You can fight what? Drunks and other powerless humans? I suppose among the weak, you are some what superior.” He walked up and lifted his grandson by his hair, “But when it always fall short. I am certain they are all sick of you now. I know I am...” he sneered, “One more shot...if you insult me die here.”

Rage balled his fist until his fingers tore into his flesh. He let out a yell and slammed it into Zidourn’s face with all he had. The runes flickering then fading on his arms as he tried to laugh at his hit. He felt the grip of his hair release, “I am not...” the words cut short as the hand was now crushing his throat. Zidourn’s eyes burned with anger.

“You are not my are not a warrior,” His own runes began to hum, “You are not alive...” he sent his fist into the boys chest. The thum filled the air with the sounds of cracking bones, “Waste of my time even killing you.” He dropped the broken body on the ground as he placed his foot on Rage’s skull, “I’ll make sure someone can find your broken corpse if they get an urge to even find you.”

Rage felt a tear on his check. He was too weak to make a single sound as he laid there. The cold heel of his grandfather’s boot the only thing he could feel, as well as the last as the foot shoved down. The popping sound filling the air as his blood sprayed out over the floor. “Perhaps the next time I have an offspring...the bloodline won’t be so disgusting.” Zidourn drug the excess blood from his boot onto the back of Rage’s corpse. “Farewell human, thanks for wasting my afternoon.” The arena collapsed around them as Zidourn left, leaving the corpse to rot where it lay...

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VincentKaos  The robed figure waddled along the trail and looked up to the castle. He held tight to the massive scythe in his right hand. His body all concealed, save the golden hues of his eyes and the silver flesh around them. His white brows shifting into an arch as he began talking a loud. “Mr. Slice, lookey lookey. It’s a people keeper. A big one too, that it is. DO you think we can make new friends?” he moved and shook the scythe as he spoke in a slight deeper tone, “Oh yes. Lots of new friends for Mr. Slice and Jace.” the figure began to cackle wildly as he spun the scythe around until it was replaced along his back. His fingers trailed along the small vials and scroll on his hip. “Let’s go say hello then, eh Mr. Slice.” he would twist his torso as he kicked off and began running as quick as he could. Rapidly he closed the distance between him and the castle. Once close enough he snatched off the scythe and slung it into the wall and snatched himself up. Twisting his body to keep the process going until he was flipping over the top. He hit with a heavy thud and began to roll his way forward, kicking up to his feet as he began to laugh and giggle while darting around the guards. “Oh this is so much fun, isn’t it Mr. Slice.” He cackled again, “They can’t catch Jace. I’m too fast.” his voice got high pitched as he would leap and barrel through the door, rolling along the hallway with more fits of laughter. He stopped on his back kicking and laughing, “So much fun. Jace is best at Tag. I win now, I made it to safe zone.” he jumped to his feet and looked around, “I’m thirsty, are you thirsty too Mr. Slice,” he jerked the scythe in front of him and spoke again in the deeper voice, “No, Jace. I’m all good.” “OKIE DOKE Mr. Slice.” He replaced the weapon and sat down as he began to hum a large spectrum of random notes that were more of an annoyance than an actual song.  

JesterKimonHravart  Krograg waking up in a bush from a busy night unsure what he is doing in said bush but he has a bag of turnips and carrots, his stomach would growl but he has nothing to cook with. He looks into the distance seeing nothing but trees and hills. Mr Tweety the imaginary bird that talks to him would wing palm thinking what an idiot as it points the other wing behind him pointing towards the Castle, the bird gets rather annoyed and flies infront of his face and slaps him causing Krograg to spin around and see the castle. "Ahhhh big cave look good, they maybe fire" He would smile picking up his back and hammer walking towards the castle, he makes it to one side of the building seeing an open window he throws his bag through it then swings his hammer up hooking onto the lip of the window then climbs up. After spending about ten minutes wiggling trying to pull himself up he would make it through the window lucky for him it was the kitchen unluckily for him it was also with a loud crash. "NO ONE HEAR KROGRAG!!!"  

TheLadySif: She had been spending most of her days outside of the castle, training her body in practice to protect the castle, and training her mind for enduring the changes of season. Sifrella stood, muscles taut and eyes trained on her sparring partner. Her spear was gripped in one hand fisted at her hip, the other hand out in front of her, palm down. The spear laid on top of the back of her hand as she formed ice at the tip. Her concentration and thought was broken as one of her lead guards came running towards her calling out about an intruder that had taken the wall with great ease. Without hesitation nor a word, Sif had turned and begun sprinting to the front of the castle, sidestepping servants and leaping furniture as she cut straight through the kitchen, study, and halls between, not even catching the sound of the crashing entrance as she was already focused on one goal. The elf came to a sliding stop as she spotted the visitor happily humming on the floor. She straightened, her cool unreadable gaze falling down upon him as she slowly stepped closer. Setting the tip of her spear to the floor directly in front of him, she leaned down. Her ankle length white hair trailed down to the floor as she lifted her spear to tap the intruder under his chin. Ideally, he would look up into her eyes as she spoke in a calm yet chilling voice. “Who are you.” Her expression was blank, posing no threat but clearly not asking this question with any other expectation but an amazing explanation of what he was doing there.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the man as he droped to the floor and that other one known as Volly had left to handle other things or just move away from her for the time being, he surely would be back but she had no idea when she looked to the man on the floor. The thought crossed her mind to kill him there but at the same time he was rather amusing and she made him court jester and she liked to be amused but a man a sleep was not overly amusing. Picking him up she walked with him in arm over to a sofa were she placed him down in hopes out of harms way, in truth she cared very little if he were to fall to a anothers blade but she was not going to be the cause of it herself this time. She moved to see the door fly open and there stood a orc yelling that no one could hear him. Oh boy what had this day opened up to and she was far from the mood to deal with it but the look on Nokis face made the day brighter. Noki stood there in aww of the green skined male with tusks and dirt covering his body, like he was a sort of beast out of dreams made reality “mother what in sky keeper is that thing!” she called out as she moved to run over to it but was stoped by the swift hand of her watchful parent “that is a orc, they are simple stupid beasts that like to smash things they dont know, dont be so fast around them it may hit you” “but mother i am fully ok with being hit by that thing, it is BEAUTIFUL” she said as she was almost drooling at it. Anaya was unsure if her drool was out of hunger or out of aew but reguardless her daughter was not going near that beast. Noki wanted to be around it she had never seen a thing like that before and knowledge was a drug to a younge one and new beasts were amazing to the small blue eyes of the bright hearted child. But as mother had told her she stayed close to her seeing the other person there to but turning with anaya to walk back to the throne. “come in everyone!” Noki called out in her nicest voice as she walked back with mother to the throne and hoped on her mothers lap to watch the guests keeping a smile on her face to do her best to be strong and keep mother happy to.

TheLadySif: Sif blinked rapidly a few times, the slight glare gone from her eyes but the same cold stare ever present in the blue irises. She raised up as he hopped to his feet, tilting her head a bit and turning away from him slightly as she eyed him. She tensed up as he touched her hair then narrowed her eyes, “I am Sifrella Goan, knight of this castle…” She waved off his hand pausing as he showed her his own hair. It was easy to recognize that he wanted water, but she could tell he was harmless and for sure needed a bath. With a glance to the guard that had failed at keeping up with her, she sighed. “Send someone to get our guest some water, and food, whatever he wishes to eat.” Sif set her gaze back upon him briefly before turning and walking towards the throne room. “If you want the water and a place to stay for the night at least, you would do well to follow me. And do not fall behind, you shall meet the Queen.” Her shoulders had relaxed but her long elven ears twitched at each step he took. He was quick, she knew that with how he must’ve gotten past the castle guard, but so far she would trust his character. As she so often did, she simply headed to find Lady Anaya, making sure he was right on her trail. Sifrella padded barefoot, having been out in the grass training, she would often wear as little clothing as possible to move faster and feel the wind. Since she had decided on her feelings about the man, she set her spear to the clasp on her back and sauntered off.

VincentKaos  His eyes would light up at the mention of food as well. “Oh we likes the tasty bits of the four legs. They all so tasty. A little better too when the fire changes the color. We don’t like it all the fire color. The red juice it holds is also super tasty. The fire color takes it all though.” he rubbed his belly then quickly began bouncing around behind Sifrella. “So I following you means you are Jace’s friend now right? And you’ll play games with Jace? I haven’t got to play since Brother Majere said the bye.” He sighed heavily and although he seemed eager to want to run off and get into other things, he kept close to the elf guard instead. He would occasionally laugh and mumble to the scythe on his back that would either be followed by more laughter or brief silence. “Who is ‘The Queen’. Silly name that one is. Is ‘Queen’ a common name for people? “ he grew silent again as he pulled off Mr. Slice as he ‘spoke’ in his slightly deeper voice, “Silly Jace. Queen is not a name.” He shook his head, “She said so Mr. Slice.” “Silly Jace, Queen title.” he laughed, “You don’t say, Mr. Slice.” He darted his way up to Sif’s side, “Hey hey, new friend. Will Queen person be Jace’s friend too? We all play the fun games?” 

Xirelia: The warm air around Relia woke her up, and when she looked around she'd see that Damon had gone. "Damon?" She called out, standing up from the tree she had been laying against, clutching his coat tightly in her hands. "Damon?" The young princess called again, but after a while of no reply she sighed heavily. Was searching for him a good idea? Perhaps the Queen had him on an errand, Relia would assume. "Maybe if I wait in his room I will get to see him again..." Patting her hands down against her dress, Relia tidied it. "How long have I been asleep?" She asked outloud, expecting Damon to be there to answer her but was met with silence again. The courtyard appeared to be quiet, with a few wandering around. Two people who she did not know where walking up to the castle entrance, the one ahead, going by the womans selected attire was a guard of sorts Relia would assume. "Maybe he is inside..." Relia hoped and drapped Damon's coat over her shoulders. The day ahead would be a task in itself without him, what was there even to do while she waited for the crow to return. Her father could ride over the hill any day now, with his demands and questions. A dreadful day that would end up being. Sighing once more, the elf made her way up to the castle, hopefully things had since calmed down and she could talk to the Queen peacefully once again. But, Relia decided to change her clothes instead and would take a bath, after discreetly walking up to her designated room. It was a short while again before Relia reappeared in the hallway of the castle, still no sign of Damon she would notice. Walking down the steps, the young woman found herself in the main hall of the castle, and she made her way to the throne room, waiting quietly to be acknowledged, unsure where she might stand with the ruler considering what happened last time she met with her. Damon's coat had since been placed on the end of her bed in the meantime.

Anaya looked around seeing the people moving about the orc had run away more then likyl shocked by her daughters advances, darn simple beasts you never knew how they would react to even small things and changes in there lives. She looked out as her knight Sif came forth with what seemed to be a crazy man talking all kinds of things “miss Sif have not seen you in sometime, what...have you brought there” she looked at the man a sense of puzzlement on her face as she furrowed a brow. “oh and Sif Samuel asked about you the other day saying he needed to see you over something i am unsure what, he is outside doing, i am not sure but be careful around him if you go to see him” her voice seemed saddened as it was true that Sif would have gotten word of the prices death that morning the whole castle was talking about it and Anaya could not seem to make them stop even if she had threatened there lives with it. She took in a breath as Noki nuzzled her face into her mothers chest knowing the pain her mother felt was the same as her own. “i like new friends” Noki said keeping a smile on her face as she looked out to the one that was calling himself jace queen something mister slice “but that friend seems broken mother” Anaya could not help but smile, her daughter calling a guest nothing more then a broken toy to toss away, poor thing that girl was so sweet Innocent and cute in her childish ways but at the same time she was growing up and it was a beautiful sight to behold. “they are not broken Noki, just Damaged a little” she wondered if it was even the right words by all reality’s that person was yes as Noki put it, broken.

TheLadySif: With a raised brow, Sif slowly looked over at him. He was a strange one, almost like a child warrior stuck in a full man’s body. They had already made it into the throne room as he asked his questions, causing Sif to avert her attention to the Queen. Sif had been ignoring most people for the majority of the day and had mostly been keeping herself out of sight from everyone, Sam mostly, since her sister’s visit. Sifrella bowed deeply before the Queen, one hand over her chest. “The man’s name is Jace my Lady, i have arranged for him to eat, drink, and rest after your viewing…” She paused and rose again at the mention of Samuel. Her eyes darting from the Queen’s for a brief moment. “Yes, my Lady. I will see to his Majesty immediately.” Her head turned instantly at the break of the scream through the castle, her ears lifting in alarm. She continued to stare into the distance towards Pinky’s room, having recognized the voice and a dread creeping into her heart. After Noki disappeared down the hall, Sif looked back to the Queen. So many things were on her mind, but she simply bowed again and turned, walking off outside again.

VincentKaos  Looked up and then heard a small voice mention he was broken. His head tilted and looked to his scythe, “Mr. Slice isn’t broken. He still good as first day.” he shook the scythe talking in the deeper tone again, “That’s right Jace. I’m Aaaa okay.” Jace began to laugh wildly as he put Mr. Slice back in his place on his back. His golden hues shifted onto Anaya, “So which one is supposed to be the person called Queen. Queen is still a silly name, isn’t it?” he looked at the Scythe, “I know that, Mr. Slice but we don’t have a name for our new friends yet.” He watched as Sif left, “OH oh bye bye Siffy. We play later okay?!” he turned back again to Anaya and just blinked out of order, “So...we are friends right? We can play games later? Not all the games, not allowed to be it for tag. Mr. Slice bites. But hide and seek is fun. Can we play games then?” he began to laugh again as he sat in the floor and began humming in random notes as he made his hand into a little rabbit and let it bounce around happily in the air. His attention had been completely stolen by his own hand being a bunny. After a few seconds he began having a strange conversation that seemed to involve a tea party with a glow worm and a flower…”Not that tea. That tea is eww..bad bunny.” he shook his hand, “Bunny dead, he has horrible taste.”  

SeraphinaDeLaRose: It was the young voice that brought pinky back as she clean the tears from her face and placed the chain that held her crystal back over her head and around her neck and with a voice that seem to hold back a sadness and cracked as if trying to be stronger then it was “ I..I’m. ok princess, just.. just was spoked ...yes spoked “it was not quit a lie at lest that is what she told herself. Dimming the candles as she pulled back her hair and refolded the tattered map then placing it in a dresser as she walks to the door. “I am sorry if I disturb you ill try not to get that loud again” pinky said as she opens the door she would make a fake smile as if to try to say it was all ok though her smile was weak and not as reassuring as it was meant to be. In truth she was lost inside having no idea what more she can do or where she belonged so much ran threw her head she wanted to run to her brothers tore and dismembered body but she knew not only was that dangerous but there is nothing she could do for him now her only family now gone. “gone” the words escaped her lips as she sighed while looking away a minute then turning back to smiles her fake smile to Noki “you look lovely this evening” though this is not in pinkys character normal loud she was timed and soft to Noki at this minute. Not that pinky was not a kind person, but she lacked the lady like skills most of her statues were born with. But tonight, she seems settle and soft nature perhaps it was the shock of what she had just saw. Then again slowly as she had settled in to the castle she taken in more lady like manors she had even been wearing dresses around the castle much like the one she had on now its pink lady like style fit like a glove on her frame and made her feel sexy witch was some thing she never really thought about.

Anaya: Samuels hand was inside of a tree as blood ran down his fingers, he had smashed two trees now in the forest and he was getting a little bloody in his rage. Ripping his hand back shards of splintered wood jabbed into his hand and wrist blood dripping down more as he pressed his back up against the tree. “everything was good for a bit, he was growing he was alive, he would be the king here, now we are left with the daughter that is just like her mother. I have no heir anymore, Anaya is a tyrant and now will not even deal with me touch me or hardly talk to me. What is the point of even being here now.” he looked to a dead bird that was spread open winged on the ground, the raven that was sent to the north he had captured it and killed it there on the ground “no one is up there now. I can go there and live who who ever rules it, just me, in our cave, alone” there were tears down his face as he sat there thinking of what was gone the memory’s pooling in his mind of everything, his live , his children, all he had lost and in the end it was cus of her, cus of this place. “it is holy ground but it is cursed, this whole place is cursed. ” back at the Castle Noki looked at pinky as she opened the door, Sadness was in her eyes, the not overly old tear stains down her face the emptiness lost sound in her words “no one is really gone, Ryu my brother he is dead but he is not gone, he lives within me and within mother and within everyone that touched him. No one is really gone they just change, change shape change form like us dragons do. When i learn to change more i will be able to become a fog of white around on the ground to take form someplace else at will. Think of it the same the person just took the shape of a star and now is to good for us to touch them anymore, the sky keeper wanted them so now they live with her, dancing upon blue feathers” Noki moved and in a bold action wrapped her arms around Pinkys waist line “it is ok, i know what pain looks like, you don’t have to hide it” at times it was hard to believe Noki was even Anayas daughter but at the same time you could see anaya within the girl, the golden side of Anaya within her daughter but Anayas mind had been broken more then once so she no longer acted like a golden dragon but with Noki a golden dragon was hre in pure form. And out of every dragon golden dragons cared for there people, and at times were even sensitive and sentimental with raw emotion.

Anayas eyes moved over to Jace “the title is queen, the name is Anaya, Anaya DeLaRose and i am the queen here. Are you a child within the shell of a man” she did not enjoy children but knew that this one was a man like every other so he was not to be harmed here but that did not mean he was not going to be kicked out for the world to kill beyond the gates if she found him anyoing and a waist of time. “Jace you said your name was, what are you doing here at the castle. Is there something you seek here?” she said softly as she leaned foreword looking at him and at his body.

TheLadySif: Sif stood at a distance, having been silently watching him. She flinched slightly at the sight of his bloody hands and looked away as he crumpled. He seemed a broken man, and she hadn’t the courage to approach him. After avoiding him for weeks, then hearing of her own failure to protect the family she had sworn to serve, there was nothing she could possibly say. After a moment of pacing, turning around then turning back, she made her decision. Taking a deep breath and clenching her fists, Sif thought about her promise to the crown. Her own feelings meant nothing, only her duty. She didn’t even know when she had let herself get so far involved. Steeling her shoulders and closing down her emotions, she turned and stepped up to Samuel, bowing down to one knee and laying her hand over her chest a few feet in front of him. “My Lord. You hailed for me. How may I serve you.” Sifrella’s eyes cast downwards to the ground where she knelt in her training clothes, still barefoot for comfort and her hair still loose and not pinned up as usual so it became a protective curtain beside her face. Only her jeweled ears seen as she bowed.

VincentKaos  tilted his head at the question, “Jace is Jace. A silverling. I don’t have children in me. That’s impossible. Unless I eat them, but I haven’t. I was told that it’s bad eatting people and I wasn’t allowed to do it anymore.” he would leap up and hang upside down on the door frame and begin to swing himself. “Jace and Mr. Slice was thrown to the woods. Big brother Majere said we were playing a fun game. But I can’t find him. I felt all alone and sad, then I saw your people keeper. And we wanted friends. Lots and lots of friends.” He moved his arm to let Mr. Slice ‘speak’ “But we not allowed to be it. I have a biting problem.” Jace let out a maniacal laugh, “That’s right Mr. Slice. A bad biting problem.” he dropped down, “But Jace can be useful. Brother Majere said Jace was best at fetch and tag.” He nodded his head, “And I climb. I’m good at climbing things. Mr. Slice helps though. And...” he looked around and leaned close, “Jace nose can smell all the things. I have a great sniffer.” He lifted his head stared at the ceiling before falling backwards and humming some more only to break into a poorly tuned song of “Jace bored, bored bored...So bored, Jace bored...” The description of him being broken seemed quite accurate as the poor man seemed completely insane. He lifted his feet into the air and began talking to his shoes. 

ScarletEveDeLaRose: From the village not too far from the castle walked a young girl with dark brown hair and dark eyes, she was wearing a royal purple dress that was a bit big for her and her skin was a pale tan color that blended with the season that turned her into the spirit that had to take over this small form, the spirit was that of Scarlet, who had used one of her spells to push her soul out of her original body before it gave it’s last breath earlier in the crystal caves that she had tried to get to before this happened, she knew she should have put herself into that deep sleep before the winter even started, but there was trouble within the castle that time and she kept herself awake until it ended, this ultimately cost her the strong huntress body that she will dearly miss as it lays frozen in the crystal caves, now she is cursed by the heavens because what she did was against the rules of the spellcasters, and she is temporarily stuck in this body of a ten year old until she is able to grown to her original size in the next winter, Scarlet sighed to herself as she made her way inside of the castle through a backway that she only knew about, “this will be awkward,” She thought to herself as she lifted the bottom part of her dress and quickly made her way up the stairs to her room so she could think of an explanation if anyone were to catch her in this form.

Anaya: Samuel's eyes looked up from the dead bird at his feet she was so guard so knight like and a part of him hates it, she had to be so closed up when all he needed was her arms around him just to make the pain go away for a little bit. “i just wanted you to have to see me, you have been avoiding me since i offered you my heart, you accepted but then backed off and i have waited for weeks and now you don’t even look at me” there was anger in his eyes, swelling up within him as he stood up from the ground “if i tossed my crown in the sea, if i was no longer a king would you look at me then Sifrella, would you take my offer then and look at me with anything else then a cold your lordship glare!” he snarled as he turned his back to her giving a sigh as he put his head on the tree trunk “if you don’t want to be with me just say so, i will except my life as the queens slave and go on living it without hope of having you back in my arms or making a life, a family, with you again. Tell me so i can go and do what i was to do here and not think of brighter days and dreams” he pushed his head into the tree to try to hide the tears down his face, acidic tears that burned into his skin and down his cheeks. It was as if she was dieing all over again in his heart, like watching the one you have always loved walk around a ghost cold to you, cut off from you. “just tell me so i can figure things out” he was angry, broken, sad, hurting, and he did not even know what to do, smash the tree, cry into the tree, hug the tree, feelings were painful maybe he needed time in that dungon to revert to being a wyvern again and be less of a man. Anaya did not even know what to say to the man now talking to his shoes so if he was a broken child like being she would treat him like such. “would you and your.... mister slice like some food?” food everyone understood food maybe if he ate he would fall a sleep and stop talking and leave her alone and she could shoe him out in the morning to get the first cart out of here.

IIdarkfireII: The jester slowly begins to wake up as him and his demonic partner begin to get off the couch and slowly stand up. As the demonic duo look for one of the servants in the castle. - Ughhhhhhhh our head. -A human and demonic voice speak in unison- He is seen wearing ragged jester clothes and a hat and he wears an eyeglass over his right eye and adjusts it to focus on a target from far away. He also wears some sort of gasmask covering his mouth. Without his ragged outfit the signs of demonic possession are more prominent on his body. He has black shadows crawling up his skin and a demonic symbol on his chest. – The jester also appears to be carrying several different weapons on his person including, 6 poison throwing daggers strapped to his left arm able to induce vomiting, blurred vision, paranoia, and insanity, he also has two demonic blades that are capable of rapidly siphoning the energy of an opponent at close range but this requires contact with an opponent’s blood as the blades are powered by blood magic and require blood contact in order to work ( this method does not work on creatures that do not have blood and they are not really meant to kill but rather weaken an opponent and render them helpless) These demonic blades cannot be broken by normal means and requires divine or some other kind of holy magic to break them.- Now we just need to get to the forge right shade? -the jester unretracts his blade showing a shadow demoness instead of his own reflection. She has purple eyes, skin black as midnight, red hair, and horns and a demonic tail. Yuppers now let’s just find out where it is so we can craft something to counteract this divine magic surrounding the castle. – the demoness replies, and the jester looks around asking one of the servants for directions as they tell him the location- Thanks for the tip. -The jester then begins to try to draw the shadows to him managing to gain just enough power to get to the forge as they step into the shadow but in their weakened state it does not quite work properly and while they end up in front of the forge they fall from the ceiling and land flat on their face. - Dammit! -They quickly dust themselves off and begin working on a rune to counteract the divine magic surrounding the castle as hammering will now be heard throughout the castle- Ok let us see first we need a paladin’s seal………… as it is pure and cannot be corrupted naturally this might be difficult now steady. -The jester holds a hammer and works to add a pinch of shadow essence to the paladin’s seal. – Steady and……….-it creates an explosion knocking the jester back and badly burning him- Dammit! -the jester then reaches into a shadow cast by the light from the forges flames and his burned skin quickly begins to heal itself, so he goes back to normal as he finishes his work and the corrupted rune has been created- Now where to put that rune. -the demonic pair look at their burned outfit and reach into their hat pulling out a sewing kit and make a new outfit hemming the rune into the seams of it as they put it on and a good portion of their power returns- And done………. hopefully the queen is not too upset about the explosion.

VincentKaos  flipped back up, “Told the one person that friend Siffy spoke to. Told them I like the animal flesh I did. But only kissed by fire. I like the taste of the red juice inside. The fire takes too much for itself, doesn’t leave any for Jace.” he sniffed the air, “But I don’t smell any. I’m going to play now. Bye bye queenie.” he turned, “Oh, and Mr. Slice doesn’t eat as often as I do. We only likes fresh meats. That he does.” He began laughing and went to run off, quite literally bouncing off the walls again. He would snatch a guard’s helmet and dart off with it laughing, “Keep away. Can’t catch it.” he laughed as he jumped from a window, “Weee...Jace fly.” he slammed to his feet, rolled and took off through the courtyard waving the helmet in the air clearly amused at this game. “If no one can take it, Jace keeps the head bucket.” He stopped as he caught sound of an explosion, “Boom? Brother Majere? That’s not his boom..” he seemed confused, his iris and pupils shifting into a brilliant orange as he stared in the direction of the sound. His focus on the ‘head bucket’ seemed gone now. The pupil now turning a deep blue as his arms fell limp to his side and he let out a big sigh. “Jace miss brother.” he mumbled. He slammed Mr. Slice into the ground then sat down throwing the helmet into a random direction, “Mr. Slice...You won’t leave Jace, right? You Jace best friend ever.” “That’s right Jace. Best friend.” The odd man then hug the bottom of the handle and sighed contently.  

SeraphinaDeLaRose: Her head leaned against the girl as she smiled “you are very kind,its not all a lost my journey lead me here. The queen and you have been very welcoming to me “ pinky let out a small breath as if to let out the fears and sadness “ you knew what I saw don’t you Noki I mean you just talked of the lost of your brother..soo you know don’t you that … my brother ..” pinky hald her hand to her chest as she lowered her head and in a ramble of how she looked though her crystal too see her brother body tore by beast she has never seen before. “ I ..i wish I never looked” she said after and then she stepped out of her room smoothing out her new pink dress that was more lady like then she was use too but she like none the less, and with her hands and tighting her belt she wore around her waist. “I think I need some air care to walk with me princess?” pinky hoped she would as pinky did not wish to be alone she had been alone all too long in her life and what she needed most was a friend and a sort home she had never had. Her head would lift a bit as she took her ahand and pulled back her soft pink hair then she smiled back at Noki and this smile was real still with a bit of sadness but it was real “ I am greatfull to be here?” I know now what I am and who I am .” she turned and sighed “ at lest I gain that.” Her head would them lower back to her side as she turn to walk away hopping Noki would fallow and they could talk of other things , happier and more joyful things.

Anaya: Noki looked up at Pinky and smiled “ya, i know what brother sadness looks like, mine is gone to, Father said that we don’t know what did it, i want to find out what did it, but maybe you are right, it is better we don’t look. Mother keeps the darkness away from here, away from our halls so we just cant leave the gates unless we want to find that darkness. Everyone holds loss, we all dace death some more then others, some never see death in there life times, they hide but we grow and learn from the fall of others. Knowledge guides us all and even in death of our family we gain strangth in others” her big blue eyes looked up at Pinky. She was her mothers daughter and a smile came over her face “we will take care of you here, you are my friend, and even if Damon, and Ryu are gone, you and I are still here and they are with us inside” she nodded her head like just to reasure herself it was truth. She let out a breath “there is good in the kitchen want to get some the cook gives me the best food i will share it with you” she smiled cutely as she moved her clawed hand little golden claws moving up to grab a hold of Pinkys arm and lock arms with her so they would walk beside one another. Anaya could feel the happyness in her daughter as she let out a breath and slumped back into her throne. She watched the one known as Jace bolt away talking crazy and she looked at the floor. It was so hard today to hold her head up just to be strong about it all and now that the hall was a empty she did not even have to look at anyone. Picking up the leather book from the side of the throne she looked into it. At least the stupid water pipes were fixed now she could have a bath later and relax.

TheLadySif: Sif slowly rose her head, staring at the back of her King. Simply swinging her hair over her shoulder and sitting on the ground with her legs folded underneath her, she watched as his back rose and fell with his breathing. After blinking rapidly, she rose her fingers to her cheek and realized she had been crying. With a sniff, she spoke up, “What can I do… what could I possibly say to you. It is one thing to admit to my feelings and want you. But it is another to abandon all i have achieved thus far. And now the heir has fallen. My own blood and kingdom still after my head. The castle is barely protected as it is. If I am to allow myself this distraction…” Sif rubs her arms, hugging herself and falling silent before slowly standing. Her expression had softened only because he could not see it. Quietly, she closed the distance between them, tentatively reaching a hand out to touch his shoulder then the other laid upon his other shoulder. Sif pressed close to him, her forehead at the juncture of his shoulder blades touching ever so briefly before she stepped back again, her voice and expression steel and cold again. “If you are to need anything else… anything at all I will be there my… Samuel."

VincentKaos VincentKaos  Narrate Jace would yawn and grab Mr. Slice, “Let’s go and see the dream place. Always fun there Mr. Slice.” he would climb his way up the side of the walls with the aid of his scythe until he had pulled himself into a random room. He didn’t seem to care where he was, just that he was in a shelter. He would curl under the window and pull the scythe close to his body as his eyes began to close, “Just...short sleepy time.” and with that his light snores would begin to permeate the room signaling his deep slumber. One could drag him by a leg at this point and the male would not move. His slumber deeper than most coma victims. He would occasionally mumble about games, his brother, the magic gnomes in the trees, angry squirrels, and having his own head bucket. The grip on the scythe was ridiculous, and near impossible to remove. Pulling it would most likely involve dragging his entire body with it.  

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet began to pace from left to right in her room as she thought of what she was going to do about her new situation and the next one that will soon be near, “Now if I say that I was reborn...maybe spellbound by...maybe that’s not a good idea…” She really wanted no one to know that she had lost her life a while ago, especially since the Queen was not around to see her leave and it was not as natrual as everyone would believe, “ did I not know about my condition...that infection must have been worse than I thought,” She remembered what had happened to her before she arrived at the cave and went to her knees, she looked at her child hands then closed her eyes to go back to thinking about what to do about herself, “I will be of no use in this form...I must stay hidden until I can grow into a teenager,” She noticed that her door was slightly opened then she ran over to shut it and kept her hands to the door, she put her ears to it to listen out for anything as she sat herself on the floor. “I better watch what I do from now on aswell,” She looked up at her window with her symbol painted on the glass knowing that they could be watching her from now on.

Anaya: He felt her touching him, felt her forehead upon his back his body stiffened as he did not move “the only thing I need in this whole world is you” he knew her world had been turned upside down, so had his, the fact his wife was within her made his mind a true mess, everything here in this land meant nothing to him, he would toss it all aside for her just to have her in his arms, in his toxic embrace just have her with him, she was his everything. “All i will ever need is you” he knew she was hurting, knew they all were this castle was falling apart and really he wanted to see it burn and for Anaya to sit a top of the pile of ash it left behind. Sif held so much in her hands in this moment, in the next while she held more in her hands then she even would realize. His face turned around there were green tears burned into his skin, he had been in tears for hours and the light in his eyes was burning there was rage and pain within him and it was never a good match up “i need to know if you love me, or if i am just a lord to you, a job. My son is dead, my only son is dead, my mate would laugh at my dead body and feed it to the dogs, this castle is built on the bones of people she has tossed into the dungeon pit and everyone ignores it, my daughter is the spiting image of her demented mother with a heart of gold, it sickens me. You are the only thing i know is worth my staying here. The raven came back from the north this evening with no word in reply it means up there is empty, give me a reason to stay here Sif or i will leave tonight and never look back and you will never have to deal with your feelings again, she will hunt my hide down and have me chained in the dungeon for it but i no longer care, my life time in the dark is better then a life time of watching you serve like there is a silver collar around your neck.” his words were extremely snappy, filled with malice and pain. He did not know what to do anymore it was stay or go, stay live his life as a slave to a tyrent empress, kill there female child and put his mate back in heat again to get another son and start over ignoring the fact Sif was his dream, run away with her, kidnap her to the now empty north and be hunted down like an animal and place her life in danger. Run away alone and enjoy the cold on his skin once more and lay with the body of his daughter and wife knowing that his end would be coming soon. So many options he had no idea what to pick. “will i be a man, or a monster”

TheLadySif: “I do love you.” Sif breathed out the words without a single thought, and meant it. With a sharp intake of breath she stepped back, biting her lip. “You have always been more than man in my eyes, and the most beautiful monster I could have ever foolishly fallen for.” She ran a hand halfway through her hair, letting her hand sit upon her head as her eyes watered again. Sorrow and a heavy guilt had set upon her stomach since hearing of the news that morning. “I could do nothing to save your only son, the Prince is gone. What have i done do deserve…no…” She dropped her hand and looked to him, eyes almost hot with her glare, her eyes taking on an entirely different light, the warm hazel that they had taken on with the change of the seasons almost burned with a stronger spirit that had not been present since her sister resurfaced in her life. “I will not let this castle fall, whether you care to keep it alive or not. This is my home, our home. Even if the Queen would collar me with her own hands I will always belong to you.” Her voice fell to a whisper at the last few words. “I cannot imagine the broken man you must feel at this moment…but…” Sif rolled her shoulders and swiped the tears from her eyes with both hands, her gaze calming. “Are you a King or not?"

SeraphinaDeLaRose: She laughed and her smile now taking over her face “that sounds very good Noki “she walked with Noki to the kitchen and sure enough there was many good things to snack on and the cooks to must have known of her brothers passing as they seem extra kind to the both. pink was even given a little cake that was layer with many flavors and iced with a cream that was a sweet as honey it looked like a piece of art and tasted like it was made for the gods “this is delicious “she says as she took another bite the cook grin and with out a stop in breath blurted out all the work that went in to the little treat. Then before pinky could finish chewing the bit in her mouth the cook set another treat before her she smiled and took a bit oo it was a truffle and it melted in her mouth who one could live on such treats made her wonder as they were all too good. Pinky never know such things to touch her pallet but now she wish to enjoy every bite “this is a wonder of sweet ummmm… chocolate right it’s a chocolate ?” pink had never tasted chocolate before but she had hear of it and with the nod of the cook she was trilled she had got to taste it. “its wonderful” she say as she smiled at noki and then take another bite “ I can see why you come here Noki you have the best of cooks “ hearing this the cook smiled and patted her on the head “ I like this one you bring her back any time Noki “ the cook would say as pinky eat the treats laid out for them.

IIdarkfireII: -A servant rushes in at the sound of the explosion and runs into the jester. - Oh good you’re here. -the jester hands them a broom and dustpan and walks off leaving them to clean up the mess and disappears into a shadow emerging out of another shadow cast by the light as they make their way to town. They decide to get some fresh air taking a shortcut through the forest when they start to hear voices and blend in with the shadow of one of the trees looking like any shadow on the ground cast by a tree obstructing the light- The jester and his demonic partner begin to listen in gathering what information they can as he stays silent with his demonic partners voice talking to him in his mind. - //Well that is an interesting morsel of information to reach our ears. // -The pair decide to wait until the conversation is done and do not risk making any movements until the two people leave the woods as a moving shadow would not be the subtlest and they would notice if a shadow suddenly disappeared. This way the play it safe and look like any normal shadow just listening in and gathering what they hear. They would have no way of knowing that the jester is there with them or that something is watching them in the shadows. After all who would suspect a shadow in the forest since there are so many trees here. There would be absolutely no way of knowing but at the same time the jester is nervous knowing that they would kill him and his partner if he was caught. He decides to stick to stealth and will not move or make a sound until the pair have left as they simply wait. -

The tears in his eyes fell to the ground as he looked at her. She was everything he wanted, everything and more and her words gave him a reason “i was never meant to be a king, to rule to govern a castle that sat on a hill, I was never meant to be that person, dragons don’t rule lands we concur them, we mindlessly destroy and lay waist to city’s not make them better. The day you were taken from my arms was the day my life ended, i have been broken for years, simple plotting for the way to make this whole place burn and make it pay for what it did to our family. Revenge has been the only thing on my mind for over a hundred years. And now, now the only thing on my mind is how to make this place shine because you are inside of it, because it is your home, because you being here makes it mine and i never understood that till now. In three days time i will call you here to this spot under this tree were i will carve out half of the beating heart from my chest and offer it to you to be placed within you. It wont hurt i promise, then we shall spend the night under this tree in embrace and i shall make you mine for all time as i am already yours” he knew he could not touch her with his bleeding one hand so he moved forth with the other one clean and without blood on it to clean the tears from her eyes. “i will make this castle right, i wont do what i was going to to watch it burn down around everyone, i wont ruin what you love and make you hurt anymore. I will make this place better, i will fight to make it better, and fight to protect it along side you. I promise” he wrapped his arm around her and held her to his chest every bit of love in him on his sleeves “just don’t avoid me, I love you Sif, My white dragon of ice and snow” he put his forehead on top of her white hair she was so perfect in every way.

Amnaya: Noki grined ear to ear as pinky enjoyed the food and Noki was given a simple glass of chilled water, dragons in reality did not eat all that much Ryu was just a glutton and Anaya was addicted to eating and pearls, and father was a pig, but she was a Noki and was learning to be a true dragon and not just a child anymore. “yes i love the cooks here the castle has the best foods, eggs, milk, chocolet in white brown and even pink, ya we get pink chocolate from the southern trade ships when they pass but it dont happen often once a year at most in the summer but summer is comeing so we can get some and you can try it, it is really good to” Noki smiled and ran over to a chair and pulled one out for pinky and another one out for her so they could sit down and eat. Anaya got up from the throne holding her book and made her way to the dinning hall were she walked in moved over to the small table grabbed a small green clay dish of pearls and nothing more and then turned around to go back out to her thrones. Nokis eyes watched every move her mother made “you know pinky i have a feeling things are going to get worse around here”

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IIdarkfireIIIIdarkfireII Whisper: -The jester having now heard enough disappears into the shadows and steps out of another shadow in the castle hall and make their way to the throne room. - Hello, your majesty we have something to share with you but not here. I think you might be interested in what we have to say. -The jester looks troubled and clearly has something urgent to tell the queen- We are afraid this matter cannot wait and that you must hear this. -They go to try to whisper in her ear telling the queen everything they heard in the forest and urging her to come downstairs with them to decide how to approach the matter. They mention that they went to go get some fresh air and they heard the conversation between the king and Sif as they move away from the throne room and walk downstairs.- The jester has a good idea that the queen is going to be furious by this news and they really do not want to stick around for that as they make way downstairs and wait for the queen to meet with them and right now the jester is relieved he was never caught for he would surely have been killed.- The queen will be pleased which is good for us. – they mutter to themselves as they wait for her with their bronze eyes beaming with delight knowing where a dragons gratitude could possibly get them and the jester is glad they outsmarted the king and Sif who are some high ranking members of the castle. As they giggle to themselves and wait for everything to go down as it is just a matter of time until they get back and face the queen’s wrath. -

TheLadySif: Her heart was a wreck, but she nodded in promise, knowing that nothing would stop her again. The love and care she had for her new home had blinded her to her purpose for fleeing her homeland and fighting so long. She had searched for happiness and had almost run from it entirely out of fear. The cowardice and weakness that she had shown lately made her furious, and half wanted to go kill something, but the embrace of her King warmed her ice just enough to still her rage… for the moment. Ice spread from her standing spot and froze the ground at her feet solid as she didn’t dare move from him but a storm raged inside her. Eventually and reluctantly she pulled away. “ I must return to the castle, I cannot go cavorting about in this ensemble all day, and I still have responsibilities to attend to. I would suggest you remain out here where it is safe for you to mourn. I would hate to see the castle burn before its time."

