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The Valley of Ignoros Rules - Read and Sign

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Follow the TOS
While the Valley of Ignoros isn’t run by Anaya herself, her rule stands firm in all goings on within Ignoros and its storyline, along with any interactions via the forum. Her Terms of Service can be accessed here. The Terms of Service to the service provider of the Forum can also be found here. Warnings will be issued to those who break the Terms of Service of the above mentioned. Continued misconduct will lead to a dismissal from the roleplay and the deletion/removal of you Biography and RPC.

Literacy –
Although I am not looking for players who are poets, or masters of RP (elite) I would prefer to have players who have a semi decent understanding of character construction and plot continuation. I understand most players aren’t interested in paragraphs of nothing, so my expectation is at least four lines of dialogue, via the IMVU client (equivalent on my screen to seven lines on Microsoft word, on size 11 Calibri font.) My goal is for everyone to have, at maximum, a two-thousand word post every turn. For those of you who cannot reach that, or fall below, kindly maintain an average above the minimum.

Personal Conduct –
As a player, we have our issues with fellow members of our groups be it OOC or otherwise. It is important to note that respect is key, and those who are deliberately problematic (i.e. picking fights, spreading slander, meta-gaming, bunnying and god-modding etc.) Are subject to punishment. In short, follow the Roleplay Rules, and the Roleplayers Creed, and don’t be a tool for the sake of it. Don’t bring your outside drama inside. If you have a problem, bring it to your GM’s and mods with logs.
In Addition: Ghosting, and private groups made to slam someone’s personal character outside of RP, along with purposeful malicious gossip spreading will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

Commitment –
We all have lives outside of IMVU and Roleplay, I am sympathetic to this, and I recognize the need for people to step away from the online world. However, if you are going to join only to cause an IC ruckus and leave when things don’t go your way, be aware that your Character may not be waiting for you when you decide to return. I deliver empathy to absentee players, so long as the line of communications are left open and I and my other mods are made aware of your reasons for being away. If you intend to be away for periods over two weeks, please leave a message. Biographies belonging to characters who are absent in storyline for a period of over a month without notice, will be removed from story.

Characters –
Typically, I avoid the auspicious need to encroach on character development and creation, however, an influx of characters simply joining roleplays with the intent of causing trouble will be dismissed. Storyline drama and character backstory drama is a part of what makes text roleplay unique, however, the typical tropes of backstory will be ignored and pushed to the side or asked to be written if they fall into categories such as: ‘last surviving member of clan/species’ ‘long lost child of a hybrid’ ‘tragic orphan’ ‘lonely prince/princess/royal’ ‘emo wannabe lone wolf’. You don’t need to incorporate a person’s storyline being tragic to have a well-rounded character.  Please avoid these eye rolling tropes.

In Addition: Anyone who enters the RP with the intent of being a jester, mime, minstrel, thespian, acrobat, juggler, troubadour or tumbler will be asked to remake their RPC or leave. No exceptions.

Attempt to keep the OOC chatter in a session as minimalist as possible. There is a Discord Server open for all affiliates to the DeLaRose roleplay and forum, and all discussion can be sent via there, or Kik, depending on the comfort of the player. While in active RP, please keep OOC to a bracketed minimum.

Rules are likely to be changed as time goes forward and it is important to keep up to date on any augmentation done to both these rules and the DeLaRose Rules as well. Those who break the rules are subject to two warnings, and a suspension for small infractions. Continued misconduct can lead to longer suspensions and possibly removal from the Roleplay entirely. Please remain vigilant and report all misconduct and rule breaking to your mods and GM. Logs should always be documented and maintained for application of delinquency and subsequent punishments.

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