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Chapter Two - Part Two

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1Chapter Two - Part Two Empty Chapter Two - Part Two on Fri May 03 2019, 14:17

As Adina surfaced through the hole, she would be greeted by a Guard of the White Spire. Spear drawn and aimed directly at her, the guard was clad in silver armor, every inch of the man covered eyes being the only thing she could make out. His eyes did not waver as they stared at her. Intricate designs decorated the armor, almost painting a story in itself, and not the slightest bit of damage to be found. Before the guard could speak, the young girl from earlier who recognized Val ran up and gripped onto the weapon, hanging from the handle, "Berus, no! This is Val's friend! I saw hers with my own eyeballs I did!" The guards eyes would venture a look at the little one before looking back. Shaking the girl off, the guard withdrew with spear, slamming the hilt onto the floor, causing an echo to bounce off the walls. Bending lightly, he offered Adina his hand to help her the rest of the way.
Adina rubbed her eye or the remaining tears she had then opened it. The first thing she saw was a spear directly pointing in her face and then the person holding it. It was one of the guards. She had been mesmerized by them before, they had such beautiful armor, nothing she would wear herself, but she knew great craftsmanship when she saw it. The cheetah's ears flickered in the direction of the little girl from before, hearing her explain to the guard who she was. Watching Berus withdraw the spear, Adina sighed with relief and happily took the man's hand. Once on her feet, she gave her body a little shake, drying her fur as much as she could. "Um... Hello," she said a little sheepishly. It was obvious she was shaken up from leaving Valerie and at this moment, she was all that was on her mind. She just hoped that she was safe. "I suppose I'm here to help in any way I can." Her gauntlet had stopped generating heat and spear still clung to the straps on her back. She reached in her pouch to grab a few healing potions she had taken from before. "I have a few of these, it's not much, but it should help the wounded."
Taking Adina's hand, the guard easily lifted her out of the hole, using the butt of his spear to push a heavy metal cover over it once she was clear. He glanced at her one last time before walking away, ignoring her words and offer of the medicines. Adina would find herself now in a well lit hallway. The floor, made of marble, stretched for what seemed miles, several doors leading to where only the imagination would guess. The walls and ceiling were of unknown make, covered by perfectly smoothed paint, equally as impressive to the floors. Torches lined the walls perfectly throughout, giving the hallway a gentle yet effective glow. The young girl that intervened on Adina's behalf sighed and straightened out her outfit as the guard moved on. Seeing Adina holding out potions, her eyes widened and a smile came over her face, "Those are Val's potions!" Looking up at the rather tall feline, the girl stood on her toes and plucked one of the vials from her hands, "Thanks! You must be Val's kitty assistant!" Blinking she tilted her head, now looking more confused than excited, "But.. you're too tall to be a kitty.. You look like a gigantic lion lady!" She threw out her arms to emphasize her use of 'gigantic'. Lowering her arms, she began blinking repeatedly, the smell of the sewer that coated Adina now finally hitting her. Pinching her nose shut, she made a face, "You stinky.."
Adina watched the guard as he basically ignored her and walked away. "Well then," she said under her breath. "He must be busy..." After he left, Adina began taking in her surroundings. She was definitely out of place, sticking out like a sore thumb. She had never seen architecture so beautiful and well put together. Her whole time living in the shop, she felt like a giant, but here, she felt small. Adina was so distracted by the beauty of the interior, she hadn't taken too much notice to the child until one of the bottles were plucked from her hands. She turned her attention towards the little girl and she couldn't help but smile. In this time of darkness, she was happy she could still take pleasure in the happiness of a child. "Heh, yes little one, I'm Val's kitty assistant," she giggled. "You're very welcome. I know the recipe as well if I need to make more." She laughed out loud when she called her a lion lady. "Oh my! Hahaha. I'm no lion by any means." She frowned when she said that she stunk. "Yeah... I do. The costs of getting away safely." She looked down the hall where the guard had left, wondering what her place in all this was. "So... I don't suppose you know where I should go, do you? Where help is needed the most? By the way, my name's Adina, but if you like to call me kitty, that's quite alright. What's your name?"
