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Leveling Up!

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1Leveling Up! Empty Leveling Up! on Thu Nov 15 2018, 18:49


Levelling up!
Moving up in the world

Here in DeLaRose role play group we function not like other role plays, here we work much like a dungeons and dragons game were you play and you advance with us. No player can join here and just start at there max power, that would dull the fun and everything would become stagnant and the same over time, if you join a game at max level whats the fun of that.

All player characters start between level 1 and 5, it is advised to start yourself at level 1 as that will make your path in the game smoother and less challenging for you, and show your self in a good light and not a i am here only for the power sort of way.

At level 1 you have things like

    starter gear
  • a bag or pack of your choice
  • starter coin, depending on were you come from rich family or poor it can be from one silver coin to 100 gold coin but no more then 100 gold coin at start
  • starter items and trinkets, remember they are level one to so you don't come into game with a transportation stone or a item that alters the world around you, they are not level one items lol
  • personal belongings from home
  • other items you feel are of the right level
  • level 1 ability's, starter ability's and  level 1 race ability's

things you cant have starting off

  • any item that is not a level one or starter item
  • the ability to fly, don't matter if you have wings you are level one, flying is a earned ability
  • high level race ability's, example if you play a dragon even if it is by race that they can breath fire you are level one, you can only do sparks at best play the game and level up to learn more ability's.
  • Anything the game master stats and sees as level one will be called on in bios to be replaced or removed till the ability is earned

How to level up.
Levelling up is rather easy, unlike in a DND game were you kill a monster you get a set number of ex and with ex you can level up here we do a lot of you play you earn with time and then extra things that the Game master will toss to you depending on what you do, it is very ep in the moment style system,

example: 4 people are in a party, they go out and there task is to help a farmer clear a land mass of zombies 2 of the people fight and kill 90% of the zombies and the other 2 stand back and watch, everyone has amazing posts and rps well together but it is clear 2 are doing the main work in the story line to help the farmer. The 2 people doing the most go back to the farmer he gives them both a bag of 50 gold each for the help and the one person gets a cool stone that can sense undead even if the undead try's to hide it. The game master tells the 2 people they can add 2 more level 1 ability's to there bios that is what they get for there “exp” the other 2 people that did not do well in fighting but had great posts got there bags of 50 gold from the farmer and that is it. They do not get told to add more ability's to there bios or get any cool trinkets, they get the gold due to there posts still being of the level of the rp and for partaking. And maybe they will do better next time or go on another task just them to pick up the slack.
If they complain to the game master there rewards an be removed, they can lose levels and exp, and lose items, or worse be removed form the rp all together and gain a punishment not a reward.

Exp, items, levels all that can bre gained from doing things like

  • fights
  • killing npcs, even good npcs, all npcs will give you Exp even if you back stab a quest giver.
  • Killing player characters, pvp is able to be done in the world, killing player characters will get you rewards and it also will get you EVERYTHING that character had for items.
  • tasks and quests
  • campaigns
  • time playing and role playing with the group
  • doing out of game tasks for admin and helping out, we do reward even out of game good behaviour
  • when admins are in a good mood, random exp and items given is a thing.

Gaining levels with time
With time is one of the easiest but slowest ways to gain levels in the game, you have to be active for the whole amount of time in the role play, so you have to be playing the character for the amount of time not just parking in things out of game and watching the show you have to be in a story line segment to earn with us.
Every year played you gain ONE level, so if you have been with DeLaRose 5 years you have gained 5 levels to your character, this is extremely slow and it is not advised to use time only to gain your level ups you will get left behind in no time at all.

Gaining levels by killing NPCs and Pcs
killing non player characters and killing player characters is some of the faster ways to gain levels, the faster one for sure in this is killing player characters but it is also the harder way to do it as player characters can also kill you. Killing a npc can gain you anything from 1 xp point, (killed some random bar maid at a back water tavern) to a full level up (killed a greater wyvern wall scouting for a treasure chest on a campaign) just like how in a game it would be the same the exp given scales to what level of the thing you take down is, a level 1 thing is going to give shit but a boss monster is going to give you lot.
If you kill a Pc
killing a pc will get you a stack of points, goods and well you will get a levels depending on who you killed. If you kill a level 1 you are not going to get much, it is a level one what do you epect, but if you gang up and manage to take down a level 15 to 20 you are going to get a page of shit, like no joke a game master is going to go over there bio, go over there items and type out a page of shit for you to have and to your bio, or take out into the rp world and do with what you please, items can be sold to taverns, bought from places, traded, this is a game, you can do anything here you could do in DND and to the winner of the fight comes to spoils. But keep in mind, if you kill a level 15 who is a humble soul and owns nothing to his name you will get no items and only a hunk of exp from game master. Pick your targets carefully.

ALL player characters can do campaigns in the world, on our world maps
Map link =

there are treasure chest icons all over the place, you can go to ownership and say “i want to get this chest here-shows pic of the one they want-” and ownership will inform player, the level of what that chest is, a sure if they do want to go on it no matter the challenge level, and say yes i will get a campaign made for you within 24 to 48 hours and we shall get you going for that chest.
All campaigns have details like

  • a name and title
  • what you are gonna do details  
  • a challenge level, Low/easy, Med, Hard, Extreme, Team Extreme
  • name of the game master running it for you
  • notes, anything that game master wants the player to know

campaigns are some of the fastest ways to gain levels, you can go from level 1 to 5 or more from just doing one campaign, this may last a month, or a week, it is all depending on the player and how much they want to do and with higher challenge levels comes greater goods for the player but also greater risk of not making it home.
The best way to learn about Campaigns is to just jump in and do one, they are fun, don't worry you might not die. mahahahahaha

NPC Level headers
a level header is the rank of a npc, some npcs don't have beside there cards things like level 1 or level 20 they will have a word, that at times is much scarier then a number

In DeLaRose you a PC can only go up to level 20, but NPCs can go all the way to 50 witch is boss monster stats and then can go to level 70 witch is lesser god stats. You need to use a high level party to kill them, and even at that you may all get wiped or forced to flee if you don't have items or ability's able to kill them.
Levels Ranks are as follows, highest at the top

  • God (you are not gonna kill it don't try)
  • Lesser god (party of 10 or more needed for take down, is around level 60 to 70)
  • Boss monster (level 50 to 60)
  • Harmful (level 20 to 40)
  • Fearsome Beast (level 10 to 20)
  • anything less will state the level beside its NPC card/details when facing it.

