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Rose Has Thorns Part 4 - The Darker World

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Part 4  The Darker World
  Rose Has Thorns Part 4 - The Darker World Sky_ke11
“Light thinks it travels faster than anything and is stronger than anything, but it is wrong, it is always so very wrong. No matter how fast light travels, or how strong light gets, it finds the darkness has always gotten there first, it finds the darkness is always stronger and darker than its light pushes out, it will always be there, waiting for it, wanting it, and knowing that when light always goes out, darkness lives on forever” ~ Caliga

Softly she lay in the bath clear crystal water cascading over her nude flesh. Simple flicks of iridescent rainbow water droplets dappled her skin. White hair fell over her shoulders dampened by the moisture in the air of the fogged up window room. She could see the outside the trees swaying in the wind the sweet smell of summer and a warm day just slowed to waist it away in the bath not a care in the world. Was, was this what death felt like, like a child’s dream of sweets and in a place were the land and sky met off in the distance, true beauty here and now. She looked out as a girl, with long yellow hair down her shoulders the color of buttercream and her skin like a silken blanket. “lady Anaya we gave waited so long to at last see you. Oh, it brings me joy to have you home with us at last" home what was the word anymore her home, it was almost like she could not remember any other place than here.

“Yes it has been a long time coming haven’t it, this place is so nice do tell me about it, I am sure the story's do it no justice, and the last time, well I can't even remember it last time I was here. So do, tell me story’s of this place and allow my ears to enjoy the simple pleasures.” Anaya thought on how this place was so peaceful, so still, as the girl walked over beside the tub and got down on her knees her arms resting on the side of the tub as she humbly looked to the woman naked laying there.

“your father, our father, has watched you down on the world, he made all of this, for we are told of the days when you were still young and he watched as you walked for the first time your claws shimmering in the light, this place was were you were born a place of all starting and all finishing, but not many finish here, for the gates are locked never to be opened it is said they are bolted with magic and fury, the sky's themselves cannot open them till she comes home, till the true owner of this place comes home. The lands are fruitful and the trees they shimmer and your children wait for you to make them, many just waiting for your breath to give them live,the water is clean, none will harm you here all is pure and blessed by the grace of the holiest on high, he has changed since the past, he is no longer filled with greed and pain, but light and power, he relaxes up in the temple he need not be anything but free you may join him and shed your human skin here, we only placed you in it to seem more comfortable you will not have to have it once you go outside this room. No pain will lay to your body upon changing nothing you do will give pain to your body, it will just be here, you can just be here, everything will be yours without  even asking, simply think on it and it shall be.” the girl was so happy with her words it was like every letter just made her get brighter and happier like there was nothing that could remove the grin and smile and light from her eyes.

Anaya nodded as she ran her fingers along her silken body. “ I do enjoy this body I may use it from time to time to be able to simply feel the skin of an older time, but, tell me, child, why can I not remember what was before this moment? I know I did not exist just now, there were actions before now that I can only partly dawn my mind to”
“Oh my lady the days before now do not matter, all your human struggles and pains are but a blink and no longer needed, you need not to hold onto anything here, what happened to you, who you knew, everything before now you need not cling to as it will cause you sorrow and pain, you need not that you only need bright and happy days simply to do the job the father on high has given to you, see all mortals as equals in the mind of the one holiest of all beings. Don't worry my lady, you won't need your memory of the land here, it will only inhibit you. We only want the best for you”
Anaya nodded her head, she understood the reasoning and really she could not debate it, it made sense and really she had no idea what she wanted to remember all she knew was something happened before now but really why care about it. It was the past anyway. She stood up from the bath and stepping out of the tub to have her foot come down on what felt soft but was warm and looked like a marble tile floor. Not a single crack everything was so clean and perfect. She let out a breath as she nodded her head.
“Alright, I will go see father then, I am sure we have much to talk about”
“as you wish my lady, and oh my lady your true self may not be the same as it was before, you will see” the girl then vanished as if she was not there at all leaving only a couple of white feathers scattered around here and there. Anaya gave a chuckle as she opened the door and then as if nothing had even happened at all she moved a foot and it was so clean, her body had become her true self, but it did not hurt, it just, as she did not even think about it and with another move her foot slammed into the ground claws digging into the dirt as she enjoyed feeling it. Everything felt so good like feeling the wind for the first time, the dirt for the first time, breathing for the first time the skin on her skin. She moved to open her wings as white feathers spread over her. Body as she looked at them, what was once hard was soft here, and she enjoyed it, she felt true and free and with her wings folded to her back she walked.
It felt like no time at all as she looked upon the temple walking up to the steps of it her body becoming human once more, that would take some getting used to. “Father? I have, I have come home” she called out as she looked over to see him standing there his back to her, he had white hair as she did, his body strong and muscled as he stood there. Slowly the man turned around his stabbing blue eyes looking at his daughter.
“My child” within seconds his arms were around her as he held her close to him in a tender embrace his fingers warping around her and weaving into her white hair as she put her head on his shoulder. He was warm, loving, he was everything she wanted, everything that she had ever wanted was right now, she let out a breath as she sunk into him “I missed you Anaya, my sweet girl it is good that you are here with me now”Anaya's arms stayed around him as she let out a breath softly holding her beloved father who clearly cared for her.
“Father, your love is sweet and brings joy to my heart, but you are not going to be staying alongside me, you have committed treason and should not be here in this kingdom. You got here on fowl means and are seen as guilty by the laws of the world Father, what was done is to be undone now that I rule here and you may return to the land mass you were given, to govern and rule and set the balance right again”
her father's arms stayed around her as she spoke and held him, he was not the dragon he used to be he had grown fat lazy and weak and he knew that she was stronger then he was. Anaya's voice was cold without emotion at all and she simply spoke without seeing to care, simply doing what she was there to do without fault or show of weakness. “Father you are to return to Valeria and govern man, protect humans, and guide ones that seek you out, you will hear their prayers to you, you shall still be a god among them, still stand with your people and do the job needed, all your powers will stay with you, but your wings will stay here with me” she moved her hands as she held him, her nails digging into his back as tears fell down his face but not a sound slipped from his lips. He did not say a word, did not do anything, he knew he would lose in battle so allowed this to happen without restraint at all.

Blue feathers started to slip from his skin as the wings as if magic its self hid something so large within such a small body as they moved and fell to the ground making not a sound, bright blue blood slid down his back as he fell weak in his daughters arms his old legs trembling not only due to weakness but out of fear of what happened next. “goodbye my father enjoy the world I left behind, you will be returned to the cave in which you left, on the dunes of were the world was made, on the spot were the dragon of ages abandoned the world he was sworn to protect due to his own greed. You are banished here forth from this kingdom” her words as law and justice as if a hammer smashed down onto his head pushing him down out of her arms and to his knees looking up at his daughter.
“no please, I do not belong down there anymore, I know not the world my daughter, please spare me”
“you have been judged, and you have been found guilty” then he was gone as if dropped down a hole that opened at his feet he was sent to plummet down to the world which he left behind thousands of years ago.

She let out a soft sigh as she looked at the world now empty of her father, it was hers now and now, it was time to place back what needed to be “i call forth the sky keeper, rise from the land of the dead and hear my words, I call you forth from the pit you have rested in for so long, I call you from death to life to be brought back to the place of which you belong, come to me my sky keeper, the ferryman that is to usher the lost and dead to the land of light and peace”

On the world down below the bones of the keeper, lost in the sands of the desert of ignoros started to move, they clicked, cracked, shifted, not caring for there age or fragility they seemed to live and breath once more, sand tumbling down there yellowed bones as a light white hue started to creep back into them like life being breathed back into life long dead. The bones soon mashed together clicking and cracking as the skeletal structure of a massive bird came into view. A bird, with no wings.

  Rose Has Thorns Part 4 - The Darker World Sky_ke10

The birds head arched as it looked to the sky, moving the ends of its shoulders softly, flesh and muscle taking shape as the blue feathers at last smashed out of the skin and the whole being lifted off the ground hovering up into the air and then simply vanishing into nothingness leaving only sand and faded blue feathers were it once was hidden into the dirt and dunes. Anaya stood as she formed before her, a woman pale skin lightly kissed by the sun, ebony hair falling down her face in tight curls and bright sea blue eyes and lightly dappled features that brought everything in rather cute and Innocent looking, it was clear on how the Leviathan fell in love with such a flawless beauty, an image of innocence and crisp clean features. “so long have you fallen into the ground, so many had the chance to birth you back to life and gain such a reward onto the world they call home, but alas you did no crime yet payed the gravest price, your very life stolen from you in greed and self interest, a crime that has now been punished with service and exile, a merger price for what you payed but a price none the less. But now it is done and you live once more, you will be able to do the job set forth by the god overhead and bring the dead to the light-filled afterlife they deserve, we together will remove darkness from the land and keep its claws from the people of the worl....”

“NO YOU WILL NOT!” a swift backhand hit Anaya right in the face as she was sent flying backward smashing into a stone pillar, it splintering and wedging its self into her back. A simple black skinned hand ran along the sky keepers face, the girl just stood there unable to move as a force held her in place
“It is funny how you are still bound by time up here Anaya, did you really think you could come up here and change our plans, change the future for us and outshine our blissful black. We are the reason you came here. Don't you remember” her words held malice, so much malice, at long last, she could give what she had wanted to for so many years. Caliga took a breath as her darkness moved along her skin as she was there before Anaya, Anaya getting up from the pillar to heal her bloody back, what would have been seconds felt like a forever as the single tissue bits molded together. Caliga was slowing time so healing would hold no effect. “don't you want to remember Anaya, the sins you committed, the innocence you snuffed out of the world wall we could do NOTHING to save them!” a massive shadow spike stabbed out of the ground and impaled the holy dragon in the jaw forcing blood to bubble up her lips and splash onto her gown. Anaya could not scream, she could not speak, she hardly could move every movement slowed down to such a state that she was not moving at all and she did not have the power next to this, she could not fight this off, Caliga had most of the world behind it and Anaya only had a select few and she knew it.  Her red eyes looked into that of her now enraged torturer only able to hear Caligas words and do whatever the god wanted. “you have killed nations, you alone have burned whole races down to the ash, you have slaughtered your own family your own people, you are the cause of why the one you loved is dead, you killed your own son and left them all to die as they called out for you, you have ignored the ones praying to you, you have turned a blind eye, what god is that, what dragon is that!” she slammed another black spike into the woman's side, it goes in and up into her rib cage and out the top of her shoulder. Another one stabbing into the other side the same going into the rib cage and out the other shoulder crossing in the middle.
“you have been found guilty by your own rules, you are nothing but a hypocrite dragon of light and justice,  we have watched you and now you will pay the price for your deeds, not a soul will come here to the sky, your own keeper will now be mine to usher souls down to Ulon were souls belong wall you sit here and rot in a pit of your own making, ruined by your own laws Anaya, holy dragon of a pile of dirt turned black in my image” a smile came over the woman's face as her black wings reached out and a chill came over the air “enjoy the show, watch your world go black”

The sun that hung that day got colder, a black sheet started to creep across it, a solar eclipse that would never end, words whispered into the minds of every living thing, words that would shake a planet, words that placed fear in the hearts of even the other gods. “the day has come to pick a side, light is over, only darkness walks on the land, may my children rise to walk this world with the living, half of the planets will die, the weak will wither and fade, all children will be free, this world will be remade in darkness” as the words ended it was like there was this emptiness that crept into every pour of a person and into there very souls like the happiness had been drained from the hearts of all living things and sadness touched the world. The ground turned dark and from the shadows spewed monsters upon the land, beings all sizes and all power levels, small and large, black bodied monsters in the form of beast, man,  abomination, everything, some did not even hold shape, just rolling black masses that attached to the living to consume them. And then, others started to crawl forth the Kinn, monsters that stood twelve feet or higher at the shoulder, glowed there respected colors and were nothing but black tendriled monstrosity's walking the world to do Caliga's bidding.
Shades clinging to the heels of there greaters hoping around to snap up any that were seen as weaklings needing to be set free and grab a hold of any child within range.
Sinners with claws dripping ready to hunt and kill,  
Vessers books in hand walking to take in the disciples of Caliga as they ran in fear from everything and into the black hands of an enemy they did not understand.
The Reapers collecting souls, blue soul orbs hovering around them like blinking lights  as many died and fed the growing hoard ]
Hulking Ursas slamming clawed fists into the ground as the quadrupedal abominations lumbered around smashing building like siege engines opening doors for the Sinners to go in as the knights of a destructive army hell-bent on taking what they saw as there own.
And Standing at the head were the Fates of it all, Two woman holding large books with silver decal, silver chains dangled down there sides and down there dresses. Giving orders and instructing the troops to go from town to town on the path that would lead them to a successful future.
And on one spot, consuming what was once Firedoor was the main figurehead, a glowing bright purple Prime turning the ground its self into darkness and consummating all that was in the landmass, no one would live here again, no plants would grow, all would turn to darkness, trees would change as the Prime would warp the world by simply existing, and in the centre grew the castle that it would sit in, that Caliga its self would manifest in and 'live' in, here would be the home base, here is were the army's would be there strongest, here darkness would rule, here would grow city's of nothing but Caliga's minions, all Kinn, darkness, and mortal disciples would rest here.

She looked to Anaya sitting there eyes wide as she watched the world set ablaze by black fire and an empty dead sun, time started to move as Anaya could breathe again as she let tears fall down her face “why would you do this to them, why would you do it to the people I am to protect!” Anaya screamed as she cried her tears falling down onto the beautiful ground that was the sky lands. “why would you do something so horrible, you will kill hundreds of thousands, what is the reason the point, why does it even for you this is pointless and rash”
“why do it you ask, as it is what darkness has always wanted, a world with no limits, with no you on the ground no one can protect the people, no one can stop what will happen and as soon as your little trinket in your castle is smashed they will not even have a place to hide anymore, it will all be leveled, your daughter saved due to her age but forced to watch the world as she is helpless to do anything, a heart turned so dark she will beg to us to grant her wishes, giving her soul to us as payment to save the people you left her with.  Your eldest son will know how it all ends, he knows how we work, he knows our ranks, he will run with aid into the mouth of our stronghold to be met with fire and death and even if he makes the wise choice to not do such a thing he will only be able to watch and adapt to a world that will do nothing but hunt and want to kill him. Your eldest daughter has such a wonderful part to play, she will birth my own child, a mortal being made of flesh and bone that will later become my host body upon your world once everything is clean and there is no way to turn back the clock, I will merge Ulon with your planets core, and your planet will become the new homeworld for the Kinn and Ulons soul pool, what is it the humans on earth say, they will truly be living in hell”  she could not help but laugh as she looked to Anaya leaning down to softly bringing her hand up to Anaya's face to lightly pat her cheek. Caliga's firm flawless body pressed into the blood-covered body of the other goddess she had brought to her knees with little to none of her true power.  

Boldly She pushed her breasts into Anaya as her lips met with Anaya's in a warm yet sickening embrace as her black wings moved to wrap around them both, as her lips softly came from Anaya's a line of saliva dripping between them and the gut-turning smell of vanilla hitting the dragons nose making her bowls turn “now, you are going to be our pet and do everything we tell you to, you will respond to the prayers given, you will act the part, but all your granting will only bring us power, and you holy light are to fool your own followers having them give their souls to us with every granting you do.” Caliga pressed her lips into Anaya once more as her hand violently was shoved down to grab Anaya's sensitive undercarriage, fingers slipping into holes Anaya did not wish to be touched. Fingers thrusting in and out hard and cruel as the dragon tried to pull away but was still speared on the sharp spikes that were impaled in her rib cage and torso.
“I will not lie to my people!” Anaya yelled as tears ran down her face, feelings welling inside of her heart as she was being assaulted both in her mind and on and in her body.
“really, lets see how many tears we can force you to have, lets make you feel” black tendrils moved from Caliga's body there tips round and solid as she ran them along Anaya's face slowly, forcing them to slither over the woman's lips and into her mouth to be yanked out and then  ran along her side to the hole in which the shadow spikes were spearing her. Not only one but both tendrils slowly sunk into the wounds alongside the spears moving slowly in and out of the holes that the spears had made.
Anaya screamed as the pain was too much for her body to take, not only were their fingers shoved deep into her sex but there were thrusting tentacles being painfully inserted and retracted over and over into the fresh wounds made, she was being raped, and assaulted both mentally and physically, and on top of it all how could pain hurt this much, she had faced pain but this, this was something else, it all felt like she was on fire from the inside the fingers the tendrils all felt like hot pokers being jabbed inside her body.

Caliga's fingers moved faster as she pushed her naked body into Anaya, the woman's golden gown melting off her as if acid was eating it, the dragon's skin feeling the burn of acid on her body even if nothing was there. Anaya screamed more “Make it stop!” she yelled as all Caliga did was made as she placed her free hand on Anaya's chest and pushed her back the spears ripping the holes in the woman's sides wider as the tendrils got thicker to fill the holes moving faster to rip the wounds open with each thrust.
“we will not finish with you till we finish ourselves” Caliga hissed as another thick tendril moved to loop around the once mighty empress and dragon ruler to run up against her backside. With brute force and no warning, it plunged its self into Anaya's backside ripping the skin open and causing her to bleed and scream for mercy knowing she would get none. Caliga trusted in harder, faster till the tentacles were to swell and feel as if they were ready to burst, Anaya's screams and tears cried out and ran like a river sobbing and mixing with her own blood upon the ground. Caliga burst to fill Anaya both inside and covering her naked burning body on the outside. A liquid that resembled a man's seed but burned like acid to the bone. Anaya fell to the ground on her side curled and bleeding, one of her legs severed due to the brutality of the whole event, half of her intestinal track laying on the ground beside her, if you turned on the right angle you could see the woman's beating heart form the hole in her side and the broken shattered ribs. Even one of Anaya's beautiful red eyes had popped from her socket hanging from a thread from her face.
“look at you, covered like some trash gutter whore, who would have thought to become a god would be well, so sticky, now, do we have to go round two and take the other leg or will you do as you are told.” From the shattered woman on the ground came a muffled weak moan out of the words,

“Yes, Mother of Darkness” Anaya had been broken, beaten, and now left to heal with no idea how long that would take from this damage done by another god. Caliga moved to lean down and softly pull up the dragons shattered and dripping face to kiss her lips one more time before harshly dropping Anaya's face back down into the blood-soaked ground with a pluck.
“good, now we will leave you here to clean up and over think your actions, wall we take your cute little bird” Caliga walked to the sky keeper, frozen there being forced to watch the whole ordeal that just happened, frozen in spot unable to help as one god lay claim over another in a horror show of dominance, brutality, and power.
With a snap of her fingers on the sky, keeper formed a blue navel jacket and a sort of ship mans pirate hat both in matching shades of blue. The sky keeper now broken from her time lock looked at the clothing that had replaced a beautiful crystal gown that Anaya had given her. “what is this f...for”  the sky keeper questioned with a slight stutter to her words as she walked beside Caliga.
“we were  told a story one about a group of kids that saw this overall look of one of balance and of a boatman, as that is what you are so we deem it fitting that you have it on to be the ferryman, or well we guess in your case the passenger pigeon you will now bring the dead to Ulon, we do hope we make ourselves  clear”
“you make everything clear my lady, I will not fight at all, I will do as instructed, loyalty without question” she did not want to end up like the woman still partly drooling in her own blood and whatever that white liquid was on the ground over behind them.
“good girl, now let's go watch our new world be formed shall we”

And with that they both vanished, leaving Anaya there to heal, and leaving the world to make do with all that was happening to it.

Out of Game Notes
things that have changed
- you now have no sun, it has gone black as if a solar eclipse has happened but is not ending
- plants and animals are dieing
-where there once was smaller monsters, example the dead woods there are now eating the zombies and monsters, replacing them with black shadow monsters
- large black beasts explained and described in the story line segment are taking over towns, if you are in a town you will see this happening, it is advised to run
- castles are being attacked, other then iron
- Iron holds holy wards still protecting it,  the beasts are raming the walls of the wards trying to get in to raid the building, everyone inside the building is safe, for now
-all followers of Caliga feel intense pleasure and happiness, you all gain 20 HP on top of what you have, and the ability Shadow walk, three times per day you can shadow jump from one in view shadow to another, example you see a window, you see a shadow cast from a chair you can bypass the wall and jump to that shadow.
please add that to bio cards
- Anyone that follows Anaya feels dread and despair like a wave of sadness washes over them, you lose 10 HP and are saddened for one day, this effect will cause magical spells to not work and cause you to feel loss and dread when   facing enemy's, you have a 30% chance of all attack rolls failing. when you attack roll for a hit i roll a D3 if i get a 3 you miss regardless of your roll
npcs that have now gone missing,
-Miss everdeen
-the shoe peddler in the ally
this has really freaked out the other guy in the ally
- the blacksmiths assistant
-clod from the tavern
-some of the castle staff
- the castle is destroyed
in stovania
-Anas horse
- the trees are being distroyed one at a time by darkness monsters
- Eveh Bhila tavern keeper
- 30% of your castle staff has gone missing
- the elven city is on fire you can see it burning in the distance
-the ground around the elven city is going black and over time black large buildings will grow and replace elven ones
all map changes will be updated

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He snarled a little growling as he spoke upon hearing her speak of the little family. It's less that he really cared for them, but having put in effort to repay their kindness rather than steal from them, would rather not have that undone as they still had their own difficulties. Even without the cave lion, they still had lost all their chickens. He stopped growling as he took a breath to calm down a little, before adding on. "Smashing things are easy, but walking into a castle? I might've been able before I had all..." He gestures to the limbs on his back and his general size before focusing back on her and shifting his standing stance a bit. "Unless they are all daft or literally blind, walking in will be a problem. Of course it's an angel doll, is this some kind of religious thing? .... What kind of reward? ..." He asked, squinting a little as he felt a little like a horse with a carrot being held out as bait for him to follow, but couldn't quite put his finger on why. "And I can't even say how many times I've heard that...."

she moved a step closer to him as she reached out her hand as she moved and ran her slender fingers along his bug like back arm, her touch was cold and put the one being touches on edge and wanting to commit sins by default but she pulled her hand back fast so the affect was far from long lasting and very limited. "well to get you in the castle we can make it so your back arms can be only viewable to you and i, a illusion to make you simply be a gnoll to everyone but us, then once the task is done the illusion will vanish and no harm done you are you agein to the eyes of the world. and yes it would be a religious thing, but mainly i simply wish to greet the new founding ruler seeing her mother has flown the coop as of lately and i simply cant step onto the castle dirt to go see her till that pesky little trinket is good and smashed. for your reward i can give you almost anything you can think up, a new weapon, for your natural skills to be heightened, to be stronger, to gain more deformity's to gain you other strengths, you name it and i can have it done for you, and for such a little task i need you to do it will not be much for you "

He took a step back, eye glaring as she approached and reached out to him, and for a brief moment after she touched him his stomach would growl loudly, his pupils dilating before quickly returning to normal as he backed away from her a few feet, looking around but keeping his peripheral vision on her. "..What..." He shook his head and played over what she said again in his head before replying. "What kind of land is this that they would let a normal gnoll into their castle. Do they not know what MY race is capable of? Grah, whatever, not like it matters in this weird land. I will seek out this castle and take a look, but I promise nothing, for your own promise sounds too good to be true.... But after that goat, I'm not sure what to believe." He said, turning away from her to look up at the castle in the distance, eyeing the structure and thinking about ways inside rather than thinking about her offer at hand. He looked back to her before back to the castle, grumbling as he began walking towards a way out of the graveyard, wanting to be out of the place first and foremost before his mind had wandered to the possible rewards. He paused, turning back to speak once more. "And how do I know if you can even give what is promised?"