SeraphinaDeLaRose: pinky tasted the chocolate “this is really good” pinky was about to laugh but then she watched as the queen came and took a plate it was more Noki expression pinky watched her lips drop into a calm and soft look and as Noki spoke pinky set her hand on Noki’s arm “you say you’ll take care of me here .. do not worry I promises you the same. With a vow of a sister to a sister I not let anything happen to you or your mother.” Pinky’s eyes meant it and she looked straight into Noki’s with those eyes before speaking again “I don’t have family and I guess you are all I got I will train myself to be the damn best fire elf warrior, so I won’t lose another love one or family. tired of losing noo, more Noki bring what may you and your mother have shone me nothing, but kindness and I won’t lose ether of you I swear it … “she lowered her head and mumbled out “I swear it “to herself then she lifted her head and smiled and till them there will never be a dull candle here “it was a bad attempt at a joke and her corky smile probably did not help. But she would pull back her pink hair and ruff her hands threw it giving it a bit of a messed-up look and then tilt her head as if to work a laugh from Noki or at lest a little giggle. Mean while the cat was not gone on no out of the way but not gone mystic though old and not a kitten any more for some reason did not feel or look her age perhaps it was the magic that made her the panther size she is, or hell could not handle her level of kitty cute evil ether way she was on her way up the throne room to cause some trouble

As the jester came into the castle he got close to anaya and she was silent for everything he had said, dead silent as she rolled a pearl along her tongue in her mouth, her teeth cliping ageinst the pearl as he ran off to the basement to go over things, he was only able to get so far down there and the guards would only allow him into the meeting slave room and nothing more so that is were she went. Her feet hit every step as her mind was a blur due to the pearls influence on her. Walking into the room she turned around still dead silent as she shut the door with a clip “so you are telling me that the king here that you have never seen before is having an affair with my knight. You have been here for only hours and you have brought me this information as you what wondered around and so spotted it” her aura started to rise, the room was getting brighter as her red eyes looked around at the male before her her face starting to crack as skin parted showing white scales under it. “if you vanish away out of this room i will uproot mountains to find you you bring me such a lie, you bring me a lie so profound, you bring me a lie on this day, on this day that i held my dead son in my arms, my flesh in blood and you tell me that on the day our child lay dead my mate is consorting with a ice elf!” her head cracked to the side as her fingers started to turn to claws and in a blink she was at the jesters neck, a large red eye looking at him as her face cracked up her nice human teeth no more and there only being sharpened to a point rows and rows of pointed fang like teeth. “this is the only warning I will give you, I will not shed blood on this day, death has saved your life this day but if i find a reason, i will make a reason to slaughter you tomorrow, to string your insides of shadow and disgust across my halls as fucking seasonal decrements. I exist on this earth to kill your kind i have been kind and given you resort here in my halls and you mock me so. If i catch you here at dawn tomorrow morning i will slaughter you and everything you care for and keep your nice little eyes as trophy’s” dragons were not kind and he was a stranger to her, a little shadow lier, a sneek in her halls, her fist came smashing into the wall beside his head as she looked at him her claws crushing the stone rocks within them as she smiled the whole time not breaking eye contact. Samuels eyes looked up “fuck me” and within moments he was back in the castle, wyvern speed was wonderful at moments like this. Anaya was pissed you could feel that for miles, and he knew what her anger felt like, it made all the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, it made him feel so on edge like the ground under him would just fall out. When in all reality it just could if Anaya so wanted it to, pull up the ground under ones feet to make a landslide upon them or have that same ground rain from the sky rocks as rain were far from fun and Anaya could do it all and who in there right mind would piss her off right now, why today, of all days they pick the day the ruler is the most unstable. “Anaya!” he called out as he walked into the halls looking for her, he knew she was in the basement he could follow her aura like a blood hound “Anaya” Sam said softly as he bolted for the bassment door to the stairs and to the bassment door to that small room she was in with the jester. She was not alone he could smell someone else in there, surely the one she was going to off. This catle could not explode now, not after he made his promise. Play the part sam you hate her but play the part “Anaya, open the door, who is in there with you” he called out softly hopeing she would open the door for him.
Nokis eyes looked at Pinky as she was shaking “i am not worried about mother pinky, no she is fine, mother is a god among dragons, nothing in its right mind would be able to harm a scale on her hide, it is that one in the wrong mind i worry about, as mother has a hard time doing small attacks, when you get so large size is what dooms you and everything around you. If she uses one attack this whole castle can be destroyed. And pinky, my mother, is not stable, she is broken to” her blue eyes looked to Pinky softly “please dont leave this kitchen, stay here with me”

IIdarkfireII: “Fine don’t believe us but what point would there be to killing us? It will not change the truth and we will stand by our conviction. You really think we would be stupid enough to lie to a dragon? -The jester stays calm even when being threatened and truth flickers in his eyes there is no quick beating of his heart or any signs of nervousness. - We will be gone soon enough but instead of chasing us perhaps you should consider chasing the truth instead? -The jester muses clearly not phased in the slightest by the queen’s threats- In all likelihood you might kill us anyway, so we really have nothing to hide here. Why not send someone to keep an eye on your knight and prove our claims? – The jester suggests- If we are lying you would know and slit our throat but if we are telling the truth then we are free to go. -The jester rhymes- Save your rage for another time fair queen until the truth you have seen. – the jester pulls out his flute along with his demonic partner and plays a melody- We have showed our hand and played our song, but you have yet to prove us wrong. -the jester plays his final tune- We sing our song so listen well will you find the truth? Only time will tell. We will heed your request and move through the night watch us as we vanish from your sight. – with that the jester vanishes after hearing her warning and giving his reply without another word hoping him and his demonic partners words have been considered and the jester steps out of a shadow far away from the castle past the woods and past the river he sees a cave and decides to walk toward it. -

he stood there and played a song, it was seen as nothing less them mocking in her eyes. But he was gone none the less and she did hope he would not show up again. The man was a liar, he was of darkness and all darkness ever did was lie, all it always did was lie and she hardly could handle this castle as it was right now let alone his words be truth, have her son die and her mate be loving to another to the point he would give all he had, his heart. Sams voice made the door to the room shake slightly as the door opened and Anaya stood there breathing heavenly. Anaya looked to Sam tears welling in her eyes as they fell like rain. Holy tears from her eyes as Samuel's arms wrapped around her not a word from his lips he needed not say anything, Anaya hardly could hold on she had been strong all day and now all she wanted to do was break down, become a puddle on the floor and see only darkness “Anaya..” sam said softly as he let her head rest on his shoulder “what ever you need i will get for you” Sam said softly running his fingers into her hair “he said you loved another, that you were going to give your heart to another, half of your heart. But shadows lie...” Anayas wet eyes looked to Samuel “right?” Samuel did not skip a beat as he moved a finger to move her tears away his voice almost as if he had practised “no one will ever replace you in my heart Anaya, you are the mother of our amazing daughter and you are the mother of our son be him not with us now he will forever be in the sky keepers wings now. Who told you such foolish things my sweet?” Anaya put her for head to his chest as he reassured her he was hers and hers alone. “just a stranger court jester that came to the doors today needing a place here. Some fool that had been here for under a day. A nobody, we sould not see him again. If we do, kill him” Samuel nodded his head as his words whispered in her ear “Anything for you my queen” he held her softly as he moved looking around the gross dark chamber they were in “You are needed upstairs my love, you need to be strong for this castle, we both do, wise words were told to me this day, i am a king and you are the queen, so we are to act it, to make this castle what it is meant to be no matter what loss we feel” Anaya nodded as she cleaned the tears from her face “the workers fixed the pipes down here, and the Pire will be in a couple hours i got told it is made, things are looking alright” Sam nodded “And Anaya the raven from the north came back no word, it seems no one got it up there and it just turned around and came back” he said softly as she walked past him and moved up the steps “i will be sure to inform that princess that Damon brought back here that no word from the north that her home seems to be empty or something may be a stray” Sam walked up the steps behind her as they both made it to the top and left the basement of the castle to handle matters upstairs.

TheLadySif: Sif spared a glance back as she rounded the path from the forest but saw that Samuel had disappeared. She assumed he went off to let out his pain more. As badly as she wished to console him, she had already risked too much having stayed with him and spoken freely in the middle of the day. Sif sauntered on, instantly being informed of the Queen’s relocation as she stepped inside. Sifrella had missed the banging on the door, the jester’s words, and Lady Anaya’s tears. What she did catch had her stopped by the door before turning the corner. Furrowing her brow, her sensitive ears caught only the middle of the situation. “No one will ever replace you in my heart…” That alone gave her pause, not knowing what had happened or even that the Queen was upset had her heart and mind confused. She should know better, or at least assume there is a reasonable excuse… but in true, cold, elven fashion… she was furious. Before another word was said, Sif was backing back down the hall slowly until her distracted mind realized that Samuel and Anaya were exiting the room. She turned on her heel and walked off, heading straight to her chambers to change as she had said she would.

Anaya: He could feel that slight hint of cold in the air Sif was not far from him, but then it was gone, she must have gone to her chamber room to change her clothing as she said she would. He made a note to go up there after getting Anaya to the throne area without the castle going up in flames. It took a moment or two to get there but Anaya was placed in her throne the claw dish of pearls at the side of the throne as she picked one up and put it in her mouth to help in her relaxing a little and dealing with the days stresses. Sam kissed her cheek softly to reassure her all was well “i am going to go check on the upper levels, do my rounds, i will be back shortly” he gave a smile as he turned and moved up to the stairs the blood on his hand dryed and as he walked upthe steps he grabed a scrap of some sort of fabric hanging around and cleaned it all off. Walking over to sifs bed chambers he did not knock on the door and opened it a little to peek in.

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~Volly would awake in a Tavern as a day would pass, his vision was blurry as he would look down at his palms as his back was pressed against a bed only to speak under his breath yet his words were full of sorrow for the first time of since the Fae’s curse would have been lifted.~ You and I are both seeking the very same thing, you an I are the same.. We are both motivated by our desire for peace and justice. Everyone feels the same pain when losing something dear, for you and I have both experienced that pain. ~His words were filled emotion, something that wasn’t shown the day he arrived.~ You strive for your justice… And I strive for mine. ~His body would shift forward as he would slide his legs off the bed as he Mithril coated Hardened leather boots would click together touching the wooden floor. His vision would come to as he would lift himself the bed. Reaching down his fingertips would wrap around the hilt of his sheathed Katana named “Astroth” A mere 1.5 meters long. Strapping it to his left side against his belt. His aura was no longer evil and filled with Chaos, it was full of harmony as if he was released from such a heavy burden. Walking forward his footsteps were gentle against the wooden floor as he has a smile on his face, his fingertips running through his long silky red hair. Volly would reach for the door still slightly weak the curse being lifted overnight by an Elder Lich of the name “Gashmear” Appearing to him in his dreams, the Lich wanted to take the curse in return Volly was to give up his Vengeance and hate for his own kind and let go of the Fae that he failed to slay. A deal that conflicted with his pride greatly, however he wanted his power back to the point he craved it. Volly struck the deal, there was no harm in it. Not for Volly or anyone around.~ I wonder how long it will take for my power to come back to me? ~He would chuckle under his breath as he opened the door that would lead in to the bar. He would head straight for the door that lead outside. Reaching outside his body shifted left as his vision went blurry for a second. A result of the dark energy the coursed through his veins, it would take time for him to regain his strength. He continued forward as sweat would drip from his hair, his ears were ringing, to him the ground was shaking with each step even though it wasn’t. The Curse took a toll on his body for plaguing this long. Stumbling with each step he would slip into a shadow step and ported a total of 45 feet hitting the against the side of a tree. Regaining his balance once more he made his way towards the Kingdom doors, pushing the left one open it was clear he was in weakened state as he would grip the side of door he would look vision going in and out. He exhale slowly as his Katana bounced against his waist making a loud humming noise for a few seconds until he clicked it back in the sheath.~ Greetings everyone. ~A smile appeared against Volly’s lips as sweat would drip down his face, he was slightly shaking as his Celestial Energy began to pound underneath his chest as he continued to use the door to hold himself up as closed his left eye as it became a habit to hide the one thing he despised more than anything it was that Curse. However, it’s been only lifted for a day he hasn’t gotten use to not relying on Dark Energy to help his body move. He was now 9’7ft tall it appeared he grew since the Curse had faded, his horns had cracks as they would shine pearl white. Wearing all Mithril coated Hardened Black Leather armor. Light, and fit for an assassin. Daggers were covered up his sides. A total of 60, 30 on each side. They were made of Titanium Alloy and sharp making it easy to slice through bone they were also light like his Katana. His boots would click together as his right hand slipped in his pocket playing with a Ebony Crest made from an Elvish smith as gift for Volly he acquired on his journey. His Long silky red hair would flow over her face as watched everyone to see what would happen next.~

TheLadySif: The door to her room would creak a bit as ice frozen over it would crack and fall to the floor. In the middle of the room facing the mirror was Sif. The temperature in the room was edging towards freezing, so her temper was managed. She had finally pinned her hair up, having twisted it into a much shorter braid-style. She had donned a newer set of clothing, the lightest blue like a sheet of ice, sheer and sparkling. Her eyes in the mirror were already set on Samuel’s, glowing an ethereal yellow instead of the usual blue or hazel. They glistened with unshed tears yet a soft smile set upon her lips. “Greetings, my King.” She turned her head slightly, peeking over her shoulder slowly then looking down for a moment before looking back to the mirror. A light snowfall speckled the chamber, spiderwebs of ice creeping across the glass of her mirror. “Please. Come in."

Anaya: Samuel walked in as he moved into the ice box that was her room. He let out a breath god this room felt good, it felt right, he shut the door with his foot as it clinked shut and surely was re-coated in a layer of ice. His clawed fingers moved behind her as they ran up her shoulders and along her dress “you look flawless, like the clearest of glaciers in the evening moon. ” his fingers moved around her as he could feel her temper within her “that heart of fire you have, it makes it so i can hardly keep my hands off you. I can not wait till we are at last one and i can quit lieing about it” he wanted to be with her so badly it hurt inside and he knew that once his heart was hers Anaya could not harm a hair on her head, Anaya could toss a fit surely but she could not cause lasting damage to Sif and that is what mattered, if Anaya hurt Sif it would hurt Sam and in doing so, it would hurt there daughter, and it had dawned on him that that kid could be used more so alive then it could be dead.
Glazed over red eyes looked up as she rolled a pearl on her tongue and swallowed it hole her teeth grinding slightly. She let out a breath as she looked at the doors, that dragon male was back the one with fake decor on his body to look more dragon. But now he smelled not of Fae, he had had his curse lifted since behind here. “you have changed, Volly was it your name?” she asked as he walked into her halls. Noki bolted from the dinning room doors to run and jump on her mothers lap with a bright wide smile on her face “mother!” she called out as she wraped her arms around her “are you ok, i was worried, i could feel you all over the castle, like you were the castle and the castle was mad and upset, no one is dead right?” Anaya could not help but laugh at her daughter as she pressed her forehead to her little girls “no my sweet all is well, you keep me grounded” Noki smiled brightly “ya if you made this castle explode i would have no place to get food and eat” Anaya let out another soft laugh as she lifted her face back up to look back to Volly.

TheLadySif: If she wasn’t so cold, she may have blushed, her body tensing as he came closer and touched her. The moment was brief, but her eyes faded from the yellow causing her to blink rapidly before they glowed again in yellow. A slight sneer wrinkled her nose as she took her eyes off of his face in the mirror and looked upon her own. She rose a hand to her cheek, tilting her head. “It is a shame this form is too weak to kill her.” The instant the words left her lips Sif gasped sharply and stiffened, her eyes cooling to the usual hazel and the snowfall ceasing in the room. In an almost drowsy manner, she reached a hand up to Samuel’s, looking at him again in the mirror in a daze. Her eyes widened briefly as she stepped tot he side, stumbling back until the back of her legs met the bed causing her to inadvertently sit down. Her doe eyes stared up at him, then she shook her head lightly and looked away. “D-did you need me for something my Lord?"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet got up from her spot and walked to her window to notice something was off about the outside, She looked to the northeastern part of the forest and quickly walked over to slightly open her door so she could peek out to see if the coast was clear enough for her to leave out, “Oh skirt,” she quickly stepped back into her room so she wouldn’t be caught by anyone and looked towards her window, “looks like I’m going to be using that way to get out of here,” Scarlet took two sheets from her bed, then she opened her window, tied the sheets into knots, and threw them out in a straight line before she quickly but carefully climbed herself out to get the the ground, when she finally touched the ground with her feet, she immediately darted towards the forest where the crystal caves would be located, “I’ve got to get there,” Scarlet’s hair flowed with her speed as she took a shortcut through the woods to get to the caves, the shortcut was less thick but smaller than the original path that she would take, when she arrived at the entrance, she looked around and yelled “Hey, who is here at my cave?” She decided to enter the glassy looking cave that mirrored her every move when she walked deeper into it, the mirrors revealed a dark bronze haired woman with earth brown eyes stuck inside of a pre teen girl with dark brown hair and dark green eyes, she looked up and shivered before taking a breath as she looked at her original body that was now frozen within the cave as if she was sleeping,Scarlet got on one knee and bowed to herself as she promised, “until you are awaken, no one will know and I shall make sure of that,” she got up and leaned her back against the walls of the cave, still feeling the presense of someone or something near her.

Guest_SpiralLotusGuest_SpiralLotus Whisper: ~Volly would push the door further open a Celestial Energy would pulse beneath his chest, it was clear to those who would sense magic, he was in a weakened state. His energy to surge through out his body it seemed to slowly be regenerating back to normal. His left elbow would bounce against his hilt as the blade once more let out a humming as if it were a cry from a Phoenix in pain. His eye's would click pure white as his pupils would begin to fade, he would continue forward as his hands now in his pockets, his eye's would close as he began to twirl the pendant in his right hand. His left leg lapped out the right as his thighs pressed against one another. He would lean his body forward bowing as the pain increased in his body. Keeping his balance and composure he spoke.~ Yes, I am Volly Esrial. For what you had witnessed the other day way simply a misunderstanding. ~His left hand would slip from his pocket as fingertips would intertwine with his hair. Raising his head, his eyes would open as they were pure white. The Elder Dragon slowly start to grin as the pain slowly began to fade as his strength slowly came to.~ I am an Assassin. I also have a partner she is not of our kind, but also very talented in her art of murder. ~He would tilt his head a bit to the right as his long red hair flow against his pale skin. His energy was , second to Holy. His eyes would shift to Noki as he would speak lightly.~ And how are you young one? ~He would smile lightly as he lowered his head.~ My partner and I wish to Join you as personal Assassins. She should be arriving any day now. I am a Mithril Elder Dragon, under Tiamat. Us meeting here today is truly my pleasure.”

Anaya: Samuel's eyes looked at her as a smile came over his face her voice, her eyes, that look that everything she was there, he could feel her as she sat down he hit his knees before her his torso and face still being at her eye level seeing he was so much taller then she was. Sams for head pressed ageist her own “Three days and we can be together again, three days and my power will be a part of yours, i will find a way even if it kills me for you to have your body back my love, for you to live again for you to be stronger” there was more then one way he could achieve his goal but no way was going to be easy, get a wish granted and pay the price for it, find a necromancer, but that would come later right now step one was to give his heart to her, he may have to rush it if Anaya was to become more aware but that would not be hard “my heart belongs to you, we will figure everything out” his arms wrapped around sif and held her to his chest in the end she would be his or he would die trying. “and you know now that you mention it, i just need your company for a moment, just to make sure you are ok. Everyone in this castle is hurting you as well, our home will get better Sif, it will, and so will you” he moved his finger to her cheek “you are the only person in this whole castle i am not playing the part with, you are the only one here i don’t lie to every day to make them feel happy, i truly love you, don’t forget that for a second”

Anaya: Noki hoped off Anayas lap and walked over to Volly as she looked at him “Noki....” Anaya said as her daughter took charge and walked forth still “it is ok mother, he is a friend” she looked at him “you are a friend right?” she asked as she moved her little clawed fingers to touch the bottom of his coat. She still stood a good 6 feet tall but he was still much taller then she was. “you are weak i want to help, can i heal you?” she asked but at the same time she did it, it was weak and not overly powerful but what did you expect from a yearling. Her little sparks of healing energy made small white butterfly’s form in the air as they touched Volly healing a little of him, enough to make a dent but not enough to truly put him back to himself. “oh i.....sorry i asked and then did i hope it did not hurt” her red hair fell in her face as her blue eyes looked to the ground. Anaya ever vigilant letting her daughter handle there guest who had outright stated he was a trained killer. She was knowing that other dragons would be foolish to attack or harm a golden baby, they were so rare now that to see one was a dream come true let alone have one within touching distance. “you will need to work on that if you are to become queen one day Noki” anaya said with a smile on her face. “i thought Ryu would be ki.....oh, ya..... i am going to be a queen?” Noki turned around turning her back on there guest, yes Noki was a child there was so much for her to learn still “yes you will be but get to handleing our guest we do need assassins and new fighters” she leaned forth and whispered to her daughter knowing very well that Volly had ears he could hear it. “maybe if you are nice you can get that personal guard you asked for” Nokis eyes got all bright as she turned around with leaping vigor. “i will pay you myself be my personal guard and we can be friends? I mean” she let out a cough and made her voice more queen like even if she still sounded like a 15 year old girl. “will you Volly be a personal guard to the castles princess and assassin of the crown, you and your partner shall be able to use the castles treasury funds for anything you need wall you stay here.”

IIdarkfireII: -After hearing the voice yell into the cave, the jester decides to have a little fun and melts into the shadows slowly creating four Shadow clones of himself controlled by him and his demonic partner as the real jester turns melts into a shadow cast by the light and slips out of the cave, so he can sneak up on her from behind. The clones have gone in different directions calling her from all sorts of different locations. - Who is in your cave? Perhaps we are left or right, or further in? -the clone’s voices come from all those different directions as one of the clones moves in front of her then another appears to her right and one to her left before all disappearing- Or maybe we are right behind you -The jester moves to tap her on the shoulder and his reflection in the crystals are not his own but that of a female shadow demon with purple eyes, skin black as midnight, and demonic horns and a tail- Like you we wanted to get far away from the castle after what happened. It appears there are some truths the queen does not wish to hear. She said she would kill us if she saw us again. -the jester muses- Perhaps an introduction is in order though. -the jester reaches into his hat and pulls out a flute and begins to play- We are the one that goes by two names, the young Fortunato and his fair demon Shade. We are the one that brings all the cheer and we may be demonic but there is nothing to fear. We are the one that stalks the night. We are the one that gives shadows life. We are the one that has so much to say so what can we do for you today? – the song number is filled with all kinds of flips, shadow puppets and acrobatics and is very impressive as the jester does a backflip and lands right in front of her before taking a bow- Now to answer your question as why we are here in your cave……. We can answer that. -they tell her what happened back at the castle and what they saw in the forest- We tried to tell the queen, but she would not believe us and thought we were lying but you we can still work with since you are here. Perhaps you can be our eyes and ears and succeed where we failed.

TheLadySif: The room remained cold but obviously the constant drop had ceased. Her anger was gone and so was the violence that she had been shoving down for so long. Sif held her breath as he embraced her, so many thoughts running through her mind. She felt that if she breathed too quickly that she would blow away this moment. The one thing she was sure of: she wouldn’t be crying again. “Sam, I have failed you today my love, but never again. If need be, I would lie straight to my Queen if only to keep you.” Pulling him closer, she relaxed a bit, closing her eyes. “The pain of the castle this day has worn us all to the bone. Simple rest will do me well and I will be fine. You should remain in the Queen’s sight as mourning continues for your family. Should anyone find us this way all of our plans and dreams will be destroyed. Please.” She would open her eyes and push him back gently. “Go.” Sifrella would close her eyes again and cover her face with one arm over her eyes and a sigh, sinking into her bed i exhaustion she hadn’t felt in decades.

IIdarkfireII: -The jester vanishes into a shadow beside her and steps out of another shadow by the entrance before she even moves. - Ok at the entrance like you said. – The jester smirks and raises a finger creating marionette strings above her from the shadows that try to latch onto her shadow to pull her toward him- Come on then! - Childish laughter echoes throughout the cave as the jester tries to pull her closer making the trip shorter- Glad you came to play Scarlet. -The jester laughs more- Though we wonder what brings you to a cave in the middle of nowhere? I mean you don’t seem lost and you know where this place is. – The jester seems to be interested to know more about this strange little girl as the beings bronze eyes flash for a moment and Scarlet would see glowing eyes in the dark with green smoke coming from them as a purple aura surrounds the jester- Gotta say we are so much happier out of that kingdom right now. That divine energy stopped us from being at full power until we made a rune that is now hemmed into the seams of our little jester outfit protecting us from such divine magic. Granted it caused an explosion and burned us but we healed ourselves just fine. – The jester looks to her and smirks again- So we look forward to our meeting with you just further down little one……. Into the depths of shadows and darkness. Will you follow or resist it’s call we wonder? Only time will tell but you could be our ally. The shadows hold such secrets and secrets that we would be happy to share with you if you come along. -The jester’s voice sounds like two voices at once now as their true nature seems far more dangerous than they are letting on- Guess we can drop the façade of the fool now huh? No need to worry about our performance since the queen got angry with us. We will not be there at least not physically. But we still work in the shadows and there is no where the truth can hide from us. -The jester laughs sounds more demonic now- The queen will see what a fool she has been for failing to heed the truth. – The jester laughs more- We will show them all that we did not lie.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet felt him pull on her shadow that was also part of her own powers as she felt her feet leave the ground, the crystals of the cave began to move forward as she flew threw the air with her arm atretched out until she was at the entrance looking at the dark jester infront of her, “How did...wait a second.” Scarlet knew that she had sensed that familiar power for a reason and let her green eyes glow, “Yep you can stop now. Looks like I sensed your powers before you even appeared,” She flashed some light into the room then watched as it slowly dimmed away leaving only a cool breeze, “I know what you know aswell about them too...exactly how do you expect the whole scheme to work completely with my help?” Scarlet was starting to feel questionable about the intensions of the stranger that had just met her, “If I am to be your ally in this plan, we will both have to be careful and I must keep my distance from them,” She knows what will happen if any of them gets caught.

Anaya: Samuel gave her a soft kiss on the head as he pulled the blanket around her “you could never fail me Sif, all our dreams will come true, i will make it happen” he smiled softly happy with her laying there, happy with her as his and his alone, he would make her dreams come true he would make there world a reality, he would bring her back from the head and turn this elf into a dragon even if it killed him. She would be his wife again.

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----Later that evening----

IIdarkfireII: -The jester was once to be lurking in Scarlet’s cave far away from the castle, but he is ready to put on his final performance as he and his demonic partner prepare for the closing act. The demonic duo moves like a shadow closer to the castle and peek through the window of the main hall gathering what they can before ducking down. - Hmmmmmmmm no sign of the queens wayward knight…………….. – the jester silently whispers to himself before Shade his demonic partner chimes in- Perfect opportunity to strike. -The demons laughter echoes through the jesters mind as the jester quickly retreats back to the cave before creating an exact duplicate of Sif complete with her voice and uses shadows to make a duplicate of her armor and weapons as well. Not a detail is missed as he makes the clone walk through the front doors of the main hall hoping to attract the king’s attention and draw him out into the open. As the jester waits to watch through the shadow clone’s eyes. The jester mimics everything from Sif’s walk to her mannerisms. As he lies in wait for the king to address the clone as the last chess piece begins to fall into play and soon it will be curtains for the king and his wayward knight. The jester knows Sif will not make a sound unless addressed like a true lady of the court. He just needs to have his clone wait for the king to come and the jaws of the jester’s trap will slam shut with no way out. The truth will be exposed, and the jester will be victorious in this dangerous game. The hand is dealt, and the cards are played and now all he has to do is wait for the king to spring the trap. -

Samuel moved to the stable as he brushed some fresh hay for the horses and trolls as beding or whatever they wanted to chew on, they were getting thin and they needed to eat and he felt pity for the beasts. Softly he turned his head spotting Sif walking to the castle, he moved forward his nose in the air and could smell that sweet ice like chill that drifted off her back “Sif? ” he called out softly as he looked at her, her hair was flowing in the breeze and she looked ravishing as normal. His poison tipped claws wiggled as he wanted to touch but knew better he remembered Anayas words as they could not talk in the open as sutch he remembered everything Anaya had told him in the evening that that fool tried to expose him. He still needed to find that stupid being of shadow to sniff him out, but Samuel was a elite tracker so it would not be overly hard, hundreds of years in the wilds you picked up many a thing. “Sif, your horse is fed” he said softly as he looked at the stable to a black steed eating its hay hoping that his dear knight would come over to greet him in his normal fashion.

IIdarkfireII: -The jester has the Shadow clone of Sif say thank you and nod smiling and batting her eyes knowing the King has already fallen into his trap. Now all he has to do is wait for Anaya to catch them all googly eyed and sneak in a kiss when she walks into the room, so it looks like what it is. After that he can make shadow Sif say some cocky remark like gotcha and the clone will vanish. Now to wait for Anaya and have her say those cheesy romantic words he heard Sif say in the woods. Either way the King is now within his grasp and the jester’s plan will soon rock the kingdom to it’s core. It is time for a final curtain call and the finishing act. He just has to wait till he hears Anaya and have the lady knight kiss him knowing the king will not be able to resist returning the favor and he will have outsmarted them both. It is curtains, and the final act will be the jester’s greatest performance yet. The jester himself though is far from the castle in Scarlet’s cave though he will get to see how his whole performance plays out through shadow Sif’s eyes. The jester is laughing to himself in that cave while the shadow clone acts normally. It is time for this game to end and the jester will win at all costs. The final act is about to begin as soon as the queen enters the room and the jester outsmarts everyone. It is too late for the king to realize the deception. There is no way out of this and soon this tale will be told for generations of the fool that outsmarted everyone. The jester can barely wait as he watches in anticipation. -

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~As Volly's back pressed tight against the left side of the Kingdom wall, his Celestial white eyes would glow a Gold for a second as they shut.~ I see, so this is what your energy feels like my Queen. ~His words were soft, speaking to himself as a Chaotic grin would kiss and tear at the edges of his cold lips. His skin was usually cold but for some reason it slowly became warm. Fingertips would glide across all his Titanium Alloy daggers as he they would hum with his touch, it was as if they became blessed with by an unseen force.~ Now, give me a reason. ~His eyes would open as they would spiral on gold, as a white mist would flow across the Red designs across his face, as if it was tracing his skin in an unusual pattern. He would not make any eye contact, only listening and examining his surroundings. His energy shifted to something he wasn't use to, it was Draconic but it wasn't his own for a second he thought of Tiamat. Shaking his head with a grin, he soon understood what was really going on. Feeling the effects of this Energy he would embrace it for the time being. His left leg would lap over his right, as his hands slipped in to his pockets as they became warm, as he shifted his body forward. Volly would tilt his head as he could smell Noki ] not sensing any danger he was as ease, though he did not deal to be her Assassin only due to him waiting for his partner to agree with him. He seemed to be fixed on the child, in a sense he had a duty to protect her. He would wait silently as this Energy slowly grew inside of him, it wouldn't last forever but he knew he would have a chance to use it.~ Well then, I see you're doing fine child. ~Speaking to himself, his left hand would rest on his hilt of Astroth as this energy slowly wrapped around it. Shifting his eyes towards that 1.5 meter long Katana.~ Feed, consume, and devour all that I give you. ~Astroth would shake inside the hilt hearing it's masters words, Astroth was not use to just a single Energy.. Atleast not this pure, so he was devouring it like a Catalyst. And this blade lusted such an energy. Still though, the Cold hearted Assassin didn't pose a threat to anyone, or so it seemed. Waiting for a sign, a reason to act. Volly was growing bored of waiting, but he continued to do.~

Anaya: Sam lifted a brow, when did his Sif bat her eyes at him, when did his sif stand there almost loving, were was that chill in her heart that ice in her veins. He looked to Sif as he moved his arms around her to touch her back as he took in a large breath of air. She smelled of stone, limestone, sandstone, water and grit, solid feet had picked up things from there and brought them over here. She must have been hunting...or it was something else, Sif never left the castle to go anyplace her post was here, why was she coming from the forest to here to the castle doors and not her chamber door. He moved softly and looked at her “you smell wonderful Sif i cant help but notice you did hunting today? Oh yes and i have something for you i really though you would like, picked it up from a trad caravan that came in yesterday, you saw it right, you were at your post at the wall?” he moved and took a step from her “stay here i will be right back alright, i am just going to go get the gift i promised you, you will really like it and i will put it on you myself” he gave a smile as he moved and darted away really hoping she would stay right there.

Walking along the wall he spoted that assassin they had made a contract with, being a tad bold but with reason he grabbed the mans arm and pulled him into a room fully out of ear shot. “go to the mountains in the north there is a large cave there with green stagnum moss, it is all over the entrance. In there you will find an assassin mark that the queen left on the notice board this afternoon. The little shit has placed the lives of this castle at risk and i don’t wish my last daughter to be harmed by it, it is a shadow jester, i am aware you gained blessings from the queen this morning it should be no problem for you to handle, be covert and don’t get seen, last thing i want is the shit vanishing away, Anaya was clear it uses shadow walk a commoner pour mans ability, it is scum i do hope you can handle it Volly” he hoped he got the name right as it was there first meeting, he had no idea if the fighter would even do as told but hey it was ordered by the queen the other day so it was a ok target to kill around here were you would get a don’t go to jail free card at the end and maybe even something shiny for helping the castle and the crown out and protecting the lives of the people and children within the walls here. Sam knew that the thing outside fakeing to be sif was not sif , it did not act like her it did not feel like her and one thing it did not have that only she had was a soul within it of Kadance his dead wife. And he could feel kadance within her since the other night when Kadance even talked over sifs voice, that beautiful dragon soul within sifs body that would in due time be in his hands once more, he would have the love of his life agein but Anaya would not know till it was to the point sif would not be harmed due to it. But the jester and his whatever it was did not know this, they did not know the inner workings of this castle the people the good people within its walls and that was this mans downfall and what gave him away, he no matter how he wanted did not act like them he just acted how he saw and he never saw enough in his short time to put the wool over anyone’s eyes. Sam smiled softly turned around and picked up a blue rose form the garden rose bush, holding it in his fingers he walked back over to Sif and looked at her with what was love in his eyes. “i got a rose for you my sweet sif, it is the color of your ice, and you remember our trip up to the sea to see my adopted daughter you remember her name right? The color of your hair in the wind” he moved his fingers to place the rose in her hair tenderly.

Zakura: The weather was too nice, something she disliked. She had just finished doing her usual snipping at the shops in the town before opening up a dimensional portal aimed for the castle, the portal tagged to her master Volly. Of course, with this being the case, a black hole began to form in spirals next to Volly before opening up as a vacant hole of darkness in the size of a human body. "Ahh! Shopping's done! Don't worry, I left the stuff we needed in a proper spot- and yes! I remember which one it was!" Her voice, high and jittery came out from the hole before that white haired demon came out, the horns attached to her heels clacking on the ground in the portal like heeled shoes, hugged tight by a leather strapping that hugged up her calves. Her white hair was evenly parted and long - Tied loosely into braids over her shoulders and met with her hip-line, black small horns chained peeking up from her midsection of the sides of her head, bent backwards. Her skin was a pale peach, eyes golden and apparently bright against the black eyeshadowing around her eyes, ears poking out from her hair seemingly to twitch every now and then. She wore a black collar that wrapped in leaether around her neck, covering it mostly and with a set of stairs attached to it like a necklace, a black crop top with tight long sleeves meshed and a leather bra underneath as well as a waist-high black skirt of leather, belted chains attached. Each shoulder had a skull on top, three spikes underneath the skulls as well as a set of black roses to match, giving her more of an air of evil of sorts - her rumors matched her all to well. Many know her as the Witch, being she was an inter-dimensional demon, but she seemed somewhat aloof at this time. "Oh!" Her face brightened up, grasping the cloak that hung only on one shoulder and placing it behind her. "Have we a contract now? Where do we go and who do we kill? I'm so excited for this!"

