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A Bite Above the Rest, Vandemburg Coven Past

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“It is an old photo mother, were is this?” “It is here my little sugar plum, but it is here in an age before we ever were thought of, isn’t it beautiful” “stunning mother, I do hope they are proud of us”

Lovers leap, they called it as the crescent moon hung over the cliff line of clouds, it was a night some would have dreamed of and we got to embrace it, to watch the moon rise to its peak and now watch it hang there suspended in its own glow. It had been twenty-five years now to this day the doom of the lands happened and we were forced to rebuild this once thriving empire. Siting I wondered, I remembered, I knew the days of old would rise again but for now, it would all be a memory in my mind when the sky’s rained fire and the rivers bleed.

”they will be matching tomorrow at dawn when we sleep captain” “then have the hounds guard the entrance we have the worthless mongrels for a reason let their blood stain the sand before ours do” Red cliff was its old name due to its rich sands that turned the ground yet. Some called it Crimson peak due to every snow when the winters embrace was harshest the snow turned red due to the sands bleeding into it. But here was our castle atop the hill of red sands, the man and woman here called the peak there home, their safety, there everything. The castle stood towering over everything else, the outside made by the lands best gothic architects crafting every bit of molding to the most flawless and specific parameters the castle was flawless, over a hundred rooms a ballroom guest house, library, armory it had all the bells and whistles when it stood supreme in its day. Inside the ceiling was painted to show the lands history, dragons and magic spinning around one another intricate detail showing all who entered the days long lost to time.

Footfalls ran in the halls as he thumped and grumbled under his breath, Vladimir Vandouk owner of the castle and tyrant leader of the armies of here and the southern wall, he had called forth his army’s as tonight the dead walked with a vengeance, and with a leader that was smarter than anyone ever expected. A Lich holding the staff of rising, all they knew of him was his blue eyes stabbing into the darkness the first day they say him laughing atop a hill in the north. Vladimir walked to his study as he slammed the door behind him in a rage tossing papers and books from his desk as he sat and hung his head. Rushing in a woman of divine beauty dressed in a soft blue gown with golden hair draped behind her. The man in a rage, only a fool would touch him but she ran to his aid wrapping her arms around his shoulders and holding him as a tear fell from his eye hitting the table and turning to nothing but dust. “My beloved, I fear we will not last the coming days or even the dawn, take our infant baby and run to the north, you will be safe, please don’t stay here”

“but this is our home” she would plea as her grip around him got tighter, they could not have children so they had embraced an infant to have it remain with them forever, cruel, but it was their treasure. “Please allow me to stay I can fight alongside you, we can stand for our home together, we are stronger together” a fist hit the desk hard as his voice boomed and his gave met hers,

“NO, this may be our home but your life I will not risk, a peaceful sleep is the one thing I could wish for, a blissful rest would allow me to be happy, there are things worse than undeath they will do to you if you are found, take the baby and you are to go there will no longer be words with this you will be out before night over” his eyes showed much pain as she left his study and he turned the room upside down in utter rage and unrelenting pain.

“Take the lycan guard and place them on all sides of the castle for the moron, I do not want any weak spots, and they are to rip the ghouls apart as they come”

“Yes sir we will have them posted, do you wish them all there, all one hundred and sixty-four?”

“Yes Mc Kinley, have them all posted at once we can’t spear a man, then at nightfall we will hold our best front. Have the woman and children out before nights over, covers carts so the sun will not burn them”

“It will be done Me Lord, it will be done, and we will get through this”

“I hope so Mc Kinley, I do hope so”

The night was over and Vlad watched from the balcony, hiding in a shadow out of the sun's reach, he could watch the lands, his lands from here, the lycan hounds biting at the bit, ready to go and rip apart anything that dares tread upon the land. But some cowered as the frail human servants poked them with the prods forcing them to stand their lines.

On the stones marking their graves: We Stood, We Fought, We Fell, Hail Victory

The horizon broke a shoot of sunlight stabbing Vlad's hand as he pulled it back staying deeper into his shadow, there they were, rising with the rising sun, thousands of ghouls, making the walk for the land, and they would sweep over this place and put everything under the blood.  The day walkers that had numbers overall, kill us all wall we slept, coward’s, no brained monsters controlled by a being miles away hiding in safety and security.  

