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Chapter One - Part One

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1Chapter One - Part One Empty Chapter One - Part One on Fri May 03 2019, 14:05

Having woken up extra early today, Valarie began skipping around her potion shop, humming a little tune as she did. Today was the day and she was more than certain of her ability to perfect her elixir. All it needed was a few tweaking here and there. Reaching into a pouch dangling around her waist, she grabs a pinch worth of a blue like powder. Moving over to the cauldron in the center of the room, she forcefully tossed the powder on the logs jutting around from underneath it. The logs sprang to life, the fire quickly spreading around the cauldron. Taking a few herbs and spices, she tossed them into the now bubbling liquid, watching them dissolve almost instantly, "Alrighty then. Just one more.." Grabbing a small vial from the counter next to the cauldron, she VERY slowly began tipping it over, the red liquid inching closer and closer to the edge, "One.. more.. ingredi--" Her words were cut short as a drop of the red liquid fell in to the cauldron. As if instantaneously, the liquid in the cauldron exploded up and out, rattling the entire building and sending Valarie flying backwards. Smashing into the small tree that grew off in the corner, she slowly slid down it before plopping on the ground. Reaching up,she wiped the now white liquid from the cauldron off of her face, shaking her head from side to side attempting to make the ringing sound go away, "Holy sweet sarsaparilla! Clearly not the way to go!"
The loud shock shook the room upstairs where a cheetah raced Khajiit slept soundly, covers over her furred face to hide the trickling sunlight through the window. The noise abruptly stopped her from dreaming causing her to jump out of bed and onto the floor face first with a thud, her claws extended and digging into the floor while the fur on her back spiked up. At first she was terrified and it took her a moment to come back to reality from her dream. "Ancestors, give me strength," she said to herself as she got on her feet to collect herself. She wore her usual attire, consisting of a green crop top like shirt as well as green garments below, covered by a loincloth. The feline rushed down the wooden stairs, her snake like tail flicking behind her. "Val! Val! What happened?! What was-" She stopped her sentence short as she saw the girl in the corner and the room around her a mess. "Valarie..." She said shaking her head. She approached her and helped her back to her feet. "You tried that elixir again, didn't you?" She smirked, her hands on her hips. "I thought we were to try this outdoors when I awoke? Heh, sometimes I feel like I'm the one in charge and telling you what not to do. Shouldn't it be the other way around?" She chuckled and wiped off some of the white liquid from Valerie's face. "Let's get this place cleaned up before we open to the public."
Being helped back up, Val spent the next few minutes giggling, wiping a good deal of the mixture off her body, "Now listen up my oversized feline friend, I got a sudden inspiration to attempt it again. Your cat naps were getting in the way, so I took charge. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!" Skipping over to the closet, she pulled out a very worn broom and began sweeping the suds, forcing them down a drain next to the cauldron. Looking up at Adina, she tilted her head as she swept, "So, did you enjoy your nap? Felt like you would never wake up."
Adina laughed and shook her head. "Hey now, I work pretty hard cleaning your little messes," she teased. "Besides, feline's need their, uh what term you humans say? Beauty sleep? Hehe." She walked over to one of the cabinets and pulled out a rag and a bucket. "I do understand going with the flow, but it's best to do it with a friend." She smiled and gave the small girl a playful wink as she brought the bucket over to a indoor well they had. Her feline ears flickered to Valarie's question. "Yes, I quite enjoyed my 'beauty' sleep, hehe. And I probably would be still sleeping if it wasn't for your messiness and loud noises." She said as she gave her a playful nudge, passing her with the rag and the filled bucket. "Speaking of sleep, you need it. You've been working so hard perfecting the elixir, that you haven't gotten a good night's sleep."
