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Story Line - The Rise of Galandor

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1 Story Line - The Rise of Galandor on Tue Nov 07 2017, 22:49


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Setting: In all senses this place was a oasis, A mead hall. A place brimming with drink , life and merriment. You can feel it in the air, this sense of familiarity that you just cant seem to place. Nostalgic for some, a safe haven from the cold winter winds for others. In one sense this place was many things, but most importantly it was the Ruling Pinnacle of the King and Queen of the North. Now this mead hall was not the same as any other you would find in the north. It was surrounded by forest as far as the eye could see, and beyond the forest lay the frigid Ice lands that only true warriors would even dare to face. Though the dangers were more than simple chill and Human interactions, something else lingered. Supernatural , other worldly and powerful. These are but a few words to describe the creatures that stalked the forest and made this providence their home. If one were to arrive unscathed and unaware, you would be taken in by the exquisite finery of the mead-hall. Your eyes would dance from the beautiful Tapestries and carpets to the fine carvings upon the walls. However even though you feel welcome, there is always a itching feeling in the back of your head that your missing something. That there is more to this clan than meets the eye.

cat232: The icy mist creeped through the pines as the 5'9 maiden made her way through the clearing . Her long black locks now partially restrained framing her face and falling in 2 large braids over her shoulders, the majority of her hair was still free to be swept through the bitter nights wind. Feeling her hands begin to cramp from the freezing temperatures, it felt as if the blood in her very veins were being frozen under her fair skin that was nearly the same color as snow itself. She would bring her hands together in a cupping movement over her mouth, blowing warm air into them. Watching the breath leave her body through the spaces of her fingers and freezing as soon as the moisture touched the frigid air. She had regretted her decision to take a stroll so late into dusk as now she was now lost in this strange new land. Looking down at her bare feet as she squished her toes into the forest floor beneath them, she could smell the musty earth as she dug her toes in further feeling the coolness of the soil around them. The air around her howled through the swaying branches of the pines, whistling to her. Everything here felt strange and foreign to her senses. She had been taken by the King of this land just months prior from her home across the sea. Her people were peaceful and to spare her family she had offered to come back with the King as his wife and Queen. In a small way she was glad that the savage North Men had pillaged her village, as now there were small pieces of home here with her to comfort her. The wind continued to howl and wisp through the trees, she wrapped her wolf fur around her hugging it tight, the furs had been another of her favorite things of this land. In her home lands they had used wool for the majority of all fibers. The steel chain mail that hung between her body and the soft suede dress she wore over it would have chilled her to the bone if she had not taken her fur with her tonight. Closing her eyes she thought of her teachings from the village oracle. The old woman had insisted that she had the sight and she had foreseen her in a dark place with a dark king by her side, she had scoffed at such a thing then but now the thought sent chills straight to her core. The king saying to her that she was not as she seemed as he was not what he seemed...terrified her. In the months since Isleen had grown very fond of the King, he had shown that he was indeed much more than he seemed.. The visions of things she had seen recently caused her to tremble, as she was chilled again tears were brought to her eyes. Dropping to her knees, digging deep into the soil with her fingertips she let her tears hit the small mounds of earth she had formed. Her eyes pierced through the tree trunks as she took in her surroundings more clearly now. In the distance she could see dim lights, she hoped it was the Hall as she slowly rose from her knees. With a sense of purpose to her life, she made her way confidently towards the light at the end of the forest. She would fulfill what she was brought here to do. She would rule as this Nordic Night King’s Queen. She would unlock the mystery within the Kingdom and hopefully unlock the mystery in her self as well. The frozen ground now hardly noticeable to her as she made her strides through the tree trunks, catching her fur on one of the lower limbs she had ducked under to make way back to the Hall. There came a song carried to her ears by the wind as it continued to sweep around her, “What is this magic?” She would say a loud as she broke through the trees, she now stood just feet away from the main hard wood doors that guarded the Hall against intruders. There were several torches lit on the stone wall that encased the door. The 2 guards that her husband had sent to guard this night were leaned lazily against the structure, they did not notice her presence until she was upon them. Nodding to them as she entered, one pushing the door for her as she walked past… She would have words with her King about the less than attentive guards once she warmed herself by the fire.  

Xirelia: The snow was exceptionally heavy today and Relia loved that, so she took out into the strong winds and danced around in the snowflakes, the frost clinging to her icey cold skin. "M'Lady are you sure you should be doing that?" A servant asked her, shying away from the cold weather while it turned her skin pale and her cheeks a rosey pink. "Mother and father won't miss me for a little while, besides just look at this beautiful weather!" The frost elf exclaimed, obviously very much in her element. "They will be upset if you track snow into the castle, M'Lady." The young girl giggled and danced further into the snow, disappearing through the thick blanket then fell from the skies. "Stop nagging me and just let me dance!" She called out to the woman, gradually disappearing further out but the servant didn't have the courage to follow. The older female muttered a pray to Thor to keep the princess safe, just as she had gone completely from sight. "Finally, peace." The elf tracked through the thick blanket of ice and snow, walking past the few people that dared to be out in this weather, passing wooden structures of homes and shop stalls. The blacksmith was still hard at work and she watched him a while, working through the sweat from the strong flames of his bonfire, slamming his hammer down on the anvil. Her icey blue gaze fixed on the red and yellow sparks, while her white hair and long dress blew in the wind. 

alldayj1: -The Draugr Johunn Sigurd was once a great berserker but when killed in Battle the Valkaries of Asgard carried him to Valhala where Odin choose him to join the elite ranks of Draugr. Several years later Johunn, has escaped the rule of any god and lives his own existence. While Alive, Johunn was a warrior but not a leader. He grew his skill and ascended to the title Berserker. Johunn once killed 30 men in a battle with only a fork and his fists. He was fierce and violent and filled with athleticism. He became one of the greatest warriors on the North before his death. He died on a battlefield in Ireland where He was left to face 200 men alone while his clan retreated. He was cut down but not until he killed dozens of them. When he arrived in Valhalla he was immediately selected by Odin to fight for him in prevention of the end of the world. He would not only fight for Odin, he would win battle after battle across the realms. He would earn his place in Odins’ heart and be granted freedom to serve on his own and at will where ever he saw fit. He found himself wandered the realms for 30 years before finding a way to blend in as human and finding Galandor. He began to establish himself and while on a raid met a fair and beautiful woman named Isleen. She captivated him and controlled his emotions. She was the one thing that could prevent his violence and blood lust. It was because of Isleen that he decide to hide in plain sight and appear a human. He created his Kingdom at Galandor and took her as his Queen. He feared her mortal state would leave her vulnerable. So Johunn concocted a plan with the Oracle to sacrifice Isleen to Freya so she may return a witch. He intended for his friend the Valkyrie to carry her back from Helhelm, though he would go get her himself if he had to. He was becoming a powerful king in no time but he had yet to raid to the lands south of Galandor. He thirsted to see what else existed in his world. The King was sane but appeared silly and goofy but mostly it was a rouse. He was wise and kind but also ruthless. He looked out on his people with the bloodlust of a Draugr but hiding in plain site in front of the mortals.

cat2321: She sat near the fire, warming her feet by the warm flames. Watching the flickering tongues of the heat dance in the air, throwing amber and golden sparks as the wood cracked and burned beneath it. Isleen watched it in a trance, She thought of her home and the large fires they would have during feasts. Of the dancing and music... something this Hall lacked. A loud knock at the door drew her attention away from the cozy fire infront of her and she made movement to stand to her feet. They were sore and bright red, though not from the heat. She felt like pins and needles as she stood and padded across the dark planks of wood towards the center of the Hall to see what kind of commotion would be entering through the doors this time, nothing really surprised her anymore these days.... not sinse she arrived... here. 

PayneZileQueen: "Finally" a Dark voice spoke to himself as a tall figure dressed in all black fur, covered in snow came up on a peak that showed the outline of something that contained civilazation below. "Couldn't drop me off here... Course not... Travel all by myself.. Thank you My Queen. Just hope that they at least got the letter that was sent.. And my god its cold!" Damon kept on talking to himself, to distract himself from the cold that he was feeling, despise his extra warm clothing, that made him feel even more uncomfortable since his skin couldn't breathe. Donned with a pair of swords that weren't his usual Dao blades, but a pair of more Nordic swords, Damon didn't feel in his element at all. Questioning if he got here due to him having messed something up, or to simply keep some peace between him and Samuel since Sifrella. Getting his black locks out of his face, Damon made his way down a small pass, traveling down the mountains, being as careful as he possibly could. Though the blindfold kept the snow from his eyes, the wetness did make his face feel even colder. But stubborn as he is, he didn't take it off. "The World is in Darkness, no matter the cold" he thought to himself. As a stone broke off from under his feet, Damon slipped down and quickly drew one of his swords with his right hand. Hacking into the rock, trying to break his fall more. It did slow him down, but Damon didn't get enough of a grip to climb back up, falling, rolling down the mountain wall. Getting hit on his back, his stomach, his sides, legs, arms, and everything. And then, finally. He landed with an loud "Oomph" escaping his lips while he laid face first into the cold dirt. Groaning, happy that the sword he was holding didn't stab him, while it lay broken in 5 pieces in front of him, Damon crawled up and stumbled his way towards what looked like a building of a smith. Leaning against the wall, trying to knock on the door with his arm, he noticed that it could've been broken.. Tapping something that couldn't clearly see with his feet, a soft noise was made. And he hoped that someone would've been able to hear it. "Darmorin Salvatore... From the Iron Dynasty...... Here for the King and Queen of.. Whatever this place is called"

Xirelia: "Will you make me a sword?" The princess asked the blacksmith, he chuckled giving a sort of nod while he focused mainly on his task. "Possibly my princess, but I will need your father's written permission before I can do that." The elf smirked deviously. "I shall be sure to get that for you." And gave a sweet giggle. Hearing a... Well, she supposed it was maybe a knock at the door, or rather a shuffle of sorts her head looked over her shoulder to it. Relia's long elven ears picked up a faint voice, the words broken and came with the sound of pain, 'are they hurt?' she asked herself. Carefully slipping out through the door, as to not let too much wind and snow flow in, the elf found herself standing in front of a much taller person, a man who most definitely did appear to be hurt. "Um, hello... Darmorin? You are in Galador... I can take you to the King and Queen if you want?" She asked him, wondering if she should first take him somewhere to get healed.

alldayj1: -Johunn started off into the Hall not overly concerned by anything but noticing everything. He rubbed his arm against the fur in his throne. He was rather frustrated to hear that two new trolls had setup shop at the edge of the southern forest and he would have to dispatch them. He was smiling his silly grin and staring at the queen like a puppy dog looks at its person. He was so helplessly in love with her and so endlessly ruthless in her defense. He would die a million deaths for her. Johunn knee being a king would be taxing but this was becoming annoying to him to deal with silly issues so he considered giving the Queen more power and more control. King Johunn snapped to attention at the announcement of a visitor... iron dynasty? What was that? “Bring him to me” he would bellow as his eyes told the queen to take her throne-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3: Charlotte’s wings are soaked through to the bone as she struggles to fly in the torrential rain. She keeps shifting her eyes, to try and find one that could withstand the velocity at which she was flying. She screamed in sorrow and anguish at the clouds barreling past her. "The most powerful tribe of shifters, now brought down to grains of ashes." She was lucky to have escaped alive. Through her tears and rain water, she sees a tall castle through the thick downpour of snow of the North and starts flying towards it, hoping to find shelter within. She plummets down to the slick earth, branches tearing at her flushed cheeks. She collapses in the forest surrounding the castle, landing on her back and wings. Charlotte feels her emotions boiling inside her, causing her to uncontrollably shift her forms. Groaning, she stands shakily, feeling her feet change from claws, to paws, to feet again. Her wings shift into a tail and then back to her wings again and and notices her surroundings go from sharper, to seeing red, back again. Charlotte brushed off the snow that clung to her sides and straightened out her tattered clothes, giving up after it shifted into fur. She snarled, and tried to calm herself down, breathing deeply. Charlotte eventually was able to hold her demonic shift, a small frame standing 5’5’’ at 130 lbs, with raven black hair plastered against her ivory skin from the wet snow and her black horns stuck out from her head. Her purple wings drooped by hips and her tail was brushing against the wet ground. Her stained and tattered clothes clung to her curves, and her tribe’s markings on her legs exposed through the tears in her pants. After readjusting her vest and wrap, she looked up and saw her glowing orange eyes make the snow fall glisten in front of her. Feeling her down feathers start to freeze, she wrapped her wings around her body and started trudging through the thick blanket of snow towards the large castle door.  

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille's gaze was in a far off place as a cold wind blew around her, making a shiver run down her spine. The elven oracles ears twitched as the voice of her king pulls her from the soft drumbeat of crickets and rain outside the open window of the bar, she is quick to fill a horn for her king and Queen before she makes her way across the hall. The wood floor feels cool under her feet as she approaches the throne and sits beside the king to whisper information into his ear-
cat2321: The Kings voice always bellowed through the halls at an alarming volume. It shocked her that she could hear him crystal clear no matter where she stood and how many doors were between them. Sometimes she would play deaf and attempt to ignore him, although that usually ended poorly for her. She would giggle to herself as she peeked at him sitting on his throne from across the hall. She padded off towards the kitchen in search of something to eat, She wondered where her daughter had gone off too, it was about time to eat Sup. 
PayneZileQueen: When the door was opened, Damon was welcomed with the amazing heat of a fire. A smile formed on his face as the warmth was touching his skin, even if it was only for a mere moment. The soft voice of a woman filled his ears and Damon caught some words, the warmth made him stay awake, but the cold he had felt for the past couple of weeks did some damage, and the fall earlier really damaged his body. "Maybe,, after some sleep" He whispered softly, as he moved a little closer towards the warmth. Slowly stumbling down onto the floor while a puddle of blood started to form from his sides, his body becoming paler and paler from his already pale skin. Turning over to his back, a rock was shown to be stuck inside Damons left side. "Warmth.. So nice.." He mumbled while he smiled. His eyes closed behind his blindfold.

Xirelia: Relia's arms reached to try and catch him but he was too heavy for her small frame. "Do not sleep! Shit..." Opening the door again, she called out to the blacksmith. "Go and get my father, quickly." - "Yes Princess!" And he ran past her through the door, running to the castle where he'd explain what had happened to King Johunn. In the mean time, Relia hooked her arms under the strangers and with a groan she slowly but surely dragged him closer toward the furnace. "You picked a bad day to come to a place where it always snows." The elf said outloud as if to expect a response. "Come on, wake up." She said, her hands reached and would slap against his cheeks gently. If he didn't respond, she'd inexpect his body for what was causing the blood loss. "A... Rock? You are unlucky." The female muttered with a sigh. "Here goes nothing." She'd say, after preparing one of the pokers in the flames, until it was bright red with heat. "I am so sorry, but this is going to hurt." Her voice a whisper, no sooner did the words fall from her mouth did she yank out the small rock as hard as she could, blood began to flow more freely so within a second she held the poker against the gaping hole to seal it shut, cleansing it too. "Please don't scream, please don't scream." She muttered.

alldayj1: -He listen to the information from Camille that the stranger would collapase but the King was not surprised as many who travel this cold land do so. When the blacksmith came to tell the king, Johunn snapped his fingers and commanded-"Take care of him, when he can speak he will tell me why he is in my home, One guard stays with him, no chains. Be kind" -He was rather annoyed and when he saw his little girl dart around the same time as the visitor he worred she may have contracted some sickness from the fool. Only the hardy could survive this place that is why he picked Galandors Peak to make his home and his kingdom. If anyone should come agaisnt him the environment would always favor him. He glared into the fire thinking of the visitors weakness but understood not all could be like him. He watched Charlottes arrival as well and wondered if the Trolls had anything to do with her hardship. The king saw red and thought the trolls needed dealt with soon. He watched the hall as he thought about all this.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3: Her attempts at flying over the vast white blanket wasted, Charlotte plowed through the thick snow. As she shivered and focused on her goal, she realized this kingdom might not be friendly towards her kind, nor to the demonic form she was in. Not wanting to pose as a threat, Charlotte shifted into her human form. Her forked tail and tall horns melted into her skin, her black hair changing to a dark brown and her eyes went from burning orange to a piercing green. Charlotte’s vest now has two tears where her wings were, now feeling the cold wind whip at her bare arms and stomach. Readjusting the cowhide pack on her shoulder, filled with what clothes she could find that weren’t burnt, she found her gray wolf-skin shrug that she threw over her shoulders. Smelling the familiar scent of her family in the fur, Charlotte started to run towards the growing wooden door. She winced as she felt her burn wounds on her abdomen open again, feeling hot blood run down her outer leg. Her lungs burned from the amount of cold air she was inhaling as her legs fought against the snow. Charlotte eventually made it to the door and went to knock, gasping as she noticed her fingertips were tinted blue and bleeding. The combination of the freezing cold and utter exhaustion overwhelmed her senses. She tried to contain her shift, feeling her eyes turn bright orange once again as she knocked on the door.  

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille prepared a few herbs for the fallen newcomer, sending the small care package with a trusted guard and nodding to her king as she was off to prepare the food and drink for the newcomers who would be coming in soon-
cat2321: Another loud knock at the door signals the Queen, she rises from her seat at the table with haste and runs for the door. She has heard the commotion and she is fearful for her daughter. Opening the gigantic and heavy wooden door alone is a task for 2 people but adrenalin coursed through her veins at the thought of her daughter on the other side... upon opening the door though... it was not her daughters face she was met with. She stood there staring at the creature, quickly noticing the wound on her thigh. Isleen reached for her, seeing that she was weak and suffering from the extreme cold. ' Please do come in, I beg of you" she said in a soft but firm tone to the female figure " I am Isleen, Queen of Galandor" 

PayneZileQueen: His head light, only feeling the sensation of warmth touching his skin. Damon was close to passing out. Hearing the female voice sounded angelic, it sounded.. It sounded like Sifrella. Ah.. Sifrella.. She'd laugh in his face probably for this, or be pissed off for not being the one to kill him. Maybe both. Then suddenly, a stinging pain coursed through his body, but soon enough he got used to it. As the heat closed his wound, and the radiation started to course through his veins. Opening his eyes, seeing the dark world in his vision. He rose his head and saw some kind of elf hold a piece of hot metal against his wound that was closing up nicely. Slowly moving his arm, getting the feeling back in his body, he took over the metal rod from the girl and smiled. "Quick thinking. Be a dear, and turn up the stove a bit more please?" He whispered softly, but with a thankful tone in his voice. "Heat.. Warmth.. Sun.. Fire.. They heal that what belongs to them."

Xirelia: The hot poker seemed to be doing the trick, the smell of burning flesh even made her gag. "Are you sure you should be moving?" She asked, just as he started to move his arm and her hand bacame empty of the rod. "What do you mean? Quick thinking? Never heard of common sense." She retorted, standing up and Relia rubbed her bloody hands against her dress. "More... Heat..?" She asked quietly, the idea alone made her cautious but she did it anyway. After adding more logs to the fire, Relia used the pump to make the flames burn higher and brighter, but just as her hands started to become slippery, she quickly stepped back to stand near the entrance, the cold air against the door setting her body's temperature right again. "I hope that is hot enough for you." She muttered, but soon yelped when she felt someone hit against the other side of the door. "Princess! Are you okay?" - "Y-Yes!" She called back. "It doesn't seem like he can handle the cold very well, so I will wait until he has had time to get warm by the fire, and then bring him to my father." The elf continued. The guard, though troubled by the idea accepted the princess's command. "Yes Princess, I will wait here. Please do hurry."

Guest_ch4rl0tt3:  Charlotte is greeted by a welcomed gust of warm air and beautiful, regal woman. She instantly noticed the woman’s tone when she spoke, feeling honored to be in the presence of a royal. Charlotte stepped through the doors, feeling warmth engulf her and the smell of food cooking in a faraway kitchen. Her teeth chattered and she held her arms around her waist, trying to hide her wound. The woman introduced herself as Queen Isleen. As the words tumbled out of the woman’s mouth, quickly Charlotte bowed low to the woman. “Thank you, your highness, for your hospitality.” Charlotte tried to control her freezing teeth, wanting to try and represent her people well, but to no avail. She stood tall, wincing as she put her weight on her wounded leg and spoke, “I-I am Charlotte Rose-” She stopped herself, realizing she shouldn’t trust these people completely yet, for they might be enemies of Shifters. Clearing her throat, she continued, “Charlotte Rose, I have traveled far and unfortunately got a little lost in the woods and snow.” She smiled timidly at the queen and looked around her. She was intimidated and impressed by the grandeur of the room she was in. The room gave her a feeling as though she was welcome and safe here, that was until Charlotte saw a large intimidating man with a large hand on his axe. Her eyes widened and she went to her knees in front of the queen, hoping he wouldn’t see her as a threat. 

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille brought warm bread and cooked meats over to the entry way, watching the girl go to her knees in front of the queen she cocked her head and blinked at the girls actions. She looked to her queen, waiting for her reaction to the display as well as peeking out the door to see how far off the rest of their guests were- 

cat2321:  Seeing the poor Woman named Charlotte Rose fridged and frightened before her, the situation only getting more tense as she noticed the King behind her who was already wuite aggitated himself. Isleen placed her hand on the kings forearm, looking into his eyes with a softness. " My love, please she is injured and has not posed a threat. Please put down your axe and assist me in moving her to the fire" She jestured to Charlotte, removing her own fur robe, wrapping it around her. She Yelled for one of the maids to fetch her a bowl of warm water and supplies for the wound. 