Giggling through her pinched nose, she pocketed the vial she had snatched and offered a hand to be shaken, "Mmny nname isth Lorilie." Hearing herself through pinched nose, she took a deep breath and unpinched herself, "Lorilie. Nice to meet you, Lady Adina Kitty!" Once finishing her greeting, she went back to plugging her nose. Upon inspection, the young girl was dressed in a simple white top with ruffles around the collar and wrists, followed by a light brown skirt that extended nearly to the floor. Her bare feet could easily be seen poking out from the bottom of the material. Hair the color of straw blond covered by a simple beret and cheeks as rosy as the sun, she did not look any older than seven. As Adina asked where she should go, Lorilie giggled again and turned and started walking down the hall, the opposite direction the guard had taken, waving Adina along, "You come with me! You stinky.. so you need a bath." Without waiting, she took off running down the hall, releasing her nose in the process. Waiting for Adina to catch up, she rounded a corner and went to a door on the left, grabbing onto its silver handle and pushed it open. Opening into a bathroom, a guard who was 'relieving' himself tensed and barked out the bathrooms use, forcing Lorilie out. Sticking her tongue out in disgust at what she saw, she waited a moment staring at the door, "Meanie..." Looking next to the door, she strained her eyes to see a dial that rested on the wall. Standing on her toes, she scratched her head and took a breath, grabbing onto it. Lifting her free hand up, she placed a finger on her lower lip in thought, "Umm... uh..." Remembering, she gave the dial a twist three times to the left and two to the right. Lowering herself back down, she grabbed onto the door handle once again and pushed it open.
The interior of the room changed to revile a massive room. Just as beautiful as the halls, the area also featured a fountain displaying a marble Dragon statue at its base, water spraying from its mouth like fire. Guards lined the area, standing at attention, chandeliers hung from the ceiling and more gold and silver decorated the area in intricate designs. Straight ahead past the fountain was a staircase wide enough to fit five fully grown Humans that led straight up to an ivory throne. One of the guards, noticing the door open, turned his head to look at them. Lorilie blinked and giggled sheepishly, scratching her head again, "Umm... baths..?" The guard lifted his hand and made a gesture, twisting his hand in a certain way. Lorilie nodded and slammed the door shut. Looking up at Adina, she giggled again, "Oops.. wrong way." Grabbing onto the dial once again, she copied the guards hand motions before pushing open the door. This time, a breathtaking bath lay before them. Two maids stood off to a side folding towels and laughing with one another, turning as the door opened. One of the maids sat down the towel she was folding and turned to greet them, "Lorilie? Where have you been young lad.." She was cut off seeing Adina. Tilting her head, she simply stared at her as if she had never seen such a creature. Lorilie looked down, fiddling with her skirt, "I'm sorry, Mistress.. but.. but Val brought her assistant kitty to help us! And I was only trying to help too!" The maid sighed with a smile, ushering the girl off. Turning her attention to Adina, she curtsied, "Lady Adina, I presume?"
Adina was quite embarrassed by her looks and odor she was given off. She took in a lot of pride in how well she groomed herself and kept clean. This was not how she wanted to introduce herself to the people of the castle. She looked down to the little girl's hand and refused to shake it. "I couldn't possibly get you all smelly too, I'll have to shake it once I clean myself up a bit, but Lorilie is quite a name, very pretty for such a beautiful girl." She couldn't help but to giggle again at the name she gave. Lady Adina Kitty certainly was cute. "Yes a bath would be nice. Didn't imagine I was going to take two of them today. Lead the w-" before she could even finish, the little girl took off running down the. "What a funny little girl," she said to herself. She would look back behind her, glancing at the now covered up hole she came up from one last time, hoping that a certain alchemist would pop out, saying that she'd change her mind. Sighing to herself, knowing that wasn't going to happen, she began down the hall, catching up with Lorilie.
