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Castle in The Ruin

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1 Castle in The Ruin on Mon May 14 2018, 19:56


Nearly 100 Years Ago in Vostra, Set Within Terra Avestra's Ruins Above Ground Before the Collapse

Beside the mountain of Naruga, a dormant volcano that was home to the race of Fire Elves and the city of Braidwood, and beneath its ashen cracks lay a small settlement of thieves, criminals and darker creatures that sought refuge from the Golden Dragon's mighty maw – the city of Vandenburg. Overheating, famine and many other reasons led this settlement to pack up and relocate all the way to Terra Avestra – a land riddled with a large central crater and other smaller holes left by some unknown force of battle. Out of the hundred citizens that set foot to the new area, only a handful survived due to beasts, sickness and other such natural causes. These few remaining people, including their Queen, arrived in what they would call the city of Vostra about one year after starting their journey.

From the moment of arrival they began building with their queen to guide them, and within a few months Vostra went from being known as the ruins of Terra Avestra to a decently sized town with markets and trade. Even a small castle was built, and this was where Sephiria Zarkov – their feared and beloved leader for multiple reasons – made her home and secluded herself. It is said that she studied the darkest of magics to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Yul Vae, a greater demoness who was as twisted as sin and experimented on herself in pregnancy in order to make her daughter what she is today. However, what they didn't know is that Sephiria aspired for more – to outdo her mother, to have her overrun and destroyed by her own creations. Thus, she experimented herself with various humans and other mortal, weak beings that she came across and stole away in the dark of night from all across Valeria.

It was not soon after the rise in population of newly turned vampires within Vostra, which took about three years, that a traveler brought word of a Great Dragon within their neighboring continent - the Iron Dynasty - who would strike out and destroy the city if even a trace of undeath was found. The reason for this was unknown to those who heard, but nonetheless it disturbed Sephiria enough that she began to consider exploring options for shielding the city from the ire of the creature. However she did not expect to find herself under the teachings of a Drow Assassin by the name of Rarithyr, whose deadliness reached the ears of everyone in the city before too long thanks to reputation alone. He had managed to kill twelve men in silence and shroud, right under Sephiria's very nose as she had been on her way to deal business with a merchant, and then came up behind the vampire herself with his blade at her throat. It is rumored that this was the start of what would become a sibling-hood between the two. He taught her the ways of Illusion Magic, and the lessons culminated until she was learned enough to be able to do a particular spell that would shroud the entire city, and castle, away from the Dragon's view. However, due to a single mispronunciation in the incantation she made during the ritual, the entire city of Vostra was teleported seventy feet below the ruins and collapsed, leaving the queen unconscious and thousands dead. On the day of the ritual Rarithyr had left for his journey to the Deep in order to devote himself to Leviathan, so it would be a long time before he'd realize that his former home of ten years was destroyed.

Upon the vampire waking from her comatose state and going into frenzy, she came to realize what carnage she left behind and spent a full week in mourning. She buried the dead bandits, and over the next five years spent her time learning how to manipulate earth and stone, all in order to clean the rubble away for new building. As there had been several deaths and much destruction and she was the only one to do the task, it took her a long time to complete. Finally, she built every new tavern, market, house and even the castle brick by brick – stone by stone. She summoned the spirits of the condemned dead she buried, commanding they leave traces of the new location of the new city all over Valeria – the way that she did this was to force them to possess the bodies of animals and birds, and then she would attach small notes and maps to them and send them free upon the earth. Thanks to this tactic people came to the city in slow droves, and 62 years later Vostra once again has become a booming trade and criminal enterprise. Many can purchase maps through the black market, and follow the signs left behind by returning visitors and locals.

Rarithyr has since returned with his mate Striga Velaine, and Sephiria's own intended mate was left behind when the woman left Braidwood. Her fate is known only to Sephiria, who some rumor had a personal hand in it.

SophitiaEien: Sephiria's temper was nonexistent at the moment, no trace of anger in her face as she descended from the castle of Braidwood's royal family to the city itself. Her mind swirled with emotions due to the kiss she'd delivered upon the sister-in-law of the Queen, Baralineth. Lilutha, the queen herself, did not seem to like Sephiria – but the message had been sent that she did /not/ care. She would care for whom she wished, and the time would come when she would be needed again. A smile crept on her black lips, one of evil pleasure as she left Braidwood behind and shifted to a crow, flying post-haste toward Vostra and Castle Zarkov. She flew past the guards and and weaved her way through the bustling city, honing in on the scent of the strangers who entreated need upon her throne room floor. Once she grew close to the doors she shifted back to her usual form, opening the door one-handed after sliding back the bolt. Striga, who had been resting calmly against the blind assassin Drow's back, stirred at the loud THUNK of the bolt being replaced, and a female voice that was cold and deathly saying “Do not disturb me” to someone outside. Sephiria turned to face the two, who still stood dumbfounded in the main hall, and recognized the scent and aura of the Drow almost immediately. She also could see that he was newly blind, and to this she made a tutting sound. “So, first you abandon your duties to me, then avoid me for years...and suddenly show up on my castle floor, holding a wounded human no less? I should kill you both.” The woman then walked past them to seat herself in the throne behind them, relaxing as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Instead, I'll let you explain yourself, but let me save you the trouble – I know the girl.”

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr felt the queen entered as he moved to set Striga down to rest on a couch before he turned to look at the queen. “I was in the deep, at the first level and pledged to follow leviathan. I thought I was only down there for days turned out it to be years. I lost my sight months ago when an illusion spell went wrong, and I was greeted by a spell of light instead.” He tells her giving her the short version before turning back to Striga and bent down caressing her cheek before checking over her wounds. “I swear I will end the life of the man who caused this.” He said with a growl before turning to sit next to her and lean against the couch from the floor. “I see you have been quite busy, Sephiria how was your time in Braidwood?” he asked her before he stood up and stretched his body with a groan and a pop. We faked our deaths before fleeing here, so you are the only that knows we live, of course, everyone thinks I'm dead because of how long I was away and stuck in the deep I never went farther than the first level though.” He said explaining it all to her before he leaned his head back and relaxed for once exhaustion settling over his body. 

SophitiaEien: “It was...well, it was.” The vampire sighed, covering her nose and mouth so that the human couldn't see her fangs growing with the smell of blood. The story of his absence confused her more than anything, but she figured if he'd been to the Deep it would explain why he hadn't aged much if at all. “So being the hand of the Grave Digger was less inspiring than being the Blade of a Death God...I assume that is what you went for?” The woman asked flatly, knowing of the old stories. Striga relaxed on the couch where she was placed, smiling softly as Rarithyr caressed her cheek. This made Sephiria's eyes soften a little, but quickly they hardened before it could be noticed. So, they were in love. How cute. “You'll be safe here, under my protection. I am no god, but none really care to mess with me. I do have some business in returning to Braidwood, though, so I may leave you two alone at times. Don't worry, you will be guarded, as no one breaches the doors without my consent. How you did so confounds me.” If Rarithyr's sense of smell was keen enough, he could smell the scent of an elven woman on her, specifically localized on her lips and hands. She remained silent as she began staring into the hearth beside her, expression tormented.

HidekiSaito: He looked over to the queen. “it was not that, I came across the deep by chance when swimming out farther and deeper than normal.” He said to her as he stood once again walking the walls of place that he has been to only once. “the loss of my sight is a sad thing but it has blessed me with many other gifts one such as smelling the desire of sex off your flesh and that of an elven beauty that is not far from us.” He said as he turned to her his eyes staring right into hers the solid white like burning globes that reach deep into ones soul. “you jest if you think you can be with her Sephiria, as a vampire you are an animal of base desire trying to pass yourself off as human, you need to feed more than what you do.” he tells her before he looked toward Striga swiftly closing the distance to check on her for she has been quiet far to long. “Striga is everything ok, how do you feel?” he asked her out of worry due to the swiftness in which she grows to accept and care for his heart. 

SophitiaEien: She gave a lazy nod that suggested she wasn't really all there to what he said of the Deep, still staring into the fire as she thought of her love. The faintest blush appeared on her cheeks as she remembered the kiss they'd shared, as well as the weirdest thing – a tiny smile in the corner of her mouth. However, when the man spoke of smelling her desire and mentioned the woman...then went on to say how they could not be together, she glared at him and growled loud enough that Striga yelped and curled up in fright. Seeing the girl recoil made Sephiria's eyes fill with pain and sorrow, and she let her head drop. “You...Drow...would not understand anything.” Striga uncurled slightly to see how Sephiria had reacted, as if she could feel her pain – but she could not. Sephiria was only human, but compassionate. She saw beyond race, it seemed. She looked up to Rarithyr, giving him a soft smile. “I'm alright...but is she? Did I upset her?” The mere thought made Striga worry; it was not good to upset a vampire, but it was more than that. “What do you mean she can't be with someone?” It was clear that she didn't understand what was going on, and as she tried to get up to check on the vampire she winced at the dull ache in her shoulder that came. Sephiria stood at that moment and turned away from the fire, wiping her face out of the sight of the human before clearing her throat. “Ease yourself, child. You cannot move in such a condition.” She then turned to Rarithyr. “Who are you, boy, to tell me whom I cannot love? Do you think one such as yourself would ever be allowed around your kin when you've mated with a human?” The blow was deep, but truthful. Menzobaranzon was known for cruelty toward outbreeding.

