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The History, And The Gods

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1 The History, And The Gods on Tue Apr 03 2018, 16:29


The History of Valaria
Set between year 1AC and year 2406AD

Old men tell stories of how the world was made, stories of how it was all made from the tears of dragons so sad as they got kicked out of their homeland that their tears made life grow and made the rivers run. Other men tell stories on how the world was carved from the back of a massive land turtle who made magic with a blink of an eye and who’s flippers made the waves crash. But they are old wife’s tails to simply give a story to a child who needed sleep, no, we watched the world get made so let’s say you are hearing it from the people that put the ink on the page first hand.

Back in the days of old, how the humans call it anyway, we called it dawns time, there was two things, ash and sand men, or so we were called by humans that came later. But in out tongue, we were called the Rasp. Cold outsides made of wood and stone, glowing blue eyes able to see into the souls of others, if there were others to see into, and no voice, we talked with our hands and actions, a lot of pointing and grunting, and that sound the rasp, we made it often like a hum to call forth the sands and dunes we worked with to move us from location to location when we just did not want to use our feet.

The Rasp

Then there was sand, so much black ash-like sand it just covered the world, no end in sight to the mass seas of sand and emptiness. Every now and again you should find a camp set up with large dunes and sand being held together by more sand and light magics. We did not only work the sand and live with it, we lived in it, anyplace was better than the sun cooked sands that fried you if you went out for long, even we which our crusted flesh had trouble with the never ending heat. But then one day it all seemed to change for everyone and it just seemed like the world once cooked and baked by the sun not a thing in the form of something that was not us or sand.

There was a mighty uproar in the camp that day, I could hear the rasping sound just buzzing at full volume, it was like they were all in so much shock they just could not stop, even the sand was moving around due to them not being able to control it properly, homes and holes fell apart as they ran from them and they tumbled behind their back, then there she was. Walking behind another male as I looked at her, they said she was just found walking around saying words no one understood or could make out. But I do say she was mighty fine to look at, strange but in a nice way. With a bit of magic and some fiddling, we, in turn, figured out what she was saying.

God as found you, you may call him God, we have found this world and soon we shall place beings upon it to bring life to your ash like dirt. Soon there will be rain, water from the sky that will moisten your skin and you will no longer be hard and fowl, soon there will be grand seas and lush grass as far as the eyes can see. New life will grow lush your lands and everything will be well, he deemed there to be light upon this world and there shall be light. But one must be wary of ones that govern the lands for they are fearsome and strong, the grand blue Sky-keeper shall govern your sky, shall her wings block out the sun and grant you shade from its wrath, shall her body be so large no one shall be able to cage her, a powerful monarch of the sky’s able to give freedom to the worthy and grant wings to one she sees fit. Upon the land shall tend the dragon, fire from its jaws of teeth larger than a man, its feet will shake the earth and its tail shall pave the way for rivers to the sea, shall it grant wisdom to all that seek it out and give the world peace from war and punishment. Upon the sea there shall be the largest of all, the serpent, body as a snake and fins as a whale, it shall give life to the waves and grant nothing but hardship, giving judgment to the ones befitting its wrath, a force to be recorded with and a tail that can start a hurricane with one fall splash. All shall befall this place in ten moons pass, watch ye walkers of the ash like dunes, be watchful as soon the dunes will grow wet and this sea of sand will turn to a sea of water

At the time we had no idea what she was talking about but her voice sounded scary so we made the choice to pick up our homes and move and leave her on her way. We did not see her again for a very long time, the lady Lorelei, some say that later the humans placed her in their books saying she was the one that brought the human race to the earth from the divine, but that as well was simply a story in a book.

When the ten moons passed the sky had grown dark, it got cold, so very cold, we did not know or understand this drastic change to our world it frightened us to the bone, we also had never known this kind of fear and that as well made us shake as we stood watching the sky in wait of this life changing event. And then it happened the sky opened up and out of it fell to the ground a giant snake longer than what we had ever seen, its body covered in black shining hide and its jaws thrashing as the sand covered it. It started to expel this clear goo from its jaws as the goo covered the sand the sand vanishing under it as the goo thrashed around and forced us to start to flee. This we later found was called water and it was what Lorelai had told us about. The Water took out many family’s men and children that could not outrun the flood, and the water just kept coming, and not only water, large hard substances came with it that we were able to grab a hold of as they drifted on top of the water.  And from the grand distance we where we could still see it moving out there in the darkness, in the shreds of light that had broken open from the sky. It seemed so angry screaming and calling out in shrieking wails many men went deaf thanking their hearing for giving out so they would not take the pain of its cry’s in their heads.

