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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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That Night

SophitiaEien: While Striga, Hideki and Draevyn dealt with the issues at hand in the west wing, there was a whole other commotion going on at the entrance to the throne room. With the sleaziest charm they'd managed to say they had business with the new seamstress, saying that they were her suppliers as well as customers that needed to talk with her, so they were able to gain entrance into the castle without much fuss. One of the three human men, sculpted with brown hair and a rugged face, tutted as he shifted his stance. The other two started searching for her on opposite sides of the castle wings, and the main head of the three walked casually into the throne room and took a deep breath. After a moment of gathering his voice, it boomed out loudly in aggressive tone and he withdrew a sword. “Who does a guy have to skullfuck in order to find a seamstress 'round here that's worth anythin'?!” After he was done bellowing and the other two reported back, one of which having heard commotion in the west wing, they grouped up and headed in that direction. Once he found the girl, she'd have several orders to fill and they didn't have the time to wait. It wasn't that she'd ever had an issue serving them; they were just not nice people at all. She worked with dirty hands, and allied with dirty people before she'd come here. These were the least of her problems, of course, but certainly an annoyance for the rest. The main man, Krauss, saw a very tall man with some sort of scythe and scoffed – who did this tool think he was? He tapped the man on the shoulder, then folded his arms. “I need t' talk to someone round here who ain't a complete idiot, and you look the type. Seen a seamstress round here? Heard word she'd come to work for the Crown. Stupid girl must've forgot to mention she's got loyal customers in town. Seen 'er?”

KaosTilpasse: Draevyn spun, grabbing the main guy by the face in a crushing grip, and casually taised him to Draevyn's own height of 6'8". He held him suspended while looking the male directly in the eyes, and a stare as calm as death in his eyes. "When you are addressing people in this place, you address them with respect." The voice would seem like claws dragging over the skin of those close by as he spoke, and a deep growl issued forth from his throat as he turned his gaze towards the other two. "If you have business here, go and wait in the lobby, and you will be dealt with. Stay here in my presence, and this medical ward will be the location you'll be staying until the queen deals with you personally. Do I make myself clear?" He threw the guy in his hand, more of a flick of the wrist, causing him to fly back 7 feet and land on his back in a heap. "Move. Now." The last word would carry the wait of death behind it as he turned his full attention on the men.

SophitiaEien: Krauss's eyes bulged out of his head as the man's massive hand swallowed his face, and he felt his feet lift off the ground easily as the man lifted him. All he could do was stare in shock at first as he spoke, and then his words pissed the young crook off. The growl definitely made his skin crawl, that was for sure, but his tone was deathly serious. Just as he was thinking of something witty in response to the bit of the threat he issued forth moments later, he was thrown into a heap on the ground – where he promptly landed on his head. The other two who had been behind him stared at Draevyn, then stared at their boss, considering their options – before finally deciding on helping the boss up and covering his mouth just as he started spouting off angrily. All that could really be heard were muffled shouts as he was led by his minions to the lobby. Then arguing about who was the bigger idiot, and a couple punches. Then, silence. The three stood in silence, their hands folded behind their backs, expressions stern.

KaosTilpasse: Draevyn let go of the scythe, causing it to dissipate, before walking to the study. He leaned his head in, saw her working, then smiled softly. He stepped in, walked over to her, then leaned down and kissed her neck softly, before speaking. "We have a few visitors, rather mouthy bunch. But don't worry, I'll deal with them personally. Just thought you'd like a heads up." He gave her another kiss, then a soft swat on the rear playfully, before walking back out and heading towards the lobby. He did this intentionally to let the three stew a bit, and see what might happen when he finally rounded the corner. He pulled out a flask from his pocket, popping the cork. His fangs were in full view as he took a drink, with four fangs up top and two fangs on bottom. The drink smelled strongly of blood and old magic, before he recorked it and stuck it back in his pocket. "Now, gentlemen, what is it you wish to discuss. And be respectful, unless you wish for your head to hit that back wall before you corpse's knees touch the ground here at my feet."