Val nodded at her assistants claim, "You do your fair share around here, that's for sure. Perhaps I should be paying you a bit extra." After hearing her state she would still be asleep, Val began laughing, shrugging as she continued to sweep, "Well, you certainly could still be asleep yes, but you definitely would've missed breakfast." As she said this, a whistle came from the other room. Resting her broom against the wall, she hurried over to the kitchen portion of the shop, pulling a kettle off of a wood stove. placing an oven mit on, she opened up the oven and pulled out a tray of lobster tails seasoned with a garlic butter sauce. Sniffing it, she shivered with a smile, snapping shut the oven and burying the hot logs with sand, "I outdo myself sometimes. Oy! Come get it! Wont be hot forever!" Setting the tray down on a counter, she tossed off the oven mit and went and fetched a few glasses. She poured her own blended tea from the kettle into the glasses. Noticing something was missing, she reached into a pouch that dangled from her belt and pulled out two pinches of blue powder, adding it to the drinks. With a small plume of smoke rising from the glasses at the powder hit, she grinned and grabbed hers, taking a sip. A jolt of energy shot through her as the liquid slid down her throat, "Mmm mmm.."
Adina giggled. "A few extra coin doesn't sound bad," she teased as she continued to wipe down, her tail flickering with amusement. "But you know me. I'm here for your teachings, not so much the coin." She dunk the rag in the bucket to rinse and then applied it to the counters again, Her ears rotating to Val's words then to the kettle in the kitchen. She turned around and smiled. "Oooo I knew I smelled something rather delicious." The feline stopped what she was doing as the wonderful scent caught her nose and she walked into the kitchen to see what the girl made. "Oh wow Val. You never ceases to amaze me with your skills darling!" She said as she licked her lips, eyeballing the food. This was one of the qualities she loved about Val, but also was worried about. The girl was always moving and so hyper about everything. She was the opposite of lazy and it inspired Adina to do more. Adina would take the glass and take a sip, a bolt of energy also jumped her up, making her completely awake and ready to do almost anything. "You always know what to make that just delights all my senses." She took one of the tails and slipped it between her lips. "Mmmm" she purred. "Makes me wonder if we should open up a dine in too. Your cooking is that good."
"My teachings? Is that what you're here for then?" She giggled and sipped again at her drink, setting it off to the side, "If I didn't know better, I would've assumed you were here for all those cat naps." Watching the oversized cat slip her breakfast between her lips, she shrugged a bit to the following comment, "If I opened up a diner as well, I would never get anything done here. I would always be trapped in a kitchen and as much fun as that sounds, I would rather be trapped behind a cauldron all day." Looking over at her own breakfast, she grabbed a fork and a knife, slicing off a bit and placing it in her mouth. Chewing it, she smiled and nodded at it, "But you have to admit, I do seem to know what I am doing in this department as well." Hopping up on the counter, she places her plate in her lap, looking up at Adina, "So, what plans do you have today?"
Adina rose an eyebrow and giggled about the cat naps. "Well yeah. You're the best alchemist in the land. At least from what I know and that's the truth. Not fibbing there." She took another sip from her glass, the energy of it giving her another buzz. For the few years she's known Val, Adina learned real quick how skilled she was with potion making and how persistent she was about making them. "There's no failing with you. We've been trying to make that elixir for how long now? Two weeks? If there's one thing you've taught me, it's never giving up." She swallowed another tail and sat on the edge of the counter with Val, crossing her legs while her tail curled off to the side. Her ears rotated to the girl's voice and listened to her saying that she didn't have the time. "Well it was just a thought and you wouldn't be alone, you always have me, plus we would get more employees if it became a thing. All in all, I like what we do now." She shrugged her shoulders to her question. "Well, our ingredients are running a little low. Was thinking about going out and finding herbs, whether it be in town or in the wilderness." She looked over to Val. "What about you?"
"Two weeks? Aye that sounds about right." Finishing off her breakfast, Val tossed the plate to the side and hopped off the counter, using the edge of the counter to stretch, "For some reason the right recipe escapes me.. Ive tried everything I can think of, but I always seem to.. well.. make a mess of things." She giggled and straightened, resting her fists on her hips, looking up at the cat, "Our ingredients are running low?" Racing past her and peaking out on the walls littered with product, she grinned and looked back at her over her shoulder, "Mmhmm.. I see. You wouldn't actually be running off to meet with some boy or something, eh? Surely it wouldn't be a girl.." Hopping back towards the cat, she looked back up at her, poking her own cheeks with a wink, "..cause if it was, I would be a little insulted, being the cutest alchemist around." Laughing and smacking the cats rear, she skipped back into the other room. Jumping up onto the counter, she began pulling down a few ingredients, "If you do get anything, make sure to grab some sage. Heavens know I could use a bit more of it, both for cooking and for an interesting little potion."
