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Sahliel's Laboratory

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1 Sahliel's Laboratory on Thu Jun 15 2017, 13:45


Vitiatus Navitas- (Corrupt Energy)
               This skill is for the sake of affecting a energy based being. Now for the method of delivery. I thought long and hard about this and felt that there should be two way to deliver this to the (Kinn) or other energy based beings for that matter. 1) Cast the spell or start it and place the effect upon yourself. In this method if you were to come in contact with a energy based being they would become infected. The effects would not take over immediately. 2) Now this step would only apply to the Kinn or beings that act the same. Casting it upon a person whose soul is being farmed for the intention of being used in the birthing process. Now in this case the reborn Kinn is not immune to the effects by this point because once reborn they become energy based and the "Infection" activates.
  Now once infected the being starts suffering slight changes that they themselves would most likely not notice due to the subtle changes over time. The corruption has already taken root in the soul it starts to change how the person observes and acts. For example if I was a lawful good. And some poor Street urchin was to rob me instead of letting the kid go I would instead strike the kid down. Basically the person affected act opposite to their nature. Now this affects the energy of the person. Now in the case of those that are hive minds the infection would began to spread on the energy link between the species.
     Now the sustaining of the skill is how it is unique. The infection take root in the beings soul, and starts to spread from there. The infection "Feeds" upon the energy of the being infected and uses this source as power for it to multiply  and spread.Because the changes are so small very little energy is needed besides the massive initial burst of power required to activate the spell.
            Now this power was created to become adaptable to its environment and be able to affect multiple beings at a time. Now in order to somewhat cure a person would need to extract the soul from the infected and destroy the energy body. Then place the person soul in a physical body, but in doing this that person would be forced to cut all ties to their brethren for fears of reinfection.

More Details coming. Rough Draft

  • A corrupting skill that affects energy based beings 

  • Means of delivery to energy beings

  • How it affects energy beings

  • Preventing a cure and coming up with a way for it to be self sustained.

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