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~Volly wouldn't even speak to the man, snapping his arm forward breaking to hold. Even though it wasn't a tight grip. Stopping in his tracks as he could smell and sense an energy that made his heart throb. Biting the bottom left half of his lips, breaking skin, licking the blood off his lip he would grin deviously.~ Fine, contract accepted. ~Watching this portal open, he would reach forward as fingertip curled and intertwined with her collar. He would look down at her as his eyes would examine her slowly.~ Well, as long as you didn't forget where you put what you bought this time! ~He would laugh lightly, pulling her forward as he rubbed her head gently. That grip around her collar would loosen as he flicked her forehead.~ We have a target, do as you please. All that matters is that we gut this Festuring Cur my dear. ~His words had no emotions behind his tone, his eyes were that of a dead mans. Yet not Celestial white, they were gold being blessed by the Queen he would have he would have blessing of divine hands (hands and grip are +15 strength, no demonic shadow or evil energy can pull from his grip), bless (added +4 to attack hit, he would hit harder) and Blessing of the Devine (He was now clad as a holy being for one day, his whole body now is holy as well as what you touch is made to have holy energy flowing from it. he is now encased in a bubble of holy around him, tight to the skin) He would continue walking to forest as his footsteps were gentle against the gravel as his fingertip slipped against a 3 daggers in between his knuckles, pulling then out in a slow manor. He was a trained Assassin, however his partner was that of far on scale he had not reached. That soon would be shown in the events to come.~ Come, we have some... Fun.. To deal with my dear. ~These two were close, and could not be separated regardless of the price, or reason. Bound to each other by the threads of fate, he had no doubts in her. Still though, Volly would tilt his head back only to look back at his partner and smile as his Golden eyes locked with hers.~ Just.. Don't hold back, okay? ~He snickered under his breath as he would wink at her. Moving his head forward as his long Red hair would flow against his skin and over those cold eyes. They had a contract, and Volly wasn't stopping, not for anything till this target was dead.. And possibly worse.~

IIdarkfireII: -The jester mutters dammit within his cave and decides to have shadow Sif say I would be happy to answer that once I get back from the bathroom. Shadow Sif leaves and he has the shadow Sif go to Sif’s room to find out this information. Surely, she would keep her daughter’s name somewhere as the jester has the clone look through everything in Sif’s room. Come on it has to be somewhere just wait a little while, but he has me in the ropes here the jester thinks to himself. The clone rifles through Sif’s belongings hoping to find a note or better yet some actual evidence. Wait that is it just find some evidence of the affair in the room somewhere. The jester has clone Sif look everywhere where these things could be hidden while the king would think Sif was using the bathroom or something. The jester does not know since Jester could not figure out a better excuse. So hopefully he finds the evidence before he finds out Sif is not in the bathroom. Hopefully he can finally find some dirt on the king and Sif before this all comes crashing down on him. The jester is determined to expose the truth and get out of this alive, but it is only a matter of time before it is either curtains for him or for the King and his lady knight. The jester just needs a little bit more time before anyone gets too suspicious and he can finally win the game. It will be over soon and the evidence will turn up eventually if he takes enough time he can find something…… anything to prove his point about the affair. There has to be some evidence to get the jester out of this jam. -

Anaya: Samuel watched the clearly not sif turn down his gift, another thing sif would never do, aswell as this sif never called him my lord or stuttered around him it did not act right and it was clear as day but he needed to keep it occupied for as long as posible so the assassin could do its work. “Sif!” he called out as he walked inside the castle with a smile on his face “your lord requests you!” he now could smell it he had hung around it enough it smelled of shadow, that foolish jester it was the shadow being that had been spying on them, as time was going on he was able to track more of this shadow and now he was learning the individual shadow signature of the clone that was faking being Sif and learning the ability’s that it had. (within Sifs room you find a small book about cooking, her coin bad with six silver in it, a picture of the sea, and a lot of ice everywhere and standered bedroom junk like bed and dresser and junk)

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~He would tilt his head back at her, slipping his hand in his pocket. Pulling out a Gem that was imbued with Demensional Capability as he would fall back, his body sinking in to a portal slowly being made by this gem. Tossing it to her as it closed behind him.~ Forgot, I took this from your bag last time we were out on a journey. Enjoy. ~Kissing her cheek, the portal would close as Volly vanished in to thin air. Leaving behind her Gem, it appeared the Dragon was un interested in the subject now. Knowing his Partner would not fail him in any means, her power alone could possibly kill Volly. So, with that fact alone he didn't have a single doubt. Giving her the contract, he hoped she would Impress the Queen beyond pleasure.~

Zakura: She chuckled as she felt his fingers tug at her collar and pulled her close, a grin on her face as she looked up at him. "Of course not!" She laughed as well before rubbing her forehead where he flicked her. Her eyes lit up at the word 'Target' being spoken before her demon tail popped out from it's hiding place under her skirt, flicking back and forth much like a cat in excitement. "Yes, of course, my dear master." She purred softly as she grinned, showing her fanged teeth. She would glance back to the other two, watching as a girl had left to the castle suddenly before quickly following after Volly, her footsteps quickly catching in-tune with his, although hers being more of an excited skip to her. To some, she would seem like a child with this behavior, but she was just so giddy with excitement at this point that she couldn't hide it. Pulling from her backside belt, she revealed a whip, curled up in her hand, an empty slot on the hilt showing something that was meant to be there was missing- Then he tossed her a dark violet gem. This gem was the source of her dimensional power - Something not of this world, either, a gift to her. "Aw, jeez! I was gonna have this put in my whip!" She huffed before smiling as he kissed her cheek, watching as he left, slipping the gem into it's proper slot on her hilt, before taking the contract he handed to her. She took a quick read over before smiling up at. Her excitement grew too big, quickly dashing forward as she extended her senses outwards, letting her own presence being known to any close. "I'm going on ahead! I'll find him real quick, no worries! You can sit back and let your little take care of things from here!" With that statement made, she focused her energy into her legs before leaping forth with massive strength, causing her to fly up high into the air straight towards the mountain, the destination ahead. She made use of the horns on the balls of her feet to catch onto branches of trees with quick precision, using them to swing around back into the air, spotting a cave in the mountain side as she flew up higher into the air again towards her destination. With the location set in mind, she put away the contract into her top before precisely catching herself during her fall into the trees to bring herself quickly and carefully down onto the ground, then proceeding to dash forth, muting her powers enough to not be detected on her way to the cave as she made her way up to the cave. With careful jumps and steppings as a demon, she made her way up to the cave entrance before putting her back against the wall on the outside. She peered inside for a moment to check for a clear, glancing at the moss that had gathered around. With this confirmation of her destination, she quickly slipped inside without hesitation, her golden orbs glowing in the dark, a sinister grin on her face.

Anaya: his patience was growing thin as it took the copy more then the needed amount of time to get down to see him. Really it had to be instant at this point the fact this shadow being was mocking him in such a way was getting on his last nerve. anything that faked being his sif was to much, this was all right mockery and it had gone on long enough. He wanted to get this going faster as it was taking to long for him. As he saw the shadow clone of Sif walking down the stairs he stood there at the bottom there was a bathroom on the main level why would it need to go upstairs, (sifs room like all bedrooms are on the upper level.) he did not care it was going to end now anyway. As its foot hit the first step down to him Sams speed kicked in (Wyvern speed not raging 70 feet a turn) as he pushed from the ground his arm going into the shadow clones mid segment ((NPC hit shadow clone destroyed, auto hits valid on NPCs)) the clone turned to shadow as he rung it through “you make a shit copy of Sif” he moved his bright green eyes to look at a window “next” within seconds he bolted to the window smashing into it at such a speed it left a hole and nothing shattered just the hole like if a clean metal spike went into it shot from a cannon. Anger was kicking in (Rage activated, movement speed increased, 230 feet a turn) Within minuets Samuel was outside the cave he had been to more then once, Scarlets hidden get away. The assassin was already there he guessed and on his way inside with his partner. Sams hand shoved into his pocket he pulled out a golden gem, one of witch he took from Anayas study days ago and had not changed his pants since. Taking the stone he gave a breath over it the stone starting to shimmer brightly as he slammed the stone into the ground the big words hovered over head “holy ward” Sam smiled at the stone that was now planted and took root into the ground that stupid little snake would not be able to vanish his way out of this open and Sam stood now at the entrance of the cave so if anything came out other then the assassin it would be destroyed as soon as his eyes hit it. He snorted as green tar started to fall down his nose standing, waiting, it was taking so long, so very long. (rage lasts 4 turns) (holy ward will last 6 rounds, once done holy ward will shrink and pull all demonic in nature beings into the gem space)

IIdarkfireII: -The jester is now really annoyed and nervous and decides to retreat further into the cave rather than come out into the open. “This cave does not do well with strangers” the jester remembers hearing from Scarlet and him and Shade know it gets colder as you go further in. He will wait as he knows someone will be after him by now as he retreats into the much deeper parts of the cave. Hopefully he will be followed there and there in the darkness the first person to come in will be blind slowly freezing to death inside the cave. It is only a matter of time but the jester just needs to buy more time before the curtain closes. Now that he and shade are cornered they get their weapons ready as they have, retracting dwarven blades able to withstand 1'200 pounds of pressure, 6 poisoned throwing daggers strapped to his left arm able to induce vomiting, blurred vision, paranoia, and insanity, he also has two demonic blades that are capable of rapidly syphoning the energy of an opponent at close range but this requires contact with an opponent’s blood as the blades are powered by blood magic and require blood contact in order to work ( this method does not work on creatures that do not have blood and they are not really meant to kill but rather weaken an opponent and render them helpless) These demonic blades cannot be broken by normal means and requires divine or some other kind of holy magic to break them. Feeling the holy magic in the area they know they will have to rely on their wits and their weapons rather than their shadow abilities. The first person to come better be prepared to have a cut artery. All there is to do now is to retreat further into the cave and wait. When the time comes all the next person coming in this cave will see is a blade in the dark and their head will serve as a warning. This time the jester has the urge to fight. No more running away and no more being afraid. This time it must end. The chaotic pair laughs and the laugh becomes more sadistic and the jester sounds like psychopath as demonic corruption spreads further up his body. Somethings happening with the jester usually the jester does a ritual to keep this part of his demon contained. This time the more sadistic side will be driving as the jester gains the mentality of a psychopath and becomes more dangerous. -

1. Zakura: She saw him duck, quickly reacting by flipping up her whip , her hand raised up as her whip came back, dodging the cut to it in the process, saving her whip without intentions to do so. She merely chuckled as he came at her with a dagger tipped with poison, the scent obvious to her. Instead of doing a normal dodge, she let her back fall backwards in a bending motion, tilting her head once she was out of range of his blade. Once this was done, she quickly kicked her leg up and aimed to catch a hold of his arm by folding her leg over it. At the same time, she made a sideways whipping motion so as to tie him up in her whip including his other arm into his body. Once these actions were successful, she slowly pulled herself up, a grin on her face as she looked him into the eyes. "Unfortunately for you.. I don't really care. I'm much too strong myself for anyone else to take me on so easily- I'm a force to be reckoned with. As a demon, I care not for humans and their actions, be it cheating... The only thing I care about is my contracts and my master, for he is my beloved and he brings me my contracts and lets me do as I please to my contracts... What say I had some fun with your body while I am at it? On another note... I don't know the King, I don't care to know the King, I am merely an assassin doing his bidding until the contract is up." She would twist her leg further until her foot was under his arm before snapping her leg sideways, snapping his arm backwards and breaking his elbow in the process, a sinister grin on her face. "Scream for me.. won't you?" She cackled as she brought her free hand up to his chin, her fingers lining his jawline. "I want to hear you scream for mercy..."

2. IIdarkfireII: -As soon as the jester sees her kick her leg up and try to catch his arm he uses his other arm and unretracts his blade aiming it upwards to spear her right in the artery in her thigh and uses her grip on his other arm to pull himself upwards out of the direction of the whip so the whip slides underneath him and he would kick her straight in the face and break her jaw. At this point she would not have a free hand because she is focusing on using her whip so as his arm would snap she would be hit in her artery and quickly bleed out if this works. At the same time her jaw would be broken, and her neck possibly snapped due to the force from the kick. This is an all around bad situation for his opponent if this works as it would leave her artery sliced open and her neck possibly snapped in two quick motions. It will be a brutal way to die if this land and her only free hand is focused on her whip. She may have just made a fatal mistake here as the jester will be taking out two of her vital points. Even if she were to survive the knockback from the kick her artery would be sliced wide open and she would be dead within seconds. If this works, the jester will have killed his would-be assassin instantly. There is very little room for her to dodge in this scenario as it might be either the end for her or for him. Still the jester would be injured a broken arm perhaps and it is only a matter of time. It might kill her or she might accomplish her move and kill him. They might end up killing each other but the jester has to try.-

3. Zakura: She brought her free hand to catch his oncoming hand, locking both his arms at this point in some shape or form before he could successfully cut her. With the use of her energy, she kept a rather tight lock on his wrist and on his arm, chuckling as she twisted her hilt around in her hand before jabbing it upwards into a specific pressure point in the elbow that she held the wrist of, aiming to make his arm useless and to even drop the dagger in his hand. Whilst doing so, she proceeded to snap his arm in half further in her leg before pulling it out roughly of it's shoulder socket with a rough pull of his arm, then letting go of his arm with her leg, swiping down her leg at his leg as he attempted to kick her, to knock him off balance. She would then proceed to move back a step before flipping her hilt in her hand once more and then proceeding to lash the whip at him, aimed to slash at his legs with the stated whipping motion with her whip. A cackle launched from her as she continued her onslaught at him, swinging her whip at him even if he tried to move away, stepping forward after him only so far into it. Her aim was to lock him in a corner and leave him immobile, aimed to cut up one leg so bad he wouldn't be able to stand anymore; not much he could do anymore anyway with both arms having lost use due to precise motions. "It's over, you little jeester! This body is about to be dead, I'll have your head..."

IIdarkfireII: -The jester swipes one of his legs to the side as she swipes downward which will likely hit her square in the stomach knocking the wind out of her and causing her to drop his other arm. Also, while she cracks her whip forward that leg would come from the side as he moves his other leg sideways but further up so it would hit her in the side of the jaw. One of these would knock the wind out of her while the other would break her jaw. As the wind is knocked out of her he could wrap both legs around her neck and make a quick snap potentially ending the fight. This is the jesters last chance to kill her before the end. Either way he wants to have the last laugh as he looks her in the eyes in that moment and says one last thing as he does this. “So the king could not kill me himself huh? That is more cowardly than hiding in a cave. “-The jester’s words and laughter would echo through the cave so whoever is on the other side can hear it as this motion hopefully connects before she can render the jester immobile. At this point the jester could not care less if he lives or dies. He only cares that the king can hear those words. He assumes that is who is casting the divine magic. The jester is just laughing at his final insult as he delays the inevitable and him and shade know it. - “I know there is no point to this but we want it to be said that we went down fighting.” – With those final words he moves his hand slightly to cut her with the poisoned dagger as she holds his other arm, so it would only be a matter of time and even if she kills him she dies slowly and painfully because the jester developed the poison himself. And with his arm locked she was hoping he would drop his dagger as his other arm was broken but he fights through the pain and moves downward to make just a single cut before the end letting the poison work through her at the end. At this point the jester knows that he is struggling against fate. Hopefully this last attack works, and the jester can have the last laugh. All it would take is a single cut for the poison to make its way into her body. With one quick stabbing motion she would have no time to let go or snap his arm before he makes at least one cut and the jester smiles a wicked smile looking at her and laughing instead of crying in pain like she wanted. He will not let her have the satisfaction of having him or his demonic partner beg for mercy and he hopes to make that cut on her arm. There is nothing left for the jester as he laughs knowing his show is about to end one way or another.-

Zakura: Due to his not dodging her leg sweep, she had successfully knocked him off balance, his kicks becoming nolan void. Her whipping at him after taking steps back were successful as they were not successfully dodged, cuts seared deep into his thighs, making it impossible to walk at this point. With him laid immobile on the ground now, she felt her job complete, a grin on her face with having painted him red with his own blood. With this done, she turned and headed back to the barrier, peeking off to the side to see if she would be let out. "The job's done. He can't move now~ I think I'd like to watch him suffer with this barrier." She grinned with a piping tone.

Anaya: Samuel was half a sleep at the frount of the ward, his rage had drifted and there was that assassins partner looking at him, the ward was shrinking as she pondered a moment to even let it out, he thought well if it is here that jester is gone so it was a job well done and even the wyvern had honnor. He moved his hand to put it into the berrier and with some unknown words in a anchent laugage he made a small door for her to exit. Once she surely did he moved his hand as it closed back up the ward shrinking smaller and smaller the body of the shadow jester calling out for aid as his body burned into the walls of the holy dome that had been caste around the cave. Anything else of darkness within was sucked up as well some demon bats and what looked like a dog thing were draged from there sleeping hole and sucked up with no mercy given into that gem still rooted into the ground. Once the screaming and kicking and the smell of burned skin came to a end and the ward and all within it were back in its safe holding gem sam moved his hand to pick it back up and dig it from the dirt. It was no longer a live its job was done “shit how it is only one use, i do hope Anaya has more of this, i think she makes them” he turned and looked to the little girl, she was rather cute for a demon “so who are you anyway and so sorry for the ward, that assassin never said a demon was his partner or i would have come up with something better to target only shadow. I will let the queen know of your and your partners actions and you will be handsomely rewarded i know she will be very happy to know her child’s life and people are no longer in danger from whatever that thing was” he put the gem back into his pocket, safe and sound and everything trapped within it, it would surely go on a shelf or something inside the castle were the other hearts in jars, and litch or waythe jars were held.

Zakura: She merely chuckled as she slipped out the exit of the barrier and turned around to watch as the Jester began to squirm about in pain as the barrier closed in on him. She let out a sigh with her hands on her cheeks, a look of content on her face as she listened to the screams and growls of him as he was burned by the holy barrier. "Ahh.. The sweet sounds of pain.." She then tilted her head before looking up at the King, her cheeks pink with amusement at his words. "Every demon is cute! You should know this! Ah- Thank you for your time. I should be catching up with my master now. You have a great day!" She would smile as the gem on her whip began to glow softly, a portal opening up behind her. She then started to step back before slipping into the portal, disappearing into the darkness before the portal closed.

Anaya: Sam gave a smile as he watched her go "it is true every demon is cute and every dragon worth being one knows better then to mettle with them." he gave a slight chuckle as he humed his way back to the castle to go fix the broken window and explain everything to Anaya and he would have to do the same to Sif the next time he saw her as he was sure that stupid shadow clone of her did some work in her bedroom or well in someones room.

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GraveDigging: -The day in Titanreach was a calm day, people getting over their tragic loss. Everyone did their own part in making preparations to the event for the fallen king. Ivar, sitting in the throne room though doing very little at the given time. He focused more so on wondering who'd attend. However of course he didn't know any of these allies other than one, and with that he was weary of them all. He had sent ravens out to all of them, only to see one return and read the message that it had on it, nodding to the black-winged creature with the Titanreach crest painted on the back of it. He spoke to himself in a whisper 'good.' and only wondered where the last one may be on it's journey. It's been 3 days already, and wondered if the raven was shot down or killed in the process, however it made no difference to Ivar as he's done his research on these allies to what he could from the histories. Ivar may not have been the wisest, but he never turned down gaining a bit of intelligence from his books. Meanwhile, far in the mountains the very raven that Ivar wondered about flew overhead. It soared high in the sky before finally setting it's black eyes on a massive hill. It dove down, gaining speed and cupped it's feathers to it's sides much like a falling dagger. It expanded it's wings only to level itself out and passing over the hill which revealed a small town at the bottom of the thin path laying in the hills. It seemed however nobody was around, which the bird of course had no worry of it. Beyond that, was the castle, which the raven's eyes kept it's eyes on. Swooping up to the sky once more, it soared beyond the town only to find a pipe that looked similar to a chimney, before heading straight up and stopping before starting to descend towards the pipe. It's wings folded once again as it spun and dove head first towards the pipe ultimately fitting into it almost perfectly. Once in the pipe it followed the intricate curves and turns as it it went down a slide, and expanded it's wings once it finally reached the inside of the castle. It cawed loudly, swirling around the room it was in to reveal it's insignia on it's back to show it was no threat. The message it carried was on it's leg, which was held by a small metal canister. The raven found a low perch which happened to be the back of a throne, gripping it with it's claws just enough to hold itself up and not damaging it. Once one would take the message, the small paper would expand out to the size of a regular piece of parchment. The parchment would be folded with Kai's insignia on it, and once opened, the raven would caw once again before turning into ash which would slowly dissipate into the air. Once one would see the message it'd read: "Greetings Anaya of The Iron Dynasty, we've not met yet though you know my father, Kai. I am Ivar, and I regret to inform you that our king of Titanreach has passed away. We here on the mainland hope for our countries to keep the alliance strong, and I personally would like to invite you to the funeral, which will be held a week from now. Thank you. ~Signed~ Ivar Vendassin, King of Titanreach" -The letters on the paper were neat, perfectly spaced, and the curves and almost beauty of the letters were that of a more legible calligraphy, and as the raven itself was gone, the message wouldn't disappear.-

Anaya: as the caws of the raven broke the beautiful silence the castle was stuck in, one opf anayas maids came over to the poor bird siting upon the throne wishing for what looked to be needing assistance. “a letter a letter she will be happy with it i am sure” the maid sputtered as she picked up the bird and pulled the roll from its leg. Most bird came with rolls on there legs or scrolls leather strapped to there backs. Pulling out the roll it expanded like a sponge in water to what was the full size of the paper she did not dare read it it was addressed to lady Anaya and reading it would get her head on the floor in no time. But with fast feet she rushed to the dinning hall the last place she had spotted the queen. And there she was as she puled open the door picking up a plate and putting some dried boar meat on it. “Lady Anaya there is a message here for you, came by raven with the insignia of the owl.” she held out the roll to Anaya as Anaya snaped it right up holding much interest in anything that came with a owl on the cover. Unrolling it she gave a sign as she looked over and took in the words. “there is a funeral at the now dead Kais new palace Tital reach. He neglected to inform me were it even was located due to our, history. ” the maid looked at the queen puzzled “why not send ravens out to all the sides of the world one will come back with someng your grace i am sure of it” Anya comended the girl on her bright ideas but let out a sign none the less and rolled up the paper “the funural is in a weeks time from now it will take months to scower Valaria to find out were the man is hiding. And that is saying he is evewn here, magics can take him to other planes or to just shelter him from the eyes of others, it would be pointless and seeing we do not know were they even are we can not send back word that we will not make it. I will file this notice that the king of the owls people is dead and that our alliance has died along with him, maybe this son, Ivar will come see us to rebuild it and then we can get the location of were he is ” she said softly as she rolled back up the paper and griped it in her hand “what will happen once we find it your grace?” “i am unsure my child, it is unknowing how the new king is, this son and it is said to not hold the pasts of the father on the youth of a child. If that son shows up we shall treat him with kindness no matter his fathers past actions against us. He shall be given food and drink if he needs it and even a room in our halls. But if he turns to be the same as his father with his actions and ways it would be better to snuff him out wall he is still young then have a repeat of the debacle that was his fathers actions here on our lands. I will not risk another out break here due to some moron wanting to measure his girth with that of my own. ” the maid nodded her head as she hurried off to get food ready as Anaya turned back around putting some more slabs of meat on her plate to get on with the day and deal with what she had ignored from the morning, a broken window and a absent king.

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----In the Hogs bottom Tavern in Iron Town----

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
Sat at the end of the bar watching over everyone a bottle of rum in his hand and a pain in his ears from a person playing an untuned violin to Nidar this was disrespectful to the poor instrument but instead of going to confront the man he would calmly walk over and give him a silver coin to stop playing at once, which was greedily accepted by the man as Nidar takes his place on the stool picking up the violin he begins to tune it. Once it was back in tune Nidar smirks his music could move people to tears or cause people to get angry and start a fight choices choices but for a laugh he would begin with a soft melody which soon reaches across the tavern, bring a tear to the biggest of brutes in the tavern till he starts to pick the pace up which at first people didn't think anything of the change in tempo till a stool goes flying through the air and a fight breaks out to Nidar 's amusement as he stops playing and watches the chaos he has caused while swigging on his bottle of rum.

Xirelia - 11/23/2017
When did it get so busy? Was there a celebration going on somewhere in town? Something special had to of been happening, for so many people to be here, in the tavern all at once. There was practically a line of customers outside. Just like every other day, Valindrae had to dodge and weave her way through eager hands and drunken trips, balancing a tray of jugs filled with liquor on one hand (mead), and empty cups on another. Dancing her own dance through the crowd, answering loud shouts of "more mead, wench!" Surely this wasn't all life could offer for the young human girl? The fact that she had lasted this long was a miracle for certain. When the tavern owner wasn't groping her inappropriately, he was taking care of her, she supposed. Valindrae jumped and cried out when a hand slipped under her dress. "Get off!" She cried, slipping out from the ugly, stinking man's grip. Hurrying into the back room, the girl dropped the trays in the counter, catching her breath. "Chin up, be brave, be kind." She said to herself, inhaling deeply before letting out a loud sigh. "Oh, girl get back out here! There is a fight!" Her boss shouted out to her, soon she heard the loud bangs and smashed of glass breaking. 'What is it this time...?' Valindrae peeked out from behind the corner of the wall, to find a creature she had never seen before, dancing and playing music. Never had she seen a sight like that before, the strums of the violin, near matching the sounds of the customers getting smacked about, like he was controlling their movements with his music. She watched in awe, unable to move. Not that she could do anything anyway.

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
As his music would stop echoing through the halls of the tavern Nidar would pick his violin once again then begins to play a soft melody which would seem to bring calm to the room, the men fighting confused as to why they were but all began to relax once more like nothing had happened. Nidar would continue to play, in his mind he was playing the song that his father had taught him, a song of nature the song of the river. The music would flow as if it was water, the tones exciting yet relaxing taking people back to happy times in their minds the same as Nidar himself losing himself in the music it wasn't till a cough from one of the men made him open his eyes, a tear would start to fall from him after the long thought of his father but would quickly soak it in hopefully before anyone would spot it. He stops playing standing up quickly the need for a drink was getting to him, as he walks by the other "musician"  handing him his violin back to play as Nidar sits at the bar with a blank face as he signals to the bar maid to bring him another bottle of rum as he places the empty one on the bar.

Xirelia - 11/23/2017
The chaos didn't seem to stop, but suddenly it did when the male changed his tone of music. It sounded... Sad... While everyone else was gaining their sense of thought, Valindrae was crying quietly, listening to the soft tune. In the blink of an eye, people went from killing each other, to fixing the mess of the bar and tending to wounds. "How..?" He had to be a creature of the supernatural sort, to cause such mayhem and such peace, with only music at his finger tips, and that was her conclusion without a good look at him. The young human noted a pair of pointed ears as he made her way to the bar. An elf maybe? Perhaps not a fair conclusion. She watched, her blue eyes following the male in wonder. Why would a creature like that, come to a place like this? Though he seemed to take pleasure in the fight he had caused, yet it changed so sudden. Valindrae's curiosity was peeked and when he summoned her to get him a drink, she did so quickly, ignoring the call of the other patrons. A bottle of rum, though there were many, she picked out the best sort and sat it downon the counter in front of him. Maybe with her generosity, he might be tempted to talk to her a little. Standing behind the bar, the human casually cleaned the countertop while watching him. "You play really well. Where did you learn to do that?" She asked, calmly as if to act absent minded to the view she had just seen.(edited

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
He would look at the bottle placed on the bar infront of him by the writing on it he could tell that this was an exensive bottle, a small smirk appears on his face as he picks it up and reads the lable and gives the woman a little nod. "Thank you it's quite the bottle of rum." He thinks about her question for a moment as he reaches to a pouch on his side dropping it on the bar then reaches into it pulling out a few more than it's worth of coins then places them on the bar. "I was taught how to play before i could walk but then again most of us are it is in our nature i guess, music is the key to people's souls." He chuckles lightly as he thinks of his choice of words and smirks. "Why do you ask?" His ears twitching at the what he class as bad playing from the other man who is pretty good by normal standards.

Xirelia - 11/23/2017
Valindrae's eyes stared down at the coins. Where did this creature come across so much? Collecting the paid amount, she placed it away where the money was kept. She listened whilst doing her duties, fasinated by his words, though her blank expression hid her curiosity well. The fact that she was so tired, probably helped as well. The human had to hide a yawn, his voice making her more sleepy, it was as enchanting as his music. "Mmm, soul. I doubt that many people in here have much of a soul left." She eventually replied, quietly as to not piss off her boss, which was easily done. Any excuse for him to get his sticky hands on her. The girl cried out softly when another person behind the bar bumped her forward into the counter, trying to get past her to rush out with drinks. "Out of the way, whore." The woman said under her breath, while her large breasts were barely being held in by the tight corset around her fat waist. "N-No reason. Just... There is not much talent around here like that." She said, under her breath as her dark blue eyes glanced to the one currently playing the violin. With a soft sigh, she finished cleaning the counter.

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
He takes in her words as he uncorks the bottle and takes a long swig from it only to frown as the other rude bar maid just pushes past the young woman, a cheeky little grin would curl on his face as he focuses his mind and begins to pull on the water inside of the rude womans bladder causing her to wet herself as she is placing the drinks on a table causing the woman to quickly run into the back embarresed of what she has done. Nidar would let out a silent chuckle as he looks at the young woman "You're welcome, so do you always let people walk all over you?" he perks a brow unsure why she allowed such things to happen, he looks around at the room and thinks for a moment. "Do you like your life here?"
Xirelia - 11/23/2017
She watched, eyes wide as the barmaid danced on the spot, unable to control her bladder apparently. Trying to hold back a laugh, she watched as the other woman ran off crying, while men pointed and laughed. Valin felt a spark of pity. "You have enjoyed the show, go back to your drinks." And they did, returning to their random chatter. She would pay the woman a visit later, to check on her. When the male spoke to her again, she was startled by hus sudden bluntness. "Excuse me? I... I do not let people walk over me... I just... If I do not listen, things... Happen..." The human stated, sorrow in her words and she stared down at the counter, trying to busy her thoughts with cleaning the counter again. Another, more recent customer came to the counter, putting down a coin as he ordered an ale, which she prepared and handed over, to then store the paid amount away just like the rest. Valindrae raised her head to the male, she had a sadness in her eyes but would give a soft smile. "It is better than most, I know that. One I do not complain of." She would not ask of why he'd say such a thing, perhaps her awful life was obvious to someone who, with so much coin, must have it better than her. No one could learn to play the violin without paid help either. And lots of it, by his level. Throwing the cloth over her shoulder, Valin was called to change a barrel under the counter.

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
He thinks over what she is saying as he takes a drink from his rum and perks a brow then smiles as he slides his pouch towards the woman. "Well that might help you along the way in your journey of life, up to you either you can take that and maybe better yourself or leave it alone." He would smirk at the woman as he continues to watch the room full of violent warriors and town folk wondering what the night will bring. He looks back down at the bottle of rum he has running his finger across the writing tracing it with his finger tips trying to figure out what his next move would be, he has come to a stone wall in his search for his mother so what else is there to do now....

Xirelia - 11/23/2017
Valin stared down at the pouch for a while, which looked unbelievably full. How does he have so much money, he could simply throw this much away? Reluctantly accepting it, the young woman clutched it tightly to her chest. Her boss was eyeing the both of them, watching her carefully in the distance. "Th-Thank you... I... I do not know how I can possibly repay you." She began to say. Within seconds he was standing beside her, and no sooner did she have the money that it was gone again, the pouched clutched tightly in his greasy hand. His stench was sickening, his breath worse and he made her feel faint when he spoke close to her ear. "Stealing money, are we? This goes into my pocket, not yours my little dove." Valin tried to reach for it, but he pushed her back hard against the wooden wall, making her cry out. "Give it back!" The human had a fight in her, her hands trying to reach for the pouch which he held far out of her arms length. "Shut up, you don't get to have this." He sized up the coins in the palm of his hand and laughed. "Nah, you are staying here, with me! Taven is closed!" He shouted, much to everyone's suprise and they hurried out, trying to finish off their drinks before leaving, while Valin was pushed bythe large brute into the back room. She screamed to the man for help.

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
Nidar watches everything feeling his waters bubbling with anger as the tavern empties he would sit there silently waiting for everyone to leave as he stands up his lower half of his body turning to a liquid state as he would seem to walk through the bar as they reform on the other side. Just as quick as the man had taken the coin from her Nidar would let out a loud shout. "Oi you fat piece of shit, you lay one more hand on her and.... you know what i'm just in one of them moods" The fat old man would turn looking at Nidar with a smug look like what is a small elf looking man gonna do to him, the bar keep pulls out a small dagger and rams it into Nidar's stomach. A small grin appears over Nidar's face as he looks into the old man's eyes "Do you know what happens when you put a hole in a boat water leaks" The man looking confused as he looks down at water running along the handle of the dagger running up his arm from the wound, he tries to free his hand but the water would have a grip on him like a vice. "Wha...what are you? make it stop" he stammers as the water continues to run up the man's arm now along his chest and up his neck into his mouth. "You should really be nicer to your staff" He tilts his head watching the man begin to drown on the liquid collecting in the fat old mans lungs. "So little lady shall he live or die?" He looks over at the bar maid in the back as he slowly draws his decorative kriss dagger from it's resting place on his left thigh.

Xirelia - 11/23/2017
The tavern owner paniced. Was his life really in the hands of the simple creature? As he tried to jerk the dagger back, he felt no give, tugging harder and harder but nothing would budge, not the dagger nor the man. As the creature spoke to his slave, he turned his head back to her with one, and only one plea. "Please, please do not let him kill me. I am sorry. I will never mistreat you again, I swear it!" He cried feeling his life slip further away every second. Valin paniced, being held in his strong grasp that she tried to pull free of, but it tore her clothes. The more she struggled, the more he seemed to try to clean to her. His pathetic look of horror in her eyes, as she watched the male torment him, only to put his life into her hands. "Wh-What? I... I can't..." But then her boss started to beg for his life, would probably be down on his hands and knees if he could. Some truth might have been in his words, but could she live with the guilt. She would be as much apart of his murder as this man would be. But she had taken to look to answer. The old man's sweaty hand had reached up to her throat, squeezing. His fingertips pressed deep into her skin and she took a deep breath. Choking. "Let me go or I break her neck!" She felt her neck struggle against his grip, while she choked on dusty, warm air.

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
Nidar would not take kindly to the mans reaction of grabbing the poor woman by the neck that was just disrespectful he had a feeling she was going to let the man live but Nidar has another idea now, he would stab his Kriss into the man ulnar nerve that is in the forearm than gives  a person a strong grip with surgical precision making him let go of her. "Now that was not very nice at all was it old man" He twists the blade in the mans forearm watching him wince in pain as Nidar places his foot on the mans chest pushing him to the ground and pulling the dagger from Nidars stomach. It has almost been twenty five years since Nidar had drawn blood with his kriss seeing the blood drip from the blade would make him remember his time working as a hired blade but he shakes his head now is not the time to remember such things. The water would return to Nidar as he squats over the man looking down into his eyes with a twisted grin on his face, this was it the old man was thinking with no grip in one of his hands and scared to move the other as Nidar would flip him onto his stomach running his kriss down his spine. "enie minie miny MO!" Nidar rams the kriss into one of the vertebrae of the mans spine twists it and pulls it out and stands up. "Now you will have to treat those who work for you nicely you're now paralyzed from the waist down" The old man in shock as Nidar spins him around pulling the pouch from his pocket. "And this doesn't belong to you" Nidar hands it back to the barmaid and smiles at her "Your choice stay here and help him or leave the cripple here to fend for himself either way he will need a healer to help him soon" The old man groaning in pain too much to talk as he trys to move away from Nidar.

Xirelia - 11/23/2017
Valindrae watched and cried in horror as the man brought a blade down to her bosses' arm, who obviously cried out in pain and she felt his grip tighten around her neck. Her pale face was quickly turning blue as she failed to catch her breath. But eventually, when she heard the awful crack of the blade twist in his arm, he dropped her. She had not realised he had actually picked her up off the floor in his anger. Finally managing to catch her breath, Valin screamed and stumbled, landing against one of the nearby tables, that propped her up for a few seconds before her legs gave way. She screamed again, her voice cracked as a bruise quickly developed around her sore neck, as the man kicked her boss to the floor, then proceeded to stab him a second time with another blood curdling scream. He would have pulled himself away, but it just hurt too much. The much older man's hand reached toward Valin, his eyes filled with tears and his mouth full of blood. The girl barely heard the man's words through the cries of pain. Her eyes drifted down, looking out the pouch that was once again in her hands. Why would he kill, just to give her this money. "I-I don't..." She began to say, only to choke and unable to talk through the burning sensation around her neck. The smell of blood reached her nose and she suddenly felt light headed. With one final attempt to get herself back up onto her feet, Valin stumbled forward once again only to faint half way between the door and the bar.(edited)

JesterKimonHravart - 11/23/2017
Nidar rolls his eyes watching the girl fall to the ground are all females like this around here, he kicks the old man as he walks towards Valin and picks her up cradling her in his arms as he walks out of the tavern into the small town. He would keep his eyes open as he walks the street and then gets to an inn. "I need a room a good one" He throws the inn keeper some coins for the room then takes Valin to the room laying her on the bed as he leaves again into the town looking around for a healer. After about half an hour of hunting he would find a healer and walks in telling them that the tavern owner was attacked, the healer would run out quickly knowning time is short for the tavern owner. "Ughhh this place may not be the best place for me" He woul head back to the in to check on Valin as he makes his way into the room he sits by the window looking out at it as he sees guards running to the tavern "oups guess he was still awake" he chuckles lightly to himself

Tigger - 11/23/2017
-It had been half a month cycle since Varyr come to this town, city whatever humans called it, twas confusing to him as he walked through the town once more towards the local tavern, as the locals called it. Mostly he wanted to get pissed like a wild badger but apparently that was a pain in the ass to do even on the surface as it took an arm and a leg to get anything decent, he even had to start borrowing money from that queer elf Trev for his own version of water just so he wouldn’t go crazy as he waited to see the queen. He had to find his own place to sleep around the town as well it seemed as staying with the elf was impossible as his room smelt of blood of a variety of sources which he did not want to explore, worst off that damn mask still hung up on the wall watching the room as if nothing ever happened which gave Varyr the creeps. Varyr would enter the Tavern and gruff a bit as he worked his way onto a stool of the bar- “Oi keep get me a barrel of yer strongest mead I want to be able to suck on the tit of the gods by the end of this evening-“ –he said as he slammed his fist on the table giving a smirk as he let out a hearty laughter- “And don’t skimp out on me, when I say a barrel I mean a barrel, we dwarves can drink more mead than this entire town combined” –he said seeing how the tavern would react to his challenge with a smirk of confidence-
November 24, 2017

Xirelia - 11/24/2017
A while had passed when Valin finally woke up, her mouth dry and she struggled to talk upon seeing a familiar figure stand nearby, looking out the window at something. Then the realisation hit her, what that man had done to protect her. Valindrae started to panic, for a second she thought that she could be next, but why would he go through all this effort to see that the pouch he had given her, remained in her posession. He killed for her, why? She was too afraid to ask, or even move for that matter, save for the heaving of her chest as she was unable to control her breathing. The young woman took the time to wonder what had happened to her boss, the pervert that tried to force himself upon her many a times, who groped her constantly, who paid her little to nothing, and forced her to sleep with the pigs. While she had no where else to go, no family or friends, no where to call home. Surely that was better than dead? No matter how many times she wished she was. No, she was not going to feel pity for that man again. He deserved what he got, she understood that now. A debt would have to be repaid. Sitting up on the bed, Valin pulled a pillow into her lap, her filthy floor length clinging to her skin, her messy hair sticking to her sweaty brow. When she tried to talk, it came out raspy and hurt. "Thank you..." Valindrae said, softly. Her voice breaking a little.