Adina gave Valarie a nod as she finished her third lobster tail, chewing it and swallowing it before she spoke. "Yep about thirteen days to be exact." She got down the counter herself and began cleaning up the plates and silverware. "Val.. you'll get this elixir created, I'm sure of it. There's no doubt in my mind," she smiled, her long tail slithering behind her as she moved. Her ears folded back when she asked if she was seeing someone and she snapped her head back to the girl. "No! I'm not like... You..." Her face flustered up as the young woman gave her rear a good smack causing her tail to shoot straight up. "Hey! Val!..." She shot her a look, but couldn't help herself from giggling. There was no point in getting mad with the girl, she was too cute. "No.. I'm not seeing some boy... Or a girl for that matter. I'm not even sure if I want to be with anyone... I have never been interested in relationships." She finished up cleaning her mess and looked back to Valerie when she spoke about ingredients. "Yes, of course. You need me to get anything else?" Adina asked.
Hearing the woman become all defensive, if only jokingly, about not wanting to be in a relationship, she turned to look at her. Eyes glistening, she glanced down in disappointment whispering, "So.. I take it.. you don't know..?" She looked back up into her eyes, waiting for what she was sure would feel like an eternity before cracking a grin and rolling her eyes, going back to pulling ingredients, "Juuuuust kidding. And yes, if you do manage to find any Dragon Lilly, that would work too. I have a few left to spare, but it wont last me too much longer. Plus I have a large order that one Dwarf placed from Thillodir. Growth serum.. like that over grown beards need to get taller." Hopping off the counter, she landed softly on a patch of moss growing from the floor, "If anyone needs a growth spurt its little ol' me. Twenty-three years old and I look like I'm 12!" Setting the ingredients next to the cauldron, she reached up and cupped her chest, "Need a growth spurt in more places than one.." Sighing, she shrugged and kicked the side of the cauldron, the old contents tipping and emptying into the drain. Once depleted, she lifted the cauldron back into place and went to fetch some water, "Do be careful out there today. I hear Iron is having a bit of trouble lately with those Black Sun morons. Wouldn't be surprised if a few managed all the way out here, and you know how much they'd like to skin a cat."
Adina looked down to Valarie and saw sadness in her eyes. She didn't know? What did she not know? Did she, you know, like her? Adina about teared up. "Wait... What do you... Val, please don't cry-" her ears flickered up when the girl said she was just kidding. Goodness was she good at playing with her emotions. "Val... You really know how to poke my buttons. Why do I let you do it so often?" She teased back. "And yes. I'll be sure to look for Dragon lilies as well." She walked over to the other side of the building where she kept her jewels and leather straps and bags. Her ears would flicker to what Val had to say and how she was too small. Once she was dressed up she approached the young woman and gave her a tight squeeze. "You're perfect just the way you are Val... I'm serious. Don't ever change. You don't need to be tall or have a chest to be beautiful." She pulled away and began to walk to the door. "Yeah, yeah. I'll be careful. If those creeps show up, it's their grave. They won't even know what hit them."
Receiving the hug, Val giggled and nuzzled her head against the woman's lower stomach, seeing that's how far her height would actually allow, "Sooooo soooooft.." Giving a wave as the woman left, she took the water and poured it into the cauldron, dropping in a few of the ingredients, "Alright, lets try this again. A little bit of this.. and a pinch of that.." Her voice faded away as Adina left the store.
