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Alliance Agreement OOC

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1 Alliance Agreement OOC on Wed Feb 20 2013, 21:54


OOC Only Alliance Agreement

Alliances upon the forum MUST do as follows. -put a profile image as their profile image-post at least once (if you are posting in an alliance,  is not bias you are good there XD)

  1. All alliances are to be respectful to one another no matter what happens to the other party. If bad blood is made there will be a court with a non-bias judge ruling over the acts, this judge must be of a third is not biased and will not pick sides. DeLaRose will not involve themselves in affairs that do not affect them. UNLESS asked to be involved.  

  2. You as an alliance here understand that you as being an alliance to the DeLaRose role play world understand that you are not in alliance to one active role play but in alliance with the world as a whole this means you are in alliance to all role plays under the DeLaRose heading and can interact as an alliance to all, but please if it is a new role play for story lines sake please reintroduce yourself and rebuild a new alliance with that group of role play charas, this will help story line, and you will 100% be granted the alliance seeing you already had it with the main world.
    Other Rps within DeLaRose Include
    - Small Storyline forum role plays
    -Unspeakable Violation 18+ rp
    -White Raven
    -Merfolk of Valaria
    -Crush Their Hope

  3. Alliances here agree that from any party's empire will not try to gain members from the other side or try to take members from the other side. We will not steal anyone's players.

  4. If an alliance is founding using DeLaRose graphics or products the alliance will be severed and charges can be made in the IMVU client as theft is against IMVU'S TOS and will result in a DMCA being filed against the one using the graphics.

  5. Alliances agree and understand that both sides will never hold information from the other side if it affects the other party. If there is a mild threat of war or harm we will always tell the other side of this matter. as we are involved in each others matters under this alliance agreement and we help one another.
    Alliances only need to inform the other alliance if the matter affects the other party

  6. All alliances and members in high standing in their empire or kingdom will be granted the DeLaRose profile page badge. It will show others you are part of the empire and in alliance with us.  it must be on your profile card, if not and you get harmed, attacked, or bad befalls you DeLaRose will not be able to aid you in matters, this is a requirement to be an alliance with us.

  7. Alliances has, to be honest and respectful to all members no matter ranking (unless it is a slave icly) inside the DeLaRose Empire or on its grounds.

  8. If there is information needing to be told to the DeLaRose Administrator you are required to tell it in truth and loyalty.  if you do give the information to another lower ranking member and it is not to get to the ruler it is under your hands and the fault will go on you as well as the member but mostly on you for it was you that gave the info to the other member trusting that other member to do this work for you.

  9. Alliances, as well as members out of respect, are asked not to take DeLaRose as their account names on imvu. if found using DeLaRose as the last name for one's self or ones rp without asking the Admin first the alliance will be severed and ended instantly and a battle would follow icly upon the lands.

  10. Slaves from other alliances are welcome in our home but will be treated as the home is to treat them. All alliances must understand and remember this for slaves will not be treated as normal members will be for they are slaves and will be treated as such.

  11. If a new member of the other party's empire,kingdom,dynasty or whatever enters the others and does not know or has never seen this agreement we understand to give the other person slack on this agreement and understand they simply need to be informed on this law and will forward them to this agreement in the DeLaRose Forum page.

For Light Role Play Alliance Members And Room Holders

Added 20/03/2014 at 10:26 EST

For your own safety, sanity and stress level we have one main rule for all light role play alliance members, we the DeLaRose role play do not allow light role players unable to do para roleplay actively in our role play rooms located on IMVU chat program, the reasons for this are.
-to prevent problems with players
-to prevent stress and temper/anger outbursts in the role play rooms
-to stop fighting and arguing
-to stop light role players from becoming overwelled and frustrated as it is at a level they are not used to, it is also hard for a light Rper to keep up with posters that do paragraphs and are comfortable with that size and amount of words, so it is to prevent light role players frustration and anger  against the players as well as the role play its self.

This rule for light role players is here for a reason, it has shown its self-many times in the time the DeLaRose role play group has existed that light role players do not work well in a strict paragraph environment, please keep this in mind for yourself or your members, as if a member does come into the role play rooms marked DeLaRose we will bring this rule up to you and you will have the consequence for its standing and not abiding by it. if a light role player from an alliance role play room gets booted or instructed to leave or even bashed for not acting properly in a strict role play setting the DeLaRose role play or its people will NOT be held accountable for the light role players fate, please keep this in mind if you are a light role player or own a light role play group.

-All light role play group markings will be edited one time to have the words Marked As A Light Role Play Group placed on there signing by Anaya so others know there standing and level. this marking DOES NOT mean for the room owners or players it simply marks that the alliance marked does have light role play members in it and is classed as a light role play group.