JesterKimonHravart - 11/24/2017
"you're welcome" he turns his head and gives her a smile "you know there is a little fishing village not far from here it's a nice place friendly people, they treat everyone like family and new comers are welcomed with open arms" he would try hint to her as he stands up having spent the night making sure she is OK and nods over to a bag with sine clean new clothes better than the rage she was in as he stands then walks to the door he turns his head. "there is a bath drawn for you and about noon a cart will be leaving for the village that's if you want to go, your boss is still alive so no need to feel guilty he had it coming. By the way my name is Nidar"

Xirelia - 11/24/2017
She listened to his words, the very sound of them ringing in her ears. He was giving her a way out, she understood that. A chance at a better life. A big part of her wanted to believe him, a small part of her wondered why he was helping her. Valin had been in that tavern, a slave to that man for the last ten years of her life, no one batted an eye, no one asked how she felt, not ever. A part of her even wondered if this was a dream, this sense of freedom she felt was a lie. But the pain she felt told her otherwise, the overwhelming feeling of the possiblity that just maybe, she could be free and happy. She had no where else to go, dead if she doesn't accept this chance. So what harm could it do? Dead or alive. Those were her only two choice. Her thoughts returned to reality when she heard of the creak of the door, to see him standing at it. But should she leave? Valin owed this man her life as well. Contemplating over her choices, the young woman stood and turned her gaze to the bath. "I accept. However, if you ever need aid I want to repay my debt to you." Would be her final words to him. After he had left, she took a bath and dressed in the new clothes he had prepared for her, taking the coin he gave her. She would remember his name as she set off on the cart to her new life. Valin only hoped that what he said was true, and that some day he might call upon her for the vow she made to him.

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-----Back At the Castle-----

JesterKimonHravart  Nidar had traveled the lands of Iron from the biggest towns to the smallest camps on his quest to find his mother but once again he was turning up nothing to his dismay, his stomach was growing hungry while his wallet was getting far too light, he didn't know what to do untill it came to his mind the castle. "yes that's it, maybe i can find a job or atleast something to eat" He opens up his coin pouch looking in at his three copper pieces and frowns. Just as he thought next to nothing but the castle was in eye sight just a small walk, but to Nidar walking was for suckers his lower body would turn to water as he moves quickly across the land like a tsunami towards the castle passing people riding horses. "catch me if you can" He chuckles to himself as he reaches into the water pulling out his wateer violin and bow then begins to play a lovely little tune quick paced only buffing him with the magic from the music making him go faster. It wasn't till he had made it to the courtyard of the castle that he thinks this may of been a mistake as he slams into the castle doors, much like a water balloon he would explode into a puddle of water with a thud. While he was in his puddle form he would sneak under the door then reforms on the otherside spinning his bow around his index finger as he walks into the throne room. "Anyone home?" He would look around with a smirk on his face.  

Anaya: Small heeled feet stumbled out of Anaya's Study chamber, clean crisp pale skin and brown curls graced the humans face as she walked into the main hall, her eyes on her toes as she thought things to herself but at the same time was scared to be in this castle with beings that could clan the floors with her face, it was a nice face, it should not be used to clean floors with. She gave a chuckle as she held a rolled parchment in her hand, griped tightly as if it truly ment something as she walked face first into the being in the centre of the hall calling out on deph ears if anyone was home. Falling back she caught herself before ending up on her bottom on the stone floor. “oh shit so sorry sir, did not mean to bump into you, are you a part here, sorry still getting used to the place” she stumbled a bit and then got back onto her feet, bright gray eyes shimmering in the flame light as the mornings sun peeked into a window brightening up the place and also shimmering off all the dirt in the hall. The maids has some cleaning to get done for sure. She brushed off her white dress as she looked at the man almost dumb founded her eyes clearly scanning his body he was not overly bad looking she did like a man that could range shot and you did not randomly carry a bow around for no reason. “”so um, you new here, or you a part of this castle oh i already asked that so very sorry

Dallo5013: About 5 miles out from the castle would approach a woman gliding across the road a if it were ice . the road rising and falling in small hills pushing the woman alone it’s path . the woman apears to be in her really late hundreds . yes she looks that old . yet seemingly moves with the aid of the earth it’s self . the woman is clocked in what would be a dark brown robe the likes of wich would seem to belong to a that of a Holy woman of some sort . or so it would seem . as the woman would make her way to the castle she noticed something odd moving about the land . it looked to be half man and half water . with a smile she her self would dive into the road letting her body fully shift into that of the composition of that the road was made up of . she was able to travle quit faster this way and was even able to keep up with the watery figure moving over the road as she her self moved with in the road . right before her self slamming into the castle she would about 20 feet away from the castle’s door would put on the brakes and would chuckle to her self as the watery man slammed right into the castle . she then shortly after the man had gone in would rise up fromt he road and shake the dust from off of her and would retake her overly elderly look . even redawning her old robes and would then lean over in a huntched over look before calling to the road to form a staff for her to hold onto . thus making her look older and weaker . as she would lean on the staff made from the road she would even so lightly tap the door and would then wait for sounds of anything at all . still snickering to her self about the man ~

JesterKimonHravart  Nidar would look over the woman talking to him with his smirk turning into a grin having only once been in the castle before when he was in search of his mother and most of the time spent relaxing in the local taverns he was sure to be easily forgotten he thinks too long and realises he has not answered and it was slowly turning into an awkward silence he. "Well you could say i am new here, ermm well you see i have been travelling the lands in search of someone and saddly failing so now i am light in coin and in search of something else you could say adventure" His grin cracking slightly revealing his teeth and one silver plated k9 tooth. "Well i was hoping to find some sort of work but you see i am a bard" He flicks his bow in the air making it spin around as he would draw moisture from the air around them forming a violin in time to catch the bow and give a small bow chuckling to himself. "My name is Nidar it is a pleasure to meet you and i do hope you didn't hurt your ermm" He would lean over to the side checking her out and winks "rear would be the polite word so i am told, so think you might bee able to help me with my quest or should i just resort to being a puddle" He sniggers slightly knowing she doesn't know what he can do so to him it was funny.

She gave a questionable look as she pondered his words about becoming a puddle. “um, how can i be of help to you, i don't have any skills, my brother and i just came here to seek help from the queen about how our home got raided last night and the raiders left some blood paper and other trash around, we thought maybe she knew something about it, it is said in town she is the dragon that sees all or well something like that” she stuttered at the end of it all as she was bad at thinking and talking at the same time. She looked out past the man “um anyone gona get the door?” she asked as she looked artound, there were no guards out at this time, it was a little unsafe in here anyway it seemed to be empty but she was sure there were guards they just were not in ear shot at the moment, maybe they were hideing away someplace but still doing there jobs. “you have a nice name, but i am gona get that door maybe it is someone from town” she nodded her hea and walked on past the man kindly and walked over to the doors opening it and keeping her head out to see outside at who was there. Her brown curls swayed and fell in her gray eyes as she peeked her head out the door “hi there um welcome to, this castle i guess” she was no door guard or greeter so she was kinda shit at it.

Dallo5013: Voices came from inside the castle . the first voice she could hear was that of what would seem to her ears a young woman . she thought to her self . surly that young woman had just ran into the water man . this old woman then would place her hand up on the door and would allow her hand to vibrate causing the slightest of sounds to vibrate . the slight sound would ever so softly bounce off of the walls ,flooring, celling and everything there with in the castle only to bounce back to the woman giving her a clear picture of what was inside by means of eco location .this means of eco location was not the kind that can be heard but the kind that is felt . she was able to feel the vibrations dancing over every surface as it returned to her . she only ever used this form of eco location to sneek peeks into large castles like this one . however this type of eco location is a bit flaunted being it only has a distance of 50 feet . but that is more then enough to let the woman know if it were safe or if there were armed guards behind the door . the woman would then knock again . this time she would use the heavy knocker that hung on the right door . then she would once again await for someone to acknowledge her being out side waiting the longer she stood there the greater the smell got . she just noticed that the castle smelt of fish . would seem they had a very nice hull this time she would think to her self . and would then make stink faces at the castle door . almost making her self bust out laughing from the faces she had been making . she then took in a deep breath and then dropped her head before clasping both hands to her nose saying out loud this time ~Woman: dang me what was I thinking this stinks !!!~ the door then creaked at her . the woman chuckled and patted the door saying to it as if it were agreeing with her . ~woman: aww pore door you have to stand in this placed cursed to smell all that passes through your Iron weights . aww I feel for you . ~ she then would say to her self what great tree had been felled to create such a marvellous sight such attention to detail were these doors . she almost could loos her self in going over the craftmenship of the large gates . however she was not there to admair the doors she was there for she had heard roomers of robbers and murders around the towns and she her self was looking for one suck individual jsut as she was about to let the door knocker fall she was greeted by the young woman she had felt inside and faintly heard talking to the water man . she then would swiftly replace the knocker back down to it’s rightful place and would nod to the young looking woman . she then would say in a soft old crackly sounding voice . the sound of wich would be like nails on a chock board ~Please to meet you now if you don’t mind showing me to the Lord of this castle

JesterKimonHravart  Nidar would twist his body facing the door while his feet would be facing the other way as he takes what would be a backwards step towards the two they would seem to form in the right direction, it would seem all three of them have the same goal to find those who are in charge. He would make his way to them both with a big smile and stand in between them hooking his arms into theirs. "well lets go and find those in power shall we." He would begin to skip pulling them both with him while whistling a tune, even though it wasn't his violin making the music the tune it's self would begin to fill the three of them with energy as he kind of forces them to come with him like it or not. They make it to the throne room looking around and sure someone had to be around here, but at the same time several questions running through his head like where is everyone. "well if anyone is anywhere surely someone has to be around here somewhere but i have a good idea kinda." He would climb on top of one of the stags next to the throne, then re-summon his violin placing his bow against. "here goes nothing" He would close his eyes as he begins to play a very loud and obnoxious song out of tune and sounding like a cat had swallowed a frog with beating it with a bag of broken glass. Surely this would gain some attention of some sort even if it would get him into trouble at least the other two would get seen to. 

Anaya: “all you had to do was ask she is in the study with my broth...”she covered her ears as he started to play that horrible sounding thing, he was a crap bard if he only played that trash. She turned and looked to the other female as she gave a half ass smile mixed with a cringe and proceed to yell over the mans horrible music “well if he does not anger the rulers with that crap i don't know what will, dragons have extremely sensitive ears!” she walked away form him knowing clearly more then he how dragons were around this parts, maybe he had never seen or met one, or he had a mental problem, ya with that music that was the go to thought, he was just truly retarded or as the other towns people called it, the man surely has the dense. She did not like being touched anyway and he had kinda crossed that line as well. “who in the fucking hell is murdering a cat!” called out a very unhappy male voice as that girl that was in the halls hit her knees in a very formal bow. Samuel came out with a blaze in his eyes and anger on the mind and right out of the other side came a angry Anaya with a dark skinned man beside her. “i am sorry markus seems we have rude guests” the dark skinned male had his ears covered and nodded his head not being able to stand much of the annoyance. “so who is in my halls playing such disgusting sounds. And what is the meaning of it” Anayas voice carried over as she as well held a scowl on her lip Samuel walking over to take her side looking with her at there guests, and the girl on her knees, were a good human belonged, on its knees, Sam had a smile on his face at the view of it.

Dallo5013: ~ the elderly looking woman would stumble at the man trying to skip off with them . she would then unhook her arm from his and would tap her road staff to the flooring saying to the young man ~ calm your self an old woman such as my self can not move in such a manner ~ she was lying this hole time . she was more then capable to move with the agilest of creatures . she then pulled back from the man and would stumble slightly before catching her self by means of using the road staff she had created before entering the castle . just then what a site to behold . Samuel and Anaya had just entered the room where they were . the woman would quickly close her mouth upon noticing that Anaya was in a soft of mood . ~

JesterKimonHravart  Nidar would look around at what he had done with a big smile on his face the tune he begins to play changes almost as fast as the seasons, it would become peaceful and relaxing almost soothing. The tune he was playing is normally the one he plays to creatures of the night deep in the forests, one of the reasons why most wild creatures seem to like him in a way it was his way to show off and prove he can play before stopping with a bow. "My name is Nidar pleasure to meet you, you see we thought the castle was empty it was far too quiet so we had to ring a bell but could not find one which was a shame." He would jump down from the stag, as he hits the ground he turns into a puddle then springs up reforming with a smile on his face. "Sorry my first song was a little out of tune should of been E flat but things happen. ohhhh and the meaning of this I don't suppose you have a job for a lonely little bard in your vast kingdom do you?" Being the type of person he is he was straight to the point and just asked what he was wanting to but soon was interrupted by his stomach growling.

Anaya: That song had saved his hide here this day, Anaya and Samuel being dragons were beasts so the song was calming to an extent, but there tempers were still a tad unstable. Anaya's eyes looked to the human girl as she held a paper and put it in her brothers hands “take this to your house it is worth about a hundred gold it should buy you back the items stolen from you and your sister. Be wel and there will be note made on the robbers in town, i thank you both for your time in seeking me out” the male took the paper as if it was the thing that mant the most to him in the world world and nodded his head “thank you miss Anaya you are a great and humble ruler, must honnor with you and may grace and glory befall you and your children” he said with joy in his heart as he rushed to his sister grabing her by the hand and pulling her out as they both ran past everyone and out the castle doors. Samuel watched them go and then his eyes looked back to the male and that seeming to be elderly woman, he instantly suspected she was a dirty lier, that cane did not even act the part and she was hardly putting her body on it. But he did not say a thing to it and his eyes moved to the male as so did Anaya's. “a job for a bard here at the castle, yes i guess we could use a bard but not a jester we have had enough of that, they all end up ded here anyway but you can sing songs and things to calm the house, as well as get the door for guests, our last door man met a untimely end a couple weeks ago, so we are in need of a new one” Anaya took her mates hand as she led him to the thrones to sit and relax a little as she pulled out her leather bound book and opened the pages to jot down the words reguarding the robbers in town and todays dealings.

Dallo5013: ~ the woman noticed that Samuel had looked her way . she nodded to him then would take a step trying her best to make her steps look laboured and wobbly as she could . but even she was fastly growing tired of this farst . however for now she would wait to see if Anaya or even Samuel would notice whom was before them . she with still a very old sounding voice the sound of wich was even worse then the last time sounding now like a thousand nails dragging across a chalk board . would ask of Anaya and Samuel ~ a woman dressed in black with one eye and long white hair . has she passed this way ? ~ the woman would then look to the humans as they ran past her . she would even act like she was bumpbed by them and would fall against the man that was and had been playing the watery violen . only to fall agaisnt the strings making a horable sound as her hand would brush them ~

JesterKimonHravart  As the violin screeches he quickly drops it and catches the woman quickly with a big grin on his face then helps her get to her feet. "careful you wouldn't want to fall into the ground would you" He smirks at her as the violin would turn into a small puddle and enters Nidar's body through his foot. He suddenly goes back to being happy about the job "You mean it, a job like a thing where i would get a little coin for rum and meat? Really just like that?" So happy he would shoot up into the air like a water geyser before dropping back into his body and smirks. "you sure you don't want to know anything else? you know what never mind i'm just happy i got something to do now" He would do a little jig on the spot then stops for a second thinking "Errmmm a little odd request but would you mind if i lived in the fountain in the courtyard?" 

Anaya: Samuel looked at the bumbling woman as that sound made him grit his teeth. But he bit her tongue best he could as he let out a grumble and allowed Anaya to handle things as he looked at her seeking her face crunch the same to that sound that made her skin shiver. “yes, a job just like that and if you turn out bad we will just kill and consume you”her red eyes looked now to that woman that she had noticed the same as sam was acting the part, but Anaya did not bite her tongue about it “being lied to about who one is is a rude gesture, you act it to much and if you cause something to make a dreadful sound like that again i will kill you myself and alow the guards to have the night off. Please use your proper voice only assassins need to hide who they are as they wish to kill people, so unless you are going to admit who you want to behead so you can face them with honour drop the act ” Anaya never hid her words it was a trait with dragons but sam was a bit better, not by much, but a bit better at biting his tongue. “yes you can live in the fountain in the garden it is nice this time of year for you as well” Anaya said to the man softly as she kept her eyes on that woman waiting for her response.

Dallo5013: ~ as the man helped her steady her self she smile a weary smile before watching him shoot up into the air like he were some sort of water fountain . she smirked before shaking her head . her eyes then turned back to Anaya and Samuel as she would finely answer them in a more common sounding voice . and she would then stand up properly . letting the robe drap over her face only showing her lower jaw . after all she always wore a blindfold . so the robe hood was nothing new .~ Woman : yes Anaya and Samuel . and wait jsut a minute I am not acting . I really am this old . ~ she chuckles then would shift her form into what would apear to be a younger looking woman now now longer looking her true age but looking thousends of times younger then she truly is . she then would say once more . ~ like I had said before there is a woman I am seeking . she stands about 5 foot and has one eye and long white hair . part of her hair is missing because she got it cought in a bush as she ran from my place . she stole a rather larg book I would like to have back ~

JesterKimonHravart  Nidar would smile with glee, finally he has a place and a meaning once again. Anyone who would look into his eyes would see it as he looks over to the window at the fountain with a big grin. He loved the outdoors so very much, he would then smirk watching the back and forth between the old woman who was not old but young and still old. He chuckles to himself a little then pulls out his violin from his stomach and his bow from his forearm as he begins to play happy background music while skipping around the room showing how happy he is.

Anaya: Sam watched that man that acted to happy as he girted his teeth a bit more, happy and anoying that one was and he did not like it, but then again there was really only three people in this whole castle he gave a shit about and two of them were family. Anaya looked at that male jumping around and then turned her attention back to the woman who now was better then she was before “never stated your age was the lie, and no we have not had a person come around here of that discrimination. But you may be able to find ore information in town, there is a building to the east of town that has a large son on the top of it, they call themselves the eye of cross, claim to know the workings of everything, maybe try there” she let out a breath as she spotted Noki coming down the stairs to the side of the room. The girls bright clothing put a smile on Anaya's face even in sutch a drab time and after the events of the night before Noki seemed to be holding herself still high up, or if not she still put a face on to hide the pain “good morning mother and good day guests” the girl said softly as she gave a light nod and a lift of her pink and silver dress. Noki hoped up onto her mothers lap as she put her arms around Anaya softly resting her head on her mothers shoulder Anaya's arms moving around her and running her fingers in the girls red hair her bright blue eyes lighting up every room she was in.

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-----Away from the Iron Castle in a land Far Away but in an Unknown Place-----

Anaya: she let out a breath as small feet dragged along the ground, an old drank everclear bottle in her hand as the shimmering black and blue label was hit by the sun. Covering her face with the bottle she tossed it at the side of the way gate that had formed form the side of a tree...that was now on fire. Turning around shimmering orange glazed over eyes looked to the tree a blaze as the bottle hit it and the flames crackled and combusted further. She stood there, not even trying to halt the progression of the flames as they consumed the cold dry wood. It had been weeks of looking for the reason that raven had not come back, her owner Lady Anaya had sent her out with one task, to find out why the north was abandoned in such a way, was there a reason, and were did the people go. They left a bunch of there things and evacuated was there a reason for it? were they coming back? But this was the dragon kins task of the year, take how ever long you needed, hold unlimited funds from the crown, and get the information needed by any means necessary. She had raped, murdered, tortured, and Drank her way to each lead and in truth it was all getting really repetitive at this point. But this was a good lead from that place she forgot the name of that said they were linked to this place and she hardly had to do anything to get that in tell ether so it was not that bad so maybe this lead would pan out, then what, then what to do once she found the people she was told to retreat and come back as soon as she found the people from the old north but she hated to turn around and felt like it was going against her instinct of don't turn around or your back to anything. But seeing the tree was gone now she moved her fingers as the flames seemed to be suffocated there and wither and die as if there air was cut off. She let out a breath as the air around the tree started to chill and freeze the tree turning white and slumping over. Turning around she spotted how everything here was so green and nice, but there were armed men all over the place. Even with drunk eyes she saw everything and in reality she worked better drunk and with the looks of the Innocent to guide her not many put the puzzle together. They had a crest on there chest, she had seen it before on banners and things around this parts. “kingdom of the north, hmmmmm” she said a loud as she walked forward to the gate it would be rude to just walk in so she had to do this as mortals would, worthless mortals and she hated acting like one “i Narula Light Icican Leviathan second of my name of House Icican wish entrance to this place and meeting with the rulers!” she called out as she stood there folding her small white reptilian wings to her little frame that looked no older then a common 16 year old girl.

AifeGra: - It was a restless night for the lady guard and she had gotten little sleep since arriving back at her homeland. A sight that she should have welcomed however given the hundred thousand men that camped outside the city walls she felt rather compliant and on edge. The beams of light that shown down onto the city would normally warmed her to her very core, now it just cast light down onto the things that tarnished her beloved lands. Agnatha was capable with her weaponry and she thought highly of her skill at hand to hand. However One hundred to one was not what she had in mind should the tables turn. The arrival of Kon’s forces as well as the creatures sent by the witch and King Johunn were proving to be useful though the sight of them did nothing for the guard. Her long bow strapped to her back, a full quiver containing 25 shafts with well sharpened tips hung loosely over her shoulder. A small blade roughly 2 feet long and balanced towards the hilt, it had seen many throats in her day, seethed in a leather strap wrapped around her curvaceous hips. Agnatha paced back and forth along the wall, a well treaded path in the dust where her boots had hit time and time again over the last few hours beat down unto the stone below her. The leather dress that she wore covered her shoulders to her forearms, had begun to dampen with her moist skin showing that her nerves were beginning to get the better of the Wood Elf. Above the grumbles of the men below, the oddity of sounds that emitted from the Golems and Water Trolls was a femine voice… Entrance? “ How did anyone manage to get to the gate with all these forces about??” she muttered to herself now doubting their position even further. She was confident no doubt in her own abilities but she knew nothing of these others… these Norse that the had bent the knee to nor the men that followed the lord Kaon who had taken off with their Queen. “ Forgive me, but our rulers are not present Ma’ lady. May I ask what business you have with Torcoa a Vassal of The Kingdom of the North?” her tone was friendly but firm as she peered down over the wall, before giving a dangerous glare to the men at the gate who stood at attention but did not open the gates to the court yet, their weapons ready and fully armed as they began to filter to their posts-

Anaya: Looking up at the wall big doors she thought to herself as everything looked double at the moment as she steady herself hearing the words that seemed to almost, yes almost slap the drunken stupor off her mug. Vassal of The Kingdom of the North, yes that was a place she was looking for, kingdom of the north there banner with the man with the polarms and junk, yes that was it, she thinks, maybe. “if the leaders are not in i wish to speak with the leader in charge then, i seek knowing of what this kingdom of the north is”she needed not to lie at this place there was no point in hiding motive she did not have if she wanted to make there ground run with there own peoples blood she would have lead with that action and people would be bleeding already. And well if the people did not open this door she would just turn everyone and thing on this side of it into suffocating ice pops until they did or she would break them down herself. But that was a end of game scenario and she was not at that spot yet she wanted the people here to properly cooperate so she would not have to waist the time and energy to ruin this place and get the info she needed one way or another, she did get the ok from the crown to use any means needed to get it. “i wish to talk, nothing else, i come unarmed and wish no harm to anyone, i only seek information and if needed i can pay for what i seek” she had one thing that was worth more then anything anyone here had. It was a stone held around her neck, a dragons heart stone given to her from Anaya to barter if needed with a being she thought was worth the payment for the intell. This stone was from a elder red dragon and once given to another being it was soul bound to them and them alone. And once per week could bring forth down the spirit of its true owner the dragon it once belonged to to fight for that being and aid them in any means needed. Every dragon had a heart stone, a stone in there belly that was there soul that knights would kill to get, if the stone was claimed that dragon would be bound to the caster like an ability to do as the caster would wish, or if used could bring that dragon back to life as a undead.

AifeGra: - The mid sized female guard cocked her head to the side, the woman suddenly had a change in demeanor and this sent red flags flying in her mind. “ I will speak with you if you so wish, but I am of no noble right” the womans words spoke true as she observed that she was unarmed at least with any tangible weapons. She had no doubt that this female was more than met the eye...Her boots carried a bit heavier causing a loud thumping sound as she took her steps with purpose for the stairs that spiralled down the wall and to the main gate to Torcoa her palm stabilizing her against the course stone interior of the structure. “ Stand back, you men… the gates, open them NOW” A certain authoritative tone sounded as Agnatha had little patients for such things as men with the gitters in a time like this. She was unnerved as well but she stood tall and confident as she came to a halt, her feet placed shoulder width apart firmly on the cobblestone path that lead into the city. She would tilt her head in a slight bow acknowledging the woman as she entered the city once the heavy iron gates had been secured. She stood, ready to greet the guest that had been so eager to enter and speak with them, and had gone un noticed by the 2 massive armies camped outside the city, nor the various creatures, something was not quite right and she kept her wits about her as she took a deep breath, calming herself-

Nytheheart  Axios awoke from his slumber to a commotion just outside the walls, he attempted to look out the window managing only to blind himself with the glare of the sun before anything "Dammit," He slapped his hands against his eyes almost instantly before rolling off the bed away from the dangers of the sun. Moments later he was dressed, his golden eyes staring at the lance that rested against the wall, it seemed a rather dull red completely made out of the blood of what, is for another moment for his mind to think about. He reached out to grab the spear, the touch of his hand caused a red glow to resonate like ripples through water. It caused him to hesitate, before he grabbed it causing the red to come to life. He span it for a moment, and walked over towards the window opening the slide upward to allow the cold breeze of a country just below the border of KON, the breeze cold enough to allow moisture to be a constant in the grass but warm enough that some bugs still roam around rather happily. "Alright." He slowly positioned the spear so just the tip was out the window to allow it not to go through the building if he called upon it, paying for such damages was a huge nuissance in his budget. As meager as it was. He was now outside standing a fair distance from the guards on the other side of the gate, the very one they refused to open for the dazzling female who stood a pale pink, horns, wings and tail that whipped around. Somehow he felt a kinship with her, but that was most definitely because she appeared drunk and that was something he could get behind and support wholeheartedly. Axios was a shadowy figure, he was dressed completely in black and covered most of his face with his scarf and hood, the only prominent features were his golden eyes, almost dazzling and in a soft motion around the pupil as the different shades could be seen moving, swirling as he focused on the dragon lady before looking over to the guards who began cranking the gate, he had heard a female's voice before, suppose their whoever took charge is a woman. "Hopefully, they connect woman to dragon woman." He said to himself as he watched the Torcaian female come to a halt before the tipsy dragon woman, and bow. He had no commitment to this kingdom, at least emotionally, it was already in a possible war more trouble from this woman would probably not be very good for it however it wasn't his place. He held neither position nor wealth here, he kept a fair distance from the little meet up, some of the other civilians watched as well. New comers during such times are a danger, or a blessing. He focused his mind to listen to them, his eyes blurred only slightly to give more power to his other senses.  

Anaya: Narula watched the gates started to open, her whole body covered in a light fine dusting of ice as she turned her head and looked at it all her bright eyes shimmering as she took a step forward her foot being a little unsteady, yup still drunk she laughed lightly under her breath. She walked into the place as she stood there looking over the place, it was rather nice but her eyes seemed to linger at the banners of this kingdom of the north, instinct was telling her yes, so much yes as she had come so long and at last found a place that was the starting block of what she needed to do she had so much running along her mind right now that she hardly could keep her self from just being gitty from just blabering everything out here and now but she helt herself together she was a elder after all needed to keep that ind set even when rather drunk. “you don't need to be a Noble to give the information i seek. You look to be a leader of the man here, the place they come from this Kingdom of the North. I Wish to know about it, and were it is located” the ice around her fingers started to move as she walked into the building, the main keep, and over to a table moving her hands along the table as ice moved along the table darkening and lighting to make a map along the table, a map made of ice that covered the table and froze the wood. The lines of the map had marks on it places she had been, places marked with red places marked with black, small towns large castles some castles marked with red some with back same with the towns. “i just need you to point to were it is” she turned her eyes over as she looked to the female “tell me, is this place, valuable to this Kingdom of the North, such a large army to protect it out front, battles you have seen i am sure” she paused a second as her bright orange eyes moved over to look to the male that came along behind her and surely came behind her when the gates did open. Maybe he would pipe in and be of use or maybe he would be ignored but he was a nice looker she could possibly enjoy that later all depending.

Nytheheart  Axios saw the dragon's eyes land on him for an instance, the male focused on her for a moment. He felt a bit troubled, he tried to blend in with the crowds of people but yet she singled him out, he sighed, slowly turning into the crownd and walking away. A confrontation he didn't wish to deal with. Wanders off

AifeGra: - As the female bowed as she intend to do when the young looking woman strolled through the gates she noted that she was indeed quite lovely, her stance a bit aloof as she spoke whilst walking into the court past the men. The tall wooden doors swung open and smashed against the brick walls of the vast throne room. Without uttering a word the table she had stood before turned to ice at the wave of her finger, a map appearing on the frozen surface, various towns and villages in red and black. She could only assume that the red stood for blood and the black possibly a burning. She was unsure, she was unsure of a lot. She was a mere mid level warrior of Torcoa. A confused expression caught her as she furrowed her brows tight, causing wrinkles above the bridge of her nose. “ I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but I know nothing of the where abouts of the North. However there is an army led by their general just outside the city gates. He maybe a better one to ask, as I believe you had to come right past him to be at the gates to the city. I would warn you, these Nores men as rough around the edges and even I have not had many shared words with them. Gaylia had just bent the knee to to The Kingdom of the North and it was where she was currently and the woman was instantly concerned for her safety given the colors that spread across the map and the obvious powers this new woman possessed. “ I am sorry but that is all the further information I have for you Ma’lady. Is there anything else I could attend to for you?” her breath hitched in her chest as she considered the possible outcomes for Torcoa if this woman remained here much longer-

Anaya: there was a grumble under her breath as she let out a sigh and lowered her head a little. Well that was one thing was was not going to do was go back out the gates to be locked out, she had just got inside and now she was going to plant roots sort to speak. “well then, i will be staying here till someone comes inside to tell me what i seek” she started to change that innocence was fading away and the small cute faulse gain your trust look was drifting away and melting like water down her body, what was a soft pink now was a hard white and what was a cute pink dress was now a dress made of ice that clung to her figure and showed off her curves nicely. A top her head sprouted large back words curved horns as she started to grow to what was about 4 feet tall to now 6 foot 2. she let out another sigh as cold air came from her breath. “when i was younger, god that a long time ago now, my hatch mother told me it was rude to lay siege to someones home when they were not in it, so i wont do that today, i did that yesterday anyway and it it annoying to repeat the process over and over again and the men that are outside right now hold more worth alive then dead, well they do for now. ” she moved her fingers along the table, nails now turned to long white claws as she taped them along the frozen word. Out of the map formed a small tower and keep that was a marker and a look a like to this place. “black castles are places i have been already, i have done no harm to them, red ones are blood covered locations now frozen and gone, children left with no family men with no wives, wives with no lovers you get the big picture here, it will be fully up to you what colour your castle goes, i enjoy coloured glass, it makes me smile just like drinking you out of house and home would.” she moved as she stood up from that table and turned around her orange eyes looking at the female guard “dont call for help, or touch your weapon i will have this whole room frozen before your words leave your lips. For the time being i wish no harm to anyone, all i wish, is information, and alcohol. So that guard captain can come inside, or get a maid to bring in a keg, i hear north mead is the best there is“

AifeGra: - Agnatha swallowed hard as the woman began to shift before her. Chills sent trickling down her spine as she could almost feel the chill in the air from the female as she changed. Horns sprouted from her skull, curling backwards over her head and a dress made of what appeared to be ice clung to her frame whilst growing dramatically in height. As she spoke, the picture being painted in her own mind became clear, she was here to war. Maybe not with Torcoa, but she wanted KON. Thankfully the queen was not present or this may have went very badly for the elven royal. As she spoke, the woman began to plot. She was not of the North and she would be damned if this woman who came seeking something not here would throw threats against their land no matter what kind of ice magic she may whiled. She had sworn an oath, an oath that was paid with death if need be to protect and defend the lands of her people. The city was evacuated of all civilian life forms, the only remaining creatures were warriors and they all had taken the same oath. Agnatha stepped slowly to the left, her hands hung gingerly at her side, not in any aggressive manner and she would not say a word as she motioned for the maid to her side. “ Please fill the room with whatever ales you can find, Mead from the North to the front of the line” Barrel after barrel of the sweet honey nectar wine was brought before the ice woman. How would she get a message to the general Erik without it posing a threat, as she pondered and plotted she made sure her hands were no where near her weapons so not to send the wrong message with her body language. “ What is it you want with KON if you do not mind me asking Ma’lady?” she was blunt with her deliverance but she wanted answers too and she was prepared to get them.-

Anaya: Narula had no reason to lie or keep things from this place, hell it looked like it had seen enough of its bad times already. But as the drinks came and a maid put a wooden mug on the top she started to calm herself pulling over a chair she nicely plopped herself in as she poured herself a glass, in all reality she was better commpeny then most she just did not care if she had to spell blood to get what she needed to get. Taking a nice glug of the drink she cleaned her mouth with her hand. “i have come from a place called the Iron dynasty that employs me, i am the queens executioner that no one really knows about i am not around much and most of my orders get delivered by raven to me. I was ordered to gain information to this place you call KON, now you are not a part of it i have already picked up just a friend witch is very good in your case. You see my employer, has more then just me and in all reality i am still a small fish in a big bucket.” her voice was not really Innocent anymore it was rather slang and brutish now that she was not faking things anymore. “the ruler of KON has a daughter he left to rot in a castle she was kidnapped to so my employer sent a raven to see if they even wanted to keep the elf girl, the raven came back with nothing so i was sent out to see were they had gone, finding old banners and things and trinkets i was able to track them from place to place, some places gave words willingly so i simply could leave and move to the next one. But other places did the whole we will get our weapons and not talk thing and i just turned there castles into ice box's and froze all there men were they stood. And for the fire well ice is not really my thing fully, i am a master of cold, air and water so fire dies when it has no air and i don't need to breath, so things were handled, and i would hate for that to happen here, you do have a lovely home and what i want is so easy to give” she took a drink

alldayj1: --A guard from the wall was informed by Arsas that a woman was let into the town. He was told to summon Erik to determine what was happening. The fool took off running before the full message could be given to him and he was down the steps and through the gate before Arsas could finish speaking. This left Arsas shaking his head and grumbling to himself. The Guard came running toward Erik at a blistering pace and as he feet thundered across the ground he began to gasp and tried to spread his message. The guards voice hurried and surrounded with gasps for air as he spoke with a raised volume – “General….General…GASP...Sir…..This…GASP...Woman…she is inside. The walls sir…GASP…SIR…. You must come fast…COUGH AND GASP...sir….please..” – He drown off in his wheezing for breath from his sprint. The man doubled over and coughed and breathed heavily trying to regain himself. The Guard was scared shitless by some woman? What kind of clueless fool was this to have such vague information? Most importantly and most worry some to Erik was the ignorance of a guard to allow someone into a deserted city. The man was useless as far as Erik was concerned since he could not even get the story out fully before panting for breath like a damn old man. Erik turned from quartering away to facing the guard and waited for him to stand upright then as the man did so Erik began to approach him with his feet shoulder width apart and his gate rather open and powerful. His steps confident and when he reached a place two feet from the man he planted his right foot solidly in the ground and in a fluid motion from his prior step his right foot began to swing forward. The foot swung with a notable effort to accelerate and when it past the normal position of rest it became rather obvious he was not taking a step with his hard troll leather clad boot. Erik took aim at the guard’s torso and his foot would directly connect with the man’s belt area. Within a second the foot landed hard on its target with a resounding thud and an impact that both smooshed into the guard’s skin, hide pants and skeletal structure and would knock the guard backward violently off balance and stumbling left foot twisting in and right foot missing the ground until the guard tumbled over crashing into the ground. He hit with force gouging his leg and elbow on the hard ground and bouncing his face off the dirt like some sort of flesh covered sack of grain. Erik did not hesitate about the Guards fate as he planted the kicking foot hard on the ground and looked to a nearby captain – “Clean him up and someone find out how a woman simply walked into Torcoa with our army at its gates and on its walls, someone has some explaining to do. Morrigan is in command until I return….No food or water to the enemy” Erik pounded his chest once hard with his fist and as the powerful fist bounced off his outrageously massive pectoral he looked down at his powerful leg and flexed the leg muscles for his own benefit and smiled to himself for a moment then again paced himself in a walk forward. He reached the gate of Torcoa in just 20 steps and then was at the castle door a few moments later. He was without aid as he rarely cared for assistance and it was only a woman after all. Eriks fingers gripped the handles of the door and he exerted a force that was at least ten times what was needed flinging the doors open with a rush of air and his confidence filling the throne room. He continued his powerful walk into the room as his boots pounded off of the floor until he reached the center of the room – “A Horn of Mead NOW and what is the meaning of this? Who let a guest into a deserted city? Where is the guest?” – Erik’s blue eyed glare could have ripped the soul out of most people as anger was obvious. Not anger at the guest being there but at the dingus who opened the gates during a siege. He cracked his neck to the left and turned his head hard to the right stretching the neck muscles so that it would again crack in his neck. His temper having the better of him, he realized calming down would be a good idea so he attempted to do so as he waited for his mead and answers. He noticed the woman with the glass and assumed that she must be said guest and began to eye her head to toe to size up her skill, intelligence, and purpose. He was not the most sociable fellow but he surely could read warriors and alike when he met them. He did seem to gain some calm when he noticed his bulging biceps and this brought a soothing feeling to him. Look at that magical thing he thought as he admired his sexy massive arm.--

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Anaya: With a light burp she covered her mouth with her hand as she grabbed another drum of mead and with no try at all grabbed the metal top ring and pulled it across the floor with a ear splitting screech “REEEEEEECH” it moved over the floor as she took a claw and with a single move punctured a hole in the side as she looked right at the man and filled her mug with mead and then put it to her lips to chug and repeat. The drink not seeming to affect her in the slightest and there was two empty drums at her side. Bright orange eyes looked at that man now looking in love with his own body as she looked him over he was not overly bad looking but hey humans were as humans did, or something like that she felt nothing super cool about this lump of skin. But he did hold himself prouder witch she had to slightly respect, and he was useful, ordering people around like they were tools, yes she enjoyed that part as she leaned back not saying a word in her chair for what seemed like a second that lasted an hour. “so you the boss or just another boss's bitch eh?” her voice slightly slurred as she took another swig it was clear the drinking held affect but it did not seem to inhibit her any. Eyes still bright and clear she had full rage of thought it was in her blood to drink herself into a stupor before battle and really when it came down to it she was prepping herself already for if this guy was a moron or smart. Her on3 hand resting on that table the map there made of ice along the table as her claws taped upon it the ice shimmering as that tower on it moved slightly side to side as flecks of red and black moved to spiral into the glass unsure what colour would fight for the tower. A smile moved over her lips as she moved a eye to the one girl guard, that girl knew exactly what the colours ment, and she also would know exactly that it was up to them on what color covered that castle and what had happened to the other ones, and it was surely over here got some form of mail or news crier that had yelled out that lands around towns, castles, whole groups of people had died or just vanished leaving ice marks and if one payed attention it was right there on the table, right there that she had done it, a wanted criminal right in there halls that had stated that it was from the crown, it was from a royal group that had a being doing deeds of death and dismemberment going around to get its needs. But so far no one had put that shit together and it caused her to smile a little and wink to that girl as she looked back her bright orange eyes looking to the male as she waited for him to be useful or useless.