((Adina left Valarie's potion shop))
Ulysees had spent a month and a half on ship, that had finally docked in the Avalon pier. At last, his boots would touch land again, and it would be glorious. The paladin priest made his way from his quarters, onto the main deck, as soon as he felt the ship touch down. His hazelnut hues stared in awe at the sprawling city in front of him, and Uly found himself completely enamored. The man smiled at the crew on the ship as he made his way towards the plank that led to the docks. The crew members waved and smiled at him, as they had been his friends for the almost last 2 months. "Good luck Ulysses!" One man yelled. "Have a good time!" Another exclaimed, while Uly nodded and stepped on to the docks. He then began walking toward the bustling town, while he whistled a jaunty tune. The friendly gentleman walked through the streets while occasionally reading street signs. "Dorlomin." He read out loud. Then smirked to himself. Huh. I should probably stock up on food, water, and potions. Never know what you'll need in a new area. Ulysses then kept whistling until he reached the door of a rather cute shop. "Hm. Alchemists." He muttered to himself, yet was unsure whether the shoppe was open or not. His boots then moved him over to a nearby bench, and he took a seat. Then, with a single motion, he pulled out his book of the old God's, and began reading, while comply clad in his armor.
The city around Ulysses hustled and bustled as any large city would, and considering it was the capital of Avalon, it was more so than most. Vendors cried out their wares, children played in the streets and all seemed well in the world. Guards patrolled the streets, yet were oddly relaxed in their duties, as the town had not seen more than a few thieves in recent times. Carriages pulled carts full of produce, spices and meats, the drivers tossing out samples of their foods to any and all willing to try. A white horse trotted along with a cat woman riding, the rider mingling with a few others heading out of town. So many things all happening at once, yet peaceful in nature. As Ulysses took the seat on the bench and began his reading, a young lizard like child approached the bench, tilting her head curiously at the man. Without saying a word, she slowly reached out and poked his leg, or more the armor that surrounded it. Finding the material fascinating, she poked it again, her slender and forked tongue darting in and out of her mouth as she used it to smell the air around her.
Ulysees smiled as he read to himself. Thus with the old Gods, we're driven off the realm, but the hope remains to be. Should thou asketh the gods, they will not answer, but they do listen. When the true goddess takes the sky, light shall reign for a thousand generations, and thus, a 100,000 more years of hope with it. He shook his head. "We can only hope." Then, he looked down from his little red book at the city, noticing the cat woman and posse. A melting  pot of creatures. How fantastic! he then looked down  to see a child poking him. "Um. Hello little one?" He blinked a few times and reached into his satchel, and pulled out a gold piece. Then he reached down and handed it to her. "For you." He then smiled brightly and pointed to his shin guards. "They are made from enchanted obsidian." The friendly paladin looked to the child. "I'm Ulysees. What is your name, child?"
The child blinked at the gold coin, unsure of what to make of it. Accepting it nervously, she quickly noticed the man meant no harm and went about studying it in the light of the sun, gasping happily at its shine. Hearing him, she went back to looking at his armor, poking it again, "Obsidian.. ooooo... volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization.." She giggled and looked up into the paladins eyes, blinking a double set of eyelids before responding, "Kira.." Stuffing the gold coin she was given into a miniature purse draped around her neck, she tilted her head, "What's your name mister?"
Adina slipped out of the potion shop, her tail following her in an S shape, as the brightness of the sun blinded her for a moment causing her to blink until her eyes adjusted to the light. It was a busy street like always and she caught a glimpse of other's lives as the walked by. Her ears would rotated in all directions, picking up voices and other noises. She watched children play on one side while others worked hard on the other. This place was perfect and she couldn't ask to live in a more peaceful town. The feline took a deep breath and began her walk towards some of the small shops that were off to the side. She figured she start off there and then venture to the fields to find anything else. Her eyes would fall up on a shiny amored up male talking to one of the small children and she smiled seeing that he was giving her a coin. All seemed good and she couldn't imagine being anywhere else. She felt sorry for the other lands, especially Iron. How could their rulers let a threat get so out of hand? She shrugged it off, just glad she lived here and not there and she continued on.
The man smiled even brighter as the child mentioned his armor. "Yes, exactly! Aren't you educated! Children are getting smarter and smarter, every day." The child gave a name, and suddenly, Ulysees wasn't talking to a stranger. Now they had become friends of some sort, in his eyes. "Kira. That's a very pretty name for such a pretty, smart girl." Uly smiled and extended his hand to the Reptilian's. "I'm Ulysees. I am the White Paladin Priest of Stovania. I'm on vacation!" He laughed, and awaited her hand shake, only to look up and see the feline woman stare at him. He gave a polite smile, noting her walk out of the potion shoppe. Perhaps he could make a few purchases after his conversation. "Where is your family, Kira?" Ulysees put his book back inside his breastplate and locked eyes with her. He was always friendly, unless he needed to fight, but his job mostly included praying. Very seldom did Samuel ever ask him to fight. Ana, never. Uly, awaiting her answers to his questions. "How old are you, and where did you learn so much?"
