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Our Laws in Our Role Play -Read And Sign Your Name

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Reminder of What We DON'T Alow From Players and Within The Role Play
- Dragon rpcs (dragons are a rare race on our planet, and being allowed to play one is a honor not to be taken lightly, this is only given to good standing long term members of the role play, being allowed to play a dragon here is given ok only by Ownership and no one else. )
- Light Rpers are not advised to rp here
- Time and space anythings, UNLESS it is admin approved example teleportation items or stones
- Futuristic anythings
- Dimensions or other planes of existence, The Void, The Abyss, Hell, other
-Nothing chaotic evil or things that will disturb the peace must be talked about with the admins first.
- Gods/Children of gods/related in any way by blood to gods, or has gods names, if you named yourself Lucifer or something of the like we won't allow it please be original.
-all new players start at level one in all role plays, no overpowered roleplay characters, you are level one, you want to be overpowered work for it.
- Gloating (please don't wag around your rp Wang for us all to see, we don't care how many words you can do in a post we only require you to be able to do over  200 to 250 words as the min and maxing out at there is no max, if you can do thousands of words good for you, we don't care.)
-Disturbing the peace, if your rpcs only reason to exist is to come to break things please find other places to do it. if you are only wishing to "fuck shit up" we do not want you here, and if you start doing this we will kill you.

All portals or time and space magic can be done in the roleplay but when done an admin or ownership will give you a repercussion, you will not like it, don't use portals for ANY REASON
you also CAN use any god gates, gates to other places like hell or the deep in our case, or something along the lines of such BUT IT IS NOT ADVISED, but ownership dares you, do it
this rule does not count for to stones or items or abilitys that are given by admin team characters in game, they are validly and allowed to be used depending on there item details

****if you have something you wonder may not be allowed here please talk to the admin and things can be worked out.****

We at DeLaRose Role Play Group welcome all kind of players. We keep Roleplay rules as simple as possible for everybody, so it is not required to be an experienced Roleplayer to join the game here. If you play in one of our Rps we expect you to read the rules and comply. Thank you.

New rule added 2017-01-19
Changed and edited on 10.12.2018

Dating oocly in this roleplay group is frowned upon but not against the rules as we can not stop out of game players from enjoying one another's company on that level. but in the game, there are rules to characters dating and holding in-game relations. things that will not in any way be allowed are

  • random on the spot marriages
  • per existing character marriages, example if your character joins and is already married to -name here- in backstory cus player A and player B got in an out of game relationship earlier.
  • Marriages after anything less than characters knowing each other and actively courting each other for a time of 3 months or more
  • On the spot dating, if you both just met and it has been 2 days game time you don't love either. Feelings can start but love is a flower it does not grow overnight.

Be reasonable and use logic in game with regards to character relationships the admins and ownership do not want relationship drama seeping into our rp world and lives. We are rpers first keep this in mind.

If you break this rule you will be talked to be the admin team to show the admin team or ownership the logs and storyline of your min 3 month dating and courtship plot, if you fail to show this to ownership or an admin your dating claim will be denied and you and that other character as if doomed by the gods will not be able to date or even act lovingly to one another without dire consequences.

If you would like to talk about this please message the email and or submit a complaint to ownership personally or over email.

Thank you

No player shall use real names or information of other people, real names can be used in privet only and NOT in public chat.  As well as information about real players can be given out in privet upon the players wants.

-the first warning of this will be slap on the wrist
-second warning of this shall be 3 days grounding
-third warning of this is 1-month grounding
-the fourth is a full removal

real names or real information are never to be used as real names can lead to another knowing real information and detail, and if this happens with people we do not know problems of stalking and harassment can come from it.  

This rule can be negated if a new player comes to the ownership team, tells them there ideas and ownership approves it

No new player is allowed to toss curveballs at the role play until after one month of them being an active playing member. curveballs are but not limited to.
-killing npcs for sport (unless allowed to do so by Ownership) or using npcs to drastically change the story in a harmful manner to new players
-breaking things for sport
-blowing things up
-adding combat-related action into the storyline
-assassination, or kidnappings
-rape, or other forms of foul play
-combat with other players (this is waved if an already active player does first and or agrees to combat with your rpc)

simply put, do not come in for the reason of changing the storyline drastically because of your rpc, we do not want your ego to be screaming at us and we do not want our storyline to change or to lose players cus you want to kill someone, if you do wish to come up against the crown day one, you will be informed to "shove off" or the crown will fight you, you will lose you start a level one, like really dude move on.

