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The History, And The Gods

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1 The History, And The Gods on Tue Apr 03 2018, 16:29


The History of Valaria
Set between year 1AC and year 2406AD

Old men tell stories of how the world was made, stories of how it was all made from the tears of dragons so sad as they got kicked out of their homeland that their tears made life grow and made the rivers run. Other men tell stories on how the world was carved from the back of a massive land turtle who made magic with a blink of an eye and who’s flippers made the waves crash. But they are old wife’s tails to simply give a story to a child who needed sleep, no, we watched the world get made so let’s say you are hearing it from the people that put the ink on the page first hand.

Back in the days of old, how the humans call it anyway, we called it dawns time, there was two things, ash and sand men, or so we were called by humans that came later. But in out tongue, we were called the Rasp. Cold outsides made of wood and stone, glowing blue eyes able to see into the souls of others, if there were others to see into, and no voice, we talked with our hands and actions, a lot of pointing and grunting, and that sound the rasp, we made it often like a hum to call forth the sands and dunes we worked with to move us from location to location when we just did not want to use our feet.

The Rasp

Then there was sand, so much black ash-like sand it just covered the world, no end in sight to the mass seas of sand and emptiness. Every now and again you should find a camp set up with large dunes and sand being held together by more sand and light magics. We did not only work the sand and live with it, we lived in it, anyplace was better than the sun cooked sands that fried you if you went out for long, even we which our crusted flesh had trouble with the never ending heat. But then one day it all seemed to change for everyone and it just seemed like the world once cooked and baked by the sun not a thing in the form of something that was not us or sand.

There was a mighty uproar in the camp that day, I could hear the rasping sound just buzzing at full volume, it was like they were all in so much shock they just could not stop, even the sand was moving around due to them not being able to control it properly, homes and holes fell apart as they ran from them and they tumbled behind their back, then there she was. Walking behind another male as I looked at her, they said she was just found walking around saying words no one understood or could make out. But I do say she was mighty fine to look at, strange but in a nice way. With a bit of magic and some fiddling, we, in turn, figured out what she was saying.

God as found you, you may call him God, we have found this world and soon we shall place beings upon it to bring life to your ash like dirt. Soon there will be rain, water from the sky that will moisten your skin and you will no longer be hard and fowl, soon there will be grand seas and lush grass as far as the eyes can see. New life will grow lush your lands and everything will be well, he deemed there to be light upon this world and there shall be light. But one must be wary of ones that govern the lands for they are fearsome and strong, the grand blue Sky-keeper shall govern your sky, shall her wings block out the sun and grant you shade from its wrath, shall her body be so large no one shall be able to cage her, a powerful monarch of the sky’s able to give freedom to the worthy and grant wings to one she sees fit. Upon the land shall tend the dragon, fire from its jaws of teeth larger than a man, its feet will shake the earth and its tail shall pave the way for rivers to the sea, shall it grant wisdom to all that seek it out and give the world peace from war and punishment. Upon the sea there shall be the largest of all, the serpent, body as a snake and fins as a whale, it shall give life to the waves and grant nothing but hardship, giving judgment to the ones befitting its wrath, a force to be recorded with and a tail that can start a hurricane with one fall splash. All shall befall this place in ten moons pass, watch ye walkers of the ash like dunes, be watchful as soon the dunes will grow wet and this sea of sand will turn to a sea of water

At the time we had no idea what she was talking about but her voice sounded scary so we made the choice to pick up our homes and move and leave her on her way. We did not see her again for a very long time, the lady Lorelei, some say that later the humans placed her in their books saying she was the one that brought the human race to the earth from the divine, but that as well was simply a story in a book.

When the ten moons passed the sky had grown dark, it got cold, so very cold, we did not know or understand this drastic change to our world it frightened us to the bone, we also had never known this kind of fear and that as well made us shake as we stood watching the sky in wait of this life changing event. And then it happened the sky opened up and out of it fell to the ground a giant snake longer than what we had ever seen, its body covered in black shining hide and its jaws thrashing as the sand covered it. It started to expel this clear goo from its jaws as the goo covered the sand the sand vanishing under it as the goo thrashed around and forced us to start to flee. This we later found was called water and it was what Lorelai had told us about. The Water took out many family’s men and children that could not outrun the flood, and the water just kept coming, and not only water, large hard substances came with it that we were able to grab a hold of as they drifted on top of the water.  And from the grand distance we where we could still see it moving out there in the darkness, in the shreds of light that had broken open from the sky. It seemed so angry screaming and calling out in shrieking wails many men went deaf thanking their hearing for giving out so they would not take the pain of its cry’s in their heads.

After that, it went silent, and the sun did not come back for some time, we never knew how much time had gone past but it seemed like a forever drifting upon this hard thing some named a luga, later named a log by humans who also named the green things from the ground trees.

There was a crash many miles away and the water waved up so very high the moon hid behind it as it pushed us up and killed many men that could not breathe under it. We lived to watch a massive head rise over us and claws coming down to pick up our luga and us and placed us upon its back as it walked under the water picking up more Rasp as it went, it was like no matter how many of us were on it. its back was bigger than we ever could fit. There were seven horns upon its head each horn made a spike and it was black and gold. The gold was hidden under the black and as we walked the black came off with our feet showing more gold upon it. We were able to walk upon our new found savior and able to even walk closer to its head which for many was a thing to stay away from, but I had to see it, was this being intelligent? Could I talk to it? and did it know what was going on?

“mighty beast from the sky, why have you come here, what are you, and can you talk to me?” I screamed out a voice so unused I almost forgot I had it, we never use our voices, but we do have them when needed.

The beast turned its head and stopped moving, the halt almost hitting me to the back of this hard monster, but I stopped myself from falling, as I did not wish to be seen as weak to our carrier. “I am Naphisdum the Dragon of Ages, I have been placed on this world to govern it and give wisdom to the ones I view as worthy and place judgment to others in need of it, I have picked you up to bring you to land so you will not drown and die in the new world that is being made for you. I shall govern the lands and watch over you but not interfere with your lives and choices unless you deem or ask me. And I shall lay down laws of this land that you shall not break, all will be explained to you once we get to where we need to be and the sun rises upon your new dawn. and with that, the dragon Naphisdum moved its head and did not say another word and I had lost my tongue someplace down my neck hole and had no idea how to return it to where it was to go. I walked back to the others upon the dragons back and we sat in silence for yet another lifetime before the dragon had hit land.

The thump of earth upon the beast’s feet made us all shift in the place we sat and move slightly around. As Naphisdum lowered his back a large clawed foot came to greet us and then opening its self we were able to walk on it to get down from the monsters back.  After we all were upon the ground this strange sensation came over everyone, and it was brought on by the fact there was no black ash sand under our feet but this green substance that had come from no place at all. Some of the rasp ate the substance, some rolled in it, others dragged their feet trying to figure out what it was, others tried to move it with their minds and failed and others simply sat down and poked at it with sticks or their fingers wondering what on earth it was. I was more interested in the large green things that had come over the land and how even in this darkness there was a sort of warmth and there was a light that Naphisdum was giving off. Naphisdum had laid down upon the ground and lifted his head as he watched us, and as I watched him. He seemed so pleased with us and how we wondered about it all, how we seemed like children under his claw, and I guess that is what we were, his new found adopted children.

”Little ones of this new earth, come near my maw and we shall talk, about all the things you have here and all the new things to come, and about the laws you shall hear and follow and never break.” we did as he said to and walked over sitting down upon the ground waiting for him to tell us about all there was to know. “this world will be strange to you I am sure, such new things and so much more to come, here on the land you are safe, and many more beasts and beings will join you here upon it, what you stand on is earth, dirt and grass that has been given to you by the graces of the Devine, which has also given you us,  first came the serpent, the leviathan Norgar who governs the seas, he gives pain and punishment to all who tread in his realm, or are sent there. Then came me Naphisdum the dragon I am what will govern the land here to offer wisdom and guidance and judgment on who shall be sent to the seas. Then last will come to the Sky Keeper Navaria, a grand blue bird who will come from the fire to govern the sky and grant wings to ones who earn it, she will bring them to a better place along side her when they are sent to her.  And to gain it all, you must follow the rules of the lands. Know the Lord, the Devine. Bring no false idols before me or the Devine. Do not take the name of the guardians in vain. Remember the lost times and keep them holy. Honor thy father and thy mother. Thou shall not kill/murder unless a reason is given. Thou shall not bed unwilling partners. Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not bear false witness against your fellow man. Thou shall not covet anthers wife or anything that belongs to another. Follow the rules set forth here this day, and do not fall into chaos, if so be it all shall rise to the better and not sink to the depths, now be on your way as the sky keeper comes and the land is yours to wonder” his words sun in and I understood them flawlessly, it was like he was inside of my head, inside of me, and as soon as he said to be on our way that is what people did, they left his side, even if in my heart I did not want to.

As we went the sky once again broke open in a fury of flames and blue light and there she was, wings so large they blocked out the sky and along with her came the sun,  dark as the whole world lit up and she let out a shriek, but not a mean one a beautiful sound before vanishing behind the sun and clouds. That was our keeper, and we would not see her, well I would not see her once again for many many years.

As the world got older and years went on the dragon became bound to his mountain and came to the people less and less, and would ignore their requests to go see him where he sat a top a mountain on high. More and more things came to the earth and diffract races came as well, humanity was the first to come out of the woodwork and start to build and expand, they did the expanding very well but had a very short lifetime so had to reproduce at a rapid pace. Next came the elven kind, a royal line that had a long lifetime and they hardly bred but did so enough to expand rather well. They kept away from the humans as they found them to be too weak and feeble, but they got along well with us and many of them bound up to us as we both shared, an immortal as they called it, lifetime. After that came the beings of the sea the merfolk, they were a violent devilish race that ate the people of the land and many stayed away from them. But it was said they had grand powers but not like they would tell you anything if you asked.

After that many other new things popped up on the land and in the sea and even in the sky, the keeper gave wings to some making things like Angels and Harpies winged demons and large birds that ruled the airs.

It all went well for the next couple hundred years, many people and beings came and go and humans took over much of the lands pushing others out. People and other beings were breaking the rules set forth by the Devine and the dragon had grown fully silent, he no longer took in the offerings given to him and his cave became silent like the top of the mountain. It all was falling apart and the land no longer had something to govern it, some turned to the sky keeper just to be told to go back to the land and that they were unworthy, the winged beings left the land behind and turned a back to what was happening upon it. Some poor fools even turned to the sea for guidance and to be told what they were to do, all they got was swallowed up and spit out as bones upon the sea floor. So many souls were lost without guidance strange cults and new god names started to rise and people started making up stories and believing in things from other lands, dangerous things and fake things. Then we say him, up on his mountain, the dragon standing there looking out at the sky, eyes so dark and no longer blue like they once were, scales no longer gold but rusted over, in his gaze he looked deranged and as if he was sick.
Wall we watched he called out in moans into the sky, calling for something, that something came within moments, the keeper came down from the sky and looked at him shaking its head in utter disgust at what had become of it.  [i]“such a grand beast and look what you have become, what has taken a gold of you that you froth at the mouth and drip from your eyes and snout. What has come of you dragon guardian of the lands” the dragon said nothing back to it and just looked at her with hollowed out eyes. It's gaze so dark and empty. Then it all happened so fast no one saw it coming at all, when the keeper turned to leave her back turned to the beast with black eyes massive claws came from the ground and grabbed a hold of the feathered back as she struggled and flapped, the mountain at their feet breaking apart as the dragon pushed the keeper into the ground her beak and head smashing into the dirt. As he did he took his claws and ripped them into the back of the keeper taking the bones of its wings in his fingers and pulling back and out. The sound of the keeper’s screams echoed over the world then that ripping sound as the dragon ripped its beautiful blue wings from its back. Then everything went silent with a large thud as it all fell apart in one simple move.

The dragon placed the wings on its back as its scales fused with the wings of the keeper giving that beast the power to fly on blue wings. We thought the words as we watched it flap and gain flight going up into the sky. As we watched we could hear the screaming wail of the beast of the sea, thrashing around as its waves ruined the edges of the land. It was screaming and in raged and the natives told us in its screams it had yelled a curse the dragon laughed at, the dragon no longer cared for the matters of land the matters of the foolish people it now looked down on, it saw its self as how it was, better than everyone and now it was in the sky, so it truly was above us all.

It had all changed so fast, no one saw any of it coming it was like in a blink we had hope and in that same blink it was all ripped away. The dragon the one that had saved my people had doomed us all. As I stood there watching it vanish into the sky there she was, dressed in blue and looking up, tears down her face as she turned and faced me.

[i]“it was never made to last, but it was not meant to fall this way, he was not meant to break she was not meant to die, now it is all ruined and the future is unknown, he will go to the land in the sky and turn everything like him, kill the keepers children, kill it all and make a future for himself. He will multiply like the plague; some will be good others will be like him. You must make a choice sand walker, stay or run, both choices will not be simple” she looked so sad when she said everything the green shimmering from her eyes as her brown hair glowed in the light.

“I stay” is all I was able to spit out as she turned her back and just walked away, a woman from a dream, an immortal like me and the elves. But I wondered what would come for her, of me, of our world. Some people went to the sea were the serpent angered for many years, his curse so clear as he said it to everyone that came to see him. “the day the sky fell, the day the keepers blood hit the land and the dragon took more than his share he lay curse to his bloodline, all who come off his hide shall never walk on my land, shall burn as fire upon the waves, my curse will carry and all the dragon touches will burn along with him”

Over the years the world gained things it never wanted. People turned to chaos and the rules no longer mattered, the Devine had ignored us, we no longer mattered and the people knew it, there was no better place other than stories, the guardian had died and the better place was now corrupt with greed and pride. Sin came to the earth as we had broken our rules, every rule. We also gained grand sickness, they called it madness and it made people just lose their minds some were more affected by it than others as well as other things like the pocks and other illnesses some of which we did not even have names for.
But the world went on even with the added sin it just was a harder world to live in, some of the dragons came down from the high to live on the earth, some were tossed down due to their actions. All colors fell from the sky some took over lands down here and took up ownership, others wondered and burned everything they saw. But some were kind and helped the people but finding them was few and far between, most of the dark ones killed them as soon as they were found as they believed the good ones would make this world less fitting for them, and the bad outnumbered the good when it came to scaled backs.