As Adina continued on her way, one vendor named Marv selling fruit poked his head up and waved at her, "Hey Adina! Heading on another errand for that little pipsqueak of a boss of yours? She tries that potion any more she might end up sending that entire building sky high."
Kira tilted her head at most of what Ulysees said, her green scales turning just a shade lighter as he complimented her left and right. Nodding to his name, she repeated it back, her tongue flickering out as the S's in his name. After being asked about her family, she simply shrugged craning her neck to look behind her, "Over there." Looking back to him, she answered his remaining questions, "Seven. And my daddy taught me. He likes metal. He makes weapons and armor for people. He is the towns strong man." Moments later a flash and explosion came from the potion shop, smoke dumping from the smoke stack, some leaking through the door. Kira turned her head completely with a lack of shock toward the building, tilting her head and blinking, "Valarie."
Uly listened to the child speak, while his smile stayed plastered on to his face. " Seven years old? You already post most men to shame with your knowledge, Kira! Your daddy sounds like a wonderful man. I'll be sure to head to his shop to get a few weapons sharpened and repaired. You're daddy is a smart person, it sounds lik-..." Just then, he was cut off by the explosion that formed right in front of him, as he was sitting in the view, across the way from the shop. Instantly, Ulysees was already on his feet, and heading into the building, although despite reacting fast, the cheetah woman was already inside, with himself following closely behind. Once the door was opened, he had his hand in front of his face, fanning the smoke out of his eyes. "Everyone okay?" He said, squinting through the clouds to try and find the woman called Val. He looked to the cheetah. He didn't know her, but he couldn't just stand by and watch an innocent person get hurt.  White light began emitting from Uly's hands, as his holy aura brightened a tad. Then with one pushing motion, he acted like he was shoving a heavy set of double doors open. With his movements, the smoke all blew out the chimney in a gust of wind, clearing the shoppe of smoke, and making it easier for the cheetah to find her friend in the wreckage. "Val?" He repeated, trying to help the cheetah woman.
(both Adina and Ulysees enter Potions Shop)
As Adina ran into the shop, she could dimly see through the thick smoke that filled the room. What she could make out was a far larger mess than had ever before been made by one of Val's experiments. Seconds later, Ulysees entered the building, and with the use of his ability, the room was cleared of the smoke to reveal most of the product in the room was burnt to a crisp. Standing next to the cauldron though was Val, enveloped in what could only be described as a transparent flower bulb. With an inaudible fist pump of victory, she almost seemed to be congratulating herself, patting herself on the back and speaking to no one in particular. Noticing that the smoke had cleared, she blinked and turned to see the two others in the room. Blinking once more, she reached out and poked the shield, it fading away like the light of a dying candle. Running over to Adina, she latched herself onto the woman's waist, hugging her tightly, "Sweet sarsaparilla Ive done it! I finally figured it out! Only took me damn near three weeks, but Ive got it! BY THE DRAGONS TAIL I'VE GOT IT!" Hopping back, the short 5'3 girl smacked her fists to her hips and laughed victoriously. Looking around her shop however, her cries of victory turned to a look of despair, "Aww man, not again..." Sighing, she hung her head, shoulders slouching, "Damn it.. this is gonna take all day to clean.."