Please mark this law as follows.
Name of empire and ruler or rulers.
Agreement and understanding to this document.
A 400 by 400 or close to ((if it is a circle or rectangle it is alright to go over a little)) image or clan crest that represents your empire, kingdom, dynasty ext.
Your signature and the one of your mate or another ruler beside you. If you do not have their signature you may add a small part of a chat log of them saying they understand it and you telling them what they are signing.

Please read and agree to the Terms. Keep an eye on this agreement as DeLaRose grows and more people and opinions are added it is subject to change  
and please read the what we have to offer the thread to find out what we have to offer you as an alliance
thank you

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“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
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2 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Fri Feb 21 2014, 06:19


Alliances in alliance with us out of ooc friendship not signed in rp.

-Autum Family Rp, Owned by Daya Autum
-BlackFire Empire
-Carrander -closed-
-VonRose -closed
-Land of Winters, Owner Dallo5013
-Rooms owned by DeimosEthaoni

-more will be added when they are found-

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3 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Wed Mar 18 2015, 12:57

On behalf of the RedBlood Dynasty. I agree to these alliance terms. -takes her quill and signs her name and stamps her seal next to it.-

Marked as a Light Rp

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4 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Mon Dec 07 2015, 17:34

"On behalf of the Empyrean Shield Kingdom, I Lord Minion DarkOkami agree to the Delarose Alliance terms..." - Minion takes his thumb claw and pricks under his finger claw causing a small stream of blood to drip down the claw. He signs his name with his blood and puts ESK at the end.-

Update, still active 29.12.2016
leaders name changed to

Marked as a Light Rp

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5 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Tue Jan 12 2016, 00:51

We are proud to announce that the Alliance agreement has been revied and approved of by the Autum Council. I herby sign and enter this agreement of behalf of my Family and Kingdom. We hereby pledge ourselves to this alliance.

Daya Autum
Monarch of the Autums on behalf of all the Autums.

Still active 29.12.2016

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6 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Wed Dec 28 2016, 22:02

I Gremory Muldoon Emperor of The Yugure Empire do hereby adhere and fully understand the terms of the alliance.

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7 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Thu Dec 29 2016, 20:53

I rose  Queen of the  Shadow  Syndicate  has  agreed to the terms   of  the  alliance  .

Marked as a Light Rp

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8 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Fri Dec 30 2016, 17:29

I Zearo BlackStorm of the BlackStorm empire, agree to the terms listed above. ~He pulls out a dagger before slicing his index finger open. He signed his name in his blood before stamping the paper with a Raven symbol.~

DeLaRose will only do matters regarding to Zearoo personally, no others from his kingdom will be accoladed as part of this alliance.

Marked as a Light Rp

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9 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Tue Jan 03 2017, 05:46

Jah's Den Of The Fallen

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10 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Mon Mar 20 2017, 22:22

I, Queen Elizabeth Eleanor Valkyrie Hereby Agree to the Terms Set before me in this Document. 

Queen Elizabeth Eleanor Valkyrie
Signed at 10:23 Est on March 20, 2017

Marked as a Light Rp

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11 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Mon Mar 20 2017, 22:47

On behalf of the Kingdom of Haven, I, Praelias, agree to the DeLaRose Alliance Terms.

(Note: Signing OOC, and my username is currently xAzoriax on IMVU. Changing it to Praelias in a couple days, didn't want to mess with coming back to edit.)

Marked as a Light Rp

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12 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Mon Mar 20 2017, 23:39

I Sola C Darklace Found&Head of the Darklace family, on the behalf of the Darklace Empire agree to the DeLaRose Alliance terms.

Marked as a Light Rp

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13 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Fri Mar 31 2017, 14:34

I, Everest Lilith Braidwood Head and Founder of the Braidwood Kingdom, Agree to the DeLaRose Alliance terms.

Marked as Light to Medium RP

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14 Wolf Dynasty on Tue May 23 2017, 16:57

I Azami Core from the Wolf Dynasty.  Agree to the alliance. We offer Jewels of many kinds from our Mountains. Vegetables and Flowers of many kinds are also available to you if needed.  -sealed with the wolves ring-

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15 Re: Alliance Agreement OOC on Thu Jun 08 2017, 23:23

-Vailsin sits down at a desk within his Guild. He looks upon his desk to see with his darken blue eyes. A scroll with many rules and agreements to read. He sat there reading and rereading each word careful. He leans back in thought for a moment as he thought such things over. He nods to the scroll before picking up his bone pen of some kind. He stabs the middle of his palm to use his blood as the ink for agreement. Gliding it across the scroll he reads.- "I Vailsin Hellz Black has agreed upon these terms to become alliance with the DeLaRose Kingdom and there people. Both IC and OOC."

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