People gave them names, devil spawn, scaled backs, fork tongues, stompers, the shadow, but it all was the same, and the world even if it was darker now had what came to it, no place was safe to be anymore and I soon went into hiding. They say Lorelei still walks this world watching the world turn to ash as it once was. The serpent stays in his seas with others that worship him, but he never comes out anymore, not even for offerings given to his greatness, and being all that is left of the old, he hides in the caves under the bottom of the sea raging about the one action that led to the fall of everything.
But that is the story, and that is how it is, I still exist, sandman, the rasp, but my name, I don’t have one, but I still exist and in the end, no one needs to know me, I am just sand walker, nothing more.

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The Gods
Greater Gods
The Leviathan, God of the Depths

Below the thunders of the upper deep;
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumber'd and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge seaworms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.

What is a leviathan?
In modern time in the bible the Leviathan (/lɪˈvaɪ.əθən/; Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן‬, Modern Livyatan Tiberian Liwyāṯān) is a sea monster referenced in the Hebrew Bible in the Book of Job, Psalms, and Isaiah. TheLeviathan of the Book of Job is a reflection of the older Canaanite Lotan, a primeval monster defeated by the god Hadad.

But we do things a little different around here. The Leviathan is a beast made by God to govern the seas and the underworld known as the depths. It is an unknowable long monster that lives of the pain and torment of others and governing souls lost at sea down to the depths. Its powers are truly unknown to the people but it is said that the beast when originally made it held the powers over darkness, water, ice and the negative to be a governing force against the ruler of the sky, the Sky Keeper.

The Story of the Leviathan
(ST= Starting Time, BD= before death, AC= At Creation, AD= After Death)
What people don't know: (this information can only be found out if in rp one was to go to the Leviathan its self and asked(must do a campaign rp with Anaya to learn)
ST= the world has already been alive for the past 2 billion years, but it holds no life other than plant life and basic life starting bacteria,  its air is not breathable and anything other then basic life will die.

year 1BD, (2 billion years after the world was made from a rock): life had been made by the maker, it had been placed on the world as the seeds that were to be grown and along with it a single man, a man of no name but we would later be known as the Leviathan. Birthed to the land as a man of legs and earth he loved the world and soon fell in love with Galandra the sun. Out of the kindness of the maker, the maker made Galandra real so she would grace the man's world and make his time on earth bright and full, she was the most beautiful woman with stunning blue hair and skin like a diamonds shimmer. They loved one another and spent every waking and sleeping moment together her heart was his and his heart was hers, but the maker's kindness only lasted so long. And in due time the maker became dulled with the stagnence of there union.

Year 1005BD: it was a cold chilled night like any other when the man now known as Levi, named by Galandra as she viewed a man with no name to be a  funny thing and they had been together so long at this point it was about time he had one. Warped in his arms she kissed his cheek and nestled closer to his warmth as within there silken hide away all was right in the world. But unknowing to them not all was right, it had gotten to the time when their lives would change forever.
As they slept outside a storm was brewing, one that was destined and made to change the whole world forever and them into what they never dreamed of becoming. The maker made cruel in its boredom was changing things up for his its mind the better. The storm ripped apart Galandra and Levis hide, both clung to one another in need and fear of the storm that was spinning around them, it did not harm them, did not even make them feel scared, it was their makers doing so with each other in hand they knew it was for there better, but never expected it would ever do them harm. Pulling both of them up off the ground the storm raged around them as looking at one another they whispered i love you that one, last time before being ripped from each other and dragged apart by the rushing wind. There screams to one another echoed in the storm the wind of the storm being nothing to there cry's and screams for one another. A pain swept over the land as they cried for one another and the changes started.

Levi changed his body becoming long his arms being ripped from his being and tossed down to twitch upon the ground below them. His skin cracking and changing shifting into a hard scaled hide. He could not breathe as he gasped for air his mouth growing into that of a monster a massive serpent. His body cracking and twisting his cry's changed to roars as he thrashed and changed his eyes now that of a monster never leaving the changing body of the woman he loved.

Galandra shifted and changed before him, her body snapping as he feet turned to talons and her blue hair melded into her body, blue feathers snapping and jabbing form her figure out into her arms, now becoming wings as she screamed changing to screeches. Her legs became numb and her feet covered with thick hide large leathery plates covering the now legs of the monstrous bird that was now the sweet and beautiful Galandra.  Her cry's became screeching as crystalline blue tears fell down her face. Her blue eyes looking at him, never leaving the now monster she still loved but knew in her heart of hearts she could never again be with. This plan was one of the markers and she knew she could never go against it

“you the sky keeper, sweet blue will now govern the sky, bring the dead to the kingdom in the heavens to live there lives in good and glory, to be there saving grace to be there shield and comfort, you will embrace them as you once did him, in warm and loving union as they are now your children. You will never touch the ground again, never need to use your feet to walk on hard earth, you will return to me here in the sky and be my companion.”

“you, the Leviathan, the terror of the depths will now govern the sea, bring the dead to rest in the eternal torment of hate and pain, you will live with this day ripped from you and no longer hold anything but the cold waves. You will be the chaos in this new world the pain upon the waves, the one many will fear and flee from. You will never hold what you long for, and never touch foot to land again, you will live at the bottom of the sea in the depths away from the sun forever, may it never touch your dark skin or the hues of your eyes. May the moon be the only thing you ever see again.”
The words screamed out of the storm as the screams of both Levi now made the Leviathan and Galandra now made the Sky Keeper Echoed and cut by a roar of what was now new.

“you Naphisdum the dragon of ages, shall govern my most prized possession, the beings of this world, you will walk among them and govern protect and keep the evil at bay in their world. There will be much for you to do, and you shall do it all and more, you shall walk upon the land and name it, you shall care for it all and see it change before you. You will govern the land as the others govern the sky and sea you are my children, my firstborn. Care for this world I gave you”

as the dragon known as Naphisdum roared it was lowered down to the world to walk with the people that had been made down there. They were small and new but Levi and Galandra knew them more then this firstborn did, why were they being punished for mere existence, for no reason they were ripped apart and flung into this mess that was a new age.  The Leviathan thrashed as the sky keeper did not, he smashed his head from side to side and screeched to get back to what he loved but she just hung there like her spirit was broken and she was excepting this, how could she do that, did she love him at all, he screamed at her as she did nothing. The storm tossed him out and into the sea hard into the waves pulling him down to where he would spend the rest of his days with his new people and his new world which was nothing like what he knew before. His last view of the world above was his sweet Galandra flying up to vanish into the storm.  

Year 1AC: Within the sea the leviathan made his people, his mind a mess of what had happened to him now in the past, a thousand years still burning within him like it was yesterday.  Making his people within the waves he made his own firstborn, the firstborn children of the sea and the ones that were to help him with his task of ruling over the depths. After he made his firstborn children known to the common people as Sea demons he made his second born the merfolk and then the remainder of the sea life to fill his world with all things both beautiful and things scary.

The People Of The Sea
monster danger levels danger 10 being super high and danger 1 being super low
anything over level 8 cannot be controlled by outside sources ever or called upon to do bidding.
anything over level 5 cant be controlled but can be called upon to do bidding
anything under level 5 can be controlled and called upon to do bidding
anything under level 2 is to dumb to be controlled but can be called upon.

Narful Ghoule, AKA The First Born
Danger Level 9

The Narful Ghoul are the leviathans firstborn children of the sea, they enjoy the cold dark depths and live down at the bottom of the sea with the Leviathan who they call The Father. their intelligence is beyond that of the average people and they don't enjoy hanging out or interacting with anything but one another and even in that they don't do well with each other and at the end of most cases end up fighting and being as hot-headed as they are one ends up dead.
Environment: they are dark to low light beings so they spend 90% of there time at the bottom of the sea in the dark were there mental abilities can guide them more than their eyes can. they never go on land, and hate everything from the land as their father does, as well as they do not walk near or in shallow water as they view it to close to being land to walk on.
- Extremely hot-headed
- arrogant
- devilish and cruel
- narcissistic
- brutish
- sociopathic
- keeps to themselves
- aggressive
- highly religious

Narful Ghoul uses their massive intelligence to overpower others and they use their mental abilities to both communicate with others and control or attack the offensive in combat.
Abilities they hold
-Cosmic Awareness
-Dream Manipulation
-Emotion Manipulation
-Illusion Manipulation
-Memory Absorption
-Memory Manipulation
-Mental Disorder Manipulation
-Mental Manipulation
-Mind Control
-Mind Exchange
-Neurocognitive Deficit
-Pain Inducement
-Psionic Equilibrium Distortion
-Psionic Inundation
-Psychic Shield
-Psychic Constructs
-Psychic Navigation
-Psychic Shadow
-Telepathic Communication
-Telepathic Perception
-Telepathic Reception

The Father, the firstborn praised the leviathan as there all mighty god, they do his bidding without question and follow every order given to the letter, their whole society revolves around there religion. the ruler of the whole thing is what is known as the high court, a being that is on the top of the food chain, a pope of the Leviathan. this being calls all shots when it comes to the Narful Ghoul. to get anything done one has to talk to the high court, then the red tape is put down and orders get set out to the underlings and actions get done.
it is a small cult-like set up with a lot of rules and regulations and rank is everything. but extremely secretive and not much is known about it.

Sea Demons
Danger level 7

sea demons are the swamp mulch of the Leviathan, they are basically the leviathans minions that the leviathan does not have to care about losing. The sea demons are made of tar, and life force energy shaped into physical forms. They can be shaped into almost anything but cant change shape once they are made, they go from semisolid to solid beings when made and can be made by mass by the leviathan and shipped out, like a swarm of minions doing the work of there owner.

Environment: they can be alive basically anywhere other than on land. On land, they turn to black mush as they need water to survive.

Temperament: they are what their owner deems them to be if there owner wants them to be kind and forthcoming they are, if there owner wants them to be ruthless and mathematical they will be. It is best to understand them by the individual being as they are made with personality's and brain functions some are dim witted and stupid and others are hyper-intelligent and calculating masterminds.

Ability's: each sea demon is individually different than the last one and their ability is hard-wired into each being upon creation, it is almost impossible to be able to know what ability's a demon has, some ability's show themselves, electric ability's spark, flames burn blue around the demon when flame ability's are active, other telltale signs show themselves on the demon when particular abilities are in it so the only way to tell a demon has abilities is to look. (and the person playing the demon rpc/npc MUST show on the physical what abilities might be active, the player may make the choice on how to do this).

Society/religion: None, sea demons do not work in a social structure they only work in small groups if needed to do so or programmed to be more of a team working individual. Some are more stand-alone lone wolf types wall others work in small groups but none of them work in a large-scale operation

Hippocamp, The Sea Horse
Danger Level 5, Non Combative Unless Threatened

The hippocampus is a creature with the head and forequarters of a horse and a tapering tail, not unlike that of a fish where the horse's back legs would be. Its body is covered in fine scales and it has a long fin where an ordinary horse would have its mane.
Most wild hippocampi gather in herds of no more than eight, with each herd composed of one stallion, a few mares, and their Small noncombatant foals. When hippocampi mate, the female lays a single egg which hatches after about six months into a single foal. During this time, the hippocampi hide the egg in an underwater cavern or sunken ship, never straying too far away from the egg, while at least one hippocampus remains with the egg at all times, protecting it from all that would harm or steal it.
Hippocampi are herbivores, primarily eating seaweed and other underwater plants.

Swimming Mounts. Some aquatic humanoids "domesticate" hippocampi, though in truth they simply cooperate, as a hippocampus is as intelligent as the average humanoid. Hippocampi often aid shipwrecked sailors, having saved many a soul from drowning or being preyed upon by a shark or other aquatic predator.

Variant: Winged Hippocampi (Danger Level 7)
Some hippocampi have wings. A winged hippocampus has a flying speed of 40 feet.

Murloc/Sea Trolls
Danger level 4

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The Dragon Of Ages Naphisdum

“A dragon is a large, serpent-like legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures around the world. Beliefs about dragons vary drastically by region, but dragons in western cultures since the High Middle Ages have often been depicted as winged, horned, four-legged, and capable of breathing fire. Dragons in eastern cultures are usually depicted as wingless, four-legged, serpentine creatures with above-average intelligence.”

The year 1005  At the start of it all it was silent, still and empty like a sea of blackness, nothing existed and nothing seemed to be growing into existence there was only he and in his own mind, there was only ever going to be he. But then things snapped into reality and there was breath, breath was given from the darkness of the world and he was flung into a spinning world wind of screaming roaring and tears. The pain was unimaginable and it was a world he had no idea of, no time to react he simply let things flow. Hovering in the sky he let his body flow with the wind that hugged him and kept him up a long serpent-like body with large strong clawed legs and a strong tail with what looked like a fin on the end. Covered in hard scaled hide he could hear the words of the all mighty ring down into his ears.

“you the sky keeper, sweet blue will now govern the sky, bring the dead to the kingdom in the heavens to live there lives in good and glory, to be there saving grace to be there shield and comfort, you will embrace them as you once did him, in warm and loving union as they are now your children. You will never touch the ground again, never need to use your feet to walk on hard earth, you will return to me here in the sky and be my companion.”

“you, the Leviathan, the terror of the depths will now govern the sea, bring the dead to rest in the eternal torment of hate and pain, you will live with this day ripped from you and no longer hold anything but the cold waves. You will be the chaos in this new world the pain upon the waves, the one many will fear and flee from. You will never hold what you long for, and never touch foot to land again, you will live at the bottom of the sea in the depths away from the sun forever, may it never touch your dark skin or the hues of your eyes. May the moon be the only thing you ever see again.”
The words screamed out of the storm as the screams of both Levi now made the Leviathan and Galandra now made the Sky Keeper Echoed and cut by a roar of what was now new.