SophitiaEien: The three men stood there in utter silence, waiting for the man to approach them or someone to pay them a lick of attention. They whispered amongst themselves anxiously, as their intended plan definitely was not going to work in this circumstance. If they had a guard like that, they were probably fucked. So there they stood, waiting. It felt like absolute eternity in the Deep. Finally, the man came into their view and drank from a flask, barely catching a glimpse of something sharp in his mouth. Instantly two of them started shaking in their boots, as they were assuming he was some kind of very strong vampire, but the main guy piped up as he was addressed. “We're here to discuss business with the seamstress Striga Velaine. She's made armor for us a few times, and we've got a big order for her that she needs to fill within a certain time period. Now, she's never given us anything but the best, but this is for a very important client we were hired by. She can't exactly take her time on this or he'll bust every inch of our rectums to find her. It ain't pretty.”

KaosTilpasse: He looked them over calmly. He saw how badly two of them were shaking, and he barely looked towards the first one who seemed to be the mouthiest one of the bunch. Finally he spoke. "The seamstress is unavailable currently." He then looked at the male in the front. "She is also going to be out of commission for a while. So run along and find someone else to make your... Armor. And tell your little boss that if he wishes to find her, to seek the Raven Knight." He turned his back on them, walking back towards the thrones. "Though as they say, to seek the champion of the goddess of death is to seek Death itself." He then took a casual seat upon the arm of the throne, looking back at them, before smiling, which looked even more creepy coming from him due to the fangs. "I'd be more than happy to entertain him if he so wishes." He then waved his hand in a shooing manner. "Go on now. Run back to your Master like good little hounds."

SophitiaEien: Krauss seemed disturbed to hear about her being unavailable, and given the man's casual way he was almost determined to make him talk. However, all that the boss had told them was to deliver the news and the order, and so they had. He sighed and cleared his throat, straightening. “Fine. We'll deliver the news. But if you think we're stupid, you ain't met him. He might just be dumb enough to find ya.” The other two were the first to make their way out, while Krauss stood firm – even despite his friends' urgent whispering for him to just let it go, that they could find another armorer. “What's goin' on with her? Y'know, I took that girl in like she was my own blood. Then she goes off on some grand venture with naught a warnin'? You think I'll let it stand, just like that? I'll find out what's goin' on, and I have me ways.” After that he turned to leave himself, shaking his head with a grunt of frustration.

KaosTilpasse: Draevyn regarded the three running away, his eyes slitting slightly as he considered the threat the last one had made. He leaned up to his feet, walking casually to the doors and slamming them shut behind the three. He rolled his shoulders a little, before brushing off his coat and adjusting his blade. He then closed his eyes, disregarding all inhabitants and seeking out the energy of his love. Finding it finally, he set off, brushing past the servants and maids as he went on his way. He was nearly stopped by a guard, at which point he stopped for a moment. "Three men entered here not long ago. Make sure they don't come back." He didn't have to control or enthrall the guard, but he did implant the image of the three into the guard's mind, and sent them on their way. He leaned his head over, tilting it a little further until his neck popped, then he continued on his path. He brushed past all others, literally disregarding them as little more than minor obstructions before he came to her door. He looked at the wolf beside the door, nodding slightly, before looking to the door. He closed his eyes, letting his aur flow forward a little to let her feel his presence close at hand, before he turned his back to the wolf and took a seat on his knees, watching the hallway area to the room with a vigilant eye. He unsheathed the large ruby claymore from his back, placing it upon his lap, before continuing to watch down the hall, content to stay put all night if need be, just as long as he was close to his love.

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Dawns Rise the Next Morning

XaeiDeLaRose: Xaei was frowning while playing a teddy gifted to her my her father a few days ago, while Noki sat opposite to her, playing with a twin teddy of what she had. They were controlling them and using their voices, in different tones, to make it like the bears themselves were talking. Both fell into a fit of giggles when Noki tried to do an impression of their father, in his grumpy tone. There was a knock at the door. "Princess's, it is time for your breakfast." A woman called through the door, before opening it. They both laughed at her astonished face. After a while of trying to calm them down, both girls ran out of the room and down the corridor, their small legs carrying them across the carpets and rugs while they sped ahead of the nanny that was chasing them. "Do you think we lost her? Xaei whispered to Noki as they both caught their breathes. "I think so. Let's go find mama and papa, we could get her fired." Xaei and Noki smirked. "We could." Both girls, giggling made their way through the castle, it wasn't too long until they reached the main hall, where the throne room would be. Neither girls saw anyone yet. "Shall we just wait here? What if the nanny comes?" Xaei said in a worried tone. "We will just hide until mama and papa get here." - " Ohh, okay." They'd proceed to find a hiding spot behind the throne itself, clinging together while peaking through a small gap through the chairs.