HidekiSaito: He nodded before turning to mist blade drawn behind the queen. “they left me already condemned to die, and would leave me still finding a serve leviathan. This woman holds my heart for the first time since I was once married all those years ago. I may be pushing a thousand now, Sephiria but you know not of what you speak.” He said with a growl before reappearing near Striga and rested his hand upon her head checking for fever before looking toward the queen. “I only speak frank with you because you asked me to treat you as friend instead of royalty. We are of similar nature with a thirst for blood, yours to drink mine to spill.” He said to her softly before bending down to look upon wound on her leg. “Fucking wyvern.” He muttered still smelling the poison on her flesh before he stripped the old bandages off and went to put fresh on while looking to the queen once finished. “if you wish to pursue this woman feed more than what you do or she will become your next meal.” He tells her calmly. “you react as such because you know my words are truth Sephiria and I consider you a true friend one who has supplied me with plenty coin.” he looked about deep in thought before speaking to Sephiria. “Trusted friend speak words of truth to me, is there a springs or a waterfall nearby we both need to bath and be cleaned.” He said to her before looking up his toga showing well worn. “my armor I gave to striga I have no need for it, she plans on crafting me an armor of equal value, take the coin promised and use it to purchase hide for her once she is fully healed.” 

SophitiaEien: For a moment, Sephiria stood still. Time slowed for the two it seemed while Striga remained unaffected, and a series of whispering voices combined with the screams of the families of his victims rang out so loud it could deafen the ears. It seemed he was the only one who could hear it, though, as Striga's mouth seemed to speak but was silent. No sound. Who she was even talking to was unclear. The moment that the mist began to move toward her, as it was easy to follow his pattern, she turned toward the blade and grasped it in her hand, claws ripping the gloves. She held it to her throat, eyes gleaming with crimson boldness. When he spoke she froze, her hand dropping as the word 'friend' fell from his lips. Time resumed, and she swore that Striga's words, apparently addressing her, caught up and played back in her mind. /I'm sorry I upset you/. Sephiria then paused, nodding as though definitively. Her entire demeanor seemed to change, her voice now softer. “There is a waterfall behind the two are the only ones who know about it, but it is where I bathe. Follow me.” She then was about to turn to show them when he spoke of coin. “I will. You've my word. I know the hide she uses, don't worry...the scent is unmistakeable.” She then turned, beckoning the two to follow her deep into a corridor on the south wing, seemingly collapsed but upon closer inspection it was merely illusion magic.

HidekiSaito: He moved the blade from her neck and sheathed it, “it seems your skill has not diminished over the years.” He said before muttering about how he should have moved faster, but the voices of the families of the lives he stole through him off. “you cheated, next time I will have your head.” He muttered in passing before walking to pick up Striga holding her in his arms with a simple groan as his back popped from the over use of the misting ability. “lead the way Sephira and let me judge your waters.”’ He said calmly waiting to follow her toward where to go. “striga your going to placed in some great waters I have only heard of the rumors of the waters that are hidden underground here. This would be the first time that she has brought me here to even see the baths.” He caressed her cheek with his thumb using the hand that was on her shoulder as he carried her toward the baths following Sephiria, seeming not a bit out of place like he has been here multiple times over a period of a 300 years or so give or take a century or so of him being trapped in the deep. “is everything ok Striga you have been very quiet.” He murmured to her as he never once faltered in following sephira as she lead them to a fake wall that revealed the baths, during which he went in and lowered striga in the water close to the waterfall before walking around to the entrance I will be right outside if you need me Striga.” He said to her as he neared where sephira is standing. 

SophitiaEien: She offered him a wounded smirk, pouting. “Is that what you'd say after returning for the first time in a hundred years to your dear friend? My my, did you expect any less?” A chuckle left her throat as she indeed heard his mutter, and he would swear he could hear the “plbbbbt” of a rasberry being blown at him. However if he turned toward her, he'd see nothing. She'd not even moved. Striga blushed as she was picked up again and nuzzled against his neck, blushing as she'd seen the two fight...were they related? Sephiria heard his back pop and growled, shaking her head as she fought the urge to take the woman from her and carry her for him while they walked toward the falls. They were not small but rather medium in size with a decent pond, a shallow and deep end apparently carved out. It was lit by pure moonlight, artificial in nature but still every bit as beautiful. The water smelled sweet and was cool, refreshing upon Striga's skin as she was stripped and placed down into it. Striga had indeed been quiet, but this was because she'd heard his age...he was over a thousand? How old was this woman, then? “' two are siblings, right? Are you a vampire too, Rarithyr?” She asked. “I're over a can that be?” Just as Rarithyr would stand beside Sephiria, he would turn to see that the woman was giving him a very...mischevious look. “Sorry, Rarithyr old friend, but you're got getting off that easily,” Sephiria said as she smirked and tore off his toga, picking him up and throwing him over her shoulder while walking toward the falls. She plopped him down next to her, not even caring that she was up to her hips in the water, and then stepped out with a weird snicker and even a giggle as she walked away to leave the two alone. Striga got a full view of his body as he'd been stripped and laughed as he'd been carried like a sack of potatoes, though the sight of his naked flesh....every region of it...made her face as red as the blood that had once stained her skin. She looked to Rarithyr and smiled softly, scooting closer whilst on her knees...failing to realize that Sephiria had placed him standing in the water where his hips were submerged, and her breast bumped against his bare groin as she hugged him close. She didn't seem to realize that it would be weird right now, though, because she spoke. “I want to tell you that...that I don't care if you're a vampire, or a Drow, or blind or a killer like me....I care for you no matter what..”---Sephiria stepped from the tunnel and remasked the illusion to give them privacy, her brow furrowing. He'd mentioned a wyvern...what wyvern? The toxin in the woman's system, there was only one way it could have gone that far into her system. She snarled and the castle candles extinguished, ensuring the couple remained shrouded in safety and calm but absolutely raging inside. If what she believed may have happened actually did occur...she'd have someone's head.

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr stood there naked as the water cascaded from the waterfall as he caressed her cheek his cock resting against her right tit slowly hardening against the softness of her flesh as he listened to her words. “your words ring true to me Striga for they are a weight that bothered me since I met you I am glad that you accept me..” he said to her softly before squatting down in the water and pulls her into his lap. So he can hold her close before his lips would find hers in a passionate kiss one born of love instead of lust. Rarithyr’s hands would then move to slowly wash her body after breaking the kiss taking his time to memorize everything including her scars that have started to form since Sam had done what he did to her. “you are perfect striga.” He muttered to himself before his lips would kiss along her neck as he bathed her taking each moment to touch and feel memorizing her body, taking every single blemish and fault committing them to his memory. How soft her skin is, her scent, everything that makes her who she is he is going to memorize cause of him spiriting her away like he did can end up with his death and her back in the clutches of the king of Iron.

SophitiaEien: Striga tightened the hug a little, smiling as she heard him speak and sighed happily. She felt his hardness firm against her bare breast and blushed immensely, a tender thought coming to mind – however, she knew she was much too injured to try that yet. As he pulled her into his lap and kissed her, the woman rested her hand to cup his cheek and stroke it with her thumb, relaxing as he began to bathe her body. She was calm now, much calmer than he'd probably ever seen her, and as she heard him mutter what he did she beamed and buried her face in the crook of his neck. “So are you,” she said in reply gently, continuing to stroke his cheek and down to his neck. “I love the way you bathe me,'re very attentive. Maybe I can bathe you sometime in return.” Meanwhile in the throne room, Sephiria's thoughts managed to calm as they began to drift and think of Baralineth, the queen of Braidwood's sister-in-law. Her beautiful hair, her scent, the feeling of her blood pulsing in her veins...Gah, she needed to stop. It was as Rarithyr had said; she would end up killing the girl, or worse, turning her. She still found herself soothed by the memory of their kiss and managed to drift off to sleep, leaving her clutching the pendant she'd been given by the odd madman outside the castle of Braidwood as she'd left.

HidekiSaito: He laughed and handed her the clothe he had used to bath her with. “how about you bath me right now Striga, this will also give you a chance to get a feel of my body for making the armor he whispers in her ear before he stood up and moved to the shallower end of the water revealing his entire frame to her view. “come bath me and take your time to memorize like I have done for you.” He spoke to her gently as he settled into the shallow end of the baths for a moment. “is there anything you want to know about me anything at all Striga?” he asked her calmly while he stretched out letting his body relax and float up in the water while he looked to her with a groan as some of the soreness from the traveling starts to leave his body. “this is nice, very relaxing I forgot about how nice sephira’s place is.” His ears twitched slightly causing him to laugh loudly. “Seph fell asleep and judging by the smell it seems she is thinking of that woman I warned her about.” He said with a chuckle as he moved slightly closer to make it easier on her wounds. 