She chould not help but laugh to his words as she walked beside him, her feet makeing not a sound so even his sense abilitys chould not pick up that she was even there. "This land and house is ignorant to your kind and its abilitys, the ruler is but a child and many would see you as more a overgrown wolf man then a mighty gnoll, the castle allows anyone into it as long as they hold no weapons on there person visually. But your weapons are natural and you will not have to worry. Once the task is done you will get anything you want for, and if we are not truthful on our words and as you say it to good to be true you simply walk away haveing lost nothing but time." She moved her hand once agein ro touch him, that feeling of wanting to commit sinful acthions hitting him stronger then before and lasting a big longer. There was also a tingle in his back as her magic took affect (minor iluthion, all but you and others over level 15 can see the horn like arm.growths on your back, any under this level can not see them and you simply look like a normal run of the mill gnoll you also will apearmleas formidable and a foot smaller to others but in reality nothing has changed and it is all a magic trick) "there, others will see you as harmless now, simply a gnoll ro others but you and I, the strong can see past my trick so stay away from them. Be careful and remember it is in the large bedroom in the upper level of the castle, a winged angelic idol l, take it and smash it outside the castlemdoors, not anywhere else or things will not go as planned. "

March 5, 2019
He turned some more as she walked closer, his fur standing on end as he really disliked the fact he couldnt sense her movements yet appeared to move as a normal being. She seemed to know more about the area, and more about him than he would like to admit. He growled lightly as he tried to speak, not noticing her hand going for his side. "So you want me to potentially pis- GRAH!" He growled as she lightly touched his back which caused his manes fur to flare up aggressively as his stomachs growled loudly once more, his sin of gluttony growing as she placed the magic on him. Pupils dilating, growling and beginning to drool a little he spun to his left, his right large clawed hand reaching for the womans head, his eyes returning to normal as the effect faded after lasting a little longer than before. He froze for a second, his clawed fingers all around head but not quite touching yet as he took a breath, pulling the hand away and forming a fist, knuckles cracking before sticking out a clawed finger dangerously close to her face. "Stop. Touching. Me. Before. I. . . Greh, nevermind. And yes, I know where the fucking doll is."

a smile came over her face, as a cold breath left her lips, her eyes shut for a moment to hide the purple glow that was inside them, the hunger inside her own self to just feed from this acthion bubbled at the edges of her mind and body, she wanted this but knew better. opening back up her eyes they were there dark shade with no purple in them for the time being. oh the fun she could have with this one, the fun they could have together with his hunger, with a being made of hunger, to eat and consume everything before it she could make it all he ever thought about, warp him to be just that a walking vessel of gluttony. but no, she needed him for the task at hand and then, maybe after they could enjoy each others company, and she could teach him how amazing sin really can be. "my power is not only limited by physical contact, but your wants will be respected seeing you will help me, we will talk agein soon dear Gnoll, very soon, if you need to know anything simply ask a shadow and it will hear you" she moved back words turning around and walking to vanish into the darkness leaving him all alone in the grave yard behind the black suns church building.

He growled lowly as he listened and took a step back, tilting his head a little as she closed her eyes and stood there and straightened back up as she spoke. His ears perked up as he took another step back and looked around as the woman suddenly vanished. He sighed angrily, looking towards the church before turning to try and exit the graveyard without further obstruction. He opened the back gate again, walked through and roughly slammed the gate shut not caring should the old metal be damaged or not as he headed through town towards the castle, assuming he had no more interruptions.

March 9, 2019
Aku sat in his church, on his throne, while two naked women sat beside him, on their knees. "300 years I've waited. They killed everyone I knew. My family. My friends. My church members. Not any longer. The iron has been a thorn in my side for far too long. As soon as Caliga unleashes her plan, we attack." The women, simply nodded, or risked rape and murder.

One of the grave yard gate sides falls off with a bang echoing into the church and then going silent.

Aku sat up from the throne and looked to one of the naked women. "Go check that out. And bring me a damn drink while you're up and about." The woman nodded and slid on a silken black robe over her body, before heading out the door. Once in the graveyard, the woman inspected the fallen gate, and questioned how it got this way. "Hello?" She called out, slowly.

In the dirt was large paw prints from what looked to be a tall plawed biped and then brown and tan hairs on the gate and ground, the gate doors had been slammed hard enough to make one fall off the hinges. But the person that did it was gone

After walking through the town, grumbling, growling to himself and glaring at various villagers and travelers as he made his way through the cities streets, walking slowly as he ensured to try and keep his senses sharp on all those around him as he went. Looking around at the various shops as he passed them to try and make note of where to come back to later, as well as the various places to get foods. After a trip through, he had finally exited the town and was on his way up the long path towards the castle, noticing the lack of people that was within the town itself. He took a breath, enjoying having some more elbow room as he continued up, occasionally looking around and behind him just in case. He would keep up a steady pace, trying to think things through from what he was asked as he finally began his approach to the castles gates.

at the castle gates stood two large guards that eyed the gnoll carefully. "wolf man, state your business here at the Iron Castle, leave all weapons here if you wish entrance into the main hall, if you are a merchant we wish not buy your goods and you can turn back now and come back in a weeks time" the one barked out as the other one clearly was leaning up against a wall snorting a bit sleeping in his armor suit hidden behind his helmet. the other guard that seemed to know and do his job looked at his partner and gave a sour face as he looked back to the one that had come to there gate, he griped his spear and waited for the gnoll to respond to the orders

"I heard the old queen had departed and that a new heir had taken the throne. I merely come to pay respects and meet the new ruler before returning to work." He replied, trying to sound less hostile than he usually does as he patted himself down before looking back to the guard. "Pretty sure I am well unarmed as I thought appropriate of one coming in peace. If you must, you can search me guardsman..." He said looking over towards the other guardsman sleeping in his armor as he chuckled before moving closer to the awake guard cautiously "At least your not both asleep hehehe."

the guard looked at the man, he was well dressed and he looked rather flashy and well kept and rather normal for a dog man. "alright you may enter and go to see the queen around this time she is in the dinning hall or reading in the library, simply walk inside then turn down the easy side hall way and it will lead you to the library past the upper hall steps. " he turned and looked to the other guard muttering something in his sleep about pineapple "ya he is as useless as the other door guards, but with new rulership lets hope we get some skilled labor instead of prison drop outs wanting to lessen there time, only good ones around here are the elites inside" he gave a chuckle as he moved to open the door for the man and alow him inside. the castle inside was beautiful and smelled of flowers and life, loong red banners with the symbol of the dragon hung from them as red and gold covered the halls. along the main walk there was a nice well walked red and gold rug that lead up to a large singular person throne with two white marble stags on both sides of it. but no one sat there at the moment but it did look well loved with some red and gold pillows and one singular blue one to off set the color. over all the castle was very nice on the inside benches all around leaning against the pillars and hand painted pictures hung on the walls showing dragons, fights and combat and beautiful gardens and historical images.

Elaira's smile seemed to fade just a tad as she listened to Roxy speak with the Queen. It was almost disappointing to think that she was overly protected by due to Desdemona's words and mere presence thanks to Ingavor's infatuation with her. Though at the same time, it did make protecting him as instructed much easier. Once Roxy brought her into the conversation though, she glanced back at her, her eyes staring into hers for a moment before looking back at the Queen, "This is true, your Highness. I do know my fair share of the Black Sun. Please ask away and I will do what I can to satisfy your questions." The Fox was a sly thing, but this only made Elaira smile a bit more. --- Des nodded to Ingavor as he expressed himself to her, "I never said that you didn't have the right to dislike her. Dislike her all you want, that is perfectly fine. But you saw for yourself that she has not done anything as of yet to warrant a death sentence." She knew the girl could change her ways if only she was given the time of day and was surrounded by those who actually wanted a better future for this land. Question was could she keep alive long enough to receive that chance. Smiling a bit as he attempted to woo her to the bath simply to cut his hair, laughing once he admitted the real reason, "Alright. I wouldn't mind giving you a trim. Would make it easier to look into your eyes."

Jeff made back toward the castle, but stopped, just outside. Shifting his chin toward the sky, he watched the dark clouds loom and cry onto the earth. Rain beat against his leather while his hair began to hang in his face. His lover and children were gone. His mother was gone. His legacy. All he was, was just another player in a larger game now. He wasn't a hero. He wasn't the proud prince. He was now, just a man, with a handful of people he needed to keep safe, and a little girl he needed to guide. DeLaRose took a deep breath, and exhaled as he looked out over the city, where he and his mother had sat prior. Her human remains had been cleaned up, and now, just stone steps remained. Jeff kneeled down close, and touched his hand to the steps.
"Mother. Wherever you are, please hear my words. I stand here at the last place you stood in your home, asking you to grant me strength. I will give you whatever you want. I just need the power to take care of my family. War is coming, sweet mother, and many will die if I don't get stronger. However, I'm running out of time, and training out in the woods is not working fast enough. Give me your request, and I will do it, as I've always done before. All I ask is to grant me a massive increase in my power so that I can use my Harmonic ability to save my home, and find the True Path." Jeff then took his hand away, and sat, awaiting, while looking out at the town, with hopeful eyes. Sundays began to peek through the clouds, and rest on his face, which felt nice. It had been a long time since he felt the sun tickle his skin.

Ingavor smirked at her words and nodded. "Aye. Everyone deserves a chance. You're right." Ingavor then removed the pan from the burner. "The food is done anyway. The maids will recreate my dish and make enough for everyone. Thank you for your help." Then as she agreed to cut his hair so she could look into his eyes, he frowned, but then smiled right after. "They aren't much to look at, my dear. But I'm flattered anyway." He took her hand softly, with gloved intent as to not read her memories. On the way, as they walked down the hall, he stopped to inform a group of maids, gossiping, that the meal was ready to be mimicked and served in the next hour. They nodded, while giggling at Ingavor's fingers, intertwined with hers. Rolling his eyes, as they continued walking toward the baths, he looked to her. "School girls, the lot of them. I hear more maids laughing about nonsense daily than I hear myself breath." They moved closer to the bath hall, and, resting outside the door to it, Ingavor turned to Des. "Never had someone cut my hair before. I trust you." He said, giving a paitent smile, while gently squeezing her hand. "With my life. And my hair." With that, he pushed the door open, let go of her fingers, and motioned inside. "Ladies first."

His eyes followed the guard briefly before looking to the muttering sleeping guard and rolling his eyes. Not his guard, he doesn't need to deal with it he thought. He glanced back at the active guard once more and chuckled. "Heh, is that where most of your guards come from? Hahahaha, that's new, giving prisoners weapons and armor. Good to hear there are better within than outside. Apart from yourself." He moved closer and past the guard as he entered within the main hall, groaning at te scent that filled its area. He would take a few steps inside along the red and gold rug, moving to stand off of it as he stopped to listen and sense all he could with his ears, eyes and tremorsenses.

Noki looked at the girl there that roxie had made a point to well point out to her, she nodded her head to the female as her blue eyes shimmered and she gave a pesent hmmmm sou d almost sounding as an adult in thought. "Well then what all do you know of the black sun, there are many rumors around about a demon in the basement, numbers beyond count and how there leader is a monster or something, none of witch worrie me or scare me, but simply make me wonder if sending in ten of the best should better be made to a full assault to simple wipe the slate clean of them. Are there inoccent lives within the hall to avoid, what is inside there church and how associated are you to there religious group." She looked at the girl closely her boule eyes studying her, pure blood chould tell if a person was a lier and even at a younge age noki chould sense it unless the woman picked her words very carefully.

With Jeff there was a warm feeling around him and on the ground formed a golden key, a diamond with a purple hue within formed in the center of the key, it formed from nothing but the air, he need not give anything but his words to gain it. Words whisper in the dark as the sun made them faint but still existing. "Your mother is not here Jeff, she won't be here to hear you or anyone for a short while at least, she must recover grave damage, but dont worrie we will hear you always, you are but our child all the same, walking the path of both darkness and light it is poetic, a rose by any other name is thus as sweet our dear dear boy. This key will unlock a door under the black sun church, there you will find a monster who guards a weapon that you must give to us, then and only then will you gain the abilitys you seek, for the black sun has something we need, stolen from your very mothers hold right out from under her nose. We hold death you must bring us life then you will be rewarded greatly with both power and a Devine ability only we can give, be a knight for what is a part of you, or be a weakling for what left you" the voice vanished and all that was left was the key.
As the gnoll walked into the hall and paused he chould feel the movment around him, maids running back and forth on fast feet, guards standing and taping there weapons on the ground at there posts around every door. Larger thudding from a door at the back by what chould be assumed was a large guard with a large weapon, small talking from the library of what seemed to be a younge teenage girl and some others along with her 2 both female. More talking from the dining hall and moving voices talking about hair cuts and bath time, the upper halls were still and silent from the sound of things no doors opening no loud sounds, all seemed rather castle like and oddly peaceful. Before the gnoll was the throne area, a large staircase to the side that clearly went to the upper hall there was four guards in the main area over seeing the room at there posts, the hall way that lead to the library and then to the side a large door that lead to the dining hall were the smell of food was seeping from under the door.

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Roxy ?/ Adina ?03/07/2019
Roxy crossed her arms as the young queen asked the elf some questions. "A demon? Hmm." She looked to the elf. "And rumors of a monster as head of their little cult? A cult that believes beastmen to be an abomination... How ironic indeed. The more I learn about this group's ways the more they confuse me... And they might even have a demon? Well that actually doesn't surprise me. They are evil and twisted individuals to say the least.... And to say that my kind is considered an abomination, tsk tsk..." The idea of a skilled team wiping the church made her tail swish a bit faster. To think that they would finally get what they deserve. She was begging to like Noki. Maybe this queen was going to achieve greatness for her people and actually take action. Roxy kept her gaze on Elaira, curious if these rumors were real and what she would reveal.

Elaira took a breath and turned, walking over to a table. Resting the book on its surface, she turned back and cleared her throat. This may prove interesting, she thought to herself. Over the next hour, she went into detailed description of everything the Queen had asked for details on. She told her of the cults ultimate goals, their combat tactics, supply runs and depots, the monster in the dungeon, the fact that ten of her best would be far from enough to exterminate them, the countless innocents used for rituals and the ritual process'. She freely gave all of her information, or what she was actually aware of. Once she reached the portion of how she was associated with the group, the light in her eyes faded, her smile following suit. She was once more a shell of a woman that she actually was. Pushing off the table to stand properly, she lowered her hands to her sides to indicate no hostilities on her part before claiming, "I know as much as I do because I am a Sister of the Black Sun, sent by my Master to ensure the safety of the one you all call Ingavor."
She knew what she had just done was risking her very life, yet what Roxy had said to her in a prior conversation had struct a chord in her mind. She had no intention on being taken capture or killed, but perhaps the young Queen would show mercy on someone who was willing to be honest in everything she was asked of. Glancing at Roxy and her statements, she tilted her head ever so slightly, eyes connecting with the Fox's, pools of an eternal emptiness showing through hers, "This creature in the basement was once Human, and so the Master still claims the creature to be worthy to be among the living, so to speak. I personally never took comfort in the creatures company." Turning her attention back to the Queen, she lifted her hands to either side of her, bowing her head to the young girl, "And thus ends my explanation of what you have requested to know." Lowering her hands and straightening, she turned and retrieved the book, turning back to the door, "If there is nothing else your Majesty, I have an eye to repair." She remained where she was until she was permitted to leave.
--- Des looked at Ingavor with a smile as he took her hand, leading her away from the kitchen. Listening to the maids giggle at them, she rolled her eyes along with him, shaking her head and her smile grew just slightly, "Let them have their fun, even if it is at our expense. They don't get out often, apparently." Once reaching the baths, she looked up at him and brushed his hair out of his face, "Good thing you trust me, or else I would have to mess up on purpose." Winking at him, she turned and walked into the baths. Reaching up, she unclasped the top of her outfit, letting it slide off her shoulders to reveal her naked form. Using her tail, she flicked the outfit to the side and glanced over her shoulder, "Coming?"

The sun hit Jeff's masked cheeks as the angelic voice rang out to him. Finally. An angel. For the first time in centuries, an angel was answering on behalf of a God of Pure. This meant that heaven would soon open and perhaps the Gods of old would return, but it also meant that Caliga's plans had come to fruition and it was to late to stop her. He noticed the Angel said "grave damage in regards to his mother, and put two and two together. Anaya and Caliga always hated each other. Anaya pretended to be a good, and actually was one, and after all this time, Caliga finally had a chance to get her wings on his mother. She most likely put Anaya in her place. Or perhaps it had yet to happen and it was for told. Nevertheless, he had to focus. The voice spoke of the beast, and what he needed to do. Jeff, never once questioning the request, nodded. "Deal." Kill the beast, get the weapon. Seemed simple enough. Maybe he would recruit a few fighters around the kingdom to help him. It seemed like the best time to strike, anyhow. He sighed and nodded again to the heavenly tone. "Thank you." He whispered, and stood from his post, while sticking the key in his satchel. "We'll talk again when I'm done." As he began to walk inside, he couldn't help but picture what Caliga was doing to his mother and if she would even be able to fight back. In her mortal existence, she had been cruel and crass as she ruled, and no one would want to get in her way, let alone pray to her for help. Now she needed each prayer, and it seemed that Jeff and a hand full of people were the only ones trying to reach out to her. He crossed his arms, and placed his back against the wall in the main hall. Anyone would see the masked, white haired man, just thinking to himself, if they came down the stairs, or entered the Iron.
-------- Ingavor smiled as she exposed herself to him. "Thank the Gods that I trust you, then." He joked, in regards to her statement on messing him up on purpose. He shut and locked the door behind him and too, began to peel his layers from his pale skin. First, his dress shirt, button by button. Next came both leather gloves, then his belt. "So-...speaking of the Black Sun, now that we have a member sleeping in our halls. I a few days, we strike. Their numbers have been dwindling, plus, 50 of them just died. I saw it myself. Plus, Elaira is one of 'The Masters' most trusted. With her here, we may have crippled him, just a tad. That might give us the edge we need to wipe out the church. With you, Roxy, Jeff, myself, and the elite guards, I'm sure we have no problem here." He lowered his dress pants after removing his black boots and his sword belt. Ever since the attack, Ingavor has kept his swords close, as if he expected someone to try and take him again. The last thing to go was his undergarments, which left his body fully nude. Ingavor was not ashamed of his body in the slightest, but only in front of Desdemona, did he ever strip naked, unless he was alone. Climbing into the hot, premade baths, he exhaled as the steam began to trail off of his form and water. "Ahhhhh. It's been to long." He then playfully smashed a bit of water in Des's direction. "Please tell me you're a cat who likes water. Otherwise this will be a very awkward bath." He laughed a bit and looked at his reflection in a nearby mirror. Touching his eye patch, he sighed, and slipped the leather off from around his head. The left eye had been cleanly sliced through, then healed. Now there was nothing but a black, closed socket with a large scar going right over it. "Wasn't much for the left eye anyway. The left side is my weak side anyway. I feel like the right side is my more good looking side anyway."

Noki listened to the girl talk, it went on for what felt like forever but she knew a good ruler must keep her wits and mind about her and hear every detail of every story to draw the best result, father had taught her that when dealing with battle and what was a diplomatic conversation then a battle of the ears and mouth. She nodded her head once the girl had said was a part of the black sun yet the girl stood here not trying to remove the dragon that was right before her like her other members would have. "There is a light within every darkness, a true shape that can change depending on ones acthions, you have come here to the most hated place of the ones that raised and shaped you yet you tell of thre secrets and place faith into a dragon you know aims to destroy them. Tell me and ask yourself, do you wish to leave the black sun and be a part of what is right and good and learn of understanding and acceptance, do you wish to no longer fight for your next meal or fight for even ones sanity, to be held in love under the holy dragons wards and wings, do you seek repentance for your acthions, as mercy and understanding can be given to you. My mother ruled with a fist due to her past and due to her pain, but I dont have that and she taught me that knowlage and ones people were to be held above others, you are still my people even if you have made fowl choices and harmed others, you are still human you make mistakes and that is alright, you can get redemption just like any other, if you want it" noki wanted to be true and pure to her scales, she was gold born, she was good and inoccent
and clean, she was her mothers daughter but she did not share her mothers anger or pain, she was gentle and sweet and with a good heart in her chest that wanted nothing but good for her people. "If you do wish to join us you can take ingavor and some of the top fleet down to the church and level it, it needs to be removed as I feel in my bones something dark this way comes, you may use one of the wyvern cavalry in the shed there is a very larte one one named Diablo he has a hardened hide and is very strong, but he is stupid but will be a good addition that sould get the job done for you. And deal with the demon, and if not there are others in there to, under the stable there is a door that leads down to the death worm tunnels were more of the larger beasts are pened"
"And oh you can take Jeff to he is getting stronger and I am sure would enjoy it"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?03/09/2019
As Elaira talked, Roxy found a chair off to the side and took a seat, crossing her legs and listened to her words. She was quite surprised by all the detail she was giving out not only to Roxy but the queen herself. Then something surprising happened, something she wasn't expecting. Elaira exposed who she actually was. Roxy's eyes widened, her ears flickering. Did she just hear correctly? The she devil really revealed to the queen? Her green emralds focused on the elf's blue ones, studying her expressions and emotions, but there was a problem. It was like the woman had nothing to show, like she was an empty shell, broken and raised to feel nothing. Roxy's ears flattened and she looked down, unable to look at her straight on. She instantly felt remorse for her. Maybe being part of the Sun wasn't entirely her fault, maybe she was being forced to do the master's bidding. When Elaira was finished, Roxy turned her attention to the young queen, wondering how she was going to handle the situation. Surely she would send gaurds and throw her in the dungeon, maybe even kill her on the spot, but for the second time, the fox was surprised. Unlike her mother before her, the young queen seemed to care for her people, whether they have done bad or not. She must have saw something good in the elf. Not only did the queen accept who she was, but she even offered for Elaira to join them, a person who could be decieving them at this very moment. Could this be a mistake on the queen's side? Roxy turned back to the elf, gazing into her blue hues once again. What was she going to say? More people on their side would definitely be help, especially someone who knows the ins and outs of the church.

He closed his eyes a moment to focus on those he could not see but sense, his ears flicking at the voices in the surrounding areas and the slight thumps of the weapons in various areas. Opening his eyes again, a muffled chittering heard from the gnoll as he casually began walking as if he belonged there, a calm walk that had been practiced many times in his previous lives where he was from. Moving towards the throne room at first he did his best to keep his senses sharp as he suddenly made a turn for the stairs as if not to take a direct route to where he was going, politely bowing to any guards he may pass, and mutterring something about 'been too long' and 'paying respects' as he slowly turned and made his way onto the steps. Should he notice that few were watching or paying attention he would casually make his way up the stairs, finding the silence from above a little unnerving. Despite his size, he attempted to step lightly as he began his ascent up the stairs to the next floor, hoping to pick up anything should there be anyone upstairs. Or starting to follow him.

Elaira watched the Queen rather closely as she responded to all of the information she had given her. It was odd to see patience and understanding from a creature that she was taught was nothing but pure filth, but it was a pleasant oddity to say the least. Not once did she show a sliver of emotion as she was offered the chance to join the light and be rid of her Master. Glancing at Roxy, seeing her looking down and miserable, she looked back to the Queen as she finished her offer. Lowering her eyes to the floor, she fell into thought. Kill my Master.. now that would be interesting. Perhaps if I kill him.. Lifting her eyes back to the Queen, she tilted her head to the side, "A generous offer, your Majesty. When you speak of joining the light, I have no interest in it. I am what I am: a weapon. I was raised to be a weapon, and a weapon is all I ever will be." Her eyes seemed to darken even more than they already were, if that was possible. Recalling what her Master had said to her, she repeated it, "I could have run. I could have lived a normal life. I could have found.." Hesitating with a glance at Roxy, she looked back, " But I was afraid of all of these things, beaten into submission and molded into the woman you see now. I am nothing more than a weapon, and a weapon is all I will ever be. If you wish me to kill my Master, I will entertain the idea under a condition of my own choosing. If you are any better than my Master as the people claim you to be, then I do not see you having a problem with it. My condition is that I am fully pardoned for whatever crimes I may have committed in the past, or what you would consider crimes, being released after the annihilation of the Church on my own recognizance. Consider it the redemption you spoke of. And if you agree, I have no use for soldiers or beasts. Send who you will, but I work best alone." Moving to stand before the Queen, she offered a hand out to be shaken, "Do we have an accord?"