As they came there was a battle cry the Lycans snapping their chains as they ran for the field, the sounds of snapping breaking and ripping causing some of the men to vomit and soul themselves. Blood flying upon the ground the dirt turning the deepest of reds. Entrails of all human lycan and ghoul scatter the field as blood fell from rain and bodies flung like rocks tossed a stray.

The hounds fell one after another there red blood and cries of pain echoed in the lands as baby’s cried in towns far and wide morning the loss that was taking place and the greater loss soon to come, the castle was overran, they were getting in, he could no longer watch from afar he had to get out there was no longer hope for anyone.
Running down the steps blade in hand slicing the body’s as he went covered in the blood of the damned, some even getting back up after behind lashed in two. The doorway so close, handle in hand. Tossing on his coat, he rushed out into the days glow and there….what was there.

The carriage taking the woman and children, it was a blaze as the screamed of his lady and baby ran in the night like a cats cry, the sound cutting into his breast more than the loss of their home ever could, you can rebuild stone, but this loss nothing could ever men. Tossing off his coat it was over, the sun stabbed into him his body set ablaze and in mere moments nothing was left but the screams of a dying king, then the sound of the body’s being eaten by and the very thing that turned the castle to dust.

His strong arms around me as the memories of this land echo in my mind, I am ruler now, my name hangs upon my throne of this rebuilt legacy that was sketched into story’s and told to children in the night. This land that I claim as mine and my loves, we rest and worry not as the past struggles are now over. There has not been a ghoul sighing for years and the lands are a plenty and better than they ever had bin, we had ground from the Far East brought over to cover the red sands even if they rest under our feet and they still hold the blood of the lost, the pain is there with them. we will rule better and stronger than others ever could, we will stand tall when others fell, we will not make the same mistakes as our past, as our elders did, we will make things right, here, in the new, crimson peck, here in Vandenburg Coven, were our bloodline will rule all.

here in Vandenburg Coven, were our bloodline will rule all

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~~~~~three hundred years later, it is the second full moon of Autumn~~~~

Anaya: When the sun goes down the height for doom goes up, spiders creep along the ground as the evening was rising and changing into night. “We hold the fort my lady” he said with a dip of distinction of that deep Russian lisp. “Redcliff we will be there shortly I am sure, I got note of this castle and I intend to make it a new home be the residents like it or not, it is about time I make a place a home, but I will not take it away from them Redcliff, I will simply join them and maybe pick one off at a time.” “Do you wish me to join you?” “yes but your name will be….a human name….Frank and you will be human, no one will suspect a thing from you, just do not change unless far from here, we do not know the extent of their reach as of yet much research must be done” The newly named Frank nodded his head as he walked to the side of the hill looking out at the castle, 9old and rugged it had seen its years darn and reek of un-death this was surely a vampire area, a flawless spot to be a part to rid parts of the world of demon and undead. Standing there bright red eyes turned as if mechanical cogs turning in her skull, studying, calculating. Her brain raced as she looked to the castle her eyes searching far with her extra planer view “Redcliff, distance one thousand sixty four meters, stone depth one meter thick walls riddled with cracks and holes, water sour good, food stores also good, people residing many, looking to be maids workers and some better dressed heads. ” the orbs within her hues turned the other way to scout the other side “army capabilities are holding but not strong, but seems to be tents without holds so it has room to grow. Undead are everywhere, we will be able to run this castle into the ground but will need the swarm in the future, but that is a far road ahead, for now we infiltrate this hold and that is all ” “I could not have said it better myself my lady Ervain. We will head down” “yes, we shall Frank, remember you are human, you are simply my counterpart, nothing more, a meal, but you are my human, do not stray form my flank at any time” her voice was cold, and strategic as she started to walk down the hill her eyes turning back to their normal hue her red hair flowing in the crisp wind as each step met the ground.