Helping out out of game and random gifting
Admins can have good days, on good days you may see something called a daily pop up in one of the threads, POST INTO IT, even if your main rpc is busy use a side one sent by that main rpc, day quests are always super easy and are basicy us admins giving you free shit, kill a random level 1 wolf, get 500 gold coins, like what! Catch that random flying bird, oh god it has a bag on its level it contains a bag of holding never worry about pack what again! Or you now have a scroll of greater fire ball, you are not a mage SO WHAT YOU CAN USE IT CUS MAGIC, we are npcs that want to kill you yes, but we are also really nice when we want to be and if you run for the quests we will reward you for that shit!

Doing tasks for us out of game.  in the discord there is a topic known as Tasks for players, this is a location us as admin place up so you as players can do shit for us and WE WILL REWARD YOU for doing it, you will get exp, items, random shit for helping us out when we ask for it, if we need feed back you give it oh shit all players that give feed back get 10 gold coins, there characters find 10 gold on the side walk cobble stones, shit lucky day right. You do things for us we will reward you depending on the task will deem the reward, as well as if it is a little task example give us a list of races you want info sheets typed up on. If others give like 4 races they get like 5 gold coins but then you, no you go above and beyond and give ownership like 20 races and sub races you want typed up and looked into, you give us cool shit to do well fucking eh i will give ya 50 gold insted, the more you give the more you an get. Remember this.

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Exp and your Bios!!!!!!
Leveling Up! B2ae0a10

It can not be said how important bios are for characters to have, a bio is the blue print for your character, your DeLaRose character sheet the thing that is your character, without this your character does not exist at all. You NEED this to play the game and record all the junk you find in the game, and that is what this segment is here to tell you about, when you get all your exp and shit, were do you put it, ON YOUR SHEET silly, that is were you put it, your items, your goods your stuff it all goes on your sheet as soon as you get it,
if you get a new item you put it on your sheet
if you get a new ability, you put it on your sheet
you get a animal pet put that shits sheet on your sheet
you get anything put it on your sheet
update your sheet often!
paper work is part of rp, a good rp has papers, has records, cus if it don't you get get anything to record your great trips quests, accomplishments, loot, everything on, and without a sheet the game masters don't know what to even do with you, a game master needs a character sheet so they can do quest lines for you, even do personal quest lines for you, game masters NEED character sheets as much as you do.
If you don't have it on your sheet you don't have it!

If you say go on a quest get a really cool rock, its ability's are upon touch from anyone that is not you, it causes death! Super cool rock right, you get into a fight in a back ally, you in rp reach into your pocket pull out that rock and toss it at the npc to touch it.
The player playing that npc is going to LOOK AT YOUR SHEET! If that rock is not there, YOU DON'T HAVE IT you just tossed air at the enemy, and that player playing that npc is going to laugh there ass off so hard cus now ya gona get raped an robbed in a back apply cus you were a dorp and did not put your item on your bloody sheet that could have saved your ass. Not you are kidnapped by bandits locked in a cell in a room at the bottom of a cavern and nothing in ya pockets to save ya. Oh and you naked cus they robed ya blind and left you there to die. Sounds good to put stuff on your sheet right?

It is simple you don't have it on your sheet you don't have it,
if you gain coin add it to your already total amount on your sheet(everyone starts with a number between 1 and 100 gold deepening on character)
if something gets stolen from you or you say spend coin it will be retracted off your sheet
and as you play admin team and mods will add things to your sheets, so keep up to date with your sheet
sheets are gold, if you don't have shit on your sheets you don't have shit, remember that!

Admins adding things to character sheets
The DeLaRose admin team wants to love you, we want to love you so much we could eat you, sometimes we try to but still, we love you and we want to give you things and help you in recording your great journey in our world so what we do and how we do it is this.
We will reply things to the bottums of your character sheets example

~on -insert date here- character name did a wonderful act of helping a younge girl out of the hands of a slaver, that girl returned to her family who promptly have mailed you a raven with a small bag of something on its legs, please add 6 red rubes to your sheet when you are able, this is your reward for helping -insert npcs name and family name here-
-inset cute image/note here from the rp family bla bla bla details-  ~

you get the point, you will get cute rp related notes or at times not cute and bad notes/things that have happened to your rpc, on your character sheets if you do things out of the normal plot line and you can even get things randomly for just helping out or doing ooc tasks. Cus yup as said, admin team loves you.

So remember bio sheets are a thing, record your shit play the game, have fun and we love ya.

under is the basic outline for your bios, use it, this outline is valid in ANY segment within DeLaRose is the master bio outline.

Anaya Bio Outline wrote:Full Name:  
Age appearing:
Marital Status:
Current Marital Status:



-Physical Description-  
Eye Color:  
Hair Color:  
Distinguishing Marks:

-Other Traits-  
Common Spoken Languages:
Uncommon Spoken Languages:


Items and Gear:
Coin(Copper, Silver, Gold):


Race Details:  
Character History:

~Admin Team and Ownership

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