“you Naphisdum the dragon of ages, shall govern my most prized possession, the beings of this world, you will walk among them and govern protect and keep the evil at bay in their world. There will be much for you to do, and you shall do it all and more, you shall walk upon the land and name it, you shall care for it all and see it change before you. You will govern the land as the others govern the sky and sea you are my children, my firstborn. Care for this world I gave you”  

He was  Naphisdum the dragon of ages placed down by God to govern the land of man, he walks with man upon the land to guide and teach man the ways of the world. When the others went on there ways upon there paths  Naphisdum was dropped into the sea to gather up the Rasp upon his back and carry them to the land so they could grow and expand upon the land of man. The Rasp were kind people, hard and shelled but kind in there core even if they did not talk much with each other one or two of them did make present conversation with the dragon.

Once upon the land  Naphisdum was given names from his people, the dragon, the bringer of the sun, the one we love, the changer of the world, but overall he loved his name and when they would call him the dragon over all others, he enjoyed being called the dragon and set that as his name. over the starting months Naphisdum  set up his home in an old library building that the Rasp had erected in his honor, it was not overly good but it would be added to in time and Naphisdum  himself did a lot of work on it to make it large enough to store the worlds knowledge to keep for the future people. He would lay there day in and day out as people came to him for guidance and information, his words were law and he watched the world grow up big and strong.  He watched new races be born into the world and watched there sociability grow and thrive he watched the sun grow large and watched the planet turn into a livable place all from his library that in time turned into a mountaintop where he sat.

Everything went well as he aged, he was in his prime time when everything happened around him and the world was in its prime. There were castles growing and civilization was booming, man had no evil as  Naphisdum's aura kept evil at bay preventing demons from walking the land and preventing evil from seeping into the land, he was working and the land was plentiful and the fruit of the land was full and ripe everything was flawless. After many years of bliss and worship, things changed and something was crawling into the mind of the dragon it was upon that day a madness was born into the world to attack and rip away goodness in the mind. A seed of darkness brought upon the aged and wise to cripple their minds and break them down to nothing more than an animal. Naphisdum had seen so much pain as well as good in this world the sickness was something of his own birthing, he brought it upon himself watching everything good and bad form his place atop the mountain within his temple overseeing the world. When one looks into darkness will always look back breaking the light in time, it took time, a lot of time but it was now the time of snapping when things fell apart.

Naphisdum shut the doors of his temple that dawns break and refused to open them again, no offerings no guidance no more teachings no more guiding the world as he locked himself in his hold. The world went on rolling as it would as he stayed the same turning in his own thoughts till one day he opened the doors, thousands of years later the dragon opened the doors to his hold to call out one thing, once bright scale covered beast now was dull and different, he was once so filled with life now his eyes turned and spun with madness. “Sky Keeper I call you forth for guidance, I call you forth to speak with me here this day to feast and come down from the sky one to another, I call you forth I call you forth” his voice echoed up into the sky as from the clouds the bright blue keeper came down from the sky an eagle a splendor bright blue. And in the distance, the leviathan watched from the shore to see what was going on.  She landed for the first time since the dawn of there change upon the ground as he had requested, her legs shaking and not meant for land as her wings folded to her back, the earth burned her feet as she stood strong to do as a fellow trusted god asked.
“what is it you deem of me Naphisdum Dragon of Ages, what is it you wish from me the Keeper of Heaven, why to be so bold to have my land upon the earth”
Naphisdum's eyes looked at her as she saw it within him, a change that made her unsteady as he moved closer to her, his clawed grabbing her body as his voice whispered into her ear
“Everything Keeper, I Want Everything” his claws dug into her skin as her bright white blood spilled out of her as the cracking of ripped flesh rang in the air as the Sky Keepers cry ripped the world, everyone, hearing her screeches as her body tumbled in a heap to the ground there at the Dragons feet. He took her wings as the roars of the leviathan rang in the background. As Naphisdum  looked to the Leviathan his eyes burned as he said his words roareing them in anger
“you the Dragon of Ages Naphisdum, I place a curse upon you and all in your true bloodline, I place this curse on your people for taking the one thing that I loved, taking the keeper from this world may she rest in the next, my land is my pact as the sea is my weapon shall you never lay claw or hide in its waters, to any waters, to my waters you shall burn like you walk upon the sun, may it enter your being may it burn you as if swallowing acid, may nothing but my words and will cure you of my damnation, may nothing bring you back from my my wrath for you will now know the pain I hold, you will be riddled with your own curse of insanity and now your whole line will be a black mark upon our beautiful earth. ”

Naphisdum was given a bloodline curse from the god of the sea and underworld and he did not care, the wings of the keeper fused to his back as he lifted up into the sky flapping them as a part of his body, the wings lifted him into the sky and he was gone from the sky's of the world under him which he no longer cared for.

He was above it all now, he was beyond there grasp and now he would rule everything. Once above the clouds and the worlds limit he was brought up to the world above to the keepers realm were angels and winged beasts would fly, it was a beautiful place with rivers and so much green land it was the most beautiful place imaginable, nothing like the ground, waterfalls that flowed into nothing,  and beyond there was a castle that its peeks reached into the sky, it was amazing and he was aw struck with its grace and presence he felt so at home, and now he would make it his home truly. Upon his arrival he took the flowing actions to change things
* he gave birth to his ten children his firstborn bloodline
* he destroyed the beasts that were loyal to the keeper
* and he gave birth to his second line and sent them down to the earth below to rule the world as dragons untouched by the dreaded curse of his blood. Dragons of all colors and sizes to inhabit the world with wings to rule the sky as well.

Naphisdum's children were named Anaya a Black Dragon, Givran a White Dragon, Yvriss a Red dragon, Idrorth a Green Dragon, Nindyg  a Blue Dragon. Bionneis a Brass Dragon,  Xursunth  a Copper Dragon, Xivoth  Bronze Dragon, Ioviog a Silver Dragon,  Cellinth The Gold  Dragon, once his children were born he sent them down to the world were they were given domains and lands to rule, but due to darkness and choice the only children that were left standing after the first year were Anaya, Cellinth, Ioviog, and Yvriss. Alongside his children he sent down others not of his bloodline to span over the world and walk the land some of his children both first born and otherwise remaining with him in what was called The Kingdom of heaven to rest with him for there time till they were sent or ready to go down to the world of man.
With the world changed Naphisdum stayed were he felt he belonged and he ruled the kingdom of heaven not caring about the realm of man anymore and only caring for the ones that worshiped him.

The Dragons First Born Children

Anaya a Black Dragon - Alive and Active

Black dragon are sometimes known as skull dragons because of their skeletal faces. Adding to the skeletal impression is the gradual deterioration of the hide around the base of the horn and the cheekbones. This deterioration increases with age and does not harm the dragon. On hatching, a black dragon’s scales are thin, small, and glossy. As the dragon ages, they become larger, thicker, and duller, helping it camouflage itself in swamps and marshes.

Black dragons are especially fond of coins. Older dragons sometimes capture and question humanoids about stockpiles of gold, silver, and platinum coins before killing them.

Black dragons prefer to ambush their targets, using their surroundings as cover. When fighting in heavily forested swamps and marshes, they try to stay in the water or on the ground; trees and leafy canopies limit their aerial maneuverability. When outmatched, a black dragon attempts to fly out of sight, so as not to leave tracks, and hide in a deep pond or bog.

Givran a White Dragon - Dead

The scales of a wyrmling white dragon glisten like mirrors. As the dragon ages, the sheen disappears, and by very old age, scales of pale blue and light gray are mixed in with the white.

White dragons prefer sudden assaults, swooping down from aloft or bursting from beneath water, snow, or ice. They loose their breath weapon, then try to knock out a single opponent with a follow-up attack.

Yvriss a Red Dragon - Dead

The small scales of a wyrmling red dragon are a bright glossy scarlet, making the dragon easily spotted by predators and hunters, so it stays underground and does not venture outside until it is more able to take care of itself. Toward the end of young age, the scales turn a deeper red, and the glossy texture is replaced by a smooth, dull finish. As the dragon grows older, the scales become large, thick, and as strong as metal. The neck frill and wings are an ash blue or purple-gray toward the edges, becoming darker with age. The pupils of a red dragon fade as it ages; the oldest red dragons have eyes that resemble molten lava orbs.

Because red dragons are so confident, they seldom pause to appraise an adversary. On spotting a target, they make a snap decision whether to attack, using one of many strategies worked out ahead of time. A red dragon lands to attack small, weak creatures with its claws and bite rather than obliterating them with its breath weapon, so as not to destroy any treasure they might be carrying.

Idrorth a Green Dragon - Undead and Dorment

A wyrmling green dragon’s scales are thin, very small, and a deep shade of green that appears nearly black. As the dragon ages, the scales grow larger and lighter, turning shades of forest, emerald, and olive green, which helps it blend in with its wooded surroundings.

Green dragons initiate fights with little or no provocation, picking on creatures of any size. If the target is intriguing or seems formidable, the dragon stalks the creature to determine the best time to strike and the most appropriate tactics to use. If the target appears weak, the dragon makes its presence known quickly—it enjoys evoking terror. Sometimes the dragon elects to control a humanoid creature through intimidation and suggestion. Green dragons especially like to question adventurers to learn more about their society and abilities, what is going on in the countryside, and if there is treasure nearby.

Nindyg  a Blue Dragon - Dead

A blue dragon’s scales vary in color from an iridescent azure to a deep indigo, polished to a glossy finish by blowing desert sands. The size of its scales increases little as the dragon ages, although they do become thicker and harder. Its hide tends to hum and crackle faintly with built-up static electricity. These effects intensify when the dragon is angry or about to attack, giving off an odor of ozone and sand. Their vibrant color makes blue dragons easy to spot in barren desert surroundings. However, they often burrow into the sand so only part of their heads are exposed.

Blue dragons love to soar in the hot desert air, usually flying in the daytime when temperatures are highest. Some nearly match the color of the desert sky and use this coloration to their advantage.

Blue dragons lair in vast underground caverns, where they also store their treasure. Although they collect anything that looks valuable, they are most fond of gems—especially sapphires.

Typically, blue dragons attack from above or burrow beneath the sands until opponents come within 100 feet. Older dragons use their special abilities, such as hallucinatory terrain, in concert with these tactics to mask the land and improve their chances to surprise the target. Blue dragons run from a fight only if they are severely damaged, since they view retreat as cowardly.

Bionneis a Brass Dragon - Alive and Active

At birth, a brass dragon’s scales are a dull, mottled brown. As the dragon gets older, the scales become more brassy until they reach a warm, burnished appearance. The grand head-plates of a brass dragon are smooth and metallic, and it sports bladed chin horns that grow sharper with age. Wings and frills are mottled green toward the edges, darkening with age. As the dragon grows older, its pupils fade until the eyes resemble molten metal orbs.

Brass dragons would rather talk than fight. If an intelligent creature tries to leave without engaging in conversation, the dragon might force compliance in a fit of pique, using suggestion or a dose of sleep gas. A creature put to sleep may wake to find itself pinned or buried to the neck in the sand until the dragon’s thirst for small talk is slaked. When faced with real danger, younger brass dragons fly out of sight, then hide by burrowing into the sand. Older dragons spurn this ploy but still prefer to have the advantage in combat.

Xursunth  a Copper Dragon - Dead

At birth, a copper dragon’s scales have a ruddy brown color with a metallic tint. As the dragon gets older, the scales become finer and more coppery, assuming a soft, warm gloss by young adult age. Very old dragons’ scales pick up a green tint. A copper dragon’s pupils fade with age, and the eyes of great wyrms resemble glowing turquoise orbs.

A copper dragon appreciates wit and usually doesn’t harm creatures that can relate a joke, humorous story, or riddle the dragon has not heard before. It quickly gets annoyed with anyone who doesn’t laugh at its jokes or accept its tricks with good humor. It likes to taunt and annoy opponents into giving up or acting foolishly.

An angry copper dragon prefers to mire foes using transmute rock to mud. The dragon pushes trapped opponents into the mud or snatches and carries them aloft. A copper dragon tries to draw airborne enemies into narrow, stony gorges where it can use its spider climb ability and maneuver them into colliding with the walls.

Xivoth  Bronze Dragon - Dead

A bronze wyrmling’s scales are yellow tinged with green, showing only a hint of bronze. As the dragon approaches adulthood, its color deepens slowly to a darker, rich bronze tone. Very old dragons develop a blue-black tint to the edges of their scales. Powerful swimmers, they have webbed feet and smooth, flat scales. The pupils of its eyes fade as a dragon ages, until in the oldest the eyes resemble glowing green orbs.

Bronze dragons dislike killing animals and would rather bribe them (perhaps with food) or force them away magically. They use detect thoughts to learn intelligent creatures’ intentions.

When attacking they blind their opponents with fog cloud and then charge or, if flying, snatch them up. Against seafaring opponents they conjure up a storm or use their tails to smash the vessels’ hulls. If a dragon is inclined to be lenient, ships might be merely becalmed, fogbound, or broken-masted.

Ioviog a Silver Dragon -Alive and Dorment

A silver wyrmling’s scales are blue-gray with silver highlights. As the dragon approaches adulthood, its color gradually brightens until the individual scales are scarcely visible.

Silver dragons are not violent and avoid combat except when faced with highly evil or aggressive foes. If necessary, they use fog cloud or control weather to blind or confuse opponents before attacking. When angry, they use reverse gravity to fling enemies helplessly into the air, where they can be snatched. Against flying opponents, a silver dragon hides in clouds (creating some with control weather on clear days), then jumps to the attack when it has the advantage.

Cellinth The Gold  Dragon - Dead

On hatching, a gold dragon’s scales are dark yellow with golden metallic flecks.