AifeGra: - Angatha stared at the woman in a puzzling way, what in the heck was she speaking on. Who left their child in a dragons castle? Her mind wandered and searched for answers. Surely she did not mean Johunn? He and the Queen had been with child just recently had they not? Before she could put the pieces together a loud crash echo’d through the court as Erik the general from the Norse Kingdom of KON barged through. His expression fierce and furious as he bellowed regarding the Dragon that sat not feet from Angatha. As her gaze met his, she felt foolish as his anger became apparent in his tone as he spoke. The elven captain would bow, bending at the waist as she stared down at the floor studying the groves in the hard wood trying to distract herself from the verbal tongue lashing that was sure to follow. She had little experience with these northern men and their ways but she had seen enough to know that either the Ice Dragon or the KON General would have her head if she made the faintest step out of line. A loud “ Reeeecchhh” pierced her ears and broke her day dream into the patterns on the flooring. The attention was no longer on her as the tension in the room grew between the male and female, both seemingly matched in their hostile natures and aggressive tendencies. The captain took several steps backwards giving the two of them some space to speak. Side stepping the ice covered table that now served as the map that told of lives lost and spared as the woman had rampaged through various lands in her search for information as to the where abouts of KON. Trembling both from the coldness that filled the air as the woman sent a devlish smirk to her and the thought of those poor souls lost the elf recalled the Raven that Johunn had left for Gaylia still sitting on its perch next to her throne. Noting that Erik had not shut the doors upon his entrance into the Torcoan court room. Maybe she should send word to Gaylia, Arsas was not anywhere to be seen since he had not followed Erik in. The queen had a right to know what was going on her in her lands she thought… Tilting her head slightly back down to the floor she continued to move towards the desk to obtain a parchment. She would send word to Gaylia before this escalated further and her chance missed. “ A dragon sent from a land known as Iron seeks the location of KON visits Torcoa. Be advised. “ It was simple and to the point, but it would be enough to let Johunn know of the visitor seeking his where abouts as well as Gaylia. Rolling the small piece of paper tightly she would take her steps softly, as not to draw attention to her next movements as it may mean her death. The bird did not move, had not made a sound as she crept towards the thrones, tying the note to the birds leg before gathering it into her hands holding it close as she paced behind Erik towards the great doors, opening her hands she smoothed her thumbs down the birds back as she released it into the air watching as it flew out of sight towards the Kingdom of the North. Anxiety built in her chest as she turned towards Erik and the woman and the scene that would unfold if the aggressive conversation did not shift in its tone-

alldayj1: --The sound of the stranger dragging the mead cask across the floor was beyond unpleasant but Erik did not cringe or react to that. Rather he found it amusing, what woman was this dragging around a bunch of mead after having just arrived? Either a drunk or something better…When the woman broke open the drum and began to fill her mug then chugged it whilst looking at him his heart raced. Wow he thought she wants to play with me. He held his hand out until the maid finally padded toward him with the horn of mead which he took and while taking his first step toward the stranger he guzzled the horn full of mead and with only one swallow it was gone. He stepped down to the stranger and the open cask pushing his horn between hers and the flowing drink to allow the fluid to refill his horn and then he chugged and repeat as she had done but whilst he downed his 3rd horn he looked at her smiling and winked. He flexed his pecks and abs for her as he chugged knowing she would never be able to resist someone as attractive as he. He for a moment enjoyed the mead as it burnt his throat since he was now refilling the horn for a forth go at it. He could drink with the best of them but rarely could a woman other than Morrigan keep up. Some kind of woman he thought as he watched her consume the mead like he would but euphoria was halted when she spoke of bosses and bitches. His eyes took in some sort of ice formed on the table but before a closer look could be made he noticed the woman wink at the guard which set Erik into a fit of jealousy that he was able to keep internal but his attention too was turned to the guard whom he was already certain was the reason for a guest during a siege. This concept still was utterly infuriating. His attention turned to this female guard and his fingers dancing on the handle of his axe as he looks on. The finger tips tapping the oak in order down the line on his right hand and the corresponding touches made the blade bounce off his hide pants making a “tshh” sound. The fool was writing? What kind of soldier lets someone into the castle then sits around writing? Erik began to feel a rage rise again but he refused to do this in front of a guest. His words were simple – “Go to Arsas, I will be with you before you know it captain….on second thought stay, I want to deal with you here once I am done” – That was all the words he had for her that were not full of explicit and foul language. He watched out of his periphery the elf captain sending a raven right out the main door of the castle. That was might bold he thought to himself. His mind returned back to the Bosses comment that the woman made and Erik spoke with his normal lack of social skill and general self love. – “Boss? Is that like some sort of southern thing? Sounds like a word with no purpose in the North. –He chuckled thinking he had said the best joke known to mankind- “ I am the General and I enjoy some bitches now and again, who doesn’t? Is that what you seek to find in this land someone to aid you in self-discovery?” –His smile became one of a shit eating nature as he continued – “I am rather busy with the siege outside but you are quite the specimen. Perhaps I could take a night off and leave the witch and the selkie in charge.” His blue eyes soft as the sea as he gazed at her with a lustful moment before collecting himself and returning to business or at least as business as Erik could be – “I, am Erik the General of the KINGDOM OF THE NORTH, and I am King Johunn’s right hand. What is it that you want from this Vassel state? Obviously mead but what else?” –Erik still pleased with his sex appeal and the woman’s obvious lust for him as he tried to focus on what was important. He sipped the forth horn of mead trying to slow himself down as he had been at a high tempo since entering and was slightly afraid the woman would be afraid of his super masculine and sexy demeanor--

Anaya: As she saw the girl walk with a bird clung to her chest she watched it go, and as the girl let the bird go Narula watched the way the bird went as she moved her fingers to a crystal charm found around her neck. Arlu her Crystal fox, she tossed the charm to the ground as it shattered within seconds and and the fox bolted for the door, Arlu and Narula shared a mental connection as in all reality he was her brother in a sense made from a flank scale of her true mother and carved, he would follow the bird not harm it in anyway but simply follow it out at a good pace and see were it went. To fully distract from that fox that just bolted top spread out of the castle doors, one man being now to drunk to stop it and the other girl just well she hopes she knew better. she moved that drum to the ground that horrid sound again running along the door. “you need to add fur to the bottom of the kegs, your floors are going to be ruined at this point” she said as she started to laugh softly standing up from her chair at her full six foot two taking the now empty string chain and putting it back around her neck “little shit itches when he does not get to run around, pets you know. But no worrys there i am sure he will go eat something in the woods and come right back thing has no claws or nothing, but a wonderful singing voice” she paused for a second as she took a step almost falling into the drum as she grabbed it and swung around to sit a top it catching herself with almost acrobatic grace in a drunken format. Her eyes looking to the mans chest, proud man like that there people on there muscles right ”hmm King Johunn’s guard captin you say” she noticed his arrogance in his words and that lustful move to his eyes “well i do say the king has good taste in such a beautiful being such as yourself.. such power in your frame a wife would be so lucky to have you” (sense aura, do you have any auras of race or are you a human with none) she moved around as she hoped off the drum top and slipped right behind him her claw like fingers moving along his shoulders “like look at you made for fighting not mere talking, yes yes i am in the north no wonder i see such brave strong broad man, men made for fucking and fighting and drinking along with the best of us” she moved her horn and held it before him and without him even being able to see it due to her she had refilled it in one of her actions but god knows witch one “so by the All Father Odin's beard, were is your homestead, this castle you call home i am sure it has to be something so majestic with you guarding it” as she was so close to him she smelled of winter rose and held the tinge of just cold to her touch a warm feeling to a man of ice and snow surely. Her one hand moved behind her as a shimmer came to her fingers but it was ice creeping up the castle doors from behind them on the outside pushing the castle doors closed slowly and makeing a slick surface out on the steps.

AifeGra: - She was but a fly on the wall as she watched the fox bolt out the door after the bird, she really was the most foolish girl. The Feline woman Kura who had accompanied Gaylia to KON had a familiar as well, a cat named Tory, she knew the powerful connection these creatures had with their summoner. A feeling of despair and failure crept through her veins as she bowed her head in defeat. She knew what that fox was, and she knew where it were headed. They were no longer needed… she would not let the woman pick up on her concerns as she stood tall, straightening her shoulders into proper posture turning on her heels to face the guest and Norse man. The general Erik was an arrogant brute of a man and it was his arrogance that would likely be his down fall she thought as the elegant dragon woman moved towards where the male stood after hopping down from the barrel which she sat upon. She watched as her dress made of ice shimmered in the rays of light that shown in through the window panes of the throne room. The two of them had polished off the last barrel of mead that Johunn had brought from KON… kon… “ Pardon me” She spoke with a sense of urgency that she hoped would distract the dragon as her claws ran along the man’s shoulder her own skin crawled at the mere thought of those claws on her own skin sent shivers down her spine.“ But this woman was inquiring as to the were abouts of the Kingdom of the North, she hails from a land she called Iron, Sir” Calming herself as she collected her thoughts. This detail had no been shared between them and she hoped that this would peak Erik’s interest. “ She spoke of a daughter that was captured and held at a Dragons Castle” she did not falter, her voice was authoritative as she stared at the woman waiting to see what she had in store next. The fox would follow the raven to Kon and the woman would have all the information she needed. As the female elf stood there, trying to retain her resolve the great doors would begin to shut behind her, a coolness crept around her being as she watched, her suspicions confirmed as the doors were sealed with ice. They were now locked back inside the court with the dragon woman and whatever intentions she had… Angatha would either be witness to a fuckery or a murder, neither she wished to be part of thou she held her ground and remained still, her boots planted shoulder witdth apart firmly on the jade carpet runner that stretched from the thrones to the steps of the court-

alldayj1: --A raven now some sort of fox…why was it that the elf lands had so many animals among humans all the time? As the woman came closer Erik knew she was fully hooked on him. He considered that she wanted him and she needed him but all of this he would use to his advantage. He was enamored by her claw that moved cross him and he thought of the scratches such a romp could give something he enjoyed while dealing his own sort of pain to a woman. She spoke of a wife and that made him laugh a bit even out loud then when she spoke of fighting and fucking and drinking he felt butterflies in his belly. That was the three things he lived for after all. His heart racing with the excitement he almost didn’t notice the sound of the door of the castle creaking shut. A witch he thought to himself…I like those they are the dirty ones. He didn’t care if she trapped him there he was right where he wanted to be for the moment. Locked in a castle with a hot crazy lady would do him some good he thought. He dwelled on that idea for a moment until the elf captain spoke and his transfixion on the visitor was broken. The elf spoke of KON and Iron and Johunns daughter. This was bothersome to Erik and he quickly took to a professional nature to deal with this. He spoke with direction and clarity that was not common to Erik – “If it is Johunn you seek I will point you in the way and even send you attendants and mead should you like. But…”- He Paused- “I am not sure the reason you seek the King but he is celebrating the birth of twins so perhaps a little more gentle in your approach, unlike me he doesn’t find this sort of thing quite so sexy.” –He stares at her longingly- “KON is due west one days ride, It is a city with a huge wall around it and massive docks to its south. It is full of all sorts of beings and rather amazing each day I am there. I also must caution you as if the birth of children isn’t enough the King is dealing with a rebel fool named Kaon who is the leader of the army we are feeding horse shit outside. That man, is also attempting to visit King Johunn. I heard Iron, is that the Iron Dynasty? From that fool elf, I was in that land once that Valeria. We left after a great tragedy occurred and Johunn was far too heartbroken to remain. The poor fool thought adopted children would be loyal.” –He shook his head and then in a whisper – “An an ELF to boot” –His voice returning to normal- “I believe it was Johunns biggest failure as King and lucky for us that selfish little elf is not here to ruin our great Kingdom. IF you are from there did you know her? RELIA?” –A disgusted look took his face as he hated Relia and that weird shit who she ran off with what was his name…he pondered…Dameon or something. He looked at the visitor and recalled Johunn’s tears as they left Galandor and the note and coin he buried for her.--

Anaya: she moved as she faced him a claw moving along his cheek as a bright smile came to her face “you have treated me well Elrik of the kingdom of the north. You tell me so much that you have saved this place and its people, you know, they should build you a monument” she smiled as she kept that ice moving up the door the doors in no time at all being fully cased in a thick layer of solid ice and the whole castle becoming rather cold, the window glass chilled and started to freeze ice crystals moving over the glass, it was true she really did not need this place anymore she knew anything she wanted and the word Anaya had given her rang in her mind, gain the information be any means the crown will pardon you for all transgressions. And here, here she enjoyed playing with this one, he was simple but at the same time strong and useful, well for a human anyway “i have never knwn the girl but from what i hear the dragon has adopted her and now controls the land that once was taken over by this king you serve, why do YOU serve a king Elrik, you could be very useful army side, we could lay waist to lands, clear out army's together, turn the world into a beautiful ice box, and built you a massive castle, slaves, whores, in fur and legs open for you with bells to amuse us.” her bright orange eyes shimmered in the light as she played her game of coy keeping his mind on her as the castle was not overly slowly turning into a frozen block witch was her doing of course and at the same time, it was growing harder and harder to breath as air was being snuffed out and was not being able to come back into the building due to the ice lock that was moving over to it. “wouldn't you love that Elrik, be bathed in the blood of the ones that oppose you, fuck one of the princesses you have taken on the bodys of the elves you have crushed, i would love that” her face moved closer to him as her clawed hand moved over his shoulder to softly rest on the top of his back and shoulder blade.

AifeGra: The elf watched in horror as the dragon spread the ice up the walls of the court, crystal’s spreading like cracked ice along the window panes as she watched the female embrace the general to the north. If she made a move towards the norse man, who knew what would happen to her. She was more concerned with freezing to death as she was not prepared for such frigid weather conditions, her leather chaps and top that left her mid section bare would hardly sustain her if the court turned to solid ice. Eyeing her leather sleeves that covered her from shoulder to wrist she decided her best course of action was to break a window to escape. Frozen glass was rather delicate she thought and she had seen many windows break over time during the winter months. Maybe the shattering of the glass would break Erik from his trance as she dove from the hall. Yes, this would be her course, she smiled at the pair as she darted towards the window nearest the great doors that had been frozen shut, caring not how much noise she made as she ran with great speed at the ice covered glass, thrusting her elbow infront of her body so that it ran parallel to the floor as she picked up speed, leaning into the blow she would deliver. She would alert the armies as to what was transpiring within the soon to be ice castle and hopefully do it in a timely manner that Erik would still be alive. As her elbow hit the glass with force it splintered, a loud crashing sound echo;d throughout the halls of Torcoa as the fragile pane caved under the pressure that she exerted and shattered around her torso as she lept into the air tucking her knees and rolling down the lawn of the courtyard. A great gust of wind whirled around her and into the building as the vaccum was broken, the crystalized shards now lay scattered along the grass just feet from her point of exit. “ OPEN THOSE GATES” She called as she rose from the ground, her elbow ached and began to throb as she grasp the injury in the palm of her hand craddling it against her chest as she ran down the pebbled path, past the guards that stood watch. “ You all, outside the city NOW” Signaling to Arsas that she needed him as she stood at the gates waiting. She would alert the Norse of what had happened and the remaining of the Torcoan forces. The raven had been sent, and there was nothing else the elf could do to prepare for what may come next.-

alldayj1: ---Erik stared at the woman and watched her claw move toward his face then felt it slide along his cheek. As it moved to his shoulder he let out a bit of a grunt but did not openly let anyone know if it was one of pleasure or pain. Perhaps they are the same thing after all. He wasn’t even sure. One hand at his side and the other upon his axe handle yet rather suddly. She offers adventure, sex, blood, and all of this while she was laying a trap by icing over the castle. His eyes transfixed on her considering his future and his past all in one moment. Who was he really? Was he the man he had been or was he a stranger in his own body? Was he power hungry? No he thought, Was he in love with blood and war? Yes he thought. What in the world could have ever warned him of these events that would transpire? Should he agree? Should he fight? He served a King because Johunn was the best creature that Erik had ever met, both in battle and morally and ethically. He was a North man but he was kind and compassionate. He was everything that a ruler should be. They warred and they fucked but they also were a friendly place and a welcoming place. He spoke calmly – “woman, you appeal to many of my senses. Sex and blood are my vices and killing my enemies makes me smile. Kingship means nothing to me and ruling is worthless in my eyes. I don’t wish to have that hassle. I am interested in what you speak of but a few things must be done if you want my serious consideration of agreement. I hope you know I am not just some human man you can control. I have help.” –He points at the ruins tattooed on his skin and sealed in some way. He turns his axe so she sees that the blade is not natural and is most likely enchanted in some way. – “I could fight you and see if I live. I could run and get my army and see if you live. I could die and anger Johunn. But… If you can meet my conditions both of us can be happy.” –He drug his fingers down her claw and down her arm in a movement of pure bravery and pride- “KON and its Vessels will be unharmed no matter what that filthy liar Relia has told your Queen, If I must speak with her myself I will. I am free to leave when I see fit, not your slave. I will give you a warrior unmatched in this world. I will give you a man who seems dense but his military mind is far more complexed than any in this realm. And this body how could you resist it? Also, the Alliances of KON go untouched unless valid reason is given for them to be.” His eyes wide knowing what he was doing would likely not bode well for his future in KON but his act to protect them all would be considered heroic as well. He knew he was between a rock and a hard place and a chance remained this woman would attempt to kill them all anyway. He swallowed hard and grabs for his mead choking it down completely shocked at what he just said and in some regards disgusted in himself for being willing to do so.--

Anaya: Narula let out a breath as the glass shattered and she payed it no mind, air rushed back in the room but very quickly was cut back off as she hastened the pace her knees feeling slightly weak but that was thought to be the drinking (power use 20%) she knew not to over do it but had to do it just enough she could bring down this place and still not have to change her form she could level the land or at least do enough damage to leave a dent to be remembered and not fully level the place as in the end, she did get what she came for with very little resistance so this place was not viewed as a red marker and the map on the table, the little castle, turned black as the castle froze solid in place but she paused as he talked strongly to her, yes respecting that was one thing she did as she tilted her head, the air in this room was thin, she knew he could feel it at this point, she knew that his breaths were short, his lungs struggling slightly,he was a human after all he needed lungs and air. She moved her hand as a small hole in the roof opened up to allow clean cold air in as she looked at him, it had now gotten more interesting, walls over three feet thick she knew the guards man would be beating down the doors with there spears and junk but it would take a bit in the end. She let out a breath “the only thing i can not promise is what will happen to this kingdom of the north, i am simply a gatherer of information with a mean streak and a thirst to quench. What is wanted to be done there is not in my pay grade. But after i gain what i need from what you call KON i will take you back to Anaya DeLaRose in the Iron Castle and you can talk with her yourself. Now” she moved and looked to the doors “this castle is a ice block i can drop the ice and the guards men will be in here within moments to lop my head off, your job is to a sure them i am not a threat Elrik, they are your men after all, you can bring them home to KON with you as we go there and you can meet Anaya” she paused and looked at the doors as the ice started to go down. “every leader has there second in charge, and i want you, as mine”

---Erik was not thrilled with her answer given he only wanted KON to be safe. He was considering what would happen if he told her no but figured he would be able to accompany her to the Iron Castle and tell this Anaya himself what happened in Galandor. General of KON was never his destiny and he was well aware that he had a chance to help KON in a way that was far more effective than sieging a shit eating army. He looked at Narula with a look that shouted that he was cautious in what he was about to say. – “I will accept your offer but I will accompany you to see this Anaya and will speak on the King of the Norths behalf. I will show her that Johunn is a noble man and did nothing wrong. As for your wish for me to be your second in command” –A grin shot across his face- “Does that mean I am behind you?” –The sassy comment was one he thought would either agitate or make her melt. – “You will be lucky to have me there. I must tell Johunn myself about this so we will travel to KON together. First I must make a plan for the army out front and the siege and leave someone else in charge that I trust.” –His eyes danced down her frame knowing full well she was powerful but wondering how powerful she really was. He didn’t fear anything maybe that was brash or maybe that was a good thing either way he didn’t. It won him battle after battle and war after war. He killed trolls, and generals and kings and gods. He didn’t care if she was a witch or a dragon, instead all he cared about was that she was like him, calculated and always 3 steps ahead. Her play here in Torcoa was brilliantly executed and lucky for Erik that his calves and arms saved his army from her violence within. He daydreamed about the possibility of watching her crush
Kaons army with her magic and then about that bastard old man lying on the ground dying and Erik imagined himself chopping his head clean off then taking his ear as a prize. Prizes seemed to be a thing for Erik and visions of many danced through his head. He was a bit of a madman at times but that isn’t a bad thing. Looking at Narula, he winked then stepped closer so their bodies were touching at the chest while he took a athletic stance In case this did not go his way and he whispered to her – “Are you certain you can handle me dear? It is rather a challenge for most…” –He looked directly into her eyes with a passionate gaze that would either suggest he was completely caught up in her or perhaps it was fake. Either way it was intense

Looking at him she gave a grin, she liked it,having a underling that thought it was big and bad and to much for her to handle, if it only knew if it only knew. She looked at him she knew about him already but he knew nothing about her and maybe that was a good thing, act the part but at the same time it was against her own pride to bother with it hiding things hideing what she was it ate away inside more then anything else did. “it is so rude of me, i know your name but you don't known who i am. I am Narula light Icican leviathan, i am a pure blood Icican dragon we hail from the north as you north people do but i do say i enjoy the south at times as well, i can handle anything you can give me back front on top upside down and still not spill the mead in my mug. I am sure we have a long trip and we hold no rush in getting there but first things first” she could see it was not the KON banners that were the first in line at the gate when help was called it was that other army outside. Attacking the KON army would piss Elric off for sure even if she could do it and just basicly steal this male for herself regardless of his say a willing partner was better then one kicking and fussing non stop. She movd her hand as the ice covering the doors shattered and the air around it flung it outward killing the first line of men that were there like they were nothing, then the second strand of men stood there, no KON men in the fray “want the rest of that army gone?” she said as she moved a arm around the males waist line leaning into him like some sulty wench drunk on her own power. “my targeting is on point ”

alldayJ: Eriks eyes and ears focused on Narula as she told him who and what she was. A Dragon, no wonder the ice, she wasn’t a witch she was a damn dragon. His smile was obvious as he saw her power first hand and saw a dozen of Kaons men die with the blast. Eriks men watched from the siege lines around Kaons army fearful but also in excitement of some killing coming next. Erik grinned as she grabbed onto his waist and he prepared for what was next. – “The Old man who leads them is mine, the rest…now belong to you. I warn you do not harm KON’s armies or the elfs that reside here…” –He leaned into the dragon touching her skin with his hand wondering if she realized that his social skill didn’t fully represent him and his prowess as a ladies man was only outdone by his prowess as a warrior. He was enamored by the thought of ending the old man and Kaons army but he did fear Johunns wrath. The King of the North was one who did not like to be disobeyed. Erik knew Johunn would kill him without hesitation if he hurt KON. It was one of now 4 things that mattered to the King of the North. Erik took a deep breath and added. “They were aggressive after all right? They were pressing us? Testing us? Giving us good reason to crush them right?” – He took a peek at the doors and the dead outside and nodded then turned back to his new counterpart and whispered – “They were trying to get in that is the reason we had to kill them all. So let’s be done with it.” – With that Erik unsheathed his axe pulling it to his side and looked down at the woman, a dragon nearly his height and with powers that seemed rather impressive. He was either making it or he was on a twisted path to nowhere really fast. Either way his wits or his planning would be the key to his survival and his attempt to protect the North at any cost even his own life. His stance was one of relative calm now embracing the dragon whom was here to either cause trouble or help him achieve his goals in life.--

Anaya: she smiled at his words as she gave a light hickup and started to laugh as she walked forword turning around and holding her side “oh me oh my the men there oh me hurt me, you saw them” she winked at Elrik as she turned around fully alright holding her hands up into the air as the ice around the room that had one over the castle before started to sink down and puddle onto the floor in reality it looked like heat was doing it but she was just working the water, moving it fast within its self to thaw it up and turn it back to a liquid state. The water spun around her as she hummed softly and walked to the door looking out all the men were there some from the one army some from the other one, they all kinda looked the same but the crests and things were different. Old man is mine, she wondered all the humans looked the same so how to tell what was this old man, she had no idea who it was “i wonder if i can get more then ten one a single ice spike i am sure i can” softly she started to hum a bit louder as she fumbled her footing and almost fell down the steps with a giggle. The water around her moved, the water in the ground small blades of grass turned gray at her feet as the water was sucked out of them and made small droplets in the air around her her humming got stronger as some of her foot steps were very solid hitting the ground hard and digging up a bit of dirt. Some of the fighters on the ground were charging but in her eyes everything was so slow moving, she moved as the water turned to micro spears of ice and within seconds the body's started to drop as if nothing at all hit them. Just bodys dropping no trace other then slight bleeding of the corners of the eyes. “eh fuck ten i will drop all but, well the ones he drops ” there was more then enough as she walked foreword body's just dropping all around her as she flung micro shards of ice each the size of a single water droppings into each fighters tear duct and out the back of there head. Some body's even twitched and scrambled words as they fell down there brains trying to fire and make a body work but it just no longer being able to work. And as the bodys died the water from the body's was pulled out into the air, that was used, she was killing men with the water from the blood of the other men. Fighters dieing by parts of there friends flung into there brains and then the whole thing was repeated . Her aim was dead on and only men with not a crest of KON were killed. It was within moments there was piles of body's scattered along the ground as she turned around not a drop on her flawless white iced over self and her dress had changed, no longer single ice but more of a lace white decadent silk fabric, really extremely thin ice covered her frame her hips and pale skin showing softly as she shimmered in the suns light “i am sure it is better up north, people are stronger there right?”

Alldayj1: ---Awe took Erik’s mind as the Dragon executed 100,000 men in less than 5 minutes without a drop of blood of the Norse being spilled and without a single axe being swung. He leaned into her and whispered – “That was beautiful truly beautiful, now excuse me a moment while I get what I want.” – Erik strolled out the doors and through the gates and into the killing field. He looked the the piles of dead and walked around kicking at them looking for the Old man. Finally after what seemed like 5 minutes of looking he for the bastard who amazingly clung to life by gasps and cries. He proclaimed loudly “I hereby step down as General and renounce any connection to KON or Torcoa.” With that he felt he had separated himself and Erik put his axe to the fools throat and said “Talking back to me gets you one thing and one thing only darkness….” – Erik reared the axe back over his head and swung it one handed hard toward the neck of the prick and as one last gasp of air escaped his mouth sucking in air to stay alive the axe connected with the man’s neck severing it from his body and allowing that breath to escape into the open instead of continuing down into the lung.
Erik has removed his head but he wasn’t done with that bit. He took to a knee grapping the now severed head and took to hacking at the ear with his axe. He chopped at it 3 times before it came loose and now belonged to Erik. – “an ear from the old bastard because he didn’t want to listen” – Erik brushed the blood from the ear and and stuck it into his bag next to the rotting horizons fists fist and a few other trinkets. He was a violent man this was true as he returned to his feet using the clothes of the dead to wipe the blood from his axe. He re-sheathed the axe and walked from the killing field like it wasn’t one with 100,000 dead. He reached the place where Narula stood and said as he wiped his brow – “Their leader Kaon is in KON. Lets go find him before this becomes an issue for them. They had nothing to do with this. If anything happens to them then after this then I will not help you.”--

Anaya: she looked to the man that were still standing some of them shaking as people had fallen right at there sides dead with seemingly no reason for it, she looked at them and then looked back at Elrik “you really think i would let them get hurt when i just killed everyone, ye of little faith in anyone but ones self” she watched him kill the man as she walked on past to get on there way to the next location witch was the place she was to go to “you lead the way ” she knew how to get there already by following the essence of Arlu her fox she had sent out after that raven bird but she wanted this man to feel like he was in charge when in all relity she could snuff him out wall his back was turned she had very little honour in her bones it was not thought she simply bypassed, killing him after all was done, but Anaya had said not to kill them, she wanted to know about them and were they were hiding as it served a greater reason of something Narula did not know or care to ask about. She walked wall her foot steps moved and the ground all of a sudden got wet, really really wet as she had dropped all the small water particals she had still held in hover in the air. Water, blood, simply liquid she could not pull it form the living yet but was learning and could pull it from small animals living or dead, grass and flora living or dead and any dead body she comes across, water makes up 95% of the living being in all reality humans and everything of the sort were water bags, even demons had some water within there husk like shells unless it was undead, yes undead she could not touch or deal with and they had to be killed in other ways witch she was also skilled with, not as much but you picked things up when you were as old as she was. “hope this trip goes well, maybe we will find something to eat” she muttered as she moved grabbing a dead body's arm and for the shits and giggles of it dragged it along beside her in the grass.

AllDayJ: --Erik nodded at her and began to step in unison. Leaving his shocked men and the field of dead behind, he was off to KON and then Iron castle. Erik walked with confidence his eyes twitching slightly as his senses were full and the dragon seemed to carry immense power. He was not sure how happy Johunn would be about Kaons armies’ death but he was certain he could explain himself. Erik knew that his days as General were over but perhaps KON would hail him a hero for killing Kaons army and saving them from issues with Anaya of Iron and her people. Erik was a proud man and he knew that he would die in battle someday but that day was not yet determined. The Gods would control his fate sooner or later. This was more exciting than anything else to Erik and his desire to become a legend grew by the day. He stepped through the wet grass and wondered why in the world was it so wet? His boots were soaked after all. He trudged along silently ready to see what happens next with his new companion or whatever she was. Erik eyed her and smiled knowing he had chosen the side of a great warrior. Ahead lied KON and Johunn and Isleen and babies as well as Kaon and likely a confrontation with the leader of this now dead army.--

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s and violent she was or if it was all just a show to cover up the soft underbelly that was full of emotion and desire. He was often good at this part, so his hand on her thigh and his eyes on her hands in case she attacks he was confident. He knew it was getting early as they had set at the waterfall most of the night and he knew it would be time to leave soon. Erik hoped Johunn was not to bitter about his disobeying orders and assisting Narula in killing Kaons army. He played with the old mans ear in his pocket and slid it through his fingers gently remembering how cocky he was and the sound of the axe ending his putrid life. Erik was feeling rather accomplished but also he had to admit he feared Johunn greatly and the idea of him being angry at him had his stomach in knots. Johunn was some sort of monster that Erik had never seen before and when beside him in battle it was glorious and wonderful but being across from him would be horrifying. He said – “Narula I can’t caution you enough with the King, he is more than meets the eye. I recall a time on a raid in Bhag Ulum when we were raiding the dwarfs there that Johunn reached out with his free hand and grasped the Dwarf General Galnar by the eye socket and skull. The King stomped his left foot down on Galnars to hold his body still and then with a laugh that could be heard in the treasure room, Johunn pulled with a reasonable force for someone of his strength and as his chuckle permeated the city Galnars head simply split from his neck and was separated from his body entirely. Johunn, Held the head into the air as his warriors charged the beach and began to slaughter the stunned and afraid dwarfs. He is not a human, not at all.” –Erik reflected on this for a moment silently wondering if Narula would heed his warning or try to be direct with Johunn. Her approach at Torcoa would have not sit well with the King of the North that was for sure.--

Anaya: Her orange eyes looked at him s she started to change her figure, she stood up before him his hand slideing from her leg as she tilted her head “well then why be something he would not like, i can be anything needed to settle the spirets of others, to calm the eye, no one likes dragons so why be one, north men don't like dragons dragons eat there people anyway, it is wonderful but still” she moved her hands upt o the crown of her head as her horns sank into her skull out of the way, her fingers became a lighter tank shade and her hair fell out growing in silken golden locks, her reptilian white wings changed to feathers lightly covered in ice all white as her dress shimmered around her body and she moved her hand to her mid segment. From her mid segment came the gem of it all, her spear, the Spear of her god pandora the ice queen of pain. Pulling the shimmering blade from her body she gave a grunt like sound as it came from her being (soul bound weapon of a high dread knight) she placed the base of the weapon to the ground as she held it beside her shimmering in the light of that morning, it was cool out and the water was nice but there was a thin layer of ice over it that kept breaking and reforming, simply a affect of Narula being around the same spot for so long. The dew on the grass had frozen and feet were cold as she wiggled the feathered rings and they lightly ruffled, the feathers were in the end not feathers at all but manipulated ice to form small strands and fabrics to look exactly like bird feathers, eagle feathers to be exact. She ran her fingers into her hair as a crown formed on her head, two wings at the sides the crown of a follower of Odin, she now looked like a Valarie clad in all white or at least a woman that looked like one. Even her aura was low so unless someone specificity had reason to sense for that junk that was not being picked up.  “if he would like something else i can be whatever is needed, and i am knowing in how he is not human he is an undead, the old castle location smelled of dirt and bone, he is not a living man, i know that, and i am not to give harm to them, i have my orders i must follow, i am to gain information and nothing more, i am not even to fight back if i am attacked i am ordered to flee if i am attacked by there people and play the part as needed, if i need to be brutish i shall if i need to be Innocent and bowing i shall, my orders are so and i will follow them to the letter, what you pick to do is fully up to you”

AifeGra  As the sun rose higher into the sky, the fresh morning air filtering in through her open window. Gaylia blinked, the bright blinding rays hitting her eyes as she brought her left arm up to shield her brows. Birds chipped happily, it was as it the doom and gloom that she had experienced had lifted and the promise of a new day brought on the song of the chickadee’s that perched on her sill. There was a strange tension hanging in the air, but perhaps it were just the rumbling of her stomach as she had not eaten supper last night before retiring to her bed chambers. The elf’s mind wandered off to the pleasant chat she and Revan had yesterday, speaking of her home made her feel a bit closer to it. Closing her eyes as she rolled out from under the coverlets, she could almost see the vines that snaked along the wall of her chambers, how the leaves would reach for the sunlight and shift as the day carried on. Her last moment alone in her room had been one filled with anxiety as she rushed around packing for the trip to KON, Kaon taunting her as she rummaged through her foot trunk for her healing crystals. An acute ache in her belly sent trembles through her body in waves as she grasp her stomach “ Yes, yes.. Food it is” she chuckled as she slipped into a gown that looked as if spring itself had been somehow weaved into the material. The sheer fabric flowed around her hips and waist, complementing her curves as her hips swayed with each step, combing her fingers through her rat nest of a ginger mane she was far more concerned with calming the growing complaints of her stomach rather than her appearance at this moment. With no intention of wandering outside the hall anytime soon, she disregarded her footware as she padded across the cool dark planks that covered the floors through out the Mead hall. She had high hopes of running into Revan, but not before she fed herself of course or she may just faint before the tall and devilishly handsome man. A warmth growing over the surface of her skin as she made her way down the spiral steps to the throne room to peak who maybe about, not wanting to be seen as she snuck into the kitchen. Gaylia’s feet, free of any sandals or boots allowed her to slip un noticed, strange she thought… no one was moving within the hall, not even a maid. Scanning the vast and lofty space she saw a critter, a fox? Strange… squinting as she took a step towards the thrones. A fox, in the hall? A hand settled upon her him breaking her attention as she jumped and squeaked a bit, her breath hitching in her throat as she turned to see Revan. “ Sir, it is quite rude to sneak up on a lady like that” A smirk growing across both of their faces as she gently brushed his hand off of her side, clinging to it a bit before releasing his palm letting it fall to his side. “ Look Revan, a fox. What on earth would a fox be doing here?” She was still staring at the little fur ball as she took a few more steps towards it. Adorable little thing, her hunger subsided a moment as she squatted down a few feet from it.-  

alldayj1: --Johunn sat down on the stump he used for Kaon and wiped off his axe and sword before fully sheathing the sword and holstering the axe. His face, arms, chest and even his feet were covered in Blood and bits of meat. He licked his lips which also had blood on them and he took in a deep breath. Hearing a noise over his right shoulder he peered on in periphery waiting to see Eir’s reaction to his work. He was proud of his actions and positive that they were correct and just. He grunted at a nearby guard for gawking at him. Johunn’s bloodlust simmered and his eyes slowly but surely returned to their normal emerald green state. His muscles began to unclench and his body began to simmer down. His breathing returned to normal and then he spoke to the guards – “We wait here for the Dragon, Spread out so they don’t get past us on accident. And bring me some water all that chopping made me thirsty.” – The King of the North was hiding in plain sight but that was part of who he was, deceptive and sly. He liked it that way and never seemed to give up the routine even in private. Johunn watched a flock of birds fly past and he considered for a moment joining them but alas Kingly business to attend to. What would the dragon woman want from KON? He would see to it that she spoke before he dealt with her or dealt with her, either way. He saw the sky brightening and the forest coming to life. The empty field behind him was rather dry and could use a little bit of watering. He saw the crops mostly planted and the trolls asleep in their huts. Johunn still painted red was ready to face this Dragon from Iron.--

AifeGra: - The Valkyrie did not waste time in her pursuit after Johunn and the little lord though she hung back giving them space to speak. Eir was not a diplomat and she sometimes lacked the tact required for such things. Her bright pearly whites showed and reflected the sunlight as she smiled wildly soaring high into the sky, ascending above the trees to scan the area for friends of foes. The woman was on edge, idle chatter irritated her these past few weeks, it seemed there were never a calm moment and she was unable to process the emotions that surrounded her. As she rose higher into the air, she would tuck her wings tightly to her shoulders, the feathers tickling the small of her back as she broke into a dive, straightening her body, her spear leading her fall as she grasped it tightly in the palms of her hands. Wind whistling past the tip of the weapon as it sliced through the air. Johunn’s tiny image began to grow increasing in size as she watched him sitting upon a stump cleaning his weapons… “hmmm” she mumbled to herself. Where was Kaon? Her brow rose as she descended, landing roughly 20 feet behind where the king sat, her boots hitting the ground hard as a loud thud would be heard even from the distance that stood between them. “ What have you done?” Her voice was blank, free of any emotion and blunt as she spoke to him, her stride was wide and she took her steps at a quickened gait closing the distance between she and her old friend. “ Johunn, where is Kaon?” She scanned his body for any sign of a struggle between the two men as she stood 3 feet behind him, planting the end of her spear firmly upon the ground-

Anaya: Arlu sat and turned around spoting life, his ears perked up as he floped his head from since to side his ears floping over one another as he looked at the female and other people around that had come over “Arlu?” he questioned as he looked to the door, he could feel her out there on the distance and he wanted to know more about what this place was so the little critter got up and troted over to the door looking back and then sliping outside to sit on the castles frount steps looking out to all things around. The fox started calling to the sky as it sat there “Arluuuuuuu Arluuuuuu” it screamed out as it yowled to the sky for unknown reason. Were was Narula it wanted her to find it, it wanted her to come over here to see it, it did not want to be alone anymore it thought this place was dull and no fun and wanted her to come get it. “Arlu arlu ar ar” it barked softly as his bright orange eyes shimmered looking out at the world beyond.

alldayj1: --Erik stared at Narula and nodded as she spoke. Her ability to shift herself was amazing. She was becoming a….valk? He was shocked, He had one valk friend and she was a sexy one though she often gave him a hard time for being made of meat or something like that. He thought of Eir for a moment and her grand displays of poise and power. He kind of had a thing for her though she was nothing but difficult with him. Amazed that Narula could become whatever she needed to be he became slightly selfish when he stood walked close and whispered – “How bout a little red head with large breast and a round bottom?” – His bold nature had not failed him yet with Narula so he figured why not. His fingers resting on the handle of his axe just in case he might need it. His feet shoulder length apart and his eyes cautious though when he finished his statement he winked at her with a grin. He was brave indeed not just in battle. He knew they were about to leave for KON but one last run at her would not hurt right? He stood proudly like the mountain of a man he was flexing his calfs and arms for her hoping to see her commit to a sexual deviant and become the shape he craved in that moment.--

-----That night both Elrik and Narula headed out to go to The Kingdom of the North together. -----

-----In The Kingdom Of The North-----

RagnarokWhiteWolf: -A women would turn as she carries a basket of carrots as she turns to look for her daughter she rams into a tall strange man. This man kneels to help the women with the spilled carrots as his eyes meet hers she feels a cold shiver run down her shine by the sight of him. The man would stand as he keeps walking towards a few guard near what looks like a great hall, his steps left marks in the snow , his breathes heavy as they can be seen in the cold ice air. Moments pass as he reachs the door pushing it open as the guard look from the corner of there eyes seeing the marks that covers his scar tone body, one guard whispers-Guard: could that be? -The other guard eyes widen- Guard2: Ragnarok,,,,-Ragnarok pulls his hood down revealing his long black locks braid down his back, his ice blue eyes scan the room as his boots crick on the wooden floor he made his way towards the fire pit while dusting her fur upon his shoulders-

Anaya: Inside the castle sat a fox, clear ice like crystals running down the length of its body bright orange eyes shimmering in the light as it stayed on its spot watching the man enter, it did not move it only yipped once but then went back to being silent, waiting, watching, wondering and learning about what was around it. Softly the fox moved its tail the crystals shimmering in the dawns light as the sun peeked into the windows of the hall the fire warming everything around it. The fox enjoyed the heat even as it looked as if it was made of ice crystals, but looks could be a lie after all. The fox made another sound “Arluuuu” the Fox called out as it moved its tail in another swish along the floor the sound of the cracking and flicking crystals moving along the floor as it did. It tilted its head at the man, strange things it was this being siting,simple in the centre of the hall beside the fire and watching the door with bright orange eyes, bright with intent and reason and it had never been there before.