SophitiaEien: She took the cloth and blushed darkly, chuckling as she heard his laugh – it had an infectious effect on her. “I would love to...for more reasons than just reference for your armor, my love.” This had been the first time she'd called him that, so it had the potential of catching him off guard as he stood and moved to the shallow side of the waters. Striga moved over as well, her mobility improving already, and began to slide the washcloth over the front of his neck and over his broad, dark shoulders. She then moved down to his forearms and cleaned in between his fingers, tenderly leaving a kiss to the knuckles as she finished with them before moving up again to rest the cloth over his firm pecks. She rested her forehead against where his heart would be, listening to it as she closed her eyes and smoothed the damp rag down his stomach and abdomen. Her breasts pressed against his chest, nipples firming slightly as her motions became more explorative as they moved down further. As she neared his groin she paused and took a deep breath, then more slowly than before began to wash him there, taking care to lift his shaft to wash his sack as well. She then knelt down as best as she could, her face cock-level once again as she washed his thighs and calves. When she was done, she set the cloth aside with care to fold it and relaxed against the walls of the small lake. “Better?” She asked, giggling a bit with the darkest blush he'd ever seen. As Sephiria dreamed it was clear that she was tormented, torn in half by her heart's wishes and her primal thirst. Would it be best to leave her side, to let her marry a man she didn't know and live a potentially normal life? Or should she turn her and claim her for herself, potentially risking a war with Braidwood? Seeing as how she was already unwelcome there by the queen, the first was the decision she finally fell upon. A tear strolled down her face as she dreamed of saying goodbye to her, sorrow in her heart and mind.

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr stood there as she bathed him exploring his body his mind focusing on other things to keep him from trying to make love to her right there especially when she called him her love. “having fun there testing my resolve when your injured Striga.” He said to her before gripping her hand gently, “I must cut it short something is bothering seph.” He said his eyes shifting to that of worry as he stepped out the bath and reached around like a blind bat for a towel before grabbing one then began to towel himself off before grabbing his toga. “Striga can you help me put this on, I can’t tell which is which.” He said to her trying to hurry and reach his sister, so he can wake her up and be there for her to talk with him. He started to try and put it on without waiting only to lose his balance and fall hitting the ground hard landing on his with a loud thump. “Dammit I hate being blind. “he growled slamming his hand on the stone floor before standing up and once again attempted to try and get the toga and only to fall with another thud. He kept repeating the action in a complete rush his normal calm self not there just a man whose aggravated with his condition, he missed being able to see and not have to rely on others. 

The woman smiled shyly at his comment and was surprised when he gripped her hand, nodding as he explained himself and she stood from the bath as best as she could. When asked to help she took the toga in her hands and went to help him into it but he was trying to do so himself, fumbling and fall. She winced as she tried to calm him with her hand on his shoulder, finally making him stop moving so she could help him get the clothing on. “There,” she said softly as she finished, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “Now go. I will be fine. I know she needs you.” Striga's tone suggested that she understood the situation, as it was pretty clear; he cared about her, but not in the same way he cared for Striga. They were chosen family to one another, close from years of knowing each other. Who was older was the question she'd ask later, she thought as she helped him to stand and gather himself. She did her best to bandage the wounds, the water oddly enough having made her healing pick up a bit due to either herbs or magic. She wasn't completely healed by any means, but at least mobile to a small degree. She slid on his old tunic he'd given her and sat beside the water, taking peace in the beautiful small haven. Sephiria slowly woke with her eyes fluttering, feeling the wetness on her cheeks from tears and sighing in sadness. She wrote a small note and pressed her lips to it after signing and sealing it, handing it to a raven that flew in upon her call and whispered a destination in its ear. It flew away and she buried her face in her hands, heartache wrenching her chest. It was done. She was gone, forever.

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr nodded and took off through the fake wall and chased down the path taken to get to his sister just as she woke, he whistled calling back the raven before taking the letter and destroying it then sent it to the same destination with a different letter requesting the woman she loved by her side for a day or two. “Go” he whispered before tossing the raven out the window then he walked up and rested his hand on his sister’s shoulder. “Sis would you like to talk?” he asked her as he rubbed her back his hip sore as hell from where he lost his balance and fell before striga calmed him down and helped him dress. The toga he wore this time was a darker shade of red with gold spirals mixed into the design of the toga. He did not know what to say to her exactly until she told him what is bothering her but let’s hope the message he sent out swapping her message would be the one needed to get his sister feeling better. He then made a small cut on his wrist before bringing it to her mouth. “drink some sis and lets talk you know, I am here to help you with any problems you have, and I am sorry for disappearing for a long time only to reappear when you thought of me dead and gone.” He said apologizing to her after all this time. 

Sephiria felt his hand upon her shoulder and startled at first, then sighed and wiped her face with hopes that he didn't see her tears. “Ah, forgive me...” She said, her voice gruff from crying yet all the while soft as though she were losing the ability to speak. “I am unused to of affection toward anyone. You have known me a long time, you know my history. Yet like a fool, despite your advice, I fell prey to strong emotion and killed the man who I witnessed beat her in a tavern one night. I thought I'd saved her, but then I frightened her for so long as I kept careful watch...I left her be for a while and approached her in a new way, trying to be kind. Offering the comfort of a friend. We...we ended up growing close.” She sighed, continuing as she brought her hands to her knees. “I fell for her, my brother. And she for me. And now I have found her beyond the realm of dreams and tasted of her kiss, and your words ring truth to them and bring sorrow to my heart. I know she cannot be with me, and I would not curse her with my own fate.” On the verge of tears once more she gripped her hands into a fist, before suddenly smelling his blood. She jolted her head up and saw his wrist, cut before her and resting against her mouth. The smell was too much to resist, as she had not fed yet this day, and she gave him a look that almost cursed him as siblings do whilst she sank her fangs into his flesh and drank. She heard him speak and listened, closing her eyes as her body started to finally relax a bit. /There is no need to be sorry. You had your business, and I my own./ He would hear, knowing that he was one of the only other people that she could broadcast mental speech to other than her summoned demons.

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-Two days after the raven was sent to Braidwood from Vostra, early morning-

SophitiaEien: The castle seemed to brood, despite Rarithyr and Striga doing their own thing elsewhere in the halls. It had been two days since Sephiria had sent the raven, and instead of no reply as she expected – she got a much worse shock than simple love's end. A guard had brought her the news, and a screaming roar had left the castle's windows and the floors of the main hall had cracked beneath her feet in emotional rage; Baralineth Braspen was dead, cause unknown. The kicker? She had been seen with another. Rarithyr and Striga, wherever they were, could surely hear her throwing things and repeatedly punching walls and the throne until the stone was chipped away, leaving naught but a gaping hole and dust. Finally she simply sank to her knees in the library, having destroyed it for the most part, books strewn everywhere and the blood of the guard who gave her the news all over her clothes and her mouth. Her claws, also soaked with vitae, finally clacked softly against the floor as she rested her palms there, pushing herself up to a standing position as she simply chose to shut away the emotions roiling within. She needed to be calm, for her city and for the human living in her castle. “Never again,” she vowed aloud in a growling depth of a tone, her expression numb but cold as she trudged her way to the throne room. Once she arrived, she was reminded of the body of the guard she'd forgotten, and it laid there in front of her drained and pathetic. Too bad...he was one of the good ones. She sighed, knowing she needed to control her blood-lust as she walked over to drag it outside of the castle, throwing it out. She stood there for a moment still, as though staring off into space. Never again, her mind echoed. /Never again will I grow close to another./ She was turning to walk back into the castle when she heard a familiar voice call for her, to which she turned back just as quickly with wide and frantic eyes. “Baralineth?” She whispered, hopeful, tears already filling her eyes as her heart skipped a beat – making her chest ache. “Baralineth!” She called out again, hoping to hear the voice even once more, but was met with only the usual noise of the city and a few strange looks from guards and maids. The woman sighed, drying her eyes and covering the top half of her face with her palm, turning her back to the people that walked through the city so they could not see her tears. Her head lowered and her shoulders slumped slightly as she leaned against the iron doors of Castle Zarkov, beginning to sob. “Why do the gods curse me in this way...I loved could you?...” She murmured to herself as though speaking to someone else, her body trembling as sorrow took over once more.

HidekiSaito: Rarik stood in the darkness watching the queen before he lifted his hand causing an illusion to appear before her in the form of her lover that passed away. He sniggered lowly as he also managed to mimic her voice, feel touch, scent. “Seph, my love, I am here. I got your raven that you sent calling me from Braidwood to be by your side.” The illusion called out to her as she stepped closer to her reaching out to touch her face. The Kitsune pushed himself further into the darkness as Rarithyr would enter the room shortly after all the damage and destruction that she had caused. “Sis is everything alright, do you need anything? What happened?” He called out to her moving closer trying to touch her shoulder following the scent of blood and such. Striga would be following behind Rarithyr as he entered the room to check on her. Rarik would keep his focus more along the illusion he is weaving on Sephiria. The Illusion of Lin moved closer to her trying to close the distance before a knife would appear, unbeknownst to Sephiria, and the blade would move in the attempt to stab her in the gut. “you know my secret, NO ONE CAN KNOW MY SECRET!” the illusion would yell out while holding onto her as she stabbed repeatedly over and over again. if the stab to the gut is allowed to connect Sephiria would feel the pain of a knife stabbing straight on through and the warmth of blood and stomach acid seeping from the wound. 