--- Des watched with crossed arms as Ingavor stripped, lifting an eyebrow with a grin as she saw his naked body. Biting her lower lip, she rolled her eyes and walked closer to the tub, "We may have the advantage, but something tells me storming the place will not be as easy as everyone is thinking. This is the Black Sun we are talking about, not a drug ring." Stepping up and lowering one leg in, her tail fluffed out, a shiver rolling up her body. Purring gently, she climbed in the rest of the way, slowly lowering her body into the water. As her breasts cleared sank in, she leaned back against the wall of the tub and slowly began relaxing, "Oh I love water, as long as I can control it. Not a fan of the rain, but there is nothing that can be done about that." Once fully relaxed, she slid over to him, straddling him and pinning him to the tub. As she lowered herself onto him, she ran her fingers through his hair, teasing him with subtle motions of her hips as she continued to inspect his hair, "Now then.. what to do about this.."

It was winter, around the time before the great war. Jeff had readied his teenage body with armor crafted from the scales of his mother that had fallen off. It was his greatest work at the time, and the draconic born prince was prideful when wearing it. He stood in the mirrors of the throne room while his mother came in. "Handsome as always, my son." Jeff turned and smiled from behind his mask. "So is this the war to end wars like you seem to keep thinking? He asked while Anaya held a goblet of her prized wine close to her breasts. "Not quite. But it will be the war to end all of our wars. Firedor has been nothing but aggressive with us since we waved the ironwood contract from them. Killing our scouts. Killing Manwe. Destroying our oil shipments. It seems they forget who has the more impressive numbers." Jeff nodded as his gaze shifted to the fireplace next to the mirror. "They certainly are trying to escalate our hand to the iron, aren't they? Why do we have to fight anyway? As you said, we have the numbers." Anaya caressed her son's cheek and sighed. "Because along with Manwe, our commander was killed and you and I are the only ones with enough experience to lead a vanguard this big. With my experience as a general and your experience on the battlefield, we kill conquer them." Jeff shook his head yes, in agreement, and watched as Anaya took a sip from her chalice.
"So then where do you want me?" She smirked as she let her wine slide down her throat. "You'll be leading the Garrison of Drake riders. You'll join me on the ground after we kill their beast." Jeff sighed and placed a cigarette in the hole of his old mask, and used his pyrokenetic power to light it. "You got it, mother. I'll have Milla sharpen my weapons and prepare the saddles. She is kind and has a way with the Drakes. Sweet girl she is." Anaya laughed and nodded. "Yes, so sweet. She tastes like mapled bacon." Jeff rolled his eyes. "Be good to her. You and Samuel need to stop using her like some kind of toy." Anaya shook her head. "Samuel's choice, not mine." Jeff then shot his head up once a large aura bursted into his home, awaking him from his flash back. Another aura with something to hide. This creature was not who they appeared to be, and Jeff simply grew tired of it. As the creature began to move up the stairs, the prince followed. "Hey, fluff ball. Who the hell are you?"
Ingavor nodded as she spoke of the black sun and how it wouldn't be easy. "True. But perhaps bath time is not the best time to discuss war tactics." He smirked a tad and looked up to his hair as she straddled his waist. His hips bucked upward slightly, adjusting a perfect fit to her form. "Whatever you feel is best. I was thinking about shaving the sides and leaving it long on top. That's how I see plenty of warriors wear their hair. What do you think? I also want to look good for you." He said with a smile. "I want to look good for my woman." He then rested his hands on her bottom while she played with his hair. "Is it alright if I call you that? I just assumed..." Ingavor then gave her a small squeeze with a playful grin resting on his face. "I'd very much like to be your man. If the world is ending and we may die, I'd like it to be by your side, as yours."

Noki looked to the woman, she chould mor help but smile softly a sliver of light in her blue hues. "When I hatched my mother told me the storys of when she was not a queen, she started out a fighter, much like you, made to kill anything she was pointed at, it made her strong but yet made her cold and stern, viewing the world in a different way then others did, it made her feel like she had no choice then to be what she was made to be, a weapon to burn down the lives of ones that wronged the people that controlled her. But then she realized that dragons dont take orders, dragons dont hold chains on there necks, and a dragon should not fear anything and can be what it is, a dragon. Even as you hold no scales, no heart of flame or claws and teeth the size of a horse. Within you is a dragon, a dragon lashed down with a chain it put on itself, just like once upon a time she did, it will be up to you to break the chains that bind you, when you are ready, and you need not kill your master that whould br crule ot me to order Such a task for you, simply guide and lead the rest and then what you wish to do after that will be yours to make. Once you return and the black sun threat is gone from the town you will be pardoned for your acthions and even offered a new job here if you wish it, or freedom to go into the world and do whatever you wish, no one should live a life of chains, be it human or beast, even you for I know the acthions the black sun has taken, the horrors they have done in well now my town, everyone deserves the chance to repent and pick a new life"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?03/11/2019
The fear and anger towards Elaira quickly vanished from Roxy as the woman told the young queen about herself and how she was used as weapon. Her thoughts went back on her question from before. What if Elaira strayed from her master's orders? Would she be punished or even killed? In her eyes, anyone who had a master or was forced to do something by someone, was considered a slave. This situation was no different. The elf may be a weapon, but in reality, she was a slave. The fox now felt for the woman, she almost felt sorry for all the questions she asked earlier. Roxy's ears perked when Elaira said she would consider killing her master. What? Did she really just say that? This day was filled with surprises it would seem. Just moments ago, the elf was bragging about how mighty and wise he was, now she was going to kill him? Could some of her questions from earlier make Elaira think about what side she was on? When the elf was finished, Roxy looked towards the queen, listening to her speech. She couldn't help but to agree with her. What she said was very wise. How could someone so young give such good advice? These dragons were certainly interesting creatures. How old was she really? "I couldn't agree with you more your majesty. The world could use more 'dragons' those who know when enough is enough and will refuse to be controlled by anyone. I feel the ones that are being controlled are actually stronger than the ones that are controlling." Roxy stood up and gave the queen another bow before turning to Elaira. "I will be beside this woman on her journey. She says working alone is better... she is mistaken. A twig can easily snap, but the more twigs that are bound together, the harder for them to break." Her eyes layed glued onto the elf as her tail shifted from side to side, wondering what the elf would say next.

He had made it up a few steps before he heard a voice rudely calling out towards him, his ears shooting up in response. Letting out a large sigh and gripping the railing tightly in slight anger, he knew it couldn't be that simple as he turned to look towards whoever may be calling him out. Taking a deep breath breath before reply, he, while trying to maintain composure of his ruse, said. "That's incredibly rude, the guard outside had better manners than that, and I would ask you not call me that again... But if you must know, I am ex admiral Rockefort. Now, if you would allow me to pay my respects to the late queen, and I would be ... Glad to answer any questions on my way back down." He had no reason to lie, give the full name or speak more on why he was here, to someone he hardly knew. He turned around fully to give the person below his supposed full attention

Lowering her hand, Elaira brought it back up to hold onto the book. She listened to the Dragons recollection of her mother and the way she did things, finding the story to be rather dull, and yet her emotionless eyes never faltered nor betrayed her thoughts once. Once she was told she had a Dragon within her, she looked down at the ground, unsure how to take such a comment. It was an odd thing to say to someone who was raised to despise all but the Elves and the Humans, almost insulting, but she decided against commenting on it. Lifting her eyes back to the Queen, she waited until the woman had finished her speech. Once finished, Elaira bowed her head to the Dragon, it taking everything she had to do so, "As you wish, your Majesty. If you want me to simply lead them into the Church, it will be done." Straightening, she met the Queens gaze, "However, do not expect me to protect those you send in. If they die.. and most will.. their blood will be on your hands, not mine. A guide is all I will be." Stepping past the Queen, she moved to the door and gently pulled it open, glancing back at Roxy a moment before looking at Noki, "I owe a bit of gratitude to you, your Majesty. It is an interesting twist to meet one of your kind that is.. educated in the ways of diplomacy." She stole one last look at Roxy, "If you plan on joining me for this task, I suggest you simply stay out of my way. You are considered the twig within the Church and if I have a Dragon within me, as the Queen puts it, then I will spit my fire at any who hinder me from completing my task." With that, she stepped out, beginning her search for Ingavor.
Des laughed as Ingavor positioned himself under her, easily feeling his manhood against her body. She knew he had done this on purpose, because what other reason would he have to buck his hips. Rolling her eyes with a smile, she continued to play with his hair, her claws slowly extending as he explained how he was thinking it should look, "I think that would suit you just fine." As he called her his woman, she lowered her eyes into his, her soaked tail lazily bobbing back and forth in the water as she considered what he meant by it. Obviously he was not claiming her as some prize, especially with his quick attempt to explain himself by saying it, "Well.. I suppose that wouldn't be the worst decision Ive ever allowed before." Looking back up to his hair, she began cutting it to how he had described, "Take me as your woman, if you wish it. I would think we should gain the support of our Queen though, just to be proper."

The prince raised a brow as the man told him that he was being rude. Jeff scoffed as he crossed his arms, and shot his gaze up the stairs to the man whom was talking to him. "Rude? Rude is walking into a home, shielding your aura away like you got something to hide, then walking around like a thief in the night." Jeff smirked softly from behind his mask. "I have already had to deal with one intruder today. Will you be another?" The dainty fingers of the shade rested agaisnt the hilt of his blade, while his eyes never once left that of the gnolls. "As far as the queen is concerned. I'm her son. She isn't dead. She is a god. If you wished to pay respects to her, you could have simply dropped to your big fluffy knees, wherever you were in the world, and prayed like every other person. But instead, you walked from wherever you lived, all the way to the iron, decided to hide your aura, and are now telling me, the prince of the bloody castle that I should be nicer to people I don't know who are wandering around my home with no real goal in mind." He pointed at the steps the gnoll was currently standing on. "You're also heading the pay respects to my mother. Seems like you have absolutely no idea what you're doing." Jeff sighed and grunted as he leaned against another pillar. "I don't know you. But I already know you're full of shit. I don't like being lied too. For the sake of my oncoming headache, please tell me why you're really here, and maybe, just maybe, I can help you."
Jeff's arms crossed again, while his eyes stayed planted on that of the gnoll. "My name is Jefferic Lyvix DeLaRose. Once proud prince of the iron. Now, I am the royal advisor and brother to the new queen, Noki DeLaRose. And you are-....?" Jeff stood, stepping closer to the stairs, whilst his fingers played with the red jewel that stuck in the handle of each of his blades. "I don't want another enemy, but you'll forgive me if I'm a bit on edge of every new person I see in my home. The guards let anyone in now adays despite us being on high alert." Jeff didn't know this Gnoll but he knew about aura reading, and this man was either hiding his true body, or expanding his aura to make it seem bigger than it was. Judging by the power that laid dormant in the Gnoll, he assumed it was the prior, rather than the latter. Jeff's eyes scanned the creature, intently. His baby blue pearls never left his form, even as Jeff stepped closer to the man. "Look, maybe we got off to the wrong foot, Ex Admrial Rockefort. I don't wanna kill or hurt you. Unless you're a bad man. Are you a bad man, Ex Admiral Rockefort? Because if you are a bad man, Ex Admiral Rockefort. Well, I am not gonna lie. It's gonna be a bad day for you. Maybe we should go to the bar, and get ourselves better aquainted before I let you go wander around my home, shoving your big fuckin' snout in all the dressers. You're gonna go sniffing for a spot to pay your respects to my mother, and are gonna end up sticking your nose in the fuckin' maid's underwear drawer." Jeff smirked from behind his mask and held his hand out to the creature, while still standing and arms length away from him. "It's nice to meet you. Ex Admiral Rockefort."
Ingavor remembered, sitting in the warm water, the time that he stood at the top of the Clemdorth hills, sword in hand. He stared the commander of the Black Sun army down as the two of them clashed. Iggy came slicing to the left, which caused the commander to parry to the right. Then the commander came down with a strike, which Iggy blocked with ease. The two would slice and slash at each other until Iggy switched up his tactics and tricked the enemy, which allowed him to plant his sword in the man's neck. Because of the man holding Ingavor up with combat for as long as he did, Fate chose to play apart of both Anaya and Ingavor's life. Because of the fight with the commander,Ingavor met Anaya, who gave him his home, and his duties. Had it not been for the black sun, in some sort of way, Ingavor never would have met Anaya, and in turn, Desdemona. He was lucky and thankful that someone like her existed to keep him on the right track in life. She was there when the bear attacked his mind. She was there after he came back home from his kidnapping. She was there when he needed her most, it seemed. She was someone he could see himself settling down with in the future. Was he in love with this woman? Was there any other way of explaining it? Desdemona didn't judge him for his past actions, but instead, only supported Ingavor in hopes of making him more confident in himself. The words were spoken, and she agreed to be his woman, but only if the queen agreed to it. Fair, thought the steward. Noki did have the right to disapprove any relationship she deemed dangerous to the integrity of the castle. Not that their bath would cause any damage to the castle, unless they accidently broke a tile in the room or something of the like. Ingavor gave a soft smile and watched as the black locks began to fall around him, into the tub.
"I may not be the smartest, or strongest, but I can say, with the utmost certainty, that I am going to make you happy. That, I am confident about. Even if we die a horrible brutal death, I am going to make you smile until that very moment.'' Ingavor gave a hearty grin, that he couldn't seem to make go away even after a few seconds. He noticed the water was getting lukewarm, so he used his pyrokenetic abilities to heat the tub, once his energy flowed into his hand and through his fingertips. Iggy then sighed and relaxed as Des worked her magic on his hair, while he hoped she knew what she was doing. Hair was just hair, and yes, it grew back, but he wanted to atleast look somewhat proper, and deadly at the same time. He'd rather not look like he had gotten into a life or death brawl with a group of scissors and lost. He could feel all the aura and emotion lurking through the castle as the two of them bathed, and, some of them seemed angry, while others seemed cunning, and some seemed happy. It was a melting pot of feelings and as much as he wished he could, he couldn't shut them out. He just wanted to be here, alone, with Desdemona, until the end of time.
This moment, between the two of them was perfect in his eyes. A hair cut. A hot bath. A lover's embrace. No Black sun. No Death. Just two people who fancied each other, spending time together. As the tub got full of hair, Ingavor wrapped telekentic tendrils around each strand and pulled them from the tub. Setting the wet, now useless clumps of his old hair into the wastebasket, he looked into Desdemona's eyes. "I have had a lot of bad things happen to me. I have had my family killed in front of me. I have been tortured. I have been maimed. I have been partially blinded. I have been scarred by the realities of war....I have had some of the most terrible, downright awful, unlucky thing happen to me throughout my life. But when I stare into your eyes, at this very moment-..." He waited for her to stop trimming his hair for just a moment, and leaned forward. Ingavor's soft lips matched hers, while his main, right hand ran gently up her back. His fingers trickled up and down her spine, giving a soft chill to her body in the process. "...I feel like the luckiest man on the planet."

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“not all dragons breath fire....” she paused a second as she cut herself off mid sentance geting up from the chair she was in the guard steped closer to her as she walked to a window. And looked out to the land “what is going on out there” she watched as black darkness made monsters in the shape of large wolves slam into the invisable wall that covered the castle protecting it, she could put that puzzle together as she watched them attacking the berrier over and over agein not getting past it. “they cant get in, witch is good, guard, i dont know what is going on” she looked to her guard as he looked back at her seeming to be as dumb founded as she was “all i know my lady is we need to get you protected and here is the one place to be for that, they cant run into the berrier forever, your mother placed up holy wards to protect from darkness and beings from caligas armys with things how they are i dont belive things went well for your mothers trip to godhood my lady” Noki looked around the room the elf had left the fox soon to join her and now the sun was gone and the world was so much darker, all the light in the building was tourch light and Noki had no idea what to do, she was no ruler she was just good talk in the reality for it she had no idea what to do in this, she could hear towns people screaming in the
distance as she turned her head back to look out the window the guard staying at her side “i feel the sadness in your heart my queen, there is nothing we can do for them, larger things are in town that we can not deal with and you are not strong enough to handle things ” Noki turned and looked at the man “i want you to go down under the stable, get Diablo from under the stable for me, it will do for now and that is the biggest wyvern we have and at least will be able to handle things that want me dead” the guard nodded “then stay in this room and do not under any reason leave, i will be back shortly with him and he will be the castle guard if anything happens” a\nd then the guard left here there, standing turning back to look out that window, waiting to see if more shit was going to happen today.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?03/15/2019
Roxy's ears flickered to the words that left the elf's mouth. It was like she was a completely different person. Moments ago, the woman acted like everything was some sort of game. She still didn't have a clue why she kissed her earlier. Now this woman was a cold emotionless husk and it actually saddened the vixen. It made her wonder what had happened to her to be so empty inside. When Elaira turned to her and said to stay out of her way, she simply shook her head and followed her. "Sorry Elaira, but I'm still stuck with you," she said. She gave the queen one last bow and continued on with the elf. Her gaze wandered at the cultist's features, studding her emotionless expression. What was up with this woman? There were so many things she wanted to ask her now, but was afraid it was the wrong time to do so. She technically just wrote her death wish to her master. Was she afraid? Was she sad? Was she angry? There was no way to tell. As they walked, Roxy opened her mouth to speak but suddenly, her beastlike instinct picked up something. Some sort of dark aura surrounding the castle. Not only that, her soul felt heavy as well, like before, but a lot worse. Next her ears flickered to the sounds of creatures and the screaming of civilians. "Elaira... Do... Do you feel that?" Her eyes took notice to what was once a morning sun to a dark and dull sky. "What's... What's going on?" Her mind went straight to one of the things she cared most for. "Bella... Please, will you follow me? I just need to check on the little girl. Iggy can wait just a few more minutes. I'm sure that Des woman has him distracted anyways..."

He stood there, watching the human as he crossed his arms and shot his gaze up to him, the insectile gnoll, still disguised as a shorter than himself normal one currently, shifted his weight from one paw to the other to listen the the supposed prince speak. The more he listened to Jeff the more his snarled and growled at times, taking deep breaths as he tried hard to contain his building anger. A slight chittering could be heard occasionally as he clenched his fists, some of the knuckles cracking just from the strength of the grip alone. "If you don't want others to walk into your castle, then get your guards to do their damn job, that is entirely on your lack of control over those below you." He rolls his eyes, huffing as of course it's someone rich that's rude, it's always the rich city dwellers. "If she isn't dead, then I truly have no purpose here, and have lost all, if any, desire to remain here any longer if this is what I must put up with." He said, as he started back down the steps, keeping on the side furthest from Jeff, as his eyes stayed on him for the time. He took a deep breath again as he unclenched his fists as he attempted to calm himself down from the irritating words of the human before him. "As I would also prefer to not have another enemy, but you will not see another ally in me."
He said as he attempted to casually walk by Jefferic Lyvix DeLaRose as he moved from the pillar to walk towards the stairs. He remained silent at the next question, as even him himself was unsure where he stood these days on such matters, having learned from his previous near deaths, but also unsure what he should be doing. He ignored the hand being held out to him as he walked past, his ears raising as he took heavy steps, wanted to at least sense if the prince was going to follow him towards the door. He spoke if he was given time to approach and begin opening the main door, ears flicking and he growled back. "It's too late for formalities, Jefferic Lyvix DeLaRose, you'll not have anymore from me." He growled as he opened the door, his ears dropping down as his tail went a little between his legs and what of his mane wasn't held down by his jacket fluffed up defensively. He took a step back as he looked down across the path down the hill, and seeing the various shadowy beasts ramming against the barrier. "....Jefferic Lyvix DeLaRose... We have larger problems than each other..."

Elaira stopped dead in her tracks as the world seemed to suddenly grow dark, her hollow eyes lighting up for the first time in ages. Gripping the book in her hands tighter, a genuine smile formed on her face, though not one of joy or happiness. One that indicated that she felt Her presence; Caliga. She had wondered since her first teachings of the Goddess when she would choose to make an appearance, never expecting it to be within her lifetime, as extended as it would be thanks to her heritage. But the time had come, the Goddess smiled down upon her children and all seemed proper. Hearing the screaming of the citizens in the city, she moved to a window and looked down on it, witnessing first hand the destruction and chaos that surrounded them. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and prayed to the Goddess, hoping beyond hope that her prayer would be heard: My Goddess Caliga.. a wonderful display you have shown to the world. A just one. A powerful one. May we walk within your darkness and bask within your glory as you correct the wrongs of this world. May I serve you as you see fit. Opening her eyes, she turned to Roxy as she mentioned the girl she wanted to check on, her eyes dimming once more, smile fading back to its blank expression, "Lead the way.."
Des continued the cutting of Ingavor's hair, working it to how he had originally told her he wanted it. She smiled to his words, finding a morbid sense of comfort in them, though she did not wish for him to die a brutal death. Especially on her account, "Hold still.. you are going to make me cut you." As he continued on to tell her he felt like the luckiest man on the planet, she finished her work, looking down into his eye, her smile growing just a tad more, "If you are the luckiest man on the planet, then I am the.." Her words were cut short as doom fell upon the world. Her smile seemed to melt away as she glanced towards the window, her ears standing on end, tail fluffing out even in its soaked state. A fear crossed her features; something had happened. Something terrible. Unable to identify what it was, she looked back at Ingavor, slowly shaking her head twice before vanishing before him into the Shadow Realm (first use). The bath fell from under her as her eyes burst into their golden hues, the darkness that she stepped into more sinister than she had ever seen before. Standing, she looked around, the town and its events unfolding before her in a blur of visual information. The screams.. the pain... It was overwhelming. Turning at a snarl, she found herself face to face with one of the creatures of darkness, it taking notice of her. The creature roared and lunged for her. Taking a step back, she exited the Shadow Realm, finding herself in her room. Trembling at everything she had witnessed, she sank to her knees, shakily reaching under the bed to retrieve her gear.

