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Bio For Ruby Caine-Night

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1 Bio For Ruby Caine-Night on Thu May 10 2018, 11:42

Character Name: Ruby Caine-Night
Nicknames: Ruubs/Red/Ging(e)/Wicked
Alias: Leviathan
Race: Vampire/Demon
Age Appearance: Mid twenties
Actual Age: Around 120 years old.
Origin Time: N/A (Rp based)
Region: Alyne/Incendia Coven
Heritage: British
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 130 lbs.
Professions: Advisement and Assassin
Sub skills: Elemental skill, Kingdom Guard, hunting, training.
Appearance: Ruby is tall, with long fire red hair that usually is down or in some kind of down do. Clothing is usually a dress or some kind of armor, or body suit. Around her right eye is a tribal tattoo that she got as an early teen.
Hair Length: Long
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red (ever changing)
Birthmarks/ Tattoos: Right eye tattoo, tribal full sleeves, tribal leg sleeves
Piercings: Ears
Unique Attributes: Ever changing eye color, fire element, lash scars on her back.
Abilities: Dark and light magic, uses telepathy to her own blood, fire element, hand to hand combat, bow and arrow for hunting
Primary {1/2}: Fire Element
Secondary {1/2}: Light Magic
Third {3}: Dark Magic
Inherited Abilities: Telepathy, Dark and light magic, Fire element
Studied Abilities: Hand to hand combat, Hunting style

Weapon of Choice: Fire element 

Secondary Weapons: Dagger on her right thigh 

History/ Backstory: Ruby was not her god given name. It was Scarlet VonDrake. Scarlet came from a high ranking family when she was younger. Though, her parents were always drunk on wine/blood wine. Scarlet was not like the rest of her family. Scarlet didn’t grow into her powers right away like her other brothers and sisters had. Her father hated that she was so weak and sent her up to the tower where she would be treated as a slave, not recognized as a princess. Everything Scarlet had done wrong, she had gotten ten lashes per incident. On her back we can see that the whip used was thick and long considering the long raised scars on her back. Years went by as her started to blossom in her power. Overcoming the anger and mood changes by herself, she started training in her tower. Soon the flames from her palms grew. Showing her parents that she was starting to get her ‘wings’ and learning her power, he granted her 2 hours of day time training, alone. That meant she was able to get out of the tower and train in the courtyard with no instruction. She took this as the opportunity to seek vengeance. Instead of training, the nearly 16 year old gal gathered up resources and people who despised the King and Queen who worked for them. In a years time, she threw a rebellion and was able to burn the castle to the ground. Scarlet road off with the survivors of the rebellion with her horse, Ace who is still her companion today, in victory, and never looked back.

 Scarlet had jumped around from job to job earning her badges of honor in training, guarding, assassinations and even advisement. Though the jobs may not have stayed, her patches of loyalty were still there. Many years passed as her opponents only got bigger. In one of her famous battles, her opponent had taken her sight away from her with a special herbal potion. More years went by as the now blinded Scarlet had walked around, giving hope to others with disabilities.

As the cripple Scarlet roamed land with her steed guiding her, she came across a manor that would eventually adopt her, give her the name of Ruby which stuck. Ruby after being adopted had then been given back her eye sight by her mother. She was then retrained on her powers by the guard, (whom she is now married too) and has never been more powerful.
Through the years, Ruby has had 3 children and fostered many.          
Ruby is now Queen of Alyne, Ruler of Incendia Coven, and Advisor of Dark Ancient Souls.

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