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Runes and Roses -Official Vostra Log 1, Part 2-

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The bartender watched the man tip the bottle back after opening and drain the contents with horror, but thought it best to let the man learn from his mistake. For now nothing was happening other than of course the slight effects of drunkenness as the man chatted up one of the men who was sitting near him. The man just somewhat laughed nervously and nodded, coughing and grunting as his back was patted by the huge individual. When all went silent and the woman sat at the bar, the man who the runemaster had befriended yelped as he was grabbed and lifted up to his full view. “That's, um...That's the Queen. That's Death's Grave Digger herself...Her Highness Sephiria Zarkov. She never comes to town...never.” With that the man simply made a shushing motion with his lips but it was too late; the woman, Sephiria, had overheard him. She stood and lowered her hood slowly, and multiple shocked gasps filled the room as many saw her face for what seemed to be the first time. She was very pale, almost corpse-like, with distinctly black lips that looked painted but in fact were not. Her eyes were a pupil-less silver, and she wore a black circlet upon her forehead. Tumbling down her back and into her gown were shining onyx locks, scented of roses and earth. She walked slowly toward the newcoming warrior and the man he held writhed in terror in an attempt to get away from her, which made her react in such a way that one would believe she was becoming aroused by the fear in him. “Welcome to Vostra, Northman. I heard you gave the guards some fright...they are heartless men, so this surprised me.” Her voice was that of the cold snows of Galandor Peak – and almost as bitter. She did not smile at all, but instead her eyes flamed with intrigue and curiosity.

KafzielLaVayne: Giving his good friend whom he held up a little shake he wen with his gaze back and forth between the two. One filled with terror while the woman felt like he was back in his homeland so cold. Standing up to his feet he took the small little friend with him upwards and looks down towards the woman. His voice sounded much deeper then before as he finally managed to lubricate his throat with some good ale.”The guards?...the mean those tiny warriors at the gates?”He turned his head around to look to the others that had gone quiet and looked to them. With a confused look he then turned to the little friend he carried around.”You are tiny. Are you a guard as well? You look scared enough for the job.” Giving him another shake he looks to the woman introduced as the queen with a dismissive look. His behavior was in a state of flux and his attention went from one branch to another.”Heartless they are. Took me Axe they did.” He blew out a bit of air in anger his pale blue eyes going away from the woman and back to the tiny little friend of his whom he shook again. He was waiting for his answer. Guards were not a foreign concept for him but to him they were strong warriors that could hold their own. What he was met with were just fighters with a fancy title, and a flair for the dramatic. Especially the one with the scimitars and he chuckles remembering his flaunting of the blades, followed by fear for a single little Great Axe. The image played in his head and his chuckling turned to laughter. He falls back to the chair and takes his seat looking to the tiny little friend he finally putted back down upon the ground, on his little feet.

Despite the heat, the woman was dressed head to toe in thick black clothing, wearing a fur capulet and hooded cloak to boot, with gloves covering her slender hands. He could see this as she lifted one up to cover her mouth and then pinch the bridge of her nose betwixt two fingers. “Your axe was returned to you, was it not? We have a process here, for the safety and security of our people. If you do not like it, you should have turned back and gone home.” The tone was more intimidating this time, making the man who was continuously being shaken in regards to a question of whether or not he was a guard squeak and shake his head, trying even harder to run away before finally fainting. This annoyed the woman and she gripped the throat of the man that the runecaster held and attempted to yank him out of his tough grip. Given her unnatural strength, this would probably be an easy task for her compared to his un-runed state of mortal strength. Had he runed himself beforehand, it would have been harder. Once the man was released from the runemaster, she would then lick his throat and breathe against it until the man had a boner so hard that it made him grimace in pain before suddenly biting with force, ripping out his trachea with her fangs and spitting it out. She dropped the man and left him bleeding on the floor as everyone in the tavern screamed and rushed outside, trying to get away from the scene post-haste. “He was getting on my nerves, and his fear was too delicious to resist.”