After that, it went silent, and the sun did not come back for some time, we never knew how much time had gone past but it seemed like a forever drifting upon this hard thing some named a luga, later named a log by humans who also named the green things from the ground trees.

There was a crash many miles away and the water waved up so very high the moon hid behind it as it pushed us up and killed many men that could not breathe under it. We lived to watch a massive head rise over us and claws coming down to pick up our luga and us and placed us upon its back as it walked under the water picking up more Rasp as it went, it was like no matter how many of us were on it. its back was bigger than we ever could fit. There were seven horns upon its head each horn made a spike and it was black and gold. The gold was hidden under the black and as we walked the black came off with our feet showing more gold upon it. We were able to walk upon our new found savior and able to even walk closer to its head which for many was a thing to stay away from, but I had to see it, was this being intelligent? Could I talk to it? and did it know what was going on?

“mighty beast from the sky, why have you come here, what are you, and can you talk to me?” I screamed out a voice so unused I almost forgot I had it, we never use our voices, but we do have them when needed.

The beast turned its head and stopped moving, the halt almost hitting me to the back of this hard monster, but I stopped myself from falling, as I did not wish to be seen as weak to our carrier. “I am Naphisdum the Dragon of Ages, I have been placed on this world to govern it and give wisdom to the ones I view as worthy and place judgment to others in need of it, I have picked you up to bring you to land so you will not drown and die in the new world that is being made for you. I shall govern the lands and watch over you but not interfere with your lives and choices unless you deem or ask me. And I shall lay down laws of this land that you shall not break, all will be explained to you once we get to where we need to be and the sun rises upon your new dawn. and with that, the dragon Naphisdum moved its head and did not say another word and I had lost my tongue someplace down my neck hole and had no idea how to return it to where it was to go. I walked back to the others upon the dragons back and we sat in silence for yet another lifetime before the dragon had hit land.

The thump of earth upon the beast’s feet made us all shift in the place we sat and move slightly around. As Naphisdum lowered his back a large clawed foot came to greet us and then opening its self we were able to walk on it to get down from the monsters back.  After we all were upon the ground this strange sensation came over everyone, and it was brought on by the fact there was no black ash sand under our feet but this green substance that had come from no place at all. Some of the rasp ate the substance, some rolled in it, others dragged their feet trying to figure out what it was, others tried to move it with their minds and failed and others simply sat down and poked at it with sticks or their fingers wondering what on earth it was. I was more interested in the large green things that had come over the land and how even in this darkness there was a sort of warmth and there was a light that Naphisdum was giving off. Naphisdum had laid down upon the ground and lifted his head as he watched us, and as I watched him. He seemed so pleased with us and how we wondered about it all, how we seemed like children under his claw, and I guess that is what we were, his new found adopted children.

”Little ones of this new earth, come near my maw and we shall talk, about all the things you have here and all the new things to come, and about the laws you shall hear and follow and never break.” we did as he said to and walked over sitting down upon the ground waiting for him to tell us about all there was to know. “this world will be strange to you I am sure, such new things and so much more to come, here on the land you are safe, and many more beasts and beings will join you here upon it, what you stand on is earth, dirt and grass that has been given to you by the graces of the Devine, which has also given you us,  first came the serpent, the leviathan Norgar who governs the seas, he gives pain and punishment to all who tread in his realm, or are sent there. Then came me Naphisdum the dragon I am what will govern the land here to offer wisdom and guidance and judgment on who shall be sent to the seas. Then last will come to the Sky Keeper Navaria, a grand blue bird who will come from the fire to govern the sky and grant wings to ones who earn it, she will bring them to a better place along side her when they are sent to her.  And to gain it all, you must follow the rules of the lands. Know the Lord, the Devine. Bring no false idols before me or the Devine. Do not take the name of the guardians in vain. Remember the lost times and keep them holy. Honor thy father and thy mother. Thou shall not kill/murder unless a reason is given. Thou shall not bed unwilling partners. Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not bear false witness against your fellow man. Thou shall not covet anthers wife or anything that belongs to another. Follow the rules set forth here this day, and do not fall into chaos, if so be it all shall rise to the better and not sink to the depths, now be on your way as the sky keeper comes and the land is yours to wonder” his words sun in and I understood them flawlessly, it was like he was inside of my head, inside of me, and as soon as he said to be on our way that is what people did, they left his side, even if in my heart I did not want to.

