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-Campaign- Purge the Unclean

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1 -Campaign- Purge the Unclean on Tue Mar 20 2018, 01:02


Purge the Unclean

"Our Blood Lord has given us many great blessings this night. The sacrifices must have appeased his almighty rage, for the blood in our skull chalice became still. I drank deeply from the cup and felt renewed with almighty strength. I have no recollection of what occurred next, but when I woke, the other seven were all dead. They were ripped to shreds, reduced to ooze upon the floor, bones ground to dust! What almighty power has my Lord gifted to me? There is still blood left in this sacred vessel. Tonight, I shall sip once more, and let the great wrath of Khorne descend upon this city. I will sacrifice myself and all others who try to oppose me. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Throne!"

there has been gossip in town of the cult of Narul a dark evil cult of Gothic styled followers that prance around and do devilish things around town ranging in threat levels from  low to high level crimes. With some of the things being, stealing items and live stock, vandalizing others property with paint, ink, or blood, kidnapping children and woman for unknown reason, murder, assassinations on the crown house members and other crimes along the same lines. The day is warm and ritch in life the castle is a bussle with people and workers and everything going as it should be, but the gray cloud cover in hurrying in and you can see concern on some peoples faces as they rush to get there tasks done before the spring storm hits full force.

But the castle is not were this quest starts, it starts down in town hours before you even got there, down in town at a small inn were a woman is screaming loudly at the desk clerk about how her room was vandalized in the night. The woman is extremely upset on how a goat head was left on her bed and her small pocket dog was skinned and slung around her room wall she was sleeping. The whole thing was such a mess that the husband of the distort house wife has hung up a large bright notice on the notice board. It reads.

Wanted Dead or Alive
Wanted Knowledge

The house of Marmaduke is seeking any knowledge on the basterus people that strung up our family pet Fru Fru last night wall my beloved wife Agnus was sleeping in her room at the inn wall i was at work. They also killed a Innocent goat and placed its head and still warm corpse on my wife's bed at her feet as she lat there, we are outraged at this actions against our noble house. If you know who did this dreadful crime turn them in dead or alive and the reward will be greater, but if you know knowledge regarding this crime you will be rewarded as well.

Nagris of House Marmaduke

the notice on the board is in old styled paper and the sides are a tad torn from for sure the man getting angered at his own thoughts and crumpling it up then reopening it to not lose it and keep it still good enough to host for others to view. Other then that and a couple other scraps of papers on the board. Lost dog, can you find this book, three lost children notices, it is the normal every day junk on the town board. “hear ye hear ye notha local child gone missen, hear ye” the town paper boy yells  out as the sound of horse hovers muffle the sound of whatever he said next but many people are around and did her everything that was said and done in the town, most so a old woman that stays at her house on third street and watches out the window at the passers bye.

------four hours later-----

The rain has started, the air is chilled but for some reason, the air is warming up even as the rain is falling.  The castle is still and silent as a woman runs to your guest room door and taps on it hard. Thump thump thump “sir, you in there sir!” she called out as she holds a large brown bag in her hand waiting for you to open the door. She pauses as she wants to be sure everything she was told to put inside of the bag is inside of it.

- one toothbrush and cleaning past (a thick white paste made from grounded shells and corals bleached in the hot sun and mixed with water and minerals to form cleaning paste, it tastes rancid but works. )
-three apples and 2 days of trail rations
-a small card from a girl named Cinthia, it has a heart on the cover
-one bone from unknown beast
-a book of cultist details and of three dark gods known to have groups in town and the area, Nerull
, Khorne and  Nurgle
-a book of other languages but only holds basic words
-six gold coins
-a set of clothing
-a deck of really odd cards
-another book of beasts, monsters and wildlife of the area
-a note to pardon the killing of suspected cultists by the crown

The woman waited at the doors nodding her head as she finished double creaking the bag in her hands and then tapping her foot on the floor as patience was not one of her strong suits. Her light auburn hair swayed as she fiddled with the strap of the bag.

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