SophitiaEien: The woman froze solid at hearing the voice that rang sweetly in the air, more real than the voice she'd heard moments before. Sephiria turned slowly and nearly jumped back in surprise and confusion as Baralineth was indeed standing before her, reaching out to cup her face. “Don't...don't touch me,” she breathed, her eyes wide like a deer in the eyes of a predator. She heard Rarithyr and felt his presence draw near, quickly pausing his movements with a hand in a stop signal toward him. “Lin,” she finally said aloud, loud enough that Striga and Rarithyr both could hear as they witnessed the sight before them – her uttering the name would offer some explanation, in her mind. Baralineth moved closer to her and Sephiria stiffened, reaching out to touch her face at first, hoping she was real...before the searing, sharp pain of a blade repeatedly entering and exiting her abdomen ripped her out of the hope she had. She screamed and clutched at her stomach, dropping to her knees as she swore she felt blood seeping into her clothes and the hot burn of acid mixing with it to set fire to her gashes. “AAAAAAH!” The woman roared aloud, her mind snapping completely as she started thrashing at the illusion in some attempt to hurt it. “You're not...Lin...YOU'RE NOT MY LIN!”

HidekiSaito: The illusion faded completely showing that there is no wound at all on Sephiria as Rarik appeared at the entrance with a confused look. “Is everything okay here, have I come at a bad time.” Rarik stood there as the wind blew carrying his scent toward the mad queen. A scent that would be strangely familiar yet comforting; this scent would carry along the wind and it would smell of sakura blossoms, the earth, and have the power of his blood underlying. He stood at five foot ten inches tall, the muscle structure was lean yet he was athletic his crimson eyes were cold and unyielding while he stood near the castle entrance his hair hung in a loose ponytail with a single earring in his right ear. “Am I in the right place? Is this the home of the vampire queen, Sephiria?” he asked calmly as his aura swirled in a sinister feel while he looked at the queen who was attacking what seemed to be an illusion as it faded. “It seems like someone or something decided to play a cruel trick on you.” He said as he began to walk further into the room with his hands raised showing he had nothing hidden. 

SophitiaEien: Sephiria was left on her knees panting, clutching her gut and her chest as the illusion faded. She looked up to notice the man who stepped out seemingly from nowhere and stood quickly, brushing herself off and coughing from the shock of what she'd just seen. “Do forgive me, you're fine,” she managed to say as she noticed the scent and was pleased by it, but made no effort to show it. She straightened herself and folded her hands in front of her, giving him a stern and somewhat irritated look as he'd seen her in a vulnerable position. “Yes, you have come to the correct location. What is your business with me?” She took note of his open hands, though something seemed very off and strange about the being. His aura seemed...random. Mixed, morphing. “Ah...I'm just apparently falling ill, don't mind me. I'll be fine.” She turned to Rarithyr whom she assumed was still behind her, looking to him for assurance.

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr looked to the man and shrugged, “you can relax its just another day full of surprises here. Welcome to Castle Zarkov and Vostra.” He said before turning to leave so he can go tend to his beloved Striga. “Let's leave them to tend to their work and any business, if Seph needs us she will send for us.” he said trusting his sister to deal with the strange man. Rarik watched the interaction from the shadows for the entire time before appearing. “Well I can say I did not see much of anything, it just seemed cruel who ever decided to use the image of a woman you cared deeply for in that manner.” He said while stifling his smile at the fact that it was him who did it. “My name is Rarik, I am the Son of Kain and Lady Frey of the Kitsune.” He said introducing himself to her with a slight bow before stepping closer and offered his right hand to hers, invisible to her eye he would have the brand that would activate on her right shoulder sealed to his hand charged to trigger the activation of it that was placed there the moment she was born by her mother and his parents. 

SophitiaEien: Sephiria nodded in relief to Rarithyr as he and his love turned and headed to their quarters, leaving herself and the man alone as he once again had slipped away and was just now coming back into view. She listened to him speak and raised an eyebrow; she knew that Rarithyr had seen it, or had he? Was she really the only one, other than him? She sighed softly, pinching the bridge of her nose in thought before finally answering him. “It does not matter. She is naught to me now,” Sephiria said darkly as she watched him bow, his lip having been twitching a little with restraint beforehand. He was hiding something, she could tell. She'd get it out of him sooner or later. As he introduced himself she couldn't help but furrow her brow in remembrance, as she swore she'd heard that name at some point in her life. Everything was quite blurry, though, so the memory wasn't clear. She knew it was familiar in some way, but disregarded the fact in order to take his extended hand in a firm grip of politeness. Right as their hands touched a burning pain and a white-hot pleasure rippled through her from her right shoulder downward, causing her to cry out in a mixture of the sensations as she gripped the area hard enough to dig her claws in a little, which drew blood. “Ugh...P-Pleasure to meet you. I am Sephiria Zarkov, ruler of Vostra. I apologize, I do not know what ails me so suddenly. Please make yourself at home, I only ask that you do not disturb my brother's chosen one. She is quite skittish.” She turned from him after this and walked inside further, finally taking a seat to rest on the throne amidst the wreckage she'd left behind from her rage. “Excuse the mess.”

HidekiSaito: Rarik stood there his hand still holding hers as he smiled before making the final reveal. “Seph you really don’t remember me.” He said softly with a chuckle before revealing his three tails to her. “Your mom pledged you to me and my parents pledged me to you, we also grew up together.” He said before releasing her hand. “ I had a lot to learn before coming to see you as well as get some things under control also your mother says hi and that she plans on visiting sooner or later.” He said passing on the message from her mother before walking closer to her, “Did you like my gift. Your mother told me to prepare something for you and hope for the best.” He asked her as his voice became cold as his eyes hardened while looking at her. the gift he was referring to was the young girl he sent to her that was trained to be a blood slave just for her; this slave also had some of his blood mixed into her from her mother’s experiments. “you should easily recognize me you tried to kill me multiple times growing up because of how I was to others.” He said referring to the cruelty he dished out in either pranks or just to other people in general. 

SophitiaEien: Sephiria growled slightly more in discomfort as the pain continued, making her shoulder tremble, and she stood in some shock as he told his tale...especially when he mentioned knowing of her mother, and that they'd grown up together. “I don't care for tall tales,” she spat as she jerked her hand from him once he'd released it, taking a step back and baring her fangs at him in threat. He spoke of sending a girl her way as he walked closer, and she immediately seemed to go pale as the fair-haired teen had indeed come through, delivered to her out of nowhere, and in her irritation she'd snapped the girl's neck and drained her of nothing. She didn't care for blood slaves much, as she loved the thrill of the kill itself. He spoke of this girl being something her mother suggested and she scoffed, shaking her head as she straightened and cracked her knuckles slowly. “My mother has not been seen or heard of since I was two-hundred or so. Please, do humor me and tell me a truth.” The tone was icy and very clearly amused; this man was here merely to toy with her, and she would have none of it. She could end his life in a heartbeat in the current mood she was in. She took a moment and snapped her fingers once, and the loud thud of a bolt slamming shut could be heard from within the south wing as the door to Striga's and Rarithyr's room was locked, keeping them within. She'd explain why to them later, once this idiot was dealt with. However, when he mentioned her trying to kill him repeatedly for his treatment of other people, her head pounded and she gasped in shock as memories came flashing through her vision; horrid pranks, cruelty, viciousness toward all people around them. It was then that she did finally recognize him and her expression turned utterly stone, her eyes shifting to a gleaming crimson. “Why are you here,” she uttered aloud, her voice authoritative and ringing in the throne room. It was clear she would not falter; she was a queen now, no longer a sniveling brat. He would not break her.

HidekiSaito: He looked at her with a cruel smile as she bared her fangs, before snapping his fingers causing chains of flame to begin to spurt from the ground. “Kneel.” He said coldly as the rune on her shoulder began to burn and flash while his eyes darkened to a deeper red and his aura flared revealing more about his power. “when you met me I was a simple sniveling brat that was too cruel for his own good. I am much worse now and I have three tails instead of one.” These chains would slowly begin to make progress toward her ankles, if they get close enough to wrap around her they would begin to slowly sap away her strength. Sephiria’s Mother helped him with various things to prepare him for this day. “and I have already started to break you. The first was that illusion you saw of your beloved Lin.” He said cruelly trying to provoke her and make her angrier than what she already was. “ I believe you have heard these words before; You belong to me.” He said as the chains would finally snap out from where they came from the ground two are going straight to her ankles while the other three are heading for her arms and neck. 