Getting there, she took notice to the rather interesting door system. Then, she watched it open to a guard who probably wanted some privacy. "Oh my." She covered her eyes, giggling at the same time. "What a bizarre door..." She said to herself. "Cold this be some sort of magic?" She watched the door open again and this time it revealed a beautiful throne room. This was so new to her, so much gold and silver in one place, not to mention the cleanliness. There wasn't a speck of dirt in sight. Seeing as this was not the room the girl was looking for, she watched her change it once again, her single eye wide with amazement. How did this thing work? When the doors opened the second time, Adina's jaw about dropped. This was a bath? It looked as if was torn out of a beautiful painting. "Oh wow... I must be having one of those dreams again." She joked. Still mesmerized by the beauty of the room, she became distracted once again, until she heard her name. "Um yes. In the flesh," she smiled. That 'Lady' in front of her name was growing on her quite a bit.
Straightening, the woman looked Adina over slowly, taking in every detail that she could as she continued, "I.. see we have had a tumble in the tunnel. I can only assume you would like to rid yourself of that interesting 'aroma' you've seemed to have collected?" Without waiting for a response, she turned and nodded to the other maid in the room. The second began pulling vials from a shelf and poured a bit of each into the tub. Pulling on a lever, water began pouring into it, the familiar smell of the potion Val had used earlier that very day filling the room. Turning back to the feline, the first maid walked over and began stripping Adina of her weapons and armor, "My name is Kathrin, head maid here in the White Spire. If there is anything you need, feel free to call upon myself or any of the other maids in the building. The butlers are strictly for Steward Halldor, so do not bother attempting conversation with them. This applies as well for the Royal Guard, though if it is a security breach, they will listen. A number of the staff have gone missing recently do to the worlds latest events and everyone here is a bit high strung, so do be careful how you word certain things. Since Lorilie seems to have taken a shine to you, I will have her escort you around the castle if you wish."
Kathrin glanced off to the side, catching Lorilie peeping from around the corner. The maid lifted an eyebrow, causing the little girl to panic and vanish behind the wall once again, "She is the castles librarian, though you would never know it by looking at her. Seems more like a peasant girl, if you ask me. Always has, always will." Once Adina stood before the women nude, she held her hand out towards the tub, "Anytime you are ready, Lady Adina. We will give you some privacy, unless you would like one of us to stay and assist you in your bath. If not, Lorilie will remain outside the door until you are finish. And do not worry about your clothing articles. We will tend to them immediately, while providing you some additional clothing to wear around the castle. These 'armor' pieces you have are not.. what we would consider proper for a Lady of the castle.."
Adina frowned and gave the maid a nod. Again, it was brought to her attention that she was utterly filthy from head to toe. The smell was even getting to her. "Yes, I understand that I'm filthy," she said rather annoyed with herself. "Gosh this is embarrassing..." She watched the other maid poor out a vile, creating that familiar scent from Valerie's. It certainly brought her some happiness, but also made her feel a little homesick. She had only been gone a few hours and she already wanted to return, but she knew it wasn't possible at the moment. The feline let the woman take off her straps and weapons, lifting her arm to make it more easier. "It's nice to meet you Kathrin and thank you, I'll keep all that in mind." Her ears flickered to the Steward's name, remembering that Valerie said that he could be rather bossy. She looked to the made when she mentioned that this was in fact a world event. "So this is happening all around the world?" She questioned. This was certainly worse than she thought. Seeing the little girl peeking made her her giggle. "A librarian huh? She's very young to be one." She shot the maid a glance when she called her a peasant. "Now I would not say that. If anyone looks like a peasant it is I." Once she was completely undressed, the feline walked over to the water's edge and dipped her toe. Satisfied with the warmth, she stepped in and eased herself in the refreshing water. "Oh wow that feels nice. I can already feel myself being cleaned." She looked up to the woman from the water, hearing that they were going to take care of her leather attire. "Oh... Um I do need some of them. Do you mind leaving an arm band or two? I'm rather attached to the jewels that cling to my clothing... Lady like or not, I'm sure a couple arm bands won't hurt anyone. Other than that, I'm a big girl. I know how to wash myself, but I thank you for your help."