After one month of active play and being in good standing favor with the Admins and Ownership you may start having more action related role plays you start and set the pace for, with us, it is to earn your place within the group and learn the group.

New Part Added in on April 27th 2015
This Only Counts for Valeria Storyline Players
For New players in Valeria, this rule does not have to last your whole time playing with us but it does last the first couple months of your gameplay with us until you gain full membership within the group and level up, full membership can only be gained with time and attendance nothing else can gain this for you.

The words to remember are "not stronger then a dragon" in the Valeria planet it is a medieval world, in many medieval role plays dragons are the strongest living things, and if not said in other roleplays we have in the group it is a good basic rule to follow.  no rpc is to be stronger in power than a dragon if an rpc is made stronger it can be changed here in this roleplay and the changes made do not have to hold affect outside of this roleplay if not wanted to, but if a roleplay character is made stronger than what is listed here it will be changed or not allowed to enter.
No players other then admins or ones gave the ok from Ownership are allowed to play a dragon if you want to gain this honor talk to Ownership about it and Ownership will inform you if you are allowed or not allowed

- Play Undead and Dark Races at Your Own Risk
- No one is allowed to play dragons other than Anaya and Seasoned Players
- No Children under the age of 12, this is advised not a rule that has to be followed, it is advised due to in-game there are many rpcs that target small children as a weak meal, this is advisement out of game for players so you don't end up dead on day one.
- All players 18 or over allowed

New Part Added in on February 11 2015

Logs MUST be saved if you wish your role play to be valid here in DeLaRose roleplay group, this holds true for any roleplays with characters done outside of the discord client or webpage, so if you go to another rp and do something cool and want that to be counted here to you have to show the log to the admin team to go over so we can properly integrate it into storyline.
if you do not have a log, your rp over there will not be counted

If a log is not saved and see by Anaya it will not be valid and will be held as void to all story line and plot role plays, example: you kill -player name here- and forget to save the log. then it is not valid and -player name here- is not dead inside the story line if you wish them to be you will have to redo your whole log.

New Part Added in on july 14 2014

Using an Rpc outside of DeLaRose

If you have an Rpc you would like to use in another Rp this can be done but you have to think of it as if a copy of the Rpc is there, this copy is a clone, it is not the same being inside of the role play. it can act, fight, kill, and even get killed and inside the DeLaRose role play group the copy of it is still alive and has done NOTHING the other one has done in the other Rp. as well as if that one dies the other one inside of the Rp is alive and well and nothing has happened to it.

Example, Anaya the dragon Rpc. clone Anaya joined a kingdom as a guard, she killed another fighter, got stabbed in the chest, suffered injury, healed and later got killed in a rock slide.
DeLaRose ruler Anaya is sleeping on a sofa dreaming about eating people.

both Rpcs are the same in every way, looks, personality's,stats, powers, race, they are carbon copy's of each other, just in different zones.

Please keep this in mind so if you come to me and say "I killed this guy in this Rp i am in outside of yours" i will come back at you with "do you have a log and do you want me to place this in storyline for if you don't I cant do anything about it and here it never happened." same with if you come to me and are like "I died in -name here- kingdom Rp!!" to me it never happened and all I will say is "well you are alive here, what happened outside of this rp to your Rpc does not count here"

New Part Added in on Dec 26 2013

I would like you all to simply understand the aspect of a closed role play and how this affects your playing in the DeLaRose role plays.

A closed role play is simply a roleplay that is what the word tells you it is closed, so a role play character or RPC can enter it but once inside of it it is stuck in the world unable to be removed unless Ownership kills or removes it some other way or you as a player figure out a way you wish it to be removed. think of it as a book, you open the cover to join it but once you have started reading you can never leave till you are done the reading and your story ends.
and once inside the database all character posts are owned by the DeLaRose roleplay group and will, as needed, be NPCed if the player leaves. all posts made are under DeLaRose role play group are owned by DeLaRose roleplay group and will be used in the books on the web page.

and this said overhead goes for all DeLaRose Role plays so please remember this once you get an Rpc into one of our storylines you must give it an ending or an ending will be played out for you by ownership or another player told to do it by Ownership if you wish better explaining of this please ask Anaya.