PayneZileQueen: As the heat was filling the chamber, Damon felt himself become stronger and stronger. He did feel sorry for the elf that helped him, probably for anyone who wasn't a Fire Elf, or used to this kind of heat, it'll be hardly bareable. Damon took off his jacket and showed his bare chest, scars filling his body while his back was decorated with the tattoo of a dragon. Slashes, arrow wounds, everything once could think of, apart from burn marks. "Common sense or not love. That was some really quick thinking. And excuse the view." he smirked as he took in the heat, the flames of the furnace surrounding him, licking his skin as it wanted to belong with Damon. And when he felt better, and his clothing was all dried up again. He dressed up and kneeled before the Elf who helped him. "Darmorin Salvatore. My friends call me Damon. I am from the Iron Dynasty far away from here. And I am here on a mission by my Queen to help the King and Queen of this.... horrible place.." He shuddered for a moment as he thought of the cold, and the fact that he barely made it out alive if it wasn't for this elven girl. "I owe you my gratitude, and in return, I will be in your debt with any favor you wish for."

Xirelia: With a slightly clenched fist she raised her right hand and coughed into it, looking in another direction after he had shed himself of his coat, though catching the brief sight of the many scars he wore. "It is all right." She replied, her pale blue eyes adverted to the window. An awkward laugh escaped her lips ashe took a knee in front of her. "Please don't do that, and hello Darmorin Salvatore... I shall take you to the King and Queen, now that you are... Better..." She trailed off for a moment. "Uh yes, no favor required. And this isn't a horrible place, just a bit cold. You might light it better when the sun comes up, it will get a bit warmer." She smiled to him. "This way, do excuse the guard." The young elf said to him before opening the door of the blacksmiths, the strong wind blew in and snowflakes trailed across the wooden floor. The guard, a tall male followed them both to the castle. "Mother, father!" Relia called out, her eyes caught sight of a commotion, with another stranger but a woman this time. "What happened?" The elf asked, walking into the warm halls, ushering the man to follow her.

alldayj1: -Johunn picked charlotte up with one arm and carried her to the fire, his frustration showed slightly as he dropped her rather hard on the ground infront of the flames. He was annoyed but wanted to make Isleen happy. He observed that Charlotte was not mortal due to the orange eyes. He wondered what exactly she was and he tried to enter her dreams. Once inside he saw he running through the woods in some animal form. This was enought to tell him she was a shapeshifter of some sort. The king was wise but would not share this with anyone as he constantly worried about scaring the mortals....Hearing Relia calling and with the stranger talking of an Iron Dynasty...He instanly forgot of Charlottes dream and began to glare at the stranger with his daughter. Waiting for introductions would be tourture to him as his green eyes darkened to a deep and endless black.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3: Charlotte welcomed the fur robe and stood as tall as she could, trying to muster her strength and not show too much weakness in her actions. Her actions however were useless, as the large man, whom she understood to be the King, lifted her with one arm and carried her over to the large stone fireplace. Charlotte yelped as she was dropped to the ground and clutched her leg in pain. She blinked back tears and looked up at the king and queen. Charlotte wondered why the king stared at her when she realized her eyes were casting a faint orange glow. She blinked, shifting so her piercing green ones appeared. Upon hearing a cry, Charlotte turned to see a pretty, pale female and a tall male with scars and a dragon tattoo adorning his back who walked towards them, the female calling out to the King and Queen. The King was clearly agitated by the male, as well as herself.

cat2321: She made haste to check over Charlottes injuries. Her maid was swift with carrying out her orders with the supplies needed. She wrang out a cloth after soaking it with warm water, placing the bowl near the fire so its contents would stay as such. Isleen was soft, delicate and compassionate. She did not wish harm or fear on the woman but this mending was going to be painful and she felt imense empathy with her. Without speaking a word, she started washing the wound cleansing it, and finally wrapping her in a clean dressing. She left Charlotte by the fire to relax as well as to stay warm, she had lost a great deal of blood. When she was recovered she would have Gale fetch her some food and drink. 

PayneZileQueen: Quite surprised with how down to earth this Elf girl was, and raising an eyebrow when she mentioned the King and the Queen being her mother and father. Damon stood straighter after having followed her all the way to the castle. Political, yet he hated Politics.  "My name is Darmorin Salvatore.. I come from the Iron Dynasty in the Midwest. My Queen, Anaya. Would've left a message of my arrival, if I'm not mistaking" His words stern, with a bit of an Eastern accent, but proud and righteous. His posture correct and fitting in his introduction, yet the torn midsection of his clothing showed that he was wounded not long ago. The smell of blood still present, as Damon could smell it himself as well. "And apologies, my Lord. For smelling like blood.. I ehh.. I slipped." His proud posture turned into that of a charmer, trying to keep the mood at least a little light, as he could feel the tension from when he entered the castle. "If it wasn't for your daughter, I wouldn't be standing here"

Xirelia: Letting the stranger do all the talking, Relia walked forward with her head slightly cast down as she smiled sweetly to her father, the glare on her face made her feel guilty. "Nothing happend, Papa. I just tended his wounds, the rest he did himself. I will... Take him to a guest room, while you deal with your other guest." She smiled to her mother and father, walking away before they could say any different, her hand waved to the man for him to follow, where she would take him to one of the guest chambers. "Sleep and clean up, there is wood by the fire if you want it warmer. Do not mind my father." Smiling to the man she waved fair well. "Sleep well, Darmorin Salvatore." And she let the door shut behind her, Relia would then return to the large hall, to her mother and father.

alldayj1: -He knew what Darmorin was speaking of but he smiled his coy goofy grin like he was confused, He turned to the Politician and noded that his daughters words rung true and watched her lead him off to sleep. He turned back to the queen and the shapeshifter. He knelt next to her and said "Why are you here and I know what you are" -All in a voice only she could here. He softened his eyes from the black but still not fully back to its usually green.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3: “Thank you, your majesty, you are very kind.” She bit down on her lip, stopping herself from whimpering like a pup. When the queen had finished, she bowed her head in thanks. She leans close to the flames, loving the feeling of the heat against her skin again, compared to the freezing cold she had been used to on her journey North. Charlotte watches the interaction between the King, the Queen, the female whom she understood to be the Princess and the newly introduced male, Darmorin. The female then whisked Darmorin away to, she assumed, a guest room of sorts. Suddenly the king kneeled next to her and his voice rang through her head. Charlotte’s eyes widened in fear, her eyes shifting to orange again, giving her away. She sighs and looks between the king and queen, “I am actually Charlotte Rose Prince, daughter of High Chief Aero Prince of the Shifters. I was supposed to be next in line to my throne. However…” Charlotte felt tears well in her eye, brushing it away quickly. Charlotte cleared her throat anc spoke firmly, “About two weeks ago, a kingdom felt threatened by the presence of the neighbouring Shifter tribes and sent armies to exterminate my species. My family and pack did everything we could to fight back, but their weapons were too strong… My parents and siblings were burned alive. I gathered anything I thought was useful and was going to round up any more shifters who might have escaped, but I was seen by soldiers and was chased into the woods. I’ve been flying North ever since, knowing no Southerner would come looking for me up here.” She finished her story and looked up worriedly at the two royals and noticed the Princess had joined them around the fire. 
Guest_Galeboom: -Camille often felt a bit at a loss for words as her thoughts would invade at the worst times. she looked between her king and queen, reading her queens expression she offered her queen some herbs from her pouch on her belt to ease the injured girls pain. The oracle then hurrying to the bar to slice up fresh apples that would provide the water and sugars that the girl would need to recover. Her gaze looking to her king and the stranger with his daughter, she would prepare a few plates of food for the new arrivals to ease all tensions as well as fill their bellies. Camille zagged through the tables as she brought a plate over to charlotte first, wanting to ease her queens worry and help the injured girl as best she could. Camille turning and seeing that the injured male had disappeared and their daughter had come back out to the hall, the elf walking over to relia to offer her a plate of wonderful smelling food and inquire about the strange male to see if he also needed soothing herbs-

cat2321: - She looked about the hall, everyday was indeed an adventure here. Staring at the large doors that just an hr or so ago brought strange new persons into her midst... she wondered what other dangers lie beyond the great Hall... They had been lucky enough to only welcome what seemed to be friends. Looking down at the poor girl that was nestled by the fire she thougth of the dangers. Her gaze drifed to her daughter, to her King, then to Camille... she watched the expressions on their faces. Making small steps towards Johunn, she placed her arm in his, attempting to calm him before they retired for the evening. " Charlotte, we are so very sorry for your loss. We hope that we can offer you some sort of stay here with us until you are well. You may come and go as you please but it would please us greatly if you would stay here with us. I can show you to a chamber where you may rest and recover in peace" she motioned for the king to aid her, giving him a pinch as a reminder not to be so rough

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Guest_Galeboom: -Camille strode down the hallway, a mortar and pestle in hand as she ground up herbs in rhythm with her steps. The oracle hummed a soft tune as she came into the main room of the mead hall, she looked around to see if anyone was up since the night before was an exhausting one- "hello?" She said softly-

Xirelia: The library was the place to be this time of the day, from an early morning wake up and having eaten breakfast, Relia kissed her mother's cheek and hugged her father before disappearing for the afternoon, to read any books she might have missed. There weren't any, however there were plenty she'd enjoy reading over again, and would so for a few hours, now that the guests had at least been situated to their guest chambers. Suddenly, a loud smash came in through the window, glass had shattered across the floor as wind howled and snow flew into the room. "Oh no!" She explaimed, hurrying around the room as it became alive, pages and scrolls flying around the room. "Guards!" She cried out, trying to catch the pieces of paper. Relia had to think fast while she waited for the guards to come, so with both her hands aimed at the broken window, she'd seal it shut by manifesting frost from her hands. When the wind stopped, she lowered them. "Princess!" A guard came in, sword and shield ready. "You are a bit late." The female muttered, annoyed. "Go back to your post, thank you." Relia stated plainly, dismissing them and she went about tidying the mess.

PayneZileQueen: The fire of Damon's room was burning brightly. The heat was healing him while it also made him more comfortable, Damon was laying in his bed, the fabric of it was pretty good, yet it didn't feel like home. His head resting on a pillow while the blankets were covering his lower body. Naked under it, he thought about home. And how he barely survived this trip already. This was definitely going to be an experience, this much he knew. Waking up, Damon stood up and grabbed his blindfold to once more cover his world in Darkness. Standing beside his bed, he walked over to the flames and stretched. The flames hugging his body as he got closer. Taking his time to relax a little bit, he finally decided to put on some clothing, putting on his pants and his belt. Damon stood straight and let his body fall onto the floor, catching his weight with his hands and pushing his body up again. Starting his work out with his push-ups.

cat2321: - Isleen sat in the feasting room, stretched out on one of the benches. She had heard footsteps approach her, turning to see Relia awake and cheerful heading in her direction. She received a kiss on her cheek as she explained she was off to the library. She would bid her well and remind her " We have guest to attend to Dear, please do not be lost in books all morning" she would smile as she sent her on her way. She would turn her attention back to the planning of the festivities awaiting for the other guest to awaken.-

alldayj1: -The King was pacing the hall and waiting his usual grin remained but it was noticeable he was impatient to find out what the Iron Dynasty politician was doing in Galandor. He nipped on some fresh bread and sipped cold creek water freshly gathered to wash it down. He was watching his queen rest and wondering what his daughter was reading in the library which is where he would rather be if he was honest. He got bored quickly with the rules of ruling.-

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille's ears twitched lightly as she hears the soft thump of the elf not far down the hall, and the soft creak of wood beneath his weight. She was more patient than her king at times and was glad to assist with anything large or small, the elf spotted her king pacing and gave him a bow "anything I can assist with to ease your mind, lord?" She asked kindly as she shivered from a cold breeze that brushed the back of her neck-

Xirelia: Most of the books and scrolls were back on their designated shelves, the last that was left were some crystals that had fallen from their bowl when it tipped over. Carefully picking them up, Relia had to hop them between either hand as they burned her skin. "Ow, ow, ow." Her hands quickly healed, not even a scar. "To find somewhere safer to put these things." She said out loud, deciding inthe end to put them high up on top of a bookshelf. The young elf would leave the library when it was all cleared, returning to the large hall with a single book in hand. "Hello, Camille." Relia said with a smile, first having met her upon returning.

cat2321: - She continued to fumble with her things in front of her. She Called for one of the maids to fetch her more supplies for medical purposes as she planned to go check on Charlotte here soon if she did not rise on her own. How unfortunate and sad that her whole family had come to such a fate. She wondered if bringing this incident to the King with the thought of forming a party to go search the area for any survivors would be something he would consider... -

alldayj1: -He was watching his queen who seemed perplexed. Still sipping the water. He rattled the handle of his battle axe, bordum did not sit well on the king. He was ansy and ready for an adventure or a challenge. What could he do... What would be worthy of his time. He stared at the queen as if she had the answers but knowing likely she was only worrying about what this day would bring

Guest_Galeboom: "Hello Relia." Camille grinned and gave a polite bow "Have you got a good book there?" She inquired with a soft voice, gesturing to the book in the young elfs hand. Camille was quite a bookworm herself as her memory was a little shot but she reveled in reading a good book, no matter how many times over. "Are you feeling alright this morning?" She asked curiously and gave a soft smile-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte’s eyes blinked open as she woke in an unfamiliar room. The events from last night came flooding back to her memory and she sighed, happy to be in an actual bed. She swung her legs over the edge of the large bed and stretched, yawning loudly. She winced, having forgotten about her burns down the right side of her body. Charlotte stood and stumbled over to her bag, glad to have found it in the room. Looking through the bag, she found her long turquoise gown, the one she was meant to wear for her coronation day. It was the nicest thing she had brought with her, and decided to put it on. Charlotte didn’t want to show up downstairs underdressed, as she wanted to honor those who had taken her in. She made sure her appearance was pleasant, and made especially sure that her shift was exactly as it was the night before, not wanting to alarm her hosts. Charlotte looked in the mirror and smiled deciding to keep her orange eyes shifted, hoping to distract from the long scar that ran down her eye.

Xirelia: Relia's icy gaze looked down at the book in her hand, opening it briefly she quickly flicked through the pages. "Oh, yes. There was a little accident in the library, so I thought I might come and read in here for a bit. Plus Ma told me not to spend too long in there." She giggled, lifiting her eyes to the Oracle once more. "I am very well, thank you. Tell me, though... How are our guests? Is the man all right? I trust his wounds are faring better?" She asked, shifting slightly on her feet. Relia's eyes briefly looked to her mother and father, then down at her book. 'I think father will appreciate this book', she thought to herself.

PayneZileQueen: Hearing the creaking wood under his weight, felt a little weird to Damon's comfort, but he kept remaining his routine until he was done. Turning over to lay down on his back, he kept on going. Moving from Push-ups to sit ups. After a couple 100, he moved to stretches, lunges, and some slow tai-chi movements to remain his balance and focus his energy. And eventually he got fully dressed in an all black outfit, covering his entire body, and some fur of a dead wolf covering his right shoulder. The swords, or well, sword. Remained in his room, but Damon was always careful enough to carry a dagger strapped to his left boot. "Ugh.. How can people wear so much?" He still felt uncomfortable, wishing it wouldn't be as cold here. But rather nice and warm, like Ignoros, or even Iron, while that was already quite a lot colder than the hot deserts he originated from. Opening his chamber doors, Damon decided to walk up towards the throne room. Hearing the winds from the outside in his ears made him anxious, it sounded like nothing he had heard up until he had climbed the mountains of Galandor single handedly. A shudder took control over his shoulders and when it was over, he had reached the throne room. Looking around, he noticed the King and he kneeled down. "Thank you for the rest, Sire. I am sure you have a lot of questions, and I apologize that they remained unanswered until now. I am willing to answer anything you have to ask."

cat2321: - The maid had brought the supplies she asked for. Isleen made her way to the guest chambers, Hearing some commotion upstairs she stopped to listen. The sounds of footsteps moving about the room alerted her that Charlotte was indeed already awake and to keep from having an awkard meeting first thing in the morning she rushed back to the main hall. She would set the bowl by the fire to keep warm as he had the previous night. Deciding that she would instead speak to the King now about sending a party to scout the area where the attack had taken place. Her bare feet padded across the floor, barely making a sound. She liked this, it allowed her to creep through for the most part unbothered by servants and such. Coming into the throne room she saw that the Elf Damon had awoken as well and already sought audiance with the King... She would wait-

alldayj1: -He seemed eased at the sight of the politician. He gazed at him. - "who do you represent again and how did you find us?"- He looked around the hall and was rather annoyed that more guards were not present. He was not worried for himself but for his Queen and daughter. He looked back at the man and waited impatiently for his answers studying his appearance and the cover over his eyes. Johunn wondered if this was a rouse or if this fool really stumbled here blind. He would snap for a maid to bring the guest water and bread. Noticing his queen he nodded to her to come close as he would hear her concern first and foremost.-

Guest_Galeboom: "I heard him exercising" Camille covered her mouth and giggled softly with relia, quieting down as she saw Damon leave his room and bow to the king, she listened carefully as she smiled over at relia- "shall we join them?" She asked and eyed the king and his concerned look, she becons Relia and rests her hand on her ebony sword, nodding to her king to try and ease his worry with a calm smile. She was sure she would not have to use her weapon but she wanted to keep everyone at ease and safe at the same time.-

Xirelia: Relia laughed. "Excercising huh? I cannot say that I am surprised, he seems the sort to do that every morning." Walking closer to Camille, she now stood and her side and smiled when she suggested they join her mother and father. "Yes, we sho- ...Darmorin?" He appeared to be doing better at least, she noted but was immediately met with a worried King who was on edge by the man's visit. "It's all right, Camille." She whispered to her, gently placing her hand upon her arm, when she saw her resting a hand upon her blade. Standing forward, Relia stood beside the kneeling guest, a while smile across her face. "Father, this is Darmorin Salvatore. I met him last night, as you know. He was badly hurt, but I helped patch him up and brought him here." She stated calmly to her father.

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Her turquoise gown tickled her ankles as Charlotte began her descent down the long staircase from her guest chambers towards the throne room. Chatter echoed through the halls of the castle as she made her way down the steps, careful not to trip on her shoes. She shrugged to herself, “Maybe I should have flown down.” Even though she was only 5’5” she still felt the need to duck under a beam, allowing her glowing orange eyes help her to see her dark surroundings. When she reached the bottom of the spiraling staircase, she smoothed her auburn hair down around her shoulders and smoothed her dress before walking into the room. She was always taken aback by the grand hall, now finally being able to appreciate its grandeur. Charlotte felt good from not having to run and hide for the moment. She felt safe behind these strange walls. Her sharp heels clicked against the dark wooden floor as she walked into the throne room. She saw her king and queen sitting on the thrones, the other guest at the king’s feet kneeling, as well as heard chattering a few rooms down a hall. Charlotte hoped to meet the rest of the members of this fine castle soon. 

PayneZileQueen: "I am from Iron, the Iron Dynasy, and I am here to represent it. And my Queen, the Dragon, she discovered this place and asked me to explore, to maybe form an alliance, and if so. To help smooth things out as much as I can. I am the Royal Advisor to the Que..." Damon stopped in his sentence when he heard the soothing voice of the girl who helped him earlier. He turned his head in her direction and smiled. Moving his head back to face the King once more. "And yes, if it wasn't for your Daughter, I would've most likely bled to death. Must say it was a rather.. Surprising evening, at the least." Damon lowered his head a little bit more. "My friends call me Damon, by the way. Only my parents really called me Darmorin" A soft smile formed on Damon's lips. "I am forever grateful for your daughters quick thinking. And will be in her debt. So please, if those swords that are aimed at me, or the ones that are ready to be drawn could lower down and relax. I do come in peace. Otherwise I would not have slept in your guest bed, my Lord."

cat2321: - Isleen watched egarly as the vistors gathered in the throne room. The fresh wood on the fire snapped and popped as the flames over took each piece. She thought of last night, Charlotte laying there in front of it. She hardly looked like she needed any mending this morning. She noted that she retained her orange eyes, she would giggle to herself for sure the king would notice and have some sort of sassy response to it. He had asked her to speak her mind but she did not want to be rude, now she feared offending Charlotte if the King did not have a postitive response to her inquiry so she would wait until after the guest had dispursed. The poor girl had been through so much already and she did not want to weaken her spirits further.

alldayj1: -The king listened to Damons words and wondered how powerful the Dragon was. He watched the mans actions and his appreciation for his daughter. He also looked past him at the other things going on about the room. He knew the Queen wanted to talk to him from her face and her gate. He was annoyed that he had to do kingly things when that is not what he wanted to do. He looked at Damon and said - "So your Queen, how did she hear of us? and what does she seek from us?"-

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille relaxed her grip on her sword at relias soothing voice, the young one was far wise beyond her years and the elf nodded in aproval as Damon spoke of relias quick thinking. This Hall was full of smart and reliable people no matter how mysterious they all may be, she smiled In thought as she listened quietly and leaned forward in interest-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte kept to herself as the King spoke to the man on the floor, not wanting to interrupt. She watched as the two men spoke of an alliance between their kingdoms. Charlotte had heard of the Dragon Queen before, but never got the chance to know her. Her parents always were invited to the grand parties where the Queen was also invited, but they never were able to attend due to their duties at the Shifter villages. She remembered finally getting an invitation to one herself just before the attack, sighing at the missed chance. Charlotte leaned against a large pillar and stayed silent, not wanting to interrupt the royals and their politics. She caught the queen’s eye and smiled to her.