Kathrin nodded to Adina's question of it being world wide, "Indeed it is. His Majesty the Steward may be a simple man by nature, but he sees things most do not. It is indeed a world wide issue." Halting just a bit as the feline shot her a look, Kathrin practically shrugged it off as she continued to work, "A thousand apologizes, my Lady. I did not mean to offend by labeling the librarian a peasant. Only meaning the thing dress' as such on a far too regular basis. Very unladylike, if you ask me. And you do not look like a peasant at all.." The second unnamed maid in the room piped up, though rather quietly, "More like a refugee.." Kathrin shot the woman a glare and pointed at the door, "You are excused, Mary Anne." The woman jumped at being scolded, bowing her head lightly before hurrying out of the room. Kathrin sighed and began inspecting the arm bands Adina requested be left behind, "These are dirty as well, my Lady. Are you sure you want them left with you instead of cleaned?" Lorilie poked her little eyes around the corner of the wall again, blinking at the two women left in the room, "They hold power, Mistress. She only wants to be safe.." Kathrin glanced at the little one before looking at Adina, setting the bands down, "Oh very well.. Supper is in an hour, do be on time the both of you. Best not to keep Lord Halldor waiting." With that, the woman turned and left the room, securing the door behind herself. Lorilie waited a moment longer before stepping out from behind the wall, holding her hands together in front of herself politely, "Big meanies, the both of them.. Val thinks so too, but is too nice to say so to their faces."
Adina sank in the water till only her eye was above, trying to accept the fact that this thing was happening all around the world. She heard of many stories of the world ending in her village when she was a cub, but that was a thing, they were stories. She never imagined that they could be true. Adina looked up to Kathrin and shook her head to her comment. "I don't believe you should be apologizing to me ma'am. Also, People come from many places and they all have their own culture and attire, doesn't make them anymore or less 'lady like' if you ask me, but what do I know. To many others, I'm considered a savage to them, because I come from a village in the forest and of course dress differently." She turned her attention to the other maid when she called her a refugee. "That I can agree with hehe." The feline leaned up against the wall of the pool, her chest and up being the only thing visible. It ft wrong that she was relaxing in a beautiful bath while people we're dying on the other side of these very walls. She could still hear faint cries. Again, she wished Valerie had chosen to stay. The worry was eating her alive. Adina looked over to Kathrin and gave her a nod. "Yes, please do, they-" the little girl spoke up and took the words right out of her mouth. "Exactly Lorilie... She's pretty smart that one," she said with a smile. Her tail shifted under the water, enjoying the warmth as she listened to what else Kathrin had to say, her ears flickering to the sound of supper. "Yes ma'am, I'll make sure we'll be there." She watched Lorilie step out behind the wall after the maid left and she couldn't help but to chuckle. "They sure are aren't they? Hehehe." Knowing that supper was going to be ready soon, Adina began scrubbing her fur rather quickly, but still making sure she got every bit of dirt and muck out of all her crevices. "So, what are these new clothes that I shall be wearing Lorilie? Don't know if I can pull off the fancy higher up look heh."
As Lorilie watched Adina bathe herself, she found herself fascinated by the woman's body. She had never actually seen one of her kind up close before, and now that they were both alone, she took note how the woman was completely covered in fur. She giggled watching her ears twist and turn whenever she heard a new sound, wondering at the same time how she was able to control her tail like any other feline could, "I dunno what she wants you to wear. I thought you looked pretty in what you came out with." She made a face playfully, "Except the stinky smell." Her eyes widened as Adina claimed she didn't know about pulling off the fancy look, "But! But you would look like a lion goddess! We could get you one of my outfits, but you wouldn't look nearly as pretty anymore." Looking down at herself, she lifted up her skirt and started picking at it, "Mistress Kathrin says I look like a peasant.. you need something much prettier."