At first it was impossible to see anything and it worried the feline a whole hell of a lot more. "Oh Val girl! Please say something," she shouted once more, her ears pinned back and tail curling helplessly. Suddenly, the man in armor from before came in and cleared the smoke and before she could even shout for the girl's name again, Adina found her clinging to her waist. It caught her off guard and the cat jolted, but once she saw who it was, her muscular wrapped around her and squeezed her tight. "Oh Val... Why do you do this to me? You had me so worried" She snickered. "I swear you do it to poke my buttons." She released her and she started to look around at the mess she caused. "Tsk tsk tsk tsk... Well, it certainly isn't the worst we've had this place." Her hand fell on Valarie's shoulder and she gave it a rub. "I'm just happy that you're okay, but what's this about? You finally did it? You got the recipe down finally?" Her gaze focused on the tall being behind them, almost forgetting that he had came to help as well. "Oh.. my apologies." Adina's ears flickered back to their perky selves. "Thank you for your help. My boss can be a handful at times," she teased. "Hehe. But I believe we might have to close shop for the rest of the day and maybe even tomorrow... Oh the name is Adina by the way and I see you've heard of Val..." She took a good look at the man. He didn't look familiar at all. Definitely not the usual everyday folk around town and she knew just about everyone. This man was outrageously tall as well. It surprised her that he was even able to fit in their tiny shop. "You are not from here are ya? I would definitely remember someone like you if I saw them more than once. You here for the Merchant's Guild?"
Ulysees looked through the shop only to spot the bubble, and the short woman inside whom was celebrating. The paladin smiled to himself as he watched the potion shop owner attach herself to the cheetah woman. He started to clap along with Val, knowing what it felt like to achieve even the smallest of victories after several attempts. "Good for you!" Then he turned to the cheetah, and smiled to her. "Yes, Hello! I am Ulysses Hestermore. It is nice to meet you both. Val and Adina. No, I'm not here for the Guild. In fact, I'm on vacation. I work at the Stovania Castle, as the Royal Paladin Priest. I took a ship here, and it took me a while. In fact, I was just trying to find a few interesting people to have some engaging conversation with." He paused, looking at Val with a smile. "I think I found a few interesting people to say the least." He bowed before them. "I have a few abilities that might make things a bit easier to clean your shop. May I help? The quicker we get your shop open, the quicker I can become a customer." The blonde man the laughed a bit, his fingers running up to scratch his 5 o' clock stubble.
"You think I do this to you on purpose?" She grinned with a bit of a shrug, giving Adina another wrap around the waist, "Maybe sometimes, but not most of the time. And yes the recipe! Ive finally created my own liquid explosive! What happened in here was just from a drop!" She walked back over to the cauldron, which seemed to be the only thing in the room that was in one piece, peering down into it, "And this entire thing is full of the stuff.. hmm.. maybe I should do something with it before anything else. Would hate for this thing to spill.." Turning back, she tilted her head to the side as she listened to the two of them greet one another. She lifted an eyebrow as the man mentioned his position, "Stovania? Royal Paladin? You're saying one of the most powerful men in Stovania decided to travel all this way on vacation? Grief you must've been bored.." After hearing of a few abilities that could assist in cleaning her shop up faster, she walked up to the man and looked up at him, sticking her hand up while standing on her toes, "Well nice to meetcha, Mr. Hestermore. Valarie Everly is my name, owner of the joint. You help me and Adina here clean this place up, Ill give you a discount on whatever it is you need."
Adina's eyebrow rose when Ulysses said he was on vacation from Stovania. "Wow! Really? All the way from Stovania? I don't think I have the stomach for a journey that long on a ship." It was true. The feline hated being on the boat. It wasn't really so much the water, it was just the motion sickness that got her. She much rather be walking on foot than anything. Adina turned to Valarie again, seeing that she gave her another hug. "You certainly are a tease Val, just... Can you try not to worry me so much? I don't know what I would do if I didn't get paid. Hehehe." Her tail flickered behind her, seeing that Valerie actually accomplished creating the potion. "See! I knew you could do it. Though, it might have been wiser if you succeed outside the place we live in heh... But yes, do be careful putting the liquid away. The nine lives thing is just a myth. I just have the one and I do like to keep it a little while longer." Adina turned her attention back to the tall paladin, giving him a smile. "Really? You'd do that for us? Our luck has been going up and down quite a bit and it's not even noon. I can't imagine whats in store for us later," she joked. The cat headed over to the other side of the room and started to pick things up. "You go right ahead paladin. The more help the merrier." Things that were broken could be easily fixed by Adina's mending ability. It was just time consuming since she wasn't the best.