Xirelia: Relia laughed softly at Darmorin. "You are being modest, friend. I only did what anyone else here would have done, the same in your Kingdom I would have no doubt. I will leave you both to talk. Father." Stepping forward, she reached up as high on her tiptoes as she could, just reaching her father's cheek where she kissed it, then went over to her mother to hook her arm through hers. Standing beside her mother, the shorter girl would rest her head upon her arm. "Ma, there was a little incident in the library, I managed to fix it with some ice but the window need repairing." Relia confided in her mother, knowing her father would be busy for a time.

PayneZileQueenPayneZileQueen : "My Queen hasn't really heard of you, she simply discovered that this place isn't in ruins anymore, and went by the old name, Galandor Peaks.. She asked me to look around and well. Here I am. As for what she seeks, she seeks nothing, but is always open to form an alliance.. Am I bothering?" Damon did notice the Kings uneasy and bored look. And to be honest, Damon was also bored. But was used to hiding it for his Queen. Damon stood up and crossed his arms. "I am talking to the King. Am I not?"

alldayj1: -He grinned his silly grin at Damon and allowed him to wonder for a moment. - "Yes, the kind is who you speak with. I am King Johunn and I have seen your likes before. I have seen a lot of things. I did not know this place before but I asure you we are not going to end in rubble and ash. So is your queen fair? what of trade? we desprately need grains..." - He trailed off agian distracted seeing the shapeshifter briefly and then the ordeal with his daughter and something about a window he thought he overheard. - "I,...I am sorry, a lot is going on each day and being King is a new task for myself."-

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille quietly rose from her spot, deciding to be more useful by heading to the bar and preparing foods while her king handled important matters. She began on a scrumptious smelling dish of rabbit and herbs for everyone, humming quietly as she grabbed a few potatoes and onions behind the bar and walked over to the fire pit to stoke the coals to life-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  She winces when the man stands and asks if he is questions if he is speaking to the king. Charlotte notices the king see her and smiles at his bravery in admitting he was new to his kingship. Even though the man scared her, she saw he was kind under his tough exterior. Charlotte watched as a woman who helped her last night stand and walk into a hallway where the smell of freshly made food wafted from the kitchens. Her stomach rumbled quietly, hoping it wasn’t too loud for everyone to hear.  

PayneZileQueen: Smiling as the King introduced himself, he nodded softly when he heard th confession. "Only a true leader is not afraid of admitting something is new. And my Queen is quite fair, the Red Dragon is one of her names. Maybe you've heard of her? Grains I can give, if I am able to send a Raven or an Owl or something, which I don't think is able in our current situation. Given the storm. And I can help you in your leadership, if you want me to help out, at least. As I said, I am the Royal Advisor of the Queen"

alldayj1: -He would watch the room and wonder if the trolls were going to bed down for the storm, maybe he could catch them off guard.. he snapped back to his present self and says - "The storm will hold us for 2-3 days but then we can send ravens. Another thing, you see we aim to protect the fear of the people so please understand our coyness" -he flashes his eyes black for a moment to emphasize what he meant - "what of the former inhabitants of this land?"

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille let the flames of the pit rise as she stuffed the rabbits she had prepared with herbs and onions, throwing the potatoes into a pot of water to cook. She listened to her king and the advisor to this red dragon which made Camille curious and anxious at the same time, she knew her king would make decisions for the good of the people in his land. The oracle putting the whole rabbits on the spits and letting them turn on a slow rotation-

cat2321  She acknowledged her daughter and the window, it would have to wait until after the storm had passed to be fixed propperly but the could board it from the inside. Leaning forward she would wink at the king letting him know that it was not a serious matter as he was beginning to look a little stressed. The smell from the kitchen lofted through the hall, it smelt amazing and she was indeed starving. She allowed her glance to follow through the room at the guests, trying to judge if she should have the meal prepared and tables set. She called for a maid to attend to the matter, seeing that Damon and the King may get into an in depth discussion... she thought it well to allow them to talk over the meal instead. " Your Magisty, may we continue such things over sup?"

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte’s ears perked up when the Queen mentioned food and grinned to herself. Deciding to make her presence a little more known, she walked as purposely as she could, limping slightly on her wounded leg. She stopped just before the thrones, just behind the other male and bowed her head. “Your majesties, I am sorry for interrupting. I was hoping to get the chance to properly thank you for your generosity. You’ve shared your home with a wounded stranger and saved my life. I wish to repay the debt in any way shape or form for you.” After finishing her speech, Charlotte looked up and flashed her eyes proudly, a sign of respect in her culture.

Xirelia: Relia observed and paced slightly, wandering around her home while everyone else did as the would, a book still clasped in her hands. The mention of food made her ear twitch, maybe she was hungry but she couldn't really tell, not eating as often as most people do. "Talking around a meal sounds like a great idea, Ma." The elf said out loud. "Which Camille has so wonderfully prepared for all of us." Relia continued as she swayed her hips side to side, her long dress doing the same when she moved.

cat2321: - She stood, motioning for Johunn to join her extending her hand as she did this. " My love, I fear that if we do not eat here soon we will be far too famished to discuss such things. I know our guests must be ravanous after such an eventful evening." she purred to him in the softest way possible. Her stomach now growling on its own and she hoped that he did not hear it and mistake it for a attitude that she did not have at this time. However if he made her wait much longer her cool demeaner would shift quickly-

alldayj1: -He nodded to his Queen and took Isleens arm. With his Bellow - "Sever the meal and feat like kings for the GODS love us let us eat!" - With that they walked to the tables and took seats at the mean. Roast rabbit, deer and more. Lots of breads and vegtables. And most of all MEAD! lots and lots of mead. Mead of clover, wildflowers, many kinds and the kind loved them all. He grinned foolishly as he filled his horn and began the meal with both guests and family. His talking of his seat signigaled for everyone to do so-

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille quickly washed her hands in a wooden bowl, as eager as the rest to dig into the food that had been prepared. She sat down at the table and smiled at everyone around her as she poured herself horn and raised it in the air "To the health of the kingdom, let us show our guests some merriment and welcome them with delicious food and drink." Camille grinned and took a drink from her horn

Xirelia: Relia giggled at the excitment most appeared to show at the idea of the meal, all too happy to join everyone at the large banquet table. Eating quietly through the meal prepared, Relia eventually peeked over the table to her mother. "Ma, I don't suppose I might be allowed some mead?" The elf asked, the tips of her ears turned a shade of pink, just like her cheeks while the words fell from her lips.

alldayj1: -He begins to eat the rabbit watching the queen pick at hers as well. He watched her soft face and delicate fingers as she picked at the meat and broke up the bread. The King knew he was truely lucky and he simled often as his beautiful queen as he could not help it. He would then turn and answer his daughters silly question - "Have you killed a boar or a deer yet Relia? That is the price for a few sips of mead my dear"- He chugged his mead chuckling to himself that he had slained thousands of animals and men and he had truely earned his drink.-

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille watched everyone with a soft smile as she sipped her drink and broke off a small peice of bread, buttering it and taking a small bite with the rabbit on her plate. Nibbling she sat back in her chair and giggled softly at her kings words to his daughter, she raised a brow and made an innocent comment "but she did save a man at the doorstep the night before my lord" Camille bowed her head respectfully and looked up with a playful twinkle in her eye-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte felt her stomach growl again as she looked down at her plate of food. She tucked into the rabbit, glad to actually eat something cooked for the first time in a while. She smiles at the princess’s request and takes a sip of the mead herself. “This food and mead is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this meal.” She takes another bite of the rabbit, trying to control herself. Hearing the woman’s comment about the princess saving the man, she spoke again, “You must be proud of yourself for saving the man, I applaud you.” Charlotte smiles warmly at the princess.

Xirelia: Relia frowned at her father, turning her gazed down to her plate. "You know I have not, father. I have... Tried, but it just is not something I can do..." She shifted in the chair. Sitting back, Relia had eaten most of what she could but avoided the meat. When finished, she ate through a small breadroll that was still slightly warm to the touch. Her eyes raised from a plate to Camille after she spoke and she laughed softly. "As would anyone else. Please, it's really nothing. Just in the right place, at the right time." Relia muttered, replying to the other guest as well. With a heavy sigh, the elf stood up. "May I be excused father?"

PayneZileQueen: Eating the meat like his life depended on it. And drinking the mead as water. Damon stuffed his face. Not thinking about any manners, since he hasn't eaten like this in over 3 weeks. His stomach growled, hungry for more. Then he heard Relia and he had noticed she hasn't eaten her meat. Feeling slightly guilty now that he was almost inhaling his food whole. He stopped and looked at the Princess. "You don't eat meat? I know some people who choose that diet. Apologies for eating mine so close to you" Moving his plate a few inches away from him.

cat2321: - She scoffed at the King... Relia was certainly old enough to have mead and since when did ladies have to kill in order to drink without even turning to the King she spoke in a confident and firm tone " Please dear, Take my Mead. I am not sure I have the stomach for it at the moment Relia" passing her horn to her daughter smirking as she did knowing the king would likely have something to say about it. She placed her hand on his thigh under the table and gave him a squeeze.. She directed her attention to Charlotte " I am sorry, I did not mean to be rude earlier in the throne room, I believe I spoke over you and the King may have missed your statement. How are you feeling today?"

alldayj1: -Johunn first noted the words of Camille and recalled his daughters brave actions. He then noted his daughter’s annoyance and disinterest in her rabbit. He nods and says, - “You may leave the table but first! We must celebrate your brave actions, I nearly forgot my daughter is a hero…..Everyone raise your horns to my Daughter savior of Damon…SKOL” – Then the king looked at Charlotte – “I did not mean to not respond before but Dinner is….Dinner” –He snickered- “You are welcome to stay for a time but your debt is not to me, it is to my Queen Isleen and she is the decider of such matters regarding yourself” –He looked on to Damon now and again wondered what sort of relationship would come with his Queen.-

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille frowned softly and snapped her fingers for a maid, whispering into the woman's ear and signaling her off to fetch some veggies to steam for the princess. Camille nibbling on her bread as she listened to her king and raised her horn, grinning as she looked to relia to see how she took the mead before taking a sip herself-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte smiles at the king and queen, “I completely understand. If I’m honest, I was also distracted by the smell of the food. Charlotte raises her mead horn high for the Princess and cheered for her bravery. She then addressed the queen, “I am very well, your majesty. Thank you so much for taking care of my burns. They are still a little sensitive but I’m just grateful they didn’t get worse. As I was traveling, I didn’t get chance to bandage them and was afraid of an infection.” She takes another bite of her food and swallows, continuing to speak as eloquently as she could, following her mother’s instructions, “I know I am a stranger to you all, so if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.”

Xirelia: When Darmorin spoke, she looked down at him and gave him a kind smile. "No need to apologise, meat just doesn't sit well with me. My body is quite cold, as you have noticed." She said to him and gave a small laugh. When her mother spoke to her, her icy gaze looked up and she smiled gratefully to her, reaching her hands to take the horn. "Thank you mother." Frowning at her father again, she shook her head. "Please do-..." Her cheeks flustered at her father's sudden celebration and she hurried off in embarrassment, leaving the horn on the table to the library.

PayneZileQueen: Listening to the princess, he nodded softly and pulled his food back. Continuing his food since he was still very hungry. No taking in any of the things that are being said around him. All he thought of right now was food.

cat2321: She would release a heavy sigh, loud enough for Johunn to hear. She did not know what had gotten into him as of late but she hoped it was just the excess of mead in his system and the guests that made him forget his head with their daughter... 2 offenses in one evening she was not likely to forgive easily. grasping the arms of her dinner chair, she stood slowly to see if he would catch that maybe he should be the one to make chase this time and make peace with the words he had spoken.

alldayj1: -The King was disappointed at his daughter’s reaction. Stopping the Queen from running to manage the crisis. He stood from the table and nodded goodnight to the guests and friends alike. He was annoyed that his attempt to honor Relia had failed so horribly. He looked into the queens eyes to see if she was disappointed in his attempt and nodded to her that he would fix it. He stopped briefly by the throne to grab a new book he had found in a burnt down house on the edge of town. He made quick work of the hall and the assent to the library to find the princess. In his usually Kingly way he made he presence known well before she could see him. He sat on the edge of her bed and said – “I am sorry my dear, I was mearly trying to tell everyone I was proud of you. I know I am hard on you, I have to be. This world is dark and difficult and you have to be strong.” -He gulped,- “I may not always be here to protect you my dear.” –He handed her the dirty old book, grinning, - “bet you haven’t read this one, I love you Princess, goodnight” –With that he excused himself shaking his head and down on himself knowing full well being a father was harder than being a King.-

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GraveDigging: -Ivar had wandered far and wide to reach his third destination on his long journey. He and his two followers, an advisor, and a guard that accompanied him were shortly behind the prince. The prince, who wouldn't be recognized unless he took his hood off from his dark brown robe that covered his entire body, hands included. He looked towards the sky, feet planted in the thick snow.- "A storm is coming... great." -He looked at his advisor in curiosity, his gorgeously embered eyes being the only thing visible of his face.- "What is it that you think we should do?" -His advisor, dressed similar to the prince, though robes with a bit more intricate design, while the guard had intricate heavy armor though, for how thick and chunky the armor was, he moved effortlessly. The advisor sighed before speaking.- "I think we should continue towards hour destination, it's only a few more hours. If we can reach there before the better part of the storm hits, we'll have nothing to worry about." -Ivar brought his hand up to his chin, rubbing it for a moment before the 11 year old nodded.- "A sound plan, let's move with haste." -Once he delared what they were doing, they moved. Through the snow covered fields was their first priority, if worste comes to worste they'd hide in the trees, though that was only a back up solution. Ivar stopped once more, and turned back. The chunky kid looked at the two men.- "Let's make a wager for fun. First one there gets 30 gold, 10 from everyone." -He smiled, before being accepted by both of them. He spoke once more.- "And don't you dare go easy on me just because I'm a royal kid." -He chuckled, before darting off across the field, though unfortunately he knew that he was the slowest in Titanreach as of yet but even so, he took off almost making his form a blur. The two men followed suit which they were beyond blurred. As they all raced, they quickly left 6 trails through the snow, heavily imprinted footsteps as they made their way through the thick snow. The temperature dropping, and time against them, Ivar picked up the pace. He had already known that the men were almost to the trees, which he was pretty far behind him. And with his stragety, he'd lose as he knew he would but fun was the name of the game here. He pushed harder, running as hard as he could, though not much faster as he was just a moment ago. The sky darkened quickly as he ran, though if he had walked, or any of them, they might get caught in this horrendous storm. He only hoped, that the rulers of this place had some heat in their abode, and weren't those like he was just at the day prior. He finally saw it, the edge of the trees in his sprinting, pushing as hard as he could to make it there at least. By this time he knew the two men were already there, probably still in the trees waiting for the prince to arrive. Ivar knew he could handle any animals, after all, he had himself tossed around like a ragdoll just the day prior by his father's pet.-

cat2321: Isleen Stands from the table " Well that was an eventful evening. Please help yourselves to all the mead and meat you wish. If you will excuse me for a moment" swiftly but with grace, she moved gracefully across the planks without so much as a creek from a board. Johunn had mentioned a storm coming and she had not had a moment to mention anything to him about a search party for any survivors from Charlotte's tribe. The chances that there were any survivors was slim to none as it was but if there were any injured persons they would surely parish. The thought of innocent lives lost in such a harsh manner brought chills down he spin and tears to her eyes. She paced towards the fire place in the throne room, wait for her King to return from consoling their daughter. Moving across the fur rug, the softness was an instant relaxing touch for her, she would nestle up on the couch, wrapping herself in furs and wait for him to return to the main hall.

Xirelia: Relia had gone to bed with a smile on her face, having left the banquette and settled things with her father with thanks of the book he gave her, which for most of her nap filled her mind with pleasant dreams. However, some way through her sleep Relia's dream became cold, the view of snow fell around her as her feet sunk into the ground. Trapped, scared and cold Relia fought through the snow of her dream. Then she heard it, a loud roar and the banging of drums, scared for her life she tried to run faster as she felt the ground shake beneath her feet, like heavy footsteps stomping on the ground. But then, she stopped and turned to face whatever it was, seeing nothing but a few pairs of bright blue eyes. Scared to move, Relia was stuck as the creatures walked toward her. "No... No... No..." She muttered in her sleep. Just as she was about to be grabbed, by what she could only assumewas an ice giant, Relia forced herself awake. Sitting up she screamed, her eyes darting around the room to make sure it was just that... A bad dream. When she tried to get out of bed she was unable, stuck just like she was in her dream and she looked down to see her hands frozen, stuck to the bedsheet and her room coated in a blanket of ice and snow. A loud bang came out the door and she heard a guard call out to her. "Princess?!" - "I...I am fine..." She called back to him, her voice shaky and unsure. "I cannot get in Princess! The door is stuck!" He called out to her, banging down on the door as hard as he could. She thought for a moment, thinking the door must be iced shut. "G-Get Darmorin! He can thaw it." - "Yes Princess!" He shouted back and quickly went in search for the man.

PayneZileQueen: Damon had left the banquette earlier. The raging storm wasn't someting the fire elf could appreciate, though the hard winds that blew against the wall did soothe him. Having reached his room, probably not even been noticed by any of the other guests that he had left. Laying down on his bed, still fully dressed in his black, fur covered outfit. He welcomed the heat that came from the fireplace that has been burning in his room the entire time. It was in a place that it wouldn't form a hazard for the entire castle, and the flames were burning safely in it's place. When he was about to doze off in a snooze. His door banged loudly. Groggy, Damon looked up and eventually moved his way to the door. Opening it and seeing the guard. Staring at him from his blindfold. "What.." He mumbled and when he had listened to what happened. Damon simply shook his head and pushed the guard forward. "Go on then.. Lead the way. What are you standing here for? Go on" And the guard started to walk. Damon followed quickly after, with his 7'1ft he was easily quicker than the guard but he remained behind him. Once arrived at the door. Damon knocked loudly and heard the creaking of ice clearly noticible. Not to mention the cold mist that formed from the door. Damon simply turned around and glared at the guard, who. Despite Damon's blindfold, could tell that the Fire Elf was looking at him in a way of saying "You really didn't see something was off?" Shaking his head, Damon knocked hard on the door. "It'll be just a minute!" Huffing a little, annoyed that he was now basically called to be the Elven Blowtorch, thawing the door until he was able to open it. "Tada! Wasn't that hard, are you alright Princess?"

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille rises from the table and smiles at the guests, excusing herself as well she took a walk down the hall with her hand resting on her the hilt of her blade. The elf turns swiftly and enters one of the rooms, gathering firewood from the stores to keep the hall warm. She shivers and lifts her head, her ears twitching as she carries the bundle of wood to the pit and dumps the load onto the coals, which caused flames to creep up the logs. She looks to her queen and wraps her shoulders in furs before sitting beside isleen and giving her a comforting smile "do not fret, your king adores you and would go to the ends of the nine worlds for you." The oracle cooed in a soft voice-

alldayj1: Johunn was pacing the halls as he tried to decide what the best thing to do was. His wife was a mortal and her clock was ticking both in aging but also in her relative safety as he knew danger lurked. He would consult Camille again about their plan but he was fairly certain it was the best plan to go with. He thought and thought and finally decided he would go back into the hall and tell Isleen the plan. She knew he was considering something to give her strength but this….this would seem crazy to the mere mortal human. He was sure he must do this for her so he stomped off back toward the main hall with his head down and his thoughts racing around his head like a pinball. The King entered the main hall in a burst and nearly a jog as he crossed to the sitting area where Queen Isleen was sitting and before considering who was listening and what they would think he said in a normal voice calmly to his queen- “Dear, I have decided that the best way to save you is to help you grow yourself. I am going to give you the future….” –He trails off seeing the worry on her face and Camilles- “What is it, what’s the matter?”-

GraveDigging: -Ivar raced through the snow covered trees, knocking into some of them sending vibrations up them and made a trail of snow behind him. This was both tactical and accidental. He didn't mean to hit them, but at the same time, he meant to hit some of them to cover their tracks. He finally saw the opening that led to the castle, and at the edge of the trees, the advisor and guard much as he predicted. He finally slowed some, the storm starting right behind him. A downpour of sleet and rain at first, though he figured that the real action was not far behind. Once he reached the two men, they were all soaked, or at least the robes were. The guard chuckled, knowing that he wouldn't be that wet regardless. Ivar then walked to them and eyed them both and held out a pouch that contained 10 gold.- "So, who won?" -They laughed before the advisor took the pouch.- "Of course I did, you expect me to lose to someone with that much armor on?" -He looked at the young prince with curiosity to his answer, in which Ivar only replied lowly.- "My father would have won... anyway let's go." -He moved up to the stairs leading to the intricate doors with unique handles. Learning his lesson the last time, he reached up with a fist before bringing his hand forward, and knocking on the door rather loudly three times. Afterwards, he put his hands in the opposite sleeve, as he looked now, he'd seem to be a floating robe without a wearer. The mentor and guard stood on the step below as they all took a deep breath, and stood straight as respect and awaited a greeting, standing in the downpour.-

cat2321: - Her eye lids flutter, she is barely able to stay awake. Emotions are flooding through her, and its taking a toll on her body. It had always been this way for her. She could feel others pain, feel their joys, her soul feeding off their aura's in a sense. Snapped back to reality and the current state as Camille placed some logs on the fire, hearing them crackle as the flames kissed the new fuel it was given. The fire grew for a moment, casting bright light around the hall. Isleen looked towards Camille as she took a seat next to her, asjusting the furs that Isleen had wrapped herself in. Feeling over whelmed with concern for those that have been lost, she cries quietly into her hands as Johunn approaches her unknownst to her having been caught in her own mind for some time. " My dear, I am heart broken at the possibility there maybe injured or firghtened members of Charlottes tribe stranded out there in this storm. I can not shake the visions from my mind. I meant to broach the concern with you but the evening and events got away from me and now I fear its too late" She continued to sob into her furs, though no amount of tears could undo the terrible events that had taken place-

Xirelia: When Relia heard Darmorin's voice she sighed with relief. "Okay!" She called back to him, still trying to pull her hands free from the frozen bedsheets. She could feel the heat off the door and the temperature change in the room as he began to thaw the door. Relia found herself laughing and was pleased by the sight of him, at his sudden celebration when the door finally opened. "I am... I think... I just kind of..." She trailed off, looking around her room that was covered in snow. "I'm stuck. I cannot get my hands free. They..." She pulled up on her arm as she tried to wiggle free once again. "They won't come loose. And it won't stop snowing!" She screamed, angry with herself.