Please note, if a player gets kicked out, banned, or leaves the storyline for more than 24 hours (1 days) time without posting an exit post Ownership to prevent holes forming and a halt in the storyline has the ability to remove the rpc anyway seen fit. this action is only valid within the DeLaRose role play world and does not hold validity outside of it.


A role-playing game is a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories.
Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines.
Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.
Role-playing games are fundamentally different from most other types of games in that they stress social interaction and collaboration, rather than individual competition. Misunderstanding this often
leads to bad role play

A few Role Play terms you should be familiar with.
Role-Play – Creating a character or two in which you write ‘storylines’ with other players who have created their own characters. In a sense, it is acting….only written.
Character – The made-up personality and being played by the player
Player – The person doing the typing
Storylines – Stories that are written by the players using their characters. Sometimes, the player who started the storyline has a specific plot in mind, sometimes not.
IC- short for ‘In Character’
OOC- Short for ‘Out Of Character’. Used when talking player to player behind the scenes.
BRB – Short for ‘Be Right Back’
GTG – Short for ‘Got To Go’
LOL – Short for ‘Laughing Out Loud’
RL – Real Life
RP – Role-Play
AFK- Short for ‘Away from keyboard’
BIC – Short for ‘Back In Character’. Used when players are finished talking to each other behind the scenes and talking as their characters again.
GM – Short for "Game Master" or “God Mod” keep an eye on the sentence it is in.
Meta- short for Meta-Game, when a player takes character information that was given to them out of character ((Skype, Facebook, phone ,face to face)) and uses it in character to do harm or even not harm but have their character know more about the other players.
RPC- “Role Play Character”
NPC- “Non Player Character”

In our role play, we allow you to play you, and no one else can play you without asking unless it is truly needed and the only one upon strict circumstances that can play you is the admin NO ONE else can play you or anything you hold control over, NPCs, RPCs, anything. you are you and only you can play you properly. all NPCs, RPCs, are your's wall you are in DeLaRose and no one will play them other than you without asking first.

But under strict circumstances such as.
-you leave storyline forcing the group as a whole to pause.
-you make a hole in the storyline and it must be filled in
-you cause an OOC problem that is of a large enough scale for you to be removed.

I that overhead is done by you, Anaya and only Anaya will play out the next part for you, be it any RPCs or NPCs you hold going and leaving storyline via trip, quest, death, the choice is up to the storyline and what would best fit it and to Ownership.

In our Rp, we try to create an environment that is open to both new and experienced role players.
We expect all players to be tolerant of each other.
We do not agree with the criticizing of others wordcraft. But constructive criticism is allowed.
All Role Play is valid as long as it is delivered with sincerity and not against rules.
No one enjoys being talked down to.
If you have the advice to offer another player on how they might improve their RP then try to do so without taking a superior attitude.
We have people from many countries playing in our Rps to whom English is not their first Language so be knowing of that.
We see this as no hindrance to their ability to play in the Rps, as long as they have at least some fundamental English to enable them to participate in the role play.

All RP is consensual, this means that you should always be aware of another player likes and dislikes and RP limits.
If you are asked by another Player to Stop a conversation or an action OOC then you must stop.
RP is not an excuse to use rules to dominate other players.
Ask yourself what is the point of inflicting your RP upon another player who does not wish it or who does not intend to respond to your words or actions.
RP is not self Masturbation, e.g. it is Consensual sex, even when it is portraying Rape.
Understand this or expect to be ejected and Banned.

We are fans of reality and are keen that the roleplay is realistic to the ears as would be any similar RL City.
Therefore we are not against swearing and so-called bad language being used in RP within the Form or on the client.
Even so, continually swearing in another players face with little or no RP backing it up can become intensely offensive.
Remember this, and use cursing and swearing only to punctuate your sentences, if this is how you perceive your Character to communicate.
But do not use it ignorantly or we may be forced to uphold complaints against you.
Strive to be creatively offensive in your language, not just ignorant and blunt.
if you cuss out or insult people in the discord in an out of game setting or on the web page or on any program we are on and it is seen as harmful in any way you will be warned and marked for your actions, keep this in mind if it is SEEN as hurtful even if it is not meant as hurtful you will be warned, three warnings and you will be given punishment.