Uly smiled to the two woman who obviously cared for one another. The paladin then rested his back against the wall, leaning a tad while crossing the arm. He listened to Val question him about his vacation. "One of the most powerful? You flatter me madam." Uly nodded to her. "Truth be told. I had to get away. Stovania is under stress. I solve most of the problems concerning evil. Killing beasts of the land, performing exorcisms, healing the sick and preaching to the church goers every other morning. That is what my week consists of. Frankly, after even a month of doing it, the tasks begin to get tedious. I've been working there since I was a boy. I finally decided after all these years to have some 'me' time." Ulysees then looked to Adina. "Yes. All the way from Stov. It's been almost two months. We just docked less than an hour ago." Then the two  women both seemed thrilled that he would help them. "Please. I couldn't accept a discount. Every shop owner needs their revenue. Me taking a discount is the same as taking coin from your pocket." He shook Miss Everly's hand, and smiled his usual, charming smile.
"I will however, help the both of you. We are friends now, correct?" He then smiled brightly toward Adina. "Correct?" Then he let go of Val's shake and moved to his selected corner, itching his stubble again. Slowly, a white, mist like aura began to embrace his body, weaving in and around his arms and legs, before fitting his outline with a gorgeous snow colored glow. He noticed papers with ingredients on them, and others with chicken scratch that resembled what looked to be instructions on how to make certain potions and tonics. He simply used holy telekinetic force, to raise every loose parchment around the shop that wasn't destroyed in the explosion, and sorted them into piles on a near by table, that had also been flipped back onto it's legs by his aura after the blast knocked it over. The piles were sorted into 'Shopping lists, recipes, ingredients, and personal letters, having looked through them all at once with his power. Then once that was done, he looked at the black burnt blast marks in the floor and walls and felt the soot slowly lift off the ground. In one motion, the door flew open, the grime was launched outside, being caught by the wind, and the door shut. Ulysees, looking around at the broken beakers and glass containers, lifted the objects. He looked for some sort of wastebasket, and noticed the garbage, overflowing with discarded notes. He placed the glass into it and looked toward Adina. "No need to thank me. When you see people In need, you need to help them. Otherwise, what kind of person are you?" The white knight then bent down, his sword clinking against his back, as he began picking up small loose pieces of debris, occasionally putting his handfuls in the garbage that he had floated in the middle of the room, making it more accessible to them.
Hearing the joke at her expense, Val rolled her eyes with a smile, walking over to start a cleaning project of her own. Glancing over her shoulder, she looked at Ulysees, "Well, take the discount or not, that is your choice. But seeing as I am the one who makes all the prices for my products that I sell here, you wouldn't even know if I gave you one or not." Reaching into the pouch hanging from her belt, she looked up and down at the tree that was in the room, patting it with her free hand, "This aught to help." she said to the tree. Pulling out a small pinch of white powder, she threw it at the base of the tree. Within moments, the trees bark went from a charred, sickly black to its original healthy brown, the leaves already beginning to grow back. Grabbing a duster, she tapped her foot twice on the ground. As she did, on the the trees roots lifted from the floor boards and raised her up to the ceiling, where she began dusting the soot, "Adina dear, I am definitely going to need you to pick up a list of things now. Good thing I had all the premade potions put away before I did that. Would've taken me a month to get caught up if everything was out in the open." The root she stood on shot up just a smudge, causing her to bash her head on the ceiling. With a yip of surprise, she rubbed her head and looked back at the tree, "Alright alright!" She looked back at Adina, "And make sure to grab some fertilizer, the good stuff. Until I can make more of my own blend, have to feed the tree.." Rubbing the little bump that had formed on her head away, she flicked her wrist twice at the root, "Shoo, you naughty thing you.." The root sank back into the ground. Once on ground level again, she grumbled and grabbed the trash Ulysees had gathered within the room and tossed it all into the fireplace on the West wall. With a snap of her fingers, the fireplace leapt to life.