Guest_Arthus:  Morning sun hit his face as a scowl moved over his lips and the memory's of the night before passed his mind forcing a grin upon his chaps lips. Getting up from the stone slab he called a bed last night he looked around, he had last night gone into the dungeon hold to force open the mouth of a servant girl to force feed her as she was unable to eat, but due to his mood he had turned things to toxic broken her jaw and the body law beside him as he slept using it in what seemed like a comfort as a child would hug a teddy bear. He gave a burp as he got up and walked to the door way pulling on his leather pants and lashing his belt around his waist line “maid, toss this body out back with the rest this afternoon burn the corpse pit we don't want the days heat to cook body's and make everything smell so much worse ” the maid looked in past his poison gaze looking at the girls body smashed and battered there on the floor and nodded her head wishing not the same fate to happen to her. “yes me Lord, right away Sir, would de Lord like the Tea or water or ale with his morning meal as well Sir?” she said clearly as she looked at him trying to keep her head held high and her back in proper posture to not offend his magisty “it is fine with ale, go get that and I will meet you upstairs, and bring some dried meats as well an assortment of what we have fresh” she nodded and went on her way with a quick pace up the steps. He licked his lips and walked on up the steps past her the door behind him slamming back and forth over the hall way. Walking up to the main area he opened the door and nodded to the guards that kept the common people out of this wing, it was a danger down there anyway with the spiders and the beasts down there in the dungeon. He gave a nod to the guard and walked on past over to the thrones before pausing and stopping to think “that girl from before she is in the medical hall and I could use a bit of enjoyment” that smile crept back onto his devilish face and he walked his way to the medical wing tossing open the doors seeing the nurses and things out and about fixing people  and dealing with the hauler hounds who carried around carts and baskets filled with medical supply in the muzzles. “there was a girl in here with broken bones and the stink of my toxin on her hide, were is she the king wishes a word and moment with her now” he scolded as a very shy nurse walked up to him with her eyes on the floor and he looked to her with a snarl on his face knowing that face was bad news “my Lord I am so sorry to inform you but she vanished from the hall with a man, we are unsure of were they went and only saw them vanish away together. But she is no longer here and he is the same, we are so sorry my lord for she is gone, we hoped she did not mean much to you” he snarled and the back of his hand smashed across the nurses face forcing her to tumble to the floor as his bright green eyes flared fire looking around the room. “WERE IS SHE!” he yelled out as he moved into the hall flipping a medical desk over and forcing the other nurses to flee out of the hall and cower in corners. He took a breath “guards!” he harshly bellowed out as a guard hurried over “yes Sir, Anything Sir” “send out a raven to a place called Black Bridle, I wish an envoy here by the night as I have a task for them to do some worthless heratick stole my property and I wish to get my property back imminently. As soon as the envoy gets here have them come to me and not speak to another soul about anything this will be a personal matter not to be told on public ears. I want to see Riker” the guards eyes looked large at the name and nodded his head “i will send the raven right away Sir” he hurried away off to his office to get things done and get ravens sent out right away. It would not take long for the people he had asked for to get there, when names got said actions took place in record time. He took a deep breath and calmed his temper “alright, clean this mess up and wall I wait I might as well eat the time away. Bring fruits, and a dish of meat and bread to the main throne there is a maid known as Clare doing the meat already make sure she gets the rest of the order before she gets to me” he did not even care who did it he said it to anyone that was over hearing and then went out of the medical hall leaving a mess at his feet and scared woman at his back walking back to the main throne to sit down and think over what he had to do.