In order to avoid In Character, IC, and Out of Character, OOC, confusion about what your character is saying, please use appropriate punctuation by putting quotes “ “ around what your character is saying, and no quotes around your actions.
Example -
“Who are you?” she asked, walking over to them.
Baal walks directly over to the red-nosed guy who just questioned his actions, grabs his coat lapels lifting him slightly off the ground. Then he speaks in a low guttural voice “ You got a problem with that Rudolph”

A player is power gaming when they make their character stronger than is deemed necessary.
People quickly tire of characters that always win.
Remember that this is a shared experience, be aware of the feedback your character takes and adjust it accordingly.

Godmoding is essentially the same as power gaming, only it focuses more on defense.
A player is Godmoding when they play that their character never gets hurt…or heals too quickly.

Example. A vampire getting stabbed in the heart and then for unknown reason getting back up again all better and well because she healed very fast also another example would be. A player of demon race making a 7000000-foot high wall of fire this is known as a Godmod attack for it is far too large and usable in real life or fantasy to even create. Also if the wall of fire is 90000 F in a ring around you even if it is NOT touching you it is still classed as a Godmoded move for there is no way in real life or fantasy that anything is able to make a flame that hot.
also please, PLEASE don't do things like
- came from hell
- is named Satan
- can control the fires of hell
- can make fire as hot as hell or the sun
anything like this is it not a "godmod" it will be viewed as one, we will curse you in rp from the gods if you do this so your magical hell power is removed. hell does not even exist here, so there is also that point

Just a note here on the balance of powers and strength.
Strong or weak, good or evil, there must be a balance.
What is the point of having heroes when there is no one around for them to be heroes for?
A world cannot be made up entirely of heroes.
There must also be a balance between good and evil.
Evil characters cannot always escape, heroes cannot always win. That’s what makes life, and storylines, more interesting.
Understand that losing can be just as great a Role Play experience as winning if you aim to expand your Character.

Be aware at all times of where you are in the in the Roleplay world when you RP.
The whole Rp does not have the same atmosphere and feels to it.
Chatting on Main street is not the same as chatting on the rooftops or in an alley.
Build the feel of your surroundings into your conversations.
When you RP with other players, be aware of where they are.
If you are talking to someone who is in one place, and some other characters walk over to a place farther off, it is not possible to have conversations with both groups, unless it is “role-played” that one of the groups walks over to the other.

DeLaRose Roleplay is not an amusement park where you RP for a short while then run around the place OOC.
Once you enter the Rp you are expected to be in Character all the time, and only to go OOC if a situation calls for it or be OOC in the proper areas.
Even if you are alone in the Rp you should keep in character and imagine the area to be populated ownership will most of the time be around so they can be your NPCs.
Look up at the buildings and see the lights on in the empire and city and Know that it is teaming with life look in the setting info area, details are there for you to know.
The Real Players in DeLaRose are only a tiny fraction of the population of the City.

Be aware that you, as a player, may have some knowledge of things that the character you play does not. Don’t let your character have that knowledge until s/he has earned it (or Role-played it out) this is also known as Metagaming.
This is possibly one of the main faults of  Role Play, that other characters simply read your character stats ((homepage or profile cards)) and use them in conversation. PLEASE DO NOT DO IT!
When You Meet a new Character in an Rp assume you know nothing at all about them.
Forget their account name or anything you know about them from other Rps or info on the real player that you know, act totally ignorant of any knowledge about them except that which you see or that which they inform you of in conversation.
Role Play with others is about the slow discovery and revealing of the personality of another character, exactly like in RL.
This applies to places as well. You cannot know the history of a place you have only just arrived in.
If you want to know more then ask around.

In DeLaRose role play group rpc death happens, this is a sad thing but at the same time it is a normal thing, you can die many ways here.
PvP player kills you
PvE an NPC shanks you in the back
You post something dumb and it logically results in your own death
Your dice rolls really hate you and the dice deem you must die
Something happens and an act of god kills you (you did something to anger ownership or an admin)
you break rules resulting in your removal and ownership has to remove your RPCs.