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille watched her queen with concern and lifted her chin, wiping the tears from her cheeks with a soft smile "lady isleen you really mustn't fret, they will be assisted." The oracle rose from her seat and paced for a few moments before turning back to her king and Queen with a bow "I can gather a troop of guards to form a search party" she suggests respectfully and watches the pair with concern-

alldayj1: -Johunn was fixated on the Queen, entirely neglectful to the rest of the room. He was so absolutely and entirely entranced by her essence and her request was his command. He heard her words and replied- “Not another tear, Not another worry, I will tend to this myself, Deal with whomever is at the door” -Turning to Camille- “No Need”– He took off like a bolt straight out the mead hall doors past the 3 strangers on the steps and into the storm. Those on the steps were blinded by the snow and wind but had a chance to see some of the sight as the king kicked forward and right before their eyes launched his body upward several feet into the air. Through the storm they could not tell exactly what he was doing but after a few moments where the king once stood now stood a massive angry white wolf bigger than any seen in the woods. He was muscular and fearsome looking but the wind and the snow prevented the guests from seeing the Kings clothes about the ground and his crown laying in the snow. The wolf let out a partial howl and bolted into the trees in the direction of the place in which Charlotte had come. The guests at the door did not stop him, the storm did not stop him, and nothing would as he would do anything for Isleen even if it was dangerous. He ran off like a flash to see if survivors were to be found and to find the villains who committed the crimes. He cared not that his advisors and troops would be mad he went alone or than he was forced to display his non-human nature, all that matter was the completion of the mission and the smile it would bring his beloved-

GraveDigging: -Ivar and the two men behind him leaned back a little bit as the door flew open. Ivar noticed a man darting out, though didn't necessarily care what for. He was here on his own bit of business. Obviously seeming a bad time, he cocked his head, his 11 year old mind seeing an opportunity and seizing it in total. He spoke a bit loudly, not being welcomed inside just yet, they all stayed outside where the downpour had turned to a vicious snowstorm. He slightly leaned his head inside, feeling the warmth flood his face under the hood.- "Does this mean we should come back later?" -He spoke surely loud enough for someone to hear, and kept his hands in front of him, as everyone else did. They all noticed the sound of a wolf, though paid no mind to it. They figured it was larger than any of the others around, and took note that it might be a pet of sort. If it did attack, of course they'd defend themselves. Though they knew it wouldn't. As they stayed on the steps, they all sighed once again, before Ivar turned to the guard and advisor.- "Lovely night out, isn't it?" -They all shook their heads in discomfort. Allies seem to be a hassle, or so Ivar started to think to himself. Though perhaps of course this was just some sort of issue to be sorted out.-

cat2321: - The fridgid air blew into the hall, she shivered as it crashed against her now warm skin. Goose bumps raised to the surface of her skin. It was not just the storm that chilled her to her bones this evening. She feared for her King and said a silent prayer for his safe and speedy campaign she had sent him on. Isleen rose from the couch, and moved to address the visitors at the great doors to the hall. They had not come in yet but the door was wide open and while her daughter was equipied for such freezing temperatures she was not.

cat2321: She walked across the throne room to the center of the hall. With authority in her voice she welcomed the guests into the hall " Welcome to Galandor, Kingdom of the North! Please come in and seal the door behind you. Our King has left but for a breif moment and will return shortly. I would be happy to settle you with Mead and a meal while we await his return" Beconing them to advance into the warmth of the Hall.

Xirelia: Relia continued to fight to get free, pulling on her arms as Darmorin stood in the entrance. Never had she hated being a frost elf so much in this exact moment, because of that damn dream. "Please get me out of this! I've tried melting it but I cannot." She cried out as she at least managed to get free her right hand, his heat already starting to slowly thaw the room. But the arm furthest away from him was still stuck and she pulled on it with the other.

PayneZileQueen: Watching the Princess struggle was actually quite a pleasing look, of course he got that it wasn't nice for her and everything, but the image was quite funny to him. When she finally pleaded for him to help, he simply walked towards her and bent over. His face and now exposed neck being very close to hers. His right arm stretched over her body and held over her arm, not touching her in any way but letting the heat radiate through his skin. Warming her up and the entire room with it as he noticed it all started to melt. He grinned and slowly moved back, his lips barely grazing those of the Princess once he was done with everything. "Might want to light a fire in this room, Princess. I might not always be around to help out, you know?

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille shivered as the icy air whipped her hair in her eyes and caused her to squint, she noticed the figures standing in the large doorway and followed her queen to greet them. She trembled from the cold as she grabbed a few thick furs for their guests, she smiled at them as she took her place beside the queen and gave the three a welcoming bow-

alldayj1: -King Johunn traveling quickly as the white wolf and arrived in deserted small town full of death. Frozen corpses and looted homes were all that were here. No living except two who were sitting on a wagon at the edge of town just finishing tying down the last of the loot. Johunn leaped through the air ripping the driver off the wagon in a violent spearing motion opening his large jaws and taking his throat from his body in the fall and leaving the man without breath or life in the landing. He then regained his balance turned his body, braced himself and launched back to the wagon head-butting the second criminal knocking him unconscious. Johunn scooped the man up onto his back by sticking his muzzle under him, then tore off like a shot back for Galandor. He would take this thief back and beat the truth from him about who was behind the attack and who would pay for it. Johunn knew he would have to be careful who saw him and how he arrived back to the hall. When he reached the edge of town he stopped and looked around to be sure he was unseen then transformed back to his Human form. He quickly stripped the unconscious man and took his clothes for himself. Putting the fool on his shoulder he raced toward the mead hall. Stopping around the spot of his prior transformation to re-acquire his crown.-

GraveDigging: -Ivar nodded to the woman who at last greeted him at the door. Once she spoke he walked through the threshold, though not before his advisor and guard darted inside and taking the furs graciously, pleaing thanks. Ivar on the other hand. Walked in calmly, and closed the doors behind him. He shook his head slightly and sighed. He whispered silently to himself.- "I thought I was the child here..." -He turned to face the woman and removed his hood, revealing his lightly tanned skin with blood red hair, about shoulder length. His eyes flared as the light hit them, which looked as if his eyes were smouldering, littered with embers. He bowed his head in respect and opened the robe and took it off. He sighed and looked at the dripping cloth beforeseeing an empty hang rack or from what it looked like, and hung his soaked robe on it, hoping it'd dry by the time of their departure. He stopped for a moment, and shook his head, how could he forget? He faced his greeter before giving a proper bow.- "Thank you for welcoming us. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ivar Vendassin, son of Kai Vendassin, and Prince of Titanreach. Along my side who so abruptly took to the warmth, are my advisor, and my guard. Please try to not pay them too much mind. They are working after all." -He then looked around, his clothes underneath the robe were damp, though they were somewhat lacking. His clothes were similar to a black karate gi, though without a belt, instead, it was his tail that wrapped around his waist to hold the shirt together.- "I've come here on... a homework assignment of sorts issue by my father." -The chubby kid spoke in a serious manner, eyeing the gracious halls.- "That being said, this assignment is simple. Mostly a meet and greet. Though of course, as allies. I'll need to know a bit about this place as well as individuals, if that's alright of course." -He watched as there was drink and food all around, though shook his head in refusal- "No thank you, just warmth will be enough for me, thank you." -The truth was, he was a tad hungry, though he had eaten prior, and knew that he was here to do what he was here to do, nothing more, nothing less.-

cat2321: Isleen was thankful as the 3 males entered the hall. The door being shut behind them by the guards with a loud clash echoing through cooridor of the building. As approached her coming into sight she said to them in a kinder more gentle tone " Welcome, I am Queen Isleen. I apologize again for my Kings untimely departure but it was of urgent matters due to the storm. Allow the maids to attend to your soaked furs and take the ones from Camille in the mean time. Are you sure that I can not offer anything to you in regards to food to satisfy you? It looks as though you have traveled a bit in this weather?" Seeing that the Prince was but a boy she could not help but think of her own daughter. She was a soft and delicate creature... maybe it was time for her to start taking on more political roles within the Kingdom. She wondered what was taking her so long to join them, it had been some time. She gazed towards the stairs to the bed chambers.

Xirelia: Relia's cheeks turned a soft pick as he loomed over her, reaching just close enough for the ice and snow to melt around her. As it turned into water she cringed when her bed became soaked in water, as did the floor by an inch or so. "My father is not going to be happy." She sighed in comfort as she felt the room warm up and finally, when her hand became free she through her arms around Darmorin, clinging to him tightly. "I'm sorry I had you called, I did not know what else to do. I knew no one else could melt it... And..." She burried her face in his neck when she fell quiet. "I will try make that a habit..."

PayneZileQueen: Surprised by the hug, Damon wrapped his arms around her as well. Honestly enjoying the fact to be held, his stare blank at a wall. He wasn't completely sure what to think or what to do. With a smile, he gently pushed the Princess off of him again and looked into her eyes from behind the cloth that covered his eyes. "It s a good habit to have Princess" He spoke softly but wise. Eventually standing straight again, he moved outside of the room after bowing for the Princess. He wasn't 100% certain on what to do right now. But, he was tied so he decided t go back to his room. Walking slowly, very slowly. He gave anyone the oppurtunity to catch him if he was needed again. Damon was tired, exhausted even. And once he would reach his room, Damon would make sure to lay down again.

alldayj1: -King Johunn burst into the hall leaving the big door wide open. He dropped the naked unconscious man on the floor. He looked at the guards and said – “Lock him up” –His eyes were black as night as he scanned the hall to see what was happening in his stead. He was irritated but also attempting to display calm at the same time. He was stomping toward the 3 guests who he darted past on his exit, He looked at the queen and waited for the Queen to whisper what he missed in his ear. He grinned his sly grin and boomed “A Prince hey? Titanreach did not send word of your coming. No matter, be warm and ask your questions.” The King took a horn of mead from the table and began to chug it still catching his breath from his run through the woods. His eyes began to soften as he tried to calm himself. He leaned into the queen and whispered -“no survivors, one prisoner”-

GraveDigging: -Ivar nodded, taking a fur graciously and wrapped himself in it though shook his head once again.- "No thank you on the food or drink. I'm quite alright, thank you again." -He noticed the door being shoved open yet again, by the king. Ivar raised a brow, though didn't flinch, only looking back at the events. Ivar whispered to himself silently.- "I prisoner, eh? Hm..." -He noticed the man stomp angerily up towards Ivar, and as he looked up at him, his eyes scanning the man.- "It wasn't necessarily planned out, more so on the spot." -He referred to the point the king made about no word of sending him here. Ivar then started to pace slowly, thinking of what sort of questions to ask, and how to ask him. He snapped his fingers in a "Eureka!" moment, and looked to the king and queen.- "Before I ask, it's a pleasure to make your aquaintence. The majority of what I need to know is, who and what you are. And what is it that our alliance is based off of, as well as how it benefits both of us." -Ivar's words were wrapped in curiosity, he had a problem with questions, and refrained from making it seem like an interrogation.- "This is because my father wished that I learn who we were allied with, and started to learn as to what it means to rule." -His eyes fluttered for a moment, holding back his boyish ways as best as he could. He took a sigh, and finally straightened himself out, calm and collected.-

cat2321: - No sooner than the King burst through the doors, Camille went into a trance and collapesed to the floor next to Isleen. She tried to catch her and break her fall but the Kings entrance distracted her, and she fell with a soft thud onto the wood boards. " GUARDS" she called out, She bent down on her left knee to lift her head and check her vitals... Breath, good pulse, but she would not awaken. The guards that were nearest were the 2 at the main entrance, they were upon them in an instant. " Carry her gently to her chambers. I will follow shortly." they stood, neither of them making a move " NOW" she bellowed, her anger and hostility rising to the very ceilings of the hall. They clambered about and lifted her body into the air, removing her to her chamers with haste. Isleen rose, a pain in her knee from coming down on the hard surface so quickly. She would wish the guests goodnight, she was overwhelmed from the days activities and she wished to attend to Camille. " Forgive my leave, but I must attend to Camille and then I mean to retire myself for the evening." She moved to Johunn, embracing him for a moment before heading to Camilles chambers-

Xirelia: Relia looked up at the man and she smiled slightly after he had put space between them. She watched with a frown as he left her room, even before she had time to thank him. Her absencce must have been noticed by now, so leaving the somewhat submerged room she went after him. "Darmorin! Wait." Standing before him, she smiled and reached up on her tiptoes to kiss him softly on the corner of his lips, leaving the tiniest snowflake pattern on his skin. "Thank you." No sooner had she done that, was she off again her cheeks burning a bright pink as she made her way into the main hall. There was a commotion, she guessed something bad had happened though everyone seemed safe and well. Relia immediately went into the throne room, fixing her now dry dress given by Darmorin's heat as she regained her composure.

Starscream: “The giants remain on the perimeter of the island, nobody leaves, nobody enters.” Kai said to a man in a long robe of fine material who jogged to keep up with the rather tall king who walked across a field which overlooked the sea, a cliffside on his right side. “Yes, your grace. Just- what of the mainlanders?” He asked, before Kai raised an eyebrow, stopping in his tracks to look back at the small man. “When… If they even reach our waters… The giants are to swim out to them and crush their ships. I won’t have them believing they can intimidate me.” Kai said finally. A silent voice in his head was seething. If only he did what he used to do and just burn the whole place, turning it into a wasteland, he wouldn’t have to keep up with petty politics. Just as he was thinking about burning, as if it was telepathy, a huge black shadow was cast over the land he and the lord stood on. Aemar the Reaper flew above head, making a large circle around Kai before descending nearby. “Are we clear on the orders, My Lord?” Kai asked, his phantom eyes boring into the man who seemed more in shock that Aemar was so close by, yet hadn’t even attacked yet. “Y-Yes Your grace.” He said, bowing his head before backing away. Silently, Kai turned and walked toward the large dragon of which the king treated like a small animal despite its sheer wingspan from tip to tip being almost 200ft. As Kai walked toward Aemar, the dragon lowered its head, its shoulder lowering too for Kai to climb atop its back. The behemoth of a dragon rose up once Kai was upon its back, making a low growl sound as it walked its way toward the cliffside, looking out to the sea. Spreading its wings, Aemar let out a loud roar which made the ground below him tremble, before launching himself from the cliffside, catching the wind, and flying off into the distance, turning north with Kai upon his back. Hours later, Kai squinted as he held onto the horns at the base of the dragon’s back. The wind was strong, yet Aemar’s course was not altered. The large dragon was almost unfazed by the cold, and apparently the strength of the wind too. Every now and again, the dragon let out a loud roar, audible over the roar of the wind, yet not loud enough to be heard from miles away. It wasn’t until he spotted buildings that he really began to make some real noise. Aiming straight for the largest building in sight, Aemar roared at the top of his dragon lungs before nose diving toward the space in front of the castle. With a massive flap of his wings, sending snow everywhere like white dust, Aemar landed in front of the castle heavily, his weight making the sound of him landing coming across as ‘BOOM’. Aemar let out one last roar before lowering himself, and allowing Kai to climb from his back. Landing on the ground, Kai could definitely feel the difference between Aemar’s body and the cold itself. It definitely helped to be a fire breathing beast in a place like this, however Kai was unfazed himself. He had lived in the coldest reaches of the polar regions of Zendasalen before Titanreach. Walking toward the doors with his all grey attire, Kai looked left and right at the area whilst Aemar was casually resting with his eyes closed and head low where he landed. The fur on his right shoulder blew about slightly as Tempest made the sound of trapped wind on his back as the vicious wind swept past Kai, who unrelentingly continued forward, reaching the doors. Surely Aemar making so much noise would have notified the inhabitants that he was here. If not, Ivar his son would definitely know which dragon was outside. It was not long ago that a whole battalion of men died because they caught the dragon’s bad side.

alldayj1: -Johunn looked at the boy somewhat surprised by his intelligence and proper approach.- “I am Johunn, King of Galandor I am a……Mere Mortal of course….”- He trailed off slugged some mead and began again- “Our alliance, Well your father and I are both warriors and our lands could either be friends or foes. Trade is also important to an island and a tundra ha. We usually take what we want but trading works as well.” –He snickered at this bit which he found amusing. He eyed the boy and nodded. Johunn finished his mead and set down the horn. He looked back to the boy. “What else may I answer? It is of a late hour will you be staying for the night?”- Just then they heard the thunders roars outside the hall. Johunn’s eyes returned to pitch black and he motioned for his daughter to get behind him. He nodded to the guards to get the door for the newest arrival as he looked on with a look of cautious jest-

GraveDigging: -He listened to the man as he spoke, staying still and cocking his head seeing as there were many elves around. One of which just entering the room. He stopped for a moment and raised a brow.- "I notice there's a lot of elves here, are they not immortals? Stories told of some who were... well, immortal." -He looked curiously only to be halted by the question of whether they were staying. He cleared his throat only to answer quickly.- "We will not be, we have a long journey ahead of us still, and the sooner we get home the better. And no worries of the storm, we'll be more than fine. Thank you for the hospitality." -He then heard a thunderous roar that halted Ivar in his tracks. He knew that roar anywhere. Aemar the Reaper... The dragon whom tossed him around like a piece of cloth yesterday. He looked up at the king, and spoke lowly just before he figured the doors would open.- "My father is here." -He looked behind him, knowing that Ivar would have to look at the horrendously massive beast again soon. Too soon, if he asked himself. Though he had no idea his father would be coming. He gave a sigh, and turned back to face the king.- "I do have two last questions." -He leaned forward, leaning on a chair by the table.- "What kind of things are traded? And how are they transported?"