The flecks get larger as the dragon matures until, at the adult stage, the scales are completely golden. Gold dragons’ faces are bewhiskered and sagacious; as they age, their pupils fade until the eyes resemble pools of molten gold.

Gold dragons usually parley before fighting. When conversing with intelligent creatures, they use Intimidate and Sense Motive to gain the upper hand. In combat, they employ bless and their luck bonus; older dragons use their luck bonus at the start of each day. They make heavy use of spells in combat. Among their favorites are cloudkill, delayed blast fireball, fire shield, globe of invulnerability, maze, sleep, slow, and stinking cloud.

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Other Gods
Disclamer:  the gods here are taken from outside sources for us to use, if you would like to know the outside source please ask Anaya she will give it to you. we thank our outside sources for having rich in-depth material for us to utilize for our role play games.
Created after the fall of the Sky Keeper god above all wished the people of the world to have choices in who they wished to follow and he with the actions taken by the three original gods of the world learned that more were needed to properly govern the land of man and beyond

Light Gods
Titles: The Lady, Angelheart
Domain: Life, Mercy
Symbol: A robin
Sphere Granted: Light
Perhaps the most popular and beloved goddess in the pantheon of Light, Cassandra is a favorite among healers, physicians, lovers, midwives and those wanting or expecting children. Unlike Roland and Kael, Cassandra does not solve her problems with flaming swords or by dispatching righteous justice. She believes in a softer approach. Cassandra teaches her followers to love their enemies and show mercy. There is always redemption in the Light, even for the most heinous of villains.
As the goddess of life, Cassandra is most venerated at the moment of a mortal birth. It is often said that Cassandra’s power over life at its genesis is so powerful that it can alter the fate of the mortal child, beyond even Time’s influence. Newborn babies who receive a blessing of the Angelheart at the moment of their birth are said to have their fate set along the path of light and happiness, even if they had been doomed to live a life of strife and darkness.
While Cassandra advocates for peace and mercy, she does not demand a life of pacifism from her followers. The church accepts the use of violence, though only as a last resort in the defense of the church or the innocent. While violence may occur, the taking of life should never be an option. Should any suffer harm at the hand of a worshipper of the Lady, the church demands that their atonement be made threefold.
The Church of Cassandra is a large and integral faction of the Church of Light, boasting the largest, most diverse group of followers. Despite this, the Church of Cassandra tends to take a backseat in the politics of the pantheon. They focus their efforts on the well-being of those in need, engaging in activities like the development and operations of hospitals, refugee camps, and schools.

Cassandra appears as a human woman with soft features in the twilight of her youth. She keeps her tawny brown hair pinned to the side. Her eyes are warm and kind and sit lightly upon a face that betrays the slightest signs of aging. Upon her voluptuous, pear-shaped figure she wears a simple short red dress over more practical brown pants. Across her shoulder, resting on her hip, she carries a magical bag said to be capable of holding any object of any size.
While Cassandra uses no weapons or armour, the Lady of Life is not defenseless in combat. In times of trouble, she can teleport safely to any resurrection or healing circle. Should she find herself injured beyond the capacity her own formidable restoration magic, she can draw healing from any of her favored. Outside of direct combat, Cassandra able to cast any healing and life-giving magic without effort.

Five things a Cassandra follower should do:
1. Show mercy to all living things. Through mercy and compassion, any spirit can be redeemed.
2. Above all things, preserve and maintain mortal life. Make use of all the Lady’s gifts, including magic, alchemy, and medicine.
3. Establish or support institutions that heal, shelter, or protect the innocent and injured. Hospitals, orphanages, soup kitchens and the like are critical in preserving life.
4. Promote peace in all forms. Be it a peasant family in the midst of domestic dispute or armies on the brink of war, be a mediator and a voice of compassion.
5. If you cause harm to another, heal threefold more.

Five things a Cassandra follower should not do:
1. Take life. Strive to save all, even those that fall into your own hand.
2. Allow a child to die, for their death is final. Sacrifice everything to ensure a child’s safety, including your own life.
3. Discriminate in who you give aid. All life is sacred and deserving of the Lady’s mercy, regardless of race, gender, religion or loyalties.
4. Forget that while magic and medicine heal the body, it is warmth and compassion that heal the spirit. The simplest act of kindness can ripple through the Arthos and heal a distant heart.
5. Allow your pride to grow larger than the mercy in your heart. Your deeds and charity will challenge your humility as you gain favor and love. Remember that all life is weighed equally in the Lady’s heart.

Titles: The Lightbringer, Justicar
Domain: Justice, Sun
Symbol: A sun behind a sword
Sphere Granted: Light
If Roland leads the Church of Light, then Kael, the Justicar, is its righteous sword of justice. Kael, though not the oldest of the newer gods, is by far one of the most popular and can trace his history to just shortly after the first war between Elves and Humankind. He is considered by many to be the incorruptible blade and light that banishes away the darkness. He is a hero to the peasantry and faithful, risking all to see that the guilty are punished, no matter the cost. Kael firmly believes that the ends always justify the means, so long as the light shines upon the deed. This vigilante-like belief often puts him at odds with Roland the Lawbringer and the two have battled over honour innumerable times. Still, there is no single pair of gods that work together more effectively and efficiently than Kael and Roland. He is the single greatest foe of the Gods of Darkness, the demonic and those that walk the shadowy path.
The Lightbringer is intelligent and cunning but also headstrong, tending to lead with his emotions. This has lead to his emotions being manipulated many times in the past but, with righteous determination, Kael always strives to rise above. While all the denizens of darkness are his enemies, none are greater so than the demonic. Woe be to the demons and the wytches that serve them, for when Kael’s fiery gaze turns upon them he shall strike out with heavenly fury and see them extinguished from the mortal realms.
Kael excels in making the hard decisions when others cannot. The Justicar preaches to his faithful that the needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few. Eradicating corruption may cause the lives of the innocent to be lost, but this is a justifiable price if more will be saved in the long run. Many outside the Church consider his faithful fanatics and zealots, for often a Kaelite, for the greater good, has put a village and all inside to the torch in an effort to destroy a powerful necromancer or demon. In their eyes, they are not murdering one town but saving three in the future. For this reason and many others, the Lightbringer attracts the fellowship of Wytchhunters, holy Templars, and those that would defend the Light with every ounce of their life.
The Church of Kael is vast, influential and well integrated into its parent body, the Church of Light. While Roland and Cassandra see to the needs of the people, it is Kael that sees to the needs of the Church, gathering information on threats and acting as a destructive force against all that is evil. To accomplish this, the Lightbringer leads a special sect of the Church of Light known as the Citadel. The Citadel take it upon themselves to act as the purging flame of the Light, ready to cleanse away any corruption or darkness that dare stand in the way of righteousness. They specialize in the destruction of the demonic, necromantic and corrupted, but will not turn down the opportunity to bring justice against more mundane acts of mortal villainy. While not as large as Roland’s army, the Citadel can rally the local common folk with a call to the Light, sometimes doubling or tripling their numbers in the field of battle. Many outside the Church and, rumours say, some inside question the zeal of the Citadel and its methods, but it is undeniable that they are an effective force. Many innocent lives have been saved, and evil put to the torch, under their command.
Kael claims the sun as his celestial heaven and there he once made battle with the Firstborn Gold Dragon, who once contested his claim of ownership. Just outside his realm he also wars with the Goddess Dietremen, who possesses ownership of the moons.

In the mortal realm, Kael appears as a muscular young human, not a day over thirty. His strong jawline and high cheekbones give him an air of nobility, but he does not carry himself as a typical noble would. He is kind and compassionate, especially to those who live under the light of his sun. His hair is dirty blonde and kept reasonably short, but his most distinct feature is his burning eyes. Two flames of red and yellow, each burning with the intensity of the sun, float weightlessly in the empty sockets where his eyes should be. The Lightbringer cares not for fashion or style and is rarely ever seen without his standard white plate mail armor, over which sits a simple white tabard. Binding the tabard tightly around his waist is a thin golden belt, said to be made from the scales of the Firstborn Tezoth, a prize he claimed after defeating him in one of their numerous battles. The belt is said to imbue him with supernatural strength when he is standing under the light of his celestial heaven.
In combat Kael is a fearsome warrior. He wields a bastard sword that burns with pure fire and divine light. This sword, called "Anondite, the Last Dawn", can burn through any armor and flesh, striking the very spirit of its target if they are corrupted by darkness. Anondite has left scars on many of the celestial gods, including Malagant and Raze. In addition to his blade, Kael can use focus his vision on an enemy, even at a great distance. Should the target meet his gaze, Kael can weigh the worth of their spirit. If it is found wanting, a pillar of cleansing fire will descend from the sun itself, obliterating the unworthy and leaving naught but ash.

Five things a Kael follower should do:
1. Bring justice to the unjust. The ends always justify the means so long as the greater good is served and the Church flourishes.
2. Raise up an army of devout. Every laborer and commoner, if called upon, should raise their torches to burn away the darkness in your Church’s name.
3. Protect the innocent and the Church.
4. Be willing to make the decisions no other can. While the innocent must be safeguarded, it is imperative to recognize that cleansing a corrupt town will save many towns in the future.
5. Lead a pious life. Become the shining light so that others may find their way.

Five things a Kael follower should not do:
1. Become morally corrupted. Do not take bribes or allow greed to sway you from the righteous path.
2. Allow anything to stand in the way of justice. Laws, gods, mortals, and even your own emotions are second to cleansing the corrupted and dispensing justice.
3. Tolerate any dealings of the demonic or those that do. Wytches, diabolists, and fiends should be burned at the stake by Kael’s cleansing fire.
4. Submit to any authority that is not sanctioned by the Light. If justice cannot be dispatched immediately, then be patient and wait, but always be ready.
5. Permit false teachings or words that might tempt the faithful to darkness. Purge and burn any knowledge of that which countermands the teachings of the Church of Light or the teachings of Kael.


Titles: The Lord of Light, Oathkeeper
Domain: Order, Honour
Symbol: Golden shield
Sphere Granted: Light
Roland is the god of honor, order, law, discipline, and chivalry. He is typically worshipped by soldiers, those that serve the law, and those who hold honor close to their hearts. The Church of Roland is large and well-organized. Because of his authority over law, he is also seen as a protector for the lower classes and those who cannot defend themselves. He teaches that without honor you are nothing and that full submission to the will of his divine cause is the greatest blessing. His teachings guide on the battlefield and in day to day life, with sacrifice and courage being stressed above all. If a law appears unjust to a follower of Roland, they should use legal means to change it, and have faith in Roland to mend that which is broken, legally.
Roland was the first god to make his presence known to the mortals of the world of Arthos. When the first humans were cast out of the Thalan’s golden city it was Roland that sheltered them and taught them the skills they needed to survive. After the first war Roland gathered the other gods of Light and together they crowned the first human king, establishing the Kingdom of Tiefanue. Since that day Roland has been the figurehead of the Church of Light, granting his guidance and protection to all those who would serve the church.

Roland appears to mortals as a bearded human male with glowing golden eyes. He is a beacon of strength and power, fully armored in glowing white plate mail that intensifies the light of the sun. At his command golden wings extend from his back, giving him flight when needed. He carries a large magical bastard sword called “Patience” which smites evil with every swing. On his back or on his arm sits his fabled golden shield, “Virtue”, said to deflect any evil weapon that would dare strike the god of honour.

Five things a Roland follower should do:
1. Live and fight with honour.
2. Obey, establish and respect lawful authority. Follow the chain of command.
3. Protect the weak and innocent without regard to your own safety.
4. Spread the word of the Light through action and leadership. Suffer not those who practice the dark arts or bargain with demons.
5. Try the unlawful through due process and accept the lawful verdict of their trials. Exonerate the falsely accused, regardless of their morality or affiliation.

Five things a Roland follower should not do:
1. Break a law unless it contradicts a tenet of Roland. Lawmakers who rule without honour are tyrants and should be deposed.
2. Turn your back to a foe in battle or a friend in life.
3. Break your word. You are bound by your oaths.
4. Be motivated by base emotions such as greed, envy and pride.
5. Leave an innocent or fallen comrade behind on the field of battle.


Titles: The World Tree, Wildwood, Father Tree
Domain: Nature, Harvest
Symbol: An ash tree
Sphere Granted: Light
Once the God of the Hunt, Dunarthos gave up his title and all but his life to merge with the World Tree when it was mortally wounded by the Blue Firstborn. He now claims the title of Father, the spirit and embodiment of the land and planes. His followers include druids, rangers, hunters and farmers. All who choose to respect his laws give back to the land they use and foster respect for the forests and farmlands from which they reap his harvest.
Dunarthos’s lover and protector is the goddess Sybil, the Huntress. When there are those that would see the land harmed, Dunarthos calls for the Huntress to dispense justice.
Dunarthos’s home, the World Tree, exists in a place between planes. Its branches and root system reach out like tendrils into every plane of existence, offering passage to those who know how to find it. While the mortals of the material plane make up the majority of his followers, it is not unheard of to find other favoured among the multitude of planar creatures in the many realms.
Dunarthos and his followers also have a natural affinity with many of the True Fae that call the deep secluded forests home. Brownies, Pixies and their ilk, while not obligated, will often leave Dunarthos’s favoured out of their games and tricks, in exchange for their service in protecting their shared home.

Dunarthos is merged with the World Tree, both spiritually and physically. He takes no form and does not manifest in any way to mortals. All that remains of the god that once was is the image of a weathered face set deep at the base of the trunk of the World Tree.

Dunarthos exists in a state unlike other gods. Becoming one with the World Tree has both evolved and enlightened his once celestial form, making him a hybrid of nature itself. Along with the tenets that Dunarthos expects of his followers, there is a single rule that he demands from all. This rule, known as Nature’s Law, is written in every known language and script at the base of the World Tree. It is as follows:

Guard the land: it was not given to you by your ancestors, it was loaned to you by your children. What you take give back twice. Those that leave waste, bring disease and corruption, or violate the land for profit will suffer my ire. Call forth the Huntress Sybil and bring final death to the transgressors.