Jeff smirked at the Gnoll while with went on and on about how it was the castles fault and how he had no buisness here and how He would not help Jeff and blah blah blah. Jeff rolled his eyes and began to open his mouth until the Gnoll said that they had bigger problems. "Yeah yeah yeah, talk your way out of an ass kicking. I know all about tha-..." The prince paused, looking at the blacked out sun. His jaw dropped. "Caliga. She did it...She actually did it." Jeff grunted and looked to the Gnoll. "Do whatever the fuck you want. You're right. We have more to worry about now, Ex Admiral Rockefort. But let me tell you something. If I find out that something is broken, or something is taken, I am going to personally hunt you down, skin you alive, and then I'll make you into a coat and wear you around, in a fashion show where the only person in the audience is you with no fuckin' skin. Do you understand me, you creepy fuck?" Jeff shot one more glance to the chaos going on down the steps and in the town, before turning and sprinting up the steps, in hopes of finding Noki's aura. Once he turned the corner, he made his way into the library, to where Noki was sitting in a chair.
"Noki! Thank the old gods. Are you okay?!" Jeff looked very concered for his sister, despite the fact that she had been nothing but rude to him since her arrival. He just was happy that she was safe. "I know that I was gone, and I'm sorry. I know you approved it, but I should have been by your side. I'm here now, and I'm gonna keep you safe." Jeff took his mask off and placed it on his belt, then gave his baby sister, and queen a smile. " I'm sorry. I know you didn't ask for this. I'm sorry that you're stuck with me, but I'm gonna try my damnest to protect you, okay?" The once proud prince shut the door with Telekenisis and locked it tight, before turning and looking out the window. "Gods, what the hell..." He sighed and looked at the sky. The eclisped sun never left, nor moved. "She really did it. She ended the world." Jeff looked at the floor, then back at Noki. "Someone...told me that mother was in grave injury when I tried to pray to her. I-...agreed to what they asked me to do, but I think It was not one of mother's angels. I think It was Caliga. She told me that there is a weapon under the church that she wants and she wants me to go get it. In return, she will grant me power. I feel like I'm a fool. I know I'm a fool. I was so desperate for some power to keep you safe that I trusted the first voice who spoke to me in mother's place." He then sat next to Noki, on the couch beside her chair. "I'm sorry. For everything. From this point on, I will guard you with my life."
The two of them smiling and splashing in the bath warmed his heart, and as Des began to speak, then cut herself off, he too noticed the evil in the air. The sun had completely been blocked by something and it was causing absolute panic. He watched as Des slowly turned to look at him, and with a soft shake of her head, he vanished before him, leaving him to scream out. "Des, No!" He reached his hand out, but it was to late, as his lover was gone. He watched the chaos from the window as he pulled his naked form from the bath. People were dying. Black Sun Cultists were killing and being killed. Kinn were running rampant. The world had ended, and he had no idea what to do. The only thing that came to mind was to suit up, and make sure that he could at least save a few lives. That's what he told himself at least. He knew what he wanted to do the second Des vanished. This was the fault of the Black Sun. This Was the fault of the evil gods. This was the fault of higher beings, and the iron was just thrown into the middle of it for no reason, other than the evil found chaos to be fun. Ingavor grunted as he moved to his bedroom, adjacent to the bathroom he was in. He grabbed his father's armor and began putting on the metals, plate by plate. The armor was made of Ebony, and could stop 15 arrows, easily, if shot point blank. Brushing the hair from his eyes, he placed his sword belt around his waist and clasped it, then looked at himself in the mirror while placing on his gauntlets. He looked like a different man, as Desdemona had done a wonderful job cutting up his hair. He looked like a proper warrior instead of a wimpy butler, like he was just a few short months ago.
Ingavor, once armoured up, and weapon in hand, with his satchel on his side, he made his way down the hall, and looked to Roxy's bedroom. Peeking his head in, he spied Bellarose, still sleeping on the bed, despite the chaos. He closed the door slowly, and moved on. In the satchel were his essencials, which included his teddy bear, that he knew held more power in it than he even knew.Ingavor walked out of the door, in the main hall to the outside, and peered down the steps at the creatures trying to get inside. Rage filled the steward as he looked at all the carnage around him. He could see wife getting torn from a husband's grasp. He could see burning buildings fall ontop of fleeing townsfolk. He could see a child running while monsters ripped his much older, fully grown siblings to shreds. He had enough, and had to get to the town, and as he moved down the steps, he felt a small boost in his aura. As if something was giving him energy. He could feel the power of shadow creep through his viens. This, he would use later, and to good use as well. Iggy neared the barrier, and glared at the creatures blocking his path, but he knew they wouldn't hurt him. No. Not him. Maybe others, but not Ingavor. He simply walked up to the barrier and placed his hand out to the monsters ramming the gate. "Move." He said in a cold monotone. The monsters simply abided by his demand and moved out of the way, while the hand to the crown passed through the forcefield. As he walked through the gates and into the town, he watched as guards died left and right, as well as townsfolk and even some lesser kinn themselves as the guards all teamed up on one at a time, but still lost 2 or 3 in the process.
There were also Black Sun Cultists running around, causing mayhem and such. Ingavor, with rage in his eyes, looked up at the sun. A black Sun? The Black Sun." They did this. They killed the world." Finally, he had reached his destination, and he knew what had to be done. He thought of how all the friends he had said they would stand with him on this quest to kill the church but he knew he had to do it alone, or else, nothing good would come of it. People he loved would die. Noki. Roxy. Desdemona. Jeff. Even Roxy's child. He couldn't allow that. Ingavor, turning his head toward the church, shifted his eye toward the two guards at the doors, laughing at the kinn whom were killing and destroying people and buildings. Slowly starting to walk, Ingavor held his hand out and wrapped two telekentic whips around the two men, and jerked them each violently from the left to the right. With their necks broken, he tossed their bodies aside as He came face to face with the church the that brought him so much pain, and with a grit of his teeth, the air around him smelled of Vanilla as his eyes flashed purple for only a moment.His finger slowly rose as he brought it to line up with the doors of the church. He narrowed his eyes, and planted his foot. His tone was calm, but loud enough for everyone to hear. "Level it."
Bellarose heard the door close, as Ingavor left, and with a rub of her eyes, she peered out the window. Nighttime?! It can't be? How long did I sleep? I hope Roxy isn't mad. Then, Bella noticed that everything was on fire, and people were laid, sprawled out dead in the streets. Her stomach felt like it was going to vomit itself onto the floor, and as the little girl wanted to let out a scream, she couldn't help but notice the creatures at the gate, moving aside for Ingavor. Bella's eyes widened as she wanted her 'mother' and no one else. "Roxy! Roxy! Where are you?! Help!" She pounded on the window to try to get Ingavor's attention, but he couldn't hear her, as he was already at the church. Anyone who came and looked out of the window would see the events about to unfold at the church, as the castle overlooked the town a great deal, giving an amazing view. This was the only time the sight wasn't gorgeous to look at. "Roxy! Iggy is gonna get himself killed! He went out there! He went out there!" She screamed, as tears ran down her face, hoping that they would attract roxy to her location.
Aku, for the first time in a long time, was sitting outside on Everdeen's roof, watching the world be plunged into Chaos. He couldn't help but smile as the Kinn and black sun worked both with, and against each other at the same time. It was almost poetic in his eyes. The Master loved every moment of this and wanted it to last forever, and almost hoped that it would. As he hopped down from the room, he looked from left to right, and slowly began walking passed the death and decay that he saw in every direction he looked. I will lay low until the Goddess needs me again. Then, and only then, will I show my face here. It will be to make every single person in that castle kneel at my feet and kiss my skulls.

Within the confines of the mind of Elaira whispered a voice, silken and sweet a warmth to the words. “our child, we hear your voice and your prayer and with it we hold a task, there is one that walks with you known as Jeff, he is to go to the black sun church and retrieve a dagger for us, he gave his word to this but his loyalty is far from true and we know he will not walk the path. We wish you to get there first and get the dagger, you know of it as the one you know as Master is the one that stole it form this very castle right from under the dragons nose as she slept. We need it for a task to be sure this world does not leave darkness. Get to the dagger and once it is in your hands offer it to us and we shall claim it and reward you ” the voice vanished and the girl was left with a warmth covering her body, like she was wrapped in a warm embrace the whole time it spoke to her. In her hand formed a single black feather, a black feather that made her feel warn and fuzzy (item when used will give one full heal to the one it is given to, does not work on allies please be sure to add item and item description to bio card, as black feather) the feather shimmered a little as it sat in her hand.

Ingavor got to the church as he spoke and thought on what he was to do. From a shadow beside him walked the girl from before, the one that saved him, but she looked different now, now the only thing that she held that would even tell you it was the same person was the book that never left her hands. The woman shaped being had gray black skin that shimmered and glowed at all the right places to give her body enough shape to not just be a black silhouette of a person. She was dressed in a sheer black robe with silver gems all over it, small hunks of silver chain adorned her body and made her seem like fine royalty. “We would have given you a Sinner but we are here instead to do as you wish ingavor” in all reality Ingavor had called forth a massive upgrade to what he would have originally called and the Visser knew that he knew this as well. She would raise her hand large thick black tendrils resembling the ones of a large squid suckers and all started up rising form the ground around the church like a kracken undersea reaching up around a ships bow to drag it underwater. The tendrils could be seen from all areas of town, as the ripped up the ground leaving large holes and cracks all around the building. The Visser spoke as the large tendrils gained more girth and power, its voice being what gave them power “ I watched as the Dove opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four Beasts of Darkness unholy say in a voice like thunder and lighting, “ We
Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black mare! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown black as the sun that would never shine again, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on distraction to give to the lord all mighty Caliga. When the Dove opened the second seal, I heard the second Beasts of Darkness say, “We Come!” Then another horse came out, a ice covered white one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other to bring order and meaning and remove the unworthy and weak. To him was given a large sword hung upon his back. When the Dove opened the third seal, I heard the Beasts of Darkness say, “We Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what
sounded like a voice among the four Beasts of Darkness, saying, “a child lay sleep in the widows house, the widow lays with a man in the next room, slay the man, leave the widow of sin and let the child sleep soundly! Never harm the innocent bring order to the world, half a pound here half a pound there, burn the night oil and let the children sleep soundly!” When the Dove opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “We Come!” I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named by the people Death, a blue crown a glow on its head, it was given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” as she spoke the words of the unholy book the tendrils were riping into the building, large chunks of stone glass and mortar fell down mashed with the screams of the ones being crushed and killed inside. Some even ran outside to escape the buildings distraction but as soon as they got about ten or so feet from Ingavor and the Visser they exploded into nothing but dust and ash leaving only bits of themselves floating in the air. It felt like it took no time at all till the
building its self was down to nothing but rocks smashed into bodys and blood on the ground, whatever was inside of the building was no longer nothing would make it out alive be the numbers only few or many the ending result was the same. The woman figure that caused it all lowered her hand when it was over, the tendrils falling to dust as they gave a last slam into the ground the sound ringing out smashing some of the windows to near by buildings most of witch were already on fire and the Kinn stayed away and avoided those ones or larger ones smothered the flames with cold based ability's still ripping down the houses in the process.
She looked to ingavor, her fifteenth foot tall figure towering over him as large black horns covered in silver chains and gems adorned her head seeming much like a crown or even if you looked just right a halo of sorts. “your favor has been concluded Ingavor Daggersbane but your path is far from over for you have woken something within demonic vile scum rests inside the ground placed there by the black sun to attack the dragon still inside the protected castle” she looked at him, six glowing purple eyes looking right at him as sin perked inside of his being, her aura holding affect on him as she looked inside of his body (sinful gaze, you know the drill you want to do sin, you feel you have to as long as she looks at you) “do you want to make a deal to remove the threat, Ingavor Daggersbane”

Ingavor watched the Visser work, with a frown the entire time. All of the cultists that came running out thought they were safe from Caliga. They thought that just because they followed the words of a supposed Caliga worshipper, that they would be spared from the incoming rapture that was happening. They were wrong. So wrong, as the building came down ontop of them. Even as the Visser worked, Ingavor pointed at the church and used (Call Lightning) several times on the foundation. While the tendrils ripped and smashed, bolts of lightning exploded chunks of cobblestone and wood everwhere, sending debris sailing passed Ingavor's head, yet not hitting him. As the Visser began her speech, he listened and watched as the church, and all inside and around get destroyed, he turned to the Visser whom began asking him if he wanted to make a deal, then shot him the gaze of sin. He growled as he felt it well up inside of his body, but he quickly turned and closed his eyes, moving his gaze from her. "Don't do that!" He placed his arm over his eyes to block his vision and looked away. "No. I don't want to make a deal. If there is a threat, I and my friends will deal with it with our own abilities, however, if I need you again, I will ask. I know you are always listening. Thank you, for giving me what I asked for." He grunted, as he turned from her, and started walking away, not wishing to speak with the being any longer.
Ingavor was already angry, and the sin that she had filled him with didn't help. He then felt the Sin that she placed in his body earlier well up, and as a random cultist, whom wasnt in the church ran by, he felt wrath take over. Ingavor placed his arm out, clotheslining the cultist and knocking him to the ground. "You ruined everything!" He shouted, kicking the man in the stomach. The man coughed and fell over onto his side, on the ground. Then Ingavor kicked the man in the back, hard with his armored boots. "Your church helped kill this bloody world!" The man began to attempt to crawl away as Ingavor stalked closley behind, leaving the rubble that was once the church behind. Ingavor then snatched the cultist up by the collar, and slammed him back down, face first, onto the paved streets of the Iron town. The initail slam busted the man's front teeth out, shattering them on impact. This was the angriest that anyone would ever have seen Ingavor, with absolutely no mercy as he brutally beat the cultist.
"Please!" The man begged, as Ingavor delivered another kick to the man, in the ribs, breaking a few as the man scrambled to get onto all fours. He wheezed and coughed blood as the angry steward stood over him. "Feel Caliga's light..." The man said, weakly, as he looked with tears in his eyes at the destroyed church, and crushed bodies under the rocks. "Caliga?" Ingavor whispered, and then immedietly put two and two together. The Visser, The Kinn, The Sinn, the Sun. Caliga destroyed the world. Granted, the black sun wanted nothing more than to bring about the apocalypes as well, but probably didn't do anything to help Caliga except send souls to Ulon, and create Sin. In some way, the Black Sun were to blame. That is what Ingavor thought at least. He stared at the cultist whom looked back at Ingavor. Slowly, Ingavor felt his wrath wind down, but not his real anger, that was already in himself before the Visser intervened. Giving an exhale, he turned and slowly started walking away, before hearing the wheezing cultist speak up. "I was Clemdorth." Iggy stopped in place, but didn't turn to look at the man. "Speak." "I was there in Clemdorth, the day you killed the commander. I was just-.....just starting out in the church. I saw you both fight. I was sure that he was going to" The man began a coughing fit, but ended it only a few seconds later. "...kill you easily. But you showed him. You killed him like a dog. You then ran. You ran away with Anaya and hoped we would never find you. We did. We settled in the iron, just to spite you and your queen."
Ingavor then slowly turned to look at the man. "And?" He asked, annoyed. The cultist smiled, a jagged, broken, bloody smile. "You will keep running. Caliga will always know your steps. You can run from us, until she finds you. Then you'll be stuck in Ulon, with every single life that you've taken. You. That fox. That prince. Your new queen. Even that cunt that you are so fond of-..." As soon as he spoke of Desdemona, Ingavor's heel slammed into the skull of the man. Then, Ingavor lifted his knee again, and brought his boot down, onto the same spot of the man's head. The first stomp caused the man's head to jerk and smack against the cobble. The second blow caused the skull to fracture and the nose to break. Then Ingavor slammed his boot down once more onto the man, causing blood to begin to pool out of the man's head, as skull began to crack open. The cultist started to twitch, and spasm, but Ingavor wasn't done. He brought another slam of his heel down in succession to the last, causing the actual flesh of the head to flatten with the skull, popping the right eye out of socket. Once again, for a fifth time, in 3 seconds, Ingavor stomped down, and splattered the man's head entirely, causing bone fragments and braint matter to skitter across the pavement in a ooze of blood and mind. Ingavor stood over the cultist and stared at the body. After a few seconds of looking, Ingavor leaned over and puked up the only intake he had that day, Water. Only a little bit. After wiping his mouth, he looked at the body once again, and spat on the corpse. "I hope she puts you in your own personal hell." Ingavor then turned away and looked around.He spotted the people running, with a shout, he screamed and pointed to the castle. "Everyone get to the castle! If you can! All those who can run, try to make it passed the barrier! It will let you through! Just be careful of the monsters!" He began helping some townsfolk back to their feet and motioning them toward the castle.
"Your only chance is to either try to run passed the monsters or die! Go!" He shouted, as the townsfolk began to listen. He didn't expect all of them to survive, but if he could save even one random villager, he did his job. They would die anyway, with the cultists, whom weren't in the church, and Caliga's Kinn. "Desdemona!" He yelled out loud, in hopes that she was in town, or that she could maybe even hear him from her shadow realm. He looked up to a tall roof that was near the church and used shadow step,to jump into a shadow that was being cast from the chimney. (First use of Shadow step.) He wasn't even sure he could do that, but he felt it in his viens that he could. He was acting on instinct and instinct alone at this point. "Everyone make your way to the castle! Just run! It's your only shot! Go!" He knew some would die. Hell, probably a lot of them. But as long even a few people could be saved, he had to take that chance. "Desdemona!" He shouted again, trying to locate her aura through all of the chaos but not having much luck. "Des!" He said, standing on his eagle point, trying to spot her.

The Visser looked at him as he bluntly turned down her offer and turned his back on her, tisk tisk she thought to herself as she moved her eyes to look up towards the castle, she could hear words within her mind “Remember who you follow ingavor daggerbane, we will call you forth in the days to come and we do hope you will come to the call” her words even if he was far away from her would find his ears, like words on the window that would travel to him no matter the distance to whisper what they needed to say into his ear. And with that she vanished from that location to go see out another that seemed to hold a much brighter future with her at there side.

Noki turned her head to look at Jeff, why was he talking so much, what was he talking about, she let out a sigh and got up walking over to were he was siting only a little away from her and sat down beside him putting her head on his shoulder softly “you don't have to be sorry, you are my big brother and be it you died before I was hatched does not change the fact of what you are and that you are here now. You have your own life and your own path and I should not be the one that is your chain to the ground, this castle can not fall, there are wards up to protect it, from everything and Kinn cant hurt children right, I am only two human years old, be it dragons age faster then mortals I am still a child ” she hoped she was right, there was doubt in her voice but she still hoped the same “but really don't be sorry, you repeat the words so they hold no meaning anymore, you want to protect me then do it, don't be sorry that you were not here and waist time wall you are here. And I have a guard attached to me like tree gum, so it is not like you were really super needed anyway and I am a dragon I have power, a little anyway I can heal and breath fire a bit, and shape change into my real body, mainly I can heal but I have claws teeth and tail to, my wings suck but I can fly for short times” she could not help but chuckle a little as she spoke “but you know about the monsters outside, Jeff, tell me about them I only know the basics from the books in the library but you were dead, so you know more then I ever could read”

Roxy ?/ Adina ?03/17/2019
Roxy's ears continued to flicker about, listening to the pain and suffering of the world around her, though, at this moment, those cries did not matter. She began hearing cries from her little girl and her heart sank. "Bella..." She said under her breath. She looked to Elaira before she took off down the hall, the sounds of her feet hitting the stone floor as she ran. 'oh goodness, oh goodness, oh goodness... Please be okay' she thought over and over. She hoped Elaira was following her, but if she strayed off, Roxy wouldn't mind. Making sure Bellarose was okay was her only priority at this very moment. If something were to happen to her, she would literally break down, feeling like it would be all her fault. Within a few moments, the vixen burst through the door into her room. "Bella hun!" She cried. She ran to the girl's side and picked her up, hugging her tight. "Calm down, calm down sweetie, Roxy's here... What's going on with Iggy? Where is he?" She asked now worried for him.

A great number of things had begun to rush through his mind, even as Jefferic Lyvix DeLaRose had begun to speak his lowered ears didn't flick, he stopped sensing those within range as he focused on the mess before him. The blacked out sun dimming the light would have shone across the land otherwise, the town burning all over with various screams of pain and shouts for aid rung over the area as the carnage spread along. He just missed that. He just by mere minutes missed being among those possibly dying in town and fighting for his life in a situation that would have been less than ideal for him currently as he lacked equipment and allies. As he stood there, thinking and dwelling on what could have been, his tail shifted back and ears raised up a little as he glared at the beings around the barriers edge. Was it a trap he was sent here? Free the monsters to merely be attacked by them and the castle dwellers? He had questions and he knew only one that could answer them, but as he was about to take a step, he noticed an armored human marching past, assumingly a man on a mission.
He watched curiously as the man turned to look upon the carnage as he continued down the path towards the edge of the barrier without pause. Nikolai's ears raised up as he watched the man simply just walk by them , and continued on his way. Makings his paws into fists, and a thought crossing his mind from the woman in the graveyard, he steeled himself as he moved past the outer guard and made his way down the steps closer to the beasts at the barrier. Rather than walking through it, he stayed about 5 to 10 feet back and began walking the edge of the barrier, staring at the creatures to see how they'd react. "... I know not where your master is hiding, but her plan failed and I was almost found out. Jefferic Lyvix DeLaRose saw right through me, so if you want your job done, I have an new plan, but we finalize the agreement before I risk myself further." He spoke to them, unsure whether this would work or he would just be making a fool to himself, but she said speak to the shadows...

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Elaira followed Roxy to the row of rooms, slowing her pace as she approached her own room, letting the Fox woman carry further on down the hall. Stepping into her room, she tossed the book she carried onto the bed and moved to the closet. Stripping out of the dress she wore, she reached in and grabbed her gear, slipping into it quickly. A Goddess' command was not one to be put off. Tossing the Dragon skin cloak around her shoulders, she fastened it and pulled on her bow and quiver. Once satisfied, she made her way to the railing outside the room, leaping over it and landing on the floor below gracefully, startling a few maids. Watching them run for cover, she rolled her eyes and moved to the main entrance, pushing past the guards and onlookers to the city below. Hearing the snarls and attempts to breach the magical barrier surrounding the grounds from the creatures the Goddess had summoned, she stopped just short of the main gates. As the creatures looked at her, she narrowed her eyes. The Dire Hounds that were directly in her path lowered their ears, parting way to either side. As they did, Elaira stepped out of the gates and past them, to the guards surprise.
Once past them, the Hounds continued their assault. Taking one step after another, she quickly moved into a dead sprint, her Elven legs carrying her faster than any mortals. As the streets blurred by, she took note of the damage the Goddess had truly released upon the town. Winding in and out of the streets, she came upon the wreckage that was the Church, she noticed Ingavor and the creature he spoke with, taking little interest in either. Slowing her pace, she withdrew her bow and nocked an arrow, lowering into a crouch and continued onward, using the shadows of the area to her advantage. With Ingavor's attention taken, she used the time to scan the area, noticing the large holes in the ground. Knowing these would lead to the basement of the now demolished church, she picked her time carefully and without making a sound, darted for one. With ease, she hopped into one and using the cloak, began sliding into the basement below.
Once gearing herself up, Des ran back out into the hall, looking from side to side. She watched Elaira walk out of her room and leap to the level below, but she did not care what the Elf was up to at the moment. Stopping a passing maid, she demanded the location of Ingavor. Being told that he had left the grounds and looked to be heading into the town, she knew exactly where he would be heading. Having never been to the Church before however, she gritted her teeth and took a step backwards, vanishing into the Shadow Realm once again (second use). Moments later, she appeared on the roof of The Snorting Boar, using the vantage point to scan around for Ingavor or the Church. Witnessing large tendrils burst from the ground around a building and begin demolishing it, her ears lowered and eyes widened, "That.. would be it.." Tapping into her power, she hopped off the roof and levitated to the next, releasing her power as she did so she did not overexert herself. Using this method, she moved closer and closer, hoping to catch sight of Ingavor.

Jeff nodded while listening to his sister, and sighed a bit of relief as she rested her head on his shoulder. "The Kinn, Sinn, Visser, and all of Caliga's bullshit creations? I know that they are made from the souls of those she deems 'worthy'. In her eyes, worthy is just someone willing to do a bunch of meaningless shit for her, give up part of their souls, give up someone else's soul, or kill someone for her. She has been planning this for a while, but never could find the right chance, until our sister brought me back." He looked down and huffed, while running his fingers through Noki's hair, tenderly. "
"These beings range from rather weak to ungodly strong. These beings have no fear, but have some sort of free will, I suppose. They disobey Caliga quite often, but she always deals with them. I honestly believe Caliga made these creatures as some fucked up sentiment to herself. Like her giant Goddess Ego told her 'make a bunch of pant shitting terrifying creatures that remind me of my own image of sin.' Honestly, after being in Ulon as long as I have been, I have grown quite tired of Goddesses and Gods. Honestly, at the end of it all, it wont matter. The only way we are going to win is to play Caliga's game, but no one is going to like the prize." Jeff then looked to Noki and smiled softly.
"When I was around your age...body wise, not actual wise, I picked up a violin. I played it everyday. I got rather good at it too, not to toot my own horn. I played at the royal ball, that Mother held every few years. That is were I met this woman. She was a stupid girl. Princessa Iscariot. Obnoxious name. She was obsessed with me, and always wanted to get to know me. Always wanted to steal a dance. That sort of thing. Mother knew that I didn't find her very overwhelming, but knew that we could have a good alliance with the Iscariot family if I were to court this girl." He smirked a bit and poured some wine into a goblet on the table, infront of their couch, and took a sip. Exhaling after, he continued. "Well, I talked to this girl, and she wanted to hear me play the violin, just for her. I did, only because mother asked me to. Well, as I'm playing, this girl jumps on me, and starts kissing me all over my neck. Without my consent. I reacted....strongly. I stood up, and dropped her to the floor. Afterwords, she called her father, and started telling him that I came onto her way to strong. Lies of course." He digressed and got to the meaning of this story. "Well, I set the record straight and decided to leave the ball. As I left, I forgot my violin. As I went to go fetch it. I came back in to the ball to see Princessa Iscariot smashing it into a thousand pieces. The moral of this story? People will always want something from you. Some people, even if you know you're right, and you know it isn't fair, don't care. If you say no, they will destroy something, or someone you love. People with giant egos do this. Caliga is one such being, despite being a god."
Jeff looked into his baby sister's eyes. "If Caliga ever asks you to do anything, at all. Keep in mind that there is always going to be something at stake, and she can always take it away from you. She doesn't like hearing the word, No, and, just like a child, will throw a tantrum if she doesn't get her way. I've seen her turn a man inside out for denying her requests. I've seen her fuck a woman to death for not fetching her more souls for Ulon." He sighed and took another sip of wine, then looked out the window. "Honestly-...I think that caliga is a giant Cun-....." Then he spotted it. Ingavor and a Visser, side by side, as the church crumbled to dust in front of them. Jeff's eyes windened and slowly he turned back to the queen. "Your steward just blew up the Black Sun church."
Bella smiled and hugged Roxy as tight as she could as tears ran down her eyes in joy to see her adoptive parent come into the room. As she told Bella to calm down, she pointed out the window just as Ingavor destroyed the church, then proceeded to start beating the Black sun Member. Bella covered her mouth as Ingavor kicked the man a few times in the stomach and side. "Why is he hurting that man? Is that man bad?" She buried her face in Roxy's stomach, and sobbed softly. "I'm so scared. I don't understand what's going on." She looked at the floor, pulling away from Roxy. " Ingavor ran outside and destroyed the church! I fell asleep and now its dark and theres monsters everywhere and I just want to cry!" The poor child had no understanding of what was happening. She only wanted Roxy, and maybe and nice meal. But It wasn't the time for that.