XaeiDeLaRose: Xaei and Noki froze when they both heard strong footsteps and the sight of their father came into view. No sooner was he there, was he gone again. "I wonder where he is going." Noki whispered to Xaei. "Let's find out." Her elder sister replied and she climbed out from behind the throne, where they were hiding. "You shouldn't. Papa doesn't like it when we mess with his business. "But what if there is no business to mess with. I want to say good morning to him. You stay here and wait for mama." Xaei smiled to Noki, giving her own bear for her younger sister to look after. "Take care of Muffles." Xaei, uncharacteristically, was being brave despite Noki's warning. She had not ventured much around the castle, so she was more curious about where he might have gone, if she had been there before, and who else she might meet. The room he arrived in was busy, several people inside, some on beds and others in chairs. They seemed to be sick. Xaei remained hidden behind the door, peeking through a small gap between the entrance. Then papa got angry. Tears started to swell in Xaei's eyes as she watched someone whom she looked up to, who had shown her love, react this way. When he struck the woman down, she ran in just before he was about to leave and wrapped her arms tightly around his left leg. Xaei looked up at him, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Don't be mean to the woman papa, she didn't mean it. She just did mistake. Adults make mistake too.

SophitiaEien: Doctor Branson was sitting in his clinic in the higher class section of the city when he heard the rumors; whenever the guards weren't dealing with castle affairs, they often would spend their time in taverns or talking gossip. It was through such a conversation that he overheard the tale of a seamstress who ended up seriously hurt, and only a couple had seen just how badly she had been hurt when they were making their rounds in the different wings of the castle halls. With some coin and sweet words he managed to find one who had been there when Rarithyr had said her name and his worst fears were realized. The girl was like a daughter to him, what on earth had she gotten herself into? He had warned her not to go, warned her of the danger, but now it seemed to be too late. He left a note with his staff and left with his medical supplies post-haste, riding fast and hard up the winding hill that led to the Crown. He hoped it would not be too late as he arrived at the gates, hopping off of his horse in a rush with his bag in tow. He wore the badge of a practitioner and stood before the guards at the doors, panting. “I find..Striga Velaine. She's a seamstress, came here yesterday? I brought her, I'm her mentor. Please, it is urgent that I find her.”

Guest_Arthus:  He looked at his little one as she grabbed a hold of his leg tears down her face, his black heart melted as he looked at her, she was braver then she knew come3ing up to him in such a way when to most he would snap them like twigs. He was glad as she grabbed his pants and did not touch skin and that reminded him what he needed to give her he had no more Wyvern toxin cure made as of yet but he had something else out of Anaya's study out of his back pocket he pulled out a small necklace on a silver chain with a little wing on it, a really simple silver wing. Picking her up in his arms no longer caring if she touched his skin he took the chain and put it around her neck “you are right, adults do make mistakes to, I just have a temper” he smiled and kept that chain to her neck as the clasp latched all by its self at the back with a slight click “Xai I am very toxic even to my own kind and family so I never want you to take this necklace off wall I am around. It purifies toxins in the body so if you ever get sick it will heal you I would never want you hurt” he walked with her in his arms as guards moved out of the way for them both to let them by. He looked out for the other monster she could not be to far. But she was no were to be seen and more then likely ran off to get into things or stuff her face. But he was happy having time just him and the new one bounding time as in reality it was the first time he got to touch her little body with out having to worry he would hurt her . “so what have you and your big sister been into today? Getting into trouble I am sure” he paused as he saw the docter running around asking about his new play thing was was unlawfully stolen form him. “Striga was stolen from here the night before by a unknown male, the nurses say they turned into mist and vanished and that is all they know, but she will be brought back and found. Why do you seek her out doctor?” his green eyes sparked with interest at this new person that now was in the hall and his interest with Sams property.
XaeiDeLaRose: Xaei clung to her father gently as he picked her up, her legs wrapping lightly through her nightgown around his waist. She could not have smiled wider if she tried, while he placed the delicate chain around her neck. "Tempers are okay papa. Adults get them too. You just have to count ten teddies and it all goes away. That's what the nanny said." She say, refering to when the guard had upset her, it was the nanny that helped calm her down. "I promise to never take it off papa, thank you so much!" Xaei reached and wrapped her small arms around his neck, snuggling him tightly while he held and carried her through the castle, his long black hair tickling her nose, making her sneeze. "N-Noki and I..." She sniffled. "We were not getting into any trouble... The nanny just could not keep up... And..." She sniffled again. "Can we have breakfast now!" Xaei exclaimed, loud enough for Noki to hear her, who took it as a sign to reappear from her hiding spot, and instead very casually and innocently, climb up into mama's throne and sit upon its cusion, like she had been there all along. "Look, sissy is right there. Right where I left here. We tried waiting for the nanny but she never showed up, so I went to go find you, which I did. And now we are all here." Xaei grinned, looking between Noki and papa, encouraging her to go along with the story, so they wouldn't both get into trouble. Noki nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, what she said papa. Can we have breakfast now? I am hungry." Noki and Xaei were both quiet, while their father talked to an unknown man. Papa seemed to get tense again.