Adina cupped water in her hands and splashed it in face, cleaning the rest of the sewage off. She rubbed her eye and looked back to the little girl when she spoke, giving a slight chuckle. She certainly was a cute little thing. Human children were always adorable. "Ha, you thought what I was wearing was pretty? That's a first. I've worn things similar all my life. Part of my heritage. Though, here in the city, it's not much to the common eye. The city people wear so much more than I do, which I really don't get. You can move so much better if you have less covering up. I always wondered why humans are so shy to show their body. But like I said before. Culture is different wherever you go." She put her left arm out and began cleaning it with the other, then did the same with the right, all the while she listened to Lorilie. She giggled once again. This child was certainly lifting her spirits and she wondered why Valerie never told her about the little thing. "A lion goddess huh? Hehehe. You really think I will look um... Pretty in human clothing?" She looked to what Lorilie was wearing and she shook her head. "You don't look like a peasant little one. You're far from it. Don't listen to that woman." After a few moments of rinsing off, Adina climbed out of the water and took a towel. "It's a shame the sky is dark. I always enjoyed letting the sun dry my fur..."
Lorilie let her outfit go, looking back up at Adina while she talked about the differences in cultures. She rested her arms on the side of the tub, listening very intently, always happy to learn something new. When asked if she really would look good in Human clothing, she smiled brightly and nodded her head up and down quickly, "Uh huh! I think you would look really pretty!" Giggling as Adina told her not to listen to Kathrin, she nodded quickly, "Kay." When Adina stood to dry herself off, Lorilies face turned a little red, turning around to prevent further embarrassment. Hearing her want of the sun however, she quickly dug into her pocket and pulled out a small journal. Flipping through the pages, she stopped on one and cleared her throat. Raising a hand, she pointed at the ceiling, "Um.. Brien anar!" The room slowly began brightening further than it already was, the temperature rising as if the suns rays penetrated the darkness the world was blanketed with. Lowering her hand, she smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the sudden change in the room. Covering her eyes, she turned back to Adina, a big smile on her face, "Maybe this will help?"
A smile continued to stay on the cheetah's lips, hearing that Lorilie thought she would be pretty in human clothing. "Hmmm. I'm not one to try new things, but you convinced me. I guess it wouldn't be proper to wear such things as my attire in the castle, especially when we go to eat." Adina began drying off with the towel, her tail shaking and poofing a bit to get the water off. Suddenly, she heard the little girl speak a few words and the room began to feel warm, just as if the sun was beating down on them. "Well then! I had no idea you could cast spells!" She threw the towel aside and let the new sun rays do it's work, drying her off in only a few moments. "This is quite the useful spell, even more so now that the real sun is blackened. You know how many plants you can save? I was a little worried that because of the blackened sun, many crops were going to die. But with a spell like this, they can keep growing." She looked down to the little girl and gave her a soft Pat on the head. "Now to get dressed. Where could those maids be?"
Feeling the pat on her head, she lowered her hand from her eyes and opened them excitedly, rarely receiving compliments on anything she did, "You really thi.." Eyes widening as she saw the woman nude, she quickly turned away and fiddled with her dress. As Adina dried completely, the heat in the room continued to grow, starting to become too much. Feeling her skin start to itch, she looked down pouting, scratching at it. Realizing what it was, she lifted her hand again and snapped. Instantly, the spell died leaving the room its original temp. Blinking, she rubbed her eyes and ran over to the wall, embarrassed. Obviously she could cast the spells, but controlling them was a different matter, "Ill get the Mistress.." Reaching up to the dial on the wall next to the door, she pressed on the center, it caving in as she did. Releasing it just as quickly, Adina would hear a bell toll off in the distance. Within moments, Kathrin opened the door and stepped in, closely followed by Mary Anne. The second held a silk gown. The gown itself was of simple design but was made of quality silk, stained a forest green, embroidered into the left breast was a Dragon. Kathrin, seeing Adina standing nude, lifted an eyebrow. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a measuring sting, proceeding to take the woman's measurements. After a moment or two, she straightened and placed the string away, "As I thought. This will fit you perfectly. Do dress quickly. Dinner is in roughly ten minutes."
