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The White Goose Tavern.

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1 The White Goose Tavern. on Sun May 27 2018, 14:57

The White Goose Tavern


The tavern is family owned, a form of income for an old pack of Werewolves, whom reside in the forests around Iron and Galandor. For the past five generations, it has been run by the head of the family, with some even performing the roles of staff, if they wish it.
Most are welcome, with the exception of those that the Empress of Iron does not allow in her lands. A sanctuary for most, a momentary pitstop for the rest.
Surrounded by woodland, with roads going through and around, the inn is a hotspot for visitors who wish to rest their feet for a few nights, with stables to take care of their horses.

The Innkeeper is the Grandfather of the current pack leader, of Beluar Werewolves, an elder of the group whom is in his 60’s. He has an obvious scar across his left cheek, likely from a one that challenged him back in the day. - Markus Beluar

There is also a barkeeper, the brother of the pack leader. In his 40’s, he’s well known among the company that is kept in the tavern, for his fierce fighting skills. His body is covered in scars, yet still he stands, long dark hair and piercing yellow eyes, enough to send a chill down a grown man’s back. Also a guard for the tavern, dealing with any bar fights. - Richard Beluar

Two wenches, one is human (blonde hair) and another a wood elf (brown hair with long pointed ears). Both are beautiful in features and Richard has to give warning, from sexual assault often. Both women are in their mid-twenties and very good at their jobs, giving great service. The human has a wish to join the pack. - Genevieve Armond (human), Ruavia Thae (elf)

The cook is an older woman, mid 40’s and having an affair with the barkeeper. Not much can be said about her, she’s mainly in the kitchen when the tavern is open, and not seen by customers. What is known, is that she is human with somewhat dark brown, greying hair. - Sarah Crastor

Lastly, the “cleaner” whom is the grandson of the innkeeper, a young boy at the age of 13. He is a werewolf like his grandfather and uncle (bar keeper), however he has not yet come of age and cannot shift. He is the son and third successor of pack Beluar. - Daniel Beluar

Services offered are, rooms to stay in for visitors that wish to stay overnight, or a few. With chambers for families, couples or someone on their own. Each with their own reasonable price.

Family room *80 silver + 10 Silver per extra bed* - Couple *60 Silver* Single *40 Silver*

There is a reasonable sized range of beverages, from wine, ale, mead, tonics, whiskey, to vodka. The most expensive being whiskey at 20 silver, the cheapest being ale at 16 coppers.

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2 Re: The White Goose Tavern. on Tue May 29 2018, 00:33


Nickname: Lydi
Age: 136
Gender: Female
Race: Forest Faerie

Occupation: Wench

Marital status: Single
Spouse: N/A
Family: Far too many brothers and sisters to keep count, mother and father, and a lot of other family members.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Titania

Physical Description:
Lydi has long green hair, that she typically ties back in a single plat. Bright, big green eyes, long pointed ears and pink skin. Always accompanied by two green butterflies.

Likes: Making vines come up from underground to trip people up.
Dislikes: That she’s clumsy.
Language: Elven, Human, Faerie

* Speak with Plants - Lydi can question plants in 30 feet of her about events in the spell's area within the past day. She can also turn difficult terrain caused by plant growth into ordinary terrain and vice versa.
* Minior Nature Manipulation - Lydi can all upon the roots of trees underground, in a 30 feet radius.
* Creation - Lydi has used this ability to create two butterflies, typically green in colour, but when needed they can alert her to dangers.

* Two Butterflies - The two butterflies that accompany her, can change the colour of their wings.
Example; if she’s about to be attacked or being snuck up on, they will change red.

* Small dagger - Lydi has a small, silver dagger 5 inches long.
* Vines/Roots - She can use the roots and vines from nearby trees, either as a defence or weapon.


Not much can be said for Lydi, her past is very simple, living through the forest, protecting wildlife and keeping away from hunters. However, her childhood was a suffocation for her, with so many siblings and such a large family, it was hard to be herself. So, she set out to explore the world by herself, leaving her family.

She has since traveled through Valeria, sticking mostly to the Iron Dynasty. Until she happened upon a tavern, where she exchanged work for a room to stay in, being given a bed in the staff quarters.

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