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Born Legacy

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1 Born Legacy on Sun Oct 15 2017, 07:25


"Dearest daughter if you are reading this, Then know that I write this for you to have the knowledge of you heritage and birthright."
                                               Your Father,
                                      Sahliel Xaeclaeus Interitio


Since the beginning, fire scoured the lands licking at any and every sign of life. It was a boring existence with such a cruel and ill fated ends to even the smallest of life. The skies above ashen and dark, streaks of lightning scorching the sky. This made for a beautiful delicate world one needing nurturing and coddling if expected to grow into anything beyond it's own destiny. The Gods took pity upon this desolate world and breathed life into it. They created and sculpted the lands into what they sought and spake into it new life and meaning. The first attempts at creating life were met with opposition from the others as hatred and animosity burned. The gods wept, and as they wept the sky broke as rain poured down. The lightning no longer something to be afraid of and was given purpose and meaning.  From this rain oceans rose from the depths to meet the fires and give comfort to the tender flames. They saw this a milestone of what was to come. I simply saw it as another cycle, one of life and death. A never ending dance to no tune. It was beautiful to watch but I had no part in such pleasantries. The others argued and soon died down allowing the Gods to work their crafts up the earth below. The bore creatures upon the lush land. Animals of Scales and flesh alike. Creatures with gills, some with lungs. Everything for everything it seemed. The Dragons were the first as if out of a nightmare. Born of fire and earth hew together in amalgamation of beauty and ferocity. Having both a wicked cunning and a graceful charm. Hunters of both sky and land given the intellect of good and evil. These creatures took to the new world as if it was made for them. Many of the other gods decided to add personal touches to the landscape. Creating more creatures, in the literal sense it was a sandbox. one by one the new races were added upon the land humans, Feyfolk, Merfolk, Bestkin, and Dragons. For a while things were fine. Most tended to keep to themselves in hovels of isolation very few did one ever stray to far from ones unit. Then "it" happened. After so long the tension in the world above was so thick, heavy the vile nature of the "others" flooded the planes. Rage and malice, it was their intention to destroy what was good and pure. They were given leeway, adding changes to the world as they saw fit. Sowing the chains of corruption. At first it was nothing large until greed appeared in the race of Men. War broke out people were slaughtered in the name of the Gods and what was "Just and Holy." The gods were horrified at what acts their creations could do. They sought to punish the races and start over. Even doing so would not change matters. They thought the best thing was to destroy the corrupted. War broke out in the heavens. Gods clashed with the others shedding light and rending flesh. It was a long battle and the creatures of the land suffered for it. Lightning rang out from the sky clouds darkened and for the first time since it's completion the land fell quiet. After the dust had settled it was empty there was nothing. No land of ever flowing light no marble citadels. Just nothing, nothing remained and nothing I became. For the first time it was quiet once again I was alone. I remained alone in my own solace and comfort letting the world move on. Cycle after cycle passed. The years lost count. I awoke to see a brand new land. Nature had taken it's own path. It looked so different than which it was conceived. Races intermingling with each other whole new races and creature of wild existences. Many different religions worshiping gods and others long departed. If they still existed it all fell on deaf ears. In my excitement I walked along the peoples of the land learning things that  were new. Of course being a deity one would know everything, yet it excited me to see the faces of people teaching and growing. In this time things changed and I was happy.