Five things a Dunarthos follower should do:
1. The branches and roots of the World Tree lead to the planes beyond. Protect them and ensure that they remain healthy and active.
2. Reap only what has been sown. Never take more than you give, both in your life and from the land.
3. The True Fae are intrinsic to the forest and the lands. Protect them if they are in danger, for you are their guardians.
4. You do not live in mortal society and you are not bound by its rules or laws. There is only one law: Nature’s Law.
5. Be generous, but expect generosity in return. Those that take your gifts and do not give back to the lands shall see Sybil called to hunt.

Five things a Dunarthos follower should not do:
1. Suffer those that would corrupt nature. Unnatural decay and disease, as well as those that use them as tools, should be cleansed with extreme prejudice.
2. Waste, or suffer those who do. Use everything you take. What cannot be used should be returned to the land, including what others have failed give back.
3. Turn away those that would enter your forests as guests. Instead, offer them your bounty and generosity. If they break Nature’s Law, call forth the hunt.
4. Tolindustrializationustrialisation, no matter the benefit to you or your kin. Work towards reclaiming cities and towns so that they may be once again under Dunarthos’s protection.
5. Fail to train the hunters and farmers who would take their bounty from the land. Guide them, as a teacher, to respect and nurture.

Titles: The Cat Lord, the Prowler
Domain: Freedom, Renown
Symbol: An old key
Sphere Granted: Light
The Cat Lord, one of the more popular gods among adventurers, good-natured thieves, and daring burglars, is an enigmatic character rich in bravado and glory. Above all things, Ryiak teaches cunning and a sense of freedom to his faithful, instilling in them a sense of excitement and pride in having their names and deeds rise above the masses. Ryiak loves a good story, especially when he or his faithful are the subject of it. He encourages his faithful to seek out and commit deeds of wit and prowess, not just for material gain, but for renown and reputation. Many Ryiak followers strive to have the bards sing of their exploits and adventures.
When not engaging in the stuff of legend making, a follower of the Prowler should be forever honing their skills, often through acts of skulduggery and chicanery. In the eyes of the Cat Lord, the act is often more important than the goods it yields. Stealing the ancient war totem of an Orc tribe’s high shaman right out from under his nose is worthy of Ryiak’s graces, while robbing a blind widow of her last silver pieces is definitely not. In fact, the latter act is quite likely to invoke Ryiak’s wrath if it is undertaken under his banner. Endeavours like the former are called Glory-Binds and Ryiak expects his followers to engage in them whenever possible. Ryiak is not an evil god, and even though he crosses the law on many occasions, his thefts, pranks, and bravado would never harm an innocent. It is for this reason that the Church of Light, in most regions, tolerates his worship, although they would never give him a seat or altar within the greater church.
Because of the Church of Light’s refusal to incorporate Ryiak into their ranks, the Cat Lord was forced to employ alternative methods to encourage worship. While officially no formal churches exist, Ryiak’s most cunning faithful have adapted by sneaking his church into already established churches. As one might imagine, this causes unending grief to the favoured in charge of keeping their churches sanctified. When the priests of the Light go home for the night, the worship of the Cat Lord begins. Many times a bewildered clergyman has found the door to his church already unlocked in the morning, the remnants of a lascivious party strewn about the pews and stray cats sleeping on their holy altar. It is these kinds of reckless and bold actions that please Ryiak. However, given the likelihood of eventual discovery, these churches within churches are usually closely guarded secrets and often move around to reduce the chances of being caught. When no church exists to infiltrate, there is almost always a small altar to Ryiak in the local tavern - in most cases, behind the bard.

Ryiak, when in humanoid form, appears as a male Cat man, although his subspecies changes. In all forms he is strikingly handsome, with piercing yellow cat eyes and a smooth, relaxing voice. In addition to the various types of Cat man, Ryiak has been known to take on the form of an alley cat, which leads his faithful to take care of strays, both feline and mortal. His clothing and style change seasonally and, oddly, he always wears what is in the height of fashion, though not necessarily for the region he is visiting. While style and grace are his markers, Ryiak also carries with him the wounds of a grim past. Upon his wrists are the burning reminders of his last encounter with Malagant, the God of Undeath. These wounds, caused by the unholy manacles once clasped around his hands, burn and sizzle his flesh unendingly. Ryiak is capable of healing them for a time but, try as he might, the wounds always return eventually.
In combat Ryiak wields a single mirrored-edged rapier which, when used to parry an incoming spell, will reflect it back at its caster. In addition to his magical blade, Ryiak can summon fearsome claws that will rend any mortal armour. His grace and dexterity are unparalleled in battle and he is often seen jumping, leaping, and tumbling out of danger, well before the danger strikes.
His final known possession of power is a key, fashioned from his index claw, said to open any door, magical or otherwise. He has been known to pass this key to his most favoured of favoured on occasion, though the magical effects rarely last longer than a year.

The Cantor and Glory-Binds
Unlike most gods, Ryiak has not set out a series of tenets or commands for his faithful to follow. Instead, his followers devised a code of conduct which seem to please Ryiak when it is followed. This code is called the Cantor and has been passed down through the multitude of Ryiak’s churches for the faithful to follow.
In addition to this Cantor, Ryiak expects his faithful to take on personal quests or exploits that he calls “Glory-Binds.” Glory-Binds are tests or challenges that a faithful will charge themselves with in order to hone their skills and give prayer to the Cat Lord. These may be as simple as placing a humorous sign on the back of the local magistrate or as complex as stealing a coin from a dragon’s treasure hoard. Glory-Binds are important acts of devotion to Ryiak and should be performed numerous times a year, when possible. In order to have a Glory-Bind sanctioned in the eyes of the Cat Lord, it must first be blessed by one of Ryiak’s Chosen in what is know as the Rite of Glory. If no Favoured reside in the area, then the oldest or most experienced faithful can give the necessary sanctification, by simple approval. Upon completion of the rite, a golden ribbon is blessed and given to the faithful. It is expected that this ribbon be tied to the faithful’s wrist or weapon hilt and worn with pride for the entirety of the Glory-Bind. The one exception to this rule is if this identifying symbol would, in some manner, make the Glory-Bind impossible. One cannot infiltrate the Church of Malagant to steal their favourite skull if one is wearing the symbol of the Cat Lord on their wrist. The ribbon acts as both an identifier to other faithful, so that they may provide assistance if required, and to potential marks or targets, so that they are made aware that mischief may occur, forcing the faithful to overcome additional difficulties. If a Glory-Bind is easy, it is not worthy of the Cat Lord.

The Cantor
1. If you steal, steal from the rich. If you prank, prank the boastful. What you take from one, give to another more in need.
2. Every act and deed should increase your reputation and renown.
3. Take on Glory-Binds to hone your skills and practice your trade.
4. Accept reasonable challenges from friends and allies. The more risky the challenge, the better. Make sure to challenge back.
5. Glory-Binds must not cause significant hardship or suffering to the poor and innocent.
6. Make good on promises to the Cat Lord’s faithful.
7. Do not testify against your friends, other faithful or those who have aided you.
8. When possible, help other Glory-Bound in need, through emotional and material support.
9. Never, under any circumstances, have a ‘legitimate’ job unless it is a cover for your Glory-Bind.
10. Never become a common thug or petty criminal.
11. Give the poor and innocent a percentage of the the riches you take from the wealthy. See that they are cared for and protected.
12. Do not tie yourself to marriage or children, especially your own.
13. If you are Glory-Bound with another and they are caught, take the blame. If you cannot, ensure their escape and freedom. The more daring and grandiose the escape, the better.
14. Teach the code to destitute youth. Put them on the path to Ryiak’s glory, for they will have none without your aid.
15. Never lose your wit when using drugs or liquor.
16. Never be cheap with coin or praise.
17. Do not steal from other Ryiak followers unless you are Glory-Bound to do so. Even then, give it back when your Glory-Bind is complete.
18. If you enter an area controlled by another of Ryiak’s faithful, make every effort to seek them out and make your presence known.
19. Punish those who break the code.

Titles: The Magician, Warlock
Domain: Magic, Knowledge
Symbol: A spellbook or tome
Sphere Granted: Light
To know the god of magic, one must first learn of the origins of magic, as together the two are intricately tied. While most believe Ll’yandra, Malagant, and Roland were the first lesser gods to make their presence known in the world, in truth the first lesser god was the Warlock. It was a time before time, all the realms and planes existed as one, overlapping harmoniously along the branches, roots and bark of a colossal living tree known as the Dreamleaf. Rune magic, the true source of almost all magic, flowed along the Dreamleaf rivers of water. From it’s branches and roots the magic flowed, encircling the realm in a protective net, high above the sky.
When Salam arrived at the base of the Dreamleaf he saw true evil. The Firstborn  Dragon of Magic, hoarded the Dreamleaf’s power, severing it from those that could benefit. Salam witnessed such suffering and pain and he knew he must act. Salam seized the power of Dreamleaf by entering it directly and in doing so, became near omnipotent. While touching the true source of magic, Salam understood all things in both the past and the future, but this gift was short lived for Doranth’s greed was great. The firstborn, ever so selfish, could not suffer another having this access to his horde of magic. he breathed his mighty breath and filled the tree with anti-magic. This act destroyed the Dreamleaf. It scattered the planes to the very edges of the roots and branches. The protective net of magic fell to the ground, covering the realms in fractured lines while those that lived on the tree itself, were cast away into the various planes of existence. The great god Salam suffered a fate worse than death. His body and spirit were shattered and he was dispersed along the magic of the lay lines as they fell to the multitude of planes. This single selfish act by the Firstborn of Magic, destroyed the Dreamleaf. Today, the remnants of that great force of nature exists but only in a shadow of it’s former glory. Called the World Tree by some, the Tree of Life or Yggdrasil, by others. It still holds the realms together, but the magic that once flowed through it is all but gone. Salam however, was not.
It took aeons for the Magician to reform himself on the mortal plane. Much had changed. The gods had populated the world, while the Dragon’s made their homes where they landed after Dreamleaf’s sundering. Salam found himself lost, with no memory of his former celestial glory. In his absence, a new god of magic had usurped his throne and it was only with the help of the mortal Ajaunti clans did Salam defeat his foe and take his rightful seat. There he worked towards the collection of magic and lost knowledge so that he may rebuild the realm as he first found it, to bring back to life the Dreamleaf, and the unlimited magic it can provide. He knows the knowledge is out there and his faithful work diligently to collect it.
Salam is the newest, but most controversial member of the Church of Light. Salam’s power of magic is far greater than any other Celestial and indeed he has been known to outfit, create, and distribute his vast allotment of magical items and ritual enhancements to the other light gods. Many whisper, although never publicly, this is why the Church of Light often overlook his more questionable tenets.
Salam claims to have once had access to the truest source of power, Runic magic, and the ability to heal the world and it’s shattered planes back into a single harmony realm ruled by him. He has however, as a result of the interference of the dragons, forgotten this crucial information. Salam claims the secret of gaining access to the truest source of magic lies in the shattered remnants of magic that ebb and flow through the leylines. He seeks this knowledge and commands his faithful to aid him, slowly gathering lost and forgotten lore as he pieces together what was lost to him.
While magical knowledge is paramount, the Warlock also commands his followers seek knowledge of the mundane so that he may know what they know. This collective collection of lore is the primary focus of those that worship him. Salam believes that this can best cultivated through the establishment of civilization and organized structure. As such, his followers are most prominent in large cities, building mages guilds and schools that act effectively act as churches, in his name. Those less civilized and more savage societies are still useful to Salam as many of the young children there possess great magical aptitude and, under his guidance, can be brought to civility and saved. To facilitate this, the Church of Salam has founded the office of the Acquisitor to travel the world to liberate the young from a life of savagery, taking them back to his civilized world to learn the proper ways of magic and study.
Contrary to popular belief it is not simply only mages or scholars that worship Salam. Knowledge and lore in all forms is useful to the Warlock. Wizards are often fragile and institutions of learning must be protected from harm. Many warriors and men at arms join the the ranks of the church, championing into ruins and forgotten temples for lost lore to return to the Salam for rewards of magic and power.

Salam is an exceptionally tall human male with rich umber skin and piercing green eyes. Upon his hairless head and across the right side of his face are glowing blue arcane symbols whose purpose and meaning are lost on even the most scholarly. Salam wears around his body a multi coloured prismatic robe, said to be able to absorb any spell cast in his vicinity. In addition to his own unparalleled arsenal of magic, the Warlock can pull any spell from those who he favours, to use as he desires.

Five things a Salam follower should do:
1. Seek knowledge, magical and mundane, in all its forms. Knowledge will aid you in higher pursuits as well Salam in his quest to regain access to true magic.
2. Create and use magic or protect those that do. All magic, blessed by Salam, extends his influence.
3. Teach the ways of learning to those that earn it. Take in apprentices and build institutes of education to further the pursuit of knowledge.
4. Push the boundaries of magical knowledge and experimentation. Only through great risk can greater power be obtained.
5. Periodically take on missions to less civilised locations to find and liberate those with magical aptitude. Save them from a life of savagery.

Five things a Salam follower should not do:
1. Allow anything to hamper the pursuit of magic or knowledge, including morality, mortality, these tenets or Salam himself.
2. Destroy magic or magical knowledge for any reason. Lock it away if you must.
3. Cap your ambition; instead strive to replace Salam as the god of magic. Let nothing stand in your way.
4. Disrespect your masters. Those with greater knowledge still have much to teach.
5. Tolerate the existence of those that horde magic away from Salam or those that destroy or consume magic.