SophitiaEien: The male that approached him with this new development was himself quite intimidating, but he was used to men like this. However, there was something very off about his green eyes. His gut turned slightly, and he had a bad feeling come over him. “That is of concern between a doctor and his charge, sir. What business do you have with her, if I may ask, has she done something criminal?” He'd ask, straightening and still clutching the medical bag. He hoped that wherever she was, she was safe – though he figured she wouldn't be for long if the man did manage to find her. “I assure you, she has never been a stable woman. If she has done any wrong, it is out of illness. She has seen and been through much, so I implore you to forgive her and leave her be. She is naught but a frail, scared woman.” It was clear that the man cared for her something fierce, but it wasn't at all in a romantic way. It was more like a father's worry, much like what Sam displayed towards his own children only moments ago out of his line of view.

SeraphinaDeLaRose: The nights outside were nice not in the since of the weather but in the since it gave her time to clear her head. with the lost of her brother Pinky was not sure what more she could do. there was a lost hope now with her brother gone. But she would pull her soft pinky hair back as she looked over at her now fur pelt. It was tanned well now on one side as the fur was now cleaned and soft. The black and tan color shimmered in the sun as pinky pulled it off the stand she had placed it on to dry. The fur felt soft as it was wrapped around her. Pinky folded the fur with a soft grin “now what to do with this …hmmm? she though about it there was way more then pinky could use. Not that pinky new how to sew a dress or anything for that matter, but it was warm she thought about it and then decided to take the fur inside and give it to her loving Queen Anaya and her caring daughter. Their kindness to pinky was more then she had ever thought possible. With all the thoughts flowing threw pinky’s head she had decided to give the fur to them before her foot had stepped inside. The fur was hard to carry and it was big enough that pinky was almost hidden beneath it. But she made her way to the throne in with no to little trouble. She thought she heard a few smirks as she walked by the guards. This did not stop pinky though and as she got up to the throne she stop and drop the fur on a chair that sat in front of the throne then she waited for the queen to have free time, so Pinky could gift the fur to her and see her how her queen would receive such a gift.

He looked to his little girls as he gave them both that I know you are fibbing look and smiled enjoying the fact they were little pains and nodded his head “go into the dinning hall you to and get yourselves a meal, there is much in there and the maids are taking to long anyway and could use some help, fill yourselves wall I talk to our guest” he waited for them to do as told before he turned and looked to the man before him. “whatever she has done I care very little to, she has an agreement to me and this castle and she was stolen from here. It is of my concern as I am the Emperor of this land and I protect the people that swear there lives to this crown and to this family. She is no in trouble and wont be if she is returned or comes back safely, but the one that stole her form here is that of a criminal and will be charged with kidnapping a castle citizen once we find the location of were they went to ” he sat in the throne as he looked up and saw that a little pink haired girl was placing some fur in Anayas throne chair on the arm rest “Anaya is sleeping at the moment, she will be out for another couple hours as her magic usage last night required many hours rest. But once she gets up I will be sure she gets that, did you catch it and skin it  yourself?” he did not know the girls name or he would have seid it, he was unsure if they had met before but then again his memory was a tad dull as of lately.

XaeiDeLaRose: Once her father had put Xaei down onto her feet, she walked with Noki, hand in hand into the dining room, where they would help themselves to all of the food, the meat, the fruit, the veg, stuffing their faces while voices came from the next room, though neither could tell what was being said, and were too busy throwing food into their mouth anyway. "I hope mama wakes up soon." Noki said, after she finished chewing on a chicken leg. "Me too, they said she needed to rest a lot though. I hope she is okay." Xaei'd say with a worried tone. "Mama is always fine. She's a dragon." Smiling, the young dragoness nodded and shoved a some grapes into her mouth, trying to see how many she could fit, it was six.