Noki looked at Jeff as he rambled on about the Kinn and then went to a story that she did not ask for, this whole asking was not due to wanting story time it was due to wanting information to be able to handle this situation better to better understand ones enemy, like the books she had gone over about the art of war and tactics. She let out a sigh as she sat up on the sofa waiting kindly till he was fully done speaking before she started. “well then if they have handled it then it will make that one girls job easier. And i don't believe Caliga will ever ask me anything, from what i have gone over i am a child and that god protects children as well as i am a holy being so the lesser Kinn cant even stand being around me so it is foolish to think they would ask me to do things no matter the cost, now i guess if i have you here,i can leave this room even if the guard ordered me not to and i am famished and could use some food in my protected castle were no being of Caliga's will and body can enter” she let out another sigh, she understood mothers strain now being trapped in this castle for so many years, hell right now it was hard to do and she was only going to be trapped in here till the basterdus things outside left “lets go get some beef from the dinning hall it should still be good and i believe there is still salted pork left and we have to go over what we are going to do now that the sun is gone for our own food stocks, we cant leave this building without risk of attack, with no sunshine it means plants are all going to die and so will a large chunk of
attack, with no sunshine it means plants are all going to die and so will a large chunk of the animals we use for food and stock, and it is going to get cold, very very cold as that big ball in the sky is not producing heat as it did before, this world is going to turn into a black ice box and we need to figure out what to do about it or we are going to starve. And at the same time all the people from far and wide are going to end up at our door step seeing this castle still stands and we don't have enough food to feed ourselves let alone everyone from Valeria ” she let out a soft sigh the fact really putting a heavy weight on her heart “we will have to turn people away by the thousands as we will not have a renewable source of food” she moved and walked to the door hoping Jeff would follow her as she opened the library door and started her way to the dinning hall to grab a plate of what they had and to go over the stock they had left.
At the barrier the black hound like monsters snapped at one another shoving there heads hard against the invisible barrier wall. Then they stopped as from behind them out of the shadow of a tree that woman formed, but as her true self and not as before, she still held that womanly shape but it was distorted. Tall and slender it looked as if she had been pulled up to around fifteen feet or so, her body adorned with silver gems and chains and a top of her head was a crown of horns that like everything else was adorned in silver gems and chains. Long flowing black darkness strands flowing around her as she walked up to the barrier looking right to the knoll that stood just out of reach. The one dog looked up at her as she moved a clawed long fingered hand down to run her fingers long its head to stroke it like it had gone good this day. Her six bright purple eyes looking down at the gnoll abomination as it talked, all six never blinking and always holding a unsettling glow “you called us forth and yes Jeff is a smart one that is a rather large pain on our plans, but the idol must be destroyed, what is it you wish to discuss before it is done” her voice was deep yet broken as it sounded like many talked together within her, small voices all making a larger one and the stink of Vanilla carried a wide birth and did seep past the barrier as the barrier did not stop smells.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?03/20/2019
Roxy just held Bella for a few moments, happy she was save. As she held her, she patted the little girl's back a few times before setting her down in her feet. "You're safe her Bella hun. I was told the castle was protected by powerful magic, nothing is going to get through." She turned her head in the direction of the window, seeing Ingavor by himself. "That crazy bastard... We were supposed to be doing this together." She looked at Bella and leaned in to give the girl a motherly kiss on the top of her head. "Everything will be okay. Iggy is hurting very evil men that want to harm us," she said, explaining as much as she could to the little girl. "But he is doing it alone and I must help. I need you to stay here and not leave this room till I'm back." She stood up and grabbed her bow and bundle of arrows, placing them on her back. "I'll see you soon Bellarose, I'm sorry I have to leave you again." She turned her back to the little girl and walked out the room, her tail limp and dragging. This was going to be a regular thing if this threat wasn't going to be taken care of. She closed the door behind her and looked for Elaira, but of course she was nowhere to be found. "Well shit..." She wasn't surprised, but she knew she had failed her orders and that the feline was probably going to be upset with her. It was whatever. Bellarose was more important than some woman's orders she barely knew and she shrugged it off. Once she reached the end of the hall where the rooms were, she spotted the queen and the prince making their way to the dinning hall. "Jeff! Your majesty!" She shouted, catching up to them. "Iggy went off on his own! I don't know why he thinks that he take on the Sun by himself, but he did." She crossed her arms and her tail curled around her leg. "That fool promised me that we were going to do it together... So much for that. Anyways, Jeff... We've gotta help him... You owe him that much."

He unclenched his fists to shift his fingers before making fists once more as he paced back and forth and his side of the barrier, eyeing the various hound like monsters and sizing them despite not going to risk it with so many of them present. He took a step back, ears and senses raised as they all suddenly stopped behaving as they had when he arrived, and looked back towards the womanly shape, taller than even he, stepped forth as a corrupted version of the woman in the graveyard. His mane flared up, mostly blocked by his jacket except by his neck as he took a step back defensively as his eyes wandered and took in her appearance as it unsettled him. He took another step back as he watched her lower her hand to run her fingers along the hound before returning to her eyes, a hint of fear hidden behind angry eyes as a great many thoughts ran through his head, up until she had begun speaking, and with raised ears he listened silently at first, his stomach growling at the scent of vanilla made his hunger resurface once more. He returned to pacing at his fair distance from the barrier as he listened, his angry eyes not breaking away from hers and only spoke once she had gone silent. "Yes, I get you want the idol destroyed, but things have changed. The guise you said would work failed and now the supposed crown prince is suspicious.
I have a simpler way to get the idol, and could even smash it right here for you to watch, but I would prefer to not get attacked by your pets as those in town and the castle soon will for one. I require you to give a spell to allow me to not be seen or sensed and I shall climb the wall up the the window. And perhaps a way to get inside silently, should you want your... Surprise to be completely unexpected by the majority of the castle. A way to open the window if it's locked or unopenable. As for my demands, I have five. One, you and your kind will leave that woman, her children and where they dwell alone. They must remain safe, as that would make a good refuge for myself and my plans. Two, the amulet repaired as that would not only aid me in my goals, but can aid me in working with you again should you keep your word... Three, frame and plant evidence to blame one of their prisoner guards for betraying them and smashing the idol, preferably to keep him off my trail and cause issues should they survive. Four, the power you promised, I'm going to need a little more than what I have if I'm to adapt in this new world and fulfill more jobs. Perhaps even some of your jobs. Five. All the bodies or corpses of those you do not want are to end up tossed in the oceans for you know who to enjoy. Those five things, and all you get is a smashed idol and a barrier removed to have your fun with them as you see fit, do we have an accord?"

He listened to his sister, and with a nod, knowing she cared not of his stories or his lessons, followed her out of the library, and headed toward the dining hall. "Yeah. Ingavor and his little kitty cat were cooking before the world ended. There should be more than enough food. When we gather our numbers, I'll take a search party out and see what I can do about gathering meats and plants before they all die off. We may not have a sun anymore, but luckily, we have photosynthesis, which can be created from fake light sources. If I can gather the right plants, I can extract the seeds from them and we can turn one of the empty bedrooms into a greenhouse or something. As of right now, you're right, this place is safe." He sighed and looked around. "And as much as I hate to say it, we should start turning this place into a sanctuary. More barricades, in case the creatures break through the barrier. As many able bodied men on guard. We need to make sure that this place is more of a fortress than it already is." He walked with his hands in his pockets, after putting his mask back on, just in time for Roxy to find the pair walking to get food. Jeff raised a brow as Roxy spoke of Ingavor going after the black sun by himself, and how Jeff owed Ingavor the courtasy of rescuing him. Jeff grunted and shook his head.
"So now you want my help? I literally informed you all that there was an evil cultist in our home, and you guys treated me like I was a sociopath. I shouldn't have used his power, and I apologize, but I don't owe him a damn thing." He glared at the fox, then shot a look at the floor. "Since I have come back from the dead, I have been mocked, insulted, attacked, misunderstood, and made out to seem like an asshole. I'm tired of being everyone's fuckin' scape goat to scream at. " However, he thought back to the conversation him and Ingavor had before the entire Elaira situation occured. Ingavor had been kind to him, and only turned on him once he had taken advantage of him. "I was at fault for my actions. I know that-...and I'm sorry that you got the wrong impression of me." He said, after a few moments of silence. "-....and I will help you because I couldn't live with myself If I let a good man die for nothing. Did you see tat he destroyed the church? Do you know where he could be right now?" Jeff asked before looking He looked to Noki."What do you think, Sister? Should I go?'' She had told him that he had his freedom, but she was still his Queen, and wouldn't leave her be, without her permission.

the many that made it and that ran for the castle got there, but some of them faced grave injury, limbs had been grabbed from them, one man was missing a leg, another a arm, some had large chunks of bleeding flesh hanging from there poor feral body's a lot of them would not make it past the next day. But the guards offered shelter in the barrier, not seeming to pay much attention to the larger Kinn at all, it was like her or the gnoll were not even there to them.
(Aura of minor iluthion. The smell of vanilla can make it past the barrier and the kinn is using that smell to be able to cast smaller ability's even inside the barrier. So the gnoll seeing he is inside the smell range is made to be invisible as long as he does not leave the smell range, no one can see him or the larger Kinn or hear them, auras can be seen and the smell is there as well as they are invisible, so still solid if anyone trys to walk into them they will hit a “invisible wall” but they are a bit out of the way of the main path so this should not be a problem)
“you make a deal larger then what was agreed upon Gnoll, but if it will grant you the ability to smash what we seek we shall do for you what you want, the children and woman of your past will be left alone and even protected slightly from a far, the pendent will be mended for your use, the dead from this town tossed into the sea as your offering after we are done, power given to0 you so you stand more a chance with the others in this land, and a guard will be framed and distraction made to cover your trail and even make you look the hero not near this castle at all. Go around the castle to the back window, you will keep the iluthion we hold no you for now, no one will see you at all, you are invisible to all even your aura. Walk past the barrier so we may place our hand on you to make it so then you can enter back and go for the window, scale the wall, the window is never locked, it is still never locked, go open it when no one looks, enter the room and toss the idol out the window to smash upon the ground. Once done we will be able to enter and make to large a mess to be ignored, no one will notice you at all, stay invisible leave the way you came, walk past us and come from behind say the words tick tick the invisibility will break and you will look as if you were never at the castle and are not fighting us from behind looking the hero to help the people of this town and no one will be the wiser. Fallow the plan to the letter
and all you wish will be granted and this castle will be destroyed as Caliga wants” the kinn woman took a step back so that the gnoll could move past the barrier to come to her, her arms open looking much like one would for a hug “come our child and we will make it so no one can see you, hear you, feel you, or even smell you at all till the words leave your lips to break it”
(once you leave the barrier you will feel the intense aura of sin, you want to do sinful acts badly, like you are being compelled to do them by magical force, touch from a Kinn makes this even worse, this is simply a affect due to being around a greater kinn in its true form, this affect the kinn can not turn off)

Noki sat there as Jeff talked about growling plants with fake light, torches did not grow plants, maybe he had fallen off his rocker at long last with this world shift and as he put it, the end of the world. Noki shock her head back and forth as a no as she looked at him once he was done talking “no the world has not ended, there is not rocks of fire falling from the sky and things are not over, it is just changing and sadly we are not the greater power anymore, mother once was but now she is gone and without her we don't have that card in our hand anymore, she used to take care of us and we never noticed what she was to this world and now that she is gone the darkness can take its hold” she paused and looked at him “we don't need more sand bags or a stone wall that will not keep out the animals out there, the only thing that is keeping them back is the HOLY barrier, you can make this place a stone and iron fortress but they can just pass the walls with there magics, unless you have something that can cast another divine holy ward if this one falls then there is no point in wasting the time or the man power we can get things together if this place falls, get men to pack up bags of meals and goods so we will not be pushed into the darkness with nothing, food, goods, gold, shove that into a wagon and we will have to seek out a location to move to if we don't have a choice. And we have to get into the under castle, if this place falls it will be our only way out, so Jeff you have a larger task then helping people outside, they are on there own, we need to get under the castle and get everything we can from down there as down there has the most value. So do you have any ideas on how to do that?”

as she stoped talking to jeff she opened the dinning hall door and walked inside that fox girl behind them as they walked talking on how jeff owned the cook or something she gave a light sigh as she walked to grab a silver plater and put a small amout of meat onto the one side not being as hungery as she sould be, to much on the mind even if she had a empty gut at the moment “ingavor has always been a tad rash hasn't he, i remember mother laughing about how much of a pain he could but but she did adore him. Hopefully he will do alright out there on his own as jeff has more pressing matters he will have to handle sadly, his det or something will have to wait, aswell Roxie, is it, yes, if you wish you can aid jeff in figuring out how to handle the under castle there is a mass of spiders that has over the many years has gotten rather large and out of control and guard the gold hold down there, i am sure you have not seen a thirty thousand and something year old golden dragons treasure hoard before, it is a rather nice spectral mother collected everything she could from around the globe and shoved it all down there, all you have to do is try and ignore the spiders and the dead bodys that got picked up with the gold, and we have to do something about the slaves down there, we do not need slaves i rather have skilled labour, if this castle sands. Past the week”

Roxy ?/ Adina ?
Roxy followed the young queen as well as Jeff into the dining halls, the aroma of foods tickling her nose, causing it to twitch. She hadn't ate since her time spent at the Pleasure Palace and she was quite hungry. Her ears flattened to Jeff's words. "Look... Don't apologise. I should have trusted you. I saw a man talking down to a woman and instantly assumed the worst. I'm the one who should apologise..." She turned to the prince. "I'm sorry Jeff. Next time I won't question your judgement." She smiled when Jeff agreed to help, hoping that thy could get going soon, though the smile faded when Jeff asked for permission. How old was this little girl again? And he was asking permission? Royals made no sense to her. she followed behind them, following Noki's lead, grabbing a plate for herself, her ears flickering as the queen spoke. Listening to her talk about the spiders bellow the castle. Roxy let out a sigh. She knew that Jeff was going to do as he was told and as much as she wanted to go after Ingavor alone, she wasn't stupid. She knew leaving the castle alone was a bad idea, so going with Jeff on this mission was her best option. Hopefully it could be an easy extermination. How hard could it be to kill a bunch of spiders anyways? Plus there was treasure? Could there be any weapons that could help them down there? The tall vixen would finish making a small pile of food on her plate and take a seat at a table. "Alright then... The quicker we do this, the quicker we can help Iggy. Hopefully that Des girl will keep him safe long enough for us to catch up." She looked over to Jeff. "I'm in. Don't know how useful a bow will be against spiders, but I'll do my best."

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesLast Friday at 3:16 PM
The once royal son to the queen looked at his little sister with a grunt as she shrugged off his ideas for the castle, as if she knew everything. She was only two years of age but already she was acting justing like their mother. Jeff raised a brow then to Roxy as she apologized to him and just like that, he believed they were friends. The two of them made quite a team after all, with the dispelling of Declan, the cultist. It was quite the feat. Roxy gave a small frown as Jeff looked to his Sister whom was spouting off about how they needed to get under the castle to retrieve items that could help them. "Sister, I'm not sure if anyone told you, but those spiders down there are deadly as FUCK! I love you dearly, but I'm not going to sacrifice the only life I have left, doing something that I clearly wouldn't survive, let alone Roxy!, No offense." He motioned toward the fox, whom raised a hand, as if to say "None taken to your comment." Then, right at that moment, he felt two familiar aura's and one, new, small, but powerful one. Jeff placed a finger up to Noki and Roxy. "I sister has come home. And your father. I will go fetch them both, and maybe you can have Him go down there and get what we need. That way, no one gets hurt. No one has to die, and Samuel gets to keep all of his beloved long legged creepy fuckers." With that, he turned and left to go find the pair of them.
Roxy looked at Noki with her hands on her hips. "No offense to you, your majesty, but I don't want to go down there without at least feeling prepared." Roxy's mouth then began to water as she smelled the food that was being brought out by the scared looking maids at the moment. Roxy looked a little sad for them, but at the same time, took solace in knowing that they were safe for now from Caliga's wrath. Roxy took a seat next to the queen, while the servents put two plates of the food that Iggy had made earlier, steam dancing off the dish as it was placed down in front of the very hungry fox. "Is there anything that I can do to be helpful to you that doesn't require me to crawl beneath the castle and fight spiders?" She asked while looking around for Jeff to come back.

AnayaLast Saturday at 8:56 PM
Noki looked at Jeff as he left the dining hall and she stayed sitting "I will talk with father later and we can go over things without you but for now l, go a stuff my face wall i can" she gave a chuckle and ate some more of her meal.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?Yesterday at 8:38 PM
Roxy scooped up a spoonful food and stuffed it in her mouth. She closed her eyes and smiled to the taste. It was a nice change of things. Something good in a world that was now dark, but for how long? How long was the food going to last? She knew there was only so much. The vixen turned to the queen once again. Did she not hear her? Maybe the young queen was so stressed and lost in thought that she didn't hear her question. "Um.. your majesty?" She said after swallowing. "Is there anything I could do to be helpful? I guess I should tell Bella that I'll be staying... Just hope you're right about Iggy and that he'll be okay." She looked back down to her food and continued eating, her tail twitching happily to every bite.

AnayaYesterday at 8:42 PM
Noki was lost in thought for a bit before snaping out of it and looking at Roxy she blinked a couple times and nodded her head "sorry I was a little in my own head, simply going over things and trying to put it all together l, and wondering if I should go see father seeing I can feel he is home. And yes help jeff with his things and I am sure ingavor and the others will be safe. To be honest I dont really know what to do with myself let alone my people I got handed a rules crown in the middle.of a storm and told to make due"
She still had half a plate of food in front of her fully untouched as she picked up the plate and with her clawed finger pushed the food around clearly thinking "tell me Roxy, if you were me, what would you do to not have everyone die, I can give rule to father but I know he will not mind people dieing and may even help the God he follows, but at the same time he can protect you all better then I can and he is a ruler that knows what he is doing. Or I could just keep going on how I want to and hope that there will be a light in this darkness, really I dont know what path to walk, or maybe there is one I am not seeing"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?Today at 1:05 AM
Roxy's ears flickered back and she looked to the direction of where Jeff had left then back to Noki. "It's quite alright. I can't imagine what you're going through. This is all new to you and I have a feeling that you weren't given directions on how to rule." She took another bite, chewed her food, and swallowed before continuing. "I'll help Jeffy once I am finished, if you don't mind. I have not eaten since yesterday morning and Iggy's cooking is too good to pass up," she smiled and then took another bite, her tail dancing behind her then curling around her body. The fox glanced over to the young queen's plate, watching her play with her food. She was clearly lost in thought. This poor girl was given such big shoes to fill and she felt for her.
Roxy shrugged her shoulders when Noki asked if she was in the same position and she began to think. What would she do? There was so many times where she disliked the decisions that a higher up had made, but she never really knew how hard those decisions were to make. "I really couldn't tell you hun," she said after a long pause. She looked to Noki. "I know that we shouldn't give up though. In my time here in this land, I've heard of many problems in this city and it saddened me that no one did anything about it. I don't know your mother or what her intentions were when she was in power, but.... Forgive me for saying this, I don't think she did much to help her people... Now from the little time I've watched you, you've done nothing but helping, or at least trying." She felt sorry for the weight that was placed on the young queen's shoulders. She didn't deserve all this mess. Roxy put an arm around the queen and pulled her in a hug. She really didn't know what else to say. The fox had no knowledge or proper guidance for the young queen. "I don't know your father, but if you say he doesn't care that people die, I don't believe he has the right to rule over the lives of this land. What is there to rule when everyone is dead?" She sighed when the queen said she didn't know what path to walk, hell Roxy didn't even know her own path. "Hope isn't all that bad, but you must never give into despair. If you do allow yourself to slip down that road, you will surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength."

AnayaToday at 3:02 PM
As the fox talked Noki nodded her head and then let out a sgih as she was pulled into a hug. She stood there a little awkward and pulled away from the embrace, dragons did not really do well with hugs and emotion as they did not understand human mannerisms like hugging, kissing, affection, remorse and sympathy, hell Noki did not even understand the meaning or reason for a hand shake let alone a full on hug embrace. So she gave a smile to not seem rude to the fox and pushed her plate to the girl “please eat your fill, and yes I care for the people it is simply in my blood to do so, since I was little mother taught me to care for the children care for the humans care for all things of life and breath, it was Anaya that shaped me to be such a way. My mother had her faults, I know them better then most due, but she had her reasons, she could not destroy the black sun as her power would mean placing over half her own town in harms way, like getting a bear to handle killing a mouse, it will destroy half the house to do so, or the whole house. Mother was to large for the place she had she was never meant to be a ruler of a castle she was meant to be the ruler of the sky and on top of it half the year she was not even able to leave this building, our whole family as well as myself cant touch water. And here in the winter water falls from the sky and coats the ground in a frozen layer of glass and white dust. And then in spring it simply melts and everything is dripping and we are still castle locked. The only time of the year mother could leave this castle was summer and fall and even then if it was to rain she was
unable to do anything. And in reality I do believe she gave up hope on this land long ago and was just riding the wave, mother killed most of her older children and family when she was broken and diseased with madness. There is a reason that the royal family here is really just myself, Ana and Jeff, but Jeff died to, and who did you think placed that last nail in his coffin, his own mother, she gave up on this world when Kaladrax her true mate died in her arms, then it all went downhill from there, I can tell you the history's if you want to know them, how this castle came to be, what all happened in it, the dead body's that every person here has in there closets, Samuel being a assassin guild leader and plotting to over throw the crown before everything fell apart, jeff killing his own brother as well as well as many many others, Jeff having 2 children and a wife that are long dead wall he went to war leaving them to wither and die, I had a brother Ryu killed by a demon that no one stopped, Ana having an affair with her own step father under her mothers nose and her mother letting it happen, the sister scarlet that vanished and that Anaya did not even care to look for, this castle has body's in the foundation of the workers that built it and died, there is a necromantic life drain aura under the castle protecting a hold that could feed the world three times over. ” she could not help but rant a little, but at the same time she was almost laughing at it all “and to think when this castle falls, everything in it is going to go to shit” Noki did not cuss, but really she wanted to, she wanted to as the feelings in her heart bubbled up “i wanted a normal
life, a normal childhood, I wanted to be able to learn from my mother how to fight, how to breath fire and I don't even get that. I get a curse I never asked for and a crown I also did not ask for at a time in the world were everything is dieing and this whole castle, my home is going to die and fall apart. I can feel them building outside, I can feel them building in my very bones. I am going to lose the place I was born in, my first memorys of wraping my body with my mothers in the hold on the gold piles, she was so warm, I remember chewing her tail and claw as it was the only thing I could grab onto with Ryu there at my side envious of my horns as he had none. We had a family, now, I have nothing other then a job I don't know what to do with. “ her fingers had changed to that of a claw that was griped into a fist on the table, golden scales had replaced her skin and her fingers had turned to black claws that dug into her own skin. But she had to relax as she unclentched her clawed hand and placed it palm down on the table trying to breath at a more steady pace. “i can feel them dieing out there you know. The people the darkness is killing, woman, men, I can feel them inside of me dieing and being pulled to the underworld. I can feel there pain,
and mother could to” she gave a little bit of a forced smile that made her hurt more inside, the smile faded “i can understand why she faked her happiness after Kaladrax died, as he was not the only one that died that day, she felt him die and she died to. Now I get to deal with everything she left behind, and maybe not die myself” she let out a sigh as she started to walk away, really she did not want to hear the foxs response to her rambling she just needed to get that load off her chest and not care about the response of others to it, and maybe roxie would dislike her for her temper and personality and feelings, or maybe she would understand sometimes you just needed to say things and vent a little. Or maybe the fox would pitty the young dragon and feel sorry for it, but ether way Noki needed to see her father and see why he was here in the first place and what he wanted and there was a big ass bang in the main hall so she also needed to see why he was breaking things.