SophitiaEien: The smile was enough to tell her to be on her guard, and as he snapped his fingers she was wise enough to lurch a couple feet back away from the sprouting chains, as well as Rarik himself. She growled from the very pits of her chest at him, snarling as he tried entirely too hard to intimidate her. Sephiria knew to avoid chains of any kind, regardless of what effect they might have on her, and continued to step back at a quickened pace to avoid them getting within reach. He spoke of him conjuring the illusion of Lin and she scoffed with another chuckle, tutting and shaking her head. “I figured that wasn't her. She's dead, and nothing to me. A betraying whore. You'll have to try harder. As for your words, allow me to state my answer.” She thrust her hand forward, a strong telekinetic blast pushed in his direction. Should it make contact, it would throw him back into the stone wall behind him. “I belong to no one, and never will. So give my mother my regards, will you? And that I will be ready when she arrives.” With this she turned from him and stepped into the southern wing, her footsteps calm even though her mind whirled. She needed to warn Rarithyr, get Striga to safety. For both of their sakes, they needed to stay out of this. Her mother, Yul Vae, was a dangerous woman – known for her cruelty in the demon realm, so much so that she even befriended royals in order to further her status and become known for her desire to overrule every other realm with evolved races and mixed breeds. Experimentation, torture and visceral gore trailed behind Yul's every footstep, and Sephiria knew well that her people would be in great danger should she actually return. She quickly made her way to the couple's chambers and unbolted the door, entering and quickly bolting it behind them. “You two must leave. Now. Go somewhere safe, take Striga with you. I do not care where and do not alert me. He will seek you out to use you against me, and will stop at naught. Go!” She began packing their room as hushed and quickly as she could, taking care of Striga's few remaining wounds before getting them set up. “Again, do not alert me to where you go. I will find you. You know I will. Trust me, brother.” With that she turned back to the door, quickly leaving and bolting the door back up and walking up the hallway to block the path with herself. Black mist shadowed the area behind her, a poisonous gas that made the blood of some stronger demons boil. However, it did not always work, and she did not know how to fight a Kitsune at the three-tailed level. This would be tricky, but she had to protect them.

SophitiaEien: [As Sephiria Zarkov is too strong of a character to be allowed to fight/be in combat, I consent to receive combat actions from henceforth. I will only post an attack if it is a self-defense move. -Log Note-] 

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr looked to his sister and nodded right when the shadows started to meld and give way to Rarik’s form, though this was an illusion designed to scare Sephiria. “I found you,” he said as he waved his hand causing the floor to change into a swamp filled with poisonous snakes. The real Rarik was hit with the telekinesis and launched into a wall yet before he could be slammed into a wall he used the chains to catch his body and lower him to the ground before he would begin to make his progress in the direction that she had ran. Rarithyr moved quickly trying to evade the poisonous snakes and grab the rest of their stuff, combined with placing Striga on his back. “There aren’t many places to go,” He thought before smiling as the perfect place appeared in his mind. “Striga, we are heading to your home town.” He whispered in her ear before letting the mist shape over them and lead them away, the mist also broke the illusion for them. Sephiria soon made her way into the hall seeing that Rarik was on his way to her, unfazed from her telekinetic blast. In this close quarters, he held the advantage as the chains from the other room started to appear again from the walls, floor and the ceiling as he kicked forward charging toward her. “I see you have learned how to utilize the mist, but thanks to my blood that poison will have no effect on me.” He said as he jumped into the air before spinning and moved to drop his foot down at her head the force of the kick would have a wind like slice coming off of it that would dispel her mist. 

SophitiaEien: “STRIGA, JUMP!” The woman growled and hauled her up suddenly as the floor seemed to be covered in snakes; it would not affect her much if she were bitten, but it would kill the human. Rarithyr could see this protective side finally, something he didn't see often as he did his best to evade the snakes. She helped the woman onto his back as best as she could before leaving the room, having bolted the door and heading through the hall. Sephiria was caught off guard by the appearance of the chains coming from everywhere, clasping around her limbs and throat and latching shut. She struggled hard against them with a roar of anger as he had charged toward her, and upon believing that she would be kicked in the head she flinched. Instead, the mist was dispelled, and she was left restrained by the chains he'd summoned. “Let. Me. Go. Rarik.” Her voice ground out like gravel, a rumbling growl of threat dripping from every syllable as she pulled hard at the restraints, managing to at least crack the wall with one of them. “Your blood, last I checked, was nothing but that of a filthy mongrel who slept with any whore to get what he wanted in life, including my mother. So you can fuck off with what you believe to know of me. I am not the same child you knew.” Finally she yanked her arms inward, pulling the base of the chains out and letting them clatter to the floor. Quickly she began her struggle to break the ones around her ankles, pulling and striking them with her fist, snarling in frustration.

HidekiSaito: The human and elf was gone and he did not care he could find them later if he so chose to. Right now, his primary focus was the delectable morsel in front of him. “Stop struggling beautiful, I am not the same Mongrel you thought I was then.” He said as he walked closer while more chains shot from the wall these were black as night and forged directly from his energy which would now be pulsating along the very hall. Rarik’s Crimson eyes were cold and directly feasting on her body as a low growl left his throat. He then took his nail and made a small cut on his wrist and let some of the blood begin to drip onto the stone floor, the magic and power in his blood intensifies the aura pulse. “as you can tell by the smell of my blood I am not the same as I was then.” He tells her before passing his wrist under her nose then waves his hand over the wound to close it up. The scent of sakura blossoms and earth would flood her nose, the underlying scent finally becoming known to her before he gripped her jaw making her look into his eyes. “Lady Sephiria, honor the agreement between parents and return to me, I know you remember how you used to feel before you witnessed my cruelty.” He told her before his lips found her cheek taking the risk of her attacking him, this was also a distraction to keep her focus on him as the new chains were moving to wrap around her arms, neck and torso locking her in place. 

SophitiaEien: More chains seemed to latch onto her as she struggled free of the first few, though these were stronger and now directly forged from energy. There was no escaping this, not at her level of strength. She growled as he walked closer to her and cut his wrist, growling and leering at her like a piece of meat. She was forced to smell his blood and if she were able to, she would have paled – the power within it, the very was corrupted with something far stronger than she could have anticipated. There was no way she could survive a fight with this. Fear caused her eyes to return to their silver state, yelping softly as her jaw was gripped and she was forced to look at him. He spoke to her of coming to him as his mate, speaking of how she felt before..but that was just it; she didn't remember. Everything was so blurred. Whether it was trauma or amnesia, she didn't know, but it was frustrating to a fault. “I...Just give me time. To consider this. I will not attack you, but do not torture me so, at the very least. And leave my brother and his chosen alone. That is all I ask. You are free to remain here, but I must get to know you again. I do not...remember much of my younger years.” She hung her head, knowing she was essentially immobilized, and the threat displays she put up lowered to make her vulnerable. This was a survival tactic and if he knew of how she had grown to become, he'd recognize it instantly.

HidekiSaito: He leaned down bringing his lips closer to her ear. “You better not be lying or I will turn your brother and his chosen into my own personal play toys locked under a permanent illusion.” He said to her with a cold undertone before resting his hand on her right shoulder and sent in some energy to the rune that was branded there when she was born activating it, trying to restore her memories or alter the ones she has of him to where she was crueler and in love with him. He stayed standing next to her with his hand resting there as he charged the aura slowly pushing it into the rune. This would cause a painful yet pleasant sensation that would travel through her entire body. “I can be quite reasonable, now you place me as your Advisor for however long I deem fit while you work out what ever it is you need to work out. I will respect your wishes as long as you do not cross me.” He said with a note of warning before snapping his fingers releasing the chains minus the one around her neck awaiting for her to acknowledge his warning and understand the consequences of what she would be bringing upon her family should she cross him in any manner. 

SophitiaEien: She squeezed her eyes shut as he drew near to her face, and it was clear she was afraid in the way that she trembled at his whisper. When he spoke his threat she shuddered strongly and growled, turning her head from him as much as she could. However, Sephiria's head snapped back as she screamed with the searing pain and pleasure rippling through her body at his activation of the mark on her shoulder, her mind flooding with memories new to her, but old to him. Memories of them as children, torturing other kids and even slaves, every blood rage she'd gone through, the day her mother left her to Valeria....she cried out in sorrow; she didn't want to remember. She did not /want/ this. She did not want him. She wanted her Baralineth, the kind and gentle soul that touched her heart with love. But for now, she was stuck with this beast of a man who could bend her will with a touch of his palm. She could hear him as she came to this realization and all she could do was stare at the floor blankly, limp in the chains as they held her and falling with a grunt as he released her of them with the snap of his fingers. Her throat was yanked up however by the one that remained, causing her neck to pop rather loudly and her ears to ring, making her gasp and claw at the ring. He wanted acknowledgment, it seemed. She finally stopped struggling and gave a single nod, tears running down her face as she struggled to breathe.

HidekiSaito: He nods before snapping his fingers releasing the chain that slowly changed form from a chain that was choking her to a black choker with gold inlay and a piece of chain that would slowly meld into her skin connecting directly to the rune. “Now if you disobey me that choker will activate the rune causing you to fall to the ground. You have one week enjoy it and figure out what you are going to do, I'll be around somewhere.” He said before turning to walk off whistling a happy tune, deciding to head into the city to look around and check out what was going on in Vostra. He quickly found his way to the local tavern and ordered him a drink while he was sitting there enjoying the drink Striga and Rarithyr would soon make a reappearance at the castle figuring everything would be safe which it was for the time being. “Sis is everything all clear, we had to return Rose Lake is underwater, my home gone.” He said to her while standing there covered in water soaked to the bone same as Striga who was still clinging to his back barely breathing from the sudden immersion, which had shocked her system. 