RagnarokWhiteWolf: -Ragnarok eyes watched the fox as the flames glows reflected off the fox give him the hint it was made of some sort of crystal...Ragnarok has seen many creatures in his travels and has defeated many as well but he was quite interested in this fox. Ragnarok made his way towards the creature only to squat a few meters from it as his ice blue eyes rest on the creature he would speak in a soft but manly tone- " i guess we are both trying to warm up " -Ragnarok offers his hand in a sign of peace to show the fox he is harmness beside the sword on his back-

Anaya: The fox moved its face to look at the male, its head tilted to one side ears floping over and then to the other side ears doing the exact same, flop flop small sounds pliped as its crystals clicked together with each turn of its head, moving its nose out to just touch the mans hand “Arlu?” it made a sound as it looked at him as if asking something but god knows what it was. The fox looked back at the fire as it got up standing up and then walked in a ring around in its spot and then sat back down, odd thing this animal was but it was an animal but why was it inside, was it a castle pet? It did not really fit the mold of pet who had a random fox as a pet. “Arlu arlu” it yiped as it looked back to him and did the head tilt thing once more its ears flopping to side to side. It was strangely calm for a fox they were hyper active creatures by nature but this one was siting and making odd sounds, foxs don't go arlu.

“Arlu” it said softly as it looked back at the fire and stood up walking closer to it, it walked into the flames not affected as it walked out of them onto the other side and then repeated it, it was board clearly and wanted something to do so it walked over to the man and sat down right infront of him tilting its head as it did. That clicking sound was almost creepy of its crystals floping side to side and from the flames its body seemed to basicly glow. Then the man had left, he had just gotten up and left poor Arlu, and without feeling or thought Arlu just moved and sat back at the fire, siting in the dead centre of the castlewaitng for more fun things to happen.

----*----One Hour Later----*----

alldayj1: And now The Death of Kaon an abandoned RPC left by a banned cheater. This action was reviewed and approved by multiple sources. IC or DM combat was not possible due to the owner of the RPC being banned for behavior as well as the massive amount of meta info that the rpc owner had on both myself and others.

When the sun began to rise in the Northern sky The birds begin to sing their songs and creatures of the night find refuge to begin their slumber. The dew glistened on many a leaf and blades of grass all across the land. A thunderous cheer let loose at dawn from the Kingdom of the North. It was Johunn and Kaon leaving to take aim at Erik and the Dragon whom had destroyed Kaons army. Johunn with Tyrfing slung crossed his back and his axe at his side. Kaon with thin gauntlets, a small katana and throwing knifes. The walk off into the fog was silent and many other warriors would come behind them lead by Eir. This fight was to take place away from KON for its safety. As they walked the notes from Erik rang in Johunn’s head about how terrible Kaon’s general was and how rude they were. He knew that Kaon was the son of Kai but this one was very rude and rough around the edges. Kaon was a criminal in Johunn’s eyes but executing a man at the gates was considered not polite so, Kaon was given the chance to explain himself. After 4 days in Kon and never having explained himself to Johunn it was apparent that Kaon believed he was above the law. Johunn grew angry that Kaon was so brash and full of himself to be above the laws of the North. Pride was important in this world and Johunn was not one to be stepped on or overlooked he thought of this as they headed for the dragon. They two walked with only a few guards with them in the direction of Torcoa. As they trudged along Johunn noted that they were out of sight of all the others and the Kingdom so he thought it the right moment to address some things. He spoke with authority to Kaon – “Boy do you think it was wise to bring an army like that to my land unprovoked? And why do you refuse to answer this question for 4 days?” – Kaon rebutted without words instead a cold stare and a rather grumpy “hmmhm”. - Before the fool could spend another moment being disrespectful something snapped in the King of the North. Johunn looked him deep into the eyes. Johunns eyes fading to black deeper and darker than ever. – “I bet you use that eye to drive others mad, Want to see which of us goes mad first little boy?” – He grinned his grin at Kaon and knew well that the boy would be cutting himself apart at Johunns command if the staring contest continued. He was a master of this ability and had been given it from the Gods who helped him to master it. As he continued to stare down Kaon he simple reached out with his left foot hooking Kaons knee and dropped the man to his knees before Johunn. The eye contact broken as Kaon went to his knees. Johunn asked – “Why are you here? Why did you bring an army to my land? Why did your army take from my land without permission? Answer what I asked in order or else…” – Any sign of rudeness or a misstep by Kaon would end in death. Johunn had too much to risk to take guff from this madman. He glared down at him as Kaon began to speak… Kaon spoke with his usual cocky tone “Who are you to speak to me like this” –Returning to his feet and brushing off his knees. Before another word could exit his mouth Johunns axe was unsheathed and thrust out down at knee level past Kaon then brought back hooking the man’s knee and again knocking him back to his knees. Johunn’s grin grew wider. – “This will be your last chance to answer my questions. Why are you here? Why did you bring an army to my land? Why did your army take from my land without permission? Answer what I asked in order or else…” – Johunn was more direct in his tone this time. Kaon again began to speak – “you don’t know who you are talking to like that…” – Before he could finish the sentence Johunn has smacked him right in the jaw with the handle of the axe. Now this would rattle the brain of anyone and it was no different for Kaon. Johunn’s grin now gone he grabbed Kaon by the armor and lifting him high into the air holding him there. Johunn growled a little bit then said – “I asked you twice. If you do not answer me this time, specifically what I ask, then this conversation is over. So, why are you here? Why did you bring an army to my land? Why did your army take from my land without permission? Answer what I asked in order or else…” – Kaon laughed and began to speak again – “I am not scared of you…”

alldayj1: – Johunn tightened his grip on the fools armor and began to swing him side to side smashing him head first into the ground with a resounding impact then bouncing his side off the ground in the opposite direction as if swinging a rag dog. The motion continued swinging side to side and the impact again hit Kaon’s shoulder and his head again. As Johunn stopped he held the man by his throat in front of him with a look that would haunt the souls and even the Gods themselves would take note of. Johunn was growing angry and Kaon would learn to answer a simple question or die. Johunn spoke again – “No one, not even Kai’s son can do what you have done and get away with it so is it Jail for you or death Kaon?” –Kaon spoke- “Death is preferred” – To which Johunn rebutted- “Ha, So be it” – Picking Kaon up from the ground by his head Johunn placed his left hand on Kaons neck and holding him in the air while He dropped his axe to the ground and pulled Tyrfing from its holster with his right hand. Johunn pulled Tyrfing forward and stopped with the blade inches from Kaons nose. – “KAON Valdassian, you are hear by sentenced to death for the violation of the laws of foreign armies, stolen crops and kidnapping. No plea is needed as guilt is obvious in this matter. Johunn grasped Kaons throat and the blade nearing the face of young Kaon. Johunn grinned and said time is up you ugly shit. In that moment Johunn thrusted his sword into the left eye of Kaon but only and inch or two deep so the blind but not kill him. He twisted the sword a bit and made sure the cut was well placed then holding the neck withdrew the sword and then inserted it into the right eye. This concept was to vicious and violent but it would not kill Kaon instead he would be rather in great pain. This was not the end of Johunns torture of this criminal. Then, Johunn with a fierce look upon his face, stared him in the eyes now gushing blood and empty. Johunn reached back pulling Tyrfing and with one smooth motion swung in a downward and sideways motion which sliced Kaons knee wide open across its width leaving a bleeding wound about 6 inchs long and deep almost to the bone. The impact of the slice from the blade would send Kaon in a downward motion and the screaming would be great as Kaon howled - “ahhhhhh ohhhh ahhhh noooo” - When he dropped to the ground 4 troops whom were escorting them ran forward to collect Kaon. They did as planned and grabbed him by all 4 limbs and carried him a few feet to and then tying him to a tree stump with 3 lashes of rope as Kaon continued to holler in pain, he was placed face down his chest placed on the stump its self all chest armor removed leaving his back exposed to the sky. King Johunn approached Kaons back and laughed as his sly grin took his face. – “Time to make an example of this worthless fool. Johunn took the tip of Tyfring and sliced along the spine down its entire length with laser precision the ½ deep cuts were straight and nearly perfect in nature. Johunn stood upright returning his sword to its sheeth and waiting for one of the guards to hurry to his side with his axe. Meanwhile two other guards did the gruesome work of pealing the skin back on either side of Kaons back at the ass crack and the neck peeled to the side on both sides exposing the entirety of the internal back. All the muscles and tendons exposed to Johunn who now yielded his axe given to him by the guard. He began to hack wildly at the muscles attached to the spine. Either side blasted with violent slash after slash. These impacts were separating the spine from all the muscles on either side of the back and separating the ribs from the spine as well. Blood shot in all directions and the only thing leaving the scene in more volume was Kaons screams. His cries could be heard for miles as all the meat around his spine had been removed from it. Covered in blood and meat Johunn pointed his Axe at Kaon before him grinning and almost basking in the moment he took a finger full of blood from the axe and drew a N on his own forehead in blood. Then Johunn stepped back allowing the 4 warriors to string Kaon’s body up by the flaps of skin peeled back from his back. 4 ropes to different trees and a combined pulling action to go with one rope around his neck. All the ropes pulled taunt he was strung up in the air as a full blood eagle. Kaons body was left there to display Johunns power to those who come to see the North and test its might. No one would dare to march another army into the North. Speaking of dare, this dragon better be quick with her intent or Johunn may have the corpse turned into armor.--

alldayj1: --Erik smiled at Narula wondering what she thought of his aggressive nature, knowing they must continue on, he rose to his feet and once he had a solid footing he reached out a hand to the woman his palm turned up and his eyes transfixed on hers as he waited for her to take his hand. He worried that Johunn may be angry that the enemy army was dead without his command but not one Northerner was injured or killed and that was a truly amazing accomplishment. Erik denounced his position and that was a massive shift in power and position within KON but his doing so would allow him to be an outside ally to his hero. Johunn was godly to Erik and nothing was going to change that but he was also logical and rather willing to see what world Narula has seen and wants to see. Erik was never one for roles or titles and this decision was no different as it continued to dance through his mind. His focus snapping back to the fair woman and her complex violent nature, she was the walking contrast of deadly and beautiful and that was confusing for most but for Erik it made him rather curious. Erik’s blue eyes caught flickers of the morning sun that would catch most anyone’s eye. He heard the waterfall breaking on the rocks below and in the distance he heard blood curdling screams, what in the world? Someone was being murdered violently. Erik’s eyebrows tightened, the murder could not be more than a half mile away. He waited impatiently for Narula to join him so they could explore the sounds of death being bellowed across the countryside.--

Anaya: Narula looked to him as she looked beyond him and to the distance there was for sure the smell of blood in the air and the distant crys if the dieing now surely dead. She did not take his hand why would she need to do that she would cut him with her claws. But she walked on past him and looked back “you go first, it may be that person you talked about before or something, the leader” she could feel Arlu near by so she knew they were close to the castle location she had known from getting here but had ignored it for the most part or just acted the part. Her silken bear feet moved over the ground as she walked beside him farther a head she spoted blood on the ground and allowed Elrik to go first not due to her worrying about her own safty and that shit but simply due to he was a better meat shilde then she was and if needed if his dead body ell it would be useful as a water source to kill the rest of the ground. As they moved up that dead body that was there of what looked like to be some caption of a guard fore of sorts started to turn black and shrivel the ground around it getting wet as the trail of water dragged over the ground over to Narulas feet as she wiggled her toes in the now wet ground, she had sucked that body dry and now it was stiff and hard, in truth she did not mean to it just happened with her being around things and drawing water to her. “so who is that?” she asked softly as she moved her clawed fingers behind her back as her white wings made her in truth look more angelic then anything as the feathers ruffled and she wiggled her fingers in them.

alldayj1: --Erik and Narula looked upon the now waterless and lifeless corpse of Kaon. Erik never met him so he had not a clue who the blood eagled dead man was but knew in order to warrant that sort of death in these parts meant you did something truly awful. Only one man could issue the blood eagle and that was the King. Erik took a deep breath knowing Johunn must be nearby given the time of the screams and the time it took him and Narula to reach the scene and that the corpse had been strung up in the blood eagle would mean it was just finished before their arrival. Then he saw him sitting beyond the corpse with his Valkyrie. The King of the North was soaked in blood and matter and looked rather angry. Who was this he killed? Why? Was he out here for a reason? What in the world was going to happen? Erik decided to take a proactive approach so he spoke up – “King Johunn, It is I Erik the failed general, I come to seek forgiveness for my denouncement of title and to introduce you to this….dragon who seeks to speak with you regarding a place called Galandor…” –He trailed off and swallowed hard looking upon Johunn and Eir.--

alldayj1: --Johunn’s arms, chest and face covered in blood except his lips which he had licked clean. His eyes black as night and Eir over his shoulder trying to find out what had just happen and now Erik and a dragon approached. Johunn stretched his hands out then clenched two fists and rose to his feet like the monster he could be and with a pride that was unmatched. He turned his face to Eir and nodded then spoke to the whole – “Kaon is now as dead as his army for violation of 3 laws of the North. His unlawful acts and his threat to our people has now been dealt with as required by the laws of the land. Now, as for you Erik, you disobeyed me and that will not be easily forgotten or forgiven. But,.Did…You say Galandor?” – His eyes grew tighter into a bit of a squint – “Let’s get this over with Dragon, what do you want and what sort of terrible news do you bring? That devil bastard who brainwashed my daughter finally kill her? Do you really come all this way to make me feel worse for that bastard and how my daughter turned her back on me and all of our people like we didn’t exist for him? If she is dead please do not tell me how for since the day I left the note and gold for her and was forced to leave her behind I have refused to acknowledge she could be dead.”- His face was heavy and his body showed the disappointment he felt in his daughters abandoning them. This adopted girl he raised nearly alone until Isleen came to join them. Then the little elf girl not only disobeyed but dishonored and disowned them running off with her boyfriend in the middle of the night without word or notice.--

Anaya: Narula looked to Elrik well there goes the sense of being a secret, well being blunt was not a bad thing and the guy did look angered anyway might not be overly good to mince words anyway here as in truth she was not allowed to attack anyone here as she had orders from Anaya to only get knowledge here not blood.  And way to go Elrik did you know people hate dragons, it is a common thing to hate dragons, way to toss her under the bus you moron, she thought as she rolled her eyes and her wings dragged on the ground the feathers chipping as they fell out and they were rapidly replaced with leather scaled membranes that better fit her for what she was seeing the whole angel thing fit in with the people stick was gone. She pulled more water from the grass and ground as it pooled in a now visible puddle around her feet so she could use it if needed if they made the choice to take out there anger on the nearest danger witch in all reality was her. “name is Narula calling something by its race is rude thank you, or do you like being called undead and not your name?” she said snappy as she grumbled at the fact her plot was out the window now and had become grumpy. She let out a breath calming herself or well trying to as she wiggled the left over feathers to the ground as they fell around her wet puddle. “i have come from the south to seek you out, from the Iron Dynasty castle to seek out the location of witch was once Galandor but is now clad as The Kingdom of the north, i have traced you from the boat you took to leave there to get to here and build your land. I have killed thousands of people in my search to find your land the last thing i care about is your feelings to a elf girl that ditched due to some other fuckers wood. Who i believe is dead now anyway if i remember right, oh ya he had a hot headed sister, ya that guy Damon long dead now. But what i want to know is your home, and seeing i cant just float in and get it by walking around and i have to be blunt, so, what is your military capability's, land size, alliances, and growing forces and oh oh what do you trade in, basic your details of everything you own, and don't worry i can stay a while if it takes more then to day to tell me everything. ” her voice was not harsh just smart ass level as she was not putting on any shows to fit in she was being a dragon seeing that was known. She cared very little for the girl kid whatever that was now adopted by Anaya or something like that she did not even know anymore. “oh and your kid now owns the old lands, the dragon Anaya gave it to her to take over, so your old lands are now under dragon rule from your daughter who now bows to the iron capital” she started to walk foreword as her water puddle visibly followed her and a heaviness started to creep in around her (aura of intimidation active within 20 feet)

alldayj1: -- Johunn by nature was curious about this line of questioning. He thought to himself that he had nothing to hide so he spit out like it was on no value – “Our army is larger than you can imagine, though you saw many of them in Torcoa. Land size? Well we own a massive amount of land and 3 vassal states. Alliances? We have plenty with kingdoms across realms bringing forth both light and dark. Our greatest ally however….” –He grins and points upward- “The Gods themselves favor old Johunn, I maybe undead but I am far from evil. I honor the Gods and do as they would. Therefore they not only favor me, but my people. What else did you ask? – Seeming annoyed- “We trade furs, food, arms, and mercenaries. Now you have your questions answered unlike any leader you have ever met, now you will answer mine. What brings you to my land? Why are you asking me about KON? What makes you think you have a right to do any of this? Do you not see a just and lawful land with a leader that does as the Gods require? It would not be well received by them” –He points upward- “To disrespect that law and honor” – Johunn looked at the woman without hesitation his eyes darker than when they first approached now reaching pitch black as he finished speaking.--

Anaya: Narula did not flinch at him as she pulled out a ice covered pen from her cleavage and her hand moving to her belly a small note book came out of her own body forming into her hand. She fipped it over and jotted down everything h had said and then snapped the book shit clipping the pen clasp to the side. “why am i here, well i already said that, you did not hear it. And oh i have many people just spit out the awncers so you are far from different then i have seen, cus oh boy i have seen a lot. Why am i asking you about your kingdom well i am going to guess so that if we make the choice to attack you we know your specs so we can properly destroy you i guess, but i am unsure i just get my orders and do them. What gives me the right to ask shit, well nothing but you are so willing to tell me everything it is just easyer that way. Do i see a just and lawful leader and land, welll, what i do see is a guy with his lungs and body cut out his back spread eagle on a stump, and a shit load of blood all over the ground and a guy covered in that blood pointing up at the sky saying the gods help him when you and i both know the gods don't give a shit about land and cant come down here to help you if you get in truly large shit. They can send there people for sure like your Valarie there but really what was the nortic thing about all the Odin fighters dieing for some reason, it is a rare thing to see one and even they are just angels of another god and i have killed angels myself, and i am far from lawful, oh and i come to drink you out of house and home and then go back home with your man here who has given me his loyalty”she let out another sigh that water puddle flowing along the ground over her feet as she walked right beside the king with a grin on her lips (aura still active you are within 20 feet you feel it)  she gave him a coy wink as she walked on past him back turned to him witch in a dragons actions is a show of no fear and mild disrespect looking onward to his castle “hmmm not a bad looking place, i am sure it looks better snow covered. There must be a lot of mead in there”

alldayj1: --Johunn was not sure what to think of the condensing behavior he was taking in. Was she seriously going to act like that to him? This had to be a rouse or a ploy as even a dragon could not be so brash as to test him in that way, so with a deep breath he spoke calmly – “The city is closed but Mead could be made available. I do not however share mead with enemies or rude passers through so I am sure you and I can find some common ground before I have maids set a feast here in this field for us. I am curious what sort of mindset allows you to be so angry all the time, anger was my downfall once. I learned to control it. It made me stronger and wiser and I see clearer now.” - He slowly began to move a pebble from behind his wrist that was underneath his skin toward his palm with his opposite thumb. His slow sliding motion eventually bringing the stone to his thumb and then the pad of that thumb. He was not sure what would come next but either way he had the answers in his hands. No fear at all and no need for help, Johunn was confident even in the face of this one. He shot a quick glare at Erik before returning his attention to Narula and grinning his sly grin whilst playing with the small stone on the pad of his thumb. His eyes still pitch black and he knew this was obvious to the woman but he could not force them back to green at this moment. He was not willing to let her into the city with the children having just been born regardless of if that meant he had to kill her and start a war or not. That said, he would be happy to speak and feed and offer drink but simply not in or to near to his city, wife and children.--

Anaya : Narulas bright orange eye moved and looked right into his black ones “i am not angery” she said softly as the water around her feet moved and waved back and forth as it moved over along the grass to give a ring around his feet, the grass around his fee dieing as the puddle got larger around him. “i simply have to do what i was sent here to do, i am loyal to my words given to the one that pulls the strings, i am told to go inside that building to examine it, view it, not harm anyone unless needed witch includes you. I gave my word to my ruler and her anger is something i do not wish to see in what is left of my life time” she looked her eyes and face blank of feeling she was not angry she never had been she was simply brash and a bit crude “so it is your choice to do things in a easy way and trust or do things in a hard way and not but no matter the choice you take my task will get done” she already was inside that castle over the past days it had taken them to get there Arlu had walked that whole castle,and his eyes were her eyes as no one tryed to stop him from his tasks. At this point her task was fully done and she could leave and get rewarded by Anaya but now, now she just wanted to see what this ruler would pick, and then inform Anaya if it was wise to come in fire in the mind or come in with words and not a first.

alldayj1: :--Johunn took in a deep breath and walked past the woman. Stomping through the water like he didn’t notice it. When he reached a spot some 10 feet in front of her he stopped and turned back to her. His thumb and index finger pressed together on his right hand tightly on the stone within. His left hand tapping the handle of his axe with its ring finger and middle finger. His eyes now trained on hers fully as he speaks once more – “Narula, you do not need to enter my home with my newborn children without proper cause. So I say again that the city is closed. I say again you are welcome to dine with me and ask any questions you wish. But I do warn you, I am not going to again, Do not test me. I do not like games where my merit is based on protecting family or being political. I will always chose family as I did with Relia even if she didn’t choose me. If you know anything about me from those who knew me before, you know I am a great warrior and I am a powerful one but more than anything I love my family and will do whatever I must to protect them. This is the line in the sand, do not test it as I do not wish to kill you but If death is the only choice for you then I suppose I will be forced to grant it.” –He exhaled and took in another deep breath- “Now shall we dine and discuss this matter like adults?” – His temper more in check then regularly he was actually kind of proud of himself as the blood of Kaon still clung to him.—

alldayj1: --Erik watched the confrontation and finally it was as if a light bulb went off in his head. An explosion or wires uncrossed or something. He began to almost bounce in place and spoke over everyone when he said – “OHHH ohhh OHHHH I just remembered! I just remembered that I fucked a dragon once! She was weak minded though, had her on the fireplace of her home. Then she flew off never to be seen again. Her body was so perfect and….Hey can you believe it Narula I have had sex with a dragon before! Its amazing right? Remember Johunn? Her name started with an X and she was really short. Oh and since Kaons men are dead, the Arch Mage and the Captain shall return soon as well. I will miss that Morrigan that is for sure. Oh well.” –Erik returned to his state of self-obsession and bliss.--

Anaya: “as i said, i am loyal to my words given to the one that calls the shots” she closed her eyes for a moment standing there, the water around there feet moved very slightly, unnoticed. In her mind she whispered 'Arlu, multiply, copy yourself as we have in the past, expand find unborn children, do not harm them, remove one hair from a crib, hold it within you, don't harm anything, look at everything in the castle, notice everything they have, then leave from a window, break the glass if needed.' within the castle wall the rulers were not there Arlu was walking around and doing just that, he was copying himself till there was not one but ten foxs now Expanding to go into every room in search of what was needed, a hair be it from the head of a child's body or simply a hair from the child found on some item that the child had been around, something from one of the children as Narula had told it. Some of the fo clones were kicked and scolded by guards and maids, some were pushed out of the rooms they went in, but one was able to find its way into the childrens chambers sneaking in from a window left open a crack to let the air in, guards at the doors did not notice and without a sound the Arlu clone stole a article of clothing and then bolted out a window. 'retrieved we will be on our way back to iron capital with the hair and clothing article safe in tow. Now searching and exploring the castle inside.' Narula opened her eyes as she looked back to Johunn “and what are you planing to dine with? Lead the way” her whole demeanour changed enough to the point she was relaxed now, there was something on her mind but it was no big deal as she moved and the water around the kings feet got slightly colder and clung to him like the blood all over his body.

AifeGraNytheheart  Eir watched carefully the transfere of power between Johunn and the dragon lady. Her own wings tucked tightly to her back as her flight feathers grazed the small of her back, the 10 ft wing span was nothing easy to hide. The tension grew in the air, and her annoyance level only raised the longer and longer Johunn played " who could piss higher on the tree contest" with all this initimdating movements. As Eirk opened his mouth, as expected only ignorance feel from it. She was furious with him, a rage building deep in her that she had never felt before... if it were not for him and his stupid egotistical self this overly dramatic creature would not be such a head ache " I wish you would have just fucked this one and watched her fly off as well, laughing at your lack of ability to make love properly you stupid meat head" her words were blunt and lacked emotion as she feared she would run him through with the tip of her sprear if she allowed her emotions to rise to such a level. A deep sigh sounded as she took a breath and exhaled with some force attempting to calm herself and focus at the threats at hand. Suddenly the mood shifted and the woman spoke almost in a cheery tone... The valkyrie was baffled and could sense that this was far from over. Her lips puckered as she bit down on her tongue, to keep from worsening the situation with her own thoughts, instead she pulled back her left foot a bit and stomped down onto a loose pebble roughly the size of piece of horse dung as she loosened it from its home upon the path. She would kick the rock towards Erik with a force so great that should he not dodge the tiny boulder, it would hit him right on his shin causing him a great deal of pain but not enough to break any bones. A smile crept across her face, curling her lips at the corners as her toes connected with the stone and sent it flying towards it target-.  

Back At The Iron Castle

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: Lucian had made his way here on his wings and feet being able to shape change into a medium black dragon with golden wing membranes he was able to cover quite a bit of distance before having to land and rest continuing on foot until he finally reached his destination. The large grey castle looked different to him but he thought he remembered who resided there a friend of his. Maybe maybe not time would tell, the smell of fish and troll filled the air and he was nearly reminded of his past home. He strolled up the castle wearing his black armor the armor was designed with dragon bone and scale for the plating and leather while the chain links were constructed out of adamantine. His weapons that he brought mainly to defend himself had their own properties upon his hips he carried two blades they were twins in make forged himself in a realm that was in one way the same and in many ways different from this one. This realm was known as the void a place of countless amounts of realms and a great supply of energy for him to absorb and train with. With this energy he had forged the twin blades from void metal ten times stronger than adamantine capable of cutting through solid stone with one swing and its magical properties were grand as well but they had opposite effects bing twins so they named them after his mother and father. Kael and Katsu. His parents were the lords of a god named angel and they were the personification of death and life. When he reached the courtyard he saw the trolls and with his life energy he could understand them though he hadnt tried to assimilate languages before so he thought he would listen to them catching bits and pieces of words they said before passing on and opening the doors. With that his final weapon was left it was upon his back being a giant broadsword and when he entered the area around a twenty foot radius from him fell in temperature by five degrees the sword on his back was one of his family legacies. It was known as a mourne sword made with the process of soul forging this blade was imbued withthe element of ice and death and he would only draw it as a last resort in battle but that was all he would say for it was pestering him not to give out more of its details and so he walked the straight line hallway to where the ruler of the castle was set and when he arrived he bowed to her his weapons following him- "Greetings milady I am Lucian Lyca lord of castle lyca and prince of the amare family heir to the throne of the broken rose empire i have travelled a great distance to meet you."

Anaya: Anaya looked up from her record book and shut the leather cover with a swap. There was a man in her home a home known for having dragons and his clothing was made of parts of her own kinn, she could smell bone scale and hide melded together for protection or hell to show sport or skill of the man before her and in all honesty she did not care for his reason, there was dead dragon on this mans body and he walked in here with it on. “take your weapons all of them, and place them outside the doors, the guards will care for them, take off that disgraceful armour as well and leave it with them outside of the door you can walk back in naked or in your under wrappings if you want to be seen as worth my time to close my book. ” her voice was stern and strict and she was glad her child was not around to see a man walking into there home with body parts and bones of there people strapped to his body, what a view to a child's eyes. She shock her head back and forth and simply pointed to the door as to say leave or drop your shit there. He was lucky he did not get tossed in jail for such a crime, Anaya let out a sigh and put her book into the side of her throne pillow for safe keeping as she watched him on his next set of actions. (when you walked past the trolls you ot small snips of there tongue and nothing more as life force is not a thing that can pick up spoken word, you picked up the word fish, no like, dat guy, bad news, no like yellow sauce <- in random order as well as the trolls eyeballed you the whole way in like they did not like how you stink)

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: "madam im sorry if my armor disgraces you..but you see i will not part with it...these are my mother and fathers bones i grew up alone ntil i was adopted into a family of dragons where i learned ate played and was happy...when they died they bequeathed their bones and scales to me to further their aura of protection...i wear this armor to honor them if you find that disgusting then im afraid ive wasted my time." -He turned to walk away his walk slow yet purposeful if he found him wearing his parents with pride disgusting then hew would give her a long hard look at the love of a son adopted or not as he reached the doors he paused wondering if she had something to say if she didnt then he would continue walking. He felt indignified by her words he was doing his parents proud how could she say that his armor was disgraceful this armor was his only possession in the world that and a few of their fangs to create weapons with he was hurt by her words and his hands would clench upon the doors bending the metal that he was gripping.

Anaya: “if i was a man that lost my mother and father in war and then i took there skin from there body's and placed it upon me to do them proud i would be clad a psychopath and tossed in jail by other men for murder or simply skining the dead, is is worse to think that due to dragons being beasts we can be placed as clothing decor. No dragon would were his own kin as a shield upon his back. If you wanted to honor them you would have let them rest in what is beauty that is death now carrie them around and have them linger along side you in this world. You are disgraceful to people you call kin and really if i was not allowing mercy and you to leave another pure blood would have ripped you apart for such a show. Learn the ways of your elders and to be a dragon, or don't come back ever. If i see you again witch such a display here i will kill you myself, ” she let out a breath as she was still baffled at his words, like due to it being your own family it was better, she could not imagin her own daughter her own hatchling sporting around her skin and bone to allow her body to take blows for her to get cut with blades to be beaten up in combat to be used as a shield to protect herself, how was that hornoring your dead, honouring your family's name, how was that right in anyway how was that being a good child to ones own family, to ones own blood be it adopted or not. She would teach her daughter better then that, she already did Noki respected death and respected herself to use her own body her own power to keep herself safe not use others to do it for you, not spot the scales of another to take the blow of a blade but to use your own scales to do so. “get out of my sight before i change my mind” she muttered as she was angered and shock her head back and forth picking up her book and reopening it as she moved her claw to flip a page. “shameful” the muttered under her breath

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: "the only shame i feel is taking their bones..i had nothing left...." -with that he left without another word-

Anaya: “you have memory's, you have story's, you have the image of them in your mind and in your heart, you have there foot print on your soul, why would you need there skin and bone when you have your own skin and bone. Skinning your dead mother and father does not make you a warrior, it makes you a criminal”  she held her book in her hand as she whispered a prayer into the wind for the souls of his dead mother and father that would not move on to there home land due to being still tied to this world on the back of there son. If she had tears she would have shed one but her claw simply turned the page in her book as she waited for the doors to fling open again and for something equally foolish to walk in.

-----One hour Later-----

JesterKimonHravart: -Nidar after a night of heavy drinking he was at on the gates playing his violin to the trolls whom are eating fish, with ink dancing around his skin since he had absorbed some late that night and finds it amusing to make patterns appear on his face and body. Nidar liked trolls for some reason but being a creature of nature there wasn't really much he didn't like. The music would echo through the courtyard of the castle as he looks around a smirk on his face, the guards under him would flick a coin up at Nidar who catches them in his toes then pushed them into his body as the water would carry them through his body and into a pocket he has hidden in his robe. After a while of playing he would jump down and nods at the guards "Same time tomorrow fellas" He chuckles as he starts to walk towards the doors of the castle stopping in his tracks seeing the letter N with blood handprints over it painted on the door, he chews the inside of his bottom lip as he starts walking into the castle. It was a strange thing to find in the morning and how did the guards not pick up on it, as he makes his way to the throne room he spots Anaya on her throne then slides on over dropping to his knee- "Good morning M'lady ermm i think you might be interested there is a large N painted on the door with handprints that look like childrens smells like blood" -He raises the letter up to her as he lifts his head making eye contact then gives her a friendly smile- "Should we be worried?"

TheLadySif: Sifrella was posted outside the castle gates, taking a moment to herself. She had just returned from a sudden visit to the north. It had been a long time, and she had almost forgotten how beautiful this land was. With a deep breath, she walked up to the gate. After handing her horse off to one of the servants and having another bring her single bag inside, she slowly stepped into the castle.Her complexion had returned to its original state, pale as porcelain and a light chill radiating off her skin. Her eyes were glittering blue as the sea, her hair almost translucent as ice, and a small guilty smile briefed her visage to the guardsmen before she continued on through to the throneroom.

Anaya: Anaya had shut her book and placed it back at her side when he walked in as she looked up, better then the last moron that was gone as the male talked he mentioned the red letter on the doors and she gave a light sigh “the church is back at it i see, we have had a problem for the past year with people in town worshipping a god known as Narul  he is a blood god there was a vampire woman here a while ago but she vanished with no notice to were she had gone and it is even suspected they got her to give to there demon lord. (Dayas Daya rpc XD) so yes it is worrying but they don't tend to do anything but art on my door and nothing more, well there was that one time they tried an assassination but it was a utter failure and we never found it out  it was truly them or other lunitics. You if feeling brave can go to town and try to find out what of it?” (you will be starting a forum campaign with that rpc) “any gear or items i can get you i shall as i wish them gone as well” she paused and looked up to the door sensing that ice elf knight had returned but she gave a smile paying it not much mind knowing miss Sif would come in in her own time to join them and tell about her trip.

JesterKimonHravart: Nidar took in her words listening carefully as he thinks about things he can do a slight smirk would curl onto his face, it has been a while since he had fun with people as he would stand up slowly his mind was wandering and suddenly stops. "Well i think i will be fine vampires well unless they want to drink water don't really scare me but since i am new around these parts i wont be easily reconnised, I could how ever see what i can find out or maybe if you would like i might be able to resolve the problem. As for things i might need i could do with some lovely throwing knives but if memory serves correctly vampires are not so fond of water even more so if it has been blessed if you know a man i may be able to get my body blessed which would be pretty funny." He chuckles to himself thinking about it as the ink floating in his body would finally settle, a few lines on his forehead and mandalas on his neck then runs down into his arms. "But that would be if you would like me to if not i could always play pretty music in the castle and look good" He smirks as his ego slips out.

Anaya: Anaya looked at the man, she had just said that she wanted him to handle it and that would would personaly suply him with anything he would need, he was daft or something maybe he did not understand her, maybe he would die down there but then again she did not care “they are not vampires they are cultists of unknown race for all we know they could be bird people. A blood god is not something only worshipped by vampires or undead. And i am a golden holy dragon if you are wishing blessings all you need to do is ask” she rolled her eyes slightly as she ran her fingers into her hair and looked at him, he was slightly daft she was sure of it but it was up to him if he wanted to go on this quest or not.

JesterKimonHravart: Nidar thinks it over for a moment the ink would float around his face with question marks and then reforms back into lines on his forehead. He smirks as he looks at Anaya in the eyes then nods his head "Well i can always give it a look, you never know it wouldn't be my first time in a scrap and if there are vampires well you should see what happens to them when they touch running water." He looks at his right hand as it would turn to a water state then juggles balls of water in it. "And if they're not vampires or creatures of sorts then i will return to you with the information about them" As the balls of water juggle in his hand a small knife which was hidden in his body would join them as it takes a solid form catching the small knife. "So long speech short i will gladly murder some things after all stupid blood cultists have a nasty habit of killing creatures and i don't take kindly to that. Are you wanting me to go alone or will i have a group?" his train of thought shifted and a hunger rolled in his belly as he turned away and vanished into a puddle to go get a meal then if remembered come back to this conversathion at a later date.