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Anaya Niviria DeLaRose

Titles: The Mother of Light, Dragon of the Winters Wind, All-Knowing
Domain: The land of man
Symbol: Ouroboros the dragon eating its own tail
Sphere Granted: Light
Anaya was born from the dragon of ages as a black dragon made live to remain in the kingdom of heaven wall the other children were sent to the world to lay waste to both each other and the realm of man. Anaya remained up with her Father and brother Cellinth The Gold  Dragon. Wall she stayed with them she became a grand fighter for the armies of the dragon leading her family and kind to overcome all who stood in there way. Years passed and Anaya became flawless to others of her kind and her brother took a more than family liking to her. One night he left his wife's side and bedded his sister only to have his sister kill him after mating and have their union discovered by a very angry wife of the now dead Cellinth. Anaya was forced to flee after laying waste to the wife of her brother who was also her own sibling Xivoth the Bronze Dragon. After all, she fled to the mortal realm to watch the tail end of the torment that was befalling the rest of dragon kind. Anaya was said never to come back to heaven even if her body and spirit was shattered, forever told to walk the land of men with the rest of her kind and take over the job as the guardian of man to replace her father.  

After many years of living alongside man Anaya had grown weak and was starting to feel the effects of madness, she had gained a human and adopted family to make her days bright but due to the sickness that riddled her body she went mad and killed each and every one of them with her own teeth and claws, in her rage she had a guard of her own order take her head from her body to lay her ruined heart to rest. Unknowing to that guard Anaya had another plot up her clawed arm and had laid a single egg under a tree she planted in the center of her kingdom, this egg was from the union of her and her brother so many thousands of years before and her soul flowed from her broken husk to inhabit a new body and gain a new life free from madness's sicking hold.   She came back to the world a new as an image of her brother and her own child a golden dragon baby.

Now grown and governing the central pillar of the world she sits upon an iron throne and watches the realm of man grow, but due to her own arrogance, she has neglected her central job of guiding and protecting the realm of man from evil darkness and the undead. It is said that one day a change will come and she will take up the pillar and do as she is meant to and that will change the fabric of time in the world and bring the day to a brighter dawn. But that is unknown time and unknown truth and no one is to say if she will do anything about the distress in the world or simply sit back on her throne and watch it go by.

Anaya in human form takes on the appearance of a mature woman with pale skin, she is an albino so her skin is pale and soft with white hair and red eyes. She has a perfect body that sways when she walks and can bring any man to there knees with just a glance. She enjoys soft loose fitting clothing so most of the time is seen as almost covered or basically nude. She holds a weapon known as Orian it is a large spear she keeps hidden away in places unknown and it is said that this weapon can call forth holy powers that can rip any undead or dark being to nothing more than dust, it is also known as Clean Slate for this reason alone.

Five things an Anaya follower should do:
1. Put your people first, family matters more than your own life
2. destroy darkness and the undead at any cost even if it goes against what others view as right or just
3. Cultivate wisdom and magic knowledge makes a strong leader
4. Guard and protect the first born at all costs, they are what made this world the dragon is the way to live eternally
5. Open your heart and home to those who walk the path of life. Show them safety and freedom

Five things an Anaya follower should not do:
1. Kill a dragon or any dragonkin for any reason, not respect dragons or show them disrespect in any way
2. forget or neglect to pay respect to the Dragon even when following others
3. Allow an innocent to be taken by darkness, or allow darkness or undead to live in peace
4. Tolerate necromancy  in any way
5. Give charity or sympathy to those who kill dragons and kin or partake in undeath or evil deeds


Titles: The Matron, Mother of Elves
Domain: Elves
Symbol: A red eye with three tears
Sphere Granted: Light or Dark
Ll’yandra was the second lesser god to make her presence known in the world . She claims to be the creator of the true Thalan, before they were shattered into their many elven subspecies. She was there when the first Thalan city was built. She was there when the Humans rose up and fractured her children into the multiple elven subraces that exist today. The Mother of Elves bitterly mourned the fragmentation of her true Thalan. Ll’yandra acts as loving mother and protector to all her children and to those that serve her. In the past that meant all elves, regardless of sub-race or creed. Recent events caused Ll’yandra to cast away some of those she once cared for. The Stone Elves, now called Shattered Elves, and the Ice Elves, taken from her by the Goddess of Pain, Pandora, no longer possess shards. They are no longer afforded her protection and are no longer considered elves by Ll’yandra and her followers.
To her chosen children, Ll’yandra encourages a strong bond and familial protection. She values conviction and loyalty. Like any good mother, she is patient, realizing that some of her children will stray from the path from time to time and that to force them back would only instill resentment and anger in them. Eventually, they will find their own way back, in this life or their next. Ll'yandra teaches that elves should work together to help protect, teach, and solidify each other's place in the world. The method by which this achieved is not as important to her as the principle under which it is accomplished. She grants her favored either light or dark magic, but does require them to choose. Ll’yandra will not suffer those that straddle the paths of light and darkness, for their hearts lack conviction.
It is said that in the earliest days, when the elves were one race, Ll’yandra placed a living shard into each of her children, collected from her own tears. When an elf passes into final death, their lifeforce foregoes the traditional transcendence into the Deadlands and instead returns to Ll’yandra’s celestial home. There, in her magical Garden, the shards of unborn elves hang from the trees like precious fruit. The Mother claims that the number of elves is finite, and through this process, no elf may truly die. Instead, they return home to be reborn anew. It is for this reason that Ll’yandra despises necromancy. That dark magic perverts and twists an elf’s shard, corrupting it and prohibiting it from returning to the Garden, obliterating the elven life force within forever.

Ll’yandra takes the form of a majestic, mature elf. Her eyes glow gold but speak softly of wisdom. She is always clothed in a diaphanous white dress that trails a few feet behind her. She wears no armour and carries no weapons, but she is always heavily channeling. Upon her head, she wears a simple crown, woven from twigs and branches. Between each spring, magical golden berries bloom that are said to give life to any who consume them. Ll’yandra is often seen barefoot. When she walks upon the natural lands of Arthos, white rose plants bloom in her footsteps.

Five things a Ll'yandra follower should do:
1. Put your tribe first, then all elves, then all others.
2. Use light or dark magic to enforce her will, but never both, for that is beyond mortal reach.
3. Cultivate wisdom and magic. Learn through patience and be strong in your convictions.
4. Guard and protect the forest. It is the sanctuary of all elves.
5. Open your heart and home to those who walk the Mother’s path. Show them charity and mercy.

Five things a Ll'yandra follower should not do:
1. Kill an elf whose shard is not corrupted.
2. Forget to pay respect to the Mother, even while worshiping another.
3. Allow a shard’s path to be interrupted in any way.
4. Tolerate necromancy against elves or further its teachings in others.
5. Give charity or sympathy to those who kill elves with little regard.


Titles: The Forge, the Grand Crafter
Domain: Creation, Invention
Symbol: A seven toothed gear
Sphere Granted: Light
Magnora is the patron goddess of craft and ingenuity. Dedicated to her work, she is skilled in all physical arts whether wrought in steel, wood, clay or cloth. Magnora constantly seeks to improve both the form and efficiency of her work. Her methods are her own, her skill born from her divine nature. Only the most devout may learn her secrets.
Unlike others, all that Magnora creates must have a purpose. Fine swords have fine edges, her needlepoint creates sturdy clothes, her lavish meals are hearty and healthy, and her sculptures serve as support beams or housewares. Her one foray into the creation of beauty alone, her once grand creation Castro, led to heartache. Learning from her mistake, Magnora works in the balance of form and function where even mundane objects, like barrels and nails, are honoured for their utility alongside admirable armour and woven cloth.

Magnora appears to mortals as a beautiful dwarf with a long red beard braided and hanging to the ground. When not in her Dwarven form, she often appears as a scarred and statuesque Einish woman. In both forms she wears mithril full plate, crafted in her own forge. She’s often seen wielding a smith’s silver hammer, magically enchanted to craft any mundane item with a single strike, or destroy any item, including artifacts or those created via ritual magics.

Five things a follower of Magnora should do:
1. Strive to improve your craft in every way. Only through hard work can one evolve.
2. Help your fellow craftsmen however you can. Stunting their growth solves nothing.
3. Competition is important. Without a burning passion to do better, progress stalls.
4. Your craft should improve those around you. Make things that improve your home, family and society.
5. Function over form. The time spent on your work should be predominantly dedicated to its quality, not its appearance.

Five things a follower of Magnora should not do:
1. Be lazy with your work or cut corners.
2. Hinder the progress of another's work.
3. Give up on a craft or project. It is more important to try and fail and learn from your mistakes, so that the next craft succeeds.
4. Destroy exceptional crafts or works, or allow others to do so. Only destroy work to build something better.
5. Craft life.

The Raven Queen
The Raven Queen is an unaligned deity  The name of the god of death is long forgotten, but she is called the Raven Queen. She is the spinner of fate and the patron of winter. She marks the end of each mortal life, and mourners call upon her during funeral rites, in the hope that she will guard the departed from the curse of undeath. She expects her followers to abide by these

Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life.
Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Queen, you must punish hubris where you find it.
Watch for the cults of Orcus and stamp them out whenever they arise. The Demon Prince of the Undead seeks to claim the Raven Queen's throne.

The Raven Queen was once a powerful mortal sorceror-queen. When she died, she came to Pluton, the domain of the evil death god Nerull. Nerull, impressed with her will and ambition, gave her form and made her his consort, naming her Nera. She stole Nerull's power over mortal shades, and by freeing most of them she managed to destroy Nerull and become the new god of death.
After overthrowing Nerull, she erased her true name from the knowledge of all creatures then abandoned Pluton and created her own realm in the mountains of Letherna in the Shadowfell.

Titles: Nightkeeper, Shadowmaster
Domain: Secrets, Night, the Moon
Symbol: A crescent moon
Sphere Granted: Dark or Light
Dietremen is the god/goddess of the night and the secrets it contains. Dietremen is the fly on the wall, the bat in the night sky, the protective darkness to those who wish to be hidden. She claims control over the moon and calls it her home, using its power to chase the sun from the sky and create a shadow for her followers to thrive in. To Dietremen's faithful, darkness is not something to be feared. It is a comforting shield behind which one can vanish safely. Thieves and spies are not the only followers of Dietremen; there are also those who use the moonlight, fear the sun or simply desire solitude. As such, werecreatures and they're like who do not follow Sybil the Huntress often fall under the protection of the Shadowmaster, as do many surface-dwelling Dark Elves that do not wish to worship Raze or suffer the debilitating effects of the sun.
The Nightkeeper deals in secrets and his followers should work to obtain them by any means necessary. They are the currency with which her favoured can obtain power and position in her name. The use of coercion, threats and even violence are all acceptable methods of prying secrets from non-worshipers and, while the worship of Dietremen is not secret in and of itself, many worshipers choose to keep their faith to themselves to further Dietremen’s goals and, perhaps, increase their lifespan.
Dietremen has no known churches, but it is common for high ranking priests to gather the faithful together under the varying stages of the moon to perform her dark mass. When and where these rites take place is a closely guarded secret.

Dietremen’s appearance has been called monstrous. While she is slight of build and feminine in form, he presents himself as both male and female. In truth, her visage is more horror than humanoid. She wears no clothing or armour and, rather than flesh, her body is a swirling mass of void and shadow whose surface is betrayed only by the pinprick light of hundreds of stars. Dietremen’s face, if it can be called that, is terrifyingly devoid of features. Straight through the center of her head, where his eyes, nose and mouth should be, her ‘flesh’ has been removed, leaving in its place a large hole. Suspended in its center, seemingly attached to nothing, floats a glowing crescent moon. He wields no known weapons and does not engage in combat, instead opting to walk into shadow, disappearing without a trace.

Five things a Dietremen follower should do:
1. Amass and collect secrets. They are the currency of the Shadowmaster and are to be bartered for leverage and power.
2. Strive to cultivate a network of spies. Society’s ignored have eyes in every shadow. See through them.
3. Always seek to infiltrate the places near positions of power. Poison to the ear often wields more power than the crown and ring.
4. Use guile and manipulation to achieve your goals. A clever secret whispered to the right person can incite the mob so you do not have to be the mob.
5. All those that draw power from the moon draw power from Dietremen. Bring them into her shadow's embrace.

Five things a Dietremen follower should not do:
1. Betray a secret without gain. Those with loose lips should find themselves with open throats.
2. Betray the secrets and rites of the Nightkeeper or his followers. You need not afford them protection or even suffer their existence, but their secrets are Dietremen’s.
3. Expose more than a shadow of your person, plans or motives. Hide everything from everyone, including those within the Church.
4. Fail to sacrifice a worthy secret to the Shadowmaster under the light of each full moon. That secret should never be spoken or betrayed. It is your gift to her.
5. Get caught! If your secrets are stolen it is considered a betrayal. If your secrets cannot be retrieved then accept the fate delivered by the favoured of her church


Titles: The Huntress, Warden of the Wilds
Domain: Hunt, Strength
Symbol: A fang
Sphere Granted: Light
Sybil is the huntress and guardian of nature. She patrols the forests, tending to the animals in need and bringing swift justice to those that would dare harm nature. She travels with her faithful companion, the Fenrir wolf, and watches over her ill fated lover, Dunarthos, who gave his life to merge with the World Tree. He is the land and she is his protector.
Respect for the endless cycle of predator and prey is paramount to Sybil. This draws many hunters to her altar, but the concept of “prey” is not simply limited to beasts. It is common to find gatherers, fishers, and explorers bearing her symbol as well. She embraces those who seek to survive in the wilderness, so long as they take only what they need and defend their hunting grounds from defilers. Unlike her lover, Sybil does not encourage passivity and instead emboldens her followers to take action in pursuit of their personal hunts. Sybil does not speak. She lets her actions speak for her.

Sybil’s preferred form is that of a dark skinned wild elven woman in hooded tunic of darkest green, wielding a silver tipped spear. It is said that on the nights of a full moon, Sybil can be seen patrolling the wilds with a pack of keen-eyed lycanthropes in her wake.