SophitiaEien: Sephiria dropped to the floor, coughing up a fit and grasping at the collar out of pure shock to her system. She did try pulling it off, but it was no use – it was stuck there. She heard his footsteps leave the hall and the door shut as he left the castle itself, his threat lingering in the air, and she laid there and simply sobbed. What was she to do? Why her? And certainly why now...She was curled in the fetal position when Rarithyr and Striga returned, soaking wet and she could hear Striga's labored breathing from salted water in her wounds and the shock of being underwater and sudden immersion. She got up on her arms and crawled over to the wall, sliding up using it as support until she was standing and refused to look at him as she simply walked forward and helped Striga off of his back. The girl winced out as she was held in the woman's arms and Sephiria groaned with the effort, her knees weakening a little and her gait staggering some as she started to walk slowly toward the locked room. She took a moment and focused, using the remaining energy she had to push the bolt back before collapsing to the floor with the human clutched to her chest. Sephiria had landed on her back because she turned so she wouldn't collapse on top of her brother's mate, but the fall jolted the girl and caused her to yelp in some discomfort and then later worry. Striga crawled out of her arms despite Sephiria trying to hold onto her as her consciousness faded, weak from emotional and physical strain. “...ephiria...Sephiria!...” Striga called to her, tapping her cheek, but it was no use. She'd passed out cold. Striga looked to her beloved in worry; she could feel that something was very wrong.

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr looked to her and rubbed Striga’s cheek. “Relax, she is just exhausted it seems she had a ghost from her past appear and it just wore her out, go to the baths and clean up ill put her to bed then come join you.” Rarithyr tells Striga before he would pick up his sister and carry her to bed laying her in it then covered her before leaving the room to go get himself cleaned up and in dry clothes. Rarik was still at the tavern enjoying a drink watching the different people before he cast another illusion this time of the tavern bursting into flames causing people to run out screaming tramping over others to get out while he sat there laughing then walked out the back entrance as the illusion faded skipping out on paying the bill before deciding to head back to the castle and find something to do, maybe he will just lounge about in the throne room for the rest of the day in his fox form. Rarithyr finally got to the baths and got his toga off, happy to find Striga naked and waiting for him there, just as Rarik walked into the palace and went to the throne room shifting to his fox form and flopped down by the fire pit to be warm.

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SophitiaEien: Striga had been ceaselessly pacing by Sephiria's chamber door for nearly three days straight, clearly worried sick as the woman had not made signs of waking or leaving. It was to the point that she almost thought to enter a few times, but literally could not slide back the bolt that held her door locked shut. The only one that could get in at this point was maybe Rarithyr, and definitely Rarik – which was someone neither Striga nor Sephiria wanted to be around at all. The woman sighed, sleep-deprived and nearly healed, but the random bandage was still wrapped around her various appendages and wore a loose but satiny dress which provided better range of movement. “She hasn't moved, hasn't fed, hasn't even...ugh. This woman..What would Rarithyr do...” She paused and pinched the bridge of her nose in worry, sliding to a sitting position on the floor against the door. Within the room itself, Sephiria slept soundly inside of the oak box, simply covered in a thin silky sheet with her head propped on her arm. She was naked beneath them, having stripped off the cumbersome clothing as soon as she'd come to and realized she was within her own sanctuary – away from Rarik. She had gone to sleep then for a while to regain her senses and in the hope that when she woke it would all be over, like a bad dream. However she could sense Striga's stress and heard her pacing footsteps, a sigh leaving her as she finally opened her eyes. Gods, she was hungry. She needed to munch something from the kitchens soon. She pushed the lid off of the box and pulled herself up and out of it, standing with the sheet wrapped around her thin form as she finger-brushed her hair out. Striga heard this movement and gasped, quickly running from the hall to find Rarithyr to tell him that she'd finally woken up. She stopped in the throne room, seeking him out. “She's up! Rarithyr, come quick!”

HidekiSaito: Rarik stood next to the throne and looked to the woman before walking up to her, “The queen is awake...good. She has a lot to do, plenty of people wish to see her. Tell her that she is needed in the throne room. Now go also near your room is a workshop for you to work in.” he tells her before spinning on his heel heading to go find Rarithyr and let him know that the queen was awake. Rarithyr was found in the library, organizing a bookshelf or two after the chaos of previous days. “Rarithyr, good to see you, the queen is awake and will be convening shortly in the throne room be there shortly.” He said before leaving to head to the kitchen and get food for the queen prepared to head to her room. “prepare a meal of her favorites, substitute the animal blood tinged with alcohol with human blood, then bring it to her room.” Rarik told the cook before heading out of the kitchen and make his way toward the throne room to set up some fun little traps and illusions toward everyone, remembering Sephiria’s fear of spiders he set the throne to transform into a large burrow spider. For Striga, he had an illusion of a man coming to kill her after taking advantage repeatedly, and for Rarithyr he had an illusion of Striga being ripped in half by the silhouette of an unknown creature. He knew of the poison in her blood before it left her body some time ago, as he'd arrived before it had, and thought of a way to cause the girl more stress as she experienced her trauma over again.

SophitiaEien: Striga seemed to regard the man carefully and keep herself at a good distance once she saw him, giving him a solemn nod without a word and heading to the workshop he mentioned to work on the gown that she was commissioned to do. The cook, when approached with an order for his Queen, knew the man to be the new Advisor and bowed with a nod and a “Yes Sir” before getting to work. The food was prepared after about an hour's work and a servant was sent to alert Rarik of this, who found him at work but didn't seem to be able to tell what he was doing. “Sir? The Queen's meal is ready,” the servant, a young man of seventeen, said as he stood with his hands folded behind his back in subservient fashion. Striga was able to move now, but it caused her a great deal of discomfort and took a lot of effort without Rarithyr's help. Her bones were still healing, but the care he and Sephiria had provided was taking beautifully. Her new workshop was filled with various colors of high-end fabrics, a table, cutting and sewing supplies, and other tools used in her trade. She looked around in awe, her eyes softening as she realized how much the queen was willing to help her. Maybe this would be a safer home than Iron could be, and maybe she'd truly belong. However, her fear of Samuel still lingered in her mind as she pondered this, and she decided to stave off the negative thoughts by settling on the colors that she remembered Scarlet had requested, moving them to her new table and working on marking the pieces. Sephiria finished brushing out her tangles and pulled her hair back in the fashion that most commonly saw it in, half up in a ponytail at the back of her head and the rest cascading down her back. She slid into a regal gown of deep scarlet and clasped on her cloak, as well as shoulder pauldrons of decorative make and not truly for battle. She clipped on some ruby earrings that formed into drops below the lobe, and once she was done she slid the usual black paint over her lips and put on a sweet scent. There, better. She unlatched her door and exited her room after tidying up after herself, closing it behind her as she made her way to the throne room. The first reaction she had when she saw the spider was a shocked “WHOA!” and for her limber form to jump back some, her back resting against the wall of the hall to be out of its sight. Her heart now hammered, a cold sweat forming as her fiery eyes stared widely off to the side in order to keep watch in case it neared. Striga was now finished with marking the pieces and began cutting when Rarik's illusion reached her, the being first pinning her to the table as it “took advantage” of her. She screamed out but she felt a hand over her mouth -her own, though she did not realize this-, muffling her pained and frightened cries as to anyone else it would seem she was just bent over the table, but to her she was being violently raped. 

HidekiSaito: Rarithyr stood there looking at the illusion before he grabbed his chest just as Striga’s blood spread out across his torso from the unknown male ripping her in half, soon after he clutched his chest he crumpled to the floor breathing his last breath. “That is one down.” Rarik thought while the spider began to move toward the queen and speak to her. “Why am I here, this is not my home!” The spider said to her. The Illusion Striga was dealing with continued to use her over the desk without a care in the world his hand threading through her hair while the other moved to wrap around her neck seeping a small dose of wyvern's poison through her body via touch and sweat. As he continued to rape her. “my queen we have some food for you.” The young servant boy said to the queen not understanding what she was looking at, stepping back some to avoid the food being spilt to the floor as she jumped backwards. Rarik stood there leaning against the wall before walking off to the kitchen to get him something to drink probably something strong in regards of a whiskey or a scotch of some type. “A strong drink sounds good.” He said before entering the kitchen and looked to the cook. “where is the alcohol, I would like a scotch and some good food.”