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Daya Autum - 02/18/2018
-Gusts of swift wind swept over the opulent carriage ripping dried mud off as dust from it’s painted carved surfaces as as it rolled over the muddy road pulled by large and muscular white stallions of perfect physic and health, their manes flowing in the strong breeze. Above the two guards sat in the drivers seat wearing excellent chain mail outfits covered with blue velvet tabards and embroidered with silver thread. The chain mail itself was platted with silver and the handles and guards of their weapons were also silver and all matching. They had a set of two daggers, one six inches and one twelve inches in length both with slender points. They each had matching broad swords and hatchets with matching hilts and pommel. Both guards were just over six feet tall and one hundred ninety pounds each, and very physically fit humans with long blonde hair, but they were not Konte, they were citizens of Rose Lake but whose parents had migrated there and sent there sons to a fine school where they took an interest in fighting skills and work as body guards in which they excelled to such an extent that they came to the employ of one of the finest traveling companies as such. They drove the carriage on over the muddy road through the rough winds up the gate of the Iron Capitol and after furnishing the guards with the proper paperwork drove down the streets until they came across an Inn. The sight of such an opulent carriage driven by drivers so well dressed and armed did not go unnoticed by the locals, it unmistakably heralded someone of wealth and importance. One of the twin guards leaped down from the carriage and opened the door of
the carriage as the other very smartly observed the people for any sign of unusual advancement. One could tell that these two did not miss anything if one paid attention to how they sharply gazed about, they were most aware and attentive. The first to emerge was Vexylla, she still wore the black silken robes and boots heavily embroidered and trimmed in silver and carrying her trident of kraken beak in her hand. She stood six feet tall herself and the robe’s hood was pulled over her face cover her slit pupil silver eyes and long black hair. It would not be obvious that she was a black merfolk. Next to emerge was Morgylla, who was Vexylla’s famous, at least among the merfolk, grandmother. She was similarly dressed and exactly the same height and was in appearance almost identical to Vexylla except that her black markings around her eyes and upon her legs were broader. Even their abilities were the same save that whereas Vexylla summoned whirlpools and funnels Morgylla summoned storms. They both could cast shields to protect from physical, magical, and shock and energy damage upon two targets, crush and collapse at a rate of four hundred cubic feet per half second, cleanse water as an aura and as a magical ability, detect magic mentally and magically, banishing and bindings, control evolution of sea creatures and any organism that enters their bodies however neither had learned to do so for others, harden water up to four hundred cubic feet into a gel and control it, counter drain or divert magic, neither mind could be controlled and both of their souls were cursed merfolk souls and would destroy that which might tamper with it. Both had two vials of blood they used to alter their tails to legs which
incidentally when used together could still deliver massive impact as they could with their tails. {Physically they were similar to elves as far as strength and durability save that their bones while the same strength were flexible and capable of absorbing shock and far less likely to break upon impact. Both were immune to poisons. Both could summon the same creatures, those being the mighty kraken and hammerhead sharks. But the most useful and dangerous ability they had was to summon and control lightning, both to cast magical and control natural lightning as well and target up to five. One difference was that Morgylla was well practiced upon land and walked with the grace of an elf, Vexylla while not to bad still looked a bit clumsily, however, when jumping or landing or any action using both feet they both could do so with a level of coordination, skill and strength that far exceeded even an elf. Their eyes were extraordinary, unlike human eyes, the light sensitive nerves were not backwards giving them sight beyond that of a hawk, and the gel inside had dye that changed instantly from clear to shaded so that sudden light would not blind them. Their eyes were lined with crystals like that of a hammer head giving them unparalleled night and dark vision and the slit pupils helped allow more of even the most dim light to enter their eyes. Their ears had three sets of lobes for balancing, one like an elf’s, one like a dolphins, and another even smaller, great for acrobatics as their brain simply shut off any jumbled signal, upon land however, unless flying, this would not benefit them, nor would many of their abilities and adaptations such as the lateral lines that sensed vibrations when they had tails. Their ears were profoundly sensitive with an oblong design that would prevent discomfort or rupturing in the event of loud noises that might deafen other races, however they could not judge between loud and .
and extremely loud, or soft or extremely soft sounds. They could however judge distance by degradation of sound and pinpoint direction with astounding accuracy. While no where near as powerful as when in water, they were far from defenceless and the guards and drivers of their carriage were acutely aware of this fact and had even joked with one another that the best way to protect them was to merely point to a danger and let them handle it. Vexylla and Morgylla entered the Inn as the guard after letting them out of the carriage also opened the door to the Inn allowing them inside. Once inside they made their way past dinning and drinking guests, some of whom could not help but stare at the elite customers who had entered. Most only saw the robes and boots of thick specialty woven silk so opulently trimmed an embroidered and in such good taste. Morgylla upon reaching the bar inquired of rooms and settled upon their finest room upon the top floor, paid the keeper and leaving her trident with the guard ordered him to take their bags to the room and guard them, and if things went ill, to return with the news to Rose Lake post haste. After a last glance about him to ensure all was well the guard hauled one third of their bags of gold and Vexylla’s trident with them to the room and instructed the Inn keeper to keep an ear open for word of  
any trouble and to let them know immediately, giving him a large tip from the menfolk's gold. The other guard then met with the Inn’s stable keeper about the horses and assisted her in unhitching the horses and getting them settled in and fed, he also tipped the stable keeper asking to be notified intermediately should word come about any trouble with their charge and then joined his brother in the room Morgylla had rented.  Morgylla and Vexylla departed for Iron Castle, walking along the streets through crowds of people, some gazed at the strange newcomers who obviously had too much coin and kept themselves well covered in their robes of exquisite quality and wondered what magical or religious order they might be from, or if they were ambassadors from Rose Lake, having correctly deduced from the carriage’s distinctive artwork that that’s obviously where they were from.  

Dallo5013 - 02/18/2018
~Aregos slightly giggled as she watched Fraudulenti walking towards the ship. His walk was a bit of a skip meaning as his heel would touch and lift up onto his toes and he would slightly stumble for only having two toes on each foot leaving him a bit off balance, he even would have to catch himself a few times ,using his spear to lean up on. It took him a while to fully adjust to walking again but he learned fast and was in no time at all walking steadily. Aegros herself had no trouble at all adapting to walking again on land for she made it a point to one or twice a season to venture to land, the only thing she ever had trouble with was being bare footed as the ground seem to stab at her tender feet till they would become accustomed to the rocky roads. However with these boots on she was in no time walking on ahead almost reaching the ship ahead of Fraudulenti. She seemed a bit eager to get on board , this would be her first time heading so far inland let alone going as far as the Iron Dynasty. Once they both were a board the ship and it had set sail Fraudulenti would sway and stumble around as he would gaze out over the water. Aegros would stand by him leaning against him slightly as if she wanted to help steady him as the ship was moving. She pointed out over the waters at a ripple in the waters where there seemed to be a young dolphin following the ship. It would seem like no time at all that the ship would dock with the mainland’s port. Fraudulenti and Aegros would make their way over to the carriage, before getting into it they would check that they had everything .
~ Fraudulenti : okay lets see . I have my spear my extra boots extra robes . ~Aegros nodded then said ~ Aegros: yes yes we have everything we need, our tightly woven robes that are so finely woven that water can not seep through it’s threads, and our boots made a like the robes. We even have~ she stopped talking and looked to see if she had brought her trident . ~ Aegros : yes even I have my Kraken beak trident fired in the deepest thermal vents just out side of our village, just as you yes have your spear and even the chains with the two vials of blood wrapped around your waist, as do I have my vials chained around my waist. The attendants made sure to pack us enough robes and boots for the trip even an extra six vials of blood because she remembered how clumsy you can be. ~ after looking over one and other she snickered and would say ~ please do try not to strike your last four toes off like you did the last time ~Fraudulenti growled at her saying ~ Fraudulenti : You hush.. If I had not had to use my lightning powers I would not have blasted my toes off. I know now not to be standing in water,when using lightning. Hey you were of no help at the time you know. ~ she would cover her mouth and nod before saying in a calm sounding voice
~ Yea my abilities of lightning back there were not as good as yours . well not on land at the time, however I have gotten much better and can out strike you any day and at least I knew better then to be standing in water when using lightning. Also if you had done as I had instructed you to do back then , and used your storm powers instead of lightning then you would still have your toes. After all with your storm abilities and mine combined we are almost unstoppable. Sure it takes a while to get the winds gathered up and if there are too many trees around it would be a bit harder to use our storm abilities, but back then we had clear open lands and plenty of water on the ground from the morning rain, the ground was almost fully soaked. We could have made a very nice size storm funnel that could have stopped those thieves right in their tracks but you had to show off and call forth your lightning ~ Fraudulenti chuckled then climbed into the carriage and then reached out to pull Aegros in with him.After Aegros had taken her seat she would nod to Vexylla and her grandmother ,assuming they were ready to depart as well. The travel was long and hard on all of them Aegros and Fraudulenti were so happy once they had arrived at the Inn and once everything was in place and the Inn keeper paid, and the guard had taken everything in and stabled the horses they were off walking towards the Castle of Iron.Now even tho Aegros was as graceful as a gazelle and just as agile on land, Fraudulenti wasn’t. He was however rather strong and could kick like a bull could buck. Still with six of his toes
being lost he was rather clumsy. Sometimes this came to his advantage allowing and even enabling him to seemingly stumble out of harms way like a drunkard. This does not always work but for the most part it has helped rather than harmed. Aegros’s and Fraudulenti’s hearing where not unlike Vexylla and her grandmother’s hearing after all it was not uncommon for merfolk to have good hearing even tho the ability to tell pitch of sound was a bit hard. Aergos and Fraudulenti also were like Vexylla's and her grandmother in the same way as  they as well could influence the evolution of sea creatures as well as organisms with in their bodies. Their minds were as well uncontrollable by outwards manipulations, even by magic. There souls were so cursed as were all merfolk souls that not even a reaper would harvest their soul. As they walked along the road Aegros made sure to keep her wits about her making sure to look all about and keep her eyes and ears finely tuned to all around her. Not a leaf would fall that she didn’t hear or even a shadow move that she didn’t see. This was her first time traveling to the Iron Kingdom and making her way to the castle so she wanted to be on her guard. As for Fraudulenti, he stumbled about for a while till he finely got control of his steps and was now walking standing up right like a proper man, or as properly as he could.Even tho his steps were more steady he still had a bit of a hop to each step
February 28, 2018

Daya Autum - 02/28/2018
-Seeming to ignore Fraudulenti’s clumsiness and the subtle attentions of the townsfolk of Iron Morgylla and Vexylla trod on through the streets. Vexylla with her trident in hand walking with it as if it were a long staff. Morgylla however was without a trident having left hers at the Inn. They were not however ignorant of Fraudulenti’s handicap however, and slowed their pace to what seemed good for Fraudulenti and not walk too fast for him. Nor were the ignorant of the attention they were receiving from the townsfolk, rather, they saw far more into the hearts, minds, and even soul of those they passed by than what the townsfolk, if they knew, would not be even remotely comfortable with. Iron was rife with debauchery and corruption, and there were slaves, and even slaves for sale. One slave trader believing he was witnessing a grand opportunity for selling a few slaves at an outlandish price to rich and foolish administrators in long fancy robes stepped in front of them and bowed low in a flamboyant style any salesman would be proud of “My Ladies and Gentleman! Fine and uncommon folk of such nobility such as yourselves ought not to trouble yourselves with the mundane that ought to be performed by those who’s lot it be! Let me, your humble servant be a service. I have, for a small insignificant fee, fine servants both worthy and ready to meet your needs…” The slave merchant was(edited)
about to continue and almost signaled from a few slaves to be brought forth when Vexylla walked to him and took down her hood and glared into his eyes with such violent intent and disgust he almost fell backwards. Black Merfolk have an aura about them, it made many feel like they were prey and the Merfolk were the predator and could cause some fear and concern to those influenced by it. Vexylla’s aura, being disgusted and feeling insulted by the slave merchant, was now almost tangible, as if it was so heavy in the air one could suffocate and be crushed within it. The crowds of people going about their business as well as the slave merchant easily noted the slit pupils of her eyes, and her skin to pale for a human and the dark marking upon her face and around her eyes. The markings and skin tone were unmistakably natural and not make up or paint. Those who saw it wondered what race Vexylla was, some thought that she might be a dragon kin, or even a dragon in human form. Some thought she was a demoness, few imagined a merfolk this far inland and especially not ridding in a fine carriage and wearing fine silk but none having this latest thought were certain despite the tridents and spear. The slave merchant gasping for breath both from the stern glare, odd appearance, and aura of Vexylla, was in retreat thinking, and correctly so, that trying to sell slaves to them was perhaps the deadliest mistake he could have made that day. Vexylla prepared her magic instinctively, shields for physical damage and for magical damage to be placed upon herself, but also to strike
lightning. Morgylla sensing this placed her hand upon Vexylla’s shoulder and whispered into her ear “We are not here for this grand daughter, save your magic and let us go to the castle." Drawing her hood again to cover her head and face Vexylla followed her grandmother to the castle and knocked upon the door that those inside might answer.- (edited)

Dallo5013 - 02/28/2018
Fraudulenti’s steps were not unlike a skip then into a stumble .Falling over towards the left where he would catch him self with his long spear .His spear many mistake for some sort of black rode like cane . His spear had a nice fine gradient that lead into a subtle swoop that jutted into a fine,sharp,point.He tried ever so hard to keep up with the others.He even would force him self to stand up straight and    try  his best to walk at the pace of the others .With a  soft sigh he  would notice that they had  slowed  down  enough that he would be able to keep up with them .  This made him feel   like  he  should have been the one left behind. Just then   he  would  feel a sharp poke  in his left side then a whisper in his opposite ear he would head Aegros whispering ~Aegros: I can feel that . Stop it . You have no right feeling bad for your self . Things happen ,suck it up and move on . You are not slowing us down .Look Vexylla is about to fry someone. ~She smiled then would start to charge  her  lightning  as well . Letting bits of static electricity dance over her long fingernails . She then would  close her hands  once she  saw Morgylla  stopping Vexylla .Fraudulenti would look  back to  Aegros  and smile before nodding to her. ~Fraudlenti : Now is not the time and this is not the place. Aegros keep your blood lust under control.~Aegros grabbed a hold of her hood and pull it down over her eyes .Swiftly she walked off catching back up with the rest of them.
Once she had  caught back up with them she would  hold tightly her trident and would tap the end of it onto the grown letting  her  power  flow  from her hand that was charging up down through her trident into the grown where it would bubble up the grown as it made it’s way towards the man that Vexylla was wanting to teach a lesson.Fraudulenti feeling the power flowing through the grown would swiftly stand between the man and the lightning and would summon it up from the grown into his body where he would ex-spell it out of his fingertips into the closest tree to them the lightning wasn’t enough to be noticed because she didn’t have enough time to summon enough power into her before attacking . It was just enough to make a lout crack sound causing one of the tree limbs to fall off .However if he hadn’t stepped in and taken the power from the grown and into him self that lighten  would have leaped up from the grown and would have s truck the man right between the eyes  killing him instant. The man doesn’t know just how much Fraudulenti wanted to let it happen  but like Morgylla had said this wasn’t what we were here for . So he saved the man’s retched life for the time being . He would not even turn back to look at the man .Instead he would run to catch up with the rest of them as they made their way to the castle . Once there at the castle Fraudulenti and Aegros would let Vexylla and Morgylla take lead and knock up on the door all the wile remaining silent as they would wait for an answer at the gate .

March 2, 2018
Anaya - 03/02/2018
the sound of the door thumping moved her bright blue eyes to the door “mother i think we have guests!” Noki called out as she got up from the chair held onto her red ball and walked over to the doors “dont go to the door Noki it is not safe” sam hissed as he gave a grumble and swatted his hand at her not giving a dam “find Noki go get it but don't be foolish with it will you. Let the guards open the door just tell the guards they can if it is a good guest anyway” Noki nodded her head and trotted off to the doors, Anaya's eyes from the thrones watching her daughter like a hawk the whole time, since Ryus death Anaya had a tight hold on her daughter making sure all was well and right and making sure above all else her daughter was safe in there home, her magic wards were up around the whole castle no darkness could get in here. (aura of prevent evil active, aura of detect alignment active, holy ward ageinst evil active = evil brings with evil or chaotic alignments are hauled at the door and not able to walk inside the building, Dark Sense active from Anaya: once a being gets within 50 feet of the thrones it must say in post if it is made of darkness/demonic/undead or not)
Anaya's eyes watched her little girl, there was a hop to Nokis step that put a smile on her mothers face, a life that Anaya had lost when she aged that youth that untaped beauty that Anaya wanted to keep that way forever. One day Noki would be the queen to replace her, her only liveing daughter born from her body and made life on this world, and a good ruler she would be, soft tender yet stronger then she even new. Noki hoped to the door and opened the latch looking out with one big blue ey, the other eye joined it once she saw the group that was at the door, oh there was a large group at the doors as she pulled the doors open not even minding her mothers warning she opened the doors open fully and looked out standing there “oh, big group, you look from out of town” she looked to the giant fork the one was holding as she tilted her head thinking on why someone would walk around with a giant human fork, well it looked more ornate then the normal forks the humans would have it looked really nice so maybe the people just really liked humanity. “welcome to the iron castle, i am Noki, princess of the castle!” she blurted out with no more even thought of her mothers warning. Anaya's hand creped up Nokis shoulder as Noki shrunk down slightly feeling her mothers grip. “oh, hi mom” Noki said softly as she tryed to be innocent and pure as she shrunk backwords Anaya turning
“Guards let the guests in there weapons can stay at the door they can get them when they leave” Anaya said sternly as she moved with her daughter away from the doors and away from the possible danger of unknown people.  If it was two weeks before now Anaya would not have cared but since the death of her son she had really pulled in the rains of her family taking more acthion personally of keeping them safe. Samuel watched as they came back to the throne and Noki ran over to her father to stand at his flank as his arm went around her.
“dont go to the doors all the time Noki, that is the door guards job, you are a princess girl, act like one” Samuel scolded as Nokis ears droped and her body shrunk slightly to his words.
“yes father i know, i simply was happy to the new guests they don't look like other people, must be from lands far from here, lands all the way across Valeria i cant wait till i am older and i will be able to go see them, explore the world like you and mother” Noki nuzzled her head into sams belly as he did not seem to be phazed by it at all.
“One day you will be my child you will be, but it takes time and if some guest kills you when you stick your head out the door, your big blue eyes wont look nice on someones stick when they get poked out of your head” Noki looked at her father as he said his words and she nodded her head not wanting to hear anymore of it, but she understood well that she had to stop doing this going up to everything and saying hi being nice thing for her own safty, Ryu was killed in the night by something no one was able to name many things could happen to her right there at the door if she was to keep acting before thinking. Anaya smiled at her daughter and moved a hand out to ruffle the girls hair “you can talk to them once they come in, don't worry ” Noki nuzzled her mothers hand as she looked over to the door waiting intently for the doors to fling open and there guests to be welcomed inside.

Xaei DeLaRose - 03/02/2018
It was a slow walk back to Iron, with a heavy purse filled with several thousand in gold, befitting for the Princess that it was meant for, granted to the messenger that would, hopefully, be the middleman for an alliance with the Kingdom, ruled by the Dragoness Anaya. Plenty of the money he'd received was spent, women, boozes and whatever else he had felt like spending it on. It wasn't often one came into such a large fortune after all.
The kingdom was still on lockdown when the man returned, sent to Galandor to check up on the supposed King and Queen, only to be met with the lonely Princess. Now he would report his findings and express the invitation the Frost Elf had given him, to Queen Anaya.
First met with a guard, whom he would briefly explain his situation to and state he needed to speak with her Majesty, his time already up, urgently. The guard, standing tall and proud in his finely set armour, proceeded to try get the Queen's attention, briefly from the recently arrived guests.

JesterKimonHravart - 03/02/2018
Nidar the newly appointed bard for Iron for his annoying playing and beautiful music would awaken in the local tavern, a smirk on his face as he pushes off a woman from the room he had bought for the night, he steps over another two and giggles lightly to himself as he collects his clothing. He would put his pants back on then slings his shirt over his shoulder as he makes his way down the stairs he smiles at the barmaid throwing a little pouch with a few various coins gold silver and bronze. He leaves the bar whistling a jaunty tune a skip in his step as his hangover fades. He would slowly make his way to the castle the wind blowing his white hair about wildly but today was a good day and Nidar was sure of it.
He would stop half way as he sees an old woman struggling with some groceries, he begins to walk backwards while talking to the old dear and offers to help her which at first she didn't think it would be a good idea to trust a half naked man but she needed the help. He takes the basket with different fruits and vegetables in it. He would walk back into time while making small talk it was good to finally start talking to the local people getting to know them and what goes on around the village. The old woman stops at her home and smiles thanking  Nidar for helping her she would give him a red apple then goes indoors. Nidar would smirk throwing the apple up in the air and catching it as he would begin his trek back to the castle, he takes in the sights enjoying it finally a place to settle down for him. Makes a change considering he normally just wandering alone, he sees the castle is now in eye sight a big smile would grow on his face as he starts to speed up his walk getting excited.
Once he had made it to the castle a smile grows on his face, he would walk up to the doors and throws the apple up in the air and opens his mouth catching it then bites into it with a crunch as he steps in looking around. Something catches his eye as he sees a man in a fancy set of armour must be a meeting happening. He finishes the apple core and all as he summons his water violin as his bare feet would slap against the floor, he stops against a pillar while staying in it's shadow he would being to play a soft song filling the room with a happy melody which would soothe the angriest of creatures.
March 3, 2018

Daya Autum - 03/03/2018
-The spoken words within the castle were easily heard by the unique hearing of the merfolk standing outside the door as the voices seeped through the cracks and even through the large door. The Auras present were naked before their minds, stained with a mothers sad and angered purpose of protective love, and unmistakably, that of a gold dragon. The voices they heard were echoing with the cares and hues of the souls of whom’s voice they were. One, full of life innocence and youth, another full of secret plots and dreams of glory to vanquish past shame and pain concealed in a hiss. The opening door brought into view what they were hearing to the eyes of the Black Merfolk. Even more striking than the temptation to summon a kraken to rip Samuel apart and watch him wriggle his last before his carcass dropped to sea floor were the blue eyes of Noki. Behind those eyes a soul capable of leading the world out of it’s current darkness and chaos, the merfolk themselves were powerless to
do so, even Grontis was ultimately not the one for only a gold dragon could teach the mortal races properly and here before them was a prime candidate. While Vexylla was tempted to focus upon Samuel with bloodlust Morgylla was tempted to focus upon Noki with a desire to whisk her straightaway to Grontis that she might fulfill the most perfect of dreams for the world. But it was to Anaya they must, and did focus in hope that they might obtain either knowledge of, or the tablet itself. Morgylla nodded to Vexylla and the others to leave their spear and tridents of kraken beak by the door before speaking. “Greetings Princess, I am well pleased to have met you. We are indeed from a place far away, but we are not from lands.” Morgylla sweeps her hood from her face and head with her hands tipped with long hard and sharp black claws for nails to reveal herself to the court. “We are Black Merfolk from the darkest abyss of the ocean, and we come in peace seeking to
vanquish a most evil item that has formerly brought danger to this Kingdom in hopes that it will not do so again to either your kingdom, or any other kingdom. We were sent by the Leviathan himself to deal with this evil artifact of Nurell.” Vexylla after leaving her trident lowered her hood in like manner and stood beside her grandmother toying easily with the magic she had prepared letting it remain but neither strengthening it nor diminishing it. She was successful in not staring or giving an outward sign towards Samuel though she could not help but take note of him and her bloodlust against him. Gesturing to Vexylla and the others Morgylla introduced them. “This is my grand daughter and prodigy Vexylla, and these are Aregos and Fruadulenti, and I, am Morgylla Daughter of Ylla the white mermaid sent directly from the high gods themselves. I seek to speak with you Anaya more on this tablet that was discovered by the Autum Monarch Daya Autum that I might bring it to the Leviathan, for it can not be destroyed lest it pop up again to trouble you.” Morgylla waited patiently for a response.-

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March 4, 2018
Dallo5013 - 03/04/2018
Neither Fraudulenti or Aegros spoke a word, they merely nodded to the voice and would walk to the closest wall near the door were they would lay their weapons against it. As Fraudulenti would place his spear with Aegros’s trident she would look to him as if to ask what he will use to help him walk . however shortly there after letting loose of his spear he would then stand up right in such a manner befitting nobility. His steps would be more steady and without faltering or wavering and walk as if there were not a thing wrong with him. Aegros followed him with her usual graceful steps. As they both walked in through the large gates they would sweep back their hoods to uncover their heads so as not to seem as if they were hiding anything. All the while they made sure to look about the place noticing the wards and seals about the place. Their eyes were very adept at seeing all sorts of spells and traps, however these did not alarm them not in the slightest as they were not there for any sort of fight. They were only there to retrieve that which they were sent for. Aegros and Fraudulenti kept quiet letting Morgylla do all the speaking and the two of them would keep their wits about them  making sure to notice every movement that Vexylla would make, as well every movement and change in temperament our hostess and her kind would have making sure that nothing would escape their knowledge.
March 7, 2018

Pinky - 03/07/2018
-    The death of her brother burn deep in her and though she was grateful for her new friends she still sought to take revenge  perhaps this would be considered petty but pinky felt she had to face that witch took her last blood relative . she waited till night had falling and gathered up a few things one a couple sacks to carry it corps back and two she had ask the wizard In the castle for something to test the blood  for the toxins that killed her brother so she would know if it were the right beast . Then with just the dagger she carried on her belt she headed off in the night to find one of the beast that took her brother from her.  When she had walked in to the forest she went to the spot where she had seen the torn remains of her dear brother. A soft sigh had left her lips as she knew that the demon inside her had token much control long before the beast had killed him. In a way the beast had realest what was left of her brothers soul … but still the beast feed on her brother and took him from her. Perhaps this was selfish in pinky but she wanted to return that witch the beast did to her brother. The air in the night was cool and there was a soft breezes it ran softly though pinky’s long flowing pinky hair. As if to add to the creepiness of the quiet and stillness of the forest night. Pinky did not dress in a cloak nor bother to hide in the darkness no she wanted the beast to find her and it was not long before the pack had. It walked around her and circled her as if it knew what she had come for. As this beast stood out from the rest of the pack it challenge pinky . the others sat in a wide circle just watching. Perhaps waiting for some pink haired meat. The beast before her snarled and growled as it did pinky pulled out her dagger.
Pinky though she heard the beast laugh and to this pinky remarked “ I bring all that I need to make the fight equal” the beast let out a grow and then seem to smirk at the words pinky said. He then lunged at her as if to aim himself at pinky’s neck. Pinky lean down and rolled her body under the beast as it leaped she then stood up on the other side of the beast as it then turn around. Being limber and highly agile pinky movements were very fast  and skilled as what she lacked in strength she made up for in dexterity. The beast smirked again as if now seeing that this little pink hair elf was going to be more then a fast meal. Her let out a loud growl and darted at pinky once more this time her leap at a tree near by and though his body at her. As he did pinky was pushed down but she rolled again back to her feet before the beast could get a hold of her. She heard him snarl in displeasure  as he rise and circle around her again. Pinky would not take her eye off the beast as it did so and she often jab her dagger tords the beast her return with a growl “you thought I be a easy kill” she say as the beast again lunged at her his claws now open and ready to slice her skin. Pinky held out her  dagger as he did and she drived her dagger into the side of the beast as she turn and moved herself away from his claws.
The blood dripped from the beast as it landed on the ground and turn to face pinky again. He then open his mouth wide and as he did pinky raised her hand she knew her fire would do no good in a attack but she would not use her flame to do so still she though this was not useless as she then let the fire twirl around her body in a fast tornado like motion this shielded her body fro the toxins he beast spit out from its mouth. When the beast gave up on spitting the toxins pinky drop her flame shield and prepared for the beast next attack and it again lung at her this time taking the low ground as it did pinky would leap in the air letting her body twirl and her hand with her dagger would jab the dagger into the beast’s back cutting a nice deep and long gash into the beast . the beast would let out a painful yip and turn again to face pinky. Its fur would now be standing on in as it was more then mad . pinky on the other hand was breaking sweet and holding firm she was not about to walk out of the forest with out a dead beast in her sack even if she had to kill the hole pack she thought of this as she took a look around noting that the other beast were still sitting there watching .
the beast saws pinky looking at the others of his pack and took this time to lunged at her in a leap as he thought she was distracted. He was too late to find out that pinky was not distracted in the lest and as he leaped up pinky drove her dagger in to the beast’s neck his cutting in to his air. He would now gasp for air and feel the blood dripping into his lungs though he was still determined as pinky was to win. He would turn once again and look pinky into the eyes then with the last of his strength he ran at pinky opening his mouth wide and before the toxins could lodge from his lips pinky jump in to the air now with both hands on the dagger and her land on the beast’s back and drive the dagger into the beast’s skull this lead to the beast breathing his last gasp of air then with pinky on his back still he fell lifeless to the ground. Pinky was quick to stand up and ready herself for the other beast to attract but to her surprise they all just got up calmly and walked away back into the deep forest. Pinky did no know  what to think of this but she but with a shrug she tested the creatures blood. It sadden her when it was not a match still she was not about to leave this creature to rot in the forest.
She turn to her trophy and pull out her sack carefully dragging the dead beast and putting him in the sack  seem to be harder then the battle was but she managed it. She then drug the sack behind her and to the castle. Taking it to the hearth in the kitchen she start to with thick and protective gloves clean the skins from the body of the beast . when done she placed the meat in the cauldron and left it to the cooks who made her feel so very at home ,they were happy to have the meat .she  spent many nights in the kitchen tanning the hide of the beast. this taking her a few days as she had never done so before but finding the right book in the vast library of the castle helped her tremendously . the end result looked not to bad as she had fully clean the skin of its fat and made a nice  fur cloth as it was salted and dried. Though she was sadden that the creatures blood was not toxic like that of what killed her brother. She did not feel greatly bad as the beast did challenged her. “kill or be killed “ she mumbled to herself as she rubbed her hand along the fur. She then gathered the skin and made her way out kitchen and through the garden as she hope to hang the skin in the open air for a bit as to get just a bit of the odder of the tanning proses out of it .
March 12, 2018

Kaos - 03/12/2018
Down in the local jail, Jace sat waving his feet off his bed talking to a small mouse that ate some food scraps he had sat out. The bars rattled open, "Time served. Get out...and keep your robes closed this time." Jace would leap to his feet, "Farewell, Reginold." He pat the rat, "What of Mr. Slice?" Th3 guard blinked, "Uhhh...maybe a bit later." His expression changed as he stormed out. He began his direct path to the castle, "Mr. Slice is...MINEEE" he turned his head yelling down the town as he was moving along the path. Once at the gates he wildly clamored up and over the wall and stormed his way in, pouting as a child would as he planted himself infront of the thrones and folded his arms. Waiting for someone to come by and acknowledge him. His cheeks puffed as if he held his breath. His normal bouncy and random personality overtaken by some unseen dark rain cloud.
March 13, 2018

Anaya - 03/13/2018
Noki moved back to her mother pushing her face into her mothers chest as Anaya's arms wraped around her body tenderly and protectively holding her as the doors opened and Anaya could see the guests that all walked into the castle, there were on one side a group of strangers clumped up together, then on the other side a man hauling large bags lightly clanking as he moved and Nidar the newly appointed bard, then at the back that one male from before she had met about his weapon he was yabbering about and then walking right up to her feet as she stood and planting himself there like he was a worthless stuck up child. Even noki looked at him like he was a rude insignificant cur. Noki put her nose into the air and Anaya did not even give him a second look there eyes avoided him and his sulking about whatever it was and they looked over them at the remainder of the group that had walked in. Big group all at once oh boy she was going to be in for a day for sure. “come forth the first in the door and state your case” a guard stated loudly as he stood at the side of the iron throne and Anaya stayed standing and holding her daughter “Mother can i see them” Noki asked looking at the people that came in and said they were from far away. She seemed to have liked that group for some reason, Anaya did not get it. Samuels eyes watched them all as he took a step closer to his daughter and mate being protective over them the looks they gave him put him on edge and it simply made him want to be more protective over his family and bloodline.
March 14, 2018

Daya Autum - 03/14/2018
-It did not take long for Morgylla and Vexylla to recognize the pain of the loss of a child in Anaya's soul, Samuel however was more complicated as he was to them a fine catch for a kill with the evil, cruelty and vanity he has engaged in especially with the liberties he took with slaves and their demise. Nor did it take long to connect the dots in regards with the nature of the wards a gold dragon, obviously Anaya, had placed over the castle. Her soul feared for her daughter’s life at the hands of something most dark. The fact that dark forces not endorsed by the Leviathan may be at work to destroy Noki was apparent to them. Their response was to prepare magic, Vexylla furthered her offensive lightning and shields against physical and magical harm with the intention, which could be changed, to shield the princess. Morgylla did the same but for her part prepared shock and physical protection with the changeable intention and target of Anaya whom she deemed may throw herself in sacrifice to shield
Noki if it came down to it. They gave no outward sign of this preparation nor would it be obvious even to most keen of magical sensory, but very fluid and subtle of currents of magical power hidden in the toxic and unsearchable soul of a mermaid. Morgylla wondered what conspiracy might be at work, and, if whatever dark power was behind the assassination might seek the death of Noki for the same reason Morgylla sought to influence her for the restoration of the world. Vexylla sensed this as well, but had not dwelt upon it as much as Morgylla did until now. While the other guests were not disregarded by class to them, nor even the servant as merfolk did not even recognize such things, dark clouds over certain guests grabbed attention from them and they took note. Instincts took over, much like a predator seeks out the hunting grounds of the predator they seek to hunt. The merfolk would, at least while in Iron, in the presence of Noki wait for an assassin to reveal themselves, for they could sense murderous intent in the very soul before they make their move and by their
Daya Autum - 03/14/2018
estimation, the next assassin would not be a dark creature but one who could slip past Anaya’s aura’s. Having introduced herself and her company already, Morgylla sought to put Anaya at ease. “ I sense a dreadful fear within you Anaya, it is one that we share for my great grand daughter, daughter of Vexylla, was killed not long ago. If it is an evil darkness that has come for your children, would it not be for us, those who were created by the highest gods to punish, to destroy it should we encounter it? You know our purpose, and that no bribe nor threat nor seduction nor manipulation shall have effect upon us to work evil against you. Your breed has a purpose of the utmost importance to this world even if it is while most honorable not deemed highly among you as it is not as glorious or stately as riches and domination. Fear not Anaya, we come in peace and whilst we are here we can only but add to the security of your daughter. Perhaps, if you will give us audience on the mater of this tablet of Nurell the princess might wish to join us. It could only add to her knowledge of the world and help prepare her for her life ahead.”

Dallo5013 - 03/14/2018
-Aegros looked over at Fraudulenti, then nodded to him before looking at the small Noki.A graceful smile would sweep over her lips as she looked at the small child nestled there in her mother's arms. Aegros's face looked so peaceful and warm as a gentle motherly soul would be shown. however deep within she was more concerned for the safety of the child and would not let it be known that she, herself was preparing her lightning starting to charge it as well even preparing some shields of her own which could be used if it were needed to shield the child. Aegros would do anything to protect her own child and seeing how important this child is to the cause she would as well do what is needed to protect this child as well. Fraudulenti knowing that look on Aegros's face would he himself start to prepare his lightning as well. Fraudulenti's outwards appearance had not changed at all he looked as if he were just a nobleman standing there with nothing to say other then a graceful nod agreeing to what had been said by his colleagues. His movements were so subtle that no one would even notice that he was looking the place over. Making sure to note the way everyone was acting and how the child reacted to everyone in the room. Fraudulenti knows that she is an innocent and he as well would do what was needed to keep her safe.-
March 15, 2018

Anaya - 03/15/2018
Anaya's arms stayed around her daughter for a second and the air around the castle one could feel was heavy but then got a tad lighter like a wait was lifted off the shoulders of others here. She let her arms loosen as Noki nuzzled her face into her mother and Anaya leaned down to rub her porcelain cheek against her daughters “you may play with them, but be careful” Anaya said softly as she opened her arms Noki hugging her mother tightly as she nuzzled more into Anaya's mid segment and then turned and trotted over to there guests. She went to the leader the one that had announced herself to mean no harm as. Noki walked up right before the female and bowed her head a little “hi there, so were do you come from? You said you were from far away, and what tablet, mother?” she turned around her bright blue eyes looking at Anaya. “a maid found some tablet with words on it stashed in the wall a while ago right, and they put it in your study , should Ryu.......should i go get it?” she sounded so sad with the last words that left her lips as she forced a smile on her face to cover up the still lingering pain and the fact she would have to get used to her brother simply not being there.
“No my daughter you keep to the guests, Samuel go fetch the tablet and bring it here immediately” Sam nodded his head and giving the people there one last look he moved turning his back and walking off to  a set of back doors to get to Anaya's privet study. Samuel walked into the room and knowing it was on the back shelf he picked the slab of stone up in his hands lifting it was it was a piece of paper. And tucking it under his arm not even giving the cursed item the time of day to draw his attention. His face looked almost sickened at it as he held it under his arm, such a discussing thing this was it would be great for it to be out of the castle and he would stop smelling its dark stink. He was one of evil intent for sure but even this, this was something else a demon tablet placed in the blood of the Innocent so the smell sank in, there was nothing on this world that could make that smell go away. He let out a breath as he turned around picking up a paper marked with Anaya's name and stuffing it in his coat pocket. He then walked away and walked back out into the main hall with the stone slab under his arm.  “here it is Anaya, the only tablet we hold that hosts a demonic blood aura” his eyes moved over to the group and the leading female “be sure to take this out of the castle, i and my mate have grown sick of feeling its pulse in our home” he took the stone slab out form under his arm as he held it out so the people could take it from him.
Anaya watched the goings on of the group of people as she nodded her head to her mates words. He was not being malice towards them he was simply being such a way due to the tablets influence as it made them all on edge. “your tablet of the blood god was found about three weeks ago by a maid of the castle, they brought its cursed stone hide to me and i placed it in my study, as long as you remove it from this castle and take it out of my lands once done with it i am fine with you taking it. Wall i have had it, i have taken the time to look into it, it is a cursed item soaked in the blood of thousands of Innocent lives over many many generations, don't place it upon the ground or its darkness will seep into the soil and pollute the land, it would cost me quite a bit of taxing power to revert that kind of damage. And for my pain, it is not of your concern for the time being, my daughter shall be staying at this castle till she ages and is better able to protect herself, she has not learned enough of her powers as of yet to be able to properly fight if so so needs to and the beings outside of my wards it is unknown how strong some of them truly are.”  to much rested on nokis life now or Anaya to let her treasured child out of her line of view, not only was Noki Anaya's last child she was the last born heir to the crown, if Anaya ost her she would be forced into having more children and in that she did not want to do, the time it took to have the two she did was enough and the risks for dragons was growing as time went on and there was even word of dragon hunters in the lands, in her own lands. So there was no way Anaya was letting Noki go out even if people said she would be in safe hands she was safest with her mother.
Noki did not say a word to her mothers order to her to stay here, she understood her mothers protective nature and since her brother died Noki knew that she had to stay here and be safe and not end up like Ryu had. Nokis bright blue eyes looked over to the leader woman “it is alright, i am happy at the castle and mother said i am to stay witch i should since brother di...since brother it has been all hands on deck here so it is safest here for me and my family, and i have to keep them safe to, if i was gone and left mother would fall apart dealing with fathers bickering, i keep her safe to” she gave a childish Innocent smile as she looked over her shoulder red hair falling in her face as she smiled to Anaya and Anaya's heart melted at her daughters simple Innocent bliss and royal nature of taking care of her mother just as her mother did her. Anaya nodded to Noki as Noki smiled and looked back at the lady her blue eyes spanning the female and group up and down learning about them and the odd things they had with them.