Five things a follower of Sybil should do:
1. Respect your prey. Take what is needed, replace what is lost, and waste nothing.
2. Protect the wildlands from those who would exploit or despoil them.
3. Acknowledge your weaknesses and seek to improve them constantly; become stronger through vigilant training, not through tricks.
4. Be the light in the darkness. Aim to inspire others against corruption through your words and actions.
5. Share your knowledge with younger generations and your kin. Pass on your gifts.

Five things a follower of Sybil should not do:
1. Lose your connection to the wilds by dwelling too long in urban areas.
2. Use poison or disease as weapons or tools. Your hunt should be a pure contest between predator and prey.
3. Let your prey suffer.
4. Be sedentary or satisfied. If a hunt does not come to you, find one.
5. Betray your pack or lead them to their destruction.

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Titles: Mother Nightmare, The Hag, The Vulture
Domain: Fear, Envy
Symbol: Lantern
Sphere Granted: Dark
Some don’t wish to sleep for fear of nightmares. Other don’t wish to wake for the same fear. Haldora, the Mother of Nightmares, fear and envy, makes her home in the wastes and grey abyss of the Deadlands. Born into this world to care for those that died valiantly in battle but cast down into the purgatory of Deadlands, Haldora is cursed to see the life she could have had through the thin veil of death. Twisted with envy she uses fear and horror to take those living spirits destined for other heavens to her nightmarish realm.
True to her motherly nature, Haldora has become the goddess most often worshipped by the outcasts, undesirables and the monsters that can find no peace or home in the civilized world. She takes them all into her cold, putrid bosom.
Haldora is not without redeeming qualities. Those that serve her faithfully are granted boons of magic and insight from the spirits trapped in the Deadlands. For this reason she is often revered by mystics, wytches and those that dabble in the occult.

To the living, Haldora takes on the visage of a walking nightmare. A large and naked obese woman, whose putrid grey skin hangs off her bones in bulging folds. Her exposed breasts ooze acidic poison that smolders and burns the ground she shambles over. Maggots and carrion slither where hair should be. Her forked tongue darts quickly forth from dry cracked lips, tasting for the spirits of the living.
She is often seen with a large white vulture at her shoulder. It is said that vultures in the land of the living act as her eyes and ears, picking at the flesh of the dead to collect the fresh spirits to bring their mother.
Five things a follower of Haldora should do:
1. Cause dishonourable death to all spirits by any means; through poison, assassinations, manipulations, and the like.
2. Cause others to become lost, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
3. Take tokens from those you have defeated and bury them to tie them to the land, and anchoring their spirits to the Deadlands.
4. Use fear and horror to test the weak, the young, and the misshapen. The weak are to be given to Haldora through sacrifice.
5. Thin the veil between life and death. Engage in mysticism, find lost things, and encourage other to speak with ghosts and spirits.

Five things a follower of Haldora should not do:
1. Show fear yourself. Embrace it and turn it into a weapon against others.
2. Grant anyone an honourable death for any reason, outside your own defence.
3. Kill or harm those society deems outcasts, simply based on their appearance.
4. Tolerate the beautiful. Instead employ your skills to destroy, scar or maim.
5. Turn away those innocents that society has shunned.


Titles: The Trickster, the Albino
Domain: Discord, Change
Symbol: White hood with red eyes
Sphere Granted: Dark
A rolling stone gathers no moss, and an acorn grown in the shade can only dream of sunlight. Sverin, the god of turmoil and trickery, vows never to live a stagnant and boring life. Sverin revels in disorder and capricious wiles to stay a step ahead of the more brutish Savage Gods. Do not mistake Sverin as a god of pointless chaos. While his actions may seem random and without purpose, his true motivations and objectives are met with determined precision. Discord is a tool which he uses to obtain his desires, and as a means to an end to keep himself entertained.
The worst crime imaginable to Sverin or his ilk is stagnation which leads to boredom. In addition to discord and bedlam, Sverin strives to live life to fullest, taking every opportunity to encourage or exploit humor from mortal men and women, as well as the other gods. His playful habits and unruly demeanor repeatedly place him, and his followers, in great peril.
Sverin takes great joy in breaking the laws of both the gods and mortal men, for entertainment and the challenge of not getting caught. In the eyes of the other gods, his one redeeming quality is that he keeps them on theian toes.

Sverin is a shapeshifter and is either depicted as a emaciated and lithe male northman, with pale white skin, red eyes and thinning white hair or, in his beastial form, a white hyena. Rarely does he find himself in combat but when cornered, with no chance for escape, he will employ a plethora of psionic weapons, never using the same combat tactic twice. Outside of combat he favours two psionic stilettos, often twirling them about his hands while performing tricks to keep himself amused.

Five things a follower of Sverin should do:
1. Use discord and change to achieve your goals.
2. Be accountable to yourself, first and foremost.
3. Exploit the weak and stagnant for humour and personal gain.
4. Be greater than others and carry the responsibility to teach them lessons so they may grow and change.
5. Take risks and live on the edge, defy death and boredom.

Five things a follower of Sverin should not do:
1. Allow stagnation, in your own life and the life of others.
2. Allow others to see your plans or motivations. Your true colours are yours and yours alone.
3. Risk yourself for others or show mercy unless you can benefit from that outcome.
4. Allow the rules of man to dictate your actions or stop yourself from doing what you desire for fear of repercussions.
5. Hide from your desires. You must pursue them and allow them to control you.

Titles: The Razor, Alakasha
Domain: Vengeance, Hatred
Symbol: A metal mask
Sphere Granted: Dark
Alakasha, known since her ascension as the Razor, was once a young Dark Elf who mistakenly fell in love with a human on the surface world, far from her subterranean home. Their love, while true and pure, was short lived, for the human villagers became distrustful of the Dark Elf in their midst. Late one evening, a mob gathered around the two. The mortal she loved, afraid for his life, denounced and betrayed her, and Alakasha was drowned in a lake outside of the surface village. Legend does not attribute her resurrection to any divine or demonic power. Instead, Alakasha’s loss was so great and her thirst for revenge so powerful that it manifested as pure raw emotion, giving birth to the Aspect known as Raze. Throughout the following decades, Raze would take her vengeance on those who had wronged her. As her legend grew, so did her influence. The betrayed and scorned whispered her name and donned her iconic iron mask as they honed their hatred against those that had wronged them. With every prayer the Aspect of Vengeance grew stronger. With every betrayal vindicated, the Razor found herself more powerful. As she dispatched revenge on the last of the villagers who had murdered her, with her followers chanting her name, Alakasha ascended into true godhood.
While Raze is worshipped by any who have been betrayed or crossed, it is undeniable that the lion's share of her followers hail from the Dark Elven nations. Much of the Dark Elven race believes that human betrayal led to the shattering of the true Thalan into its many sub-races, and thus Raze's story symbolizes their distrust of the surface races. Raze is seen by non-Dark Elves as the instrument of their vengeance and often the betrayed give her offerings, hoping for her blessing and aid to right the wrongs they perceive as having been inflicted on them. Unlike most of the celestial beings, Raze was first and foremost an Aspect, a creature of pure, raw hatred. Her disdain for those that betray is dwarfed only by her hatred for those that love, a scarring of her mind given to her by the mortals that betrayed and murdered her while she was mortal.
Raze's teachings are more than simply "eye for an eye"; for what is left when vengeance is achieved? Retaliation for betrayal, restoration of pride and retributive justice are common themes within her dogma. Raze's followers are among the most devoted of any god’s, for there are few desires greater than the ever-burning, all-consuming need to extract retribution. Although Raze is the patron of the Dark Elves, she will accept faithful from all races. Her clerics often assist those who seek revenge, and her champions are often the means by which they achieve it.
The Church of Raze is most prevalent in the Dark Elven nation of Antioch, but she also holds a influencing seat in the Dark pantheon and, as such, smaller churches in her name can be found in the shadows anywhere the Church of Darkness calls home.

The Razor is not one for pomp or pageantry. She appears on the realm of mortals as a Dark Elf, clad in tight black leather armour, covered by a cloak of pure shadow. Her black pointed ears are the only tell of her subterranean heritage, as her face is always covered by a cold iron mask, her symbol of vengeance and hatred. In times of combat Raze opts to stay to the shadows, employing her assassin’s skills to remove her enemies from the battlefield. She wields only a simple silver stiletto which, when used, injects every known poison of the mortal plane into the victim. Death by the Razor’s hand is slow and agonizing.

Five things a Raze follower should do:
1. Seek vengeance upon those who have wronged you. It is your obligation to Alakasha and yourself.
2. Fan the flame of hatred and hone it to a fine edge. Use your hatred to fuel your passion and achieve great things. It is the razor in your hand and your greatest weapon.
3. Vengeance is a blank face; it cares not for ethics or morality. Carry your mask to remind you of this.
4. Death is not always the ultimate revenge. Be elaborate and inventive. Your methods are a testament to your service to her.
5. Those that seek vengeance must be willing to take action by their own hand. If they are unable and require your assistance, they must be willing to make great sacrifice.

Five things a Raze follower should not do:
1. Expect retribution without cost. Your mind, body and spirit are tools to worship her. Sacrifice them to achieve your vengeance.
2. Forgive or forget. Those that forgive or show mercy insult Alakasha. Offer them no aid and show them no respect.
3. Let the laws of man or nature stand in the way of achieving vengeance. You are accountable to no one save Raze and yourself.
4. Deliver false vengeance for personal gain or profit. If they have not truly wronged you then they are unworthy of the Razor’s edge.
5. Allow yourself to succumb to love. It is the ultimate betrayal and undermines both your hatred and vengeance. Relinquish it at all costs.

Titles: The Winter Queen, Mistress of Pain
Domain: Pain, Control
Symbol: A frozen spear
Sphere Granted: Dark
Pandora is the Dark goddess of pain. She teaches her followers through its application as a means to enforce submission and control. Pandora followers believe that the experience of pain builds resistance and empowers self-control. Her followers are split between those who seek pain zealously and those who see it as a constant aspect of life to be explored. Some employ pain as a means of enlightenment; they see pain and hardship as a blessing, as suffering forces them to become stronger. Others are merciless sadists who enjoy torture, blood and the power that comes from it. In either case, both forms of worship understand that pain is more than just a physical concept. True pain comes in all manner of forms, and to deny its guiding hand is to deny a fundamental fact of life.
Pandora is a cold and stern teacher, despising any form of comfort or complacency. She treats her followers like children who must be forced to see the truth. Her power is vast, and fuelled largely in part by her chosen race, the Ice Elves. These Ice Elven followers number in the tens of thousands and revere her throughout their culture. It is a common belief that if Malagant is the Lord of the Dark Pantheon, the Mistress of Pain is most certainly its Lady.
The Ice Queen’s enemies are few, given her reclusive habitat in the frozen north. She and her chosen often battle the northmen of Mjoll to their south, while east of her icy domain she wars with the Firstborn white dragon. The goddess of the elves, Ll’yandra, who claims that Pandora stole her children, declared war on the Winter Queen after Pandora released the Mortigest into Ll’yandra’s celestial heaven. So great was this crime that Ll’yandra withdrew her protection from all Ice Elves, declaring them enemies of of the elven nations. While this comes as no surprise to many of Pandora’s Ice Elven followers, there are rumours that some feel betrayed by their adopted mother and have fled her domain to seek Ll’yandra’s forgiveness.

Pandora is a solitary but powerful goddess who always appears to mortals as a winter-hardened Ice Elf. She wears armour of frozen steel that exposes much of her near naked form. Upon her pale blue flesh, up to her shorn scalp, are a combination of tattoos and scars, forming a living tapestry of pain and suffering. Her eyes are frozen, pupil-less orbs of icy blue. If she wields a weapon, it is always an old battered spear, covered in a hardened layer of enchanted ice. This spear, called Nevasca, is as old as the goddess herself and is said to be fashioned from the bones and teeth of the Firstborn she killed, many ages ago.

Five things a Pandora follower should do:
1. Demand control of yourself and others, whether that be by standing at the front or manipulating from behind.
2. Pain and suffering remove weakness and grant knowledge through perseverance and strength. Teach this to the worthy.
3. Hardship is a blessing. There is little to gain in taking the path most travelled. The most difficult path will reap the greatest suffering. Seek it.
4. Study the body and mind. Understand their functions and limitations. Employ that knowledge in your control over others.
5. Fear not violence but recognise that subjugating a mind to do your will is often a more effective means to achieve the same end.

Five things a Pandora follower should not do:
1. Limit your infliction of pain to solely the physical. Scar the mind and spirit as well. True misery is divine and should be indivisible from pleasure.
2. Grant mercy if you can learn from their pain.
3. Give anything freely which was not earned. Charity is a missed lesson in hardship.
4. Allow the Firstborn to usurp control or authority. Work towards disrupting their machinations through manipulation or violence.
5. Become complacent, for complacency breeds comfort and weakness. Once you have achieved your goals, tear them down and begin anew.

Titles: Coinmaster, The Miser
Domain: Wealth, Greed
Symbol: A gold coin
Sphere Granted: Dark
Few gods recognizecognise the instinctual greed that exists within all mortals like Erasmus, the god of wealth. Erasmus not only sees it; he has built his empire around it. His churches exist, in public or in secrecy, in every corner of civilisation. The largest of these is located in the Republic of Duvain. So massive is this single church that it encompasses multiple large warehouses and is said to house hundreds of his businesses. But prayers to the god of greed do not only take place in the sanctity of the church. His name is whispered for every item or service purchased, every gamble and every contract closed. It is believed by many that if proper tribute is paid to the Coinmaster, he will influence a prospective deal in the follower’s favour. Erasmus is fond of manipulating financial situations to favour his followers and is given homage by those who seek financial success. As such, vast amounts of wealth are given each year to the clerics and the chosen of the Miser who, coincidentally, also manage his businesses.