VampyBitMe: The small girl came from the east side and went past the lycan thrall in a rushed pace to approach with tears in her eyes as her small figure delicately knocks on the entrance. Her pained voice with tears rolling down her face softly says, "H-hello...I'm scared and hungry and cold, I ran from home because they h-hhhurt me and I been running fo-for d-days" Her tiny body awaits at the door continuing to knock as tears stream down her cheeks, "please help me". She pouts and falls at the door in the snow and shivers, as the freezing snow numbs her legs and feet and her tears begin to freeze over her cheeks, "p-please...”

Guest_BvBArmyKay: Selina sat upon her sofa next to her husband staring out the window into the darkened sky. The wind rusted fallen leaves upon the ground making the faint sounds of crunching form in her sensitive ears. Her eyes darted to the door as the pathetic sound of whining and crying filled her ears from the outside. She sighed a deep breath frost forming from the cold emptiness of her body as she stood her pale and slender frame fully showing its self in her tight silken red dress that flowed behind her as she walks. Each step her foot took was graceful and covered the floor for a second with frost. She strode down the corridor to the large wooden doors that stood at the end. She flicked her wrist her hand following in a smooth motion as the doors flew open as if a strong wind had burst against It., The large sound of a bang rang through the halls of the keep as the doors hit the walls. Selina looked down coldly to the small creature that was crying at her doors and placed her hands upon her hips unimpressed. "What is it child? How is that you got here?" She looked around in wonder as to where her multiple Lycan guards where and how it is that this small thing had escaped their eyes and nose. She sighed again unpleased, she would have to scold them later for her inconvenience. "Well then might as well get inside since you are here" With that she turned and began to return to her seat beside her husband. A human thrall approached her silently and without a turn of gaze she paused her step "Take this creature to be cleaned up fed and then bring her back to me immediately" She then began to walk again and the thrall nodded and bowed. Then turning to the woman the Thrall smiled slightly and offered a hand.

Anaya: The leaves of the browned trees crushed under foot as she stepped upon the sounds of wolves barking sounded in the far. Taking her hand she moved her fingers and the tips fell to the ground turning black as they started to multiply and multiply more, 2 becoming 4 , 4 becoming 8 , 8 becoming 16, within moments there was hundreds of them “put the puppy’s to sleep my minions then invade the walls and get inside, do not allow yourself to be seen, Stick to cracks” as the spiders went out the small things bit the dogs causing the lycanthropy to fell into a slumber allowing Elvira to slip to the doors without interference and the dogs would be awake before anyone even noticed they were out like lights. She did not even take time to tap on the door as she slipped inside and ducked into a shadow out of sight and not seen. Frank on the other hand taped on the door to draw attention away from the spider that clung to the walls. She changed and turned to nothing but black spiders crawling in a mass up the wall and into a black corner to scope out the place until Frank made it clear it was safe to venture down. Frank taped upon the door his suit clung to his body as it was clearly a size to small. He moved and fumbled around at the door as he waited for someone to open the door to let in the random human looking stranger, with the fine hat, he loved his hat. A mist of half his tap on the door that little girl came in out of the side of his vision, he looked at her as the door opened and the girl was simply scolded and welcomed inside “cute little popet aren’t you, here we will keep you safe yes” he leaned down to offer her open arms to pick her up “come here little one, we can hold you and keep you safe I promise you.”

VampyBitMe: the girl tries to follow the women inside but falls on her knees as her legs have gone numb, as she sits on her knees shivering and looking up helplessly with teary eyes. She is helped up by the thrall and moved to be cleaned and taken care of as she gazes around innocently as her head rests on the thrall's shoulder. She is then given a warm towel that was wraps around her legs and told to rest and eat a warm soup as the thrall continued to assess her body and treat her wounds. The warm soup feeling scorching hot to her tongue but effortless at stopping her from gulping it down eagerly as her insides begin to feel hot and uncomfortable, she runs her tummy to relief her pain. Her feet begin to slowly warm up and she wiggles her toes and inhales deeply, as her soft hair and skin adjust to room temperature. "Thank you so much for this soup..". As she finishes the soup the thrall picks grabs her hand "Come child." she is held in the hand and walked to the hall where she stands before the others, "Uh...Hi..." shy by nature, she doodles her feet on the floor and holds her hands together behind her.