Xirelia: Seeing as everything was far too busy for Relia to need or want to be included, she would retire to the library for the night, seeing as her bedroom was occupied by water. [Imma just throw that in as it's short]

Starscream: As the doors opened, Kai patted the fur on his shoulder, the dust falling from it as he made his way into the castle. The King of Titanreach, all the way in Galandor. There was a first time for everything, Kai guessed. Looking around, he let his phantom eyes adjust to the lighting. He refused to acknowledge the stares from the guards who he towered over. Being close to 8ft made him quite the spectacle, but he had gotten used to it by now. Still moving forward, the snow which had clung to him began to melt, but this was the least of Kai’s problems. Where was Ivar? This was one of his last tasks, and Kai was rather interested in seeing how he was getting on. As he approached he heard Ivar ask about the trade and whatnot. Kai didn’t say a word- not just yet anyway passing a pillar, and being casted into darkness which revealed the way his phantom eyes still glowed mutedly in the dark. “King of Galandor.” Kai said. “Finally I see you in the flesh.” He continued, stopping near the group, but not very close. “I see you have given shelter to my son. Good to see since the winter here is rather harsh.” Kai said finally, his phantom eyes mysteriously switching between all the guards in the room, and all the other people in sight, including the young ones the king hid behind him.

cat2321: - She hurried up the stairs and burst into Camille's chambers, caring not of formalities as she was worried for her friend. The guards passed her as she entered, hearing a loud shadder and roar outside the hall, the hall itself did not move but she could sense something was not quite right... she stopped in her tracks. " Go NOW! Return to your post and do not move from them unless the King or I bid you to do so!" She rushed to her beside. A cool cloth applied to Camille's forehead, she must have had a vision so intense and vivid it overwhelmed her mind. Isleen wonders is that is what looms outside the Halls great door. Leaving the cloth resting on her forehead she turned towards the chamber door. She would pad softly across the floor, taking the cool metal handle in her grip, and carefully shutting it as not to make a sound. Isleen started towards the throne room, feeling poorly for leaving her King to attend to guest alone.-

alldayj1: -Johun spoke to the boy “We hunt, we mine. we like boats and weapons not of this land. And we move things by boat and wagon. The elves, yes they are among us as are some other things” –He grinned at that comment and then watched Kai enter and boomed immediately – “Strange that two kings should meet at this hour. Is everything alright?” –Johunn looked on ominously with his pitch black eyes and his hand a twitch. – “Your boy is representing you well, asking some questions of our alliance.” –Johunn focused his gaze on Kai and snapped his fingers for a maid to offer Kai a horn of their best mead.Johunn briefly closed his eyes thinking of the things that no one knew and hoped he would not have to reveal them.-

GraveDigging: -Ivar stayed, facing the king and cocked his head for but a moment. It was indeed later on in the night by now, though even Ivar was wide awake. Watching the King close his eyes, he himself squinted. He then looked back and nodded to Kai.- "Father." -He then looked back at the King of Galandor, blinking a few times before starting to back up towards Kai. He then spoke once more, this time in a completely different tone, a tone that was both curious and possibly could be taken as a bit intrusive. Though he saw the King focus on something other than what was in front of him. This was purely speculation on Ivar's part, though he's never seen anyone do that. Resting eyes perhaps, but never in front of guests.- "Is everything alright?" -He asked, only to finally stop backing up, knowing he was at a decent distance. He got on guard, the air became heavy and tense around him as if something was seriously wrong. Ivar's advisor and guard both joined Ivar's side after greeting Kai. Ivar then looked back at his dad, only to check if he was indeed still there.-

Starscream: Holding his hand out slightly to tell the maid ‘No thank you, Kai only looked to the King of Galandor. “As expected from an heir of the Vendassin Dynasty.” Kai said, hearing soft footsteps patter in toward the throne room. “Things could not be better. I would ask the same, but I am guessing you will find out when the blizzard passes. Is it always like this here?” Kai said. His mood was in slightly high spirits, whether that was a good thing for Galandor would be decided upon Kai’s leaving. A blizzard was only a storm with snow, and those who knew Kai, knew he was Master of the Tempest. There were two ways one could look at this title. One was to look at it from how his sword was named Tempest, another was how his control over the elements was at the peak of its power during storms, for reasons even he knew not. Looking to Ivar, the guard and the advisor, Kai looked to Ivar a last time, no obvious expression on his face as he did the fastest wink in greeting whilst he knew he had Ivar’s attention.

alldayj1: -Johunn attempted to downplay his distraction. – “all is well, I just prefer we have time to prepare a feast should you visit Galandor again.” –He grinned his sly grin and walked to a table grabbing another horn and began to taste its contents. He seemed relaxed and almost light hearted and his eyes began to soften back to their original green color. Looking at Kai he said -I prefer the storms. They settle my soul. Besides you are not the only one in tune with the weather friend.” Johunn came around the table in almost a dance he was so excited about the topic. He did not fear Kai but did respect him. Johunn was a relative unknown in Valeria and he liked it that way. He did not care to reveal all of who he was as he feared his guards may run off in fear.-

GraveDigging: -Ivar squinted his eyes as the king changed his tune faster than he'd ever seen anyone had before. He stepped back once more, still in front however.- "Then I shall make it my obligation to send word my next visit..." -As the king moved towards them for another drink, Ivar stepped back even more, now behind the advisor and the guard, though still in front of Kai. Ivar was given assets to use, and this was the time for him to use them. Even if he did think ill of the guard. The air around him lightened, though Ivar still had a bad feeling about this.- "I think I've gathered the information that I need, thank you." -He didn't turn away from the king, more so kept his eyes locked onto him. Ivar himself stood guard, though the thought of not being able to do anything useful crossed his mind, he didn't phase from his determination. Something was awry, and it helped that Kai was here, but it wasn't enough to get a full grasp on himself. Simply due to this was a royal visit, and he now feared the worste to come of it.-

cat2321: - Isleen contined through the hall, down the stairs and to the throne room. Her bare feet were chilled to the bone. She began to almost hop to the fire in attempts to warm them a bit. The vibes in the room have tensed, she can feel the emotions dancing somewhere between hostile and friendly. She adjusted herself and proceded into the room with caution. She knew that there was something more to the men that had entered their hall... she just was not sure what at this point. She watched as the little prince stepped back further towards the larger man standing in the midst... Who was he???? He had to be the tallest man she had ever seen... well... almost she giggled to herself as she thought of other things... Curling up at the fire as she had earlier, this time placing he back resting on the arm of the couch she sat and watched the interactions between them-

Starscream: Kai watched Johunn make his way over, speaking as he did so. Placing his hands in front of him, holding his left wrist with his right hand. “Uh huh. So what aspects of the alliance were you discussing before I so abruptly stumbled upon your abode?” Kai asked, raising his eyebrow as he turned his head toward the King of Galandor after he spoke of the weather. Kai thought of what he could be, yet it didn’t matter. Kai of course kept a clear sight of where he was, and kept his senses completely sharp. He did know for a fact that there was no threat here. At least not to him. It didn’t matter how many minds Johunn could read if that is what he was doing. Kai didn’t need to think to fight. Noting the female approaching, Kai paid no mind as she was nowhere near him, however Ivar was the real problem. Kai wasn’t going to say a word about the boy. He was doing well up until this point but now, he was all over the place yet Kai did not blame the 11 year old. He had nobody to depend on since he was threatened. The guard was weak, so he couldn’t depend on him. He definitely couldn’t depend on the advisor. Ivar could not even himself- ‘Good.’ Kai thought. This would teach his son that no matter what, there was always someone out there more powerful than him, which meant he had to keep improving. That is what the Vendassin genes did best- kept improving. This was the one day he had lesson upon lesson which would show him how inferior he was to anyone of importance, and if it couldn’t drive him to give his all and surpass his limits during his training, then he was no son of Kai’s.

alldayj1: -The King was still somewhat sing song but also very aware in his demeanor. “I wish to increase our trade with Titanreach should we be honest, more ships would be preferred. We could offer more mined minerals and metals.”- He smiled and said to Ivar – “Have you ever heard of Draugr? The undead warriors of Odin who can control weaker minds, change size at will, shapeshift, and effect the weather among many other things? They are frightening, sometimes haunts peoples dreams around here. I don’t think many of them inhabit Valeria. Interesting and powerful creatures. One could hide in plain sight. Frightening isn’t it?” – He sipped his mead watching the pair’s reactions. – “So will you stay or will you fly off on your dragon? And when can I visit Titansreach? I am interested to see the home of your people, Oh yes, and this Iron Dynasty, what of them and the Dragon queen? Her advisor arrived a few days back and has taken a liking to my daughter.”-

cat2321: - She felt her pulse drop back down to a normal pace as she finally understood why there were so many harsh vibes floating about. The little Prince was still proving himself. She made a mental note that their own daughter was about to be more highly involved in the politics of the Kingdom, she was of age for a woman to begin to do such things. Isleen sighed as she rose slowly from her seat at the fire. " I believe that I missed your entrance... I am the Queen Isleen. " She took confident and purposful steps towards the extremely tall man that hoovered in the center of the hall to make a proper introduction-

GraveDigging: -The young Vendassin took note to the man's words. 'Draugr' as he called it, what a foreign name. He shook his head in a bit of weariness at first, though once he asked if it was frightening, it was like a spark shot through his head. He lowered his head for a moment, stepping back forward and facing the king.- "Undead hm? That means you must be a pretty old fart of a man..." -He then brought up his hand to his chin, stroking it for a moment, making it very clear that the embers in his eyes started fluttering rapidly.- "That must mean that you may have been buried at one point... In which, it'd be safe to assume that you're quite flammable." -He stood guard, though hands stayed where they were. To his own surprise his eyes didn't ember more, which he knew due to how he was feeling. This king's "up in your face" action made Ivar's resolve nothing but stronger. This was due to dealing with it for so long, though thinking back, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh, collecting himself. Though once he opened them, they stayed on the king. He paid no mind to what the queen was doing, for she had not addressed him since she entered the room, though was speaking to his father. In a sense, there was dread to Ivar, though none of that mattered at the moment. He stood fast, and let his hand drop from his chin, his eyes locked onto the frame of the king, daring not to look into his eyes.-

Starscream: “That could be interesting.” Kai replied to Johunn’s suggestion of more trade. “We could discuss that further another time.” Kai said finally before watching the way he spoke to Ivar. He wasn’t particularly bothered in the slightest, so long as Ivar was not touched, regardless of how softly. As the queen approached however, Kai raised an eyebrow. “Kai. Vendassin.” He said to her in response, still focusing on what Johunn was saying to Ivar before continuing. “It is a shame, time is short, and we are going to be rather busy for a while. Perhaps you can both visit at some point. Kai said, looking to Isleen directly. “The Queen in Titanreach would be pleased to have someone to entertain. Feel free to come by.” He said finally before looking to Johunn. “We can finish this discussion when you visit. But for now…” Kai said, his hand lowering toward Ivar’s shoulder, landing on it heavily, getting a small gasp and wince in response from his chubby son, the weight of his hand purposely being uncomfortable as if to tell him to behave himself. “We will be on our way. It was a pleasure.” Kai said before turning around, Ivar’s shoulder still under his hand as the advisor and guard followed them out to Aemar who awoke in response to people getting closer. With Kai there, it was possible for anyone to climb his back, but without him, people would die trying. Once they were all mounted on the dragon, it lifted itself up before launching itself into the sky, back toward Titanreach.

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PayneZileQueen: Walking beside her, enjoying her touch and how playful she became towards him. He teased her back by occasionally trying to avoid her or to touch her back or shoulder or cheek. "Yes, noble family remember? And I'd love to teach you how to fight, some self defense is always good. Especially if you and I are going on adventures later on"

Xirelia: Her head tilted to the side slightly and she laid her cheek against his hand when he touched it, his touch making her giggle. "That would be fun. We will have to practice that whole, me making the temperature around you warm enough, so that you can generate heat as well."

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte groaned loudly as she woke, stretching out her limbs. She mumbled, complaining about her aching bones. “I need to shift, human’s getting uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll escape for a run later. ” Charlotte sat up on the edge of the bed and leaned over to reach her bag. She pulled out another gown of her mother’s she had found in the rubble of their home and pulled it over her head. The long onyx gown fell over her small frame, the black feathers tickling her legs. She brushed out her hair and sighed, gazing down the dress. She could picture her mother clearly in the gown, standing next to her father proudly, a paragon for royalty. Charlotte felt proud that the raiders had dismissed the dress as a simple frock, instead of one that symbolized power. Hearing a knock on her door, she greeted a maid, who said she was summoned by the King to the throne room. When Charlotte decided her appearance was decent, she quickly left her room, closing the door quietly behind her, in case the other residents of the hall were still asleep. Charlotte walked carefully down the corridor and stepped down the spiraling staircase to the main hall, her footsteps echoing off the cavernous walls. She shivered as she neared windows, seeing huge storm clouds brewing. “I’m going to need to find a thicker dress… or be a wolf. Might freak them out though.” She chuckled to herself and stepped into the throne room. 

cat2321  Isleen sturred from her slumber, the sun shone in through the windows. If she had not had such a vivid recollection of the events the night prior she may not have believed they every happened. She stretched, grasping the furs around their edges, pulling them up over her eyes sheilding them from the rays of light. She was enjoying the comfort of her bed all too much, rolling over reaching for Johunn her hand fell on an empty but warm cover where he had been. Isleen would grumble to herself " Rise and shine I suppose" running her palms of her hands over the fur, letting her fingers play in its fibers as she finally conceited and rose from the bed. She would slip the warm house coat over her undergarments and head for the main hall. Her stomach rumbled and she noted it was likely due to all the stress as of late. Marching out of her chambers on a mission to feed herself and enjoy the day she smiled as she opened her chamber door to people bustling about, and headed to the hall.

alldayj1: -The King grinned his sly grin and his eyes were wide and full of excitement. He could barely wait for everyone to arrive in the throne room for his announcement. He wiggled his fingers against his side and his gaze darted from pillar to pillar as if that would make those he waited for arrive faster. He was as excited as a child on Yule. His foot tapped a little to try to displace some of his giddiness. He watched as beams of sun shone into the hall like the Gods wanted his announcement to be basked in the light of the sun. He briefly thought to his time spent as a white wolf the night prior and the beauty in the rage he displayed to the looters he found in Charlotte’s village, the carnage enthralled him and made his bloodlust grow and fester. He was so antsy to get to the one in the dungeon that he almost forgot his pants in the bedchamber.-

PayneZileQueen: Walking along the Princess with some form of pride, having her arm hooked into his own. Smiling brightly until he heard the footsteps of the King inside the throne room. Slowly unhooking his arm from the Princess, he whispered softly into her ear "Sorry, don't think it's smart to walk in like this with the King walking back and forth like a mad man.." And when he apologized he kissed her cheek and took a few steps back to let the Princess walk infront of him. He couldn't help but slowly whistle, he could always blame a guard for it if it was heard by someone. He did like what he saw, her dress was beautiful and her curves looked stunning in it. Once he had entered the throne room after the Princess, Damon looked nothing but professional, he bowed in front of the king to show off his respect and then started to talk. "Good morning my Lord. Will have to say, not even my own Queen was this excited to see me." pointing out the fast pacing of the King. He smirked slightly and playfully. But then stood as straight as he could. "Though on a more serious note. I do thank you for letting me stay here, and I would like to offer you something in return. Given our age, 20 years of ruling something what used to be in complete ruins. Is not really something to write home about. As you have pointed out yourself, you are fairly new to all of it. I want to offer myself as your Advisor. I have been for the Queen of Iron for a long time now, and I know the ins and outs. You will remain King, of course. And your word is final, but I do think it would not hurt to have someone with some experience help you out from time to time." When he said this, his pose went from straight to a kneel, knowing that it would've been appreciated by his own Queen if he had offered something like this. "If you don't think it would help, then my apologies for my offer my Lord. I meant no harm by it"

Xirelia: Relia stumbled a little when she heard the footsteps of another besides her own, Charlotte was the first see saw but her thoughts and mind were turned to Damon when he took his arm from hers. "I understand." She whispered back to him with a small but sad smile. Taking the lead, she walked ahead to see her father headed in their direction. Suddenly she felt awkward and her cheeks went red. "Fa-Father." She said, giving him a polite bow. Watching the interaction between her father and Damon, she wondered what his words might mean for the future, a heavy duty though he seemed to know it well. Relia looked off into the distance, trying to avoid the gaze of her father.

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte swayed into the throne room, seeing the king sitting on the edge of his throne, clearly buzzing with anticipation. Her heels hit the stone floor as she waltzed into the center of the room, curtseying low like her mother taught her and stood, crossing her hands in front of her. As she rose, Charlotte pushed her long wavy hair over her shoulder politely and smiled at the rest of the guests in her room, nodding to the Princess Relia and Damon. She spoke eloquently, her head bowed slightly out of respect, “Good morning, everyone. I hope you have all had a pleasant evening.” Charlotte turned her burning orange eyes to the king, “I believe I was sent for?”

cat2321  She took a deep breath as she paced slowly into the throne room, one of the maids had announced that the king had asked everyone togather for an announcment. It was far too early in the morning for such things and her stomach was heavily protesting her obediance at this point in time. She would smirk at tht thought of going about what she had planned for the day but she feared his reaction and wanted to know what was on his mind that took him from their bed so early. Isleen strolled through the cooridor, smiling gracefully as she realized that she was the last one to arrive... also fearing that it made her appear lax in her Queenly duties. " Good morning, I trust everyone had a peaceful and relaxing sleep?" She would turn to one of the maids " Would you mind terribly serving something quick to the throne room, I am sure that the guests are just as starved as I am" directing her attention to Johunn. " My Dear, what is on your mind this early in the morn?" before taking her seat at her throne. 

alldayj1: Johunn listened to and watched Damon’s display of respect. He nodded to him and spoke – “You would not be missed by your queen? And there is another matter. In order to serve me you would have to go with me on a little adventure..” – He would trail off so excited and almost busting at the seams to say this bit. He would refocus on Charlotte and blurt out – “Why yes you were hahaha, MAIDS… we need mead now for everyone , a toast of sorts.” –The maids filled in and passed out horns of mead to everyone at 6 in the morning. This was unusual. The King was poised for his big announcement that made him so excited. – “As you all know, last night the Queen asked me to take a little…. Trip to the place Charlotte is from.” –he beamed with pride in his missions completion. – “I brought back one of the rascals responsible.” –Turning to Charlotte- “With your help I would like to discuss some things with the prisoner.’ – His grin so large he might split his cheek – “Everyone I called you here to announce. A RAID! That’s right a raid! On the perpetrators of the attack on Charlottes home.’ –Turning back to Damon- “Adventure!”-

Xirelia: Relia's head turned to her mother when she spoke out to the gathering group. "Good morning mother. I... Slept very well. I have already eaten, however so I am fine on the food. How are you ma?" She asked her with a smile, and then her father seemed to be up to the brim with excitment. 'An announcement?' She thought to herself. 'Is ma pregnant..?' She asked herself, though she had been acustomed to being the only daughter thus far, a sibling would be nice. She was snapped back to reality when her father shouted 'Raid!' "A raid?" She began. "We have a... Prisoner in the castle..." The worry she felt was obvious on her face, was that safe and wise? Looking between her father and Damon, she took a moment to put two and two together. "You are sending Damon with you, father...? But... The storm." Pausing a moment, she pursed her lips in thought, but finally spoke out. "Father, I would like to go with you too. I have my abilties, I can help. And I can aid Damon in keeping himself warm. Please...?" She pleaded with her father.

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte smiled at the queen and nodded her head in earnest. “I slept perfectly your majesty, thank you for asking. Although the morning was particularly chilly, but I think that might be due to my lack of proper clothing.” She chuckles and looked down, seeing her tribe’s tattoos adorning her bare arms. When the king began his speech, she accepted the mead from the maid and returned her attention back to him. Her eyes widened as the speech was directed to her, both alarmed by the attention and thankful for this words. Suddenly feeling unconscious, Charlotte brushed her hair over the scar running down her eye and left her gaze on the king. Charlotte’s eyes widened when the king mentioned a prisoner, feeling her body start to shake in anger. She felt her skin prickle, threatening to shift, as the air around her started to visibly vibrate. Charlotte breathed, trying to keep her cool, not wanting them to fear her emotional state. 

cat2321  " Honestly Dear, mead at this early hour?? I have not even eatten yet?" she glares at Johunn and gives him a dangerous and warning expression. Setting her horn down next to her and waiting for the food to be served instead she listens to his announcment, Relia moves cautiously past her father and comes to her side. ' Yes my love, I slept quite well although I can not say the same for the rising. You are up aweful early this morn! Is everything alright dear you look troubled?" she would say at a whisper so that the King did not hear their conversation. Isleen watches as Charlotte speaks, her fussing with her hair and her bare arms. She makes note that as soon as this gather is adjurned she would have proper attire fetched and fitted for the girl. She notes the scar that she tries to cover with her hair again and wonders of her past. 

alldayj1: Initially the King was prepared to shoot Relia down but he had a moment of brilliants or so he thought and said to her – “If you spend the next day beating up that southern elf and he says you are ready, then you may go” –He chuckled thinking if Damon wanted to stay he would have to learn to adapt to the cold. As he finished a thought of losing her brought great sadness to him for a moment before the excitement of the raid retook his emotions. Then he focused on charlotte a moment wondering if she was going to be able to handle torturing the ignorant savage in the dungeon. Lastly his gaze fell upon his wife. He smiled like a idiot as he looked at her. He was so helplessly in love with her. Finally he spoke – “I am sorry my wife for the early hour but Raiding is our most celebrated activity.” –He hands Relia a mead horn. – “Your first raid dear, SKOL”-

Alva666: As the whole beings, livings and ppl gather in the big hall, talking eating and drinking how it seems Erik, one of the warriors would be asleep in one of the corners near the mead completely drunk and tight asleep from the last night leaned against the wall still the horn resting in his hand. After a while of things getting to settle down and the conversations start to begin the males sleep slowly got disturbed, him waking up with an kind of noisier yawn tho unheard due to all the ppl chitter chatting. He suddenly rushes up into a fully sitting position bumping his head on the wall of his drunk head was still kinda dizzy and spinning, muttering silently he looked around noting he woke up of the Kings Skol before he slowly climbed on his feet rubbing his forehead some. Not really knowing what was going on he slowly tapped towards the voices looking over them before stretching and raising his voice.. "Morning, how late is it that you all are talking this much and everyones awake?" his expression was more then confused as he pulled up his bottoms some more pulling on them until they were comfortable to wear again, the mead horn still resting in his hand as he looked down to it remembering that he needed to be pretty drunk again

PayneZileQueen: Hearing the excitement in the Kings voice, along with the Queen, Charlotte and also trying not to smile when he heard Relia get accepted to join in a raid. Damon did nothing but nod and cross his arms. "A Raid sounds like fun, do need to stretch my legs. Has been a while." But when he realized that he needed to train Relia. He almost cheered, but kept his cool. It was good that his eyes weren't shown, since they did fill with joy. Nodding softly towards the King, he spoke. "I'll train her, and I promise you that she won't get hurt if she stays close to me." Assured in that he's able to keep the Princess safe. "She'll have to stay close to me though, but I wouldn't lose her out of my sight. You have my word"

Xirelia: The young elf smiled to her mother again as she now stood beside her, though when the words she whispered reached her ear, Relia became tense. "I am mother? Well I spent some time with Charlotte and Damon this morning, in the bathhouse. I wanted to show them our hospitality. And then we came straight here." Quickly blurting out the last part as to reassure her mother, Relia gave her another soft smile while her cheeks burned a soft pink. "This is looking promising, I do hope Damon is allowed to remain here." She whispered to her mother. Her attention was turned to her father when he spoke. "I... What? You want me to..? Him...? But... Okay..." She finally said. Relia took the mead horn from her father and stared down into it. "Ha... Skol." She muttered and drunk the horn in one go to settle her nerves, then looked in Damon's direction in the corner of her eye.