Mary Anne handed off the gown to Adina before excusing herself from the room. Kathrin was close behind, stopping only to look at Lorilie, resting a hand on the little ones shoulder, "Show her the way to the dining room when she is ready. You both will be seated where you generally sit. And explain protocol to her." With that, she left, closing the door behind her. Lorilie sighed as they left, still keeping from turning to face Adina until she was dressed. Fiddling with her dress again, she cleared her throat, "Um.. Oh! When we sit, we wait for Lord Halldor. When he sits, he will say what he usually says and then we can eat. I dunno if you're hungry, but I am. My tummies been growling at me for awhile."
The embarrassed child got her giggling again. "You're fine Lorilie. It's jus-" she felt the heat in the room get a little extreme. That's when she realized that she was still learning, which didn't surprise her any, she was a child after all. "Alright little one. Just calm down now. Don't wanna fry your feline friend now do ya?" She joked. Though the heat was really starting to hurt. If this girl had just a little more practice, she sure could be a threat towards the dark creatures outside the castle. Sighing with relief when Lorilie finally stopped her spell, she gave the little girl a nod, watching her get the woman. "An interesting one she is. Wonder what others could do here," she wondered. As the woman came in, Adina quickly took notice to the gown. It was really quite brilliant and it was in her favorite color, which made it all that much better. She arched an eyebrow, watching Kathrin approach her with a silly string. "Ummm?" She said as the woman measured her. At first she was a little clueless what the maid was doing, but understood after she said that the gown was going to be a perfect fit. She gave her a nod, knowing that dinner was going to be ready in just a little bit. "Yes ma'am, I'll be fast. You do know what species I take after don't you?" She smiled. When they left, Adina did just that. She slipped in it quite easily and she quickly found out that it was rather comfy against her fur. The only flaw was that her tail had no hole to go through, which could get rather annoying later on when she sat down. As she got dressed, she listened to the little girl. "The man wants us to wait for him before we eat? That's a strange way to do things... Very well. I'm sure I could that. Don't want the Lord to think of me wrong on the first night."
After just a few moments, Adina was fully dressed. She even had her arm bands around her biceps, the green jewels matching the gown quite nicely. She walked up next to Lorilie and tapped her on the shoulder. "Okay little one, how do I look?" She did a little spin, fascinated at how the gown twirled beneath her. "Just wish I had my eye cover up thing. I left it at home when Val and I left. The scar can be rather distracting to some people. But anyways, I'm ready to eat as well."
Smiling brightly, the little one nodded as the woman gave a spin, "You are top notch! A million thumbs up, me thinks!" Noticing the same flaw that Adina had, Lorilie walked around the back of her and inspected where her tail was positioned, poking at her rear, "Lord Halldor is very um.. wanting of tradition?" She scratched her head with a pout, unable to find the right words, "You'll see. But I can fix this gown to help your tail, Lady Adina. If you want?" Looking up at the felines face, she for the first time noticed Adina's injured eye. Puffing her cheeks out, she glanced at the door, "When we are done here, we can go visit the medical wing before heading to the dinning hall? I know Master Hyde has eye patches and I am sure he wouldn't mind giving you one."