                                   Chapter 1

   The Dragons still existed and were thriving yet war and separated most of them by color and lineage. Most had adopted new forms an could shapeshift using primal magiks of the earth harnessing the elements and their god given abilities to shape themselves into whatever form they desired. I dwelled among them for a time adopting what color best suited my own nature. I was proud and magnificent scales of black obsidian. I was very chaotic. Acting as if I was a just a welp. It was new to me to fly and just  brush the heavens. To roar and stretch myself to the limits. This was me, it suited me and i it. Out of all creation this was my favorite. Yet after a while I noticed something I was lacking. A companion. Someone who could live, like me, and was not afraid to be what they were intended. I courted the females of  the black species not aware of what my divinity might wrought upon the world. Frankly thinking back I could care less. I met her. She chose a form that was beautiful beyond what the realm of the world above could ever compare even in it's prime. He pale skin under the moonlight. Her blonde hair putting even the white crowned citadels to shame. She smelled of ash and of a rose. A very deadly combination. For a while I was not sure if I was the one doing the courting or if some spell had bewitched me. Finally after trying hard to impress her she spoke to me her words eloquent and calming as the waters of carn. "I am Evangeline Anaya Rosaceis." As she spoke it was if I melted into her open clutches. I was shocked. A name? What is a name? I had never once given such words thought before. Such trivial matters were not important to me at the time. I spoke in a raspy voice. Never having used it before. "Sahliel Xaeclaeus Interitio"
She beckoned me close and patted the rock beside her and I sat. For time we talked and talked. I learned more about the lineage of the dragons the causes of war. So many lives lost and countless bloodshed from the likes of human, elven alliance. To dragon hunters. Dragons were pushed to near extinction. Till the leaders of each brood got together and fought back. They set rules in place for their own kind and followed them very strictly. Of course there was war between clans. Over territory or slaves. Many cults brought offerings of women and gold to the dragons revering them as gods. In all honesty they were not to far from the truth. We talked some more about the future and what it would hold for the species. Would they continue to follow the path of death and carnage or learn to coexist to a degree with the rest of the world. Not long after that conversation she vanished for a while no trace of her anywhere. I was struck  pains in my chest a dull aching feelings. That must have been a sign I was dying. It was the exact opposite. I was Alive.

                                   Chapter 3
                                     Joyous Suffering

I knew that if her goal for coexistence were to work then she would need to establish herself as a monarch. A ruler over a great number of people. Thus I set out to create something grand for her. With my own sweat. I worked and toiled on a magnificent place to call home for her to live. I called it Palleros "Home of the fang and Scales."  I set out to bring the one I so yearned for to her new home. Her smell of ash and wild roses was not a hard thing to track down as I found her once again sitting on the rock we sat upon years ago. I beckoned to her and she did not respond. She wept silently on her own. Had I knew what I did about the culture of the dragon species. Had I been there to protect her. It was too late. He absence was due to her being taken by another dragon. He ravaged her left her with a nasty scar trailing her hip to her knee into a wicked curve. I knew the mating of dragon were rough and sometimes violent. Yet she was mine and to be taken by a bull and marred left me feeling what the others must have felt. The vileness and retched pit of anger boiling in my belly. I do not know how I must have looked to her with such animosity seething from every pore of my being. The one who did this will suffer and suffer he did. I found and slew the bull and laid waste to his holding and his wives. None of his kin or whelps were spared in my wrath. I smote his body into ashes upon the ground. His blood still warm in my mouth and part of his still heart warm within my hand. My anger was calmed and my vengeance was sated. I took her upon the ashes of my fallen foe in throes of passion. It was after such I took her to her  new home. To live and dwell. With some sense of peace. It was not but winter when my wife died. Our newborn crying upon her mothers breast. My wife the women of my heart. Dead childbirth had taken her due to complications from her past birth with the bull. I cried my heart out almost asking the gods why of course there would be no answer why would there?  The baby cried and wailed allowing no one near it's dead mother. Almost protective in a way.  Her pale smooth skin and beautiful soft hair dried and with volume. Her eyes fierce and striking. A child such as this would be destined for great things. I picked the small child up cradling it in soft furs of elk and deer. "Anaya" i spoke to the little one. Her small hand curled around my finger. "What a fine name." I tried to smile weakly. Little did anyone notice her other hand was balled into a iron fist. Was it then that a new nation and empire was born or conceived was this the sign of fate and destiny? If so, nobody noticed.

                                    Chapter 3
                                       Idiots and Intellects 
~In Progress~

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