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte snarls, putting her hands on her hips, feeling her shifted claws dig into her sides. She turns from the crowd and feels her fangs shift in and out. Charlotte looks up to the ornate ceiling and breathes carefully. She turns back to the King, feeling her eyes flash brightly. Her speech is broken shifting from melodic to guttural as her teeth morph in and out of different shifts. “You have my utmost respect, your majesty. The Prince royal family name and the rest of the surviving Shifters owe you their lives. If I were still in power, I would hold a ball in your honour.” Charlotte turned again and glared at the floor, hearing them talk about conditions on how their daughter will go on the raid with them. Charlotte moved and sat on the nearby sofa, trying to calm her breathing. 

cat2321  She watched as Char went into fits, clearly having issues with her shifts. She had disclosed her true form to herself and the King the night that she laid by the fire warming and resting. Resting her hand on her husbands arm, saying in a soft tone so no other ears could hear " I am going to go speak with Charlotte My Love, beg my leave a moment" She would stand and make way for the couch where Charlotte sat, She took her horn of mead that she had no intentions of drinking. " Dear, I am so sorry for all you have gone through. I hope you know that you are welcome here for as long as you wish to stay with us and you would be our honored guest. I will have dresses made for you, fur robes and other attire fitted for you, but you are free to order your own if what I send for is not to your liking." She adjusted in her seat so that she was facing her, staring into her orange eyes. She was sure most mortals would fear the unknown but she was growing quite accustomed to it since her time in Galandor. " If you do not mind, what of your past? Were you a warrior, are you trained in battle?" Isleen said with empathy as she passed her the horn of mead.

alldayj1: Johunn smiled and whispered to Isleen – “I did right? Relia?” – He was looking for her approval but the discussion would have to wait till a later private time as the queen hurried off to talk with Charlotte. Johunn downed his mead and went to get some more before returning and waiting for the others to share in his excitement. He thought he has created a good stir in the kingdom this morning. -

Alva666  he lightly shrugged as no one seemed to have heard him and slowly moves to step towards the door aiming to make his way to his room to nap further as his expression was fully like a corpse as well as his coordination not really the best tho he would still be able to fight like that before he pushes the heavy doors opened leaving outside into the snow, with slow and chilled steps stomping towards another building before he finally got himself into the warmth of its walls, slowly and now with a noisy yawn walking up to his room entering it and lets himself drop onto the bad falling asleep almost in the same second once again

Xirelia: Shaking her head slightly, she walked over to Damon and stared down at him with a small smile. "I am going to go change... Into something more fitting..." She said, looking over him at his attire thinking how best to match it. "I will meet you by the entrance when I am done, I think I remember the way to the training grounds..." She muttered the last part. "I'll try be quick!" She called back to him, having run off through the halls to her chambers, where she would dress in whatever she could throw together, an old and black tight fitting suit, with trousers and a laced up top and a tight fitting jacket. A fur was set around her shoulder, probably beer or the sort as it was near black, and flat boots as well as a pair of gloves. 'It is time to make papa proud.' Relia thought to herself, trying to gain the courage to leave her chambers. "You can do this, how are could it be? Oh I do hope I do not accidentally kill him..." The elf said and left her chambers, meeting Damon at the entrance just like she said. "I'm ready, do you think this is okay?" She asked, doing a small twirl to show off the outfit. "It is a little tight." She complained, shifting lightly as the fabric squeezed around her curvy hips and thighs.

PayneZileQueen: "I'll prepare her for some training." Damon spoke softly towards the King, stood up and then nodded to Relia. Who, after she spoke to him. Made Damon quite speechless, and with a hard swallow, he was glad that Fire Elves didn't blush that quickly. Though this was definitly getting close. Nodding softly, Damon then bowed to the King and left the throne room. Once out of sight, he sighed deeply. Literally blowing off steam as he thought about Relia and what she said, in the way she said it. More calmed now, he walked further and eventually waited for the Princess at the entrance. Once she came, and showed off her outfit. His jaw dropped and then tried to recover. "Th... eehh... That'll..." He coughed softly "That'll do.."

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte breathed slowly, finally able to control her shifts. She noticed the queen walking to her and moved over for her. Tears pricked her eyes at the queen’s king words, nodding her head in thanks. Charlotte sighs and looks to the queen, steadying her voice back to being regular and melodic. She began her tale, speaking quietly, not wanting to interrupt the rest of the guests, “I am the daughter of the Chief and High Priestess of the Shifters. In our society, the oldest is the next in line, regardless of gender and I was next in line for the chiefdom. The Chief in our society is also the leader of the army, they didn’t sit on thrones but sat on the floor with the men before battle. So, yes, I was trained for the highest level of battle. That’s where this is from,” She moves her hair and points at the scar on her eye, “My trainer was in the form of a lion and I in human form. Shifters have to train to fight all forms.” She breathed, taking a rest before continuing, “I was next in line for throne, and had just began my duties for taking over from my parents. My tribe was the strongest in the Shifter community and everyone was peaceful and adored. I had two younger siblings, a 6 year old brother and 5 year old sister who liked to play with everyone, they were two little rays of sunshine.” Charlotte smiled at the memory. “Unfortunately, not everyone saw us as the people being we are. The neighboring kingdom of Draconis saw us as threats. They are a weak city, led by lower level corrupted demons. But they had the numbers. They attacked us in the middle of the night, lighting huts on fire. They had been attacking other tribes, but ours was the biggest and their last target. We had build bunkers by hand underneath the ground, where we hid everyone who wasn’t trained in combat, my siblings included. I, being trained, fought and helped evacuate everyone into the safety of the trees until a demon raider threw fire at me. It burned my side. By the time I’d put the fire out, I saw that we had clearly lost. Bodies of shifters scattered the ground, some mid shift. I ran for my parents hut, where I found the charred bodies of my parents mounted on spikes. I ran for my siblings’ bunker, only to find more piles of charred bodies and ash. I knew I’d found my siblings when I saw my sister’s diamond necklace buried in two piles of ashes.” Tear now silently streamed down Charlotte’s face, her hand reaching to the same diamond necklace around her neck she spoke of, her voice breaking slightly. “I screamed, running for my hut. I was frantic. I grabbed a bag and whatever clothes I could find. Some soldiers heard my screams and chased me into the woods. I’ve been traveling, stopping the woods at night for breaks in between flights.” Charlotte brushed her tears from her face and folded her hands in her lap. 

cat2321  Isleen listened intently to Charlotte's story, tears built in her own eyes for her and her loss. As Charlotte spoke she could invision every detail, pain when she described the bodies, fear when she spoke of her reactions to the sights... and she felt the loss. An emptiness taking over her and leaving her sitting there next to the girl... speechless and in shock. 

cat2321  " I am so, so sorry Charlotte. Some people in this world are cruel and they can not accept that they do not understand. Some men fight for greed and selfishness... and some just because they like to cause harm to others. I hope that you feel up to the raid with The King when the time comes, maybe it will bring you some closure" Isleen looked down at the floor, the fire crackled and she thought of the burnt bodies. Tears flooded her eyes, trickling down her cheeks. She looked to Char and saw that she was in the same state. " Charlotte, if you would consider it... I would very much like it if you would consider being my guard. Not a member of the ranks with the other soldiers and warriors, you would anwer only to the King, I and when asked Relia." she paused a moment for fear that she spoke in haste and would over whelm her. So much had happened and there was still so much more to come....

alldayj1: -Johunn stood just beyond Charlotte and Isleen listening intently to their chat while attempting to appear as if he was staring off at the thrones. He would allow them the moment between them but he also knew if would give him the freedom to raid these… much as he wanted to as Isleen would support this quest. He was so impatient to get to the dungeon but at the same time was thrilled to see the queen doing the work of a queen. He watched in awe and his pretended stare at the thrones was now just a simple stare at Isleen and Charlotte. One of wonder and amazement watching his queen embrace her feelings and truly understand the pain. Johunn did not understand that emotion fully as all pain did was make him violent, but he truly appreciated watching Isleen display it. He watched his daughter and the Fire Elf head off to train and for a moment worried he had chosen the wrong partner as the fool seemed rather entranced with Relia as they prepared to leave the hall.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte looked to the queen, smiling at her request through her tears and took her hand gently in her own. “I would be honoured. Thank you, your majesty.” She nods her head in respect. Charlotte sighed, wiping her tears away and sat up, “I just hope my shifting is to your taste.” She chuckles dryly and turns to the king, “If you don’t mind your majesty, I would like to see this prisoner of yours.” As she spoke, her voice turned gruff again. Her nails shifted into her claws and quickly removed her hand from the queen’s, not wanting to hurt or scare her and gripped the sofa, her eyes flashing orange again.

cat2321  Isleen smiled, her heart filled with joy where there was a hallow aching feeling previously. She felt Charlottes nails dig in slightly to the flesh of her hand before she removed it and watched her grasp the sofa. " My dear, I am sure I will be more than happy with whatever you shift to." turning to Johunn, her voice confident and compassionate " My love, Charlotte would like to see the captive if you are ready to take her" she would smile back at her while rising from the couch. " I hope that you find some answers to questions you have that aid in the vengence that will follow" Isleen strode towards the chambers on a mission to seek the seamstriss to fashion some proper north clothes for Charlotte. 

alldayj1: -Still watching and listening intently and thinking no one noticed he pretended he was surprised when Charlotte spoke to him. “What? Oh. Charlotte come with me, let us be off to the dungeon” –Johunn was so very excited. He set off right away to the dungeon. As soon as they cleared the big hall into the hallway he very seriously said to her – “When we reach the dungeon I will ask the guards to leave then you may do as you wish, become what you wish.” – He grinned his grin telling her she may shift into whatever she desires to deal with the prisoner. Johunn had everyone up and out the door on various tasks before most had rose for breakfast he thought to himself well done king well done.-

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alldayj1: -Johunn returned from the dungeon with Charlotte and once she parted him to return to her room he was off again down the hall heading back for the great hall. As he past the Library something made his hands twitch and something stronger than bloodlust stopped him dead in his tracks. He turned and entered the Library and found Isleen reading quietly. He smiled knowing that only one thing could over power his bloodlust and that was his treasure. He always was drawn to it and would do anything to protect it. He came in quietly and nodded to Isleen grabbing a book on Helhelm and took a seat-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte stood in her room, careful not to drip blood on the rugs. She padded over to where the maid had prepared a bath from this morning and jumped in the tepid water, washing her white fur clean of blood. When she was satisfied with it’s cleanliness she jumped out and shook out her fur, watching the water spray the washroom walls. Charlotte then padded out to her room, her tongue lolling from her mouth and pulled her bag out from the corner with her teeth. She sat on her hind legs and pulled out the turquoise dress from the other night. “I’ll have to be careful, I don’t want to rip this one.” She smiled to herself, happy that had brought this dress along with her. Charlotte shifted into her human form, and shivered from the cold air that hit her bare body. She threw the silky dress over her head, smoothed it over her hips. 

cat2321  Isleen sensed him before he even slipped into the library. He was trying to be steathly but his large figure sometimes worked against him in this way. Johunn smiled as he came towards her, snagging a book as his large body flopped on the chair next to hers. She would smile ear to ear, taking a moment to peek at him over the binding of the book in her grasp blushing before addressing him. " My giant North Man, how did it go? Do you think that Charlotte recieved any closure from the prisoner or that things unanswerd will torture her mind further?" She was concerned and filled with sadness as the thoughts that invaded her mind... vivid pictures of the pain behind Charlottes eyes as she faced one of the men that may have been responsible for her loved ones deaths. Running her fingers against the binding of her book, letting the edging of the paper put her in a transe of sorts, she calmed her nerves and mind staring into her husbands eyes. 

alldayj1: -Johunn smiled softly at Isleen and not his usually grin, no, a real smile from a heartfelt place. He looked into her eyes and replied - "She did recieve some closure or at least I think she did. She reminds me a lot of myself in her understanding of life and death. I approve of her remaining here and being your personal guard." - He dropped his book anf grabbed her hand- "Are you ok? knowing whats coming next for you my dear? are you frightened? I promise you that you will return to my arms." -He pulls her hand to him and kisses it softly trying to reassure her.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte grew bored of brushing her curly auburn hair for the past few days and decided for a change. She focused on the roots of her hair and felt it change, the black bleeding from her scalp and seeped down to the ends, growing slightly longer. Charlotte looked in the mirror and smiled, happy to have some change. Making sure hair covered the scar down her eye, she blinked, changing the forest green iris to her natural glowing orange ones. Satisfied with her look, she opened the door and went down the staircase. Hearing voices in the library, she followed them and walked in, the image taking her breath away. Charlotte might have been a warrior but she was a book-worm at heart. Books towered over her in bookcases, reaching the tall ceiling. The dark oak creaked with the weight of the books and she notices the shelving had curved under the weight. Walking into the room further, she admired the feeling of the fur rugs under her shoes and saw comfy seating surrounding a burning fire. Charlotte saw the heads of the King and Queen, and upon closer inspection, saw them talking in hushed tones. Not wanting to think of her to be spying, she made her footsteps louder to indicate her presence. 

cat2321  She would listen to Johunn's words with intent and empathy. Closing her eyes she would imagine him a young man, rougher and more juvinille than he was now, the image of him so youthful made her giggle and flush. " I find comfort in the fact that you were there for her love. She was in good hands, this is truth. For myself... I am terrified to leave you and Relia for even a moment of time where I will not be in control of myself. It is not death that I fear, it is the fact that I love you both so much and I do not wish to leave your sides." With her last word she caught his eyes staring deep into her soul, her eyes watered at the image of not looking back into those same eyes that pierced her straight to her core. Footsteps padding in their direction caused her to break the stare, Isleen tilting her head slightly saw Charlotte over her shoulder approaching the sofas. " Hello Hun, you look quite well! I am glad of this! Please come sit and tell me of the events from today if you do not mind reliving them for a short moment"

alldayj1: -He finally broke his stare into Isleens eyes looking up to see Charlotte, He would point at the soft leather chair beckoning Charlotte to sit with them and speak with the queen. Johunn looked down and found the book he had aquired upon entry. A small dusty little thing that made him grin a bit, He had read it a dozen times and laughed a lot each time he read it because the account was so inaccurate of his real experience in Helhelm. He thumbed the pages and tried to look busy and uninterested in the coming conversation between Charlotte and Isleen. The King streched his feet out in front of him and in this rare moment was at ease and truely relaxed almost forgetting all the fears and concerns he had to face each day.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte stopped when the queen looked up and bowed her head, before continuing and sitting on the plush arm chair the king gestured to. Bringing the fur blanket over her bare shoulders, she smiled to the queen and king, noticing how affectionate they were towards each other. She spoke proudly, “I am very well, thank you, your majesty. The prisoner was…” She paused, thinking of the right word, “enlightening, shall we say. Although revenge is not my favoured method of recovery, it still does the job.” She laughed dryly at her comment. “I did not want to mention this at the time, as it was painful for me to even see the man, but I recognised him. He was the one who was fighting my mate and who killed him. Revenge was definitely sweet.” She smiled sadly. “However, it is all of the past now. I know we plan on raiding Draconis soon and then after, I will be free of them.” Charlotte smiles and brushed her hair away from her face, now comfortable enough with them to not hide her scars or tattoos. 

cat2321  She nods as Charlotte carries on with her story, describing her recollection of the man. Thankful that she was able to get some closure and sense of justice for her mate. She herself did not prefer such methods but indeed drastic times called for drastic measures and she would not lose sleep over the torment of the filth that Johunn had captured. " You look lovely this evening Charlotte, Have the seamstresses had a chance to meet with you yet for your dresses?" she thought for a moment... The raid was in the next day or so... Charlotte had only been dressed in dresses thus far... she wounderd if she had proper attire for such a thing as a raid. " I will make sure you also have armor and such for the raid. I understand you will be side by side with Johunn and I want to make sure you are well protected from whatever may come"

alldayj1: -The King pretended he was reading though everyone knew he wasnt. He turned the pages to quickly to have actually read them. he looked briefly at the fire and watched it crackle and pop as the log split from the heat below it. Johunn couldnt help but smile a bit as the discussion continued in this room which he found so relaxing with its warm fire, high walls, and comfortable furnature. He was relatively content in this moment only wishing he had a bit of mead to keep him from growning parched. Johunn listened intently hoping to learn more about charlotte hoping to discover more information about the raids which made him happy and excited so he listend and pretended to read-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte tilts her head, “No, I haven’t met with seamstresses yet, but I will when I leave here. I was unfortunately only able to gather some leathers and two dresses before I was seen, so I thank you for accommodating me.” Charlotte blushes and smiles. “We are not used to the cold, so all of my gear is to prevent over heating, not freezing...But apparently, my father and I had meetings with other Southern royalty and they spoke of the snow line. It has been creeping into the Draconis land and everyone is frantically trying to make warm clothes.” She turns to the king, knowing that he was listening to their conversation. “It may aid us when we attack.”

cat2321  She would smile, knowing that the king was more than capable of crushing the.. pathetic excuse of a kingdom all on his own. The thought that he would allow Charlotte the chance to avenge her tribe and protect her whilst she did made her heart flutter. Seldom did she rejoice at blood and gore but now she was gitty thinking about those animals being wiped out completely. Isleen thought of their own daughter and the stares Relia had gotten several times when she was announced as the Princess, quite obvious that she was not of Isleen and Johunn. She shuddered, " Yes, I think that Relia may need a few things as well since she will be joining in the raid when she and Damion return. It will be good for you both to get fitted properly for armor" smiling, knowing it would also be good for Relia to have another young female around her for friendship. Isleen was very pleased at that thought. 

alldayj1: -Johunn looked up from his book at the women and finally he spoke - "Do you know what sort of creature the draconis are?" -He then looked back to the book feaverously thumbing the page trying to pretend that he didnt just interupt the converstation to talk about the raid again, knowing the queen was probably done hearing about it. He smiled and nodded to words he wasnt reading.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  She smiles widely, “I would be honoured to be fitted with the princess.” Charlotte turned, her eyes flashing in surprise when she heard the king’s question. “The Draconis civilians are mainly human, with a few minor demons in the mix. The leaders are demons as well, but are fairly weak with their powers. I know of one who can control water, but not very well, as he had accidently killed his teacher by throwing a monsoon on him.” She laughed at the thought. “He would be the most powerful. The raid will be over before it even began.” 

cat2321  Clapping her hands together, dropping her book at the same time, Isleen was over joyed at the idea of playing dress up. Relia had not let her in some time and she lived to give, she felt purpose in bringing happieness to those around her. She would place the palm of her hand on Johunn's knee, feeling the soft suede of his leather pants, nearly as soft as her own skin yet completey durable and protective in a battle. She listened idly at the talk of the Draconis between Johunn and Charlotte, continuing to plot the items that she would have prpared for her for the raid. 

alldayj1: -Johunns eyes flicker a bit in the candle light and the bright green is obvious as he looks on in an intense and powerful stare that only he could have. He smiled a bit at the news that the Draconis were a weaker people but then the smile turned to a frown. Weakness meant ease, and easy victory was not what a Norseman seek. Battle should be hard, and death should be glorious like Johunns own death was, One man alone agaisnt 200 and he not only stood his ground but he cut down dozens of them before he fell. The minute he died the valkaries scooped him up a noble hero. Johunn had a tear at the edge of his eye worrying that should any of his warriors die raiding the Draconis they may not go to Valhalla with the same speed he did. Johunn looked back to his Queen and tried to stop his wonder and questions and just give the moment back to her as it was hers to begin with-.