KafzielLaVayne: Seeing how little friend had fainted cemented his idea that perhaps he indeed was a guard. The poor sod looking about as pale as their queen now. He looked to the woman with more confusion now at the mention his Axe being returned.”No I did not get my Axe back. I will have to be on my way out to get it back..”Unlike his little friend that was fainted he seemed unmoved by her intimidating tone. Considering it came from a small and fragile looking woman for a viking it was not to surprising. Her feat of strength however by which she took the little one from his grip came to him as a surprise, one he did not see coming. It was true that none of the runes made into his skin were in a imbued state, but he still had his physical strength coming from a warrior group. So he only watched her decision as to what to do with the man. Such was the right of the strong towards the weak, even if it was his little friend. The blood that ensued he looked at with only a neutral glance as the man was dropped to the ground bleeding. She gave away a vampire state of existence and he cared little for their kind. Though they are rare in his homelands and prefer staying to themselves he did come across a few during his lifetime. Their physical power was not one to argue with but they could still be killed. So he looked at them the same as he does with any other. “Poor little man. What a disgraceful way to go.”Shaking his head he leans back against the bar and looked towards the woman. The dieing of his little friend was met by only a uncaring view from his end.”So what is it that thy want from me? This is a tavern and I wish for ale. Not the company of a cold one with fangs.”Brushing his hand as to dismiss her company from him he turns his gaze to wherever the bar father may be. He quite enjoyed what he gave before and though it was still in the process of doing its damage fully to his body because of his massive stature he wanted more.

SophitiaEien: “I will have the axe given to you post-haste. I was unaware they had not returned it to your person. They will be dealt with.” The woman tsked and shook her head as she kicked the body out of the way in order to take a step back – she'd somewhat tossed him, and he'd landed on the ground just behind her heels. The vampire was about to go back to the bar and carry out her business when he waved her off with his dismissive tone and words, and had halfway turned from him only to slide her gaze over, an eyebrow perking as her expression became a little too excited at the idea of a challenge. A wicked, evil grin curled her mouth, baring her fangs. “Oh?” She began, before taking the hand that was lowering from waving her off and attempting to push it into the wall so fast that it would jerk his shoulder, possibly dislocating if he were not strong enough to give her resistance. Her fingers weaved in his, cold as ice and he could feel the sharpness of claws on his fingertips while she leaned against his ear to speak – yet not granting him the pleasure of feeling her breasts against his chest. “ first, I wondered why such a man would come here. Perhaps he would be of use to me. But now I see you're just another drunken Nord bastard who cannot watch his tongue, nor treat a Queen with proper respect. If you apologize now and fall upon your knees, I may yet forgive you without too much bloodying.” She'd then release his hand and attempt to push him into the wall by a blast of airwaves coming seemingly from nowhere, which if landed would knock the breath out of him and crack the wall as he landed. Sephiria would turn from him then, making her way to the door of the Dreamweaver to leave. By now if he had not already, he would notice some strange discolorations in his vision around him - shades of bright greens, purples and pinks twirling and distorting how things appeared. He could swear that her eyes glowed like burning coals, and that her skin was gods-touched with the way it brightly gleamed. Everything was so shiny, and soon he would feel his body relax to an alarming degree but not enough to pass out or fall asleep. -Magical abilities are reduced by 0.5% in damage dealt, and healing spells take longer to work as a result of the full drink being consumed-

KafzielLaVayne: With a glimmer in his eyes with the same excitement as she when a grin curled up on her lips he awaited what she was going to do. When she goes for his hand he only looked until it was being pushed for the wall with quite some strength. He would let out rumbling laughter as the runes in his arm started to give away a blue hue. The white trails in the blue of his eyes growing larger as his muscles showed themselves. He was clearly a warrior first and the size of his body showed it. With the aid of a strengthening rune he pushed back towards her pushing his arm. His voice sounded with an excited tone and a loud one at that.”A brawl it is little woman.” He would keep hold of her small hand in his while she weaves her fingers in his. Keeping her close was the way to go in a brawl even if she was physically stronger then him. She may hold the power but his stamina was not one he doubted to be any less then hers and looked at it that it was much better then hers. Her whispers kept him unmoved. She sure did enjoy trying to be intimidating though to him she looked more like a kitten trying to hiss towards him. To small and fragile looking for her words to leave an impact upon him. When she finally would finish whispering in his ear and let go of his hand to do whatever she wanted to do he started to show his own excited smirk. He brought his body forward and rather then with his fists or even feet he brought down his head down to hers. A simple head butt while he ignored the changes in his vision. His blood was already boiling and aching for this brawl. A light show was by far not enough to keep him from enjoying it. He is a viking and a warrior rune caster at that. Some illusions and a feisty vampire to enjoy in a tavern, it was just like in his homeland again.