As we went the sky once again broke open in a fury of flames and blue light and there she was, wings so large they blocked out the sky and along with her came the sun,  dark as the whole world lit up and she let out a shriek, but not a mean one a beautiful sound before vanishing behind the sun and clouds. That was our keeper, and we would not see her, well I would not see her once again for many many years.

As the world got older and years went on the dragon became bound to his mountain and came to the people less and less, and would ignore their requests to go see him where he sat a top a mountain on high. More and more things came to the earth and diffract races came as well, humanity was the first to come out of the woodwork and start to build and expand, they did the expanding very well but had a very short lifetime so had to reproduce at a rapid pace. Next came the elven kind, a royal line that had a long lifetime and they hardly bred but did so enough to expand rather well. They kept away from the humans as they found them to be too weak and feeble, but they got along well with us and many of them bound up to us as we both shared, an immortal as they called it, lifetime. After that came the beings of the sea the merfolk, they were a violent devilish race that ate the people of the land and many stayed away from them. But it was said they had grand powers but not like they would tell you anything if you asked.

After that many other new things popped up on the land and in the sea and even in the sky, the keeper gave wings to some making things like Angels and Harpies winged demons and large birds that ruled the airs.

It all went well for the next couple hundred years, many people and beings came and go and humans took over much of the lands pushing others out. People and other beings were breaking the rules set forth by the Devine and the dragon had grown fully silent, he no longer took in the offerings given to him and his cave became silent like the top of the mountain. It all was falling apart and the land no longer had something to govern it, some turned to the sky keeper just to be told to go back to the land and that they were unworthy, the winged beings left the land behind and turned a back to what was happening upon it. Some poor fools even turned to the sea for guidance and to be told what they were to do, all they got was swallowed up and spit out as bones upon the sea floor. So many souls were lost without guidance strange cults and new god names started to rise and people started making up stories and believing in things from other lands, dangerous things and fake things. Then we say him, up on his mountain, the dragon standing there looking out at the sky, eyes so dark and no longer blue like they once were, scales no longer gold but rusted over, in his gaze he looked deranged and as if he was sick.
Wall we watched he called out in moans into the sky, calling for something, that something came within moments, the keeper came down from the sky and looked at him shaking its head in utter disgust at what had become of it.  [i]“such a grand beast and look what you have become, what has taken a gold of you that you froth at the mouth and drip from your eyes and snout. What has come of you dragon guardian of the lands” the dragon said nothing back to it and just looked at her with hollowed out eyes. It's gaze so dark and empty. Then it all happened so fast no one saw it coming at all, when the keeper turned to leave her back turned to the beast with black eyes massive claws came from the ground and grabbed a hold of the feathered back as she struggled and flapped, the mountain at their feet breaking apart as the dragon pushed the keeper into the ground her beak and head smashing into the dirt. As he did he took his claws and ripped them into the back of the keeper taking the bones of its wings in his fingers and pulling back and out. The sound of the keeper’s screams echoed over the world then that ripping sound as the dragon ripped its beautiful blue wings from its back. Then everything went silent with a large thud as it all fell apart in one simple move.

The dragon placed the wings on its back as its scales fused with the wings of the keeper giving that beast the power to fly on blue wings. We thought the words as we watched it flap and gain flight going up into the sky. As we watched we could hear the screaming wail of the beast of the sea, thrashing around as its waves ruined the edges of the land. It was screaming and in raged and the natives told us in its screams it had yelled a curse the dragon laughed at, the dragon no longer cared for the matters of land the matters of the foolish people it now looked down on, it saw its self as how it was, better than everyone and now it was in the sky, so it truly was above us all.

It had all changed so fast, no one saw any of it coming it was like in a blink we had hope and in that same blink it was all ripped away. The dragon the one that had saved my people had doomed us all. As I stood there watching it vanish into the sky there she was, dressed in blue and looking up, tears down her face as she turned and faced me.

[i]“it was never made to last, but it was not meant to fall this way, he was not meant to break she was not meant to die, now it is all ruined and the future is unknown, he will go to the land in the sky and turn everything like him, kill the keepers children, kill it all and make a future for himself. He will multiply like the plague; some will be good others will be like him. You must make a choice sand walker, stay or run, both choices will not be simple” she looked so sad when she said everything the green shimmering from her eyes as her brown hair glowed in the light.