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte covered her mouth and yawned wide. “Please excuse my yawn, all the torture has made me sleepy.” She blushes. “I think I will retire for the evening, so I am all ready for the fitting tomorrow with the Princess.” Charlotte stands, smoothing her dress over her curves and curtseyed low. “Thank you again, you have both been so kind to me.”

cat2321  Isleen gazed over at Johunn, feeling quite exhausted herself after the early morning. " Yawns are contagious you knowwwww" The queen yawned as she finished her sentence. " Come my love, carry me off to bed" She would wink at him with a playful expression. " Goodnight Char, I hope you rest well after your day." 

alldayj1: -Johunn would nod goodnight to charlotte then pick up the queen over his shoulder, not exactly what she had in mind. He playfully patted her rear end and he walked out of the room with her heading for the sleeping chamber whispering sweet nothings into her ear.-

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Guest_Galeboom: -Camille grumbled softly as she opened her eyes in exhaustion, she rubbed her forehead and looked around the room with an empty gaze. The oracle climbed out of the small bed located in the basement, she walks through the halls and gives herself time to re-enter the world that was right before her. Imprints of visions still in her mind as she thumbed her pendant that rested on between her breast, she prays silently to Odin for good fortune as she opened the door to the main hall. She observed the bustling maids and the jarls with their soldiers, her eyes scanning the room for her king and Queen-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3 Guest_ch4rl0tt3  WhisperNarrate Charlotte rose again from her comfortable bed, all tangled in the furs. Looking outside, she saw that a new blanket of snow twinkling in the sunrise had settled over the grounds outside her window. Stretching wide, she saw she had shifted into her wolf fur in the night from the cold air. She patiently shifted out and went back to her milky human skin and got up to get dressed. Charlotte put on her turquoise dress and decided to use one of her fur blankets as a throw over her shoulders. Charlotte smiled, “They will surely understand.” Charlotte brushed out her black hair, letting it change back to the auburn brown. Smiling at her appearance, she left her room and walked down the stairs, her stomach rumbling a bit, hungry for the smell that wafted up the staircase. 

cat2321  Isleen stretched, The snow falling against the window pane glittered and threw small rainbows around the room. A beautiful sight to wake to she thought to her self. It was fairly late for her to be rising, she must have over slept and Johunn must have allowed her to do so after the early rise and shine yesterday... Throwing her legs over the edge of the bed, she scuffled across the floor to her robes. Not caring much what she looked like, she threw her hair into 2 braids and hurried down to the main hall hoping that she had not missed too much of the day.

alldayj1: -Johunn motioned with his daggar finger for Camille and Charlotte and Isleen to join him near the big fireplace, The excitement building for the raid was almost a feverpitch throughout the hall but the King wanted to have a very different and very important conversation. He smiled as he patted the fur next to him inviting them to join. He looked over his shoulder and nodded at a maid who quickly bolted toward them with a tray with food and drink. The King was again at his tricks to get something done. He was gathing those most important to Isleen with the exception of Relia. Speaking of Relia, he wondered how her training went with Damon and where they had been as he did not see them at dinner or yet this morning. Johunn wanted to work out a good plan involving one of the biggest things ever to happen to him or anyone he loved

Guest_Galeboom: -Camilles mind finally cleared of its fog as she spotted her king and bowed her head to him when he beckoned her and the others. she crossed the room swiftly, her steps making not a sound as she raced to reach the ear of her king. She gazed toward the window as she came closer to him, noting the snow and blinked thoughtfully as she stopped at his side and leaned down to whisper her visions in his ear-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte saw the king waving his dagger at her and she swayed over to the fireplace, taking a seat in the large armchair. Charlotte fixed her dress and wrapped the fur blanket around her shoulders, nodding her head to the others in respect. Charlotte saw a maid approaching her with breakfast and a goblet, and she covered her scar with her hair as if by habit. Smiling at the maid kindly, Charlotte accepted the silver tray and looked to the king, awaiting his announcement, sipping on the mead, feeling the hot liquid warm her insides. Charlotte tilted her head, a habit she picked up from her wolf form, when a woman started whispering in the king’s ear. She was tempted to shift her ears to hear the whispers, but decided against it, not wanting to be intrusive. 

cat2321  Isleen would see the entire hall had already rose... She felt lazy for being the last one out of bed two days in a row. Looking down at her feet as she paced across the floor towards the King, he was motioning for everyone to gather around him. It seemed morning anouncements were beginning to be his trade mark she would giggle to herself noting that it was indeed lunch and it was not longer morning at all. She stepped up towards the thrones, tripping as she placed her foot on the plateform, catching her dress under her toes as she did. " Ooomfffff" she huffed as her knees hit the slats and her shin came in contact with the edge of the surface. Grace was certainly not her middle name, catching herself on her palms, she rose, dusting herself off and examining her leg. " It is ok, just a scratch nothing more" she looked at Johunn who was less than impressed with her clumbsy nature most of the time as it had caused him a great deal of anxiety when she injured herself in the past. She took her seat next to him by the fire, pulling her leg up to her chest and rubbing the sting away she would listen to what her husband had to say. 

alldayj1: -Johunn nodded at Camiles whispers not once but 5 or 6 times. He was listening carefullly making it rather obvious that Camile was saying something of great value. He then spoke to her softly without concern for Isleen or Charlotte hearing - "Camile we must finish the preperations now, but first are you ok? you have been ill a few days since..The king of Titanreach was here."- Johunn turned to Isleen and Charlotte and spoke around the same volume, one of caution but confidence. He said - "Charlotte this may frighten you but as queens guard its important we tell you. You know I am not a mere man, and you know the Queen is obviously just a human." -pointing at her scratch- "I aim to change that with an age old Norse tradition. It is difficult and will test us but it will be better for her, and for Galandor." -He looked only at Isleen and grabbed her hand squeezing it 3 gentle times telling her it would all be ok. He looked back to Charlotte - "Camile tell her"-

Xirelia: Relia fixed her chainmail around her waist, trying to compose her leaving Damon to do the same. "Okay, I have got this. We got this, right?" The elf asked, looking over her shoulder to Damon. "Yes, we have got this..." Taking a deep breath, Relia closed her eyes for a moment and then opened her chamber door, stepping out she quickly shut it behind her as to avoid anyone peeking into her room. "Everyone must be in the throne room, with the raid happening today..." She said to herself, taking one final moment to prepare for the possible one hundred questions. Ralia followed the sound of voices through the halls, finally seeing her mother, father, Camille and Charlotte. Quite a collection of people. Trying to hold her nerves in chest, Relia came into view of everyone. "Goodmorning." She offered a soft smile, clutching the handle of the sword on her left hip.

Guest_Galeboom: -Camille takes a moment to dab a small piece of cloth with a vial of salve from her belt and offer the cloth to her queen with a soft smile. She nods to her king and sighs softly "You may think our traditions are strange but they are in place for a reason, with the granted power of our gods we can do things that no mere mortal can." She takes a breath as she does not want to ramble but get to the point, she notes relias presence and nods to her with a soft smile "We will be having a cerimony to give our queen a rebirth into a Volva, to do this she must be hoisted onto spears, burned, and stabbed." Camille only lifted her hand to halt any oncoming questions "We will take extra precautions because she is our queen but each völva goes through this, it is a separation of the soul to be judged by Odin."

alldayj1alldayj1 : -Johunn saw his daughters face and she seemed a little suprised to see him gathering everyone for a chat. He nodded at Relia while so desperatly trying to understand her in every sense, since she reached maturity she had been difficult and he knew Isleans coming ceremony would likely be another issue between them. - "Relia you have found a sword? I am happy to see this as I had planned to get you one today." -He continued "how did your traning go?" - Turning to everyone else - "We will have this ceremony soon" -Johunn was both excited and fearful and his eyes showed he was very introspective. - "If a complication arises I asure you all that I will personally retrieve her from Helheilm."-Johunn said this for Relias benifet moreso than anyone elses-

Xirelia: Relia caught the end of Camille's words, suddenly the concerns of her morning were fixed on her words. "Wait... You..." Her gaze looked between her mother and her father. "Are you really going to let mother go through that? Father? You cannot be serious? Precautions? You are going to kill her. What kind of ceremony has to happen where my mother is stabbed to death?" She asked, her hands clenching into fists and they slowly started to steam as they became cold, in contrast to the warmth of the room. "Judged by Odin? So if he deems her unworthy, he will not bring her back? Are you all really taking that chance? What if..." The young elf didn't hear her father's words, those spoken Camille going around in her head. But the last part that he spoke, she did hear. "How can you be okay with this father...?" She questioned him, her face paling.

PayneZileQueen: "Yes love, we got this." Damon smirked as he got dressed up again. Kissing her neck quickly and a soft smack on her butt before she left. Waiting just a few minutes before he decided it was his turn. Since he was still wearing his own outfit, Damon looked out of the window, trying to avoid the guards as easily as possible, and smiled as he looked to the left. His window was very easy to reach from here. Climbing out, Damon held on tightly to the rock that was the wall, and slowly, but quite easily he was able to move from Relia's room to his own. Once arrived, he took off his clothing. Grinning softly at the various love bites and scratches that his newly found love had left on his body. "Little vixen.." He mumbled to himself as he gathered the freshly crafted armor and got dressed in it. Adding the 2 shoulder pauldrons to the top, armoring his wrists and forearms with extra plating, as well as his hips. Wrapping a dagger around his ankle and making sure he had 2 extra on his back before he grabbed his swords. One being repaired to a brand new state. Sheathing them into their own scabbards attached to his back, Damon took a few small jumps and then decided to test his flexibility with a corkscrew kick, which he landed flawlessly. "Hm.. Bit heavier than I'm used to, but this'll help against the cold, and also still keeps me moving. That Blacksmith should get a raise or something.. He's wasting time here" He smirked as he had his small inner monologue. Leaving his own room now, nodding to 2 guards who were walking past. Damon made sure that his collar covered his neck properly from the hickey that Relia had left. He then walked past a statue and grabbed the scarf it was carrying. "You don't need it" he smirked and he placed it around his neck and shoulders. Completing his ensemble. Making way to the throne room, he noticed Relia immediatly, looking as beautiful as ever. And then he bowed down for Johunn, and Isleen. Then saluting to Camille and Charlotte. "Good morning,, or I believe it's becoming Noon quite quickly?" He smirked as he heard a few guards question the very fact how the blind man was able to tell the time this well. A small sunbeam glowing onto Damon's blindfold.

Guest_GaleboomGuest_Galeboom Whisper: -Camille frowned softly at the horrified look of the kings young daughter "relia I can assure you, your mother is worthy. This is magic, no even more. She is communing with a Divine being." Camille tried to be as patient and soft spoken as possible, she too had shuddered at the thought once. She patiently undid the buttons of her outfit, opening a spot to show her pale belly void of any scar or imperfection. "I have gone through this cerimony, I have seen things that would change your world young one. When this happens to isleen she will be more than a mortal, she will not be as frail as a mere human." Camille buttoned up her shirt and looked to her king "There is no any of us who would let our queen die. I believe Odin intends her for more. So does your father" the oracle did wish to ease their fears but she knew it would be difficult for the fear of the unknown is not a tame one.-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte nodded her head at the king’s words, her face growing serious. Turning the the woman the king called Camille, she listened intently to her words. Charlotte smiled at Relia when she entered, noticing her slightly disheveled appearance. Not wanting to comment, she refocused her attention back on Camille. Camille explained the ceremony clearly and calmly, but Charlotte still visibly recoiled at the idea of seeing another person she had come to care for burned. But, upon hearing that it was their tradition, Charlotte understood that it was sacred to them. She knew if they heard the traditions of the Shifter tribes, they might find them unpleasant as well. Not wanting to interrupt the Princess Relia or Camille, she sipped her mead and wondered how the King would respond to the Princess’s reaction, hoping he would show sympathy to her worries. Upon hearing more footsteps on the cold stone floor, she looked up, seeing the Fire Elf salute to her. Charlotte smirked and nodded her head to him. 

cat2321  Isleen studied her daughters reaction, feeling the anquish behind her words. Her fears rising to the surface, she felt her own emotions begin to shift. Tears threatened to flood her eyes, collecting and streaming down her cheeks as she listened to her concerns. The thought of leaving her for only a short time was nearly unbarable... visions of her own body hung on spears for the village to see sent chills down her spine. She sat there and wept silently by the fire, attempting to not make a scene. It was not her own fear that made her weep, but instead the fear of the ones she loved. She felt every single emotion in the room and it was too much for her, she rose with haste, running from the throne room to her chamber. Her feet barely hitting the floor as she fled. Bursting through the doors with a loud crash, the heavy Cherry door swung open, the metal handle clanging against the wall. She flopped on her bed, buring her face in the soft furs, sobbing until the surface beneather her face was soaked from her tears. 

alldayj1: --Johunn shot a look of disappointment to Relia nodding his head slightly. – “Odin owes me a few, and I swear to you she will return, no matter what the cost” – Johunn thought deeply about his travels and his battles across the world. He was battle hardened which made him confident that should Isleen somehow not be returned to Galandor that he could make the trip to retrieve her and would be successful in that mission. He pondered returning to Helheim and what sorts of things he would kill for his Queen all made him smile a bit until he realized he was smiling about his Queens death in front of their daughter. When Damon entered the room and bowed, Johunn would nod to him but also eye up the Fire Elf who offered to assist him as Thane. He listened intently to the talk around him and watched his daughter’s reactions. Then when he noticed Isleen’s tears he felt something he had not felt truly in nearly 90 years. Sadness. He was sad. Not the fake sad he was for everyone when the moment was right. He was actually sad thinking of Isleen being fearful or upset. He was so enamored with her and Relia both that he only worried for them never for himself or others.

Xirelia: In her moment of a near emotional break down, the one person she could seek comfort with appeared behind her, and it took all she had to not run into his arms in that moment. Though she listened to Camille's words, she was put at no ease, even when the Oracle showed off her stomach. Relia knew what the woman was capable of, maybe she was just a child as the female had called her, but it made her care no less for her mother, or the outcome she fear. Compsing herself, Relia sighed softly and the frost that had begun to develop in her hand, simply faded away and the light tine of pink in her cheeks came back. "I... Understand..." She said, barely loud enough for everyone to hear. Relia's gaze caught her mothers worried look and she tried her hardest to give her the bravest smile, she would have to pray to Odin tonight and maybe even make a sacrifice to him. Feeling the pain in her mothers eyes and her sadness as if it were her own, just as she began to cry herself but when Relia went to comfort her mother, she had got up and left the room. "I-I am sorry..."

PayneZileQueen: Seeming as he was cheerful himself, for many reasons. Damon immediatly caught the vibe of the room and his smile turned to a frown. Having missed some of it, he suddenly watched the woman he know was an Oracle unbutton her shirt and show nothing. If it wasn't for the vibe in the room, he would've probably said something about a lack of something being there. But he knew it wouldn't brighten up the room at all. Focussing his attention to Relia, he saw that she had it hard. Wanting to comfort her somehow he moved his fingers and warmed up the area around her. "I'm sorry.. But.. I've missed a lot I feel like. Should I be here? Or should I be waiting elsewhere? I do not want to intrude, m'Lord"

Guest_Galeboom: -Frustration caused a lump to form in camilles throat, she wished to ease everyone's worries but she lacked the social skill and the words to do so. She swallowed the lump and excused herself "I would like to go and hunt for a special offering to Odin, my king.." the oracle bowed her head and turned on her heel, heading toward the large doors and grabbing some furs to wrap around her shoulders as she stepped out into the snowy land outside-

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte notices the queen’s silent tears stream down her face and her heart grows heavy. She feels for how scared she must be, and is proud she is brave enough to do it. The queen suddenly stood and ran out of the room. Charlotte stood, ignoring the shivers that crept up her arms and excused herself quickly. She looked into Relia’s eyes before running after the queen, hoping she would follow her. Following the sound of doors slamming and weeping, Charlotte found the King and Queen’s chambers. She raised her hand and knocked on the cherry oak door quietly, and then opened it a crack, calling out, “Your majesty? May I come in?”

cat2321  She had cried her self into an exhausted trance in just a short amount of time. Her own fears she could handle, at times she came off emotionless because her ability to mask her own feelings was so strong. However when it came to the emotions in a room full of people near to her, the ability to control showing theirs was none. Every single tear that fell from her eyes were her daughters, not her own. The inability to control them where also Relia's, the want to flee much the same. She knew this, but was unable to stop herself from making such a scene and she regretted doing so. A knock at the door startled her " Yes? " She whispered, fighting hard to regain control of heself. Sitting up in bed, rolling back the now damp fur from the bed trying to hide the evidence of her weak moment. Isleen sat straight and waited for the bed chamber door to open.

Alldayj1: --“You are welcome Damon, but it seems todays planning has not gone well. I have upset everyone, Would you like to go on a quick hunt? Camile had whispered a fine idea before.” –Johunn would study Damons response and his body language. The King was such as hardened and firm man that all the emotion caused him to glaze over a bit. He tightened his boot straps and looked back at Damon waiting to see if the elf would tend to the women or hunt with he and Camile. As he waited he snatched a bow from a guard and while still watching damon he headed toward another guard nearer to the door acquiring a quiver of arrows.-

Xirelia: Relia suddenly felt a warmth around her and she was near instantly relaxed, sighing contently as she relaxed her shoulder, not realising how tense she had been. Looking in his direction she gave a small, barely seen grateful smile and then looked to Camille once again, who had left to go on a hunt. Now, Relia's attention was diverted to Charlotte who, just as Relia had wanted to do, went after her mother. However, Relia decided to remain in the throne room as her reaction to Camille's news, no doubt upset her mother. Now that the subject seemed to have changed, Relia casually walked over to Damon and idly stood beside him. "May I go on the hunt with you too father? I might be of some use. Maybe..." She trailed off, looking up at Damon for a moment and she smiled nervously.

PayneZileQueen: Listening to the King offering him to go on a hunt, Damon raised an eyebrow. Wondering if something was going on, he swallowed for a moment. Not completely sure on how to respond as he watched the king look at him while he got a bow. Was he being threathened? Studied? He wasn't completely sure but nodded as Relia mentioned she wouldn't mind to join. "I'd love to my King. But I do think it might be smarter for us, maybe some, maybe all of us. If we would go on a scout for the raid, instead of going on a hunt. We can use the hunt as a ploy though. If we can plan ahead, and gather some numbers. We might be more effective in our attack"

alldayj1: -Johunn grinned with a sense of new found kindship with Damon. Scout? Maybe he wasnt just a silly little elf after all. The King nods and says- "Damon that is an excellent idea." - He summoned some nearby guards and began to bark - "Take Damon and go to the snow line. Do not comeback with out knowledge of Draconis. If he is harmed you die." -Turning back to Damon- "Lead the scot party, but be quick and avoid trouble if possible, And I want Relia to go as well, she needs to see how to avoid trouble since I have such a habit of heading right for it." -Johunn cringed at the idea of sending Relia near danger but if she was to go on the raid she should also be permitted to scout. The King grined a fake grin of false confidence in Damon and his ability to not only scout but also protect Relia. He then handed the bow and arrows to Damon and pointed toward the bed chambers - "I have a queen to console, then an Oricle to catch up to"-

Xirelia: Relia listened to her father and was happy when he said she could go with him, but her father's words were spoken with a hidden threat she thought, her safety meaning the most to her father, Relia understood that he was putting a lot of trust in Damon in that moment. Again, first with training her and now this. Was her father up to something? Or simply looking out for her. Remaining near Damon, she watched her father's interaction with him and sighed softly. "I will be fine father, I have the abilities to protect myself too." Relia said with a smile, trying to reassure her father, as she already, very much so, trusted Damon. The young elf gently body bowed to her father as he left to comfort her mother. "Goodnight father." Alone, once more Relia jumped into Damon's arms.

PayneZileQueen: Listening carefully at what the King was saying, sensing some kind of threat being hidden within it all somehow. He nodded as he took the bow from the King and smiled softly. "Go attend to your wife, m'Lord. And I promise that I'll protect Relia with my life" He smiled and looked at Relia, of course he wasn't going to let anything happen to her, what did he think? Of course he'd protect her with his entire life. When they were all alone he caught Relia and smirked. "So how long have you been dying to do that my love?"

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The Scout Before the Raid.

“Since the moment I left you in my bedroom.” Relia smirked, dropping herself down onto the floor once again. They had been separated from the group of guards her father summoned, so the first task at hand was finding them, and giving a brief of instructions. Eight people altogether, including Damon and Relia.

Not impressed by the guards that the King has given him. Damon looked at every single one of them, inspecting them and the position they were standing in. “This is by far the WORST guards that I have seen you maggots… How did you get this job, hm?” Damon got up close and personal with some of the guards and smirked as he saw 2 of them shiver in fear. “That’s exactly what I thought. We’re making 4 teams, and my partner will be the Princess. Since I am tasked to protect her.” pointing at a couple of guards, pairing them together. He gave a bow and a quiver with arrows to every single one of them. But keeping none for him or Relia. “Are you good with a bow, love? Because I’m not…” Looking around to see the guards preparing, sure makes him feel confident enough to go through with all this. Ordering the guardsmen to go towards the forest, he then raised his hand towards Relia for her to take it “Coming, dear?”

Relia stood swaying from side to side while Damon did his thing, the control he showed over these men made her want to take him right there on the floor in front of them, but that would be just a daydream for the time being. The young elf was snapped back to reality, her cheeks since turned a bright shade of pink, when Damon addressed her. “A bow? No, not really.” She responded, returning to her happy daydream once again, only to be snapped to reality once more by Damon. Grumbling softly under her breath, Relia took his hand and squeezed it tightly. “We should go to your chambers when we get back.” The frost elf said, standing up as high as she could, whispering in his ear to where only he could hear her.

Smirking a little bit as she had whispered into his ear, he looked at his beloved and moved back to whisper in her ear. “Is that what you’re thinking about while I’m ordering the guard?” Smacking her butt in a teasing manner, grabbing it firmly before he gave her a gentle push forward. “Maybe, depends on how tired we are love. Besides, the raid is tomorrow, it’s not something we should plan on doing in a moment like this” While he spoke, trying to assure her it wouldn’t be the smartest of ideas, he had a thought of Relia probably not caring about that. Shrugging it off for now as they entered the forests. He ordered the Guards to split up into their teams and for each to go their own way. Once the guard all moved out, he pointed at a direction for Relia to move there alongside him. Completing the circle to surround the target area

Leaning into him slightly, while the guards prepared themselves, Relia rubbed her body against his and her hand squeezed his tighter. “I could not help it… It reminded me of our time in the cave…” She whispered again to him, her body jumped slightly and she had to hold back a yelp when he spanked her. “Hey…” Relia stumbled forward when he gave her a gentle push forward. “Yes, yes… I shall put it into consideration…” She said, calling back to him in a normal tone of voice, looking to Damon over her shoulder she’d wink to him. “Off we go then.” The elf said, looking over the small collective of guards. ‘This is going to be a long night.’ She thought to herself, knowing how useless the guards could be sometimes, just hoping they were not all drunk, a habit a lot of them picked up. Standing beside him once more, Relia hooked her arm through his and they marched together out of the castle. What better way to be protected by the man than standing as close to him as possible? That was her trail of thought anyway. Situating herself where Damon had placed her, there was the sound of nearby voices coming up ahead, the destination they were planning to arrive at must be just ahead.