Sephiria could feel his excitement, almost taste it in the air. This would be fun for them both, it seemed. The strengthening rune was potent, definitely, as he pushed her arm back until they were an equal distance apart, her own forearm and upper arm muscles curving with definition from the applied force behind her grip. “Bring it on, boy!” She shouted with wild eyes as she too went for a headbutt, resulting in their heads crashing together like two boulders rolling down opposite hills. He did manage to actually make it hurt, but the force of the momentum behind her own head would be enough to potentially stun him while she remained unfazed. She tutted slightly and made the expression of a mocking pout, pushing her forehead against his in an attempt to force him back a step while her hand would rest on his shoulder, applying slow pressure downward. She was attempting to force him to a kneeling position before her. “I believe I shall give you one last chance, my Runed friend. Bow and apologize.” A sickening glee heightened her voice's pitch, as though she were stifling a manic giggle. Her claws would begin to dig into his flesh, ripping through and ruining her gloves as she became more excited.

KafzielLaVayne: The blue in his eyes had turned almost completely white and the excitement in his body came to a boiling point after the head butt. He already had his ale and all that missed on the list was a brawl he could enjoy. This woman, the queen, it seemed she was more then willing to change that. His rumbling laughter would stop when he went to respond. The voice by which he spoke intoxicated by his blood lust and excitement for battle.” Then let us battle Missy.” He still had his grip on her hand while he shook his head to keep himself in what was happening. The head butt and Ale he had a great mixture for a viking lost in his brawl. It kept him from thinking ahead while he fought and as such his acts spontaneous in the moment. He would not bend the knee as she digs her claws into his flesh. Instead he pushed back forcing them deeper. A pleasure filled growl like grunt left him and his eyes then glared to hers before he turned his massive body. She was still small and he guessed she was not very heavy. A easy one to lift and like he did by pulling on her arm lift of her feet and throw up against the ceiling and then pull down towards the floor with a slam. It would cost him however as he would drag her claws further through his skin and make the wound larger. But he liked that and it would fuel him to continue the battle in a berserker like state.

She watched as his eyes glowed a brilliant white now with his growing excitement, figuring it to be a result of the runes that riddled his body activating. It had been far too long since she'd had a fight, in truth she was rusty, but that wouldn't be an issue. She still had stamina in droves, as well as strength and trickery. Knowing his grip was still on her surprisingly soft hand, she curled her fingers so that they too now dug into the back of his own hand, digging right into the nerves. If she did it for too long, it would damage them and he would lose sensation in his grip. Seeing how he refused to bend knee and instead pushed up to drive her claws deeper, she whistled with an impressed tone and he could swear she purred at hearing him grunt. “Someone likes their women rough,” she taunted jeeringly as she went to push harder down, seeing how much he could take – until he pulled on her arm to lift her off of her feet, her body flying up and slamming against the ceiling before being dragged down to the floor below, the impact cracking the wood and splintering it. She grunted with both blows and lost her grip on his shoulder, though she could smell his blood as she'd ripped downward as she'd been pulled. She got up slowly and dusted off her dress, unclipping her cloak and capulet and folding it calmly, setting it aside. “You actually managed to get me to let go. Interesting.” The scent of his blood was giving her more than a few sensations, hunger being one of the strongest. She needed it. NOW. Her fangs elongated and she growled, opening her jaw as their unsheathing was never comfortable. The woman then looked at him, more serious than before, and reached between her cleavage to withdraw a rolled up cloth. She handed it to him, covering her nose and mouth. “Clean that up. I'm not going to end up going into bloodlust because of your drunken erection for a brawl, but you have at least earned my respect.”

KafzielLaVayne: His massive body would go up and down with breath. He aches for battle and like fumes his blood lust would exit over his lips. The grip he had on her hand was released once he had slammed her into the floor of the tavern. He awaited what she would do with much excitement in his eyes and with his now free hand wiped the blood from his shoulder away all over his massive chest. Like a true viking he now looked ready for battle, in the midst of battle and ready to keep it going. She had inflicted wounds upon him and he wanted nothing more then to give her a few back in return. That was until she looked like she had calmed down and seemingly was cleaning herself up to some extent. Perhaps she had given up before his superior strength combined with the runes. Though she did not sound like that while she addressed him. Her fangs would not scare him instead it seemed like she was back aching for battle and his stance reflected it as he held his arms ready to grapple her. He looks back straight towards her eyes and with some surprise caught the titty holder she pulled from her cleavage. His voice with some distrust addresses her while he started to clean the blood from his body.”Thank you for the titty holder, but I prefer my erection for after battle. To rape the women that lost to Bior.” Throwing the bloody titty holder upon the bar he reaches out with his hand to the rune upon it. Lightning would spark out of it and circle around his fingers which he uses to cauterize the wound on his shoulder while he sat on the stool. He looked to the Miss in the mean time. He did not trust her as much but his look towards her showed her respect for him was met with the same respect towards her.