Erasmus appears as a swarthy, heavyset bronzed skinned human with thick black hair and a dark, heavy moustache that sits above an enigmatic smile. His red-rimmed eyes are the colour of burnt umber and it is said that should he turn his gaze towards you, he sees not your deeds or your face, but only your worth in gold pieces. He has a multitude of arms, one for every pocket, hidden beneath a cloak made of molten gold that ebbs and flows around his body. Combat is not the Miser’s way, but should he find himself in the midst of a melée, his golden cloak solidifies, encasing him in protective armour. Upon his head, he wears a red silk scarf adorned, in the centre, with a large, sentient diamond. This jewel, known as Abacus, speaks telepathically to Erasmus and warns him when he is being deceived.

Laws of Wealth
Unlike most other deities, Erasmus does not provide tenets to his followers. Instead, the Church of Erasmus has released a guidebook known as the Laws of Wealth. These laws are colloquial wisdom, learned through centuries of business practice, some collected from civilizations that have long since turned to dust. Erasmus tips his feathered hat to those long forgotten races and ensures that their knowledge lives on.

The book itself is massive, spanning many volumes, but can be purchased for a nominal fee of 7,852 gold, 6 silver at any of the larger of Erasmus’s houses of worship. Some of the more popular laws are included below:
1. Discover someone's deepest desire and you will find the key to their vault.
2. If you have a heart of gold, it will be taken and sold.
3. Once you have their gold, never give it back.
4. Never spend more than you have.
5. Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.
6. Never allow family to stand in the way of wealth.
7. Opportunity plus instinct equals success.
8. Always have an out.
9. Greed is eternal.
10. A contract is a contract is a contract (but only between Erasmus followers).
11. Never waste a coin.
12. A favoured without wealth is no favoured at all.
13. Never place friendship above wealth.
14. A wise man can hear wealth in the wind.
15. Nothing is more important than your health... except for your wealth.
16. War is good for business.
17. Peace is good for business.
18. Don't trust a man wearing better clothing than your own.
19. The bigger the smile, the sharper the stiletto.
20. Good customers are as rare as mithril; treasure them.
21. What's rubble to the Orc is mithril to the Dwarf.
22. Free advice is seldom cheap.
23. The riskier the road, the greater the reward.
24. Home is where the heart is; gold lays upon the road.
25. Lovers and wealth don't mix.
26. Everyone has their price… except Rolandites.
27. Nature decays, but gold lasts forever.
28. Dignity and an empty sack are worth the sack.
29. Treat people in your debt like family: exploit them.
30. You can't make a deal if you're dead, unless you’re undead.
31. Hear everything, trust nothing.
32. It's always good business to know about new customers before they walk in your door.
33. New customers are like landsharks; they can be succulent, but sometimes they bite back.
34. Peasants are the rungs on the ladder of success. Don't hesitate to step on them.
35. Never begin a business negotiation on an empty stomach.
36. Gold lasts longer than lust.
37. Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for gold.
38. No good deed leads to wealth.


Titles: Master of Autumn, Lord of the Undead
Domain: Undeath, Necromancy
Symbol: A horned skull
Sphere Granted: Dark
The third god to make himself known in the world, Malagant, claims the title of king of the Dark pantheon - and there are few in the celestial realm who would contradict him. He is the lord of autumn and master of the undead. His necromantic power is unparalleled. Perhaps one of the most powerful beings in existence, his might rivals that of dragons and he has won many battles against them. His army of undead is greater than any in the mortal world, though global domination does not appear to be his goal. While most of the Dark gods pay him some respect, Malagant submits to no one. He wars not only with the gods of Light but with Demon Lords and the Firstborn; his greatest rival among them being the Black Dragon Anaya. On the mortal chessboard, Malagant operates a vast network of publicly sanctioned churches in lands where necromancy is not outright outlawed. These churches are tolerated by local governments out of necessity, for the Lord of Autumn does not suffer the practice of necromancy without his blessing.

The followers of Malagant are widespread and numerous. While some publicly declare their fealty to him, others whisper his prayers in the shadows. So long as spirits pass into undeath and his army continues to grow, the Lord of Undeath cares not.

Malagant has been a thorn in the side of the Light since his first appearance and his depraved and immoral tenets continue to hamper the work of the Church of Light to this day. He leads the Dark pantheon and encourages his followers to work in unity with the other Dark gods, in what is known as the Church of Darkness.

For all Malagant’s power, his form is relatively reserved in comparison to other gods. The Lord of the Undead prefers to appear wearing thick, flowing black robes which shroud his face completely while his hood is drawn. Though his attire is simple, the Master of Autumn is still an imposing figure to behold, standing at nearly eight feet tall and bathed in Dark and necromantic magic. In the mortal realm, Malagant often appears to his followers as a disembodied charred skull or a small pale child wandering a graveyard in the stillness of the night. Regardless of his form, he is always missing his right index finger, rumored to have been severed in battle by the cat god Ryiak. In retribution for this slight, Malagant cursed the cat people of the world to rise as undead should they suffer mortal death, a punishment that continues to this day.

Five things a Malagant follower should do:
1. Kill. Inflict death and undeath to further your ambition.​ ​It​ ​can​ ​be​ ​both​ ​a​ ​final​ ​punishment​ ​or​ ​an​ ​eternal​ ​reward.
2. Study​ ​necromancy​ ​or​ ​serve​ ​with​ ​those​ ​who​ ​do.​ ​Converting​ ​life​ ​to​ ​undeath​ ​is​ ​Malagant’s​ ​will.
3. Lie, cheat and betray, if necessary, to advance your goals. No ethical or moral judgement should impede the will of Malagant.
4. Those that study necromancy and do not bend knee to the Lord of Autumn are heretics. They are your greatest enemy.
5. Promote the Dark pantheon with the Master of Autumn at its head.

Five things a Malagant follower should not do:

1. Allow yourself to wear the unclean flesh of the living for any longer than necessary. Once your goals are accomplished, cast off the weakness that is life.
2. ​Submit to failure out of fear of death or retribution from the Light.
3. ​Allow​ ​the​ ​dead​ ​to​ ​rest in peace. ​Prepare their bones for the army of Malagant, including your own.
4. Allow the destruction or purification of necromantic knowledge. Scrolls, tomes, and artifacts are rare and should be preserved and guarded.
5. Show​ ​compassion or mercy​.​ They are weaknesses in others to be exploited.

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Dread Knight
If a character follows a Dark God they may become a Dread Knight. By becoming a Dread Knight a
character embodies the mortal hand of the dark deity they serve. Their personality shifts, no longer
encumbered by such mortal failings as compassion, morality and mercy, they are now free to do their
master's bidding. Their God grants them powers to reap destruction and death, weapons to be used against
their enemies and a means to further their dark goals. Once approved to become a Dread Knight, a
character may start there tasks to become said class.

If the character follows a good God, they may become a Paladin. Paladins are defenders of their faith and
destroyers of things dark and necromantic. Their powers and abilities reflect this cause, allowing them to
better protect those around them and to destroy Undead.

Clerics who serve the Gods of Darkness are referred to as "Darkweavers". They are able to channel the
power of their Gods through their magic and abilities. Darkweavers require approval from the admin team as all other high classes when this occurs they gain access to their own Sphere of Magic - "Dark". The
polar opposite of Lightweavers, their magic focuses less on benevolence and healing and more on
destruction and corruption. Mirroring the dark personalities of the Gods they serve, their powers are
greatly shunned and feared.

Clerics who serve the Gods of Light, or "Lightweavers" as they are generally known, are priests who have
been granted power directly from the God they serve. This occurs when a character has been approved
With access to a unique Sphere of Magic called "Light", they are capable
of performing powerful healing and protective magic, as well as being excellent foes of the Undead.
Lightweavers are capable of providing blessings from their Deity, performing mass and granting life to
the dead.

Dragon Knight

As a Cleric is to a God, a Dragon Knight is to a Firstborn Dragon. When the Favoured skill is approved,
the Dragon Knight gains access to their unique Sphere of Magic - Draconic. With these powers granted
directly from the Dragon they serve, the Dragon Knight begins their life-long goal of serving their master.
Like the Dragons they serve, Dragon Knights oppose all the Divine and those who serve they - be they
followers of Dark or Light. Allies with the Draconian race, a Dragon Knight’s personality tends to reflect
that of the Firstborn they serve.

Champions – Paladins & Dread Knights
When the Gods have issues the Church cannot handle, they call in Champions.
A Champion is an individual who, through great servitude and dedication to their faith, has been chosen
as their God’s (un)holy warrior. A Champion's job is far from easy. They must strike out at those who
seek to do their church harm and exterminate, with extreme prejudice, those that stand in the way of their
Deity's goals.

When the Gods choose an individual to become an (un)holy warrior for their cause, that person becomes a
Champion of their Deity. These Champions come in two forms, the Paladin (Light) and the Dread Knight
(Dark). They are expected to have total devotion to their faith, total favor in its protection and a
willingness to do whatever their God and its church asks of them. In order to become Champion a players character
must first undergo the same process that aspiring Clerics go through. They must submit an essay outlining
why their character should become a Champion. They then fall under constant scrutiny by the Head
admin who will represent the eyes of their God. They must maintain the highest level of RP possible,
never dropping out of character, always maintaining the realism of the game. As well, their RP must
portray a character who sincerely desires to further the goals of their church from a martial standpoint
(otherwise, they would be vying for a position as Cleric). It must become the most important thing in their
lives, to devote themselves to the protection and furtherance of their faith.

Obtaining the Title of Champion
If and when the decision is made by the Head admin to allow a character the chance to become a
Champion (and there is no guarantee that permission will ever be given, or how long it will take if it is
given), the character must go on a quest. They will be given no warning or information about the quest
and in some cases they won’t even know it has begun. A quest requires 5 steps, and no two steps will
occur at the same event. A quest should last most of a year, if not longer. The specific tasks to accomplish
the quest will depend on the God that the character worships, but they will fall into the following

Step 1: Faith
This portion of the quest will test to see if the character is willing to place themselves completely in the
hands of their God. An example could be: The character comes to a cavern with a crevice blocking their
way. Inscribed faintly on the far wall is the symbol of their God. Do they step out into the abyss?

Step 2: Sacrifice
This portion of the quest forces the character to give up something important to them, to show their
devotion. For Gods of Light, this sacrifice may be material, such as giving all of one’s wealth including
weapons and armour to the construction of a church, even if it left them defenseless, or it may be
personal, such as giving up a position of power to be able to focus on their faith. For Dark Gods, the
sacrifice tends to be physical, such as the harming or slaying of a loved one. Neutral Gods would fall
between, possibly asking for the abandonment of someone near and dear to the character, or a willingness
to turn their back on someone in need to keep the balance between good and evil.

Step 3: Valor

The character must be willing to do whatever is needed of them by their faith, even if seems self detrimental.
For this test, the character might attempt to slay an enemy of the faith which far out-powers

Step 4: Wisdom
The character is given several choices throughout the event that this test is occurring at, all of which must
be difficult, either from a morality point of view or choosing between several bad options.

Step 5: Dedication
The fifth test is the test of Dedication. There are no guidelines for this test and it is created specifically for
the character in question. One common factor in every dedication test is the outcome. The potential
Champion will have a critical choice to make which will either serve the Light or the Dark. Those
followers of a Light God wishing to become a Paladin must choose Light just as followers of a Dark God
wishing to become a Dread Knight much choose Dark. Those that fail to make the right decision receive
nothing but their God’s ire. The only exceptions are those who follow Neutral Gods. They may choose
either Light or Dark, but their choice will force them to become that type of Champion: Paladin or Dread
Knight. Once bestowed, this will never change.

Should the character pass their tests and complete the Quest, they will receive a sign from their God. The
dominant hand of the character will be branded with the holy symbol of the God they serve as they have
become, in effect, the hand of said God. They will maintain any skills they currently have until the next
rp segment at which point they begin a full Occupational change. Their old abilitys and skills will stay but they will gain a new set given to them for there abilitys


A Paladin is the epitome of a Holy Warrior. They are expected to fight for good, justice, light and the
protection of innocence. To do this Paladins are given an arsenal of abilities and weaponry which they use
to battle enemies of their God. . They are specialists in the field of Undead destruction but are well
equipped for almost every evil encounter. They will not hesitate to use these weapons if an innocent is at
risk and evil to be thwarted. In addition to their Occupational Abilities

Dread Knights

If Paladins uphold the Light then Dread Knights truly are the darkness. They are masters of evil, often
wicked and cruel. They bring the hammer of hatred and deceit onto all those who dare not bow before
their God. Like Paladins, Dread Knights are given a full assortment of weapons and abilities to help them
serve their Dark God’s will. They are masters of Dark and Infliction Magic and even possess a small yet
terrifying amount of necromancy. Dread Knights can also learn from the Divine Spheres but they choose
the darker path.

Losing Champion
Even the most faithful sometimes fall from grace and Champions too can make wrong decisions. They are
only mortal. A Champion who fails to uphold the tenants of their faith my find their weaponry turning
against them, access to their specialized abilities denied and finally shut off from their God’s Divine
Magic. Should things look dire a Champion can always attempt redemption. The Gods do enjoy quests.

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Known Paladins, Dread Knights and Weavers of Gods
Greater Gods

The Sky Keeper
Asspect Palladin -
Asspect Wever -

The Leviathan
Palladin -
Wever -

The Dragon of Ages
Palladin -
Wever -

Gods of Light

Palladin -
Wever -

Palladin -
Wever -

Palladin -
Wever -

Palladin -
Wever -

Palladin -
Wever -

Palladin -
Wever -

Palladin -
Wever -

Gods of Darkness
Dread Knight -
Wever -

Dread Knight -
Wever -

Dread Knight -
Wever - Narvoya icacan Leviathan

Dread Knight -
Wever -

Dread Knight -
Wever -

Dread Knight -
Wever -

Natural Gods
Champien -
Wever -

Champien -
Wever -

The Raven Queen
Champien - Draven Dracule
Wever -

Champien -
Wever -

Champien -
Wever -

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