SophitiaEien: Sephiria heard the spider speak, and at this moment she realized that it was an illusion. None of the spiders in Vostra, though they were every bit as large on occasion, never spoke and could not attain that ability even through magical experimentation. As soon as she realized this, she was able to calm her breathing down enough to assess the situation around her. She could hear screaming...Striga. She turned and raced to Striga's room, or at least was headed that way until she noticed the new setup in another room near hers. This was where the screaming was coming from as Striga could not stop herself, sobbing uncontrollably as she was continuously violated. She could feel the burn of the poison that was once in her veins, causing her screams to grow even more frantic and loud and once Sephiria found her in this state she grabbed the girl by her shoulders and pulled her close. This snapped Striga out of the illusion, as no one but Rarithyr had ever embraced her like that, and she pushed the woman away in terror. “Don't, don't tou—O-Oh...Seph-Sephiria. Where is...?” She panted in anxiety, her hand on her chest as wide eyes searched the room. There was no sign of the “attacker”, and she felt no pain any longer save for the pain of her still-healing wounds. “In the throne room. Rarik is using illusions to trick us, it is a cruel game he plays. I know this is hard to process, but you must realize it is NOT real. Whatever you just saw, it wasn't really happening. I promise. Come.” Sephiria offered her hand and Striga took it, weakly following as she was led to the throne room in order to confront the Kitsune. What they were both met with was enough to cause Striga to crumple to the floor, screaming uncontrollably and curling into a ball with her hands over her ears. “NO!!! NO!!!!” She kept on repeating, and Sephiria stood in shock as though she could not hear the girl at all. “ brother...Rarithyr, my brother, wake up...” her voice was naught but a whisper, too weak to grow any louder as she slowly walked toward his body. She dropped to her knees and shook his shoulder gently, then a little harder, and then picked him up by his shoulders and shook him so violently his head flopped around like a dead fish. He was dead. Once this realization hit her and she saw his dull, lifeless blind eyes – she knew. She knew exactly who did this. The servant boy, who now approached her with the plate of food still in his hand, gasped in horror at the body and was about to run off when Sephiria seemed to move so quickly that it was in a blink when she stood before him, grasping the adolescent's throat and causing him to choke and gasp as the food spilled onto the floor, his grip lost in her strong grip. “Where. Is. Rarik.” She ground out, and the boy weakly pointed to the kitchen. She crushed his throat with a sharp squeeze and left him to crumple beside her brother as she walked in the direction of the cook's domain, where the chef himself was preparing the requested meal. Upon seeing the queen the man seemed to drop everything and back up into the wine cellar; he could tell when she was unhappy, and he wanted no part of it. Before he could get too far she shifted her glare to him, a telekinetic push causing him to be lifted off the ground as though thrown and his back snapped as it hit a solid shelf, killing him instantly due to the severing of his spinal cord. She was unfazed to the death she'd just caused as she approached her Advisor, her hand quickly lashing out to wrap around his throat. If he did not move out of her way or stop her in time, her grip would be strong enough to cut off circulation and breathing for as long as she chose to hold it. 

HidekiSaito: Rarik smiled as he sidestepped while grabbing the bottle of Scotch and set it out of reach then attempted to grab her by the choker and slam her down onto the stone table which would crack her skull almost knocking her unconscious. If she does not dodge to the right or left, to the table he would use one of his claws to rip off her dress and underwear in a single motion. “now it is time to take what is rightfully mine.” He growled as his hand rested on her upper back pushing her down as he moved her to the floor pinning her under his heavy frame as he slammed his growing cock deep into her tight virgin channel. The medic heard the screams from Striga and the sound of people dying as the queen went on a war path to find Rarik. Rarik knew about the medic, and he had her placed close by in order to keep Rarithyr and Striga from dying, yet he did not take into account of the impact of the illusion of Striga being ripped in half on him which lead to Rarithyr dying from a heart attack. “I did not plan for Rarithyr to die, I had a healer placed nearby just to keep any deaths from happening.” He tells Sephiria as he held her close to him now that his cock would be centered deep into her tight virgin cunt. 

SophitiaEien: She wasn't expecting him to go for her, instead thinking he would merely dodge, but her head hit the table nonetheless and she earned herself a concussion due to a small crack in her skull. She was too dazed to move as her vision blurred and spun slightly, not recognizing the sensation of her clothes being ripped off of her immediately; the fact of what he was about to do hit her as his hand rested on her back to push her down against the cool stone and she panicked, snarling and struggling against him – though it was in vain. She was pinned beneath him, and the searing hot pain of her purity being taken from her by force rippled through her body as it went limp with defeat mixed with shame. Tears fell down her face without restraint and her head rested on the table, her hair covering her expression completely as it spilt around her and draped off the sides. Blood trickled from where they joined, making a frightened sob escape her at a louder tone as she recognized the scent. The female medic nearby in the throne room had seen Striga collapse and rushed to her, immediately coating a rag in an herbal oil that would effectively knock her out and allow her to rest. The woman pulled Striga up into her lap and covered her mouth and nose with the cloth, and the human woman struggled and screamed at her to leave before finally succumbing to the drug. After the medic had ensured that she was calmed down and fully asleep she quickly moved over to where Rarithyr lay, resting her hand on his chest to feel for any signs of life. Nothing. No breathing, no heartbeat. His body was even already starting to grow cold. She sighed, shaking her head as she pushed his eyelids to a closed point. No way to help him now, he was gone. [Discuss chosen undead resurrection from Leviathan] She went back to Striga and picked her up as gently as she could, taking her to the medical wing on the north hall of the castle and laying her down in a bed. She set to work checking the injuries, changing the bandages and cleaning the wounds before restraining her limbs in the bed so that when she woke she could not try to move. After doing all of this she sent one of her nurses after the scream she'd heard from the kitchens, and a couple of the new coroner's assistants to clean up the bodies. Meanwhile, Sephiria lay beneath Rarik and heard him speak as he held her close, though it did little good to console the broken half-breed. She couldn't even speak, and though the physical pain had faded her mental anguish was just beginning. She was recalling all the memories of how he comforted her when she cried due to the way he was trying to do so now, and as much as she tried to reject them they remained at the forefront. She finally ceased her crying, her heart bitter and filled with utter hatred. Her body betrayed her feelings, reacting in an anatomically normal fashion by twitching around the thick rod that invaded her walls and moisture soaking around it, mixing with the blood that was now beginning to cease from trickling. The brand on her shoulder burned due to the fact that she'd tried to attack him, causing her to groan and clench her fists in response. “Fuck you...” Her voice ground out, spitting venom in response to the atrocity he had just committed against her. 

HidekiSaito: He kissed her shoulder on the brand triggering it to release a gentle calming wave before shifting positions, changing from pinning her with her chest and head to the table into her being in his lap as he rested on his knees, pulling her with him so her can hold her in his arms with her back to his chest. “Sephiria I am sorry. I am truly sorry.” He whispers as tears slowly fall out of his eyes burning along her back from the warmth of them. “I never meant to kill anyone.” He said rocking her slowly while he held her to him. He kissed along her neck and shoulders while holding her. “I came to this realm to find you and pledge my love to you but I fell into old habits because I just couldn’t resist, I should have been straight with you and told you the truth.” He said as he just stopped kissing then rested his forehead against her shoulders while he sat there deep in thought giving her time to think and hopefully calm down. They were still joined together as he held her his full length buried deep inside her as he held her to him. [Rarithyr] Rarithyr’s body was collected and moved by the servants and placed in the coroner's workshop, a place of strong magics which moved to surround his body and keep it somewhat preserved, while something was done to figure out what exactly is needed to keep his body from rotting. [Rarik] “Seph please let me in and trust me that I never meant for this to happen.” 

SophitiaEien: The wave of calm washed over her as his kiss pressed to the skin of her shoulder, which by itself caught her off guard and made her freeze where he held her. As he changed positions and wrapped her up in his arms, it drove him deeper to hilt within her warmth and made a massive tingling heat rise in her pelvis and breasts. She felt the firmness of his chest against her back, his heart beating there, and fresh tears fell and dropped to her thighs as they rested on either side of his knees...though it was no longer in anger. She felt the warm wetness against her skin as he cried whilst he apologized and her eyes widened in shock, quickly turning her face to view his to see if he truly was shedding tears as she believed. To her utter surprise, he was. “Rarik..” she said, her voice cracking with emotion a little as she realized he was truly sorry for his cruelty. Was he still the same as he used to be...before all the cruelty she witnessed? He truly didn't mean to kill her brother? She felt his kisses and a softly sobbed sigh left her as she closed her eyes with a flutter, a heightened pitch of a moan left her lips soon after. Her hand came up shakily to rest on his arm where he held her, the thumb stroking his muscled forearm. “I loved you...once...didn't I?..” She asked him genuinely, wanting confirmation of the new memories that were flooding her mind at the moment. Their first kiss, their first hug, the day he gave her a ring to confirm his love and their engagement, a ring she later tossed away as she learned of just how cruel he could be...She felt his forehead rest against her back as all of this circulated, and as he asked her to let him in she felt her heart tug at itself with raw agony and turmoil. The pleasure rippling through from the large rod that impaled her influenced her choice as she finally decided to wrap her arms around his and squeeze them as though hugging him close, her head lowering enough that he could feel her slow breathing. “Show me this love you have...I give you this chance...” She whispered, trying to sound stern though her tone and actions failed her in that regard. It came out as an innocent suggestive statement rather than a stern forgiveness as she intended.