“Er...titty holder? That is not the cloth that holds my bosom, it is a tad too small for that.” She corrected as she rubbed the side of her jaw, and her expression contorted in such a way that she was trying not to chuckle at the wording. The smell was still driving her nuts, but she'd keep it at bay as best as she could. She smirked at the latter half of his comment, finding it truly amusing. “Ah, but see – rape can scar any mortal woman, indeed, but it is in making them bear the child of that trauma that is most effective.” With that she sat in front of him, turning to the barkeep who had remained standing there the whole time, stark still. “Bring him another of what he had before. I'd share a drink with this man,” she told the half-breed, who made short work of uncorking another pair of bottles with a nod and walking over to set it before him, giving him a look that suggested he was very impressed. Sephiria was handed the same one she'd had before, and she withdrew another vitae-filled vial and mixed it with the honeyed brew before taking a healthy draught. She sighed in relief as it went down her throat, shivering a bit as it warmed her. “So, you have my intrigue. Do me the honor of knowing your name, so it may be inscribed as one of the only ones to survive a fight with me.” She raised her bottle to him, nodding definitively before taking another swig.

KafzielLaVayne: He looked down towards her bosom and with a shrug he looked towards the bloody cloth on the bar.”Perhaps they would be to big for it. I don't understand woman from the warm land.” Looking to the bar father he takes the bottle from him and places it before him upon the bar while he scratches through the rune he had made upon it earlier. It has had its usage and so he looks to the woman sitting beside him already having a taste of the drink.” We take women back to homelands and keep them as wifes.”Opening the bottle he takes a more smaller taste from it then he had done before. He then lets out a content burp and puts the bottle back on the bar.”The name is Bior. A viking warrior rune caster from the northern lands. And whom may thee be strong woman? Clearly a leader of your people.” Slamming his hand upon the bar he nods in his infinite wisdom as he then enjoys the Ale from the bottle one more time. It was a good Ale and he enjoyed it. The dead that had guided him had indeed done well showing him the way around the traps. Though he was more then ever annoyed towards the fact they did not gave him back his Axe which it seems they should have. The odd short lived brawl had been much simpler if he had his Axe in his possession already. A viking such as him just does not feel complete without his Axe.

She snorted with a gruff chuckle at his comment and gander toward her breasts, sighing as she took another drink, having cleared half of the bottle. Hearing what his men did to the women they defeated, she smirked and shook her head. “They are useless until broken into nothing. There would be no point in that here, but your home's cultures are your own and you are free to pursue them in my lands with safety and protection should you choose to stay.” With that she set the bottle down and extended her arm with the intention of clasping her hand around the area of his forearm that was just below the elbow, a proper Nord's handshake of sorts as she'd learned. “It is good to know you, Bior the Runecaster. I am Sephiria Zarkov, vampiress in body and experimental sadist in mind.” Just as they spoke an armored Drow came in carrying the man's axe, as though on cue, and set it before him on the table nearby before leaving with a slight bow in respect to them both. Sephiria smirked, eyeing the weapon with a whistle. “Nice blade.”

KafzielLaVayne: With a grip that crushes normal mans bones he held the arm of the vampiric woman and nodded slowly.”Well met Death Stalker Sephiria Zarkov, ruler of this city. It is good to meet a similar minded woman here. Makes the Ale taste that much better.”Taking another swig from the bottle he looks to his Axe. It had finally returned and it was in the hands of one of those tiny guards. A bit disturbing and filthy to see so he quickly took it away when it was offered and held it up against his shoulder. With it he tapped against the bone and the burned blood on his skin that was still on the wound.”I am not with a war band. This city and the people around it are fine. I am not planning on claiming the women, killing the men and children and offering their cattle to the gods.” With a scoff at the idea he chuckles and traced his fingers with his free hand over the runes that were now fading away on his arm.

Sephiria grunted as he gripped her arm and nodded back, chuckling once again but this time in sadomasochistic excitement. “I can attest to that, though of course my particular ale would not be one you'd enjoy or I would offer it for your tasting.” She watched him tap his axe against the wound and perked an eyebrow, curious as to what that would do to it since he'd already sealed it off with his rune magic. She listened and then nodded, smirking once more as a few images of this sort of horror he described came to mind. It reminded her of old times, when she was younger. She wasn't old, but she wasn't a young adult either. She tilted her head a bit as he traced over the fading runes, nodding to them as she spoke again. “What do those do, anywho, aside from strength and healing? And be careful with that ale. It even affects my magic, I won't touch the stuff.” She glanced at the bottle for a moment then that he'd been drinking from, shivered with a disturbed expression and then looked back at him. “Trust me. Had before. Anyhand, what is your business here?”

-End Part 2-

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