Over At the Snorting Boar Tavern

Ana was relaxing on the throne waiting for Samuel to come back as the kick in her belly causing her to quickly rest her hands against her stomach. She shouldn’t be feeling kicks yet… it was too early for this… what… what was going on is all she could think as the sudden sent of vanilla wrapped around her causing her to look up in confusion just in time to see the throne room, her home, vanish before her and suddenly she was in a much smaller room. An office she had never seen before. She quickly backs herself up against a wall and glances around the office trying to take it in. Thankfully no one was around so she didn’t startle anyone or get startled herself. After several moments she finished scanning the room and was near the door. It was wooden so she figured she’d try what she could and took a deep breath before she chanted a spell in elven, fire wrapping around her hands before she throws it toward the door, only to have it bounce off the door and back at herself, setting her silk dress on fire. A very loud yelp would leave her lips before she dropped to the ground and started to roll about to put the fire out. She squirms a bit after the fire was out and purposely hits her head off the floor. Of course she’d set herself on fire, why wouldn’t that happen. Her next move she hoped would work. She filled her lungs with air before she suddenly screamed out at the top of her lungs for Samuel, certain everyone in the building could hear her with how loud she screamed.

Sam was in the main tavern area, of course it would happen like this, favors chould never go as planned with that God, but it was his fault he was vague and did not state things clearly allowing caliga ro find the holes in his words. He looked around the tavern was in shambles tables flipped some blood seeping out from behind the bar counter, the monsters had been here they had clearly done damage and turned over the place shattered windows and the whole place looked like a tornado has ran over it. He chould hear Ana as she screamed out his name in the other room. He got moving and grabbed the door handed laceing enough heat in his hand to melt down the brass Bob and RIP it off the door pulling the door open and looking at her "this time I fucked it up, we are in the snorting boar, we are back in iron stone, we are back home and our castle is a very long trip away" he looked at ana with a sad glaze in his eye "and there are very large mo ster outside so I am going to smash this tavern and you are going to get on my back and we are going to find your sister and get out of here"
"Or do you want to stay here and hope for the best, or do something else"

Before all of the monsters began to attack, black-scaled kobold had recently come into the city. He was originally there for some modicum of safety from the havoc of this... apocalypse, until now. He managed to find a crate to hide in with his small stature, and waited before the coast was clear to escape and run down to the nearest available building he could enter. Which just so happened to be The Snorting Boar. He opens and shuts the door as soon as he can and leans up against it. “Not exactly my week.” He sighs to himself, before sliding to a sitting position on the ground. He gets a look of the place, which is now in disarray. “Well, seems this place has seen better days... or maybe those monsters already raided here.” He peeks out of a nearby window, and folds his ears back. “What a time to leave the clutch, should of listened to them. I’m not gonna survive this.” He rests a hand on his head, still fairly new to the outside world, away from home. He then begins looking around, finding the place a fair shelter while he waits for the chaos to die down... well hopefully die down...

As Samuel rips the door open Ana jumps up and runs to him, her arms wrapping around him and she clings to him, barring her face into him. She takes a deep breath as he speaks before she finally speaks up, “By the time we get home to locals will have taken the castle back or burned it to the ground… They opposed us being there to start with and now… Now I’ve most likely lost everything…” Ana sighs softly, unsure of what to do with herself now. She was back in Iron, her castle was gone, her mother was gone, and the world was falling apart. She sighs a bit and keeps cling to him before she speaks up, “You might as well go big mode and we get to the castle… See what's going on there and if we need to find a… safer… place.” Ana finally releases Samuel and steps back some as she looks up towards him. Her mind was racing. Between the sudden shift of her location, the fact she felt a kick when she shouldn’t have, the beasts outside that she was certain would tear her apart… She was confused and lost and couldn’t even call herself a queen anymore.

Sam's arms wrapped around his dear love holding her tightly not wanting to let her go "you dont berd a castle to be a ruler all you kneed is someone who follows you, I am your knight and you are my queen the castle can burn we can find a new one, most places are going to burn now, iron wont be safe forever. " he paused as he chould hear something and his green eyes turned to look at it the door way to see a black little kobold walk inside. Protectively he kept his arm around ana as he stood there turning to it "and who may you be, do you seek protection or will you weather this on your own" most of the time he would not have cared for such people but Ana wanted him to be more kind and ruler material and he would do anything for her and if being friendly to strangers was what he needed to do he would do it.

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Gyro turns around to see the two that also happened to be in the tavern! He’s a little shocked at first, but when the man asks if he is there for protection or shelter, he answers. “Depends on which one will not kill me faster. Umm...” He looks around, nervous, it’s good to have found at least a mildly friendly face in this crisis. “I’m Gyro, if you’re offering some help it is only fair I introduce myself.” He nods as he does stay a respectable distance, seeing that Samuel is protecting someone. He can only guess he sees him as a potential foe. But he can’t be viewed as that, not in front of potential allies.

A smile tugs on her lips as Samuel speaks and she nods a bit. “We shall need a place to call home at some point…. I fear it may need to be sooner rather than later… I… I…” Just as she goes to tell Samuel about the kick she had felt is when Samuel suddenly turned his attention. Ana glances towards the small being and she tilts her head, pressing herself against Samuel more as the being spoke back. Leaving it to Samuel to handle this, seeing as she had little to no say in Iron, he probably had more pull here than she ever would. Few people remembered the elven child of Anaya, and she had a doubt any would respect what she said with the real heir on the throne. Ana knew they needed to move soon before a beast located them so she tugs on Samuels' arm. “We need to move, either way, I’m sure my scream was heard by more than us and I’d rather not be an elven steak for a beast.”

Samuel looked down as he could hear ana and the kobold, she had a very good point they needed to move out of here, this place was in shambles, tables flipped, holes in the walls, the one wall looked as if it had been set on fire at one point this place was a mess and there was blood all over and he hated the smell. "you are right we have to leave here the only surely safe location is the crown and really i much would enjoy grabbing a couple things from the castle wall we are there, once there we can go over a plan to get the hell out of here " his green eyes looked to the kobold "alright then Gyro you will be coming with us then, it is safer that way then just leaving you here alone to die by the hands of Caligas minions, even more so when you surely have no idea what is even going on" at the back of the tavern there was the sounds of smashing windows "yes we have to leave and we must do it now" he grabbed Anas hand walking with her to the taverns door way and then looking back to see if the little kobold was going to come with them "now kobold i am a Red wyvern my skin is toxic so when i shift into my true self you are going to have to climb onto Ana to stay alive and not die, she can Carrie you or you can get into a barrel outside and i can pick you up with my claws or mouth, i will not kill you, but if you touch my skin you will die, and i don't have my saddle straps. understood"

Gyro shivers hearing the warning, but it isn’t a red dragon... at least. But he gives a nod. “I can climb in a barrel, trust me, I’m a master at barrel riding.” He chuckles as he starts to follow the two. He looks at the two, feeling a little safer. While he did feel a bit put off by Samuel’s tone, he was right about his knowledge of the situation. Having come from the more remote areas of the mountain, and the sun eclipsing not very long after he started his journey. “Mind someone explaining what is happening? So I know what is going on.” He asks the two of them. Looking for some insight on his situation.

She nods as Samuel said they needed to move. Ana moves around with Samuel as he took her hand and led her to the front of the tavern. Her long snow-white hair was a mess by now, her dress tattered from the fire issue she had. As Samuel explains about his skin she glances towards the Kobold Ana nods a bit and waits to see what the Kolbold would choose to do, ready to squat down and let him climb on her back so she could get on Samuels back to get to the castle safely. As the Kobold question what was going on, despite having a good idea as to what was going on Ana speaks up, “I’m not sure any of us have a full idea on what is going on currently, but we can get a better handle on it at the castle. You’ll be safe there, for now at least.” Ana glances towards Samuel, she had a sinking feeling this had to do with her wish but she wasn’t sure and really didn’t want the confirmation that this darkness and beast where her issues and her fault.

Samuel moved as he opened the outside door just to see a large black hound run right past the door picking up a small child softly and then vanishing into thin air as a black mist along with the child. There were people screaming and people running around in full abstract not knowing what was going on or what to do about it. Everyone ignored him standing there as they had clearly larger things to worry about. As soon as Ana spoke to the boy he paused and allowed her to speak before garbing Anas hand and looking at her “stay here till i change and then come out and run RIGHT to me, do not stop, do not look around, do not get lost, do not bolt in some other way to go off on your own, come to me, get on my back i will help you up so it is faster” his bright almost glowing green eyes then looked to the kobold “same goes to you when i change you run right to me jump in the barrel i will be holding in my claws, do not go anywhere else, do not go off on your own, do not stop, run full speed to me or you both are going to die out there and if it comes down to it i will use you as a barrel distraction to save her, if you do as instructed you will both be alright” he then moved and grabed Ana harshly pulling her to him and kissing her lips hard, the sting of the acid on his lips makeing her lips tingle. His arms stayed around her waist line as he held her for a moment not wanting to let her go but knowing he had to so they all would live. His kiss ended even if he did not want it to and he looked in her eyes “if i don't change i am dead, if that happens get to the castle as fast as you can, i love you so very much” he did not give her a chance to talk back before he was out the door and bolting past houses to get to a safe distance so his change along would not smash the bar or other houses that were
not on fire. As Sam moved between ally ways and homes black sun cultists tryed there bast to stop him only to be met with acid coated claws to the faces and a whip lash style decapitation. It took about three or so minuets for him to get to a safe distance before his skin started to change to scales and the sounds of cracking snapping and grotesque ripping filled the already scream filled streets. Within about five more minuets instead of the man he was with black hair and green eyes he was a massive 80 or so foot high dark scales red wyvern. Large wings folded to his sides as he moved his jaws to slam them into the hounds that had already started to grab a hold of his legs in aim to pin him down. His claws trashed as he let out a massive roar so the ones in the tavern would hear a single that no one could miss, it was even possible the next town over could hear it. But it was cut short as another hound had climbed up his leg and was biteing into the side of his neck. He slammed his head down into the side of a house to crush the lesser dog like it was nothing. But more were building on his legs and feet as he stomped them to keep there numbers low. His other foot grabbed that barrel as he rolled it in front of him and left it there for the kobold to hop into, if they did not get here soon he would get overwhelmed and the Kinn would start damaging his sensitive wings stopping the ability for them to fly out of here if needed.

Gyro does get worried for the child, but it wasn’t a mauling... he’s conflicted on this. Gyro nods to Samuel’s plan. “I’ll keep an eye out.” He prepares himself, but then find the two he is with kissing. This made him feel slightly awkward so he gives them their space. Once Samuel leaves however, he hangs out by the doorway opening and waits for the opportunity to open up. The small skirmish that ensues does open up an opportunity when Samuel kicks over a barrel, which Gyro darts out and slides into! He motions to Ana to get going before closing the lid.

As Samuel spoke Ana nodded softly, swallowing hard as he grips onto her and draws her into him. She presses against him, kissing him back as her lips tingled against his. Her hands gripping onto his arms not wanting to let him go. As he pulled away she frowns but she understood, they needed to move and get out of the area. Before Samuel had a chance to full leave she speaks up, “I love you as well Samuel… hurry and be safe.” Ana was no fazed by Samuel shifting she was more worried about the sight of the hounds that were now making their way to Samuel. As Samuel let out his roar she knew what it meant so she gets to moving rather quickly. As She got closer and closer to Samuel she noticed that the dogs getting more and more aggressive with Samuel and she nearly started crying at the thought of Samuel getting hurt. Emotions suddenly flooding her she did the first thing that came to mind, “Stooooop” was all she could scream at the top of her lungs. She wasn’t sure what she hoped to accomplish, these dogs seemed to have no respect for anyone so the likely hood they would listen to her she figured was slim to none. IF anything she was hoping to distracted them long enough for Samuel as Ana ran forward now, heading straight towards Samuel and the horde of dogs.

Samuel watched partly wall the two bolted the one for the barrel and the other for him. As soon as the kobold jumped into the barrel sam slammed a foot hard down on a black hound that was right at his back going to take a chunk out of him. Another had jumped up Sam's side and had its claws in the scales in his neck. Sam let out a hiss as he slammed his head down onto the ground to crush the hound into the stone ground. He snarled and lifted his head up as he moved a large foot to rapidly hoist up Ana up onto his back. as soon as she yelled out stop at the top of her lungs sam noticed that the hounds haunted dead in there tracks, compelled to stop as she had told them to, a couple were still snarling and biting the air in defiance but some had gone as far as even backing up a little away from his feet. Sam watched them witch his large green eyes but did not give time for them to change there minds. He did not need to fly to get to the castle he just needed to bound to get there so with his wings partly out he grabbed the barrel with the kobold in it in his jaws, it stunk in there like dead meat, ash, and bone all smashed together with fhe most toxic smelling saliva that bubbled on the edges of the berrle, he hoped the kobold would be smart enough not to let the acidic goo get on its skin but Sam chould only hope and do his best for the little stranger.
The trip to the castle was harsh and jumpy the kobold being tossed around in the drum with no regard for his safety at all by the wyvern, but as soon as they got to the barrier zambezi lowered his head and dropped the poor thing with the acid covered drum out of his jaws past the teeth the size of a plow horse, and then rolled the drum a little cover the goo in dirt so it would be easyer for the kobold to get out unharmed. He lifted his head looking at the large castle before him and paused not enjoying the view "back home " he grumbled past gritting teeth as he turned his head back to look at Ana that was safely snug into his back scales.

SaichaToday at 5:47 PM Gyro ends up coming out of the barrel soon enough. He looks around at the salvation he has been given, but he also reflects on his journey up to this point. It was rather rocky after the whole eclipse happened... He sighs and begins to figure out where to go from here, deciding to just find a way out of the city from this point. After a bit of investigating, he finds a small enough hole for him to squirm through, and escapes through it.

At the Now Black Church Ruins

As Elaira slid down the hole the tendril had made, her right boot caught the ground of the basement. Going with the motion, she crouched into a roll, coming to a stop on one knee bow drawn and ready. Her Elven eyes scanned the room quickly to rule out any potential threats before lowering the weapon, slowly moving to a standing position. The basement of the now destroyed church held up better than she expected it too, though was still in complete shambles. Silently and slowly, she stepped further into the area, taking in every detail she could. Find the dagger, she reminded herself, That is your goal. The Goddess demands it. Though, it will be like finding a needle in a hay stack. If ever there was a time Elaira would feel an emotion, this would have been the time, but due to her upbringing within the Black Sun, this was nearly an impossibility. Keeping her bow close and the arrow closer, she began her search for the dagger, keeping her wits about her. The creatures the Goddess had set upon the world did not concern her, but her brothers might pose a different problem all together, if any had survived.
--- Des came to a stop as she had spotted Ingavor, readying to call out to him. Within a second however, he close lined a man and began to brutally attack him. Recognizing the man to be one of the Black Sun, she did not blame him for his actions, but what he was doing was completely savage. She had never seen this side of him, and she couldn't honestly decide if it was a side of him she enjoyed or needed to keep an eye on. As he began pummeling the man to death with his boot, she closed her eyes and looked away, knowing the mans head would not last much longer. Giving it a moment, she heard him calling to others to get to the castle. Keeping up with him by way of roof top, she kept out of sight of the creatures below, but made sure never to let Ingavor out of her sight. As he vanished into a shadow however, this caught her completely by surprise. She knew the bear they had discovered had given him power, but she did not think he would have this ability. Ears swiveling about, she waited and was rewarded as she heard him calling out to her again. Risking it, she stood and called out to him, "Ingavor! Over here!"

Under the church the rooms were broken down, there were bodys and blood splashed all over the floor parts of the other black sun members still twitched as the rocks held them down. One even was alive only able to whisper the muffled words help me as the girl stood there looking over what way she would surely go. Only one path was clear of rubble and it looked like it led into a larger room, a larger room with a loud grumbling coming from the open door. A deep voice that rumbled words only a demon could understand (if you have abyssal or demonic on bio cards let me know) it sounded male but it also sounded angry and hurt, sounding like it was wheezing and struggling to talk. “Allas Da more de na Sarath” it muttered as the air left its lungs and the sound of coughing and bubbles filled the air a little as trumping stones hit the ground in the room down the hall way.

Ingavor smiled as Desdemona made herself seen. "Desdemona! Thank the gods! He then used another shadow step, appearing in the shadows beside her. "What in the 9 hells is going on here?" He asked, looking down at the blood and brains on his boot. Sighing, he looked back up at Des. " filled with wrath from a Visser. I couldn't...control myself." He then looked her up and down, before realizing that she had vanished right in front of him. "Are you okay? Where did you go? I was worried about you..I thought I wouldn't see you again." Ingavor gave a soft smile to her, and grasped her hand lightly. "We need to get everyone to the castle." But then, as he said that, hoping she would answer the questions he was asking, watched in absolute shock as the carnage in front of the two lovers, was about to unfold from infront of them,
The townsfolk, about 150 of them began running straight for the castle, in attempts to run passed the direwolves. However, many of them were cut short by the gnashing and gnawing of the darkness cloaked beasts, right in the view of anyone in the town, outside the castle, or peeking out a window. A woman was ripped clean in half, while her child was watching. A man had his head taken clean off within a second, before he even knew what happened. He still had a look of hope on his face, even has his head hit the dirt. Another woman, along with her husband, made it through, panting and gasping for air once they stopped running and realized it was safe. "Martha...we did it. I'm so proud of ye." The husband wheezed. Martha ran her hand against her man's cheek. " Aye', I ran as fast as I could, just like ye told me to. Thank you for not letting go of my hand, Benjamin." Benjamin looked about 29 years of age, with a rugged beard. Obviously a farmer of some kind, or perhaps a woodcutter. His wife, was the usual housewife. Covered in soot from cleaning and tending to the house that no longer stood. All they had now were the clothes on their backs. A few more random townsfolk got in as well, such as 3 children, whom seemed to be friends. two boys and a little girl. The boys seemed to be about 12 while the girl was easily 5. They seemed to be protecting her, as they each had poorly made iron daggers, dripping in black tar like blood, in each of their right hands.
Next to make it through the barrier was, surprisingly, and elderly woman, whom only made it through because the direwolves on her side of the barrier were too busy devouring her family. The woman looked onward in horror as she saw her two sons, their wives, her husband, and their family friend get torn to shreds, sending different limbs and patches of skin flying every which way. People were being destroyed, and there was nothing that could be done. One woman, unfortunatly tripped, inches from the barrier, and was chomped down on the ankle by a direwolf, whom pulled her into a crowd of townsfolk, all trying to run for their lives to the barrier. Before the direwolf could eat the woman however, she was trampled to death by the crowd. The last ones to make it through the barrier before the rest of the villagers were killed was a single father, and his daughter, whom he was carrying on his back. The rest, were dispatched easily within seconds, leaving only 8 survivors out of the 150. The direwolves that got tired of chewing on the corpses began to start ramming the barriers again, while the 8 survivors sat on the courtyard steps and sat in the grass, just amazed that they survived. Heads were being ripped by large, chomping jaws, and intestines were being pulled from guts by large, knife like claws, all while the screams became quieter and quieter, until only the sound of the survivors crying and murmering amongst themselves, and the growling of direwolves remained.

Elaira glanced over at one of her dying brothers, hearing his weak attempts to ask for aid. Knowing he was beyond help at this point, she loosed an arrow into his skull, silencing him. It was the only form of 'help' she was willing to give at this point, making sure that he would not alert anything that might be lurking in the dark to her presence. Just because she was an Elf and excellent at remaining undetected, that did not make her completely invisible. Continuing onward to what seemed to be the only available path, she darted here and there among the rubble, keeping herself as hidden as possible. Hearing the creature ahead long before she was able to see it, she slowed her pace, but pressed on. Sneaking a peak around the corner, she gazed upon what was making the noise. Unable to understand what it was saying, she simply gathered what knowledge she could from sight alone. --- Des was once again surprised at Ingavor's sudden ability to use the shadows to his advantage as he appeared next to her. Looking him up and down, she indeed noticed his boot and the mans brain matter that still resided on it, "Obviously you couldn't control yourself, but I do not blame you. We can discuss this another time, assuming we live." As he questioned her and took her hand, she began to explain she went for her effects when they both noticed the carnage below. Her eyes began glowing their soft gold as she looked on all the towns people that were being slaughtered. Gripping onto Ingavor's hand, she looked up at him with a grin, "Well, lets go kick some demonic tail. Not like we have anything else better to do, wouldn't you agree?"

Ingavor was more than happy that Desdemona was back by his side, and even more estatic that she was willing to fight by his side. He left to destroy the church because he didn't want any of his friends to get hurt. As she looked up to him, and asked if they should go kick some demon ass, he smiled brightly. "Best. Date. Ever." He joked, before pulling out his spell book from his belt, opening it,, and reaching inside the pages. Fishing around, he then pulled out a large scythe, coated in silver. "You think it's fair? 2 humanoid beings versus 100,000 creatures of the night. Doesn't sound very fair, does it?" He said as they began to move across the roof, with a quirked eyebrow. "Should we also tie one hand behind our backs, and make it more fair for them?" The steward smiled, squeezing her hand. "Des, I know I get sappy randomly, but I just wanted you to know, that if we die out here. " He took a deep breath and just said the words that came to his mind, as he may never get another chance. "I love you. I knew I loved you the second I woke up next to you in Dorlomin. In these last few short months, you have changed my life, and given me years worth of passion that I've never felt." He gave her a confident smile and brushed a bit of her black hair from her eyes, and brushed her left cat ear as gently as he could. "You don't have to say anything. I've never been in love with anyone before, and I needed to get that off of my chest." He then nudged her arm. "So-...thanks for not giving up on me." Letting go of her hand, he jolted forward, and ran off the roof, leaping onto the next rooftop, with smooth flat footed landing. Turning to look back at her, he held his hand out, in a gesture that said "you coming?"
The master watched in anger as the Visser destroyed his home. His sanctuary. His everything. He couldn't even fathom what was happening as the bricks came crumbling down onto the heads of his brothers and sisters. In an instant, the last thing that the Master cared about was gone. He was now only in this life for revenge. Revenge on the only person he knew of whom survived, and he could get his hands on. Jeff. Once moving from the roof of the building he was standing on, he watched as Ingavor and Desdemona moved on by. Smiling methodically to himself, he glared at the pair. "Caliga, I shall bring down the barrier from the inside. I will get you into the castle. I will get your beasts inside. If its the last thing I do." Aku DeLaCroix then, lowevered his hood, and let his long, black hair fall over his shoulders. "Everyone unworthy will die."