Death happens, and it sucks at times and can be angering, but we highly advise against being angered due to it and tossing a fit, we as admins and ownership will not humor your anger or bend to your tantrum it will only result in you being removed fully on an out of game level and not being allowed back.

If you die in the game and have not done anything stupid you are more then welcome to come back to the Rp as a new Rpc we will not bash your old one or criticize your new one for old acts it will be a new leaf for you. But if you are to be exiled from the Rp as a real-life person for doing something against the real-life players you will be banned and removed and not able to come back to the active Rp and it will be posted on your acts to the other Admins so they also know you are not welcome back.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Since our Rps are rated mature, we require everyone to be 18 years old and older in RL, and all players should act it! Immaturity will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone OOC, take it to private instant messages or ignore the person bothering you! OOC arguments disrupt role-play and BOTH parties will be warned, and if it keeps up ejected or even banned.
If you are under the age of 18 please come see me and inform me of your real life age and we will have a chat JUST us what is said will not go elsewhere without party consent. It will be talked on and you will be informed on the matters of what we do here and how it is sometimes rated R in some Forum Rps.
You wish to play with adults and you are not one, you will be treated like one simple as that.
If you are warned by an admin for violation of a rule or improper conduct, you are NOT to discuss or debate it. Rules are clearly stated and everyone is supposed to read them – ignorance is not an excuse.
Regardless of the RP role, everyone is to be treated and respected equally when out-of-character. Remember, treat others as you would want to be treated.

DeLaRose and our Graphics are a trademark to Angela Freier ((AnayaSinDeLaRose)) and the DeLaRose Role Play and is not to be used without consent of her not anyone else or other than. Please mark your name below as you here and understand the laws.
Thank you

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Ya i will so do it to you.

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“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
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Just to be on the safe side

From this day forward I, Isis Rain Delarose has signed the laws set forth by the family.


Our Laws in Our Role Play -Read And Sign Your Name Isissig

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I, Yumi (On behalf of all of my characters and myself), have read and sign to abide by each rule stated above.

Duck >~<

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I Ragnar hereby agree to this. i sign it Duck Duck Duck

Read and understood.


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I Dante sin davion here by agree with the rules


dante s Davion

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I ViktorRDelano have read and will adhere by and obey the rules as set forth.

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Read & Understood.

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I Cloud Denn Adrasteia Read and understand these rules.

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I have read your laws, and to the very best of my ability shall abide.


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I NevaehDeLaRose have read and understood these rules and will adhere to them

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I have read your laws, and will abide them as you so desire. - Tsu

Just kidding, Duck.

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rules have bin edited please read over parts you may have missed, thank you keep up to date with new things and thank you all so much for being here we love you <3

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Our Laws in Our Role Play -Read And Sign Your Name 4316073

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I, Saigium, here by pledge to obey the laws of the land.

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17Our Laws in Our Role Play -Read And Sign Your Name Empty Rayner Sophren's Signature on Thu Aug 27 2015, 21:43

I, Rayner Sophren, hereby swear to follow these laws and guidelines until death do take me... And it may be quick in a place like this.

Little BUNNY fu fu walking through the forest grabbing up some field mice and *BOOM* boppin'em on the head.

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Apocryphon, playing Wraythe Valkiri, hereby pledge to abide by the rules and laws set by the dragon queen


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I understand the rules and agree to abide by them. I also agree to accept consequences deemed reasonable and necessary, should I fail to adhere to them.
I will give you a duck as peace offering. Eat well!

- Kayne Redfern-Iscariot

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I, MiyuLaria, have read the rules set forth, understood and agreed to abide by them.



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I Nimphila have read the term's of this rp and will be respectfull to other roll player's

Watch out there is a flying dragon coming.

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I, Thor Autum, have read and understood the laws stated above.
Thor Autum

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Read and understood.


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24Our Laws in Our Role Play -Read And Sign Your Name Empty Read and Understood. on Mon May 23 2016, 23:57

I, Iura (On behalf of each one of my characters and myself), have read and sign to abide by each rule stated above


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Read and Understood.

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