WilliamWolfgang: Lucian, the dark king, of the keep, relaxing upon the sofa, kept an eye on the thrall taking care her and once the thrall had brought her before them, he spoke. "Now that you have been fed and taken care of what is it that you wish of us? And why would one such as you run from home and end up in this condition" Perplexed by the young girl , he kept his gaze on her, starring at her intently, watching her reactions to see what she would do being questioned by us. His curiosity would only last so long being what it was though. His mind went over many other ideas for this creature. Perhaps she could be useful or perhaps not he thought. Well at the very least she can be a meal. He smiles realizing his eyes as she watched her while deep in his thoughts most likely unnerved her. “Well small one, answer completely, don't doddle" He then sat back and waited for her answer.

Anaya: Frank looked around as simple blue eyes watched the girl get taken off to do god knows what. As he moved into the hall his feet clipped against the hall as he made his way inside softly humming to himself like he had no care in the world, then turned around and walked over to shut the doors, darn people leave there doors open and don’t even know there guards are out cold. Funny group this was, seems to be a bit more on the dark side here less on the friendly welcoming stranger’s side, there was a nice feeling around this place and if it was darker here it would earn them brownie points if they kept up the dark get up. “Is there a ruler around, guard, worker, food bank?” he moved his hand to push some of the hair that had fallen out of his hat back under his hat as he fixed his suit. Softly he made his way deeper into the hall avoiding the people and observing the land scape. This place was nice had images of olden days black and white castles and towns and things form days long gone, tapestry’s graced the wall filling the place with a dash of color to an otherwise dark area. His blue hues moved and looked upon that girl that was taken back out to the area by the thrall and the thoughts in his mind were far from pure, she was tasteful and would make a befitting gift for the ruler here, get in with their good graces he thought as he stayed by a pillar trying to remove himself from there gaze and simply watch and hear them as he knew his counterpart would be doing the same out of view and hidden away in the cracks in the walls.

VampyBitMe: she would feels the skin on the back of her neck get goose bumps as she feels stared by something sinister as it makes her feel sad and shiver as she awaits the adults to speak to her
Guest_BvBArmyKay: Selina's eyes rolled as she heard her doors close and a strange masculine voice rang into her ears. She sighed and stood and within a flash that would be missed in a single blink of an eye. Her pale graceful frame stood before the strange human looking man, his scent however threw her off.. He smelled different than any human she smelled before. She sighed shrugging it off and placed a hand upon her hip and coughed. "And you sir, should know that eavesdropping and slumping in the shadows is quite annoying to me, If you’re going to hide you shouldn’t yell first." she sighed and looked him over taking in his somehow attractive frame and sense of being. She offered a hand to the man after that but her eyes were elsewhere and lacked that of any emotion what so ever. "Well since you are here you may as well join us."

VampyBitMe: the girl collects herself with deep gentle exhalations, before looking in the king who had questioned of her where about his gaze scaring her but knowing that she was at their mercy, she lets down her guard. "Um..I-i..I ran from home because there was a fight and people got killed and I had to leave to not die, me was so scared I ran till I couldn't run anymore but I think my family dead.." a single tear rolls down her left cheek, brightening a line over her cold cheek as she lifts her hand to wipe it away. She then continues, “I just couldn't run anymore so i crawled on snow to your door.. My body was so bruised from running and falling I thought I might die but I saw your castle so I came to find help, sir.." A single step is taken towards him as she stops and looks at him with a desperate pout