“I stay” is all I was able to spit out as she turned her back and just walked away, a woman from a dream, an immortal like me and the elves. But I wondered what would come for her, of me, of our world. Some people went to the sea were the serpent angered for many years, his curse so clear as he said it to everyone that came to see him. “the day the sky fell, the day the keepers blood hit the land and the dragon took more than his share he lay curse to his bloodline, all who come off his hide shall never walk on my land, shall burn as fire upon the waves, my curse will carry and all the dragon touches will burn along with him”

Over the years the world gained things it never wanted. People turned to chaos and the rules no longer mattered, the Devine had ignored us, we no longer mattered and the people knew it, there was no better place other than stories, the guardian had died and the better place was now corrupt with greed and pride. Sin came to the earth as we had broken our rules, every rule. We also gained grand sickness, they called it madness and it made people just lose their minds some were more affected by it than others as well as other things like the pocks and other illnesses some of which we did not even have names for.
But the world went on even with the added sin it just was a harder world to live in, some of the dragons came down from the high to live on the earth, some were tossed down due to their actions. All colors fell from the sky some took over lands down here and took up ownership, others wondered and burned everything they saw. But some were kind and helped the people but finding them was few and far between, most of the dark ones killed them as soon as they were found as they believed the good ones would make this world less fitting for them, and the bad outnumbered the good when it came to scaled backs.

People gave them names, devil spawn, scaled backs, fork tongues, stompers, the shadow, but it all was the same, and the world even if it was darker now had what came to it, no place was safe to be anymore and I soon went into hiding. They say Lorelei still walks this world watching the world turn to ash as it once was. The serpent stays in his seas with others that worship him, but he never comes out anymore, not even for offerings given to his greatness, and being all that is left of the old, he hides in the caves under the bottom of the sea raging about the one action that led to the fall of everything.
But that is the story, and that is how it is, I still exist, sandman, the rasp, but my name, I don’t have one, but I still exist and in the end, no one needs to know me, I am just sand walker, nothing more.

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The Gods
Greater Gods
The Leviathan, God of the Depths

Below the thunders of the upper deep;
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumber'd and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge seaworms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.

What is a leviathan?
In modern time in the bible the Leviathan (/lɪˈvaɪ.əθən/; Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן‬, Modern Livyatan Tiberian Liwyāṯān) is a sea monster referenced in the Hebrew Bible in the Book of Job, Psalms, and Isaiah. TheLeviathan of the Book of Job is a reflection of the older Canaanite Lotan, a primeval monster defeated by the god Hadad.

But we do things a little different around here. The Leviathan is a beast made by God to govern the seas and the underworld known as the depths. It is an unknowable long monster that lives of the pain and torment of others and governing souls lost at sea down to the depths. Its powers are truly unknown to the people but it is said that the beast when originally made it held the powers over darkness, water, ice and the negative to be a governing force against the ruler of the sky, the Sky Keeper.

The Story of the Leviathan
(ST= Starting Time, BD= before death, AC= At Creation, AD= After Death)
What people don't know: (this information can only be found out if in rp one was to go to the Leviathan its self and asked(must do a campaign rp with Anaya to learn)
ST= the world has already been alive for the past 2 billion years, but it holds no life other than plant life and basic life starting bacteria,  its air is not breathable and anything other then basic life will die.

year 1BD, (2 billion years after the world was made from a rock): life had been made by the maker, it had been placed on the world as the seeds that were to be grown and along with it a single man, a man of no name but we would later be known as the Leviathan. Birthed to the land as a man of legs and earth he loved the world and soon fell in love with Galandra the sun. Out of the kindness of the maker, the maker made Galandra real so she would grace the man's world and make his time on earth bright and full, she was the most beautiful woman with stunning blue hair and skin like a diamonds shimmer. They loved one another and spent every waking and sleeping moment together her heart was his and his heart was hers, but the maker's kindness only lasted so long. And in due time the maker became dulled with the stagnence of there union.

Year 1005BD: it was a cold chilled night like any other when the man now known as Levi, named by Galandra as she viewed a man with no name to be a  funny thing and they had been together so long at this point it was about time he had one. Warped in his arms she kissed his cheek and nestled closer to his warmth as within there silken hide away all was right in the world. But unknowing to them not all was right, it had gotten to the time when their lives would change forever.
As they slept outside a storm was brewing, one that was destined and made to change the whole world forever and them into what they never dreamed of becoming. The maker made cruel in its boredom was changing things up for his its mind the better. The storm ripped apart Galandra and Levis hide, both clung to one another in need and fear of the storm that was spinning around them, it did not harm them, did not even make them feel scared, it was their makers doing so with each other in hand they knew it was for there better, but never expected it would ever do them harm. Pulling both of them up off the ground the storm raged around them as looking at one another they whispered i love you that one, last time before being ripped from each other and dragged apart by the rushing wind. There screams to one another echoed in the storm the wind of the storm being nothing to there cry's and screams for one another. A pain swept over the land as they cried for one another and the changes started.