Giggling, Adina gave the little girl a nod. "You really do think so? That many thumbs up huh?" Her ears flickered about, focusing on Lorilie's words about the Lord. "I can understand that now that I think about it. When I lived in the forest, my village had many customs and traditions, one of the reasons I left actually." She let out a sigh thinking of how she left all those years ago, remembering how it wasn't really on good terms. Snapping back to reality, she focused on the little girl. "You can fix it? That would be nice. This isn't the first time I tried human clothing, but there are reasons I choose not to wear it, one being my tail, hehe." Her tail shifted under her gown when she spoke as if it was trying to free it's self. Adina gave the girl another nod, accepting her advice. "Yes, actually it would be nice to get a new one. The old one I had was falling apart anyways. So, should we leave? I have no idea where I'm going. This is the first time I've even been in a structure like this one."
Lorilie giggled as she watched the tail fiddle about behind the gown. Grabbing onto the gown, she pulled it close to herself and reached into a pocket, pulling out a small knife. In one quick motion, she tore into the fabric, creating a hole. Placing the knife away, she then fished out a small sewing box and began hemming the sides, "I would love to hear of your hometown one of these day!" The girl looked up with a smile before going back to the hemming, "I love to learn new things. I guess that's why Lord Halldor made me the librarian. Ive almost read every book in the castle. Outside of the forbidden room. I tried going in there one time, and the guards saw me, and he yelled at me and it was a mess! They were like 'Young lady! I...'" The girl continued to ramble on about her small life within the castle, recounting several instances where she was in trouble, and several more being locked in the library. All the while though she never lost her smile, happy to have someone to talk to who would actually listen. Before long, the hemming was done and she replaced the kit back into her pocket, "There we go! Now lets go see Master Hyde. Ill show you how the door enchantment works!" Moving over to the door, she pointed at the dial next to it, "If you want to remain in the castle, you first turn the dial left until you reach which area within you want to go. Same applies to outside, but first turning it left. There are only a handful of places you need to travel by foot, but those are usually used by Lord Halldor. Next, depending on which way you turned it to begin with, you then counter the turn to whichever room number you want. After that, the enchantment activates and you simply open the door!"
Blinking, she scratched her head a little, "Unless someone locked that room.. then you have to start over." Upon closer inspection, Adina could see hundreds of choices fit onto one small dial. The words and numbers were readable, but rather small to fit everything. Lorilie smiled up at her and pointed at it, "Go ahead and try!"
Adina turned around so the little girl could fix her gown, her hands placed in front of her as she stared forward into a mirror that happened to be placed on a wall. When was the last time she saw herself in a mirror? She looked so different, she didn't even recognize herself. But, it felt good. She felt pretty for once. A once savage woman, now looking like a higher up. Her ears continued to rotate in the direction of Lorilie's voice, hearing how she loved to learn. "Is that so? You are indeed a clever and skillful girl... How old are you? Can't be more than seven. I think you'll have a bright future ahead of you." Adina didn't quite know this, if there was going to be world for her to grow up in. Listing to the little girl, she began to think of Valerie. Was she okay? Did she make it home safe? What of the dark creatures? Did they destroy the shop? She let out a sigh. She knew Valerie was a strong capable woman, but that didn't stop her from worrying about the alchemist. Once the little girl was done, Adina's smile came back. She lifted up her gown and angled the hole for her tail. It slipped through effortlessly and curled happily in an S shape. "Well done Lorilie. Your ancestors must have gifted you with many talents."
She gave the girl a nod, happy to finally get a new eye patch and followed her to the enchanted door. Adina listened carefully as the child explained how the door system worked, giving her nods here and there. Was this how the castle was being so well protected? She looked to the little girl, quite surprised that she wanted her to try. "Really? Me?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Alright, I'll give it a go." She bent down to examine the dile more clearly, her tail up in the air, moving playfully, still happy to be out of the confinements. "Hmmm... Turn left first..." She twisted the dial left and then began turning it to the right. "Alright... Hmmm..." She read the files a few moments until she found one that said Medical Wing. She stopped the dial there and backed up, hoping she did it right.

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