Anaya: The blue shimmer in his eyes looked upon the wall as he leaned on the pillar over seeing everything that was going on, that little girl seemed very nice to snap up, but it seemed for the time being people here were interested in her, just needed to get the girl away from the rest of the lot to snap her up lash her legs together and jam a stick up into her rectum spin it around in there to clear out the gluck and then bring it out the mouth, may even place an apple or ripe bell pepper on the end in her mouth with some sprigs of mint to give it a bit more flavor. The thought of how if given more time he could ale or mead batter the child dipped in a sweet pepper stew with potatoes and horse radish, with small dabs of fresh herbs and some mild paprika, some meats added like tuna and fish, salted pork to give it more flavor served on a platter with sweet breads and some hickory wood blocks and smoked salmon. Oh the wonder of all the things he could do if only the others here would vanish for only a mere moment. Frank looked to the woman as she moved before him very rapidly, he would give a smile and bow his head as he picked up her hand and laid a gentle and sweet kiss upon its top “oh my lady I am not hiding as if I was you would have never seen me at all, you are a radiant beauty, and please tack care of the weak child there before dealing with an old dirty man like myself. Please do not mind me, I am simply a watcher, admiring all this place holds”
WilliamWolfgang: “Angels you say? Any details that you can possibly give us about these angels? Anything at all?” Cocks his head at her, skeptical of the details she has given him. Especially about a prime evil. “Who was your father? A prime evil, doesn't give me all that much to work with to be honestly. We can take care of you....for now” Looks over her and wonders if she can be used at all. Then glances at his queen.....realizing she might eat her anyway no matter what he does. He then gestures at her chest” Are you sure you are completely out power? Do you truly mean you had any power to begin with? We need information. Or other....things...might happen” He laid back and awaiting her reply once more.

Guest_BvBArmyKay: she looked at the man one eyebrow raised slightly as his lips braced her hand. His words made her grin slightly, he made her curious, most humans trembled at her presence and he did not, which only made her even more curious about him. However her attention was slightly drawn away at the word of angel’s rand through her ears. She sighed and rolled her eyes glancing back to the visiting man. "Well why don’t you at least grace me with you company in the common room with my family then." With that Selina was once again sitting by her husband her gaze traveling to the young child before her

Anaya: Mild flattery, darn the man was a sucker for a kind word or two. He gave a grin as he walked behind her closing the gap between him and the child he made his way over as his hands moved behind him in a respectable pose as he walked behind the woman his eyes gazing down for a moment but then back up before coming into view of anyone else that could catch his glancing down to the woman’s beautiful back side. He gave a grin to the child as he watched her and wondered about the angel comment, one thing he was never to attack angels, darn rats with wings “rats with wings my lady, angels be, poor girl must have been in for a scare, if you wish I can take her to a bath and help her clean up, keep her safe” he moved to the child’s side as he looked to the child a shimmer in his blue eyes.

VampyBitMe: feeling uneasy about the sinister intended eyes placed on her as her entire body remains with goosebumps, she tries her best to maintain her posture a bit longer but struggling greatly. "Sir. My father was kag'magkar, he was a prime evil demon one of the strongest seven but these.. Angels came and attacked him and purged our home and it was burning to sit in the light that they shone." She sinks into her thoughts as words continue, "I remember my father grabbed me and breathed something in my mouth and said he will always be with me, he was then murdered in battle against the group of angels. I watched them murder my father in front of my very own eyes. I tried to attack but the light was too strong and I couldn't bear the pain.. so after they killed him.." she pauses and tears roll down as she falls to her knees while uttering on, "One of them approached me and was about to swing his weapon and take my life but another one stopped him...he gripped the angel's hand and shook his head. The other angel grabbed my head and picked me up off the ground and I felt so much burning I felt my demonic powers leaving me....I felt it all gone but then they told me to live a human life and that my demonic essence will no longer serve me." I was so scared and weak I stared deep in the angel's eyes as I felt these new essences pouring inside me from his eyes deep into my body, I started to feel.... warmth and...empathy but right as they put me down and behind to surround me to decide where to carry me to, I felt this rush of familiar energy inside me, it exploded and I couldn't see or hear or feel anything... just blackness and silence" suddenly her voice changes to that of a grown male demon as her energy level spikes and forms an uneasy presence in the room, "I then realized that the angels had cleansed my child of her birthright, but they had no knowing of the essence I breathed into her moments before. I took over this child of mine's mind and body and found new angelic powers that were at my power to mend into darkness...I turned the empathy into being able to sense every move, not just feelings that the angels planned and I fought them off. But the body is still a child and I was limited as to how much I could control it for." Her voice shifting between that of a child and a grown male demon, which was her father's as they continued, "my only option was to run and let this child survives and grow strong" The child collapses for a few moments on the ground as she is silent and motionless but alive, exhausted from her memories tapping her father's essence to take over, as her teary cheeks and eyes soak the floor beneath them, gentle breaths fogging the surface of the floor.