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As she got to a large room she could see it there, trapped under fallen rubble and clearly awake, large black and yellow eyes looking at her as soon as she entered the room, trapped on the floor was a giant winged wolf its black wings taking up a lot of space and the main thing that kept it pined under the rubble and there under its right foot was the dagger she was hunting for down here, the demon wolf had it and from the shape of the monster it co0uld still deliver a rather large punch if it wanted to, it did not seem hurt other then a couple spots of exposed surface wounds that did not bug it and hardly bled, but it was pined really well under the rubble so even as it did struggle it did not move even a inch. The only thing able to move was its head jaws neck and the ends of its feet to maybe grab something that got to close to its face or body. “Za rath De Nar Zinthos Da Lucha” it muttered a demonic slur as it paused clearly looking and studying the girl. In its throat the front bulged a little as it adjusted uncomfortably “you are a English speaking being arnt you, i am Zaruth the demon that this cult has kept trapped here for many of there human years, i lay here sleeping till this bolder fell from above me trapping me under it, i wish freedom and in penance for helping me you may take this dagger peacefully they would guard it with there lives, it holds grand worth. ” the wolf moved its jaws wall it spoke, saliva and old meals still logged in its teeth, it had ripped some of the cultists apart as they had tried to take the dagger from it or even put the large wolf down out of its struggle before the rest of the roof would cave in on top of it. “if you help me i can even aid you in whatever you wish, remove a target for you so you do not need to fight, make a deal with me and we can have a bright future together you and I”

Elaira lowered her bow, but only just, as she came to look upon the Demon Wolf. Continuing to keep her wits about her, she quickly scanned the room for any potential hostiles as the creature spoke in its native tongue, returning her eyes to it as it began speaking a language she understood. Stepping to the side of the door so she was out of view from any who may attempt to come up behind her, she took a short break as the Wolf made its offer, her eyes narrowing slightly. Keeping her voice low, she responded just loud enough for the creature, "There are few promises from otherworldly creatures I am willing to trust, Great One. Though, given recent circumstances and my need for the blade you hold under your paw, I will free you. If it is my time, then may the Goddess forgive me my decision." Peaking back around the doorway to make sure her rear was clear, she placed the arrow away, slinging the bow across her shoulder once more. Keeping her eyes on the Wolfs as she approached it, she moved them towards the rubble trapping the creature. Tossing aside the smaller pieces first, she went about uncovering the larger that truly kept the creature pinned. Inspecting it carefully, she angled herself to where her back was against the wall. Hoisting her legs up, she planted them firmly against the largest of the rocks, glancing at the Demon Wolf, "On the count of three, I am going to push as hard as I can against this. At the same time, lift your wing and just maybe our combined effort will shrug it off of you." Looking back at the rock, she took a deep breath, "One.. two.. three!"
Des rolled her eyes with a grin as Ingavor commented on it being the best date ever, knowing full and well he was just as frustrated with the situation as she was. Following him, she simply shrugged to a few of his statements, "Well, considering they ruined my bath and have killed quite a number of people, I think being outnumbered on their part is only fair." As he squeezed her hand and told her that he loved her, Des burst into laughter, releasing his hand and patting his cheek, "You are cute, but save your declarations of love for a more romantic time." Kissing his cheek before he dashed off, she followed and landed next to him as he asked if she was coming. Purring softly, her tail flicked back and forth as she laid a hand on her hip, "Who you talking to?" Jogging to the end of the rooftop, she looked down at the Dire Hounds below still causing mayhem. Reaching into her neverending pocket, she pulled out her dagger and glanced back at Ingavor with a grin, "Well, no time like the present." With that, she turned and hopped off the roof. Landing into a squat, she slowly lifted herself up into a standing position, blade at the ready and eyes glowing gold. Seeing one Dire Hound in particular going after a villager, she lifted an eyebrow and called out, "How about you pick on someone your own size you buck toothed, cross eyed, pathetic excuse for a mamas puppy!"

The demon had a smile on its face when the words of aid drifted into its ears that flickered lightly on its head. As she moved next to it it was extreamly hot to be around so much so that it made a person uncomfortable and even slightly sick to there but. Moving the small bits of rubble away the giant wolf choukd move the ends of its claws a little digging into the stone floor like it was made of paper. It gave a grunt as rocks shifted and it flexed its pined wings as much as it chould. As she talked on useing there straight to move it together that was all the demon needed that little extra force to help ot gain the upper shove agienst the large bolder slab of roof that had it pined. When she pushed against the rocks the giant wolf did the same pushing up as the stone hunks fell around it and fresh air drifted down into the hole that was the old building floor. As it was able to stand and the rocks tumbled around them both the demons wings keeping the elven girl from being harmed at all she chould truly see what the monster looked like. It was at least twenty five or so feet tall at the shoulder thirty even forty feet long as half of its body before was compleatly under rubble, it was black with a light sheen to its fur that made it almost look like it was glowing, it had dark eyes and one was red the other black, its ears pointed
much like a cropped dogs ears, a long bushy wolf tail out the back and it had large reaching black wings that had a red hue like glow to them and its hole body radiated heat and its claws scraped as it dug them into the ground standing up. It moved picking up the dagger from the floor with its jaws and then lifting up its head to look out the now opened up hole above them. It moved a foot to start climbing up the rubble "come girl" it bellowed as it stood there in the once graveyard of the black sun, compleatly freed and able to taste the air once more.

Once the rocks had been moved, Elaira took cover under its wing, taking the brief moment to look at the creature. Her emotionless eyes scanned over it, taking in every detail she could. It certainly was a demonic creature, one that she could not even begin to recognize from any of the teachings given to her by the Master. The heat that radiated off of the creature made her forehead dampen, but her Elven body quickly adapted to the heat. Once the coast was clear and there was no longer a danger of falling debris, she stepped out from under the wing as the demon moved towards the hole that was created. Taking note that it had picked up the dagger in its jaws, her eyes narrowed a bit, her feeling being correct that it would not simply be that easy to obtain her treasure, but she played along for now. As the creature invited her to the surface, she quickly followed suit in three bounds, coming to stand next to it. Looking up at the Demon Wolf, she couldn't help but ask, "In the common tongue, as I do not speak your language, what are you called? What is your name?" She knew if she heard the name spoken in the Demon language, she would never be able to repeat it, so she made sure to carefully word her question. She knew she could easily take down a handful of soldiers if the need be for mispronouncing their names, but a otherworldly creature such as this? Elaira had no intention on battling with something clearly out of her league.

The large wolf lowered its head droping rhe drool coated dagger down before the woman. It's one black eye and one red looked at her its black wings folding Into it's back out of the way the feathered tips draging on the ground a little "my name in your tounge is Zaruth, I am a cambion demon from the underworld, they called me forth here with a ritual to remove one they called Anaya, ones that smelled the same as you in this building but now, they are all dead and gone and all that is left is you, you have freed me from the prison that was the rubble. So tell me girl, do we hold friendship you and I, a deal together as , friends" his voice was deep and held a slight hiss to it as his jaws moved and his eyes shimmered, he was extreamly good looking, not a single black fur stand out of place, eyes bright, ears pointed, body muscled, and wings that shimmered in what light was comeing from the flames that covered many houses. "The dagger is yours, as promised, it is yours as long as you call me friend" his large white teeth slipped past his lips as he spoke and watched wondering her responce.

Watching the dagger hit the dirt, she stared at it a moment, caught a bit off guard. Reaching down, she retrieved the blade, using her cloak to wipe it 'clean', Perhaps I misjudged the situation, she thought to herself. Hearing the name, she looked back up into the multicolored eyed creature, repeating the name, "Zaruth.." Hearing that he was originally after the late Queen, she tilted her head slightly, wondering how such a demon could be used ritualistically to kill a Dragon, but such wonderings were for a later time. She then inspected the creature a bit closer now that they were in a more well lit area, impressed by everything she saw, finding her eyes drawn mostly to his eyes. Hearing his conditions for her keeping the dagger, she offered a forced smirk, "I believe your exact words were ' penance for helping me you may take this dagger peacefully..'." Her smirk faded back to her blank emotion, taking a moment to scan the area and the destruction that had happened recently. Before long, she looked back up at Zaruth, "But in these times, a friend is always a welcome thing, though I have never had one before. I will call you friend, if you will return the familiarity."

As soon as she said he was her friend she would feel a light pinch in her chest, but it faded away as soon as it came. He then gave a smile as his wings folded and melted into his back as he started to shrink to the size of a large dog (he is the size of a adult Male large great dane) then move beside her to stand at her flank "we are bound you and I, and it is better to be a friend in times sutch as this then a enemy, the world is so much nicer now then I remember. So do tell me about you, and the dagger you freed me for"

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Feeling the pinch, Elaira backed away a step, reaching up to grab at the area of her chest. As it faded, she lowered her hand. Once Zaruth began his transformation, she watched with mild interest, seeing changelings before. But this was different. Knowing he was a demon, she knew there was more than a simple change in appearance. It was a good idea to hide his true appearance to others who were not trained to sense Demons, though she was certain it would not work on everyone. Feeling more than exposed having stood in the same spot for too long, she began scanning their surroundings, placing the dagger safely between her belt and her outfit, "Now is not the time for exchanges of personal history. Besides, I believe Demons can look into another soul and see everything they need to, especially if they are bound to the individual in question. If you must know now, look for yourself. For now, I want to get moving." Turning, she broke into a jog, keeping to the shadows. Assuming that Zaruth was keeping up, she muttered only loud enough for him to hear, "The dagger is to be offered to the Goddess, as was her command. I have successfully retrieved it, and once we find somewhere out of the way and quiet, I will do just that."

he kept up with her at a steady pace his strong k9 legs keeping him at a nice jog trot at her flank not ever being to far out of arms reach of his new found companion. as she ducked from place to place he did the same to stay out of view of the larger things that wondered around the hounds mostly even if he could remove them with little to no struggle at all it was in all reality up to the girl if he was going to fight or not, even if he was itching to just dig his teeth into something. "yes i can see into ones soul i am bound to, but it is more of a, i would say polite and kindness to simply ask first before digging around . we only just got to know one another, i do think it is better i am nice before we start spilling blood together, after that i can be more cruel i would think" as he was close to her back he was very warm up against her. "and would you like a different form that you think would be better i can change into that of a human male as well instead of a large dog, i am unsure were you wish to be going, some places a dog would stand out more then a man"
he nodded as she talked of the goddess he knew if that one from the black sun worshipers praying to such things he did not pay much mind to caring about, gods and things ran the world he just did as they ordered and Caliga was not the one he followed anyway, demons did not deal with dogs they dwelt with other demons and devil lords from the underworld. and in his little flame filled corner of the underside he was worshiped by others and there was even a little town upside this world that worshiped him not overly far from here.

Feeling the Demons heat against her as she continued along her way, she could not tell if she preferred it or not, but it was a bit more different than she was use to. It seemed almost familiar in a way, but completely foreign in another. Turning towards one of the buildings that still stood tall, Elaira took a running start and scaled the wall, grabbing onto one of the ledges available to her. Getting her grip, she glanced down at Zaruth before beginning to climb, "Then I am sure we will get to know one another in time, but I have pressing matters I wish to attend to for the moment. Take whatever shape pleases you, Demon. A dog is a preference while in the company of a town that still claims citizens, but any other time, I leave the details to you." Scaling the wall with ease, she came to crouch on the roof above. Taking the vantage point, she scanned the city, once again looking over the carnage below. Her Elven eyes easily picked up the figures below, watching the unfortunate townspeople caught outside of the castles barrier ripped to shreds by the Dire Hounds. Paying them little mind however, she finally felt comfortable enough to relax a bit, still keeping an ear out for anything out of the ordinary. Having Zaruth with her would make keeping herself safe, but it would take some time to get use to the other presence. Withdrawing the dagger, she gripped the hilt, resting the blade itself in the others palm.

AnayaLast Wednesday at 7:23 AM
Zaruth looke st the elf as he tilted his head, a cold one this was going to be, so he realized he did not have to deal with plesentrys with her, life would be easyer, as she scaled the wall he made no struggle to just fold out his wi gus for a second to aid in him being able to keep up with her acthions in going up the wall and perching on the roof top. He stood beside her as he looked at the dagger in her hand as she fiddled with it. It did pass his mind to go against the given deal snag the dagger back and have some fun with the girl but that would come later for sure with no dagger needed. He moved to lightly press his warm black fur against her much like would against its chosen human "so Elaira, what will we be eating today, I am famished" his multi colored hues looked down at the people in the street "pick one out of the bunch for me, what would be a fitting sacrafice down there, give your trinket to your beloved God then we can eat without judgment"
He placed his head on her shoulder his ears upright as he pressed softly but firmly into her "then dog it is, I can be a man at a later date, enjoy my time with you I have been a sleep so very long " a grin came over his face as he pressed his fur covered cheek into her own "make your cold dead eyes hold some color" Around her just as the last words left his maw she chould feel invisible hands just touching around her lower torso. (Acivated magical ability telekinetic hand ) the hand just slipped under her garments phasing past the fabric as he let a light chuckle leave his lips and held his hot breath against her neck for just a moment longer

GuinevereLast Wednesday at 11:57 PM
Rolling her eyes, Elaira closed them and attempted to begin a prayer, but was interrupted by the Demons hunger talk. She chose to ignore it for the time being, trying yet another attempt. Before she could, she felt his body against hers, the sensation unfamiliar and rather uncomfortable. No one had touched her outside of her Master or those that would assist in clothing her, so to have someone so casually touch her? It was odd, to say the least, but she continued to ignore the creature. Upon the dead eyes comment, she reopened them and gave him a completely dead expression, her eyes seeming to burrow into his. Believing she understood his meaning, her suspicion was confirmed as she felt the telekinetic hand traveling along her torso. He was quite the charmer if ever there was one, and under any normal circumstances this would have worked like a charm. However, due to her years of torture, torment and desensitization, Zaruth would quickly find the tip of the dagger resting gently under this throat. Eyes never wavering for a moment, Elaira continued to stare into his, "Heel." Whether the Demon obeyed her command or not, she kept the blade against his throat for only a moment longer before returning it to its original placement. Closing her eyes again, she forced herself to block out his distractions before praying to the Goddess, My Goddess Caliga.. I have done as you have commanded and have retrieved the dagger, though I have picked up an interesting creature along the way. The deal seemed necessary to complete my objective. I offer the dagger to you now. May you take the weapon and use it to serve your purposes. Opening her eyes once more, she glanced at Zaruth with a soft sigh as she waited for the Goddess' reply, narrowing her eyes a bit, "How does lunch sound..."

March 28, 2019
AnayaLast Thursday at 7:07 PM
As the dagger pressed into his neck the blade of it got rose colored as it was heated by his flesh, he pushed into it enjoying her stubborn nature, they were always more fun when they tryed ro say no and push there size around, but she was small next to him but he did respect a fighters heart, a black heart just like this one, a black heart and a black soul. He watched as she put the dagger back and started her feeble God prayer, ugh stupid gods so high strong and filled with rules and regulations demons were so much losser and who needed rules all they had were guidelines that no one ever followed, guidelines and fine print. But as she was praying he pulled his 'hands' back makeing them go back to his body and he moved beside her watching casually. "A lunch date would be just fitting, I am thinking black haired street wife and a sweet side of whatever is in the closest merchants cart, I do like fruit with my souls, fruit makes everything better" his eyes moved to look out to the burning town "eye spy with my little eye something that has black haaaaair" he licked over his lips and gave a grin. ----
The dagger she held as she said her words vanished away leaving nothing there. But she did feel stronger inside as power flickered within her. (Ability gained. hold monster =The subject of any race becomes paralyzed and freezes in place. It is aware and breathes normally but cannot take any actions, even speech. Each round on its turn, the subject may attempt a new will saving throw of over 17 to end the effect.(will save needing to beat goes up by 2 every 2 levels) This is a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If the save is succeeded the being breaks free and can not be held agein for 2 more rounds after. A winged creature who is paralyzed cannot flap its wings and falls. A swimmer can’t swim and may drown. 2 full Level ups also gained, please apply 5 new abilitys, spells, or traits, and 1 new feat to your character from dungeons and dragons 3.5, all companions gain one level. Add one new ability of your choice to zaruths card))
Caligas voice whispered in the girls ear and the smell of vanila reached her nose. Hounds under the building barked and growled loudly and then ran off lea ing rhe brings up there noticeably alone "well done our child, you have secured us a grand trinket and have been rewarded. The demon you also now call yours is a reward in its self, it will aid you and alow you to bring sin to the world in the pockets that remain untainted. We will contact you more if there is more for you to do for us, and you will no longer need to protect the one known as ingavor his favor is spent, he is simply a follower the same as you, he is an allie but he needs to be father placed into the path of darkness, getclose to the one known as Desdemona, she says him to a path he does not need to be on. Remove her if necessary. till then enjoy ones self, you have earned it" the voice faded away leaving the girl with a warm hug like feeling as normal and a sinful flicker in her mind (touch of sin, you feel the need to do the next sinful act that comes to.mind, you are compelled to do this, of you do not and fight it you will feel unending pain that does not stop till it is done)

GuinevereLast Thursday at 9:51 PM
As the blade faded from her hands, Elaira turned her attention to the sky, closing her eyes with a bit of a sigh. The feeling of power that suddenly surged through her was refreshing to say the least, causing her body to relax some. After giving herself another moment, she looked back to Zaruth, standing next to her Demon companion. Resting a hand on his back, she began looking out over the town as he mentioned what kind of a lunch he was hungry for. Now that the Dire Hounds in the imediate area had left, she began looking for any survivors that managed to escape the fate of their jaws. Once spotting a young Human woman that matched the creatures description, she withdrew her bow from her shoulders. Fitting an arrow, she took aim and loosed it. The arrow flew through the air with deadly aim, impaling the woman's foot, pinning her in place. As the screams of pain radiated up to their ears, she placed her bow back around her shoulders, glancing down at Zaruth, "Lunch is served. Do be rather quick about it. The Goddess has given me another task to complete, though it would seem at my leisure. Seeing as I do not have anything else in mind I wish to do presently however, it seems the best thing to set my attention to. Unless, of course, you have something you would like to do yourself outside of eating."

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AnayaLast Saturday at 10:07 PM
Zaruth looke at the girl as she nocked a arrow and shot some random woman to feed him. He was partly impressed at her cold nature and wondered how many more crule and against the laws acthions ge chould get her to do. She was a black hearted emotionless elf that did not seem to care about things like moral rights and wrongs or laws and rules of the lands, this chould get her locked up but it would be not hard for him to get her out of any problume like that, but for the time being food was on the table. Within seconds he was off the roof down to the ground walking over to the woman dead on the ground life draining from her eyes. Before the life could leave he moved his jaws half hanging open his lower jaw cracking to get larger and deform to be able to place his jaws over her mouth and face, the life within her being pulled up and out her mouth, a light blue gas like glow filling his slava coated black jaws as he consumed her soul and then licked his lips and teeth clean. her skin going gray as her soul was now used to feed him. His eyes the black one now holding a light blue glow her soul drifting in his body as he looked at the girl. "I eat, I kill, i fight, i fuck, and i mess with people it is up to you witch one we partake in, if you have a matter to deal with now that you have fed me for the day, tomorrow you shall feed me agein and then more for the rest of our eternity together. But now we shall go on to handle what you need to handle " he moved and walked along the path seeing another farmer cowering beside a house l, he had been fed so he left it along and simply looked up at the elf that was on the roof.

GuinevereYesterday at 4:16 PM
Looking down as Zaruth moved from the roof to the ground level, she watched as the horrified woman screamed out one final scream before he made short work of her. His method of taking her soul forced Elaira to advert her eyes, closing them to rid herself of the image. Hearing him speak to her once he was done, she looked back, leaping from the building herself. Landing gracefully even from the height she had been at, she followed behind. Retrieving her arrow from the woman's now lifeless body, she waited to clean it, halting as she noticed the farmer cowering next to a house. Narrowing her eyes, she lifted the hood of her cloak around her head to hide most of her features, moving in on the farmer. Using the same arrow that helped kill the woman, she knelt next to the farmer and rammed it into the side of his neck, obliterating his jugular. As the life quickly left his eyes, she ripped the arrow out and began cleaning it, her eyes never leaving his, "No witness'.." With that she stood and placed the arrow away, resuming her walk with the Demon Wolf. Recapping to herself the most recent events, she crossed her arms and fell into thought. The Goddess had instructed her to get close to the woman Desdemona, but she had also made it sound like converting Ingavor to her will was in no means any rush. Glancing up at the castle, she sighed softly knowing that if she were to return currently, there was a strong chance the others would interrogate her for information on her whereabouts. She moved her eyes to Zaruth as she walked beside him, "Tell me what you know of Dragons, Zaruth. How would one go about killing one.."

AnayaYesterday at 4:31 PM
the demon looked at her as he paused in his walking, he tilted his head, wanted to know how to kill a dragon, what a cute treat his little elf was "killing a dragon is not a easy task, if they are large you need a dragon slaying weapon or something of enough power to take one down, it is easier to target and kill them when they are still small, before a couple years of age they cant even breath fire but are protected and guarded by the older ones, the black sun called me here to take down a dragon known as Anaya but due to there rantings i would have been unsuccessful for this and was going to turn on them anyway for there foolish wants to control my actions. but if you want a dragon dead they are just like any other beast, sever the head, power them down with force, use earth and water to kill them, fire does nothing to them, but the best bet is dragon slayer weapons and gear, it is made to kill them, things like dragonsBane and dragon slayer magics" he looked at her as he moved a step closer his eyes looking into her own. "so what dragon do you want dead and why, would be a wonderful tear to ear something like that, would not have to be fed agein for weeks"

GuinevereYesterday at 4:50 PM
Elaira came to a stop as Zaruth did, looking down into his eyes as he began his explanation. Everything he mentioned she was more than aware of, but she kept such a taunt to herself. Killing Dragons, or any large creature like these, would certainly be no easy feat. Even the child Queen would be a fair match for any warrior, but it was not her that she was concerned about at the moment. As Zaruth asked about her intentions, she looked back to the castle and continued walking, remaining silent for the moment. Passing into the town square, she glanced around at the devastation that had happened over the last few hours, glaring at any remaining Dire Hounds, taking mild satisfaction as they lowered their heads and backed away from the pair. Stopping at the building across the street from the Snorting Boar, she leaned against it, keeping her wits about her as she softly spoke, "There is a certain Prince of the castle that treated me rather cold the other day, choosing brute force against a delicate thing such as myself.." She looked back into Zaruths eyes, the emptiness within them filling with unmistakable contempt, "If he is indeed the Prince and brother to the Queen, my natural assumption would be that he too is a Dragon. A fully grown one at that, contrary to what his Human form may lead one to believe. But whether or not he is truly a Dragon or not, I wish to break him.. watch as the fire fizzles from his eyes, my face being the last thing he sees. You would have your feast and I would not be bothered with such 'feedings' for some time, so it would be beneficial to the both of us in one way or another. The only thing I have in way of battling such a creature is my cloak, made from the very hide of one of those disgusting creatures. A formidable defense against fire and claw, but not enough to take down a Dragon. What would your recommendation be, since you seem to know your share of information?"

AnayaYesterday at 7:59 PM
Zaruth walked beside her walking past the man she killed for no reason right as she said she was some sort ogf delicate flower, it made the demon laugh as he could not help and keep that to himself “yes you are the spiting image of feminine grace and poise to be treated as one would a fine china vase so scared to shatter hahahaha” he laughed a bit more as he trotted to her flank to stop as she did being sure to check that no hounds had moved in to near them. But most gave them a wide birth due to the demonic aura they both now held made them larger then they were and told others to fuck off. “prince to the empire would be the rulers son not the rulers brother, so yes it would be expected that the child was birthed the same as the one known as Anaya, unless that child was given there place by adoption making them a fake heir to the crown, he will have limited pull over guards seeing that clearly no holy dragon is here in the lands covered in darkness. His mother is gone and unless he has other family will be the one that is to get the throne, but yes killing a dragon and an adult one at that is a challenge, but it is able to be done, and I can help you in doing that, I am here to serve your wants anyway as we are friends” he gave a smile as the word friends slithered off his lips with so much malice it was like his mouth dripped with it and more then just drool. Friends it held such a dule meaning for the two of them. “but first it would be good to get in good graces with this dragon you with to kill, then simply kill him when he does not expecting it, you never fight a being of brute force and magic without a plan in mind, and dragons can sense power so they will know what I am as soon as I walk in the building. It will make your task more of a challenge seeing that I am a demon of power and might, and you are my keeper as of earlier, it will make this dragon not trust you, but you can reassure him I am harmless and I can play the part of good boy”

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesToday at 7:56 AM
Ingavor watched as Desdemona leaped from the roof and called out to a Dire Hound. This woman was absoultely nuts, and he loved every moment of it. He joined her after a second of watching her shout, and he too began to call out to them, after his boots landed on the broken cobblestone of the town. "Yeah, you disgusting, maggot filled, piss soaked, shit smelling, milk sopping, soon to be taxidermied, Pus Sack!" Ingavor's hands both lit up instantly, with a baby blue hue surrounding them, while his aura flaired, next to Desdemona's, while little strands of lightning danced around his fingertips. His hair began to get swept up in the ensuing wind as telekenetic energy surrounded the two of them. "You know-...I had a dream like this once. Except the Direhounds were elephants, and the world wasn't covered in darkness-..and you weren't wearing clothes." He smirked softly, and shrugged his shoulders, shooting a look over to Des. "I perfer this though."
With that, Ingavor sent a blast of energy out, and sent a Hound, whom was currently running at the two of them, sailing into a wall with about 200 PSI of pressure upon impact to the brick. The tar-like 'dog' then exploded into a mass of ebony goop, before turning to ash, while a gust of wind swept up it's remains. At that moment, with his right hand, Ingavor pointed his index finger at the group of beta hounds that gathered in a pack, about 30 feet from Des and himself. "Call lightning!" The sky burst with a small crackle, sending a streak of bright light across the dark, dim sky, for only a single second. Only then, did a large bolt shoot from the sky, and smash into the earth, turning the Dire Hound in the middle of the pack to nothing but dust. This attack then caused the pack to scatter, as to try not to get hit by Ingavor's attack. His single red eye watched the 6 remaining Hounds creep toward them slowly, while his smile grew wider. He remembered feeling alone in the FIredorian war, with no one by his side. He remembered feeling like no one would care if he died, but with Desdemona with him, he felt at peace, even as the two of them were in battle. He never could ask for a better partner, or friend. Shooting a glance over to her, he smiled, and then looked back toward the hounds, ready for them, or for death. Either way, he was happy with the way his life turned out. Despite the pain, and the death, he would die, next to someone he loved, or he would live another day, knowing that he was cared for by someone.