Xaei DeLaRose - 03/15/2018
The guard was distratracted for a short while, as he watched the guests enter, while the Queen and her Daughter talked between themselves, showing the affection he would have his own daughter, were he still allowed to see her, if not for his disgruntled wife and their ruined marriage. After sighing softly to himself, Damora, the man, leant in slightly toward the Queen's throne so that she might hear his discreet words. "Your Highness, I bring word from Galandor. Aside from Princess Relia, who shortly arrived after I did, no one lives there, the place was completely abandoned, I even found a note from her parents, saying they were sorry for leaving but did not give a reason why." He'd say in a soft tone, before offering the fragile piece of paper that had written upon it, the neat hand writing of the once King of Galandor. "The Princess sent me back, with a large satchel of gold, the rest (half) of which I give unto you, and an invitation for you, my Queen, an offer of alliance from the Princess of Galandor." He'd finished saying, clearing his throat once he stood up straight.
March 18, 2018

Daya Autum - 03/18/2018
“Oh we would not wish to remove her from your presence so soon Anaya, merely that she attend any audience we gain with you.I sense that she might do great things for our world, and if she chooses to follow such a path, perhaps we might aid her. But for now of course she must remain with you.” Morgylla replied while Samuel retrieved the cursed object. The stench of the blood of the innocents swelled a passion to murder the architects of the tablet within Vexylla and Morgylla. They looked to Samuel, and more so the slab of stone strangely with a stare to turn ones blood to ice. As they listened to Anaya  explained how it was found and it’s nature.Vexylla reached forth to take the tablet from Samuel and explained to him. - This, thing rouses us  greatly. I feel compelled to find those who made it and take them alive to the bottom of the sea and set their mouths upon tubes that emit air that they might starve to death in pressures and cold and darkness intolerable to them till the crabs upon the sea floor remove their flesh and leave their skeletons and souls in the darkness of the abyss for all eternity under the maw of the Leviathan.Are we not a race of punishers created by the gods for such a purpose? -Vexylla’s silver eyes flashed like cold glowing embers of a primordial fire only known to Merfolk. But in her expressions her impassioned bloodlust was clearly not towards Samuel anymore. -Forgive me if I have startled you or your daughter, or Anaya, but such evil stirs us to the purposes that we were made.- Morgylla turns from the tablet slowly towards Anaya, clearly restraining herself from a similar
expression. - As vile as this thing is, I am uncertain that it is the tablet that we seek. I have heard of blood gods before, but I have never heard of Nurell being called such. The nature of the tablet we seek is such that it drives mortals insane who read it for it forces their minds to accept a false doctrine of predestined eternal slavery for them as absolute truth. So harsh are the doctrine and magics used that the mind is broken. It is used to enslave the mortal races to fallen gods. From what intelligence I have heard, a cult that troubled you had this tablet before it was discovered by the Autum Monarch here in Iron.I have had, some dealings in the past with former Autum Monarchs. They are not a foolish lot, I find it difficult to imagine that the current Monarch would leave such a thing in a wall where a maid could find it accidentally, however, I have never met the current one so it is impossible for me to know for certain. I sent missives while at Rose Lake to the Autum Monarch a few months ago requesting what became of the tablet but have thus far regrettably not heard back. May I see where this, thing, was discovered?” As Morgylla spoke, Vexylla gazed upon the stone in her pale hands, and strangely, could not look into it’s mysteries as her long hard and sharp black nails scratched over it’s sickening surface. Only an artifact of the gods could be beyond her, and she knew it. Furthermore, her rationality began to slip, for she wondered why Anaya bought them the wrong tablet. She yet realized Anaya had no way of knowing whether this was the tablet they sought or
not, and yet she kept wondering why. Morgylla with a mothers instincts turned to Vexylla and Vexylla only looked to Morgylla with eyes she did not recognize as being her usual mindful self as Vexylla whispered to her in a strangely aggressive tone, not like a menfolk's bloodlust, but more like those who dwell on land.-it’s, cursed strangely, beyond our sight and power.Why did Anaya bring this, thing, to us?” Morgylla looked to the stone, and she, like her grand daughter only saw evil, but no details as to it’s nature and intent. Morgylla, having spent her life punishing evil, having been taught and trained by the god Leviathan herself, having dealt with evil artifacts before, was unwilling to allow her grand daughter to remain in contact with the tablet. She withdrew a bag of gold and dumped it’s coins from the earliest of civilizations upon the floor letting them chime upon the stone not caring where they landed and pressed the opening of the sack over the tablet and took it from Vexylla, not touching it herself and held the sack empty of gold and containing the tablet from it’s drawstring and gently held Vexylla by her shoulders. “Vexylla, you have come into contact with the work of demon gods, what do you feel?” Vexylla shook her head and gazed into her grandmothers eyes -I, could not remember or imagine why Anaya had brought this to us, I knew we asked for a tablet, but my mind sought occasion to think ill of her for simply trying to comply with our own request.- Morgylla nodded and squeezed her grand daughters shoulders to reassure her. “You had no way of knowing, and having only held it briefly should recover, but if you
suffer anything else strange, tell me immediately. While we can guess a few things, we do not know for certain it’s true nature nor will we have power over it’s effects.” Morgylla letting go of Vexylla’s shoulders turned to Anaya and addressed her. “This object, while it may not be the one we seek, we can remove it from this kingdom and take it to the Leviathan who will have power over it and know what should be done with it. But, the tablet we seek, is perhaps yet more destructive and dangerous for you as it will raise your own subjects against you and enslave their minds to fallen gods. The Autum Monarch would not likely have taken this tablet with her as she has more than her share of such troubles where she is. At this moment, there is a ruler out at sea who is expecting this tablet and in the Inn we stay at their are drivers and guards we hired that wish to betray us and take the tablet to him. We allowed them to take us so that those who hired them would not send others we might not be aware of, given we know these two, we can easily fool them and slay them for their betrayal when we get the tablet and leave for the sea by way of your river thus giving those who seek it for nefarious purposes the slip. So we are not alone in thinking it might be here.  Let us disscuss where the Autum may have hidden it.
March 21, 2018

Dallo5013 - 03/21/2018
~ There lies within every mermaid and merman a harmonious balance that was carefully set in place by the Devin. This is a balance that is so pure in it's making that it is said to be incorruptible. The merfolk soul is simply not made of light and darkness, but rather that which manifests such things. The merfolk mind, while far more similar to other races than their souls, is neither fully good nor fully evil and reflects the balanced nature of their souls.  Yet Fraudulenti noticed that Vexylla upon taking a hold of the tablet, the harmonious balance seen in her aura became slightly blurred. Fraudulenti was sure that Morgylla herself had noticed the slight change in Vexylla as well and that must have been the reason she didn't touch the tablet but instead placed it in a sack. ~Fraudulenti: This tablet, it has an aura about it. The tablet we seek was said to not be cursed but to cause a curse upon whomever would read it. They would fall into a desperate sense of despair and would be, I am not sure how it was fully described to me. Yet it has something to do with corrupting the mind of the reader and that like minded listening to it being read to go insane and become enslaved of sorts. further more it is also said that this is the tablet that contains the faulted wisdom of Nurell. This wisdom in its self is said to be the curse. not the tablet. so I am unsure of the tablet that you have given us. for like you have said to use there is a curse upon it . and I have seen the aura thereof.~Aegros turned to look at Fraudulenti and nodded for she had also seen the aura and the slight chance in Vexylla upon holding the tablet. ~

Anaya - 03/21/2018
as she stood there watching Noki and watching Sam hand over the tablet, Samuel was not affected by it, Anaya new the reason, she knew exactly what it was but she wanted it gone more then she wanted someone else to say no and keep it here so she made the choice to not talk on it. As the leader female talked on the Leviathan Anaya's teeth girted back and forth loud enough so that good ears could hear the grind. That name alone made her hair stand on end and it was the only known being in this world she could not touch, she could not remove from this plan herself and if it wanted it it could bat her away without a thought. “that tablet is the only evil item found or felt in this hall, and a item with any curse placed upon it i would know about as i would feel it in my halls. If there was another tablet here it is not here any longer, maybe it was stolen, there has been a lot of disturbing actions to the halls as of late and there has been a bad case of robbers in town. There was a couple that came in here not long ago a days time ago, that said there whole shop was robed by people that said they were, hauling out the good stuff, in three days time. That is in two days from now, if they had your item it would be in the good stuff i would believe all carts and provisions haul out from the stable stock yards every morning at dawn, so i would check there, but that place is highly guarded by the crown and really a poor choice for robbers, so they may be
using another way to exit the town. There are a couple of back roads that are not watched overly well. ” Noki looked to her mother and then at the people and then turned around and ran back to mom running right into her and warping her arms around her wanting to go catch the bad guys. Anaya could feel her daughters wanting her longings to be free of the stone walls here at the castle and it pained the dragons heart to clip her daughters wing as she had to in this time “when you get older we will go out together and get some fresh air and i will teach you more on hunting. Or maybe your father can take you down to town today or tomorrow to get the order of beef from the farm hands ” Noki nodded happily as she tightened her grip around her mother and Anaya moved her arms around her child running her fingers into Nokis red hair enjoying the look her daughter had at last picked for herself, red did suit her “alright mother and i would like that for father and i, no one would hurt me if he is around” she gave a big smile
as Samuel messed up her hair and gave a chuckle at her words, witch in the truth if things was true no one bugged him when he went out, for the most part people knew better then to mess with a wyvern that had all the crowns pardons for killing people at random. some of the pardons he made himself for other people. Anaya's eyes looked back to the merfolk her now want for them to be gone a bit stronger then it was before, but they were here in good reason so maybe they did not know the currant forever standing hate there god and the dragons had, Anaya being from the same bloodline as the original that fucked over the leviathans whole world so badly he gave a bloodline curse to them. Well she was not going to step into water for the merpeople to find out anytime soon and it did not look like it was going to rain, so if they did not know, they would not find out unless she was asked, and even then she would avoid that like the plague. “but you may remove that tablet you hold as you see fit the farther it is from here the better, and i rather it in your hands and far from here then the hands of my towns people and the cultists that will use it for unknown evil actions. And if it is used for such things and brought back i know were it was and who the culprit of the actions would be. It is better with someone i know then out in the areas of unknown.”   she gave a nod as she looked at her daughter once and then back up “and i would not advise giving it to your god the leviathan,  it is well known in that beings longing want for collecting cursed items and using them in, unsavoury ways to fill the seas with the dead or torment the lives of the ones on land. It would be best to stash it away out of its grasp so it does not use it to play with your people or tear others apart with it. ”

Daya Autum - 03/23/2018
-Neither Morgylla nor Vexylla needed the sound of the grinding of teeth which their ears certainly sensed to detect Anaya’s anger at the mention of the Leviathan. Thier judgement was that while the fear he inspired was not misplaced, it could give clues to the mindset of those they were dealing with. The dragon mind they reasoned was not immune to fear and it clouded judgment in them. Morgylla was well practiced in using the one thing a powerful dragon feared to get a sense of the limitations of a dragons mind due to what they feared, Morgylla predicted, she would think ill of the Leviathan and not understand his true purposes. A conclusion she would deem verified latter as Anaya spoke of not giving the tablets to the Leviathan. . But her mentioning the Leviathan was not only a trick from an experienced mermaid to gauge those she was dealing with, nor to torment her or knock her off her high horse, but rather one of honesty to impress upon her that their intentions were just and true. For if she was forthright in their intentions, it would go far in how Anaya might trust them. Samuel however, as Morgylla could see all to well, would only view such honesty as foolishness. A factor she would use to her advantage as well, for she thought it highly unlikely that the Autum Monarch would have hidden it where few would see it, let alone be able to get it, and doubtless Samuel was one such creature who lacked the integrity to keep it safe rather than for his own purposes. If it was that he was guilty, then it was easier for one judged a fool to outwit one such as him, than one judged wise. If innocent of this crime at least, then easier it would be to discover as well. Both Vexylla’s and Morgylla’s hearts sank with Anaya’s claim that there was no other cursed item within her halls, the discovering of the tablet they held no doubt had lifted any shroud which might have clouded her ability to sense it.(edited)
Nor would have an Autum Monarch left such an item anywhere else in Iron. The only conclusion they could see was that Anaya must be right, someone had stolen it. Vexylla in her youth first learned from her grandmother, and while her skill and speed she had yet to match, she was not far behind her and her mind had caught up with her tactics having learned them as a student. Morgylla pauses breathing out, it was subtle indication that she knew Vexylla would have correctly seen what she had just done and was letting her take the lead. - If the tablet we seek is not here in your halls, then we must seek for it in town. Thank you for the intelligence you have given. It may be that whomever stole it intends for us to find it, planning on using us to get it out of town, and then letting our traitor drivers take it from us once we are far away and make their delivery. What we have told you concerning our two twin drivers, must remain a secret, we shall deal with them. For now we need to let them be, for if the thieves plans are indeed to use us as a means to get the tablet out of Iron, then if we kill them or imprison them now those who currently have the tablet will not let us find it. Once we have the tablet, then those two shall be turned into naught but a scorch mark and trouble no one and we shall take the tablet, and the one you have delivered to us, to where neither shall trouble any no more. -Vexylla tapped her black lip with the long claw-nail of her right forefinger in thought and gazed again to Anaya, deliberately keeping Samuel out of view lest she be distracted from her mission and think upon how to ensnare him for punishment.- It would be wise to have a spy keep an eye upon the drivers who brought us in the carriage. If our purposes benefit you and you are willing, it would be far better if you could arrange for a talented
spy to do this, with orders to not let them out of the city at any cost. We are able to pay for the hire, but you would be able to find the best spy for this, while we ourselves would only tip them off if we tried to recruit such a one ourselves or never let them out of our own sight. It would also free us to pursue this other tablet with the clues you have provided with more haste, and take both from your presence all the sooner. I believe our purpose to be acceptable to you, and there is naught we know that we wish to hide, have the spy report to both us and yourself. We are merfolk, we are those among the incorruptible, our race was made by the gods themselves for the good of this world, why even Lorraine had a hand in our creation and we have not deviated from their design. - As Vexylla spoke Morgylla looked to Noki with hope and favor, and not willing to let what see saw as a faint hope of a better future spoke again “My apologies if I have upset you Anaya, I only wished to be as honest and forthcoming as I could. I am many times older as even yourself, and was witness to many things now legend. I can only tell you that these tablets, should we be successful, shall never do evil again. As for your Noki, I am forbidden to teach mortal races, however, I am able to assist her, gold dragons were not placed here for naught and despite certain unpleasant events of long ago, that purpose has not been voided. Noki, while you may be kept safe here until you are older I have a question for you to contemplate. Which ruling dragon is greater? One has treasure beyond imagination, and while it’s subjects are unworthy for naught but the dungeon it lives grandly with nothing it can not have for it’s pleasure. The other has just enough riches for what is needed to secure it’s kingdom, but has the wisdom to teach and inspire it’s people to become as pure in heart as the goddess Loraine and as wise as any god. Which dragon is greater?”-(edited)
April 2, 2018

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Anaya - 04/02/2018
Anaya watched them as they talked, talked about drivers that were backstabbers and getting a spy and talk about gods and the leviathan, she let out a breath as in all reality the merfolk knew very little of what was outside of there world, they only knew what they were told and in the end what need would a merfolk on the knowledge of a dragon all the way out in the main land forbidden from walking to the sea or touching the waters at all.  They were showing there pride and also trying to be diplomatic but in the end it was growing on Anaya's nerve. But the people were the people and they were only how they were made and it was a pity they were made by such evil.  “the spy you wish will be in the form of a bar wench, your drivers are male it will suit there needs, she will keep them at the caravan and then in the guest rooms wall you and your people do what you need to get done down in town. Be knowing that people from the sea are not overly liked and you may see fins in shops strung up as some fishers who hunt your people sell there stock here knowing it is not against the law.” Samuel moved and placed his hand around Anaya's waist line being able to feel the anger within her at the simple words of  the being that cursed her blood line. Sams eyes looked at the merfolk and he gave a trying to be nice smile “your needs will be taken care of but i ask you kindly to find rest within
the inn down in town.”  he wanted to be harsh about it and just tell them to get there people out of his home as the one they worshiped was the one that ruined her whole world and made her life hell, the leviathan was the ruler of the sea, Anaya the dragon of the lands and sky, even if she did not rule as she should. but he had to keep things more diplomatic for the time being seeing that there daughter was around and Noki seemed to like this people and they liked her. Noki had paused as she looked at her mother and father and thought over what the people had asked, what dragon was greater. Well in her mind the greatest dragon ever was her mother and her mother cared more for knowlage then she did the gold she spent like it was worthless.
“the dragon that is the greatest is the dragon that cares for the ones it rules over, it is the dragon that watches out for the world and upholds its job, like mother upholds her job to care for her people and remove evil from the world. Treasure and that stuff mean nothing if you have no one to share it with. We have giant spiders that guard the treasure under the castle there is a big hole in the back of the castle were they go in and out, i don't go down there but it is my gold to, i help with some of the paper work sometimes and help give gold to rebuild broken parts of town and help that shop owner that was robbed” Anaya moved her hand to mess up her daughters hair as she smiled at Nokis innocence, one day the girl would grow up and be a great ruler, and take over Anayas place in this world one day Noki would be the mother of light after Anaya passed away and went home. She gave a smile as she looked to her little one
“Noki it is almost going to be meal time, go get some food and i will join you, the cook said earlier he made rice pudding for you, with nuts like you like it” Noki did not even wait around to hear if she did alright with that question and within moments she had rushed off to get that dish she loved and that the cooks never made as it had a lot of dairy in it and that was something they did not get often. Anaya's red hues moved back as she took a seat in her throne to rest her legs for a moment, and look back on the merfolk. “there is enough food for you if you wish to eat before you make your way to town for the evening, and i am sorry you were unable to find the tablet you came here looking for, if i am to find it wall you are gone or another finds it and brings it in i will have it sent to you, i believe you have a capital or place in Roselake things can be sent to you at?”  her voice held hints of anger in it, and in truth she had given passive words of mild threats in there takings. And it was rather good for her to have dwelt with the children of the leviathan this long and not snapped outright.
April 4, 2018

Daya Autum - 04/04/2018
-It began to dawn upon Vexylla why Morgylla was repeatedly bringing up the Leviathan, even after ascertaining the more obvious, to her at least, needed assessments from her first mentioning the Leviathan. She could sense hesitancy on Anaya’s part regarding him, for which Vexylla did not blame her. Not only was he far more powerful but even by Merfolk standards, he was more than a bit treacherous and dark. Naturally those upon land, including even wizened dragons, would not understand his importance. But their was more, Vexylla gauged by her expressions and aura that she was vengeful, and towards them personally. Her words were laced with veiled hints of danger and it did not take her long to understand that Morgylla had successfully managed to uncover what danger she might pose to them and what actions she might take,without so much as a shadow of a hint of the tactics or powers they had to counter such threats. Or for that matter, that she was even aware of them at all. It was after all, a merfolk virtue not to explain oneself to any upon land. She could guess, and correctly so that Morgylla would never counter Anaya’s claim of having those who hunted merfolk and sell their flesh out on the open market. She was however curious as to what response she would give to her so as not to arouse suspicion. She was pleased to see her grandmother in action as she heard her speak. “Excellent Anaya, we shall gladly reward this bar maid for her services when we see her, if, you would be so kind as to give us enough knowledge as to be able to recognize her with certainty. Also, if it seems good to you, we have come in peace and trust that regardless of whatever hunters there be here selling what meat they have found in the sea, that here we are law full visitors and as such it would be illegal to kill us while we are here? We have already secured a place at an inn in town, we, do not wish to trouble you more than is meet. “
- Vexylla was cool and did not giver her grandmother away. She knew the bar maid would be easy to spot, she knew there would indeed be assassins who wished to kill them but not for meat to sell, and she knew far to well that there was no way that they would be sleeping at the inn, that would be suicide. Morgylla was pleased with Noki’s response and commented to Anaya upon her “I am most genuine in regards towards your daughter Anaya, I think that she will indeed be great, even without any assistance from us, nonetheless I feel that we do have much to offer her indeed, she would be a great asset in reducing the evil in the world and I believe an understanding between us is order, that, we shall let no harm befall her if it is within our power, and what actions we take towards her are for her benefit. While I would enjoy the opportunity to join you and speak further with your daughter, I do not wish to impose and have much investigating to do as to what became of this dangerous and vile tablet. If you wish to send us a message, we can receive it at the Merfolk Reception Building at Rose Lake. Once it reaches there if I am not there I will get word at Ylla village where I teach which is not far from there. But do not send the tablet as it is far too dangerous, keep it safe and we will arrange for it to be taken without haste. I thank you for your patience Anaya, and trust that we may leave your home and continue our search as you suggested in peace? “ Vexylla was pleased with herself that she had caught up well with her grandmother’s strategy. She pondered at Noki’s words about the spiders that were around her mothers treasure, and the hole that they used to go to and from the castle. If this were true, then that must be where the Autum Monarch hide the Tablet!
It would be just like one of them to hide it with fearsome spiders and the entrance would be easily navigated as a mist as she knew all to well that that was a form they could take. The gold and the presence of the tablet they were given while in the walls would provide distraction and help conceal it. Cleaver, but not nearly cleaver enough as much to her despair the tablet was taken, perhaps, even by Samuel who likely had access to such a place.-
April 8, 2018

Anaya - 04/08/2018
Anaya turned her head to look at were her daughter had gone and she smiled within remembering when the child was just a little thing, so cute and innocent back when she was only a day old with her brother biting onto her horns and tail.   "yes that she is, one day all I hold will go to her and Noki will become the new protector of all man. one day she will become the next golden guardian of this world and walk in my own shadow as well as the shadow of her grandfather" Anaya looked back to the merfolk remembering all the storeys of the days of old now that the old gods had been brought up, in due time she knew she would have to truly confront this problem and face it head on, but that day was not today, or tomorrow and she was not in need of provideing informathion about things unless asked. "the fishers and hunters of your kind are in town, and you do hold the crowns protecthion as you are guests here but I am sure they will be able to spot you a mile off and they tend to slink into back allys to do there hunting and talkings as we all know hunters do. I cant protect from what I cant see. but I am sure you and your comrades are able to keep yourself alive. I would give you a blessing
to yourself to keep you safe but sadly I am unable to aid ones of the sea, it goes against land rights in this world between us gods" she gave a hint in there to what and who she was she was equal to the Leviathan be her younger then it, it was simply older and more skilled but their powers marked even to one another witch was one of the main reasons Anaya never did fight. "but if needed I can give you aid and a helper one of the guards can escort you out to the town and the inn down there, aswell as if needed Samuel can take you down to the backentrance to the3 hold, you will not be permited to enter the hold yourselves as no one is able to be down there unsupervised but you can explore the back cave opening and he will keep his spiders from attacking you"Sams' eyes moved as she talked to look to the merpeople he was not a fan of per scale skins but he would do as needed with them and never know maybe a spider would go for one and he would not get in the way. on land they were floppy and weaker and did not hold the advantages they would hold in the sea and he was much known in this. but they did outnumber him but they were also on dragon land and would not be stupid surely.
April 9, 2018

Daya Autum - 04/09/2018
Until now it had been easy, Morgylla had avoided revealing whether they would be able to defend themselves or by what means. Now however there were choices to be made, ones which could be of benefit to them, but reveal their hand. While other choices might conceal some things but reveal others and not gain them as much. Morgylla could not help think to herself “Yes Anaya, if I have anything to do with it she will indeed become the new protector of man, a real one, and man’s teacher and guide as well, and shall show them to be worthy of an existence far better than found here. She will become far better than you, and understand far more of the balance needed in this world whereas you are blinded by pride and hate of a god you do not understand who was wronged by your father. She will protect the weak from abominations such as the one now at your side as consort. But she will not walk in the shadow of her grandfather, but be free of that vile stain by picking up the charge your father so arrogantly and selfishly abandoned long ago as I remember far to well from that time before you were yet born.” Morgylla and Vexylla both looked upon Anaya, and for a moment, saw the regret that she had not done what she was born to, and a glimpse of will to do so. It flashed within her aura that came from the earth and rose to the skies like a tree of holiness. Morgylla while unimpressed nevertheless would remember so that she could say to Noki when she
realized that her mother had been neglectful say to her that she did in fact want to set things right. It would be a calming thing to say, and perhaps, help galvanize her. She responded to Anaya quickly with cleverness “We came here at risk to find this tablet so that it will work evil no more, and shall not let concerns for our safety hinder our purpose now. I thank you for the offer of a guard, but it will only make searching for the tablet harder as those we ask at the gates and upon the roads will not answer so forthcoming with a royal guard at our side. We are not so powerful upon the land, our powers are so good here. So we understand that blessings from you might not be possible, but it is gracious of you to think to do so for us and we thank you. It is enough to know that we may at least not be attacked openly without reprise, thank you Anaya.” Vexylla was surprised how quickly her grandmother got them out of exposing what strengths they had even here far from the sea, and free of any guards at the same time. She was after all, a legend and it was a pleasure to see her in action in what was, a rather complicated situation. But now it was time to do the actual searching for the tablet. Should she search the most likely place it was taken from? Would there be any clues in this spider hole? That was the question of the hour. As elated as she was at Noki’s words about the
entrance, and as obvious of a place for an Autum to hide such a thing, she was not certain that the Monarch did in fact hide it there. If attacked by the spiders their powers would become known and any assassins sent to kill them would be alerted as to the extent of their powers. Was it worth it? Vexylla placed her pale hand with it’s long hard and razor sharp claw like nails upon her chin in thought. It was a difficult choice, and one she was hesitant to make until she realized that it was a risk only to be taken when other options failed. She took away her hand from her face and looked up to Anaya as her peals jostled about her neck and the silvery shine from the metals of the jewelry she salvaged from a shipwreck flashed in the lights of Anaya’s castle as they peeked out from the folds of the heavy and tightly woven black silk robe. - That place is highly likely to have been where this tablet was hidden by the Autum Monarch, and may contain clues as to whom may have removed it. However, we have little time left to search the places that you mentioned earlier and must go there without delay. If we find nothing, may we return and have a supervised investigation there?- Morgylla well pleased with her grand daughter’s answer looked to Anaya for her reply, prepared either way to leave and investigate in town.-
April 14, 2018

Xaei DeLaRose - 04/14/2018
A young girl, no older than three in human years (though her body of that of a 10 year old), wandered aimlessly through the long, dark streets of an unfamiliar town. How long had she been walking now? Unsure was the child but her feet were blistered and her tummy ached from the pain of hunger. It didn't seem to long agon that she had rub away from her masters, once her true nature was made. Sharp fang like teeth chewed on her bottom lip, anything to distract her mind from the idea of food. The little orphan had to keep walking, the brown satchel in her arms was getting heavier, the contents of which connected her to her parents, maybe even her ancestors.

Not long now, lights in the distance, warmth, comfort, maybe even food and a bed to rest her head. Not far now, eyes getting heavy, strides getting smaller, but it's right there. Nearly there, within arms reach, the taste of raw meat made her mouth water. No, it's morning. Why did it have to be morning? The warm rays of the sun shined down upon her back, voices started to appear around her, a new day beginning. As people flooded the street, to buy their daily things, her destination was getting farther away from her, people paid no mind to the small figure, pushing her aside.(edited)
Not long now, the young girl whispered to herself, lips cracked, mouth dry, gasping for air. How long had it been? Too long, but at least she made it out of that place. She would never go back there. Never. Not far now. A mean looking woman pushed the girl aside, face first into a muddy puddle, bag flew from her arms yo land with a gentle thud in the murky water. No! Please don't let it be broken! Hurrying to it, the young girl searched the bag, picking out small shards of what looked to be like an egg, with scales and bright colours. A dragons egg. The woman behind her, the careless one, awed and gasped at the bags contents. Quickly the older woman tried to bargain with the girl, she must want it terribly.

The girl cries and pleaded, trying to get away from the clutching hands of the desperate, greedy woman. Nearly breaking the fabric on the strap of the bag. “No!” the small offspring cried, running away the moment she could. “Help! That child stole my purse!” The woman screamed, her final attempt at getting what she wanted. People were alert, a damsel’s cry never faltered. Guards were called, scrambling to find the small creature that fit the young child’s description. Almost there.
Catching her breath, the small girl hid in the dark corner of an alleyway, just missing the sight of the guards at the entrance of a big castle. That must be it, she could feel it, there was someone like her there. Maybe a friend, maybe her family. Burying her face gently into the bag, the hood that that had been hiding her appearance, fell around her shoulders. Looking up at the sun, the warm rays shined off her white scales around her jawline and forehead. So close.

Taking a deep breath, the brave young girl stood up and slowly walked out in the streets, hood once again pulled over her face. A tail, that had been hidden under a long coat, wrapped around her leg, small beads of sweat dripped down the back of her neck. Nearly there. Here it was, the entrance. To her destiny. Catching the attention of a guard, one who knew to look out for a child if her description, walked up to her. “You there!” Fear made her freeze, if she couldn't see him, he would go away, right? Like a bad dream.
Apprehended, the woman was brought forward, the contents of the bag searched while the child screamed and cried, begging for them to give it back. “That’s it, that's my bag, give it here.” The guard, not convinced that a woman would own a mucky bag like this, asked her details on the contents, of which she could only name the shattered pieces of a dragons egg, unaware of the other item being a silver necklace. A locket. The woman was quickly dismissed after being fined for wasting the guards time.

“Now young child, what should we do about you?” bag returned to her, she clutched it tightly while insisting she hid her face. She was so close. “Are you hungry?” He asked, but she ignored. Fixated she was, on that feeling. That sense someone like her was nearby. In her distraction, her hips was pulled down. “You're a…!” Dragon. He didn't dare say the words, for some reason. Her white, dragon eyes stared cluelessly at him. “Huh?” What should he do? The guard didn't know.
His final decision was to bring the young child before the Queen, a dragon herself might know of the child. Though he tried asking himself, how old she was and how long had she been in the egg, before being born, where her parents were, who her parents were. Those questions went unanswered, with no answers to give. The Queen was busy however, talking with others. Mermaids..? She had never seen such creatures. The naive eyes watched curiously. So fixated was she that the young girl hadn't noticed that the feeling she had been following, was so much stronger now.

Anaya - 04/15/2018
Looking to the merfol she nodded her head to there words about everything and about the tablet they did seek, she knew it was not here but if it would make them happy to go look for it she would grant them passage to do so with Sam's watchful eye so they did not take or do miss deeds when not being watched. She let out a breath as she turned her head and looked to her mate “go with the people of the se and bring them out back to the back of the castle to the underground tunnel in the woods were the spiders come out. That is the only place that the vampire could have placed the tablet so they can see with there eyes if it is there or not.” her red eyes looked back to the merfolk “no one is allowed under the castle and the vampire Daya Autum would have been killed if she went down there before she ever got to the main segment to hide something in the holds. Samuel will take you to the back entrance witch you will be able to look over under his view to see if your tablet is there.” a part of Anaya was insulted that the sea beings did not head the fact she said your tablet is not here, did they really think a golden dragon would miss a demonic cultist god tablet like how weak did they take her for. As she thought on that her attention intently chained and there was a flicker in her eyes, a flicker of bad of power within her sparking as she could sense what had come to the door step. She said not another word and vanished right there on the spot, just gone leaving nothing but candles flickering and torches moving in the light breeze.
In less then a second she stood in front of the child as the one guard grabbed the child's egg shells and held them in his hands. Before he could react Anaya held them in her own hands like they just zipped form his to hers in a blink.  Her bright red eyes looked down to the egg then turned to the child at her feet. Anaya towered over the little girl but there was a warmth about her “we hold onto what is treasured to us. I still have mine from when i hatched” she leaned down and handed the egg shells back to the girl as she took a single knee before her looking at her to be more eye to eye “why have you come here knowing your life is at risk. Why walk into another kins ground knowing we rip one another apart no matter the age. The iron smells still on your body chains i am sure to hold you to the ground iron would burn your feet and tarnish your scales.” “Lad..y Ann..a...y..y..y.a she came here only moments before we were going to strip” the guard muttered as Anaya held up a hand to silence him as his tongue rolled in his mouth ant felt as if it was tied in a knot (Anaya casts silence on guard. You see if paying attention a small blue spark on her fingers when her hand goes up. All beings that can detect auras can feel that Anayas aura got stronger for a split second then went back to normal active levels) “she is fine here, for now anyway, she will be cleaned and gain as much food as needed to fill her before she heads back out unless she wishes to stay for a longer amount of time. If that is so it can be discussed” it was her parenting, it was slight and she would still snap the child in half if it gave her reason but due to Ryus death she held loss in her heart for her recently dead child and it caused her to show more care then normal.

Samuel watched Anaya move, well if you could call her moving it was not even moving it was flash stepping to get to one place to another , she only used it when needing to be someplace not overly far away in a extremely small amount of time. He could feel the other dragon the little white scale but did not pay it any mind at all, the child would be taken in fed clothed washed whatever and then turned out to be eaten by wolves or something. “come we shall go out the kitchen entrance as Anaya is dealing with matters at the front doors and it is rude to intrude” Sam moved waving for the fish people to follow him he let out a breath as it was annoying being the fish keeper in this sense. It took them a bit to walk into the kitchen, out the back door and ring around about a mile away form the castle down the large hill into the woods all alone, to come to a massive cave entrance that was covered wall to wall with massive spider webbing. “they wont come out due to me being here, but you may search into the cave entrance and see what you can find, nothing will be past one foot into the entrance the spiders eat and move everything that far in, as well as if you go in farther then that they will web you and pull you in” (options A) do not search or go with sam. B) search the entrance up to but not over one foot in, C) search the entrance go farther then one foot in. Rp and inform me of your option you will get the outcome of that option in my next post)

Xaei DeLaRose - 04/15/2018
The young girl was scared, terrified while looking up at the tall woman, who suddenly appeared before her, her senses, that feeling was so strong it almost hurt, a headache that began to form made her feel lightheaded. What was this feeling? Her words, she barely understood them, except for the familiar threats. Tensed, her hands shake while holding the delicate shards of her egg shell. “I-I…” She began to say, words turned to ash in her dry mouth. There were words of kindness, maybe? From the woman’s mouth, her powerful presence made it hard to determine, whether she was indeed offering her help or not.

A bath? The young girl had never had one before, a brisk wash perhaps, to stop her from smelling up her masters home, with a rough cloth that scarred her delicate flesh with small scratches, an unknown amount of scars covered her body, her tail, still hidden beneath her long robe broken at the tip, from someone pulling on it so much, her small horns upon her head, cracked in places. If it wasn’t already obvious that the girl had been mistreated, her legs buckled under her and she was on the floor, barely coherent, her eyes unable to remain open.
Flickering between unconscious and not, the small child clung desperately to that which she treasured. Unsure of what else to do, she tried desperately to fight against her hunger, the weakness that plagued her would always set her aside from the rest. Sitting up on her knees, the young girl looking up at the woman, she was warm and could feel it radiating off her from the short distance between them, with an exhale a small trail of stream rolled from her lips. “I-I don’t… Want… T-To die… P-Please…” She pleaded, her small voice quiet and raspy.

Skin stained by the pain she has been through, the physical said nothing for the mental trauma she had been through, maybe it would all be over now? She hoped more than anything, it was what she had been following all this time. Another person’s turf meant nothing to her, she knew nothing of it, the young girl didn’t understand what it meant, though the tone in the woman’s voice had said it all. The small dragon would have to be careful. Her attention was fixed on the details of her face, the shiny crown upon her head, her pretty clothes, the strength both physical and mental that was obvious, radiating off her like a beam through the large room. How was everyone not scared by this woman? Maybe they were, but wouldn’t express as much, like she was afraid to do.
April 16, 2018

Dallo5013 - 04/16/2018
Dallo5013: ~A soft breeze swept in from outside. Blowing in through the front gates of the castle. Wisping over the flooring only to sweep up wafting out over the way bringing with it the salty smell of the sea along with it the stench of cooked fish and assorted other cooked fleshes. The kind of smells that is quite sickening to Aegros and Fraudulenti. Aegros looked at Fraudulenti. She wanted ever so much to cover her face to shield her from the stench of cooked fleshes and fish. However being she was there on a diplomatic mission she must above all else show no disrespect towards the hostess. So she as well as Fraudulenti would stand in proper composure the hold time, never once letting on that the mear smell of cooked flesh sickened them and that they preferred to eat their fish raw.Aegros was so sickened by the sent of the fish she could feel that her meal was threatening to make a second appearance.
Aegros looked now to Fraudulenti as if telling him she needed some sort of distraction so that she could find some fresh air. Fraudulenti looked back at her feeling the same way as her but there was nothing he could do. Just as it would seem she was just going to have to swallow her meal a second time her saving grace came in the form of a small young child. The child seemed to have been a dragonkin and was swiftly met by Anaya her self. This gave Aegros an idea of how she was going to get some fresh air. Aegros in her graceful like manner would soft step off to the side of Anaya just close enough that Anya would know she was there. Aegros then in her gracefull manner would speak up saying ~ well now let us be on our way. we have troubled you long enough. ~ with that said Aegros was now walking outside of the castle only to find Samuel making his way in the direction Anaya had sent him and had advised them they should follow. Aegros didn't wish to follow him she in her own mindset would have wished to have gone back to the inn.~
Fraudulenti : Aegros ~just as he spoke he noticed why Aegros had left his side and he himself was now making his way over to the young dragonkin. Once Fraudulenti was standing right beside of the child he looked down to her then to the reaction of Anaya. he spoke not a word for it was not his place to speak in this matter this was her epire and was her's to do as she seemed fit.he would make no attempt to intervene in any way. he only stumbled slightly causing him to place his right hand upon the child's head ever so softly before he would walk past Anaya and the child. walking out to join back up with Aegros. they would then wait for the last of their group to join them and from there be on their way. ~

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