Guest_BvBArmyKay: Selina sat beside her husband, a small silver grey cat jumped into her lap and curled up. She listened to the young girls voice turn to a low creepy male voice and she sighed annoyed and rolled her eyes. She couldn’t stand demons they were even more annoying than humans in her eyes. She lowered her head and leaned back in her seat as if trying to sleep. Suddenly Salinas head shot up as if just remembering something important. She looked to her husband as if she gave no regard to anything the child had said. "Dear isn't it about time that Ruby awakens? Did we open the doors for her?"

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: -Wakening up from her slumber Ruby look's up at Fluffy who is sleeping to the left of her bed. Getting up she head's towards the dresser grabbing her red grown and puts it on while gently nudging Fluffy awake. As fluffy awakens he stands up towering over the slender girl's form giving a grunt of acknowledgement as he smashes’ open the door for her with his huge claw. She would sigh and passes’ through the now "open" door way toward's the stairs closely followed by Fluffy. As she approaches’ the stair's she can hear talking and a bit of whimpering towards the main room. Fluffy notice's an abnormal amount of spider's but desire’s to ignore it as he follow's Ruby not bothering to bring it up. Fluffy noticing the door closed steps in front of Ruby and smashes open the door with tremendous force. As she enters through the now "open" door the main room she can see his Father and mother are next to a small sleeping girl and person that looks like a human witch confuses her as to why he is alive.-She say's- Greeting's father, mother and person who looks like food but isn’t dead nice to see all of you this night.-Wave's at the person “Hello” Fluffy follow's in and scan's the area but focuses on the sleeping child examining it from a far.

Anaya: He looked to them and then to the child now on the floor as he moved and placed his hand over her head, a light fully and scentless invisible powder flowing form his finger tips and scattering over her. there true breed was made to destroy demons that was the job of the Biblith so seeing the child was weak in the first place and already half out cold and did not move away from the man there was no way she had a hop of moving out of range of the sleeping powder. Looking at the people around “it seems the child has grown to a sleep, it would be good to bring her to the sleeping room” he gave a slight kind smile as he looked to the ruler “do you wish me to aid in her being taken there, might ” he saw the woman did not care much so nicely moved and picked up the child putting her against his shoulder “there there little one it will be over soon, we will put you to sleep safe and sound, so cute when you sleep”