Adina looked up from what she was doing to see Valerie getting hurt once again. "You ever stop hurting yourself Val? I feel like you rather enjoy the pain," she teased. She picked up a few trinkets that broke and used her mending ability to fix them before placing them on a shelf where they belong. "Yeah, I'll be sure to gather everything at the markets and maybe take a trip outside of town to the fields to find the rest. It will be tedious, but hey! You're gonna make some good coin of that new elixir. I'm sure the guild will be buying it up quick." Her ears would flicker as the paladin began to talk. Everything he said sounded really interesting, especially preforming exorcisms. How could something like that get boring? 'I guess anything can get boring if you do it too much,' she thought to herself. "Some 'me time' huh? I figure everyone needs a break from their everyday lives or just something different, like shift in one's routine." She bent down once again to pick up a few more things, her long snake like tail curling and flicking about behind her. When she heard the word 'friends' slip out of the man's voice, she got a little bit suspicious. Once the man used his powers to help clean up the room, she spoke. "Hmm.... I wouldn't say that just yet paladin," she said turning around to face him. "Still don't know you..." She rose an eyebrow and took another good look at him. If he was on vacation, why did he need all that armor? He must have other plans in mind. "There's another reason you came to Avalon, isn't there? You said 'we' just docked an hour ago, correct? Who else is with you?" Asking questions and being judgemental was just apart of Adina's nature. It wasn't meant to be rude, even if she sounded like it. She just wanted to make sure people could be trusted.
Uly watched with a smile as Val conversed with the tree and began to make a list got Adina. He crossed his arms as he kept picking up broken objects and tossing them into the garbage, until it was full. Standing and brushing his hands together, he looked toward Val whom had her head bonked by a tree and the ceiling, and he chortled a little, until turning to look at Adina whom started basically interrogating him. Ulysees slowly turned to her, and narrowed his eyes. "Why is it that I get the feeling that this venture of being friendly toward a shop owner and employee, has turned into an interrogation?" Crossing his arms again he sighed. "If my friendliness is off putting, I apologize. The men who brought me here from Stovania. Those are who I meant by 'we'. I am here by my self trying to enjoy some peace and quiet after my wife was killed, Cheetah. I live in constant regret. So yes. I need some me time." Then he turned away from her and continued to pick up debris. "This armor, she crafted. She was a gifted armor smith. Its-...all I have left." Then he looked to Val and Adina both. "I haven't lied to you. And my name Is Ulysees Hestermore. I'm not 'paladin'." Uly obviously was hurt by the line of questions.
. He never tried to pretend to be something he wasn't. "I can leave, if you'd like. I didn't realize I was causing so much issue with you, Adina." He sighed, once more, looking to the both of them. "Her name was Vanessa. I love her last name so much, I took it as my own. She gave me my name. My purpose. My everything. Vanessa Hestermore was the absolute kindest soul. She taught me to read and write. She taught me how to grow my power. This group of men came to Stov in the middle of the night. Demanding shelter. My wife, Nessa, offered it to them, and some food. " The man looked at the floor. "They murdered her. Right in front of me. Just because they could.  You know what I did?" He looked to Adina. "I let them go, because that is what she would have done." The man the took a step toward Adina. "I'm in Avalon to plant some flowers on her grave. She loved it here. Every summer, she would talk of vacationing here. The flowers. The sun. The things to do. She loved it. So we had her buried here. This is my vacation. And hers." He sighed, looking away from them. "Anything else you wanna know? I'll tell you" Uly kept picking up items and replacing them back to where they belong, yet didn't look at them, not after what he just said.
Having leaned against the tree, Val listened to the conversation between her assistant and the paladin, arms crossed and silent. As Ulysees finished his small version of a life story, she pushed off the tree with her shoulder, clapping her hands together, "Alright, enough of this. Adina means nothing by her questioning. A curious feline that came on a bit strong in her questioning. For that I am sure she is apologetic." Walking up to Adina, she reached up and patted the woman right above her tail, looking up at her with a smile, "Thank you both for your help in cleaning, but I am sure I can manage from here. Adina dear, go ahead and go pick up the items you know we will require and I will finish up here. Mr. Ulysees, if there is anything I can get you while you are here, I will gladly show you my wares, but if you are not in need of anything, at least let me get you something to eat or drink for your help. It is the least I can do." With that, she turned on her heel and walked over to one of the freshly cleaned counters, hopping up onto it and looked between the two individuals with a smile, kicking her little legs while she waited.

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