SophitiaEien: An agreement with the Emperor? The man seemed to pale, as though in some sort of assumption. “I will...see what I can do to help with finding that person. I worry for her myself, she has always had a frail body. I heard she was badly hurt and came to see it for myself, would you happen to be able to describe the wounds? Was she healing well?” He seemed full of questions but paused them as the King dealt with another being that he didn't recognize, but didn't pry. Once the man was free to answer and he had some time to think on his next question, he finally asked it – though he dreaded what the answer might be. His grip tightened on the medical bag, white-knuckling it. “...Did someone...did a man...?” Branson could not bring himself to utter the words as anger filled him at the thought. He hoped he was wrong, practically was begging for it at this point. It drove him to the point of murderous thoughts, even, the inkling that she may have been raped by someone in the castle. Not only did he know her body wouldn't take it well, but her mind would snap and she would be capable of much worse than what she was already. Whoever had done it would have no idea of what kind of monster they had created.

His eyes looked at the other male, he had care in his green hues, it was fake care but only he knew that much. He thought of his children so the care in his face truly was genuine just not towards the man or his problems “i got word that the horrible person that stole her away had caused the broken parts in her body. The nurses reports started it was a broken hip shattered almost beyond repair,  as well as a broken shoulder and splintered arm bone. It was said by the nurses over seeing her recovery that the pain and trauma to her body was caused, act most fowl that none would be willing to do” he paused for a moment to take a breath and seem truly distort for a moment about the ordeal that poor poor girl must have  had happen to her. He turned and looked back looking to the doors to be sure his daughters were not coming back around to hear such horrible words “Rape is a nasty thing good sir, it is why I wish only the most brute punishment for the fowl monster that lay hand on one of our staff members. All I wish is to bring her bake safe and sound so she may work peacefully on the gown for my sister in law that was promised. So if you do find her please bring her back so we can care for her and have our magics not only heal the rest of her body but her mind as well. This castle has the best medical facility around and the queen is that of a golden dragon, they are masters in healing both body and mind” he gave a smile as he looked to the man and nodded his head agreeing with his own words as well as his own thoughts on how much of a fun game this would be.

SophitiaEien: There was a soft thud and clinking of metal as the bag dropped from the doctor's hand, his eyes wide in absolute horror and fury. He stared at the emperor and then the floor, then at his hands as they clenched. Branson would strangle the son of a bitch. “I will find her and bring her to you immediately, and I'll die leading you to the man that did this. I swear on my honor.” His voice was shockingly soft now and trembling, though not in fear – merely in rage. He then bent down to pick up his medical bag and bowed in respect, turning to leave. “Thank you for your information, Your Highness. I will send word once I find out where to look.” With that, he left the castle and mounted his horse. He knew exactly who to contact, and hurried his horse in the direction of the bowels of Iron City.

SeraphinaDeLaRose: Pinky turn in surprise “oo I umm hello sir “she was shock at his presents it was true they had never meet “I am Seraphina sir but …but most call me pinky I came here when my” she started to roll the crystal in her fingers as her hand tugged on the chain that held it “my crystal said I had family here. I did not my father as I had thought. but I had a brother. had a brother he died though in the forest “her head sloped and she felt sadness weigh over her. Her head lowered and she placed her hand together in front of her waist and held them together. One could hear the in her voice the cold hapless feeling she had. It was not that she was not happy with the Queen and her Daughter but she was finally feeling the lack of hope that she had any family but her. She felt like the only Fire Elf in the world. this is what sadden her and most like she would feel this no mater where she was “and yes sir I killed and clean this fur. its not the best as I kind a just fallowed a book I found in the library. but for my first time I think its not bad” at this point she was not sure what to do the large over powering looks of this man or whatever he is was different then the soft and gentle tones of the Queens child who seem to understand pinky more than any one. Pinky started to slowly step back a foot at a time almost tripping on a chair behind her. She would catch herself before she did and smoothly run her hands down her waist before turning and slowly walking tords the hall -

Arthus: he sat there and watched as everyone seemed to scatter, he could not help himself he started to laugh the empty hall the hole thing now some dumb doctor was going to do work for him and drag the girl back to him and maybe he would get Riker to kill the whole lot. He got up form his chair with his hand on his belly as he collected himself form the laughter fit. “kids save your father some food will ya” he called out in that playful tone he never showed to the public and ran off into the dinning hall to get a meal and stuff his face and maybe toss a chicken bone at Xai for the fun of it and see if she could catch it in her mouth.

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