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Anaya: Frank moved as his feet scuffled along the floor and he took the girl to a side bathroom out and away from the peering eyes of the castle. His last view was seeing a door fly past and a odd small and some girl say something as he scoodled away. But he only thought as now was the best time as any to finish this task. Going into the chamber side bathroom he moved the girls out cold body down to sit up a top the porcelain throne as he moved his hand to see how hard and make sure the sink was solid. As he did Ervain formed form the wall with a scowl upon her ice cold face, red eyes looking into his tender human blues “what are you doing, this is not part of the plan” she scolded as she looked to the girl with utter disgust “what do you plan on doing with the girl she is useless this holds no calculated result in our favor” “that is cus you forget the factor of winning this castles owners self over, we have to pay our dues, gifts are going to be them and we will kill the tot and give it as a gift to the lady of the house, I have seen her she is dark and did not like this child from the door way it has no family it has no name it is a nothing and no one will ever miss it. There will be no ill reprocuthion other then she will not like the taste when she drains what blood is left and not on the floor.” Frank picked back up the girl tossing it over his shoulder as he took his hands griping the feet firmly “Redcliff if you ruin our chances here you will have hell to pay, I do not support this but I will let you do as you please, you have yet to stray us wrong” she said as she formed back into the wall not even allowing him response to her harsh nature. He gave a light sigh as he turned the girls head clearing hair from her neck as he sized up the area between his brain calculating difference, force, angle and everything needed for a flawless smack to break the neck and cause as little blood loss as needed. Picking up some towels he laid them along the floor as there would be spill and something needed to keep the floors clean. With a flawless movement there was a loud bang and the sink cracked in two as the body and neck fell into it, shattering the spine and causing a large head wound. Blood was gushing from the wound as he picked up a towel and sopped it clean as blood clotted and stopped flowing as you don’t bleed when dead. He let out another sigh “sink is weaker than first thought, we will pay for that later” he said to himself as he wrapped the child’s body in the bloodied towel and cleaned the floor by stepping on the side of another one and swishing it around like you would a mop. Opening the door he walked out about five or so moments later to see the queen was nowhere to be found “blast were did she go?” he said softly as he held the wrapped up body on his shoulder blood dripping form the towel.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: “Oh hello there mister -She eye's him- um you look quite alive...if you don’t mind me asking why are you as such, usually father or mother or the lycan's don’t let someone like you come here no matter the intention. I hope I’m not offending you by saying this” she Walk's a bit closer to him and started bombarding him with question's “How is it outside during the day did you meet my father? Can you see Fluffy? Ah are you Insane? Do you have Cookie's? And why do you have a dead girl on your shoulder? And what's the towel for? Can i eat her?” Realising that she is rambling she stop's and composes herself “Sorry i tend to ramble when I’m excited about meeting someone new. I’m Ruby nice to meet you.” Gives him a small wave “So can you see Fluffy? Oh and can you share her with me since i think it’s better to share food.”

Anaya: Frank looked down seeing a small girl, in truth he did not like children, but he had to play the part, his race did not take kindly to children as a whole but when not with your race you have to fit in “what is a fluffy? And no it is only us here and a bad smell, is that a fluffy as it does smell dreadful. And no this bleeding lump is a gift for your mother or father, thought I would be kind and bring one for them but I have no idea where they had gone, saw them a moment ago. And why am I alive, I have no idea maybe I am a charmer” he said it all rather fast as she talked fast and rambled so he thought it would be funny to mimic her a tad. He let out a breath as he leaned down and looked at her “so Rosy, a lovely name I must say, no I am not insane, very far from it, very much so have all my senses intact, why do you ask things like that, being insane would be no fun, you would have no control” he looked around seeing if he could spot the owners of the castle once more but it seemed they had left the room all together, maybe they were in the dining hall or something went to get alone time. He had no idea.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: she would glare at him “IT'S RUBY!!! and my mother and father tend to kind of vanish from time to time to as they told me the bone zone I’m still trying to find this graveyard they keep mentioning but have had no such luck so far. Oh being insane is great then you can see Fluffy he is my guardian and mentor a giant scorpion that feeds of the souls of those he or me slay isn’t that right fluffy.” She gesture's to the right of her where she can see Fluffy standing there and looking at Frank “He isn’t really talkative but he is really strong and tough. Although he seems to be a bit distracted today.” Fluffy attempt’s to poke Frank but phases through him confirming that he is not insane and then grunt's at Ruby who would sigh in disappointment “Aww you’re not insane so he can’t interact with you. Well that's ok” She perks up “If you want to meet him i can make you insane for a bit it's actually really fun since everything looks so different.”

Anaya: He blinked a couple times this one was an odd one, but he was not minding this one more then he did mind other children, seemed more adult then others a bit more loopy but less cry baby stupid like other kids “sorry Ruby I do give my apologies for miss saying your name, and no I guess I can’t see him, and no I do not wish to be turned insane, I am fine just the way I am” in the end he could not be turned insane, you could not place a earthen mental stain on a unearthen mind. And you could not corrupt something that was simply untaintable, it would be like something evil trying to turn something evil, even if there race was not clad as insane they still were chaotic evil in base and a virus in themselves. but he could not let them know that he was human to them, and he had to stay that way for now anyway till they learned if this was a safe place or a place you had to fear. “So can you tell me about this place Ruby? What this castle is like I did not get to talk to your mother and father much before they ran off and I went to take care of my gift for them. I would enjoy learning about your home and what all resides here, I take it good old humans are not seen much if at all here eh”

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