Guiding Relia perfectly through the trees and any other vegetation that got in their way. Damon kept a close eye on the wall of the target. Counting softly as he saw people, nodding and then kneeling down. Motioning for Relia to do the same thing. “Lucky for us.. I only counted up to 10 people on this side of the wall, 4 of them being archers. Either they are short when it comes to proper guard, or they have high hopes of never being attacked.. What do you see? And do try to keep things as detailed as possible in your memory hun. And maybe.. Just maybe.. We can visit the cave again once we’re done with the entire raid. Until then I want your mind to be clear.” Not only saying it to his love but also himself, Damon nodded slightly and moved his hand over to Relia’s back, wanting to keep her covered

Relia remained covered and ducked down while Damon did his counting. “There cannot only be ten, surely? I doubt so little group would manage to take down a group of shapeshifters so easily. Unless they are maybe like us, or somehow similar.” Keeping her voice low while she spoke, the elf went silent as she peeked around by his instruction. Counting the same, Relia huffed with disappointment. “Something seems off.” Whispering again, going over the numbers once more. However, when one of them seemed to notice her, Relia quickly ducked back into cover again. “Did you see that?” The man asked another who was standing nearby. “You are probably just seeing things, go check it out anyway.” With a nod of confirmation, the male stepped away from his post, making his way toward the woods. Slowly but surely, with a sword drawn and shield ready, he made his way closer to where Damon and Relia were in cover, and in the meantime Relia was trying not to panic, whispering ‘sorries’ to Damon. Just as the enemy was about to find their location, with her quick thinking, Relia created an imperfect dome, covering both of them, the outer surface looking just like a layer of thick snow against the tree, while she tried to keep the temperature as warm as possible within for Damon. The man walked passed them, but was startled by something. “Damn, just a deer…” And the footsteps started to disappear into the distance.

Pushing Relia down more and more as the guard got closer. All he did was try to shush her, and when she had covered them. Damon inhaled and exhaled a warmed breath into his hands. Looking at Relia he smiled and whispered “You’re a genius.. No worries about the temperature, this I can take.. And no need to apologize either love.. It can even happen to me” And when he said that, a large scream was heard very close to where they were posted. It was a scream of attack, while the 6 guards who were tasked to tag along with Damon and Relia moved in to the designated area. Damon sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose “Please don’t let that be ours…” But he already figured that it would’ve been just that. Hearing the sounds of attacking men and women filling the air, Damon shook his head and looked at Relia. “So… Who made these idiots into guards, hm? Apparently they can only handle so much when it comes to orders…”

Just as the words of ‘I’m sorry’ were about to fall from her lips, Damon had stopped her with his own, telling her not to apologise, so she just smiled in thanks. Relia became startled when she heard a scream, quickly uncovering them from their position now that they were safe. “Oh no… I do believe that would be our drunk General...” Peeking around their place of hiding, she watched the group charged toward the source of a noise. ‘Wasn’t that where some of our group were going to?’ She asked herself, though was certain of the answer which soon presented to be true. Relia watched in horror as two of their collected group were hacked down into nothing, unable to take her eyes away from the view, stuck as she was and unable to move, with a shaking hand the elf pulled on Damon’s sleeve. “We need to get out of here…”

“What did you see?” Damon tries to pull Relia back in just to make sure she is safe. In the mean time, the 6 guards have all died by the people of this weird place. Taking a deep breath again, he looked at Relia. “Cover yourself sweetheart” and he waited for her to be able to cover herself properly. He moved his arms to fire off a large wave of flames towards the enemies. Creating a solid border of flames between them and him and Relia. “Run Relz..” He mumbled and he jumped out in a somersault, taking down one of the remaining guards that killed one of his own. Moving back with the occasional fire ball being shot towards his enemies. He retreated and started to run, looking for Relia and trying to catch up to her as quickly as possible.

“Th-They… Are killing them…” She muttered back to him, her eyes still glued to the scene, but was eventually pulled back by Damon and she hid her face against his chest. “They are all dead…” Hearing his words, she crouched down as low as she could into a small ball, and when he summoned his flame she could both hear and feel it, then suddenly it was much louder and hotter. Peeking up she saw a wall of flame. ‘Run’, her feet told her and as soon as Damon said it, she was off, her light stabs carrying her through the woods, dodging through trees and over collapsed branches. Home eventually came into sight and Relia came to a halt, checking behind her for a long while to make sure they were not both followed, though it was more likely they all perished in the fire. Including the bodies of the guards that had been lost. “What do we tell my father about the guards?” She asked Damon, disappointed in the failure of their quest.

Once he finally had set his eyes on Relia again, he moved quickly towards her and reached her home together before he even thought about saying something. “Well.. We say what we know, and what happened. In all honesty, I would kill those Guards right now if they had survived it.. Seriously, what did they think they were going to do? Attack while I didn’t give the order? I’m going to talk to your father about this, and tell them what the hell just happened.. If THAT is his guard.. He has a LOT to learn” A little agitated about all of it, he finally snapped out of it and kissed Relia fully on her lips while they were standing at the entrance of her home. Then he held her tightly into his arms. “I’m so glad you’re okay..”

Left a little breathless from their hasty retreat, Relia hunched over slightly putting her hands on her knees. “How did that go so bad, so quickly? That must have only been a small part of a larger group, surely? What were they thinking…” The elf muttered the last part, speaking of course about the guards. She had stood up before Damon kissed her and she was so happy to be in his arms again, melting into his embrace she immediately felt better from what she had just witnessed. “I-I will be fine… Just glad to be away from all that, and not followed… Hopefully they all died in that fire…” Looking up at him, Relia gave Damon a reassuring smile before burying her head into the fur of his collar.

Holding her closely, Damon sighed happily and heard her heartbeat faster. “No worries hun. I promise you, I will keep you safe.” Kissing her forehead again, he then took a step back and kept looking into her eyes. Moving his left hand to uncover his eyes for a moment, he winked at her with his red and jet black orbs. Covering them back again he smirked softly and nodded sideways towards the entrance. “We might want to go inside, and go to bed as well. Remember what I said though my love.. We can’t sleep together here, but I promise you, after the raid we’ll visit our cave again. Or maybe the bathhouse… The bathhouse was definitely a lot warmer and nicer..” Shrugging softly, as he didn’t care where he was as long as it was with her. He moved slowly towards the entrance of the castle while he remained looking at his love. “Come dear. If you’re quick we might be able to do something before we need to go sleep”

“I know you will.” Relia said, taking a deep breath and then a heavy sigh. As he had put some space between them she was able to look into his eyes when he lifted his blindfold, a small giggle escaped her lips when he winked. “Don’t be a tease, you know I love seeing your eyes. It is not fair that I cannot always look into them…” She said with a small whine. Stepping into him once more she clinged to him again. “I suppose we should, but the bathhouse does sound really nice. It is the first place you kissed me after all… But then the cave was our first time… Well… You know…” She became shy all of a sudden, her cheeks turning red. Relia walked with her arm hooked through his as they made their way back to the castle, putting distance between them when they were insight of people. “I wish we didn’t have to hide…” Was the last thing she muttered to him before she was home. Having walked home as quickly as possible, she was still hopeful that they might get to spend more time together, before retiring for the night.

“Because I don’t want other people to see how my eyes look like. You’re the exception, and the only exception as well my dear.” Damon gave his love a firm hug before they walked together into the castle, arm in arm. “In time we won’t have to anymore” Damon muttered back, and when they separated, he warmed up the temperature around them as if he was holding her in his embrace. He didn’t like it either that they had to be sneaky, but at the same time he did enjoy the thrill of it all. Thinking back to the cave, he smirked softly while he let his mind wander to his girl being on top of him. “Little vixen” he smirked to himself and he moved to a small area with some weaponry, starting to work on his routine for a few hours to kill time. He’d hope Relia would watch him, but if she did her own thing he’d be alright with that as well. Getting more used to the Northern weaponry along. Though nothing felt as smooth as his own Dao Blades that he had left in Iron to blend in more. Throwing a ball of fire towards what looked like an archery target, burning it immediately to a black mess, he smirked a little bit. Hoping to see Relia close around him.

With a wide smile she felt all light headed from his words, at least there was something that she knew only she had. “I hope that time is soon.” She added, finally. Feeling that warm sensation as he heated up the area around her, which made missing his touch not entirely unbearable. When they finally arrived, the bedroom wasn’t where he was going though she decided to follow him anyway, watching him warm up for the tough days ahead. Eventually she began to get tired, struggling to keep her eyes open, she laid down on a nearby bench and watched until she fell asleep.

Since he noticed that his beloved was watching him. Damon decided to at least show his best instead of slack off. Not that he was much of a slacker anyway, but having her around motivated him more and more to make sure she saw him at his best. Done with his work out, he noticed his beloved laying on one of the benches and smiled, crooking his head slightly “Poor thing, completely knackered” He said to himself softly, walking up towards her and lifting her up, making sure for her head to rest against his shoulder. Carrying her up towards her bed, he simply told every guard who came across that he took it upon himself to bring the Princess to bed, as she had fallen asleep. Laying her in her bed, he gave her a soft kiss and then moved to his own bedroom. Taking off his clothing and laying down in his own bed.

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8 The Grizzly on Thu Nov 16 2017, 00:22


After her tearful reaction to Relia in the mead hall, Isleen had ran off to her chambers and cried for her daughter. It was not fear that motivated this reaction but a general sense of empathy for Relia. Isleen and Charlotte pasted some time discussing the sacrifice and its importance. Then they moved on to books and scrolls and later to the freedom that nature offered. They had decided they needed to get out of the mead hall a bit and get some fresh air. Around this time Johunn arrived and offered his usually kindness and softness to Isleen. He felt bad for her reaction and desperately sought to keep her positive. When the idea of getting out of the castle was posed to him, Johunn leapt at the chance as he hated the boring tedious day to day of kingship.
Queen Isleen, Charlotte and King Johunn in an attempt to escape from reality a bit decided to go on a run outside of town. The sunlight shone on the snowy fields and the trees were covered in white. The temperature had rose to above zero but still bitterly cold. The Queen had wanted to get out of the hall and this was her chance. Johunn was happy to be able to use this time to try to reassure Isleen in reguards to the upcoming sacrifice.
When they reached the clearing Charlotte and Johunn shifted into wolves. Johunn’s wolf was tall and strong. He had white fur all over with fierce eyes and powerful jaws. He was twice the size of most wolves. Charlotte shifted into her winged wolf form with black fur with bat like leathery wings. The fur had teal tips throughout. The wolves were quick and agile but Isleen was as well ducking around trees and leaping over down ones. She reached a tree and climbed straight into it. Her assent left the 4 legged companions to the snow below.
These three were free in the moment able to enjoy themselves without the fear of the town’s folk’s reactions. They could enjoy the moment without the weight of ruling or the worries of Galandor on their minds. This was truly a needed moment for the King and Queen. Johunn would let out a howl of happiness and Isleen giggles of joy. Charlotte even showed her joy with her howl and her strut. The cold seemed unimportant in such a moment of happiness and joy. They passed the hours like minutes and simply just existed.
They began a playful game of tag and followed that with hide and seek.  Charlotte shifted to her traditional wolf form with white fur and a stance nearly half or a bit more of Johunns. First Isleen was of and hiding in a tree then Charlotte and Johunn were after her.  The fun lasted for hours with snowball fights and wrestling. Johunn took a well thrown snowball to the muzzle as Isleen giggled with glee. The fun continued as Johunn was gentle and relaxed. Isleen and Charlotte got the better of the King after a bit even if was clear he likely let them.
As the wrestling ended Isleen tore off in a sprint playfully ahead of Charlotte and Johunn heading back toward the castle.
cat2321: She heard a rustling... dropping down to a knee to peer through the lower hung limbs " Johunn... Char... " She called out in a near whisper... " Hey, quite playing I am freezing and its getting dark I can barely see you" A growl came back in response... a deep, dark, low growl that sent chills up her spine... she saw the breath of warm air from the creatures mouth before it even broke the tree line... Cat turned and bolted for the nearest tree. It was a Grizzle Bear......"AHHHHHHHH" she sreamed out in fear and relief as she threw her legs up around the branches climbing as high as she could-
Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte heard the queen’s scream and her playing mood ceased. Charlotte’s hackles raised and snarled as she shifted mid stride into her winged wolf. Her grey fur bled into the white as she ran through the thick snow. Two leathery turquoise wings sprouted from her back and she lept into the air, beating her wings as hard as she could, her eyesight becoming sharper as she flew. Charlotte shot like a bullet towards the scream, scared to her wits end for the queen she had come to care for. Charlotte swore to herself that no one she cared for would die. Seeing the Queen clamoring at a tree's trunk, she swooped in and landed on all fours on a branch just above the queen, digging her claws into the branch to stabilize it from her weight. Charlotte growled at her and nodded her head to her back, hoping the queen would get her message to climb on her back. 

alldayj1  Johunn running behind Charlotte with his long beautiful strides until Isleens scream met his ears. Then his whole demenor changed. He gate opened his pulse raised and his anger began to bubble over. He watched as Charlotte shifted and flew to the queen but his concern was the cause of the screams. He would reach the scene of the intuder and square off with the grizzly. He would snarl and snap at it as the bear was incredible angry itself. Johunn bit its foot causing the bear to grow more angry. It was at that moment Johunn realized the situation was not at all a bad one and he could toy with their dinner a bit if he wanted to.-

cat2321  Isleen panicked when she saw Char come flying in at such speed. The branches were a tad icy and the warmth from her own body radiating on her hands had begun to melt it enough that she was having a hard time hanging on. Charlotte landed on the branch above her head, the one that she was grasping onto for dear life. She knew why, as it was the largest branch near, but the weight of Charlottes body crashing down onto it shook the limb enough for Isleen to lose her grip. Trying to gain her footing she adjusted, but fell anyway. She tumbled to the ground into the snow beneath the tree.. Hitting her head on an exposed root. She layed there uconcious, and unable to defend herself. 
Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte snarled at her stupidity for making the queen fall and jumped down into the snow, and jumped over the queen’s unconscious body, shielding her from the large grizzly bear. She yelped at the King, notifying him of the Queen’s condition. Deciding on a plan, she pushes her head into the snow under the queen and hoisted her body onto her back. Making sure the Queen was stable, she jumps into the air and beats her wings again, the 8 foot wingspan causing the snow to cloud around them. Charlotte found a strong V in a tree and nestled the Queen on the branch, making sure she was stable before jumping into the attack with the King, growling, happy to attack the monster that scared the Queen. 

alldayj1  Johunn wanted to allow charlotte to show off her talents so he leaped over the bear laying a deep scratch all the way from its neck to its ass. He landed and quickly squared himself back to the bear. He would howl making the bear split his attention in two directions and leaving an opening for Charlotte to show him what she was made of. He was enjoying this though he did fear a bit for Isleens well being.

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Anger boiled inside her when she saw the blood the King shed from the bear and started to see red. She flew down and dug her nails into the bear’s thick hide on its shoulders and clamped her jaws around its jugular, shaking her head viciously. The bear roars as it fell to the ground with a cloud crash into the snow. Feeling her fangs sink into the bear’s skin, tasting blood, she pulled on the fatty neck. The bear was still struggling against her and a paw flew up and struck her in the face, its long claws raking over her shoulder in its wake. She yelped, her wound driving her to bite into the bear’s neck further. 

alldayj1: -Johunn fired at the bear from his landing spot and bit into its side then its stomach, ripping its belly wide open allowing it guts to begin to fall out onto the ground while it still breathed. He was happy to see Charlotte going for the throat and he again rebounded to watch her as she finished off the massive bear. He was licking his chops thinking about the meal to come.-

cat2321  Her eyes started to flutter open, Isleen could barely make out the scene below her. She heard a loud painful yelp which caused her to shake her head violently until the daze and fog cleared from her vision... She saw deep red gashes down Charlottes shoulder and started to cry, struggling to break herself free from the crotch of the tree that she had obviously been placed it. 

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte watched as the King attacked the bear’s stomach. Then, she heard the Queen’s heart start to beat faster and her tears. Charlotte roared into the bear’s neck and braced her front legs. Opening her wings to their full glory, she reared them back and pushed against the wind hard, pulling the jugular with her. Blood spattered over her muzzle and face, as she spat the chunk of skin from her mouth. Her wolf muzzle turned up into a horrifying grin, her fangs dripping blood down her neck into the snow. The contrast between the hot blood of the bear and the pure white snow was entrancing, the blood pouring from the wound. Charlotte stepped off the bear’s back and watched as the light dimmed from its eyes, knowing that it regretted attacking the Queen. She turns to the king and bows her head, honored to have made the kill. Charlotte then jumped up into the tree and swept the Queen from her perch and placed her gently in the snow, away from the bear’s corpse and laid down on her haunches, pulling her ears back, submitting to the regal woman. 

alldayj1  Johunn looked on in wonder of Charlottes kill. He was maybe even a little jealous. He closed his eyes and slid his muzzle under the bear and flipped it onto his back with ease. He turned to see if he would have to carry them all back or if charlotte was ok. knowing they mead hall only laided about 100 yards away.-

cat2321  She helped Char up off the ground, putting her shoulder under her and giving her rest for a moment before heading back to the mead hall. It was Char's shoulder that was injured but Isleen feared for the amount of adrenilie that was surging through her body after such an ordeal and wanted to help her relax a bit in the moment.

Guest_ch4rl0tt3  Charlotte looked back to the King, curious as to what he would do with the bear’s body. Turning back to the queen, she followed, limping with her through the snow, leaving a trail of blood droplets in her wake. She reached the large door and entered the warm threshold, where she collapsed, panting on the wooden ground.
alldayj1: =Johunn shifted back into his human form and collected himself, it would not be the first time he entered the mead hall bare assed and covered in blood. His eyes were their calm green and his smile wide as he observed the Queen and Charlotte. He dropped the Bear at the door of the kitchen and pounded the door twice to get them to come tend to it. He then continued around to the main doors and took his naked self inside with the queen and Charlotte to be sure they both recieved aid and he could retrieve fresh clothing.

cat2321  Isleen caught Charlotte before the whole weight of her body hit the floor. Her own adreniline kicked in as she lifted her over her shoulder, She padded through the entry way of the hall. " I need hot water now!" She would hollar with authority as she made it to the center of the hall. She thought for a moment about laying her down by the fire to take care of her wound but then, she would have to move again. She summoned her energy, walking past the fire and straight to the stairs leading to the bed chambers. " I am going to lay you down in your bed Char, you need to rest and not move until you have healed." She said to her in a pleading tone, as she knew all to wekk that she would never ramain there unless it was an order to do so. Isleen gently kicked the bed chamber door open, scuffling through the entry way. She pulled back her fur bed coverings and eased her down upon them gingerly. The maid brought the hot water and Isleen tended to the wound with care. Knowing that Charlotte would heal quickly now that it was cleaned. She tucked her in, and left her chamber so she could rest without another word.

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9 Re: Story Line - The Rise of Galandor on Sun Nov 19 2017, 19:17


As they were about to depart on raid, Johunn saw a raven on the tree, it sat regal and all knowing. Its presence would give him a feeling deep in his soul. He knew it was an omen. He knew it was Odin telling him now was the time. He turned to his people and boomed “We cannot raid to the south. We cannot stay in Galandor. We must move on to lands far from here. This place is not for us and we must go.” –Johunn instructed all the warriors to collect the town’s folks and all their belongings and load it all up as quickly as possible. They would evacuate Galandor in less than an hour. He was sorry to leave this place so hastily but knew it was now that his Gods wanted him to move on to another place one where they would blossom and grow as a people and a kingdom. Johunn barked and ordered everyone to work and when they began to march toward the shore and the boats he let out a deep sigh. Knowing his daughter was not among them and Galandor was empty. This would mean she had left and given that Damon was also gone he had to infer they were gone together. He considered pursuit, he considered murder, he considered his daughter one not truly his but one her loved deeply. He knew they had grown apart and that she wanted to see the world and be her own person. Damon wasn’t a kidnapper was he? He didn’t seem the type… He was perhaps simple and easily persuaded by Relia but not a kidnapper. This assumption and the constant reconciliation as they marched to the boats from all of those around him allowed him the confidence to let her go. He knew he may never see her again and that hurt him deeply like losing a part of his soul. Johunn shed one tear for Relia as they loaded the boats with people and supplies. They were off to conquer new lands and be who they were destined to be. The entire kingdom loaded in longboats and the last one to leave the soil would be Johunn. He looked one last time at the Mountain and nodded softly as he had done what he came to do here and now would find his people a permanent home. Two warriors had dug a hole for Johunn about 2 feet deep. As he was about to climb aboard the boat he again thought of Relia and with his last moments in Valeria he buried a fair amount of gold and a note that said- “should you find this treasure tell the Princess Relia that her father is sorry he failed her and he hopes she finds what she seeks” – The King mounted his boat and they were off and gone from Valeria.

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