Levi changed his body becoming long his arms being ripped from his being and tossed down to twitch upon the ground below them. His skin cracking and changing shifting into a hard scaled hide. He could not breathe as he gasped for air his mouth growing into that of a monster a massive serpent. His body cracking and twisting his cry's changed to roars as he thrashed and changed his eyes now that of a monster never leaving the changing body of the woman he loved.

Galandra shifted and changed before him, her body snapping as he feet turned to talons and her blue hair melded into her body, blue feathers snapping and jabbing form her figure out into her arms, now becoming wings as she screamed changing to screeches. Her legs became numb and her feet covered with thick hide large leathery plates covering the now legs of the monstrous bird that was now the sweet and beautiful Galandra.  Her cry's became screeching as crystalline blue tears fell down her face. Her blue eyes looking at him, never leaving the now monster she still loved but knew in her heart of hearts she could never again be with. This plan was one of the markers and she knew she could never go against it

“you the sky keeper, sweet blue will now govern the sky, bring the dead to the kingdom in the heavens to live there lives in good and glory, to be there saving grace to be there shield and comfort, you will embrace them as you once did him, in warm and loving union as they are now your children. You will never touch the ground again, never need to use your feet to walk on hard earth, you will return to me here in the sky and be my companion.”

“you, the Leviathan, the terror of the depths will now govern the sea, bring the dead to rest in the eternal torment of hate and pain, you will live with this day ripped from you and no longer hold anything but the cold waves. You will be the chaos in this new world the pain upon the waves, the one many will fear and flee from. You will never hold what you long for, and never touch foot to land again, you will live at the bottom of the sea in the depths away from the sun forever, may it never touch your dark skin or the hues of your eyes. May the moon be the only thing you ever see again.”
The words screamed out of the storm as the screams of both Levi now made the Leviathan and Galandra now made the Sky Keeper Echoed and cut by a roar of what was now new.

“you Naphisdum the dragon of ages, shall govern my most prized possession, the beings of this world, you will walk among them and govern protect and keep the evil at bay in their world. There will be much for you to do, and you shall do it all and more, you shall walk upon the land and name it, you shall care for it all and see it change before you. You will govern the land as the others govern the sky and sea you are my children, my firstborn. Care for this world I gave you”

as the dragon known as Naphisdum roared it was lowered down to the world to walk with the people that had been made down there. They were small and new but Levi and Galandra knew them more then this firstborn did, why were they being punished for mere existence, for no reason they were ripped apart and flung into this mess that was a new age.  The Leviathan thrashed as the sky keeper did not, he smashed his head from side to side and screeched to get back to what he loved but she just hung there like her spirit was broken and she was excepting this, how could she do that, did she love him at all, he screamed at her as she did nothing. The storm tossed him out and into the sea hard into the waves pulling him down to where he would spend the rest of his days with his new people and his new world which was nothing like what he knew before. His last view of the world above was his sweet Galandra flying up to vanish into the storm.  

Year 1AC: Within the sea the leviathan made his people, his mind a mess of what had happened to him now in the past, a thousand years still burning within him like it was yesterday.  Making his people within the waves he made his own firstborn, the firstborn children of the sea and the ones that were to help him with his task of ruling over the depths. After he made his firstborn children known to the common people as Sea demons he made his second born the merfolk and then the remainder of the sea life to fill his world with all things both beautiful and things scary.

The People Of The Sea
monster danger levels danger 10 being super high and danger 1 being super low
anything over level 8 cannot be controlled by outside sources ever or called upon to do bidding.
anything over level 5 cant be controlled but can be called upon to do bidding
anything under level 5 can be controlled and called upon to do bidding
anything under level 2 is to dumb to be controlled but can be called upon.