HidekiSaito: He lifted her off him and laid her on the stone floor before kissing her deeply and tenderly understanding her words while his hands slowly started massage and feel her body moving across her small frame caressing her breast and hips. “I care for you Sephiria, and I am sorry for all the pain I have caused.” He said to her after breaking the kiss before slowly sliding down and took one of her nipples into her mouth sucking gently on the tender peak till it was a hard nub, then he moved to the other side and repeated the motion to her right nipple before sliding down his tongue tracing along her abdomen before reaching her sex as a low growl left his throat before he looked up at her his crimson eyes glowing faintly while he watched her as he began to trace her folds as his hands pushed her legs apart; slowly lifting them onto his shoulders. He lifts his mouth off her sex to talk again as he spread her lips with one hand looking directly at the shiny pink folds. “So perfect.” He murmured before sucking her clit into his mouth as he slowly inserted two fingers into her tight slit. 

SophitiaEien: Sephiria felt him lift her hips off of his and his rod withdrawn from her slit, which stung slightly and she winced. When the cool stone met the skin of her back goose-flesh rose on her body, but his tender kiss allowed her to relax enough to not jump every time he touched her once he began caressing her curves. She heard him apologize and realized that this was the first time he'd /ever/ apologized, at least according to memory – but that was highly unreliable. The part about him caring for her...that was a grey area. She wasn't sure how he really felt, and he had no reason to lie about this...did he?..He broke her train of thought when she felt him move down and instantly her eyes flew down to watch him, her hands moving quickly as though to stop him, but they paused midway as she rethought it. He wasn't going to hurt her...she wanted to believe that. She needed to give him a chance. She slowly moved her hands to rest on his head, smoothing her fingers in his hair; it was her way of letting him know she consented. His mouth soon wrapped around her soft breast and she gasped a little, the suckling making her bite her lip and shudder. She tried hard to keep watching him but soon her eyes flew closed and she tossed her head back, having felt him move from one breast to the other with soft pops. The feeling of his tongue on her abdomen made her stomach twitch a bit from the sudden temperature change, and the lower he moved the more nervous she got. “W-Wait, I..” She breathed as he neared her sex, her eyes meeting his as she heard him growl. Her breath was heated and somewhat fast with anxiety and something else she didn't quite recognize, but felt it was urgent. Something in her was urging her not to stop him, yet at the same time to run from him and never look back. Yet once more, as her mind began to think on this, he distracted her with a much different tactic; his tongue slid along her labia, his hands pushing her legs apart, and she threw her head back and her back arched up as a sharp mewling cry left her mouth, now agape with surprise and elation. She didn't notice that he'd lifted her legs onto his shoulders until she was able to glance down at him again, meeting his gaze as he spoke to her and called her perfect. She blushed with embarrassment and turned her face to the side, squeezing her eyes shut with a soft whimper of shyness as he spread her with one hand. He could see the drying blood mixing with her arousal from his earlier penetration there, something she wouldn't really notice due to how distracted from the scent she was. When his fingers slid inside of her deflowered pussy she gasped with another high-pitched cry, the salt of his skin somewhat stinging but at the same time the texture of his rough digits rubbing along her inner walls – eliciting heat and tingling pleasure. She felt as she couldn't breathe correctly the moment he sucked her clit into his mouth, and her claws dug into the floor and cracked slightly. Her writhing was not something she was able to control, given how sensitive she was, and it was clear she didn't really touch herself before he had. 

HidekiSaito: He never let his eyes leave her face as he watched her reaction while he tongued her clit while he continued to work her insides with his fingers hooking them every two or three thrust to rub and toy her g-spot. He did this for a total of fifteen minutes before he slid up her body and kissed her tenderly while cupping her cheek then rolled off to lie next to her and hold her in his arms. “I appreciate this chance that you are giving me Seph.” He said softly while tracing her hip with his fingertip looking at her; “I never understood why your mom chose me and my family, we are not very high up.” He said before kissing her neck as he pulled her closer to him while snuggling her. “I know I took your virginity by force, but I want to do the rest properly so only if you wish to continue we will.” Rarik says to Sephiria in a seductive whisper before biting her neck then kisses her right shoulder as he rolled on top of her again to look into her eyes while caressing her cheek. “is there anything you want know any issues you have with memories returning and such that I can do to help?” 

SophitiaEien: His fingers, his gaze that she could feel watching her as his tongue caressed her nethers, and the next fifteen minutes all combined to give her bliss beyond words. When he rolled away from her she curled up against him, tilting her head into the crook of his shoulder and neck to take in his scent. She felt the after-orgasm high waving over her and so her cheeks were flush, her breath was fast but starting to slow back down, and she was oddly affectionate compared to her usual nature. She smiled at him softly as his finger traced her hip when he spoke to her, thanking her for giving him a chance. When he mentioned her mother, she scoffed a little and shrugged. “I have never known my mother to make sense, at least nothing she ever told me made sense. She was always going on and on about furthering her cause, making powerful demon-spawn through any way possible. She always envisioned me helping her with that, but I have changed as much as you have it seems.” She gave a gentle content sigh as he kissed her neck, and she brought her hand up to hold his. His next whisper gave her delightful chills, and the bite to her neck made her whine happily and squirm a little. When he rolled on top of her and caressed her cheek to ask her about her memories, she paused in moment to think on her answer. Finally she looked back up to meet his eyes, as her own had...traveled a bit south. “I don't remember...why I came to be so afraid. I have done many cruel things as well, possibly worse than you. To hate you for what you've done seems so out of place for me...but I was a child then, and likely not as exposed to such things. She did well to keep me in the dark about a lot. Whatever you can tell me, I will appreciate.” She reached up as her eyes traveled back down to his broad chest, pressing her hand against it to feel his heartbeat if he had one. “...I also don't understand the mixed feelings I have. I am so afraid, very afraid...and so very, very angry at you. But at the same time, what with how you've just touched me...” She blushed and turned her gaze away, looking off to the left in embarrassment. “I'm so conflicted, Rarik. Why? Why have you truly come? How long have you been searching?'

HidekiSaito: He cupped her cheek and kissed her again before rolling onto his back placing her on top of him before crossing his hands behind his head. “I have been searching for ten years, I came to this realm from the demon realm landing in the ice and snow north of Galandor.” He tells her honestly before sitting up with her in his lap her chest pressed against his as he traced his hand across her back before lightly smacking her ass. “that brand is a direct link into your suppressed memories, my guess is there is only a few that have started to arise there are more, how many I do not know. It could also be from your mother’s experiments the repression of memories.” He explains to her slowly before kissing her collar bone before running his nail along her spine he then stood up holding her in his arms before setting her on the table. “I am possibly famished, are you hungry before we continue these extracurricular we should eat.” He said to her with a wink before grabbing some glasses for the scotch, a bottle of human blood, that was labeled as animal blood, as well as some strawberries and a whipped cream. “Is there any chocolate around here?” he asked Seph while he was digging around the kitchen naked looking for some different things because he had some ideas regarding food and fun. 

SophitiaEien: She returned his kiss and before she could react she was suddenly sitting on top of him, his hands no longer holding her. She yelped and crouched close to his chest, afraid of falling off, lowering her head to his shoulder to listen to him as he spoke of his search for her. Then he sat up with her in his arms, a gasp and a soft chuckle leaving her as he smacked her ass. His nail against her back made her shiver a little, and so did the mention of her mother's implementations possibly messing with her memories. “I hope that they come back,” she said softly as he began his scrounging for food, raising a brow at the things he grabbed. Strawberries, a bowl of some type of strange fluffy cream, and a couple glasses along with a bottle of scotch. When he asked after chocolate she turned, about to call for the chef, but saw him laying dead on the floor and remembered what she had done. She rested her head in her hands, horror coming over her expression. “I did it again...didn't I. I killed...I killed out of anger.” Sephiria hugged her arms, trembling as she slid off the table and walked to one of the shelves, searching for a moment before handing him a solid bar wrapped in cloth. “Here, this should be it. The smell is accurate.” Striga, meanwhile, was waking in the medical wing and strained against the belts that held her down, screaming Sephiria's name as well as Rarithyr's. Sephiria heard this from the kitchen and if she could get any paler, she would have. “I must tend to the girl...she no longer has someone, with Rarithyr gone...forgive me,” she said as she quickly found her dress, put it on and hurried off in a human-speed run to the wing that housed her. He had ample opportunity to follow or catch up with her later, but should he show himself to the human she would panic.

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3 Months LaterThe Castle has Fallen, All Within it Are Dead
The castle fell due to a rock slide from the nearby unstable mountain, building the castle on such unsteady ground was unwise thinking form the old inhabitants. due to the old long past war with the land, they built on, old owners Terra Avesa the ground under the castle was very tunneled and it made the beside mountain extremely unstable. one night after a mild earth shake tremor the whole mountain went into a rock slide and leveled the ground making the Vostra castle fall into the old ruins of Terra and berrying over top of it with pure bedrock and limestone. the ground now is almost flat and suitable to build on, but no farming or irrigation can be done due to the hard stone. also, no tunneling cant be done as bedrock is to hard to dig into. the old days of the past are long gone now and will be kept under a stone ceiling never to be found till a very far future.


“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
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