Back at the Iron Castle

AnarialLast Wednesday at 9:16 PM
As the beasts stopped for the most part and left Samuel alone Ana wanted to question it but she kept running, quickly getting herself on Samuel’s back so he could take off. Ana’s arms grip onto Samuel as he bound towards the castle. As it came more and more into view Ana sighs. The place she both called home and had been the last place to hold chains on her. Ana heard Samuels grumble and she nodded before whispering out, “I didn’t think I’d be back here again… it holds both amazing memories as well as some hellish ones…” As Samuel came to a stop she slides down off his back until she was resting on her feet near his feet. Her eyes scan over the castle. It was untouched and still standing. She wondered how long that would last. Ana moves closer to Samuels' head and takes a deep breath, she knew she needed to head inside, it seemed neither she nor Samuel really wanted to be here. After she glances up towards Samuel she starts to head towards the door to head inside, knowing Samuel would need a moment to shift back to a normal human. She wondered if she would be welcome or not but for now, this was still partly her home, she had a feeling her room was still untouched. She prayed it was untouched she could use a change of clothing. Her silk dress was tattered and nearly falling off her frame, granted any clothing here would be her hunting gear, it was better than nothing.

IATMPOLast Friday at 1:25 PM
Nikolai had resumed pacing shortly after he finished stating his demands for his end of the updated deal, his ears flicking and looking from the Visser to the hounds and back again as he raised a hand up to scritch his neck. He kept focus as she spoke, his ears flicking as he paid attention to her words carefully, put on guard by the mere visage of herself and the hordes and abominations all around the barrier and town. "No. I do believe I r-..." He froze, gazing over as suddenly a massive wyvern suddenly appeared within the town and began to gallop along the path towards the castle. The gnoll moved further away from the path, partially believing the Vissers words but also greatly put off by the size of the beast as it made its way up, regaining his composure as it just kept going. Turning back to the Visser, looking back once more at the wyvern before returning his gaze. "One, I recall you stating your powers are not limited to touch. Two, I said stop touching me. Especially now." He growled as he crossed his arms and glared at her from the supposed safety of the barrier.

AnayaLast Friday at 2:16 PM
The Visser moved a little as she looked at the Gnoll, her six bright purple eyes shimmering in the distant light of burning flames behind them, and the castles bright touches that burnt inside. She leaned over and looked closer at him her face right up against the barrier as she moved a hand, long slender clawed fingers reaching out to push past threw the holy ward as the darkness on them started to burn and sequel like hot steam out of a kettle. She did not look in pain at all as she held no noticeable expression at all but when it was getting rather bad and the hand was clearly burning away she with a normal pace pulled the hand and arm back to the not burning side to allow the darkness to heal and regrow. “swaying in the way of caution is a good trait in you Gnoll, stupidity does not leave its mark in your mind this moment. And you have remembered our words well.” she allowed the sweet strong stink of vanilla to
seep into the barrier past the ward wall and swaying around the Gnoll. The smell was extremely over powering enough to make the Gnolls senses go in over drive making him slightly sick to his gut. The smell clung onto his fur and latched its self to his skin covering him in the sicking Kinn trade mark that was vanilla. (ability active greater invisibility, you are fully hidden from all matter of beasts and beings, cant even be sensed at all from mental or aura sensing ability's. But is only invisible not fully gone, he can be ran into) “you now cant be seen by anyone of this land, not even the other kinn can see you, lesser eyes can not see what is cast and hidden by greater ones, you will only be able to hold this for a limited amount of your mortal time (30 mins) you will be fine to complete your end of the bargain and we will do ours” she stood back up her bright eyes never blinking and glowing in the darkness that covered the ground and the world, it was so nice to truly feel no sun on the darkness that made up her body, clearly one could feel this being was happy, even if she had no face or expression one could feel from her she had joy in her center.
Samuel ended up into the castle grounds as his tail hung out behind him to long to fully fit inside the holy ward, he pulled in his long tail as some of the hounds that were latched onto it did not let go and were yanked right into the barrier wall being pulled threw the barrier onto the other side. The hounds screamed and thrashed on the ground the darkness that made them fizzled and squealed in pain and anguish as they faded into nothing but smoke and dust waving in the air and drifting away. Sam moved to help Ana and then turned his giant head to look at her resting his head a little on the ground as his tail curled around him making him look like a over sized scale covered cat. “yes the place that held both of us in chain for longer then we ever wanted, a place that both held and freed us all by the same woman that no does not fill its halls, I don't want to be back here as much as you don't, we can get our things and leave this place, no matter were the darkness is we can survive just fine, we can go back home and get the castle back, maybe gather forces and leave here, use what we can here wall we are here.” it took a little longer then normal but Sam started to crack and shift back into his human body, his black hair falling down his back as he stood there beside Ana fully nude and not seeming to care. He put one arm around her shoulder as he stood there beside her walking up to the castle door with her not letting her go to far without him.

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesLast Friday at 3:16 PM
He then turned and started walking with a brisk pace toward their auras. Once he felt the three of them on the other side of the giant doors, he opened them, to see Samuel, and Ana. Ana's stomach generated great energy from it, but Jeff couldn't help but feel the evil, goddess like power eminating from within her womb as well. His eyes widened as he pulled the wooden door wider so that the two of them could enter. "Thank the Gods..." He smiled as he looked upon Ana's face. "You're safe." He then looked to Samuel, and gave a nod. "Never thought I would be happy to see you alive." He motioned for them to come inside and stepped aside so that they could pass.

IATMPOLast Sunday at 9:30 PM
As he watched her press her face right up to the barrier, he did not move an inch as he watched with still breath, his ears flicking with the sounds happening within the distance and the various shadowy beasts all around them. His eyes shifted directly to her hand as she pushed it through, causing him to take a step back as he saw the darkness burning away rapidly. Flicking his ears as he focus was broken, he looked back up to her eerie eyes as she spoke once more, unsure of how to take her comment in the moment but merely nodded. As he drew his next breath, he looked around a little and stepped back, sniffing the air as suddenly the scent of vanilla suddenly grew in strength. His stomach growled as he enjoyed the smell at first, before it kept getting stronger and nauseating to his sense of smell, causing him to drop to a knee and covering his mouth with a hand. He gagged twice, his empty stomach aiding in him holding together and glad he did not stop to eat before coming. He gagged and shivered a third time before slowly rising up as she spoke, shaking his head before glaring back into her eyes and listening to her words once more. He growled briefly and nodded before turning and making his way towards the wall with the window he needed to climb. "Consider it done."

AnayaYesterday at 12:01 PM
The Visser simply watched the gnoll fo standi g there silently as the hounds started to build up still behind her, recovering the I visibility so she chould be seen now as she stood there. (The gnolls invisibility is still active)
Samuel looked to Jeff as he stood there at the door way fully naked as he placed an arm protectively around Ana and touched her skin with his own skin. Holding her and letting out a light sigh "yes we are safe and back here, I need to get some garments, we will not be staying for long, simply to rest up and get our things and then be out of here, the amount of darkness here is to much they are pileing up against that ward if it breaks this castle and everything in it are gone. So" he looked up to the main hall chandelier as a smile came over his lips. The large steel thing that had hung from the time this castle was made to now and no one payed any mind to. He moved takeing his arm from Ana and walked over to a large tourch on the wall pulling on it. With a click the large steel chandelier fell from the ceiling and crashed into the ground with a bang. There on the top of it out of view was a large mace head. He walked back over picked it up and tossed it up and down in his hand. "There are things here that the darkness cant get a hand on and seeing we are here, I need to smash Anayas armor, get Ana armor from the hold and get my own armor and gear, and get my daughter armor and a weapon, then all three of us are leaving if you wish to join or stay here watch this castle tumble for good times sake, it is up to you. This castle will not last forever." He with the mace end looked to Ana as he placed his free arm back around her waist line holding her a little. "There is a very nice leather set down in the hold that is made for elven archers to help with there skill and make them strong enough to beat down a being in full plate, your armor needs an upgrade. And you will have this weapon once I put it together"

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesToday at 8:46 AM
Jeff watched Samuel hold his Sister, while not wearing any clothes. He felt his arm, instinctfully shoot up to sheild his eyes from Samuel's member. Out of all the things he wanted to see, today, his worst enemies package was not one of them. "Jesus! Yes please! Put on some pants!" He stepped aside as Samuel and his sister entered their home. Samuel then spoke about taking Noki and some things, and leaving. Jeff, then was taken aback when Samuel offered for him to come with. For once, he didn't hesitate. "Yes. I gave my promise to protect Noki at all costs. Castle, or not, I go where she goes." He bowed his head, while still looking away from Samuel. "Thank you, Sam. I know we haven't always gotten along, but thank you." That was the one thing Jeff always liked about Sam, when they weren't trying to kill one another, was his heart. Samuel was an evil man, but he had feelings, and cared for those he loved. Jeff could relate. He nodded his head, and Looked to Ana, before giving a small bow to her as well. "Sweet sister. I'm glad to see you. I'm sorry that I left-...I was just-...overwhelmed. Never again." Jeff then took off his jacket, and handed it to Samuel, while not looking at him. "Please cover yourself. We have children walking around Sam!"

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesToday at 12:22 PM
Jeff then watched as the giant ceiling decoration came crashing down to the floor, and then Samuel, go retrieve his mace. "Was a god damn powerful weapon hiding in the ceiling the entire time?!"

At the Gate with Zaruth, Elaira and the Visser

GuinevereYesterday at 10:03 PM
Reaching up and rubbing her chin as she listened to Zaruth speak, her eyes drifted back to the castle. This Prince Jeff was no fool, that she was certain of. Getting him to trust her would be a task in itself, and she personally did not like the idea of them being acquaintances after his previous actions against her, but perhaps the Demon had the right idea. She may not like it, but it did seem the simplest method to taking down a fully grown Dragon. Sighing, she lowered her hand and pushed off the building, looking back at Zaruth, "And a good boy you would have to play if such a thing were to work. I assume that you have the ability to suppress your aura, even if it was for a limited time? Or is that too much to expect from a Demon of the Deep?" Turning, she continued along her way towards the castle. As they neared the edge of the town, she slowed to a stop, resting a hand on Zaruths back as the Visser came into view. She remained where she was, scoping out the situation before proceeding.

AnayaYesterday at 10:36 PM
Zaruth stood beside her as she walked "I can not suppress my aura or the one you now have due to our bond, but demons are not by nature bad we are by nature simply demons, just tell this prince that I am just a lesser dog to help you and he will not know the diffrance. All he will be able to sense is I am a demon and that you sense as one due to haveing me as basicly a pet. And wall hou are around him you can learn about him different dragons have different weaknesses find out his scale color and what his breath is and then we can learn his weaknesses and use them against him. " as they got closer to the castle and the Visser was standing right there zaruth growled and moved a step forword guarding his elf. "Caliga minion" he muttered under his breath as the Visser turned its head and looked at them both, it said jot a word and did not attack or move at all it was waiting, waiting for something and looking at the castle. About 30 hounds had been stocked up behind the Visser and they were howling and snaping there jaws in anticipation and clear want to RIP into something. Other then one, one was sitting beside the Visser calm and collected simply waiting beside it. The Visser a still made no sound and not a single hound even looked at them clearly there was a bigger fish on there table.

GuinevereYesterday at 11:25 PM
Continuing to watch the Visser, Elaira smirked internally at the thought of Zaruth being nothing more than a pet. She knew what the creature truly was, as it did not take a genius to understand what the Demon was, nor what it had done to her. As Zaruth growled and took a step forward, she glanced down at him, feeling his fur shift under her hand as he moved. She returned her eyes to the Visser, tilting it slightly as Zaruth commented on it being a minion of Caliga. Was she herself not a minion of the Goddess as well? Doing the Goddess' bidding? Her eyes than began to scan around the area at the Dire Hounds, wondering what all was actually happening. Feeling the Goddess' power that was granted to her flow through her once more, she continued to look at the Visser, her thoughts however whispered to Zaruth's mind (in the Demon language), If this creature is indeed a minion of Caliga, then we have nothing to fear. Hate them if you will, but I am a minion of the Goddess myself in a way, thus making you one as well by extension thanks to our 'friendship'. Elaira glanced down at the Demon Wolf a moment before looking back continuing to speak to Zaruth privately, Be a good little boy. Elaira piped up to the Visser, resting her hand once again on Zaruth's back, "Dark day for a stroll among beasts, wouldn't you agree?"

AnayaYesterday at 11:47 PM
Zaruth looked to the elf as she called him a good little boy he showed his teeth even if she knew he would do nothing to her. (In demon) "you are not a minion like that thing is, it holds the souls of the lost inside of it as I do l, it is made from the gods body and darkness, i am sure it was human once upon a time but it asked to be changed to become something with no freewill only existing to do what its maker tells it. You are a worker not a slave that thing is more a monster then i am" he snarled at the Visser clearly have disgust for it l, the kinn kill demons for sport simply out of pride and Zaruth knew this. Kinn constantly got called demons and it insulted them so they held a large hatred for demons and demon kind so in most cases they would kill a demon as fast as look at them. Zaruth stepped closer to Elaira the hair on his back standing on end. He did not stand a chance of that thing made the choice to gut them so his plan of that was so was grab the girl and bolt. But he said nothing when she talked to it, she worked for caliga as she said and he knew he was not one to convert one from a God and anger the God more so not anger that god. -- As the girl spoke to the Visser it turned its head. A long black elongated 15 foot tall body not turning or moving at all, just its head turned all the way to the side to look and hear her talk to it so casually like it was just another being out in the day. "The darkness will do us better soon, you will not be touched once that happens, you or the fire mutt you
are bound to demon girl." The Visser then looked at Zaruth as it gave a chuckle.and turned its head back around to look forword "be on your way dog, take the girl out of the cold she has work to be done for our mother on high" it arrogant, 8t.knew that nothing chould harm ot and even if something here chould or the people banned together l ot was not like a kinn whould ever show anything less then it's high pride and cardinal sin. --- Zaruth snarled once more as he looked at Elaira (in demon) "it will not speak to you if I am around it, all it will do is insult me and want to rip me in half. Caligas children hate demons, and caliga its self does to, we are nothing but dirt to them just as you are. And it clearly has other things it is waiting for." One chould see the grin on the kinns face as zaruth spoke, it could hear and understand every word they said and it said nothing in responce to it.

GuinevereToday at 12:02 AM
Elaira took in both what Zaruth and the Visser said alike, reaching up to rub her chin once again in thought. Remembering back to her teachings, she identified the creature as one of the Kinn, confirmed by Zaruth's mentioning's. They were indeed terrible folk, proud and powerful, but also could be reasoned with to a point, as long as it matched their goal. Lowering her hand, she steadied Zaruth before continuing, "May the darkness come swiftly. Might I be so bold as to ask what you are waiting for? Perhaps I can speed things along for you, as my destination lies beyond the barrier." She knew what she was to say next was a risk, but she was prepared to make a quick exit if need be, "Being invited in by the caretaker of the old Queens children still stands and unlike these Hounds, I may pass unharmed. If not, then as you said, the dog can take me out of the cold."

AnayaToday at 3:16 PM
The Visser did not move its head at all it spoke foreword and did not even look at the other two, as it did not see them as worthy to be looked at for the time being and it had other things to pay attention to.(in demon speak)“in no time at all the ward will be broken by one unseen by mortal eyes, he moves within the castle now as we wait, go forth and keep the one known as Jeff busy, keep there eyes off the idol that holds the ward on high, it is simply a matter of time now before we are able to walk within the walls just as you do.” it spoke the voice of the demon as more a insult to the demon dog that stood at the girls flank and a way to say I can understand anything you want to speak no matter what voice you pick to talk in. (in common) “darkness will be swift upon this castle and all within it, and no matter what location they flee to we will be there, as darkness is in all places. Be sure when they flee you are with them” the Vissers six eyes blinked as it watched the castle intently.
Zaruth grabbed Elarias arm softly with his teeth to pull her a little “we need to go, it wants nothing to do with us and has given its orders” he could feel his own shadow starting to sway towards the Visser, it was starting to hurt him and he needed to move the Visser was pulling his shadow into it to aim to absorb him and pin his shadow along with himself to Ulon, he knew how this worked and he knew that even in darkness every living being had a shadow that could be pined down and targeted and that was one of the hidden ways Kinn attacked and manipulated others, taking in there shadows and claiming them with them. “it is hurting me” he wined as he moved to back away from the Visser who just stood there looking as if it was doing nothing when really it was playing a game as it always did. “if we don't move I am going to attack it” he snarled at the Visser as flames sparked on his fur tips his teeth showing as his jaws got a little larger “and I know what hurts it the most”

Desdemona stole several glances at Ingavor and his style of combat as she fended for herself, taring into the Dire Hounds around her with her blade. Making sure to keep out of reach of most, she darted in from time to time, keeping light on her feet, quick on her attack. As her attention was drawn to the man she had chosen as her mate, a Dire Hound leapt at her, roaring in anger. Ears perking, she snapped her attention back to the beast, realizing it was too late to move. An idea sparked in that brief moment, a grin forming on her face. Melting into her feline form, the creature sailed over her, crashing into the wall behind her. Hissing at the beast, she reverted back to her Humanoid form and lunged, driving the magically enhanced blade into the creatures back. The Hound howled before vanishing into a cloud of dust (No exp gained as is for storyline). Straightening, she brandished the weapon before pushing off the ground, levitating to a nearby roof, flinching as Ingavor's bolt of lightning incinerated a group of the Hounds. Laughing and pointing at the now charred remains, she hopped off the roof and landed next to him, "What a day. But, its time to go. We can have more fun later. I'm not expert, but something tells me we are needed more in the castle than out here dealing with the common riff, wouldn't you agree?"
Elaira glared at the Visser as it spoke both the Demon language and the common, feeling rather taunted herself. The couldn't help but wonder why this creature assumed it could instruct her on what to do, as it was not the Goddess Caliga. Perhaps a minion, but not her Goddess. Everything about this creature made her want to lash out against it, and the connection between herself and Zaruth probably was increasing that desire, but she knew better. Opening her mouth to respond, she was halted by Zaruth taking hold of her and tugging. Glancing down at the Demon, she sighed as he winced in pain. Pulling her arm away gently, she walked forward towards the castle, "Come. We leave." Narrowing her eyes, she strained the next word, "Peacefully." Passing by the Visser and the Dire Hounds who were so desperate to break the barrier, she made her way through the barrier and continued onward toward the castle. She could not place how the creature knew that someone was on the inside attempting to lower the barrier, let alone who this person could be, but she would make sure to keep about her wits fearing she may need them more than ever before the days end.

Ingavor watched his mate move from one hound to the next, as he used his magic to hold his ground. His jaw, slightly slacked, fell as he saw Des tranform, then revert back into her usual form, while leading with an attack. He was amazed. He hadn't actually seen Desdemona fight properly, but it was a sight to behold. It was almost as if she were dancing as she sliced through the oozing mutts with ease. He couldn't even lie to himself. Watching her kill was arousing. Yet, that thought was quickly stopped short, as a single beta hound came sailing at Ingavor with it's jaws unhinged, hoping to take off the steward's head with a single bite. However, with a planting of his back foot, a shifting of his hips, and the quickness of his hands, Ingavor was able to drop his arms and pull his sword, and step into a perfect sword thrust. The blade made of Dwarvenore penetrated through the mouth of the dog, and out of the back of it's head, stopping it in mid air, while the two just made eye contact. The noise the being made was a sound of choking, dying, wheezing, and cackling all mixed into one, even as Iggy held his hilt firm, and drove the blade in deeper, before pulling it back out with ease. Black blood leaked heavily from the wound, before the beast simply burst into a puff of Ash and mist, defeated.
A heavy breathing Ingavor then turned to look at Desdemona, whom had finished her fair share and just landed next to him. As she spoke of heading to the castle, Ingavor nodded, and gave a warm grin. "You fought-...gorgeously. Remind me never to piss you off." He was sincere, and grateful that the two of them were able to fight side by side like they just had. Definitely one of the highlights of his entire life. The man then looked to the castle, and the herd piling up outside the barrier, then looked at Des. " So here's the thing. I learned a new spell, and you're gonna have to trust me. Otherwise, we aren't getting passed those creatures." Without warning, Ingavor gripped Des's hand, and pulled her, gently, yet, firmly, and tightly onto his back. "Hold on. I haven't done this yet." Just then, Ingavor's eye lit up a solid, glowing green as wind picked up around them.
It started slowly, like just a few leaves skittering in a circle around them. Then their hair would start to wave in the gusts. Slowly, Ingavor's feet rose off the ground, and in turn, Desdamona as well, just as Ingavor used a small telekenic burst to push off the ground. Once this happened, Ingavor felt himself, along with his mate, shoot 50 feet into the air, and jet toward the castle, at about 45 miles an hour. It only took them 5 seconds to go from the town square, to the castle courtyard, and through the barrier, yet, seeing as this was the first time, Ingavor used this power, he was unsure of how to land. The two hovered in the air for moment, while Ingavor concentrated his power on stopping flight. Very sluggish, Des and Iggy floated on to the grass of the castle, on the other side of the snarling beasts. (Ingavor used Fly) Once on the ground, Iggy softly let Des off his back. "That's payback for all those times you took me to the shadow realm with your teleportation!" He smirked playfully at his mate. "Shall we?"

Aku sat in the center of town, with a grunt, as the remaining Kinn ran passed him, not paying him any mind. He was a Caliga follower after all, and still had unfinished buisness with her. He needed to send as many souls to Ulon and make her as powerful as he could in the little time he had left. Yet his main goal was to wait, until everyone was to leave, and make his move then. Everyone would fall here, including himself, and then Caliga would rebuild from the dust. IT was a perfect plan,and he was ecstatic to be playing such a large role, he told himself. The Master of the now broken Black Sun Cult walked slowly through the streets, stepping over the remains of those whom were ripped apart and devoured by the direhounds. He couldn't help but laugh and cackle at those unfortunate enough to be torn away from their family. The looks on their faces must have been amazing. Even now, one woman's head was torn clean from her body. Her face looked surprised, as if someone had frightened her slightly. The master gave a small chuckle as he kicked the head hard, and sent it flying against a still standing building, with a splat, as the nose broke, and the forhead indented. Aku then kept walking, while his hands rested in his pockets, under his robes. Stepping over another body, Aku watched from a distance as the direhounds got higher and higher outside the barrier. "It's just a matter of time now, my goddess." Aku said to himself, and Caliga, should she be listening.

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