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How it All comes Together

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How it All comes Together
First every player be there 30 to 100 players it does not matter will need to submit a entry post to the submission form,
Combatant Entry Submissions -Open-
After a large enough number is posted 30 being the minimum number that needs to be posted, a message will be posted saying a date for going over and picking the 16 starting combatants, every entry MUST be posted before that date as on that date the admin team will shut the topic so no more can be submitted, if you don't submit one you will not be able to be put into combat so unable to partake and win the prize gold.
After the wining 16 are picked within a weeks time the admin team will post up the combat tree witch will list who is fighting who for the first round. after that the fights will be listed in forum topics here on the group page the listed players have a choice of how to fight one of two ways.

- The fight can be only on the imvu group page each player posting there posts on here and here alone, the judge listed on the topic will go over it as the posts are posted.

-or the combatants can make the choice to fight on imvu, to do this they MUST contact the judge listed on there thread (it will read what judge is going over it on top) so that that judge can go over the posts as they are posted. if no judge is there the whole log is void and both combatants are disqualified

once the first round is done the winning names as picked by the judge proceeding over the fight will advance into the next round of combat, out of 16 it will be cut down to 8, then it will start all over again the old threads for combat will be closed and removed and placed in record not lost as well as 1 week will be given so players can save logs if they so wish to before the logs are removed and moved to the DeLaRose web page for public viewing. (all players can access them at this point as well there so even if you forget in that week to save junk you can get to it easy)
after the next 8 are picked winners from the combat round then will proceed to the next round, there will be 4 combatants on that round, then will go up to the semifinals of 2 then to the last standing man the grand winner finalist who will get all the prize gold of 100k credits gifted by Anaya to his account.

-----How Judgeing Works-----

There will be three judges your judges are
-Open (need to be picked if you want to be a judge please contact Anaya)
-Open (need to be picked)

Each combatant fight will be given a judge to go over it, this judge will be looking for
- Breaking any T1 rule (the T1 used rule guide will be posted for you to go over before combat so you know what guide the judges will be using)
- Godmoding, metagameing, not following what your bio has listed for your rpc to be able to use
- Bio faults (example your rpc uses fireball but your bio does not have that listed within it as a spell able to be used)
- Typos and grammatical errors WILL NOT COUNT AS A FAULT
- Ooc talk between posts(that is not asking questions), if there is to much ooc chatter it will resort in the judge giving a warning of this, if 3 warnings are given the fight will go to void and combatants can be forced to fully start over or disqualified this will be up to the judge proceeding
- Any bashing, trash talking, boasting, arrogant behavior, taunting will resort in a judge warning, 3 warnings and combatants can be forced to fully start over or disqualified this will be up to the judge proceeding
-Other errors a judge finds as breaking combat rules or is a player not playing fair or respectfully

Notes about judges
- No judge can partake in combat at anytime, if you are a judge you can not fight to gain the cash prize. but judges may be rewarded for there time spent with us by Anaya be it in a lump sum of creds given or in gifts given to there account, the choice is of the judge.
- Judges are to be fully non bias and will not be picking favorites, if a combatant feels that a judge is picking favorites that combatant at any point can pause the fight by saying to "Hold -reason for hold given-" and then coming to speak to the lead Admin (Anaya) be sure to have a log sporting your claim. At that point she will go to talk to the judge on what they are being accused of and go over it with them. if the judge is found not guilty of the crime the fight is to proceed, be it with that judge or be it with a new judge (if the original one is deemed to salty to be non bias a new one will be picked or lead admin will do it herself) if the judge is found guilty the judge will be removed from judging the fight and a new judge will be placed in or the lead Admin (Anaya) will take the fight and judge it herself.
- All players can contest a judgment made by a judge at any point to lead Admin (Anaya)

Signed Anaya

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