Narful Ghoule, AKA The First Born
Danger Level 9

The Narful Ghoul are the leviathans firstborn children of the sea, they enjoy the cold dark depths and live down at the bottom of the sea with the Leviathan who they call The Father. their intelligence is beyond that of the average people and they don't enjoy hanging out or interacting with anything but one another and even in that they don't do well with each other and at the end of most cases end up fighting and being as hot-headed as they are one ends up dead.
Environment: they are dark to low light beings so they spend 90% of there time at the bottom of the sea in the dark were there mental abilities can guide them more than their eyes can. they never go on land, and hate everything from the land as their father does, as well as they do not walk near or in shallow water as they view it to close to being land to walk on.
- Extremely hot-headed
- arrogant
- devilish and cruel
- narcissistic
- brutish
- sociopathic
- keeps to themselves
- aggressive
- highly religious

Narful Ghoul uses their massive intelligence to overpower others and they use their mental abilities to both communicate with others and control or attack the offensive in combat.
Abilities they hold
-Cosmic Awareness
-Dream Manipulation
-Emotion Manipulation
-Illusion Manipulation
-Memory Absorption
-Memory Manipulation
-Mental Disorder Manipulation
-Mental Manipulation
-Mind Control
-Mind Exchange
-Neurocognitive Deficit
-Pain Inducement
-Psionic Equilibrium Distortion
-Psionic Inundation
-Psychic Shield
-Psychic Constructs
-Psychic Navigation
-Psychic Shadow
-Telepathic Communication
-Telepathic Perception
-Telepathic Reception

The Father, the firstborn praised the leviathan as there all mighty god, they do his bidding without question and follow every order given to the letter, their whole society revolves around there religion. the ruler of the whole thing is what is known as the high court, a being that is on the top of the food chain, a pope of the Leviathan. this being calls all shots when it comes to the Narful Ghoul. to get anything done one has to talk to the high court, then the red tape is put down and orders get set out to the underlings and actions get done.
it is a small cult-like set up with a lot of rules and regulations and rank is everything. but extremely secretive and not much is known about it.

Sea Demons
Danger level 7

sea demons are the swamp mulch of the Leviathan, they are basically the leviathans minions that the leviathan does not have to care about losing. The sea demons are made of tar, and life force energy shaped into physical forms. They can be shaped into almost anything but cant change shape once they are made, they go from semisolid to solid beings when made and can be made by mass by the leviathan and shipped out, like a swarm of minions doing the work of there owner.

Environment: they can be alive basically anywhere other than on land. On land, they turn to black mush as they need water to survive.

Temperament: they are what their owner deems them to be if there owner wants them to be kind and forthcoming they are, if there owner wants them to be ruthless and mathematical they will be. It is best to understand them by the individual being as they are made with personality's and brain functions some are dim witted and stupid and others are hyper-intelligent and calculating masterminds.

Ability's: each sea demon is individually different than the last one and their ability is hard-wired into each being upon creation, it is almost impossible to be able to know what ability's a demon has, some ability's show themselves, electric ability's spark, flames burn blue around the demon when flame ability's are active, other telltale signs show themselves on the demon when particular abilities are in it so the only way to tell a demon has abilities is to look. (and the person playing the demon rpc/npc MUST show on the physical what abilities might be active, the player may make the choice on how to do this).

Society/religion: None, sea demons do not work in a social structure they only work in small groups if needed to do so or programmed to be more of a team working individual. Some are more stand-alone lone wolf types wall others work in small groups but none of them work in a large-scale operation

Hippocamp, The Sea Horse
Danger Level 5, Non Combative Unless Threatened

The hippocampus is a creature with the head and forequarters of a horse and a tapering tail, not unlike that of a fish where the horse's back legs would be. Its body is covered in fine scales and it has a long fin where an ordinary horse would have its mane.
Most wild hippocampi gather in herds of no more than eight, with each herd composed of one stallion, a few mares, and their Small noncombatant foals. When hippocampi mate, the female lays a single egg which hatches after about six months into a single foal. During this time, the hippocampi hide the egg in an underwater cavern or sunken ship, never straying too far away from the egg, while at least one hippocampus remains with the egg at all times, protecting it from all that would harm or steal it.
Hippocampi are herbivores, primarily eating seaweed and other underwater plants.

Swimming Mounts. Some aquatic humanoids "domesticate" hippocampi, though in truth they simply cooperate, as a hippocampus is as intelligent as the average humanoid. Hippocampi often aid shipwrecked sailors, having saved many a soul from drowning or being preyed upon by a shark or other aquatic predator.

Variant: Winged Hippocampi (Danger Level 7)
Some hippocampi have wings. A winged hippocampus has a flying speed of 40 feet.

Murloc/Sea Trolls
Danger level 4

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